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Int Mgmt Bulletin 116R – Solve It With Scientology

To anyone who has been regged to pay a penny (or millions of dollars)  for IAS, Idle Orgs, Super Power, or any other “project” that was touted as more important than paying for auditing and training services, I highly recommend that you read Int Management Bulletin 116R.  Just press the link here for a pdf copy.


Twenty-one years ago when there was such a thing called “International Management” and ED Int’s Int Management Exec Committee, there was semblance of consideration for LRH policy. This issue was written by one Jens Urskov as Gross Income Exec Int. He may have been holding that position from above. For many years Jens was D/ED Int.  That was because the guy knew policy cold, and was deft at applying it to situations.  In fact, I believe he was the one constant holding IMEC together performing the irreducible minimum through a perpetual and sadistic game of Musical Chairs DM played for twenty years with IMEC.  Just about anything relatively sensible Guillaume ever issued in his own name was more than likely written by Jens.

Jens therefore was hated by DM.  He was belittled into horrible health  and a state of  spiritual invalidation. I’d like others who were familiar with IMEC and Jens to weigh in here. These are my impressions, and I spent more time away from the base than ever did at the base.  I also find it interesting the date of the revised issue coincides with a small minority of International Management executives attempting to nip the incipient, fledgling IAS crim regging in the bud.  Paul Grady – who I believe was Action Chief CMO INT – went down about this time for objecting to IAS crashing FSO gross income. 

In either event, here is an International Management Bulletin that explicitly makes the same policy argument we’ve been making for a year as to the criminal and off source nature of “straight donos”.  It was not issued once. It was issued twice, in 1987 and 1989.

For anyone trying to sober up a severe kool-aid case, you should be able to go to town with this issue.

Have fun.