Daily Archives: July 19, 2010

Second Dynamic

It has come to my attention recently that a couple of people have used good things I’ve said about them in the past to establish trust relationships with others and then severely breached those trusts.  One was a formal auditing relationship. Another started relationships under the pretext of using Scientology to help sort people’s lives out.  In each of those instances the person trusted took advantage of those who trusted them on the 2D. 

A lot of people have asked me to give my blessings for them to start a 2D with someone.  For some time now, I have given the same pat advice to whomever asks.  That is something like this:

The Second Dynamic is one of eight dynamics; it is no more or less important than any other one. The 2D can be very abberative for a number of reasons. One strong reason is the genetic and hormonal urge to forward the species is connected with the 2D.  My advice is that no matter how strong the passion, no matter how strong the “electricity”, you’d best remember that the Second Dynamic is only one of eight dynamics. If you are so hardwired to the body that the second is all that seems to matter, then you ought not be making decisions on the second dynamic. You ought to be using the many tools that can help span your attention and raise your tone so as to  become aware of all your dynamics.  If you are going to get into a relationship you are in for trouble if you don’t take care to be sure the prospective relationship aligns with the rest of your dynamics. If it does not you are guaranteed trouble. If it does, you’ve got it made.

When it comes to hearing of people using a relationship of trust, whether it is a formal auditing relationship, acting as a Chaplain or an Ethics Officer, or any other Scientology advisor type of relationship, I have zero tolerance.  I happen to agree with what LRH says about the matter in Science of Survival:

An auditor who is a wise auditor will steadfastly refuse sexual relations with a preclear. The auditor who yields to temptation at this level finds himself in a bad situation because his preclear is on the way up and will shortly pass this propitiative level and achieve more honorable levels of the Tone Scale. Auditors who, knowing this, permit themselves such actions are themselves at the 1.1 level and have no business auditing. None but a despicable cur would seek to benefit from this phenomenon; none but a chronic or acute psychotic would find enjoyment in it.

Promiscuity is a 1.1 trait, pure and simple.  It tears orgs apart. It is tearing the international Scientology org network apart at this moment because it is unchecked at the very top.

I have no authority nor inclination to probe into or control peoples’ personal lives and will make no effort to do so. Far be it for a guy who gets busted on Bourbon Street to be moralizing. At the same time, I have standards when it comes to actions that adversely effect others and particularly when someone uses my name or Scientology to do so.  If someone starts abusing Scientology to obtain sexual favors, he or she is no friend of mine.

This is an ethics gradient.  No names.  However, if in the future I find anyone using an alleged friendship with me to establish a Scientology relation of trust along this line, next time there will be names.

While we are on the subject of the 2D, I have a little something that might blow some charge, or perhaps bypass some depending on your point of view.  I saw some fairly extensive notes of LRH that he wrote in his final years.  He quite explicitly stated that the entire problem with breach of monogamy (beyond the physical risk of STDs)  is the breach of trust and the lies connected with it.  He said nary a word about whole track implants and the like (i.e. Pain and Sex).  For the robots who want to accuse me of  “verbal tech”, what am I to do?  DM will never publish the writings to which I refer – he is way too sick on the 2d for them to see the light of day.  Am I to just keep what I observed to myself?  When pigs fly.  You can take it or leave it.

The Second Dynamic can be a beautiful thing that enhances all other dynamics. After all, it encompasses the activity of creation. Why destroy in the name of creation?