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The next Great Technical Breakthrough

by Mike Rinder

Every time Dear Leader appears in public, he makes his next pronouncement about forthcoming technical breakthroughs/discoveries/wonders that will “soon” be available that will “open the floodgates to the Bridge,” “give you miraculous, never before heard of wins,” “speed your progress up the Bridge by a factor of 10,” “turn you into superman” or whatever other Dan Sherman hyperdrivel appears on the teleprompters before him.

This is a public warning.

At one of his upcoming Nuremberg Rally Style (TM) events, he is going to announce the greatest breakthrough since DMSMH – the new Mark VIII E-Meter.  He will loudly announce its virtues and explain that nobody could have really made case gain before the advent of this wondrous new meter, and that this is an advance more significant than any other accomplishment and has been dozens of years in the making and is only now available because of the progress in technology that have now made it possible to do what LRH wanted done with the E-Meter.

The technical advances of the Mark VIII are not the subject of this post. I leave that discussion to others. But one thing for sure, Dear Leader has sunk about $30 millon into this project — so whether it is bogus or not, he will pitch it as the most wonderful and necessary item in the world that every Scientologist MUST have (ever heard that before?).

The point here is Dear Leader’s dedicated worship of the almighty dollar.  The Mark Super VIII E-Meter has been manufactured and ready for release for at least 5 years.  Well Dave, if this is such a wondrous breakthrough, and is exactly what LRH wanted, why are the meters sitting in warehouses instead of in auditing rooms being used to achieve the stupendous case gain only available with the miracle meter?

 Because Dear Leader isn’t happy with the colors! 

This is not a joke.

Now, you might ask, what difference does the color make to either the Auditor or the pc/pre-OT — and you would of course also know the answer to that elementary question: Nada. You may recall the posting on this blog about DMTC’s candy-apple red motorcycles parked in front of the RTC building. That was one of the colors developed for the Mark VIII in Dear Leader’s never ending search for the perfect meter color. Man, you have to admire someone that puts that much care into every little detail (well, maybe not, if everyone is being denied the magnificent gains possible because the exact right colors are not being produced).  But there is another reason too for withholding this “vital technical breakthrough” (these will be his words, not mine). Dave has a Marketing Plan and the meter has to be released AFTER other items on his plan or the sales will not be maximized. No good releasing a new item and not maximizing the sales.  My God, the thought of missing a few bucks of revenue in the first week is enough to drive him to drink (or at least another drink).  So, all those auditors out there suffering with the antiquated Mark Super VII Quantum cannot use the wonders of the Mark VIII Hyper Drive Tone Arm Rocket Ship — because if Dear Leader released them now, there may be some that assault his highly tuned artistic sensibilities, and more importantly, there may be some sales missed.

While much of this post is dripping with sarcasm, the facts remain. The meter has been DONE for at least 5 years. Miscavige will proclaim it as a magnificent technical breakthrough that no auditor or solo auditor could possibly live without — yet he will not tell them they could have had it 5 years ago if it were not for him refusing to release it until he felt good and ready.

LRH never held back on any of his breakthroughs. Ever.

PS by Marty:

A word  on the breakthrough he’s holding back. It is no breakthough at all.  I piloted the first needle movement mechanism that came off the assembly line.  In 2003 DM had CO CST (yeah, DM uses CST, that exists solely to keep DM in check, as his new bright idea GI proto type expeditors) put the movement into a Mark Super VII shell to disguise it. I used it for several intensives on Tom Cruise.  I gave the obligatory “Yeah, it seems to be far more responsive”.  It was absolutely obligatory.  In fact, there wasn’t a blessed noticeable difference between the responsiveness in the needles of the Mark Super VII, and New Super Duper Delux Over The Top With Superlatives Mark VIII. Not any. So, Mike is perfrectly right to call the entire thing a marketing gimmick. DM used to consistently bandy about figures to brag to Int terminals how he was going to make $10 million in one event – two meters for every auditor, every solo auditor, and every other gullible public on board.