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Free Daniel Montalvo


Daniel Montalvo's first taste of freedom

About two weeks ago while I was taking a brief respite in the form of  a wonderful evening at the home of Mary Jo Leavitt, I received an urgent phone call from Tom Devocht.

Tom told me that he needed help with the escape of a 19-year-old staff member of Bridge Publications.  Daniel Montalvo never knew the outside world – having been in the Sea Org most of his life.  Several months ago Daniel and the rest of Bridge Publications staff were forced to read Miscavige’s Freedom magazine attacking myself, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, and Tom Devocht.  Daniel knew it was garbage because of what the rag had to say about Tom.  He knew Tom (when Tom was CO CMO CW) when Daniel was a young child and remembered him fondly for being so generous to and tolerant of children, including Daniel himself.

Consequently, Daniel searched the internet and, through my blog he found a means to get hold of Mike Rinder, whom he figured correctly could (and did) get him in touch with Tom.  Daniel told Tom he could no longer take the incessant stat push on books and tapes, the orders to carry out fraudulent practices against Scientology public,and  the Int-like DM tortures now being practiced by CMO PAC messengers regularly at Bridge Publications.  He said he knew nothing about the outside world, and knew virtually no one as never had a life outside the Sea Org.  Tom told Daniel he’d house him and employ him so that he could make a new start if he wished. 

Daniel phoned that particular Friday night because there was a CMO mission running a rein of terror through Bridge for the usual down stats. All staff were being interrogated on the meter for outside connections and influences.  Daniel was certain he could not get away with withholding that he was reading my blog and had concluded that it contained nothing other than 100% gospel truth.

Tiziano Lugli being my host in LA, and being the least PTS person I think I know on planet earth, bolted into action.  The kid only had a hand held text message sender and receiver, no phone.  We coordinated his route out, lost all our tails, and picked him up at a pre-designated spot. 

We took him to a far away Deli and delighted at watching him eat a cheeseburger and fries with his eyes lit up like he was ingesting an eight course gourmet feast prepared by Sinar Parmen himself.

Daniel brought a couple hard drives with him that contained music and may have been mixed with some other Bridge traffic.  We advised Daniel to return them to Bridge which he did via messenger service. Then we got Daniel on a flight to Florida to see Tom DV.

Tom and Daniel were beseiged by waves of Daniel’s family members and OSA Flag staff using every ploy and threat possible to get Daniel to return.  Tom fought them off like a she-gator protecting her young.  After surviving days of the onslaught, Daniel became intent on speaking with his mother.  He phoned the church to arrange this, but reception put him through to Kendrick Moxon – an alleged attorney.  Moxon proceeded to lie to Daniel that the hard drives were never returned, and made a convincing case (not difficult to do with a 19 year old who doesn’t even know the three branches of government) that Daniel would be put behind iron bars for a good long time, UNLESS of course, he returned and cooperated with Moxon and routed out properly. 

Tom sagely advised Daniel that he would face only one of two fates should he return, a) be sent to jail, or b) spend ten years in the RPF.  After several sleepless nights and incessant badgering and threats from the church Daniel returned to LA to route out.

Daniel was picked up by an investigator in a black car with blacked out windows. Instead of being taken to a hotel, where he could route out as promised, he was taken to the Century City Towers.  He was deposited in an office on the 33rd floor where a pricy church lawyer interrogated him for two hours. Only then, did Moxon come in and start interrogating harder, demanding that Daniel finger Tiziano, Tom, and myself as the master minds of his having taken hard drives from Bridge.  Daniel explained that he could not say that because it is a blatant lie. Quite the contrary, Tom advised him not to take the hard drives and I advised him to return them once I learned that he had ignored Tom’s original advice. 

Moxon then said they would need to go the LA County Sheriff’s office to clear everything up. Instead of clearing it up, Moxon pulled out a huge binder with shots and dossier’s on Tom, Tiziano and myself. Moxon plied the Sheriff’s detective with a grand conspiracy theory, characterizing me as the “anti-christ” of the church of Scientology. I guess Kingpin has become passe.

The next thing Daniel knows he’s in a cell where he sat for the next 30 hours.  Had it not been for Tiziano fronting $2,000 through credit Daniel would be there now and for God knows how long. 

David Miscavige – who I promise will go to jail before this is all over – ordered  Kendrick Moxon – whose bar card I am now promising to take away – stabbed a nineteen year old slave in the back the second he got a whiff of freedom. I have never heard of such low-life treachery. And Lord knows I’ve seen my share of it under the tutelage of the master of treachery, David Miscavige.   

Tiziano, Jamie Sorrentini, Tom, Mike Rinder, Jason Beghe and I have been working in a flurry this afternoon to get Daniel out of the LA County (East LA branch) jail.

As of the minute I post this, Daniel walks free once again, at least temporarily, having been bailed out by Jamie and Tiziano.

We have arranged for a competent attorney to represent Daniel at his arraignment tomorrow.  

I have been hesitant to raise money for our cause despite the need – recognizing how former church members have been fleeced to the bone over and over.   However, my rule on that score doesn’t apply to a 19 year old kid facing the penitentiary in thanks for the following sins:

a) Leaving a lifehood of slavery to get a taste of freedom and the world.

b) Refusing – despite every provocation and incentive and threat – to frame three guys who went out of their ways (and dipped into their pockets) to help the kid achieve that freedom.

Accordingly, I am creating the Free Daniel Montalvo Fund.   We are trying to initially raise the 3,000 dollars (bail and airfares) we’ve already personally fronted) and another 5,000 for a retainer for a criminal lawyer skilled and tough enough to take on the church and the LA County Sheriff Leroy D. Baca.  Yes, the Sheriff himself.  Do you seriously think the church could get any other agency in the world to do the kind of illegal, underhanded work they’ve gotten the Sheriff’s Office to do?   They wouldn’t have a prayer without owning the Sheriff himself.  As to whether that is the case, I invite you all to peruse church promo over the past ten years.  Baca has extolled their virtues over and over – in exchange for getting to hob nob with Cruise, Travolta, Alley, etc – even while dozens upon dozens of staff have been continually held in virtual bondage by the very institution – in his jurisdiction –  he lavishes with praise.

For now, if you are interested in contributing, you can go to my paypal account – under the donate section on the front page of the blog,  https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/donate/  .  When you are prompted to write a message with any donation, just put in Free Daniel Montalvo Fund.  I’ll keep exact accounting of such designated funds.

 Without you all, this young man would have already been crushed like a bug and forgotten.  With you, he will never be forgotten.  I think this is one of those places where we are compelled by conscience to etch a very distinct and durable line.

Free Daniel Montalvo!

Friday Noon Update:
     You all officially constitute a hurricane!  Cat 3 and gaining mo’.  Last night I noted we were initially looking for 3,000 to recover bail and airplane flights already spend out of pocket and on credit, plus 5,000 for a retainer for the kind of criminal lawyer we need on this.  That is a target of 8,000.  As of noon we are just over 6,000.  That is approximately 65 donors,making average right around 100 dollars.  Lowest donation was $2 and two came in at highest at $500 each.  If this ain’t grassroots I don’t know what is.  I’m gonna be busy for the next couple hours. Then I’ll hopefully have a minute to give another update. After that, I’ll be out of the loop, except by phone for several hours.  No, you won’t find me honky-tonkin’.  Mike has graciously offered to keep moderating. Then late tonight I’ll give another update on the fund.  You guys have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Certainly beyond my wildest dreams last night when I posted.  I can hear the dictator snickering now about how thrilled I am about “chump’s change.”  Well, this kind of  “chump’s change” will win every time against blood money, no matter the amount.

Update: Friday 1:15 pm: A nice translation of this blog post by Tony Ortega at the Village Voice can be found here, http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/archives/2010/10/daniel_montalvo.php

3:15 pm Friday update: $7,652 via paypal. With pledges coming by mail, we have topped the 8,000 goal. No need to keep donating. Unless the fix is deeper than I think this case should go away with originally estimated retainer. If Baca and Miscavige and/or Miscavige’s lawyers and the D/As office are joined at the hip, then we’ll be in for a longer haul. We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned this weekend for an Open Letter to LA County Sheriff Lee Baca. We’re learning the Sheriff’s Office has gone way outside the boundaries of their mandate in serving Moxon and Miscavige’s LA lawyers. IMHO I believe they have betrayed the taxpayers of Los Angeles county. Hitting the road. Be back on line in 5-6 hours. OSA investigators, chill. As Mosey says, I drive old Lucille like Jed Clampet. No need to put Texas drivers at risk with your magnum PI bullshit fantasies. See ya in H-Town.