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A Workers’ Paradise for Tom Cruise

The document below is one of hundreds of reports written by staff members of the Gold base on the movements, statements, likes, dislikes and other personal matters concerning Tom Cruise.   I doubt Tom is fully aware of  just how closely David Miscavige micro manages Tom’s life.  I doubt he will become aware – if he didn’t wake up through my correspondence last year with his personal attorney (posted on this blog), he might as well be under the late Australian psychiatrist Harry Baily’s deep-sleep therapy.   Letter to Cruise’s attorney for info, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2009/08/26/top-gun-and-hired-gun-put-on-notice/

Now, a few words about the internal despatch in bold italics below.

From the sounds of it, Miscavige had already weaseled his way in between Kate and Tom  – note the staff member picks up Tom to take him to see Kate for breakfast at 2:30 pm.

Note that Tom wants a church corporate discount on a Ford Excursion, utilizing the church’s fleet account.  And of course his wish was granted.

Note his reaction to JB’s super-delux, over-the-top paint job on his motorcycle.  See the job at, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/05/23/miscaviges-annihilation-of-tom-cruise-part-one/

Also note that the church clearly set up Tom’s communications network for his bus on the set.  Tom Willis was at the time of this despatch an executive of the Church of  Spiritual Technology (CST).  LRH gave CST executives the duty, among others, of policing the Religious Technology Center (and David Miscavige) to prevent the type of private personal inurement – violative of the church’s tax exempt status – that is evident throughout this despatch, including the work of Willis himself.

The “Silver Screen” is Tom’s personal bus – pimped out to the nines by church staff, the subject of several upcoming posts.

Now, with respect to the final paragraph, I highly recommend that those who have not already seen it, please watch the church’s Freedom magazine video A Worker’s Paradise at the following link, http://www.freedommag.org/special-reports/cnn/video-a-workers-paradise.html

That video was done in a feeble attempt to discredit  CNN’s Anderson Cooper and all those former church members who appeared on his one-week AC 360 special series last April.   The video footage of the 500 acres of manicured, green oasis-like property is accurate. 

Now, realize that the reason there are no people in those videos is that David Miscavige has locked all several hundred base staff up, so that Tom Cruise may have the run of the 500 acres.  Miscavige doesn’t want anyone “enturbulating” Tom, so the workers must remain behind closed doors, slaving away while Tom romps through his 500 acre Workers’ Paradise.

While I still hope Tom one day comes to his senses, I must admit I have little sympathy for his viewpoint that his multi-acre Beverly Hills estate is like a “prison.”  Particularly, when several hundred actual prisoners must stay locked up in order for him to escape his mansion.

The document:

COB COMM RTC                                     28 July 2005 



Dear Sir;

 As info, Mr. Cruise got up at 2:30PM to have breakfast with Kate.

 I brought him to Building 50 to pick her up and he asked to see the Harley Davidson so he could show Kate. I pulled out the Harley and he sat in the middle of the road outside the garage and said he could sit here all day staring at this bike – it is the best Harley and best paint job he has ever seen.

 In the same garage on the other side is Mr. Bellin’s FORD Mustang – he thought that it was AWESOME and asked me if I could get a FORD discount on this.

 He told me that he bought an old GT for Steven Spielberg and maybe he should get a new one for him as a thanks for the film, like same color as the old one and give him a new one as well. 

I told him I would get him brochures etc.

 He asked Kate if she would like one to drive as he really liked it and wants one. She said yes!! And was already trying to figure out a color!

 He also asked about the Excursion and a discount and I told him yes that Josh had informed me and he would be getting the FORD discount.

 Additionally, I told him that his Triumph went in for chrome triple clamps to match the rest of the bike and that the guy at Triumph went out looking for a black Rocket III and there was this gorgeous red gem.

 The guy asked me how it was done as it was spectacular and I told him that there were only 3 motorcycles like that on planet earth and it was totally proprietary.

 Mr. Cruise loved this.

 Also he told me that the Message system made such a difference already – he does not get disturbed at all – and can communicate from within the coach. He wanted to know if it could communicate straight to the Blackberry’s of his staff and I told him we were working on this and that it looked totally possible [Note: Tom Willis has this being done and should be done by tomorrow night ready for install – I did not tell Mr. Cruise this, as Mr. Willis just got this nailed]. 

He asked how Silver Screen was doing and I told him it was doing very well and that JB was up there. I told him the executives of Marathon know who the coach is for but not the workers and none of them had seen the designs. I handled this by removing the personal pictures in the renderings and put a full set on the side of the coach for all workers to see. Since doing this, workers have been originating working late and on Saturdays to get the coach done faster as they have never produced anything like this before. And that the feedback from the audio personnel was that they were learning so much in doing this coach on quality of audio as well as how much a Crestron can do [Note: Marathon has never had the ACs controlled by Crestron and we figured out how to do this as apparently for years this has been a problem for them – I did not tell him this part].

 He was very happy about this.

He asked me when COB was coming back and I told him I did not know.  

He mentioned again that he loves the Husqvarna [TC 450] and that it is awesome.

 Additionally, he commented that he loves being at the base and does not want to leave just like the Ship there is so much space. He said that his LA house is like a prison – he is stuck behind a gate. He said again that the base was the best place in the world for him. 

This is ok.


Buildings and the Founder

A couple years ago Bill Mahr did a very interesting and entertaining documentary on religion called Religulous.  Readers of this blog forwarded me  short excerpts from Religulous that show some interesting parallels between the church of Scientology and the Roman Catholic church.  Might make for some lively and enlightening discussion.