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International Association of Shills

Before I get started on another IAS fraud story,  a short announcement.  On the day of the IAS event, tomorrow Friday Oct 15th, a one hour interview with Mike Rinder will be aired on the Edge with Tom Smith in Tampa.  You can tune in at 12:30 p.m. eastern time at www.hawkradio.com.

With the annual IAS event just around the corner, here is some timely news.

Below you will find an actual casting call notice in the United Kingdom.  It was issued the week of the IAS event 2009.   Rumors swirled about this in certain forums many months ago.  I couldn’t believe it was looking for extras for the IAS event.  I guess I was reasonable. Recently I met with an actor who actually answered the call.   He confirmed that five busloads of extras were shipped out to fill up the Great Hall at St Hill Manor for the 25th Anniversary event.  The actors were briefed that they were not to let on that they were extras.  They were instructed to act enthusiastic as if they were thrilled to hear Miscavige’s bombastic claims at the event.

You might want to advise kool aid drinkers you know who insist on going to events to be on the look out for folks who just don’t seem to fit in, folks who perhaps are acting.  But, maybe that won’t be of much use, since I believe the majority of folks going to those events these days are doing just that: trying really hard to pretend that it is all for real.

The actual casting call notice:

Casting Calls > Actors & Extras wanted > Other auditions

Extras required for International event: WEDS AND THURS THIS WEEK in LONDON

Casting no. 130383  –  All regions, UK

Casting complete: Applications now closed.

PAID WORK – YOU MUST BE ABLE TO GET TO East Grinstead for 10am tomorrow trains from VICTORIA LONDON

PAID WORK – YOU MUST BE ABLE TO GET TO East Grinstead for 10am tomorrow trains from VICTORIA LONDON


A Los Angeles production company is putting on a major international event on the 16th October in front of 7,000 people. This event will also be broadcast internationally.

For this we need an abundance of extras!

REHEARSALS start Thursday 15th at 10am for rhe event the on FRIDAY so you need to be available both days


Apply now!

Location: All regions, United Kingdom

Payment details: PAID WORK

Any gender, aged 18 to 40 from the United Kingdom