Daily Archives: July 30, 2010

Reconnection With Distant Relatives

You may have noticed I haven’t been too active on the blog for the past week.  I’ve been busy and will fill you in here on some of it.

If there is a single policy that can be identified as causing the most widespread harm to independent thought in Scientology it is “Disconnect.”   Its remedy is simple.  Don’t agree with it. Instead of continuing to be shackled by other-determined disconnection, simply and effortlessly reconnect.  As much weakening and uncertainty that other-determined disconnection brings, self-determined Reconnection brings comparable strength and certainty. I have had a week of it and found it beyond invigorating and productive.

We had a most inspiring week along the Underground Railroad of the Great Lakes region.

First, Monique and I spent a couple days with the irrepressible Sarge.

Old compadres at Lake Michigan

Sarge doing street performance; as entertaining as ever.

Sarge and I got to do some exploring along the original, historic Underground Railroad of Southern Michigan.  We viewed the caves where escaped slaves were hidden from bounty hunters on their way along the railroad to Canada.  This outing was inspiring and gave perspective  for our Underground Railroad planning for the region.  Around the Great Lakes our railroad  now has active stop-overs in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, and Ontario. 

Checking out underground railroad cave along the St Joseph river

I was able to spend some quality time with my old comrade Jesse Prince.  Jesse was the last man to security check David Miscavige at LRH’s direction.  Jesse got his withholds and duly reported them to LRH.  Unfortunately, the report never made it because it went through Broeker who was implicated in Miscavige’s crimes. So, LRH was kept in the dark and the rest is our own dark history.  Because Jesse was unwilling to choose sides in the Broeker/Miscavige power struggle he was targeted for extinction by DM.  But, you can’t keep a good man down – and Jesse is a Phoenix if there ever was one. 

Distant Relatives

Jesse marked an interesting sort of tipping point. I calculated the number of years of RTC service that terminals available and connected to Miscavige have combined vs the number of years of RTC service that terminals connected with me in present time have.  Well, Jesse just tipped the balance in our favor.

Our own modern day Harriet Tubman made this underground railroad pilgramage possible.  Those who have done much alternate, common people oriented history study know this is about the highest compliment one could pay any one (for a quick synopsis see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harriet_Tubman ).  Well, I’m paying it. Harriet, in keeping with the original’s expertise at Fabian tactics, will remain unnamed for the moment. 

I learned quite a bit from Sarge and Jesse and other brothers I met with along the way. 

If you are in the mood to invest a few minutes, you can listen the song below. It explains why I refer to Jesse and Sarge and Harriet and all of you as distant relatives.