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A Postulate For 2011

Here’s a postulate for 2011: Freeing self and others from a low-scale, imprisoning moral to a high-scale, liberating ethic.  LRH, from the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture Chart of Attitudes: Rising Scale Processing, 11 December 1952:

Now, what then is your level that is an attainable level for freedom?  It would have to be a level which is so high that every man could reason and be responsible in his own right for his own acts and also for the acts of others.

Blame-regret, blame-regret is the course of a police state.  And its spiral dwindles down, and dwindles very rapidly. So there’s no halfway point on this scale.  You can’t cut it off here and say we’ve done a good job and reformed the whole world.  You can’t cut it off here at A: you can’t cut it off at B. You just got to go ahead and put the guy into shape so he can handle himself and his force.

You can patch up somebody and make him well.  That’s what you were straining against in auditing. You see, you broke agreement — with the first book, you broke agreement with the MEST universe to this degree — to about 4.0.  You said, “Look, it says I have to have engrams and I have to have things that force me to do various things, and look, I can run them out.  As fast as they happen, bad things happen to me, I can run them out.”  And you were disagreeing with the mandates of the physical universe to that extent.  But that extent ceases at 4.0.  And from there on up, it requires another process.

That’s why immediately Homo Sapiens can go to 4.0 on Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and the Science of Survival.  But he can’t go anyplace above that without having his self-determinism restored to him. (emphasis in bold supplied).  He becomes well, he becomes better able to reason, but I have not seen what I had hoped to see, because unfortunately it can’t exist — an ethical, strong Homo Sapiens. And if it can’t exist, let’s go up here.

Gee, you’re clear up to a potential of 36.0, 38.0 before you can get a full level susceptible to good ethic.  An ethic is that which is enforced by oneself, his belief in his own honor and good reason and optimum solution along the eight dynamics. That’s ethics.

And morals is somebody who sticks a spear into your belly or a sepulcher over your head, hides a bogeyman back of a chair, tells you nothing and says you’ve got to do it because the unseen gods…There’s no difference between a taboo and a moral.

Right here is the point where Dianetics has been blackened and Scientology reversed:  “But he can’t go anyplace above that without having his self-determinism restored to him.”

And therein lies the first step in remedying Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology in my opinion and beginning the process of moving folk on up a little higher, a little more higher, and finally a whole heck of a lot higher.  Fortunately, we are rich beyond imagination in terms of  tools to accomplish the restoration of self-determinism. 

One doesn’t need to be a priest or a rocket scientist to contribute to that motion.  Each of us can do it day in and day out with what we know.  We are also free to learn more so as to do it more effectively and more efficiently. 

Ain’t it great to be alive?