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Lori Hodgson is back in the saddle

 Hi! My name is Lori Hodgson. I joined the Church of Scientology in 1976. I was 13 years old.  I resigned from the COS this past August 30, 2010.

My main reasons for resigning from the COS are what I’ve seen and gone through personally over the past 4 years. The recruiting of my children for staff and the Sea Org at their ages of 15 years old and what I experienced through this is unbelievable. My parental rights were completely violated through the COS. I will share a couple of my experiences.

My son at 15 years of age was recruited for the Sea Org while I was in a horrific engram and on heavy pain pills trying to recover from a knee replacement surgery. I had Sea Org recruiters slamming on my front door and pressuring me for 2 weeks since coming home from the hospital. Then because of the stress of the recruiters’ continual harassment and my lack of proper rest I ended up back in the ER for 14 hours and then the hospital for 3 more days with pneumonia and an ovarian cyst rupture which was very serious on top of the recovering for my knee. Prior to me going to the ER, my friend met with the recruiters to not do this cycle while I was still in an engram. The recruiters told my friend that I was PTS, middle class and should not be on pain pills. They did not listen and continued until I got a doctors notice to not have any stress on my lines for 3 months so I could get rest and properly recover.

After about 4 months from my 1st surgery the recruiting started up again behind my back even though I wrote it up to the DSA to not have any recruiting until my son is 18.  After the continual pressure I gave in and my son joined the Sea Org. But I had the SO make me some promises that I really thought they would keep. The SO promised that my son would have his schooling, which he never got. They promised I could talk to him whenever I wanted and this was violated as I only got to talk to my son 5-6 times in 6 months even though I called almost daily to reach him. He was told that he could come home to visit which he couldn’t until he routed out and came home.

My 2nd knee replacement surgery was a couple months later as the 1st one was a botched surgery and the implant was 2 sizes too big. During my 2nd day in the hospital after my surgery my daughter said goodbye to me and joined the SO. On day 3 in the hospital I went into shock and almost lost my life and had to have a full blood transfusion. Since I got a 2nd chance I was going to handle my life better. During my recovery I wrote MANY reports on this out ethics situation. I continued to write it up for a year and nothing ever got handled.

I did not feel safe anymore to go in session because I could not agree that all this was for the greatest good. In the past when I didn’t agree, I would get pulled off my auditing and had to do numerous Chaplain cycles and roll backs until I agreed. So YES I resigned, as I could not be a part of this unethical organization anymore.

I found Marty Rathbun’s blog “Moving On Up a Little Higher” and saw his welcome page. I knew right then seeing his picture that I could trust him and wanted him to be my auditor. I thought “Wow Marty has a very clean space and I can feel safe with him”. Then a couple months later my very good friend Carol invited me to go with her to go visit Marty. So I booked my flight and spent 5 days at Marty and Mosey’s place. During my time there I experienced not only being audited by the number 1 auditor on the planet with standard tech, Marty and his wife Mosey are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I had INCREDIBLE Wins, the best I’ve had in all my years in Scientology. Marty and Mosey are truly honest, compassionate and remarkable beings and I’m honored to have them as my friends.

Three Camp Fire Girls Dishin'

I came home last Wednesday, December 8th, shining, winning and feeling very keyed out!!!!!

I wasn’t even home for more than 24 hours and got hit with a lot of entheta. On Thursday December 9th someone called my work and asked for our business hours of operation. I answered the query and then asked why was he asking, but he hung up. I was a little concerned with the strange call.

That same day while leaving work, I saw John Allender, (an undercover OSA operative of the COS and the husband of my C/S through Grades and into NED). He showed up in my parking lot and came toward me as I headed to my car. He said, “You did some squirreling over the weekend.” This indicates he knew my whereabouts and has either been following me or stalking me for a few days, since I returned from town only the day before and not even my own son knew where I’d been. Then he got closer, within 3 to 5 feet of me, and blocked my access to my car and confronted me saying, “Do you enjoy beatings?” I looked at him and said “NO” and was thinking to myself is he threatening to beat me up or giving me a warning? The comm was crazy! Then he said, “How did he know how to audit you with no PC folders?”  He said other things but I cut his comm. I said “I’m not having this conversation with you!” and I turned to go back into my office where I felt safe. My heart was racing and I could not run due to my knee replacement surgery.

The San Jose Police Department are aware of the incident on Thursday December 9th and I will continue to expose and report any harassment I encounter from the COS because I am not going to be threatened by anyone. The CoS is not above the LAW!!!! I live in America where we have Freedom and I’m not going  to be suppressed anymore. My integrity is in and I’m not going to violate it anymore! I am a free and happy being. When one knows they are doing the right thing, nothing can stop them because the truth always wins.

Lori - back in the saddle again

Lori can be reached at: thetahondagirl@gmail.com