Daily Archives: October 16, 2010

Stat Analysis of a Dead Radical church

I have commented before that LRH admin technology has long since been banned in Miscavige’s church.   Only in the independent field are those breakthroughs currently in use.  The core of LRH management tech is the multiple viewpoint system.  It is only possible where independent, uncooked, unaltered data is provided from many different viewpoints of the current scene.  For several months now, we have for the first time in decades made that possible with respect to Scientology. Thanks to Steve Hall, Jeff Hawkins, Amy Scobee, Marc Headley,  many other whistleblowers, bloggers and web site and forum operators; and all of YOU contributors.  Only here are we free to utilize Data Series Evaluator technology.  And only here do we pay heed to honest statistic analysis.

With inexorable promptitude (phrase borrowed from early eighties LRH ED tape) Samuel  submitted an enlightening stat analysis.  On the weekend when corporate Scientologists are being plied with false stats, false claims, and false braggadocio of the International Association of Shills annual implant, our own Samuel provided us with a verifiable statistical analysis of the state of Scientology.   Witness the Phoenix. Here it is for your review:


Update with two year graphs: