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David Miscavige tries to keep up with Tom Cruise

For background, I recommend you pull up my video’d St Pete Time’s interview posted almost a year ago at: http://www.tampabay.com/components/video/?bcpid=26806137001&bclid=26821275001&bctid=26948342001 

This is the interview segment titled “Command and Control”. Please watch and listen to a one minute section, 05:39 to the end of that segment at 06:39.  I discussed how David Miscavige had a personal tanning table in his apartment in Clearwater especially for events.  He made a practice of making other Int speakers work around the clock for days, with very little if any sleep, and no contact with the out of doors sometimes for months leading to events. Miscavige, by contrast, would get his beauty rest, and apparently to make himself  look like the picture of health compared to the other speakers he would take a number of carefully scheduled sun baths under his special sunning table.  

Miscavige recently ordered the renovation of the three Villas that used to serve as RTC offices, his offices, and berthing for a number of RTC and Int execs. The top Villa is now exclusively his personal living quarters. The middle Villa houses his personal staff. The third Villa is a specially appointed space for his guests, mainly celebrities and N.Y. and D.C. attorneys.  The Villas were re-constructed to the highest luxury standards and they are blocked off from the road by an imposing eight foot wall.   The cost of Miscavige’s personal space on the Int base alone far exceeds any individual space LRH ever resided and worked in, yes, after adjustment for inflation.  And Miscavige has similar haunts in Los Angeles, Clearwater, St Hill, and the Freewinds; not to mention at several of CST’s remote vault locations.

Back to a relatively narrow  point.  Miscavige – despite living in a desertous environment where temperatures regularly top 100 degrees – ordered his Villa outfitted with the latest, most outlandish sun chamber station.  Well, here it is:

And to ensure he always looks fit and can flaunt his biceps in his tailor made muscle shirts in order to intimdate Int and Gold staff Miscavige had a state of the art gym constructed for his own self.  The one he constructed for himself and Cruise in the nineties was perfectly servicable. But, as is Miscavige’s wont, he wanted all the latest, high-tech equipment in a specially constructed room adjoining his quarters. He so reactively must keep up with Tom Cruise that he continually, blantantly puts the church’s hard-won tax exemption at risk by building temples everywhere he walks so that his precious feet may never touch the same ground walked on by what he considers mere riff raff.  The evidence follows. Note the punching bag.

Understand, I like the sun too; great source of vitamin D and energy.  But, there is plenty of free sunshine on this planet to provide that. I also like to work out. It costs me 20 bucks a month at the community center.  Well, you gotta mix with regular folk, but if you like people it’s a pleasure.  At 20 bucks a month I calculate that it will take church public 50,000 months to pay off DM’s gym bill.  That is more than four thousands years; or about how long it took the Western civilization to evolve from hunting and gathering to where we are now.

As Miscavige might put it (as scripted by Dan Sherman), “Now that’s building a new civilization!”

Of course, like all else, DM will blame it on LRH. Let me guess. He’ll say it is per LRH ED 339R, THINK IN FUTURES.