Daily Archives: October 23, 2010

Casablanca Tejas, population 4


After watching Clint Eastwood’s latest masterpiece Hereafter last night I was inspired to open a new forum. I highly recommend Hereafter to every Scientologist. There are many parallels in the experience of the protagonist (Matt Damon) to Scientologists and other spiritualists who perceive and act in the theta universe. The built-in prejudice and violent denial reaction to matters spiritual in this civilization was well portrayed. Doesn’t exist? Then, why were Mosey and I surveilled during the movie and all the way home? Contemplating the absurdity of such expensive spying at such an innocuous event, made me recognize that ultimately, this is why Miscavige spends millions in attempts to thwart us. It is our recognition of the theta universe, our agreement to not invalidate perception of it, and our use of Scientology to make it more real and permanent.

Hereafter illustrates how lonely and desperate life can become for those who recognize the spiritual in an environment that willfully remains ignorant of it. It prompted me to realize the corporate church’s war has had its toll. When I am doing what I do for a living, counsel Scientologists with Scientology, and I am in communication with those people to whom I apply Scientology, magical things happen quite routinely between us. Telepathic communications, effortless postulate realization, premonitions of great accuracy, the power of ARC over great distances, you name it. At bottom I attribute it to validation through recognition of theta and the theta universe as transcendent to the physical universe.

Most importantly, the movie artistically represented how as-isness occurs when a person seemingly alone with what the non-spiritually inclined write off as ethereal, nutty ideas unites with one or more others who see what he sees.

See the movie, please.

In the meantime, Mosey and I are preparing to move into new quarters down the canal from the Shack. We are doing so in order to be better prepared to deliver. Since the place is a little larger than a shack, and since it has a distinct all white exterior, and because South Texas is 65% latino – and once was Mexico until the US pulled off what President Ulysses S Grant called the most unjust land grab in the history of the world – we have named her Casablanca Tejas (original Spanish spelling for Texas), population 4.

As a coincidence, what goes on at Casablanca is much like the classic motion picture by the same name. All manner of refugee, patriot, spy, and counter spy find neutral territory by which to make safe passage to freedom in Casablanca. In addition to delivery of services we’ll continue to do what we can to get Lazlos on their flights. Besides, we all know now that I’ve been known to smoke and drink like Bogie. Ultimately, in addition to the playful nature of such titles, there is a long term purpose for dealing in such parables publicly. This will become abundantly clear later this week.

There is much to do on a number of fronts, offensive and defensive, to assure the survival and expansion of independence. And so Moving On Up A Little Higher will continue to expand. Many disparate viewpoints and even reasonable amounts of antagonism will continue to be entertained. But, in order to keep my focus – and others similarly inclined to keep theirs – and never again lose site of what the real purpose of this movement is, I have created a new blog: Casablanca Tejas, at http://casablancatejasmyblog.wordpress.com/. That forum is dedicated to people with a strong reality on the theta universe. I won’t be allowing trolls, antagonists and materialist commentary. It is dedicated to the spiritual, wins in attaining that with Scientology and enhancing that with continued study of wisdoms.

Welcome to Casablanca!