Daily Archives: October 3, 2010

Perversion of the Tech of Ethics

Check out the latest from the Freewinds.  The greed of Miscavige has become so inculcated that the OT VIII delivery org is now promoting Ethics as the cousin of the subject of Finance.  The “executives” of the FSSO are charging people to learn to apply Ethics “including what your beingness as an Ethics Officer should be.” 

Some time ago  Dan Koon (Joe Howard) wrote about a major date coincidence for the death throes of the church of Scientology setting in.  He wrote of Miscavige’s mission to create the “ideal Sea Org member” in every one (feel free to post the link, I am sure it is on Scientology-cult.com). That beingness is devoid of compassion, emotion (outside the anger band), spontaneity, creativity, and really life.  I think his Art Series 8 (model) was agent Smith from The Matrix. Now, you can pay 1,500 dollars to learn it as a public.  And directly from the C0mmanding Officer of the organization that was created to finally and permanently free people of such enforced, robotic valences.  

The church of Scientology is dead.

In its place lies an implant factory.