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This Afternoon At St. Hill

Some commenters wondered where Tommy was for the new BBC show. Well, as DM’s hand-picked public relations representative he was dutifully and accurately interpretting his master’s activities. Namely, HIDING.   In contrast, where was Mike today?  In East Grinstead directing a photo shoot of some lovely independents paying homage to the Founder at his home, St Hill.  Enjoy.

BBC Panorama – The Secrets of Scientology

Well, that is the title in any event.  In fact,  the secrets they promised to tell never made it into the final edit. You can thank David Miscavige if you got the overall impression Scientology itself is weird.  The fifty letters from the Church and its lawyers to the BBC  that the church brags about in its counter video promised litigation should those secrets be told .  In other words, spend parishioner donations to cover Dave’s ass exclusively, forcing the media to fill in with old hat, more generalized attack material.  Protect Miscavige at the expense of Scientology.   

The show does give credible accounts from Mike, Amy, Marc, Claire, Jason, Mareka, et al on matters the world ought to know.  But, the secrets that were touted and would have had the most salutory effects were left on the editing room floor.

In that respect, I admit I was wrong. I earlier suggested the BBC would be less inclined to back off as I had accused U.S. media of doing (since the BBC is publicly funded).   At the end of the day, I remain confident that the ‘save Dave at any expense’ strategy will be his own undoing.

BBC Radio

Short tease:

Longer show,

Sweeney interview about 1:39:40, Martin’s interview: 1:49:55:

Brilliant Martin!  That is what it is all about.

BBC Panorama – Important note from Veritas

John Travolta the “sweet and humble good guy” who, behind the scenes, repeatedly calls a reporter’s employer to bully presumably the guy getting fired — when Travolta is 100% familiar with the “tactics” used to essentially drive someone to lose their temper (entrapment?)

Check out the video preview in the upper right, they’ve put in the “button pushing” segment of the show! anyone who’s been through a Comm Course knows the tech — how it can be abused depends on the intention.

Reverse Scientology: Hypnotism

A lot of people have noted that Miscavige’s events and speeches are taking on more of an hypnotic sounding tone, and yet his sheep don’t seem to notice. There are also many comments here wondering aloud how on earth kool aid drinkers can keep compulsively drinking kool aid in the face of the abuses escalating within the church.   I believe the following may shed a bit of  light on those concerns.

David Miscavige developed a technique that he called “rolling thunder” for his event presentations.  Mike Rinder and others who worked on events over time can describe this far more competently than me since I was not so intimately involved in the event evolutions as they were.  But I know this much, Rolling thunder consisted of a series of “facts” and “stats” of the church – all exaggerated, and some made up out of whole cloth – being forcefully communicated to the audience and accented with overwhelming and building music, lights and graphics being flashed in the recipients’ faces – until the climax of an “applause line” is reached.   “Rolling thunder” is considered achieved if, and only if, the entire crowd is swept to their feet in adoring, accepting, and rapturous AGREEMENT with the “applause line” of the speaker.  Miscavige was obsessed with ensuring his speeches in particular had several “rolling thunder” moments. Over the years, he weeded out the involvement of other speakers in the events until over the past few years there has only been one, David Miscavige.  When you add to the equation that virtually all church of Scientology staff have been forced, coerced and conditioned into immediately and savagely punishing the slightest indication of “doubt” about the infallibility of David Miscavige that manifests itself with any church staff or public, you’ve got a perfect recipe for disaster.  That is, mind controlling hypnotism on a mass scale.

While reading a section of the Phoenix lecture – Axioms, Part III, on the subject of how Scientology can be reversed to effectuate hypnotism – all of the above came back to me.   I believe the following passage sheds light on what Scientology public have been subjected to, increasingly, for the past twenty years in very regular, predictable intervals.  

The whole of existence, actually, is run very much like an hypnotic trance.  How do you hyptnotize somebody?  Well, you get them to agree with you.  And then you get them to agree with you a little bit more. Oh, most people think that it’s done by watches or something or other. It’s not done that way. It’s done in a very interesting way.

I don’t know much aboutWestern hypnotism. I myself studied hypnotism in the East and when I came over to America again, I wondered what on earth this strange practice was that these people were practicing and calling hypnotism.  Because it wasn’t even vaguely what is taught in the East to induce trances.  It’s quite remarkable that hypnotism is inducible on small or large groups.

Now, the worse off a group is, which is to say, the less communication they have, actually, the more communication can be forced upon them. And you can get a form of hypnotism there.  But the interesting thing is that they must have been prepared by an enormous number of agreements before they got into that state. In other words, somebody else prepared them, so they didn’t care who they agreed  with after a while.

Anybody in a uniform walks up to a soldier, if that uniform has a higher rank on, the soldier will obey them. Well, this is a form of hypnotism.

Now, you can take an audience and simply get them to agree with you. And you get them to agree more and more and more and more and more and the next thing you know  — and, by the way, when I say ‘agree with you’, I mean you could get them to agree first that you were simply standing there.

And then, the next thing that you could get them to agree to is the fact that they were listening to you. And then you would give them a few little things on which they would agree with.  And the next thing you know, you could tell them that the world was on fire and the audience would rush out to find out.  Or maybe they just sit there and burn. It’s quite interesting. But you could move it out that way.

Now, what is this all about?  Does that mean that anybody bringing about an agreement would bring about hypnotism?  Oh no. The reason why in Scientology we do not bring about a hypnotism, even by Opening Procedure by Duplication – every Case V, that’s had this run on him claims, it’s a way to induce a trance – but every single one of the tenets of Scientology could be reversed and with a bad intention, and so forth, could be worked out in the opposite direction.

We are undoing the agreements which people have been making for 76 trillion years. Only we’re undoing them, so this makes them freer and freer and freer.

Now, show you this fellow on the stage who simply gets the audience to agree and agree and agree and agree and then tells them the place is on fire. Oh?  He isn’t really going in the direction of making them freer, is he?  His intention for this is entirely different.

It isn’t that intention is above agreement. It’s that consideration is always above agreement.  And he is trying to work them into a situation where they will accept what he says without question. We’re not interested in Scientology, in anybody accepting what we say without question. We ask them to question it. We ask them to please look at the physical universe around you, please look at people, at your own mind and understand, thereby,that what we are talking about happens to be actual.  This is the series of agreements. These are. They aren’t just fancy ideas.

Let us also consider the following facts.  First, over the past thirty years the church’s Bridge has altered to consist on average of more than fifty percent security checks. And those security checks are done within an imposed mores that considers the highest crime one can commit is to question the infallibility of David Miscavige.  Second, over those same thirty years church staff have been pressured and coerced into immediately, and ruthelessly, punishing anyone who might manifest the slightest doubt about the veracity of the utterances of Miscavige.  Third, RTC has been programmed to immediately target and destroy the life of anyone who dares report on false reports delivered in events by Miscavige. Those are people who actually observed arrogantly announced Miscavige “facts”  to not in fact exist in the physical universe. Fourth, church policy has evolved that has any member seriously punished for exposing himself or herself to any source of information (by personal contact, by way of media, or the internet) that does not agree with Miscavige’s official state of Scientology utterances. 

Is there really any question why once intelligent and caring people are now acting like so many cattle dutifully lining up for slaughter?

Tom Cruise’s Hangar Produced by Scientology “church” Slave Labor

Oh, the office David Miscavige had built with slave labor at Tom Cruises hangar (see was just the icing on the cake.  The cake was the hangar itself. Dave had Sea Org members design and build a facade around the entire interior of the hangar as part of Dave’s never-ending stream of gifts to Tom Cruise.

Notice the hard, chrome steel look to the faux scaffolding.  Miscavige making Tom Cruise in his own image.

Note the banners with hand made airplane brand emblems

more hand made brand emblems and streamers

check the detail

check the hard, chrome steel frame work

more, notice the faux metal scaffolding

you could eat off that floor


 Built with church of Scientology Sea Organization member sweat and tears, labor and craftsmanship.  Presented to Tom Cruise with love from his “best friend” David Miscavige.

Anonymous or Miscavige?

Just like clockwork, the day before I head out of town the shenannigans step up.  First, the unordered pizza is delivered. Then an unending battery of phone calls to home and cell.  There is a distortion filtered voice ominously announcing that I am wrong, that David Miscavige is not the source of the oppression dished out by the church of Scientology. It is L Ron Hubbard. I am to be dealt with because I say otherwise. I am being watched. 

No shit, Sherlock!  If you are gonna go through the trouble of throw-away phones, voice distorters, hiring some punks to script and execute this stuff, and coordinate it all around felonious mis-use of travel computers, at least tell me something I don’t know, and that I care about.

It sounds very much like an Anonymous prank. But, do they have access to airpline reservation information like we know Miscavige’s “church” does?  And thinking over the message, who would be more apt to send that one in particular, Anonymous or Miscavige?

It is probably an academic question, since Anonymous and Miscavige depend upon one another for their very existences, see

The question really amounts to casual musing since, no matter who they are, they are attempting to divert a hurricane with spit wads.

Oh, yeah for law enforcement subscribers, the telephone sending the threats was 361-215-0394.

More on BBC Panorama

More on independent thought and Scientology

One of the first things I read upon my introduction to Scientology was the essay Personal Integrity (taken from a tape transcript, excerpts from which I am sure I posted many months ago).   Even though I did some very unkind and irrational things under the culture of culthood that Church “management” had morphed into, I always studied Scientology and any other subjects with the LRH advice I received initially in Personal Integrity in mind. 

Now, in the cult culture Personal Integrity has been cancelled tacitly with an atomic branding iron for some time now.  Since LRH wrote and taped so many words critics can have, and still have, a field day with pointing out apparent contradictions.  And Miscavige has had a field day creating a cult by focusing solely on out of context lines that seem to justify his atrocious hatred for humanity and mission to make the TECH unworkable.

The final word by L Ron Hubbard on how to study TECH and the OEC (Policy) volumes is to assimalite it all, become adept at using it toward a POSITIVE RESULT and then after a while one will be able to simply “play the piano”  with it; that is use it naturally toward POSITIVE RESULTS without having to remember individual lines to justify or direct one’s making of music.

Miscavige has created the perfect CULT by continually violating HCO PL Tech Degrades and telling anyone who points out his off policy or out tech directions that that is “old”, “not used anymore”, or “background information.”  Whenever he gets in a bind during his mission to make the tech unworkable, and he can’t point to something out of context, he trumps it up with “advices” no one else has seen. 

Jeff Hawkins and Glenn Samuels did a great service  in my view  by putting into circulation among us the concepts of thought stopping.

I believe the church of Scientology under Miscavige’s iron fist has created a flock that does thought stopping day in and day out.  If they did not, there would be no flock.

I contend that state of affairs is anathema to the philosophy of Scientology.  Below, are the words of L Ron Hubbard uttered on 30 December 1957, in support of that proposition.  To me, these words are as true today as they were the day they were originally communicated.

In the first place, in the university, they teach only those things which have already been found out. And if you teach them in such a way that nobody is permitted to think on them evermore, you, of course, will get a totally dead-ended scientific world.  Well, the reason I bring that up is because we have a text here called Scientology 8-8008, and if you people think that I have the idea — of course, I can tell you how to achieve a result with a preclear — but if you think I have an idea that nobody ever ought to think on the subject of the mind, he merely ought to read this and bow down, boy, you better change your mind. I really mean it. I really mean it.

I will scold a staff auditor from departing from known procedure occasionally. I will. But only when he didn’t get away with it. Therefore, I give you this, a definition of auditing which some of you have heard before but not all: auditing is what you can get away with…

…Now, data is something one uses to think with. It isn’t thinking.  And when the data becomes a substitute for thinking we have frozen the whole forward progress of education.  A datum is something you think with; it is not a thought.  A definition is something with which to think…

…But anything which you must not touch and upon which you are not supposed to have any effect at all will sooner or later make you the unwilling or unknowing effect of it. Right?  And if I tell you, “Under no circumstances should you alter, change, think about, Scientology” – dizzz – all I’ve done is set up another monster. Right?  And in a world that is all too prone to build Frankensteins, we don’t need another one!…

…So in processing, all we are trying to do is to free the thinkingness of the individual. It is all we are trying to do.  Therefore the goal of all processing is freedom.  We cannot improve anybody unless we free his thinkingness, we free his ability to think.

Therefore we must accustom him to associating thought with matter, thought with space, thought with time, thought with energy. Not forbid it like the mystic, not cancel it out entirely like the Tibetan, but actually, factually make it possible for him to do this without feeling he is being murdered by it.  To associate thought with matter, energy, space or time, freely and knowingly, is to bring an individual up to a point where he can be cause over matter, energy, space and time!…

…But a preclear is not cause across the boards if anywhere he’s an unwilling and unknowing effect.  Now remember, he can be the effect of anything as long as he is not an unwilling or an unknowing effect.  And that’s the one thing we mustn’t forget in Scientology.  We’re not trying to say, “Don’t ever be at effect.”  We’re saying, “if you’re at effect know what it is.”

Therefore we can disseminate Scientology; therefore, I can tell you this material without liability because you’re here by choice; I am here by choice; we’re discussing these things by choice because we are interested.

The day it becomes a vital subject that we must have a credit in, Scientology becomes a slave subject.

So I ask you, don’t ever let it happen.

– LRH, 30 Dec 1957 Cause and Effect. Ability Congress, Washington D.C.



Let Me Be Crystal Clear

For the potential edification of those reading with open, intelligent and curious minds and for the less-than-likely clarification for those reading and reacting with closed, arrogant and narrow minds, I offer some context to Saturday’s post, “The World Is Leaving Scientology Behind.”

That post was researched, conceived and written within one hour of my having just attested my then-pre-Clear to the state of Clear.  And I mean Crystal Clear.  A person with whom I never once discussed exchange for my services, except reluctantly when the person orginated on the subject from time to time; and those discussions never, ever put the slightest pressure nor invalidation upon the pre-Clear. A person, whose inevitable increasing sense of the rightness of things (through the conquering of the reactive mind) naturally wound up exchanging in such abundance it is indescribable.  A person who had never heard the word “Scientology” until it passed from my lips. A person who received no conditioning or programming as to organizational mores (whether  memorialized in green ink or orally created over time by a little dictator).  A person to whom it was never suggested she find a way to change her livelihood in order to find a way to contribute more energy to any “cause.”  A person to whom it was never even suggested  not to look at criticisms of the subject, the Source of the subject, or the auditor.  A person who was never encouraged to op term, investigate, “handle”, or alter communication in way, shape, fashion or form with those skeptical of her auditor or the subject she was participating in.   A person who was allowed to have her wins, test them during the week in a working environment utterly devoid of any Scientology or Scientologist influence, thereby perhaps attaining a level of personal certainty of ability that I have yet to witness in thirty years of involvement with the subject.  A person who received not one encouragement, nudge, threat or invalidation to “get to the next level” or get to Clear.  A person who on her own determinism and out of her own curiosity decided to read every LRH book and listen to every LRH public lecture on her own time during the course of her auditing.  A person who received standard tech – without a single organizational/Miscavige arbitrary entered in along the way.  A person who received thorough auditing at every grade along the way (one to two intensives per grade and five intensives of NED).  A person who now exemplifies LRH’s model in What We Expect of a Scientologist more than perhaps any other I’ve ever encountered in my three decades of involvement.

A person who is the gold standard in my view in terms of EMPATHY for her fellow human beings. 

A person whom I believe would have been tragically turned into a rather unempathetic and narrow-minded person had she gone the route of the flat-earth church of Scientology machine.

Now that it quite in addition to over the past year standardly (including using LRH C/Ses that Miscavige has banned and cancelled from use to deal with the very matter) handling five people with church-arbitrary induced confusions about their Clear statuses, introducing and beginning several pre-OTs on NOTs, completing the entire NOTs program on another pre-OT,  getting several people onto and through solo OT levels, debugging several church-stalled cases, using specific rundowns to advance a number of people in life, and helping several people – antagonistic to Scientology generally – review their own history in context and recognize that which they did get from Scientology so that they could continue to walk their chosen paths no longer stuck in losses and victimhood and intent to attacking the subject and its Founder.   And all that was done while fighting off a multi-tens of millions of dollars operation to prevent all of the above from happening and destroy me personally.  I’m not asking for kudos here. That is not the point.  Instead, I am asking those who are so damn high and mighty they suggest I am suggesting Scientology lacks worth, what have you done in the last year in and with Scientology? 

My hat is off to the dozens, if not hundreds, who understand that the the high-octane obsession Miscavige has with myself and the several others who have exposed his sordid operations over the past couple years, creates the perfect opportunity to get busy and build up the practice of Scientology across the world by independent and EMPATHIC folk (the only type of folk who can make it work to its full potential).  To such a degree that when the little dictator finally takes his eye off his appointed game for a moment, he will see the monopoly is no more and that the aims of Scientology might actually someday be achieved despite his best efforts.  Truly, thank you people.  You are doing the really important work individually and collectively.  And I do know that you are the folk that see eye to eye with me on the importance of absorbing wisdom outside of Scientology in order to  enhance your own appreciation of Scientology and to make the sharing of what you know of Scientology possible and valuable to others.

For those purporting to be hard core, loyal, and unwavering Scientologists who find attempts to share the wisdom of Scientology with the world and to understand and support efforts aligned with the overall aims of the subject so offensive, I recommend you contemplate the following provisions from the Code of a Scientologist, written by L. Ron Hubbard:

1. To keep Scientologists, the public and the press accurately informed concerning Scientology, the world of mental health and society.

2. To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to help my family, friends, groups and the world.

8. To support true humanitarian endeavors in the fields of human rights.

11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.

13. To help orgs and groups ally themselves with public groups.

14. To teach Scientology at a level it can be understood and used by the recipients.

15. To stress the freedom to use Scientology as a philosophy in all its applications and variations in the humanities. 

16. To insist upon standard and unvaried Scientology as an applied activity in ethics, processing and administration in Scientology organizations.

17. To take my share of responsibility for the impact of Scientology upon the world.

19. To set an example of the effectiveness and wisdom of Scientology.

20. To make this world a saner, better place.