Daily Archives: July 17, 2010


I was overwhelmed by all of your comments to my confession post.  Individually and cumulatively it was like I received the most appropriate acknowledgement I’d ever received – certainly more powerful and more appropriate than anything  anyone could pay big bucks for in the church. 

I was reminded of a passage in the State of Man series:

All right.  If we’re going to have anything connected whatsoever with a third dynamic, then it must be that the people in Scientology will have to have both the technology and the opportunity to be Clear, and should get there. But there’s evidently now something new about clearing.  There is a stage of clearing, of getting Clear, which is getting Clear on the third dynamic before they get Clear on the first.

Now, I’ve told you for a long time that auditing was a third dynamic situation. And sure enough, we have to clear somebody on the third dynamic before we clear him on the first. And all those case failures that we have had to this time have been because we’ve been trying to clear people on the first before we cleared them on the third. Do you see that?

An auditor-preclear situation is a third dynamic situation.  That’s a third dynamic situation. And clearing a person starts right there in that auditing session. Now, any HCA can tell you better than I can – I think the number of the Auditor’s Code is 9, though, isn’ it? Isn’t that it?  Whichever one it is. It’s “two-way comm must be established.” It’s a breach of the Auditor’s Code actually. We’ve had it with us for years. But what did this mean?

Well, this meant, essentially, that the preclear had to be willing to talk to the auditor. Well now, several things have to be guaranteed before this takes place. And one of the things that has to be guaranteed is that the preclear has some security in talking to the auditor that the information will not be falsely used. Isn’t that right?

audience: Yes.

So this leaves us with an organizational responsibility heavier and bigger than we have ever had in the past. We’ve now got to go all out and make sure that a certificate means, wherever it is to be found, that confidence can be reposed in the person as a confidant. Isn’t that right?

audience: Yes. Uh-huh.

That organizationally, the information passing over organizational channels and so forth is inviolate — we have to be able to guarantee that, right?

audience: Right.

Of course, as we all know by now, the C of M has reversed that concept right around to where institutionally the church is programmed to use information falsely against its own people. 

And then came the realization that, notwithstanding lack of structure or seniors and juniors, we have a third dynamic as the Old Man envisaged.  We have people connected around the world who understand what it takes to create as-isness, who understand and live the Auditor’s Code (without effort), and who in fact constitute a third dynamic that makes Clearing possible and consequently has infinitely more potential than the MEST-laden, money motivated house of extortion.

Before the St Pete Times ever ran, and I first heard of DM’s absurd “deny everything” defense, I mentioned to Mike Rinder that the only way out for Miscavige was for him to take a measure of responsibility for the felonious conduct we were attempting to have ceased.  I also mentioned it to Anderson Cooper in a segment that didn’t make the cut. I told Anderson that the prediction was based on a fundamental Scientology principle, a principle that Kentucky basketball coach Rick Pitino had then-recently very succinctly stated in layman terms. Pitino was accused of having an affair. Rather than deny it, he held a press conference and made a clean breast of it.  He said “if you tell the truth, it becomes your past; if you lie, it becomes your future.”

I think we are hurtling into the future , while those behind the wall cling to the past.

All because you cats know your stuff and live by it.