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Radical Scientology Dark Ops


Below is an OSA Int Investigations Division program drafted by Fritz Kavenaar (Invest Officer) in 2006.  The intent of the program is evident and in his own words it seeks to “muzzle” Tory Christman.  I gave Tory the opportunity to review this before publication and to direct the deletion of material that clearly was taken from her pc folders and information that might violate the rights of privacy of her or others she knows.  Wherever a deletion was made a notation is made.  Tory has also inserted her own comments throughout the program in italics.  OSA programs by tradition are so laden with denigrating reference I felt Tory should be given the opportunity to defend herself, and educate us where appropriate.

After the program you will find another write up by Tory that gives some background leading up to her speaking out about the church’s abuses.  It gives further context to the church’s efforts to destroy Tory.

I sincerely apologize to Tory for helping to create the monster that attempted to make her life so miserable.  My hat is off to her for – all on her lonesome – weathing the storm and continuing to communicate throughout, and continuing to do so to this day. 


                                                          Eyes Only


                                                Attorney-Client Privileged

                                                                                             March 31, 2006






In July 2000 Tory Christman left the Church and dumped her husband of 26 years, to join the LTM in CW. While in Clearwater and being supported by Minton, she started picketing the Church. From there she got onto media lines and has given anti-Scientology lectures to the Skeptics. Tory has also been a conduit for disaffected ex-staff to get onto the Internet and leave Scientology. She has created a “third dynamic” of sorts, consisting of social contacts with ex-Scientologists friends and other DBs like Graham Berry, who she gets together at occasional parties held at her house. [Sentence deleted to protect privacy of target and third parties]

 **Correction: I never “dumped” my husband. I left a Cult, he divorced me, and re-married, staying “in”.

 When in July 2005 Harold Bezazian, Tory’s ex-husband, confronted Tory with all her lies about their divorce, she tried to deny it. However, she backed off from mentioning her husband again until recently in the Rolling Stone article. Despite the confrontation Tory had with Harold over the phone, she continues to leave messages on his voice mail wishing him happy birthday, merry Christmas, and other messages like that. She wants to keep a comm line with Harold, even though he told her to leave him alone because he got remarried.

**Note: The “lies” he told me are the same absolute lies OSA has pitched for 10 years about me. As I told him then, “my doors are open-I don’t know where you live, work, you won’t talk to me. I left a Cult. You left me. And you can tell OSA to Go to Hell”. That’s when, and only when, he told me he was married. And he changed his phone number—so my calling was in 2001 for a few years at most.

Having been married for 27 years, I find it interesting a “church” would promote this as something bad. 

What Tory protects:

 Tory protects her reputation very heavily and anything done or said that would damage her reputation drives her insane. Case in point when she read the comment about her in the recent Rolling Stone article where she is described as “wacko” she immediately posted to ARS to DA the statement. Many other times she has displayed her insanity about trying to DA bad things said about her. Her biggest button is the Religious Freedom Watch (RFW) pages about her. She screams on ARS that RFW is full of lies about her. During a picket in 2004, Tory was asked to give specifics, but she started screaming like a nut and blew from the comm cycle. Many times on ARS she threatened to sue RFW but she never did. She wants those webpages down badly because they ruin her reputation.

**Correction: I’ve many times thanked OSA for RFW, once I realized they are the best display of their “Fair Game” usage. They are masters of twisting reality. I’ve said a skillion times, please come over, you’ve never even heard my side of the story. Not *one* Scientologist, as a member of C of $, will talk to me. OSA’s interpretation of my “Screaming like a nut” is just that. In “Fair Game” is says: “You can lie, cheat, steal, destroy someone utterly” and that is all this is. Their feeble attempt to once again smear one of their X-members, in fact, someone they have in their “What is Scientology” book.

She protects her job. The current job is the most stable one she ever had since defecting. Since mid 2005 Tory has been working at Specialty Merchandise Corporation (SMC). Tory is a business coach and teaches people how to start home based businesses and she has her own extension, 5606.

 Tory protects her comm lines to the media because these are the lines she uses to stir up entheta against the Church. Getting her properly DA’ed will make the media dump her as source of information about the Church.**Fact: Scientology has failed utterly at shutting me up, both with the media, and on the Net. Did I want to protect my job? Hell yes. Is there something wrong with that? Only they would see it as one more way to “Fair Game” someone.

 Tory has a lot of attention about her health and being able to pay for her medical care. In 2004 she went through skin cancer surgery which she incurrent $1,500 not covered by her insurance. She is also concerned about her memory deteriorating at a rapid rate (she has severe memory loses, and according to her, it has been worsening since 2004. Tory believes she will die in a matter of a few years because of her memory failing very rapidly. She also thinks she will get Alzheimer’s disease because her mother had it and she died of it at the end of 2004.

 **Correction: What a load of crap. Line one: Sure, I have attention on my health and health insurance, as do most responsible people. Line 2 is a) False: My insurance DID pay for it and b) Where DID you get this private information from,

Scientology? That violates the HIPPA laws. ALL of the rest of that paragraph is utterly OSA making that up. Sure, it is well known that I have had trouble with my short term memory, thanks to the “church” of $cientology insisting I get off of my much needed medication for Epilepsy, having many Grand Mal Seizures. Back in 1973 until my Mom insisted I get back on my medication, saving my life.

Totally made up re “Worsening from 2004”—I never said that.

I fearing I’ll die in a few years is actually funny. I don’t fear it, however, since my Dad died at 52—I have said many times I’m thankful each day to be alive.

My Mother did not die of Alzheimer’s disease. She died at 85 of other causes.

One more flat out lie.

 ***Second note: Also, this was written in 2006. In the 90’s I gained 100 pounds while on Scientology’s “OT 7”. I kept asking for help, got NONE. I finally quit OT 7, joined Weight Watchers, lost 60 pounds, and left C of $, forever.

Later, while working at SMC, I gained back a bunch, so yes, I probably was concerned about my health-although not as they describe, even then.

Only when I finally figured out what *I* needed to do, did I fully lose the entire 100 pounds. I reached my goal weight in June of 2010.

 Tory has appeared on Channel 2 where she lied about several subjects. This is the direct result of the past few weeks counter-attack against Tory where her ex-husband had DA’ed her lies, she being under attack on ARS where she is getting expressed as a stripper, [portion blocked out as taken from target’s pc folders]… and taking anti-depressants.

 **My correction: I’ve ~never~ taken anti-depressants, but a
Dr. had given me something for possibly having ADD (which it turned out I didn’t have)—so I never took. Someone (not sure who—one of four possible people) came to one of my parties, went into my medicine cabinet, wrote down the name of that one medicine, and they began saying “How could Magoo be happy if she’s on anti-depressants?” Again, a total lie, as well as disgusting that they’d send someone into my medicine cabinet, and then make up this false story about me, again.


 To dispense with a source of entheta and black PR so that Scientology can get on with its expansion unimpeded.


 Tory dismissed as an attacker or totally restrained and muzzled.


  1. Internet Invest I/C OSA Int is responsible for getting this program done.


Internet Invest I/C

2. Read and understand this program. _____________________

Internet Invest I/C


  1. Arrange the needed funds to use the professionals needed to get the product, on investigations etc., as set forth in this program.


Internet Invest I/C

 2. Do not allow yourself to be cross-ordered. _____________________

Internet Invest I/C

 3. Use debug tech to debug any bugged target on the program.


Internet Invest I/C

 4. Clear your actions with counsel beforehand. _____________________

Internet Invest I/C

 5. Determine how to use the information gained throughout the execution of this program to accomplish the Major Targets. _____________________

Internet Invest I/C

 Operating Targets:

  1. Get Harold to call up Channel 2 and complain about the fact that they have put his ex-wife on TV and let her lie about their marriage and other things she has said and get their agreement not to use Tory any longer as a source of information about Scientology.


Internet Invest I/C

 2. Get Harold to call up the manager of SMC (Tory’s employer) and complain that she has been telling lies about him on TV while she is supposedly at work.


Internet Invest I/C

 3. Get Harold to send a letter to specific papers that have used Tory in the past and DA Tory and expose her lies. (This is the letter where Harold tells the story on how Tory broke up the marriage and other lies).


Internet Invest I/C

 4. Get Harold send the letter to radios where Tory has been hosted as a guest.


Internet Invest I/C

 5. Get Harold to brief [portion deleted to protect target’s privacy] on what Tory is doing and the fact that she is lying about their divorce and spreading personal family matters on national TV. Get [privacy deletion] ideas of what [privacy deletion] can do to put pressure on Tory and threaten to cut [privacy deletion] comm line to her if she doesn’t stop. 

**Fact: I never lied about our divorce, nor did I spread personal family matters, except to say that “My husband of 27 years left me, after I left Scientology” which was true. Also, despite my now X-husband allowing the flat out lies to be posted on Religious Freedom watch (C of S’s hate page)—he is a good man, he never liked OSA. He was raised with Hubbard back in the 50’s when his parents got “in”. I doubt he’d follow the above orders. I have no doubt they’d have someone they knew who would, call and lie, saying they were my x-husband. Sick.


Internet Invest I/C

 6. [One sentence deleted to protect target’s privacy]


Internet Invest I/C

 7. Get the document that Tory threw away from one of SMC’s clients which contains personal financial information, brought to the attention of the client and have the client to complain with the company that Tory has lost personal information about his credit card and other financial details he has been doing with the company. 

**Note: This is utterly weird, as *I* never brought home any information about any clients of SMC, as it’s all kept in their computers. This must be some fabricated thing, OR they’ve rifled through SMC’s trash, which quite frankly, could get them in some serious trouble. Their attorneys will *not* like this, Scientology—not even a little bit. They didn’t like you all to begin with, and are quite educated on this exact stuff. Start typing…..and to SMC attorneys, please do note the date you receive any future communications from “anonymous sources re Tory Christman”.


Internet Invest I/C

 8. Maintain the comm line with the client and get him to insist that Tory should be fired.


Internet Invest I/C

 9. Get Chad Garret (PI in LA) to use one of his resources to become a client of SMC and get assigned to Tory as a business coach (this can be done to first apply and then call in and asked to be put through to Tory’s extension as if she was transferred to her by the main switchboard). 

**FACT: This seems utterly nuts to me, but I sure thank you all for showing how utterly sick you really are. I will be turning this all over to SMC, who knew quite well of your darker sides, and their attorneys will love this!


Internet Invest I/C

 10. Get the new client hook up with Tory and get coached by her to set up a personal business.


Internet Invest I/C

 11. As Tory gets the coaching done get the client to become upset and bring it to her attention so she gets the warning that she is doing something wrong.


Internet Invest I/C

 12. Get the new client to complaint with management because Tory is not doing her job well and demand the money back because the client is no longer interested in SMC.  


Internet Invest I/C

 13. Repeating Target: Get postings done in business newsgroups where they also discuss SMC. Post about Tory being incompetent and unprofessional.

** Note: This is flat out proof of your utter libel. It’s one thing to libel me on your phony “religious” site (RFW). This is getting into an entirely different category of public libel, OSA.


Internet Invest I/C

 14. Get a SMC client to find the postings and bring to the attention of SMC and let them know that this is not causing a good PR for the company and of it is true that this woman (Tory) is so unprofessional.


Internet Invest I/C

 15. Concurrently have other “clients” call into SMC and make complaints about Tory being rude and incompetent.


Internet Invest I/C

 16. Repeating Target: Continue to make noise till the company has no choice (due to the amount of bad publicity happening) other than firing Tory.


Internet Invest I/C

 **Note on #16: I worked for SMC for 4 years. This program was written in 2006.

I wasn’t let go until 2009, after the huge Economic Crash, when they let go of tons of people. I was with 100 people at the time, which they let go, so your above “program”, OSA, again, failed TOTALLY.

 17. Get complaints filed with the BBB complaint website talking about dissatisfied customers and complaint about Tory (keep it generic) but point out what we know about Tory to be true i.e. forgetting things, rude and arrogant.


Internet Invest I/C

 18. Repeating Targets: Get the BBB complaints brought to the attention of SMC from people who have watched SMC’s advertisement on TV. (Write these letters from various parts of the US so it gives SMC the impression that this is everywhere and not a fixed location).


Internet Invest I/C

 19. Repeating Target: Keep Schwarz attacking Tory’s reputation on the Net by feeding the repeating message that she had a lesbian affair in school (college);PBO:[privacy deletion] and her job as a stripper.


Internet Invest I/C

 **LOL! OSA: You are one sick group of people.

 **And FTR: I was a dancer back in the early ‘70’s, with 4 other Scientologists. We were training, on the “Minister’s Course” in the day, dancing at night, for about 6 months, to pay for $cientology. Most people who know me know this-however, OSA, in hoping to slime me, of course is trying to use it. Where have they gotten some of this very private info from? Probably my PC folders, so thanks for telling the world you DO use info from them.

 20. Get Schwarz to put up a webpage on Tory and promote it on ARS and other newsgroups.

**Note: I knew that hag worked for OSA! (And please spare me the story of how she’s just some homeless, lost soul. She may be homeless—this program spells out the facts)


Internet Invest I/C

 21. Get mirror pages put up on the Net of Tory’s page and get it promoted so she gets to know that the word is spreading on who she really is.


Internet Invest I/C

 22. Go through every single chat log and find every derogatory statement other people have made about Tory.


Internet Invest I/C

 23. Get a specific page put up on RFW with all the statements Tory’s own “friends” made against her on the chat.


Internet Invest I/C

 24. Get postings designed to get Tory introverted into her 1D health worries and repeat the message that she is a crazy person taking anti-depressants.


Internet Invest I/C

 25. Get the 3P campaign to cut her comm lines with other SPs on ARS and IRC done (this is a known button when she is not defended on ARS she gets upset and gets depressed).


Internet Invest I/C

 **NOTE: I have never suffered from Depression, so that is totally false.
I don’t like being 3
rd Partied (where people buy into Scientology’s Lies) and I’ve t
ried to tell people they are doing this. My true friends know this. Many others did turn on me, and I hope this teaches you to listen, and what lengths this sick organization will go to, to try to utterly destroy someone they don’t want speaking out.


 By 30 April 2006 Tory discredited with the media, dismissed as an attacker or totally restrained and muzzled.

Invest Chf

st time I saw the above program was a few days ago, even though I’ve known they have been running some such thing on me for many years, including after this in 08 and no doubt now. Thanks for showing the world,

And even people who have been critical of myself, that you (OSA) DO

Create sick things like this. “Church”? Think again, my friends. Read, look,

Listen, make up your *own* minds.


The Back Story on Tory:

 I worked with OSA as a volunteer, (not staff) on and off for 20 years,
mostly in the PR area. Why they care so much about me is due to my auditor, and then friend, Bill Yaud asked me to help him “Handle the critics” on the Net, in the ’90’s. He asked me to “Open up anonymous
accounts”. I asked why? He said he wouldn’t tell me as “Then
they’ll get you in deposition and keep you there, and you don’t want that, do you Tory?” Of course I said “no”…so I continued,
basically blindly believing him.

Some people may think: Why didn’t you go talk to…. Well, we had
to sign an agreement to NEVER TELL ANY EXECUTIVES of C of $, any AUDITORS, ANY ETHICS OFFICERS, any Family, any friends
literally–we could not tell a soul–0r we had to pay $100,000 “. I
remember looking at Bill, and saying: “This looks like the old Guardian’s office junk”. He: “Tory: LOOK AT ME. *I* (he, Bill Yaude) would never do anything illegal”. I bought it.

As it got more and more mafia-like …I decided *I* needed to go onto the Net and LOOK. The Day I did (and ARS was the only Newsgroup then)—OSA had spammed it with tons of  baking recipes. In between many lines, were “I didn’t say that! Scientology is changing my words” by various critics.Shocked, I realized this train was WAY off the tracks. I did NOT get
into Scientology to stop free speech! That day I called Bill to tell him “I can’t do this anymore, I have to get back to work”. I was literally scared to death–realizing this was much worse than  I thought, and no doubt
was run out of DM’s office.

From there, Bill said, “Fine—just meet us at this apt. tonight, as we’ll need a de-brief. I thought that was fine, and showed up on time. The apt. was dark, and filled with me (all OT’s). Gavino (who ran the Top Secret OSA Int Internet operation) came barging in, slamming the door open, yelling “I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU ABOUT HER!!!”

It was about a 1 hour gang bang spiritual rape—with they screaming “What are you going to say in Session about this?” (I actually had zero plans to say anything to anyone, but as you can see, thanks to THEIR OWN ACTIONS, that has changed, dramatically.)

I finally ran out, crying, and Bill knew at that moment he’d screwed up. It took about 6 more months for me to FULLY wake up, but I really left the “church” of $cientology, that night

The night I fully woke up, that was IT. I had been on OT 7 for 7
years with it not working, we being guinea pigs for the Golden Age of Crap–and having to pay for it, too.So during that time, I had spent 10 years reading self-improvement books, art, music, science, etc. I didn’t realize
it then, but I think I was actually stripping off lies and sort of
fixing myself, so when I woke up….that was IT.

You may know all of the above, or not plan to say anything. However, IF you plan to, I wanted you to hear what actually happened, vs. the many variations of what has been said occurred. I never posted on the Net for OSA.

Once I ended the top secret OSA Int Mafia—soon after I went onto ARS, and made 4,000 posts in 4 weeks! I had decided the Critics were like the old cowboys in the Wild West. They could talk, say what they wanted, do what they wanted, and I wanted to find out what they knew that I didn’t. So I went onto ARS …making super nutty posts, having no clue I’d meet Andreas who would help me, and from that, I’d wake up FULLY and leave, forever.

What did he do that was SO dramatic? Well, had I not been in the Top Secret Mafia, it wouldn’t have been SO much.We were constantly lying about our names, even on the phone. Here was Andreas with his full name, address and phone number listed. That did more for me, and what he said, than anything. He said: “I believe in truth.I believe in looking at both sides
 I believe in having the courage to say what I think. I don’t think
Scientologists are bad, they’re just miss informed. Best wishes,
Andreas Heldal-lund”

I sat in my dining room after reading that, and cried for 4 hours, as that WAS who I was when I joined Scientology, in 1969, age 22– 30 years prior. Then, at 53 (july 2000) couldn’t look at both sides, I couldn’t
tell the truth. I still had courage. I left a few days after that first communication, forever.

As you know, I’ve been speaking out, ever since. They’ve been lying about me, doing Fair Game actions on me, since the day they flew Yaude to Clearwater where I was, to “handle me”, the second day after I arrived there. He told me: “What has happened to you, case wise, is THE WORST
THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN TO ANYONE ON THE PLANET”. “We are going to fix it all at no cost”.

I said: “If you paid me 1 million dollars I wouldn’t pick up your cans, Bill”.
That night OSA began “anonymously” lying about me, running “Don’t trust Tory” on ARS.

I cannot thank ALL the people who have helped me over the years,
enough. Many will never know how much they have helped me.
What you are doing now, Marty, and all your posters here, is
terrific. I thank you ALL!

Hope that helps fill in any gaps.

Love to you,


Enforced Connection

Follow up discussion on Tiziano’s Stages of Disconnection:

The Phases – the various stages of PTSness

  A message to everyone who is under the radar

 by Tiziano Lugli

Right about now I am in transit from TEXAS, where I spent an amazing week with Marty and Mosey. My wife just finished OTV and started her steps to audit herself on Solo NOTs. Marty and myself (like many others) have been philosophizing for a while on what needs to be done, our objectives and the general situation with Scientology, LRH, DM, OSA, people half-IN and half-OUT, all legal actions, investigations, and everything that goes with it.

Now, thanks to Marty, Scientology-Cult, L’Inipendologo in Italy, BBC, ABC, SP Times, Anonymous, the various Doubt formulas of OT8s, ex SOs, the stories of each and every one of us…etc, the TRUTH is OUT. It is obvious, undisputable, and its availability to obnosis is of such a degree that even a blind man can see it.

When a person gets to this point he asks himself…”and now? What do I do?”

Questions, computations, postulates, intentions, counter-intentions, games conditions, get out, stay hidden, under the radar, PTSness, SP declared, my parents, my friends, my children, my social life, my clients, my job, my life!!!

Where do we begin, but mostly, where do we end?

The PHASES are multiple. But what is the correct thing to do? How do you judge which action is the right one. Well, I had to go through it myself, and was privileged enough to observe dozens upon dozens of people going through all of these phases. And beside the fact that everyone of these phases can have its righteous reasons, let’s have a look at what the most common phase I’ve observed out there to be:

–       I can’t take it anymore. Too many doubts, too much suppression, too much regging, too expensive, too much out-tech.

–       An email comes in, and I…click! I start to look, I find websites, I can’t believe what I’m looking at!!! But I keep on looking, and I really believe everything now, because it makes all the sense in the world. Through the mountains of “data” I continue reading.

–       I feel a bit missed withholdy, but oddly enough the more I read the more I free myself of masses I didn’t even know I had. The key-out is tremendous.

–       Wow, now I’m fully briefed on the REAL history of Scientology.

–       Thanks to all the testimonies, all of my doubts about the subject are completely GONE.

–       Huge blow-downs, I’m pissed now – I’m about to break something – wait, what do I do now? Oh, but I’m not alone, there’s many others, damn, it’s thousands of us!!! Wait, let me think about what would be the best thing to do now. Let’s blog a little bit and get a closer feel for it.

–       Gee…how can I do it? My parents, relatives, and son are in. I’m gonna lose everyone if I say anything. Maybe I’m just gonna try a little natter, here and there, and see if anyone hooks to it. Worse comes to worst, I’ll just get a fat KR, which at this time could be pretty useful as toilet paper, if it wasn’t for the shit already contained in it.

–       But my job is based a lot on Scientologists’ connections, if I come out in the open, I’m in deep shit.

–       Wait, wait, let me keep going like this a little bit longer. Let me comment on various blogs, trying to natter a little more and see who else thinks the same way I do. Holy shit! It’s thousands upon thousands by now…In every continent, the same stories.

–       I stall for a bit. A few weeks pass, and maybe months. I slowly detach myself a little bit more from the scene. I don’t go to the Org for a while, I just hope they don’t come busting my balls for some fucking reg cycles.

–       Wait a minute, this is outrageous! Somebody will do something to change all this. Maybe from the inside, we’ll get a rebellion, or the CIA, or the FBI, the Police or the Government…Mike or Marty…or God, maybe RON comes back (a little too late) and along with Jesus, Buddha and Harry Potter they will defeat DM.

–       Time flies…and nothing changes. But the situation in the Orgs worsens, and people that just left the INT base tell even more atrocious stories. But I’m personally much better now. I’m kinda of an outsider now. I mean, I’m still fucking pissed, I threw away $15,000 last year for the IAS and $5,000 for the Idle Orgs. I was OTIII and it now seems that I wasn’t even Clear. I don’t know a damn thing about my case anymore. But what do you want me to do? I certainly am not gonna make it my life’s mission. I threw away so much time already. Anyway, let me just comment on the blog, maybe I’ll catch an old buddy of mine that came out, so we can have a good ole laugh…and life goes on.

Let me tell you, this is the most common phase I’ve encountered of those “under the radar”. And excuse me if I don’t go much more around this wheel, but this is exactly the product of Reverse-Scientology and the propaganda of fear that has been created during decades of illegal mafia-like tactics.


If after a lifetime of raising your kids, you’d realize that your son was on heroin, and has been on it for years, what would you do? Would you act like nothing’s happening for a bit? Would you google heroin for a bit, and study its effects and testimony of people that were doing it for months and months, while he is slowly shooting his arms and brain out? Then maybe would you talk to his friends, but a little afraid to be found out? Found out that you have already found out? And maybe one day, because you’re afraid you’d lose your son, he asks you for some money…and you give them to him???

Or you knock it off, and say “THAT’S IT”!

The ones inside, the ones that are auditing on VII with arbitraries that have infiltrated every action of the bridge, who are redoing everything for the second or third time, who are donating to the biggest crime organization on earth – the IAS, or throwing money away for those empty cathedrals with state of the art screens that are playing everyday to no audience, aka, Idle Orgs. These, we won’t call them PTS, these have already swapped terminals and are almost in the valence of the SP.

But YOU…you who knows. You that you know what you know…do you still wanna be PTS to this entire situation?

There are the ones that wake up slowly, on a gradient scale, and those that wake up with a cold shower. Some only wake up, and then, they don’t grow up. Now it’s time to really wake up, grow up and grow a few!

To me, not coming out and not doing something to stop all of this mess, overtly and NOT covertly, equals only:

–       tacitly accepting things for what they are (PTS)

–       let the Org’s Kool-Aid drinkers know that everything is ok the way it is, and that we shouldn’t complain, leave or change anything, because sooner or later OT24 will be released, and at that time it will have all been worth it (PTS)

–       being stuck on a maybe, a GPM that eats you alive everyday (PTS)

–       deciding that we are not powerful enough and we are not numerous enough…so it is better to wait, think it through, wait, not do, withhold, be afraid that they might find you, find out which way you’re standing, hide your emails, change your passwords, don’t be too loud, hide a little bit, and hide a little bit more (PTS)

–       deciding, day after day, that you are the Effect and not at Cause (PTS)

Everyone of us is in transit, from one point to another. Everyone is different and unique from everyone else…and still different from ourselves in each and every part of our track. The beingnesses that we assume vary, sometimes month by month, or year by year, at times they are static for decades and at times they change daily. The changes that occur are directly proportional to our awareness levels, our knowledge and our willingness to be and do.

The Out-Tech and suppression in the Miscavige corporation is pretty much known to everyone of us by now. But it is way more evident the minute you exteriorize from this entire incident. And the freedom that you obtain the moment you exteriorize completely from the bullshit within this “church”, is a new kind of freedom that deserves definition.

LRH in one of my favorite HCOBs from OTVIII states that:

All power comes from the ability to occupy a point.”

The effort to weaken a thetan is to make him relinquish his point in space.

Covertly or overtly a thetan seeks to assert his position in space. If he cannot do so overtly he does so covertly.

 Implants and traps were done mainly to keep thetans out of an area. The thetan, resenting and resisting mocks up the place anyway and so implants himself.”


What does this have to do with anything that I was talking about? I could ask myself “do I wanna go on like this and Implant my self any further?”

Well I don’t, and I didn’t. I’m out of the Implants, the GPMs and all this confusion, and fellaz, wow, what kind of air you do breath out here.

Stop diminishing your power. Your integrity is the most important thing you do have. So don’t play with these values, don’t wait to have something different in the physical universe, don’t wait till something happens so that you could do what you wanted to do….to then maybe be ”free”. This would be Have-Do and Be, the cycle completely in reverse.

BE: Be free! With integrity and dignity. Without fear of losing anyone, because the only thing you could lose is your own integrity, and that’s it!

DO: This universe surrenders only to a spirit of play. So PLAY!!! There’s sooooo many things that can be done and are being done….just do it and get OUT of the PTSness.

HAVE: Get your freedom and life back!

 By the way, this is just my own little 2 cents. 

Tiziano Lugli


philosophizing in Tejas


Ground Control to Major Dave

Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving.  We’re fishin’ and dishin’.  First in a series:

The Psychosis of David Miscavige


For those who have not lived and worked around David Miscavige, it is sometimes hard to believe the magnitude of Miscavige’s psychosis. The following Blackberry message threads between Miscavige and “Lou” (Miscavige’s Communicator) on one side and Tommy Davis and Mike Rinder on the other end of the line gives a taste of what it’s like within the bizarre, insane world of Miscavige.

First, realize that Lou types Blackberry messages (dictation style as Miscavige dictates) and puts them in her own name so as to cover Miscavige’s ass (the same policy applies to despatches). You will see in later messages we post that Lou sometimes pendulum swings between first and third person when referring to Miscavige when she is frantically trying to keep up with his dictation.

The first thread below starts at 8:35 Miscavige’s time and ends at 8:40 Miscavige’s time. In it, he addresses Tommy severely denigrating Mike Rinder who at the time is in the same physical location as Tommy and is actually cc’d on the messages. CICS means Counter Intentioned Cock Sucker. Mfing means Mother Fucking.

——Original Message——

From: Lou

To: Tommy Davis

To: Mike Rinder

Sent: Mar 23, 2007 8:35 PM

Subject: Re: Msg

You are answering and driving? Okay – you just gained a notch on him. He’s the passenger and you have more hands to answer. Make sure he knows what the acronym CICS means as that’s exactly what he’s proving by event REFUSING to answer a comm!

——Original Message——

From: Thomas Davis

To: Lou

To: Mike R

Sent: Mar 23, 2007 6:39 PM

Subject: Re: Msg

Yes sir. He knows what cics means and he is getting this answer to you immediately.

——Original Message——

From: Lou

To: Tommy Davis

To: Mike Rinder

Sent: Mar 23, 2007 8:40 PM

Subject: Re: Msg

A) he’s gtng the message to me when he wants after 10 MFing nudges. B) CICS – the term was originated when the first DNA of a slug was scene by the first sloth.

The “refusing to answer a comm” referred to is Mike Rinder attempting to comply to Miscavige’s demand that he write a lengthy csw (completed staff work) on a blackberry while riding in a car, being constantly interrupted by Miscavige phone calls and Blackberry messages.

After this series of messages, there is a phone call between Miscavige on the one end and Tommy and Mike on the other.

The next message from Miscavige is to Mike Rinder, who at the time is still in the car with Tommy. The message is sent seventeen minutes after the thread above – and even fewer minutes after the phone call – where Miscavige severely rebukes and denigrates Mike to Tommy. In the message below you can see Miscavige seventeen minutes later reversing the pecking order rebuking Mike for not handling Tommy’s “treason”. Miscavige refers to the intervening phone call in the message. YS means You Suck.

From: Lou

To: Mike R

Cc: Tommy

Sent: Mar 23, 2007 8:57 PM

Subject: Re:

Thsank you. Devt. E-mail not included and sounds like a brush off. He told you that you could make this the final nail in his coffin. It appears you only plan on asserting it is (the final nauil in his coffin) as opposed to drafting a spectacular written e-mail that is escape proof. Just giving your typical “beyond the beyond” doesn’t cut it and nevr has. Its like the unoriginal OSA mantra of “nothing could be further from the truth”. It needs to be an e-mail that has him and BBC puckered as being in an untennable position. It doesn’t appear you’ve spent any time doing that. Not one specific either on how you plan on handling the treason on tommy caving in as regards the boss. And finally you have just brushed off the cycle on BBC and didn’t sway you’d even worked out the questions for BBC if they let you in. The Qs would have to be on point and even phrased like the abusive questions are by sweeny. We have no idea what he’s been asking and the “do you still beat your wife” was an example of how the questions should be phrased and not what the question would be. What question could be posed toi BBC that would be framed like Sweenys but as regards BBCs handling of this show. You just brush off everything and should instead be working out brilliants handlings that are full homework abd handle the hell out of, just like he does everytime. In essence this isw your usual wilco without a single specific. Saying you wrote an email is like saying you “handled it”. That’s why he hung up. He was the only one giving any specific linbes and ideas and you 2 were just axk axk ack and he had no ides if what je was saying was accurate as he hasn’t been there. You were more than willing for him to go on and on as long as you didn’t have to originate anything. YS! And have him hat you on the L button as you keep taking hin off as an info. Do you realize everyone of my mssgs are longer than yours. You really are just sp aren’t you? I wqaited to get this crap? I can’t even believe it. You just can’t work or do can you? YS YS YS YS YS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Dan Koon, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, Steve Hall, Marc Headley, Claire Headley, Bruce Hines, or any number of other people who have worked around Miscavige. This is standard operating procedure and could have been recorded at any hour of any given day.

What We’re Doing Here – Part II

Truth is simple.  Lies are complex.

How Radical Scientology Creates Criminals

The boys are back in town with Tithing Through The Teeth,

I suggest you read the article, then read Samuel’s comment and Don’s comment below which adds info and connects some dots:

The WISE Directory for 2006 lists “Rene Piedra & Associates” as “MAKH – Model of Admin Know-How – Winner, 4 years” and as a CEO Circle Member (highest, some $ 30K per year, WISE membership status). The article already says that the c of m is about to pay 350K in a settlement to bar suits against Scientology entities (although Tommy Davis stated that the c of m has no involvement with what Piedra did – so why pay, if you are not involved?). Only thing missing is an SP Declare on Piedra to show the c of m’s “outrage” over what Piedra did and how they know nothing of the oh how so off-policy actions he has committed bla bla bla (has happened to others before – earliest case I am aware of was in Germany, IAS donors, went to jail and got declared, somewhere in the 80′s) … only, I don’t think we’ll ever see such a SP Declare – way too public and up for scrutiny!!!. Maybe a new SP category (SSP = Secret SP) or did Jeff already have a better label for them. There will come a point and hopefully soon where the c of m simply cannot buy itself out of the trouble it created with the money it defrauded from its Kool-aid drinking members . – Samuel

To the current Church members who secretly look at this blog:

This dentist, Rene Piedra, ran a business model that is NEARLY identical to your Church.   Yet it failed since he, among other reasons, couldn’t hide behind the protection of religion.  Here are the similarities:

1. He/His group pressured people to pay for service they, in many cases, could not afford – and didn’t care if they over extended themselves to the point of financial hardship.

2. Took money for service far in excess of his ability to deliver  them.  (note; back in 96 the FSO had 45 million of  services that had been paid for yet undelivered.  I understand that number has ballooned way past that though I do not what it is today)

3. Block and impede any attempt on refunds. I hear the church has “HANDLED”  this problem by having people sign documents that give up their right to refunds.

4. Sold things to people “packages” that they were not even close to being ready for  eg: Implants and whitening, when other rudimentary procedures were most pressing. (Note: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people pay for Ls, IAS donations or Solo Nots packages, who didn’t even have their grades paid for!  Why use limited financial resources on paying for Solo Nots when what you need is Grades? 

But here are the differences between the Church’s model and that of Rene Piedra:

1. Rene was unable to stem refunds by threatening family disconnection or denial of “spiritual advancement”  through declares.

2. Rene was required to deliver a product whereas the Church’s collection efforts seem today to be more geared to just straight donations (buildings,books, IAS etc) with this  they are not financially accountable to any specific “donator”.

3. Rene can’t use the wide range protections afforded a church.
Your church’s business model is geard toward aquiring  wealth and assets, NOT delivering a service or product with the “customer” in mind.  You can dispute this if you’d like, but good luck trying to make your case. 

If the Church was to use the vast amounts of money they collect (straight donation, IAS, Books, Buldings, services etc) and use it to offer auditor scholar-ships, grants or to subsidized auditing or otherwise make it as easy an affordable as possible to move people up through the levels – that would be one thing.  If that were happening you could make the case that your Church’s actions were  philanthropy and geared to helping people.  But a fat “war chest” and extravegent buildings can not produce one division of tone arm action for anyone.

No, the ACTIONS of C of S show an operationed geared toward “wealth acquistion” with as little “exchange” as possible, maybe a Condition 1 or 2 level of exchange.   In terms of money your church may be succeeding, but is doing so at the expense of the tenets and philosophy you hold dear.

Rene applied the C of S “collection model” to a service driven industry and defrauded those who trusted him.  – Don

Miscavigetown on the anniversary of Jonestown

I said it from the outset. The overriding reason I spoke to the St Pete Times in the first place last year was to prevent Miscavige from going the route of Jim Jones of People’s Temple.   I told Anderson Cooper that CNN’s Jonestown Anniversary documentary got me to thinking about the parallels between David Miscavige and Jim Jones.   Apparently, the maintstream media were intimidated by Radical Scientology from airing these comments.  Well, MotorCityRedneck (whomever that is) has drawn those parallels very graphically on this anniversary of the Jonestown massacre.  I thank that person for going through the trouble of effectively communicating what I apparently was not able to articulate convincingly enough.  Fasten your seat belts. Here it is:

Radical Scientology’s Cointelpro

Shortly I will be exposing some documentation of fairly recent OSA intelligence operations directed against former members and members of the media.  I believe an introduction to this subject is appropriate.

One major problem with the Guardian’s Office (and its successor the Office of Special Affairs) is that they adopted the winning valence of J Edgar Hoover’s corrupt FBI.  In particular OSA has adopted the Black Ops techniques Hoover’s FBI called Cointelpro (Counter Intelligence Program). 

Cointelpro was Hoover’s answer to a wave of social activism in America in the 1960s.   The FBI deployed agents to infiltrate an array of anti-war and civil rights groups.  The agents actively worked to sow seeds of dissent within those groups, and encouraged group members to commit illegal acts that they could be prosecuted for and discredited with.  One major purpose of Cointelpro was to prevent alliances being formed among like-purposed civil rights and anti-war groups. You can get a fairly accurate summation of what Cointelpro was at this link,

I highly recommend the article so that you can recognize the extraordinary – yet subtle and covert – measures being taken by Miscavige’s OSA to as wikipedia accurately summarized Hoover’s stated aims of Cointelpro, “to ‘expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize’ the activities of these movements and their leaders.”  Cointelpro is the precise pattern OSA, as directed by Miscavige, is using to combat what he considers social activist movements subversive to his command.

I post this at this time because there is a tremendous push by OSA to cause as much disruption and dissension as possible within our ranks.

To date I have found Miscavige’s “offensives” to ultimately be fruitful as his agents are necessarily exposed and the foot bullets tend to energize our movement.  But that is only because we stay alert and keep each other informed on the efforts.

Perhaps as a result of that, OSA is concentraing heavily on getting segments of the Freezone, Anonymous, and ESMB turning rabid on us and on one another.  I think there are a lot of alert folk in those sectors who hopefully can spot and expose the dirty tricks. I know some of them are actively working on it.

I am suggesting  that we learn a bit about the techniques and keep our eyes and ears alert so that OSA does not accomplish its sub product of creating dupes among us.

As one target of the original Cointelpro Ops said:

“One of the best ways to safeguard yourself from being deceived is always to form the habit of looking at things for yourself, listening to things for yourself, thinking for yourself, before you try to come to any judgment. Never base your impression of someone on what someone else has said. Or upon what someone else has written. Or upon what you read about someone that somebody else wrote. Never base your judgment on things like that. Especially in this kind of country and in this kind of society which has mastered the art of very deceitfully painting people whom they don’t like in an image that they know you won’t like. So you end up hating your friends and loving your enemies.”

– Malcolm X

And as another target of Cointelpro once said:

“The price of freedom: constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back. There is no other price.”

– L Ron Hubbard

Ironically, L Ron Hubbard and the Founding Church of Scientology were targets of Cointelpro thanks to the 1960’s intelligence apparatus placing those names on Richard Nixon’s White House Enemies List. 

It is a matter of great debate whether LRH himself did not begin the snapping of terminals with Hoover’s FBI (representing the establishment that did not want new, free ideas catching fire in the 50s and 60s) by advising the implementation of fight-fire-with-fire intelligence tactics to combat Cointelpro.  LRH drew upon his own training in Cold War era Naval Intelligence.  This is a matter that I am treating in my book – as it requires quite a bit of context having unfolded over three decades.  We will explore this to some degree here as Miscavige and OSA do justify their conduct in the present with writings LRH wrote while combating Cointelpro himself in real time.

Please keep in mind while I roll this out that what L Ron Hubbard faced in the mid 1960s is NOT what David Miscavige and OSA face today. Not by a long-shot. In fact, as noted above, in Miscavige’s inimitable Black Dianetics style, it is quite the reverse. 

Please also keep in mind that I am trying to educate so that we do not fall into the offerred GPM by playing the “ends justify the means” game.  It is a losing proposition and ALWAYS winds one up being the effect of his own creations.  No, we transcend this business. 

David Miscavige is a dues-paying friend of the very radical establishment that sought the utter destruction of L Ron Hubbard and Scientology.  And David Miscavige is doing a far more effective job of the destruction of LRH’s and Scientology’s name than the reactionary establishment agencies ever did.  To op term with him and his goon squads would only hasten the process.

The way out is the way up.

Clean Hands

Having read every comment to my post Wholesale Violations of Priest-Penitent Privilege I want to state here exactly where I stand with respect to confidentiality of confidences shared in the practice of Scientology.

People can argue one Policy Letter and Bulletin against the other in attempts to divine where LRH came out on the subject.   They can argue it till the cows come home. That was the full-time occupation of International Management of Scientology – about fifteen years ago when they were last constituted – and they wound up accomplishing nothing but becoming slaves. 

The problem with analyzing every word ever written over time is that you are going to find apparent contradictions.  For one, you are going to run into the same conundrum discussed here before (in the context of Disconnection, and other issues) – the murky 80-86 period when all LRH communications were filtered through SPs.

There are dichotomies inherent throughout the subject of sec checking vs. confessionals.  I discussed this in a video interview in early 09 (to the right of the screen click on the segment titled Abuse of Trust): 

LRH emphasized in the St Hill Special Briefing course that in the application of Scientology there is no substitute for understanding.  He emphasized it on Class VIII. He emphasized it on Org Executive Course.  You could remember all the tech volumes, all the admin volumes, and every lecture LRH ever did – and you might not UNDERSTAND a blessed thing about applying Scientology toward the betterment of people.

Now, there are many technical facts. They are technical facts because when recognized and applied they create an intended result.  My understanding of the importance of  ABSOLUTE TRUST BETWEEN AUDITOR AND PC is taken from this important technical fact (from LRH delivered on 2 January, 1960 during the State of Man Congress, a seminal series that explained the importance of allowing a pre clear to let go of withholds on his/her route to Clear):

Now, I’ve told you for a long time that auditing was a third dynamic situation.  And sure enough, we have to clear somebody on the third dynamic before we clear him on the first. And all those case failures that we had to this time have been because we’ve been trying to clear people on the first before we cleared them on the third. Do you see that?

An auditor-preclear situation is a third dynamic situation. That’s a third dynamic situation. And clearing a person starts right there in that auditing session. Now, any HCA can tell you better than I can — I think the number of the Auditor’s Code is 9, though, isn’t it?  Isn’t that it?  Whichever one it is. It’s “two-way comm must be established.”  It’s a breach of the Auditor’s Code actually.  We’ve had it with us for years. But what did this mean?

Well, this meant, essentially, that the preclear had to be willing to talk to the auditor. Well now, several things have to be guaranteed before this takes place. And one of the things that has to be guaranteed is that the preclear has some security in talking to the auditor that that information  not be falsely used.  Isn’t that right?

audience: Yes.

So this leaves us with an organizational responsibility heavier and bigger than we have ever had in the past.  We’ve now got to go all out and make sure that a certificate means, wherever it is to be found, that confidence can be reposed in the person as a confidant.  Isn’t that right?

audience: Yes. Uh-huh.

That organizationally, the information passing over organizational channels and so forth is inviolate — we have to be able to guarantee that, right?

audience: Right.

In my view,  there is a technical fact here.  If a pre clear has the slightest idea that he or she is not ABSOLUTELY privileged to say whatever he/she wants to say in a session, without the slightest consideration that whatever he/she says can or will be used against him or her, then by DEFINITION, one does NOT have an auditing session.

The proof is in the pudding. And while it apparently drives Miscavige absolutely bonkers that we are such purists on this subject at Casablanca, the proof is in the results.  And this particular understanding happens to work for us.

“Well”, some say, “what about reforming bad behavior?”

I say, that is a byproduct of auditing (including the relief from transgressions) because, unlike Radical Scientology, I happen to agree with L Ron Hubbard that beings are basically good.  When you help them to become more themselves (the entire aim of any auditing), they start operating more and more toward survive across all dynamics. There are literally dozens of St Hill Special Briefing Course lectures that describe how this is so, and how one can witness it for himself by creating an auditor/pc relationship that makes the disclosure of trangressions ABSOLUTELY safe, with no external consequences. 

“But”, someone might ask, “what about security?”   I agree with Amy’s comment on the blog to the effect of  “do an A-J check, if that is your obsession.”   And with, I believe Margarget, who said something to the effect, “use other means to investigate security threats.”   And with L Ron Hubbard who said, “So the ogre which might eat  us up is not the government or High Priests.  It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

My policy is that I don’t care about the content of people’s transgressions. I make no note of them – beyond perhaps one word beside a read or blowdown if it is required for future processing.   I don’t do “Stenographic Auditing”, a practice outlawed by L Ron Hubbard on 10 July 1969 by the HCOB Stenographic Auditing.  Incidentally, try finding that HCOB in the church, or any of the Tech Vols published under the direction of Miscavige.  So, even if Radical Scientology broke into my house, broke into my safe and stole my pre clear and pre OT folders, not even they could make my pc’s and pre-OTs guilty of their own confessed overts.

That is Radical Scientology’s intent and standard operating procedure.

Again, LRH from State of Man Congress:

The greatest overt act in the world is making other people guilty of overt acts.  That is the greatest overt act in the world — about which, more later.  So don’t think at this moment that I’m trying to make you guilty of overt acts!  The only thing I’m trying to do to you is get you Clear!  That’s all I’ve got in mind.  And that’s why no resistance, no attack for ten years has been able to get anywhere on Dianetics and Scientology. Because basically, as far as the subject is concerned, there was nothing to hide. That’s why we’re still alive.”

And that is why, in my opinion, we are still alive and flourishing.

And that too is why, in my opinion, the church is dead.