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Tom Cruise’s Life Controlled by Sinister Cult

The internal Church of Scientology documents reprinted below demonstrate Tom Cruise’s personal personnel are chosen, handled and controlled by David Miscavige’s personal office.   The originator of the communication is a Church of Scientology staff member.  She works full time on Miscavige’s and Cruise’s vehicles.   The recipients of the communications are as follows:

COB Asst RTC – Shelly Miscavige (since sent to a Miscavige gulag) was Miscavige’s personal assistant for two decades and his wife. 

COB Comm RTC – Laurisse Stuckenbrock in that capacity filtered ALL of Miscavige’s communications.  She usurped Shelly Miscavige’s position when Miscavige sent his own wife to the gulag.

As one can see from the second document all upper Scientology organizations and networks are involved in assisting Miscavige control Tom Cruise’s life.  

“CCI” stands for Church of Scientology Celebrity Center International

“ASI” stands for Author Services Inc – LRH’s personal organization when he lived, now reduced to serving as an arm of Miscavige’s celebrity control network.

“RTC Rep”  the representative of Religious Technology permanently posted in Churches of Scientology around the world.  The reps are trained and conditioned to carry out the intentions of David Miscavige, even when they counter the policies of Scientology Founder L Ron Hubbard. 

I attempted to have this all play out in private, see:

However, Cruise’s personal lawyer didn’t want it that way.  Though one might not be able to comprehend such insanity,  lawyer Bert Fields is also controlled by Miscavige  along with other personal agents of Cruise, including immediate family members of Cruise.  

If this post can somehow be brought to Tom’s attention, I recommend the following to him personally.  Suggested first steps of the route out of the byzantine trap Miscavige has constructed around him:

a) Watch the original Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra.

b) Watch the remake of Manchurian Candidate with Denzel Washington.

c) Watch the entire Bourne Identity series with Matt Damon.

If you would like others to see this post – please disseminate this url,  .  The one listed as number one on google when searching “marty rathbun” or even the name of this blog “Moving On Up A Little Higher” was planted there by  Miscavige’s intelligence network to divert public from finding this site (that url dead ends).  That Radical Scientology operation was executed  the day after I posted another internal church document detailing Miscavige’s utter control of every aspect of Tom Cruise’s life,  

Again, pass this along to your friends, asssociates, and family,

Stay tuned; this is only the tip of the iceberg.  And judging by recent events the fall out from all this promises to be rather intense.

‘The truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails’ – L Ron Hubbard


COB ASST RTC                                                                                                    13 July 2005





Dear Sir; 

In a phone call approximately 2 weeks ago you told me to get Josh handled as he had turned in his resignation to Michael Doven and I am now reporting compliance.

What was ordered:

Get Josh handled.

What was done:

Josh has been handled so as to remain at Odin.

He realized that his actions were not greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and wants to stay at Odin, be the driver and get his exchange back in with Mr. Cruise and then ask for promotion.

He has been over this with Michael Doven as regards what he is qualified for at Odin and will ask for the promotion once he feels that he has his exchange back in as well as a suitable replacement has been gotten. He definitely feels he can do more for Mr. Cruise directly on films and has communicated this to Michael.

He really wants to ensure that whoever the driver is, is qualified and can handle the motorcycles as well.

In the last 10 days he has finished Personal Values and Integrity Course, How to handle relationships with others Course, UPS AND DOWNS IN LIFE COURSE (2nd time), and how to start a successful marriage course.

He is starting STCC this weekend.

He called this evening to tell me that is staying at Odin absolutely; 2 days ago he still was undecided when he talked to me. He also thanked me for repeatedly telling him in the last couple of weeks that he was full of crap for wanting to leave and it was not the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics – as it wasn’t.

Based on his phone call tonight I wanted to send this compliance and let you know. He was extremely uptone and very happy to tell me he was staying at Odin.

This is ok.


COB ASST RTC                                                     14 July 2005






Dear Sir;

Thanks very much and I am answering your question to me concerning what Josh wants to be promoted to. CCI RTC Rep HFA is answering you separately on the questions to her.

Josh told me he wants to be Michael Doven’s Assistant i.e. be a Production Assistant on film production under him and take this load.

He feels he has experience to do this – he has been a Production Assistant on a number of other films such as One Time in Mexico, Terminator 2 etc.

He is still in a 2D with Jen Hammond in present time. She has been getting an overhaul and the RTC Rep is reviewing this and getting you a report separately on her handlings.

If anything else is needed – please let me know.


This is ok.



The Greed of Miscavige’s New Breed

The St Pete Times has just published an article on Nationwide Title Clearing.   It is a World Institute of Scientology Enterprises company right in the thick of the criminal robo-signing scandal.

I am disappointed that the Times took the lazy, low road on this “investigation.”   Outpoints abound.  Dropped out time is the biggest outpoint.  They place a bunch of emphasis on the founders of the company and statements they made about its success twenty-years ago.  They take a couple of LRH quotes out of context and position them as the why for the criminality.  And they conclude, infer/imply/insinuate, a contrary fact wrong why in the process. 

If the LRH quotes that Novitsky and his easy to attack (since deceased) partner allegedly had any bearing on the company’s criminality (ALL RECENT) then where was the Times twenty years ago?   They weren’t even in the neighborhood, because the robo signing and the over the top pressure are current affairs.  They are the product of Miscavige’s Brave New Breed of Bot.  The new “greed is great” era of Radical Scientology.

You can come to your own conclusions by reading the article. I am just weighing in up front.   Realize too, Hillman and co haven’t seen nothing yet.

Attempted Suppression of Communication Lines

On the afternoon of 28 January the church of Scientology’s intelligence branch engineered the shutting down of my blog, Moving On Up A Little Higher.

The last two postings – the only two run since last Sunday – quite apparently drove church leader David Miscavige and his friend Tom Cruise around the bend.

They somehow managed to get the domain registrar to redirect visits to my url to a spam dead end. We are back up now though.  Please reset your favorites to this url,


You can follow me on twitter (@martyrathbun) for alerts on new posts and for messages when Radical Scientology manages to infiltrate and destroy communication lines.

Tom Cruise’s Scientology Buses

Actually Dave delivered two custom tricked buses to Tom Cruise.  There was the Silver Screen, see

And while the Silver Screen was in production, the Bluebird – a temporary custom tricked bus for Tom while he waited upon completion of Dave’s slave labor force produced Silver Screen.

See the specifics below in another progress report to Miscavige.

Realize Miscavige was coordinating all this – down to special fairy slipper compartments for his personal bus delivery presentation to Tom – at the same time Miscavige was carrying out his savage tortures of Int Management personnel in the Hole,  see

To those DM-bots who defend Miscavige with such vehemence, the likes of whom call Michael Fairman an “enemy”, remember, we know that you are basically good, and we are going to see that you come through this all right.

COB COMM RTC                                                27 July 2005



Dear Sir;

Thank you very much and I will continue to send the info reports.

Mr. Cruise arrived at the Bluebird yesterday on set and said that it was awesome – the interior upgrades and audio visual.

He really liked the message system and asked if he could have it such that he can send out messages as well – i.e. be able to type a message. This was programmed through the night so that this can be installed and tested today before he gets to the set.

He requested that a space be figured out for placement of slippers in the front of Silver Screen as he does not want any shoes on the carpet. This is figured out – there is a drawer right at the entrance which can be used for this. He also stated that no one will be allowed to enter Silver Screen other than his personal assistants.

Mr. Cruise also said that when Silver Screen arrives – he is not going to set foot in it unless COB has been in it first.

When he arrived at the base this morning at 6:10am he expressed how great it was to be here. That he went Clear and did his OT levels here and how awesome it was to have Kate here doing her Student Hat, starting her Purif – beginning her Bridge here. He was very pumped about this.

He also said that he has been listening to the Congresses and how incredible the information is and the basics he is getting as a Scientologist from them even though he has been a Scientologist 20 years, is Class IV and on OT VII there is such knowledge in the congresses it is amazing.

He will be leaving the base to go to the set in Fontana by helicopter at 7:15pm tonight.

This is ok.




Michael Fairman

                                                                                             January 22, 2011
Dear Friends,
What follows is a series of events, observations and conclusions related to my relationship with officials and parishioners of the Church of Scientology. The events are true as I remember them; the observations and conclusions my own.

On Sunday morning, January 16, 2011, at about 11 AM, I was visited by my friend to discuss a film script we had written. The appointment for my friend and I to meet was made by us the night before.

When I opened the door, I was surprised to see that my friend was accompanied by Mr. Tommy Davis (The Church of Scientology’s Director of Public Affairs) and Mr. Michael Sutter (Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs) both dressed in their Sea Org uniforms.

The three wanted to have a conversation about a serious matter concerning my well-being. I asked them to leave, saying I was not interested in discussing anything with them at this time.  But Mr. Davis and my friend insisted, and we continued to converse on my door step.

Mr. Davis explained that the matter of great importance and concern was the fact that I had been audited by a member of a squirrel group in Texas; and that this had to be addressed and handled immediately.  Since I had told no one about my trip, I asked him how he came to know of it. He replied that he “just knew”. He also “knew” that I had posted the wins and extraordinarily positive
experience from this auditing under a pseudonym on a blog written by a declared SP.

Had they surveilled me? Had they taken photos or video of my visit? How did they know that the pseudonym was me?  Mr. Davis said he “just knew”

Again I asked the three to leave.

Mr Davis then showed me a reference that indicated  I had committed a suppressive act by being audited by the SP; that I was audited without the back-up of an Org i.e.. proper C/S’ ing, Examiner, Ethics Officer, and without access to previous PC folders, was totally off policy and dangerous. Then he showed me a Declare Order on goldenrod that indicated I was a Suppressive Person. I asked Mr. Davis if he thought I was a suppressive person. He said no, but that I had strayed off the path and had to find my way back as soon as possible.

My friend likened me to Shakespeare’s  Othello, who was being manipulated by Iago.  (Iago’s third partying results in Othello murdering his own bride,  Desdemona). The tone, in which she expressed this to me was a hostile one. She had never used it in all the years we’d known each other, and it both surprised, angered and then saddened me.

Once again I asked them to leave but they would not.

Mr. Davis then continued by saying I could be sued for the amount of money (parishioner’s money) that it would cost the Church to re-shoot the films I had made with Golden Era Studios, just as Larry Anderson and Jason Beghe had been sued. (I later learned that the threatened suits against them were never initiated)

The suit and the Declare Order would not happen, Mr Davis said,  if I came to my senses and accompanied them immediately to an Org, and began an “A to E” program to get back into the good graces of the Church. I emphatically refused.

I told them that I had been researching points of view expressed on various blogs, books and videos which severely take to task the current management of the Church; that I’d spoken to Sea Org members and public who had personally experienced abuses by management personnel, and the alteration and disregard of LRH policy and technology.

I explained I had also researched the Church’s point of view by reading various articles, watching videos and raising questions in D of P’s and with an Ethics terminal; and I’d read articles and watched videos attempting to rebut the charges made by the above disaffected Scientologists; and that I had spent twenty-seven years in the Church taking numerous courses and solo auditing for ten years on OT VII.

My conclusion, I told Mr. Davis and the others, was, that after nearly two years of research and study,  I believed that the Church is not functioning as LRH would have it;  and that my questions had not adequately been answered.

Mr. Davis said he would answer all my questions if they could come into my home. I said I did not want to do that at this time; that I had to prepare myself with the data I had researched and I would meet with him alone at 8 PM that evening at CC Int. He said that Mr. Sutter had to be there as well and I agreed, giving him my word that I would be there. The three then left.

After they had gone I began to reflect on what had just occurred; that I had actually been ambushed by my friend of thirty years, and two very important members of the Church; that I’d been shown an SP Declare Order that had been printed up even before I had been given evidence of what I had done.

In the interim my ex-wife, Joy called (we have remained very close).  I discussed what had just happened with her and in our two-way comm cycle I realized I was not ready to meet with Mr. Davis and Mr. Sutter, and breaking my word,  canceled.

Later that afternoon I learned that my sister-in-law who is on OT VII in Florida was already informed about my visit to Texas and that I had canceled the meeting at CC Int. Needless to say it was quite a stressful Sunday.

Monday afternoon I received a call from another friend (my best friend) a Scientologist, whom I’ve known for twenty-five years. He asked if it were true that I had left the Church. I said yes and he asked if he could come to my home and discuss it with me. I said he could, if he came alone. He promised he would. Later that day he arrived and we began to talk. Not ten minutes  later there was a
knock on the door —  it was Tommy Davis and two more friends. I asked them all to leave but they persuaded me to let them stay.

The ensuing conversation was about how much they cared about me; how wrong I was in attacking the Church because of my visit to the squirrel group and the subsequent posting of my wins; how I was throwing away the best thing in my life and would regret it for the rest of my life; and that the squirrel SP, and others I mentioned were evil in their intention to destroy the Church.

 Again there was a knock on the door. Three other friends had arrived, and I was told there were two more on the way. Now very angry, I insisted that the conversation be ended , if the others did not leave. They did.

The conversation inside continued. I showed them letters written by Luis Garcia, the Schick’s,the Lugli’s and the Minelli’s from Italy, and Hy Levy. I said I had read books by the Headleys and Jeff Hawkins. I asked how could they ALL be SP’s?  The response was that they were either lying or insane, and under the control of the SP I had visited in Texas.

I had had it and did not want these people in my home. So after threatening to call the police, I finally got them to leave. I again promised I would meet with Davis and one of the friends the next day.

After they left, a major mass lifted from my universe, I felt I could breathe again. Being slammed with their attitudes and fixed viewpoints was causing physical and mental suppression. Not once did any of them acknowledge that I had a viewpoint. One of them warned that being mid OT VII would now open me up to god knows what dangers; that I had reached for the reactive instead of the
analytic points of view. It had been a continual bombardment of invalidation.

Since I stopped Solo’ing in 2004`, my life has flourished across the Dynamics; and my four days of auditing with the “SP” had handled areas of my life which had been bugged for years. I was feeling freer spiritually, emotionally and physically than I had felt in years. And now this.

I decided not to meet with Davis,  and in a phone call told him (1) I was definitely not coming back to the Church (2) I would not post my letter (this one) or any other comments attacking the Church (3) that my wife, daughter and I had to be left alone. Davis told me he understood, but that we would have to “wrap up the cycle”.

I discussed this with my family and others and we realized what wrapping up the cycle would mean. It was obvious that because of our points of view and our decision, we were already considered enemies of the Church, by  Church officials and by our friends. And since we were not going to return that consideration would remain.

We also believed that “wrapping up the cycle” would possibly mean signing some sort of statement and we were not willing to do that. So we decided to end any discourse between ourselves, Church officials and those people who would be arguing for us to return.

It was quite a Tuesday.

On Friday at my place of work, a television studio,  I met a friend and co-worker, a Scientologist, who I have known for about 20 years. I assumed this friend, a woman, had already been made aware of my status in the Church. Seeing the look on my face, she asked what was wrong. I said I did not want to bring it up at work but she insisted.

Reluctantly I related  that I had left the Church, and what had happened on Sunday and Tuesday. She seemed patient and interested and willing to listen, but  the conversation was interrupted. Before we resumed a while later, I asked her to please stop me if and when she began to feel the slightest enturbulation. She said she could take it and would I go ahead.

I began speaking about the research which had brought me to my decision. When I drew the distinction between LRH and his technology, and the current management of the Church,which I have come to believe was corrupt, she instantly transformed into another person. I was now the “enemy” attacking her life and everything she believed in. The more I tried to explain why I had come to my conclusions, the more savage her attack became. She said I needed
to stop and that I was “not there” and that every remark I was making was covertly hostile. Then she made a most bizarre statement — “You” (meaning me), she said, “now have an enemy at work”. It was said with such venom, I was stunned.  She made another brief but equally bizarre series of comments about always being my friend and she left. The comment about work was handled immediately with the proper terminals.

So there you have six days of entheta and counting.

Regarding my refusal to have the conversation Mr. Davis wanted Sunday morning and later that day:

The Code of Honor, The Creation of Human Ability  LRH
#8   “Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself
desire it”
#14 “Be you own advisor, keep you own counsel and select you own

Regarding my two year study of various points of view posted on the
internet, published in books and discussed in various videos and
tape recordings:
HCO PL 7 February 1965 LRH
KSW Series 1, Keeping Scientology Working
“Look, don’t listen”

Code of a Scientologist  LRH
10 “To work for freedom of speech in the world”.
11 “To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom,
philosophy or data which would help mankind”

The Phoenix Lectures, 1954 LRH
“(People) learn to keep their mouths shut, and it’s the wrong
lesson. When in doubt, talk. When in doubt, communicate…you’ll be
successful all the way along the line if
you just remember that.”

I am referring to the information being disseminated on the blogs.

Technical Bulletin, Confront LRH
“If one can confront he can be aware. If he is aware, he can perceive and act. If he can’t confront, he will not be aware of things and will be withdrawn and not perceiving. Thus he is unaware of the things around him.”

Technical Bulletin, Personal Integrity
“What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when
you lose that, you have lost everything. What is personal integrity? Personal
integrity is knowing what you know–And to have the courage to know
and say what you have observed–and sufficient personal belief and
confidence in self and courage that we can observe what we observe
and say what we have observed.”

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Article #19 “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and
expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without
interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas
through any media and regardless of frontiers”

The Creed of the Church of Scientology LRH
“That all men have inalienable rights to think freely; to talk
freely; to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter
or write upon the opinions of others.”

Thomas Jefferson
“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Ron Hubbard
“The price of freedom: Constant alertness. Constant willingness to
fight back. There is no other price.”

What I have learned over the past two years is that many hundreds of people, good people, both public and staff, OT VII’s and VIII’s, Sea Org members, highly classed auditors, who have devoted decades to helping people, who have contributed financially and their expertise to the delivery and expansion of LRH’s Scientology have found grievous faults with the church’s management. They say it is no longer LRH’s church and I have come to believe them.

Regarding my being audited by a squirrel and SP:

Since I had concluded that the Church was being mismanaged and that portions of the tech had been altered; and I hadn’t been audited or solo’d  in a number of years, I decided to go elsewhere for a session. I thought long and hard about this and after thoroughly researching his qualifications, decided to visit an auditor outside the Church, who I believed was qualified to handle me.

The auditing I received from him was spectacular. The sessions were like gentle conversations, easy and light, generally ending with lots of laughter from the PC. Long standing case phenomena in four areas were handled that were  never handled during my road to Clear and during the  years I spent auditing through the OT levels including a decade on Solo NOTS. The wins continue to be stable
attested to by Joy and my daughter Sky who say they have never seen me so light and operating with such high ARC. It was a magical four days.

Code of a Scientologist LRH
“As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of
Scientology for the good of all…
12.  to support the freedom of religion.”

The Creed of the Church of Scientology LRH
“That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist
or support their own  organizations, churches and governments.”

The Constitution of the United States, Amendment 1
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging
the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people
peaceably to assemble; and to petition the government for redress
of grievances.”

Regarding my auditor having no Org to provide PC folders, C/S’ing and end of session examination:

There is a site on which you can learn the qualifications of my auditor, and why he was assigned by Mr. Miscavige to audit Tom Cruise among other Scientology celebrities; and who was permitted to wear the hat of C/S, Examiner and Ethics Officer. I will send the site to you if you wish.

If I had the slightest sliver of doubt regarding my conclusions (which I do not) about what the current Church of Scientology has become, that doubt would have been dispelled Sunday — spying on me; officials show up at my door without warning, and albeit in a civil tone, threatening and intimidating  me with a law suit and expulsion, warnings of consequences to my friends and family — if I did not come back to the “path from which I have strayed”. Officials who have, even before they arrived at my door, informed friends and family of my “transgressions”? , What kind of Church is that? Is this what LRH intended?

LRH wrote in HCOB PL 7 February 1965, Keeping Scientology Working
Series I:

“So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the
High Priests, It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our

And this excerpt  by LRH from the Anatomy of the Spirit of Man
Congress  Lecture #15 What is Scientology Doing? 6 June 1955

“As I look into the future, I see that we are handling here material of a potential control and command over mankind which must not be permitted at any time to become the monopoly or the tool of the few to the danger and disaster of the many…”

“And I believe the freedom of the material which we know and
understand is guaranteed only by lightness of organization, a
maximum of people, good training and good, reliable, sound relay of
information. And if we can’t do these things, sooner or later the
information which we hold will become the property of an
untrustworthy few. This I am sure because it has always happened
this way…”

Regarding the conversations Tuesday and Friday:

All the above references.

Some observations:

Whenever David Miscavige was spoken of negatively, the response of every Scientologist who appeared in this drama, was virtually identical — an attack ranging in tone levels from antagonism to covert hostility, and the stopping of any further comments.

Davis and some of the friends use of the tech robotically to stifle any portion of any point of view I might have contrary to their beliefs. There was not one iota of acknowledgement by anyone of the remotest possibility that there could be corruption at the highest levels of management.

They asserted the absolute rightness of their position regarding possible corruption of management and asserted the absolute wrongness of myself or  anyone who dares to believe that corruption exists. The people I encountered seem to have the unshakeable belief that L. Ron Hubbard, his technology, the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige are all one, so that LRH as Source equals David Miscavige as Source.  Insanity is “the inability to associate and differentiate properly” (Scientology 8-8008); sanity is “the ability to recognize differences, similarities and identities” (HCO PL 26 April 70R)

My conclusions:

I love and respect LRH as a friend and philosopher because the truth and wisdom of his ideas  has bettered my life and the lives of countless others. My argument is not with him or his work. I will defend him and the technology with all my being. My argument is with what the Church has become and how it now operates. Like the vast majority of those who have left, I will always be a
Scientologist and endeavor to better the conditions of those around me with the use of that technology. My purpose is not to undermine or nullify LRH or his true legacy.

My friendship with those of you who have spoken with me this past week, and others whom I have known and cared about over the years, is not based on the policies or dictates of the Church; and if my change of heart regarding my membership in it causes us to separate, so be it. That makes me very sad. Sad because it is dictated that you take what I have done as a personal attack and
betrayal.  I can only say, and I have looked at this very seriously and as truthfully as I am able, that were the situation reversed, I would remain true to you — because to me, that is the profound meaning of friendship.

I do not wish to be part of an organization which on the one hand, states its purpose to be the betterment of Mankind by improving the life of each individual, and on the other,  has its members behave in such a vicious and destructive manner; an organization which cannot tolerate a concerted and fair look into the possibility of corruption after so many credible observers have publicly stated that it exits; an organization which has created an environment in
which dissent and opposition results in vituperation and the ripping apart of family and friends; therefore I resign from the Church of Scientology and do not wish to be contacted by anyone representing the church, whether officially or otherwise in order to “salvage” me.

Michael Fairman

Note from Marty:  Because of the power of Michael’s message, I did not want to distract from it with introductory comments.  For those who do not know Michael, I want to provide a couple of words.  While all of us have walked the valley of the shadow of death in our own inimitable styles, I was particularly impressed in witnessing part of Michael’s journey.  His exploration was done in a very dispassionate, thorough and classy manner.  It is a relfection of the man; one of most theta, compassionate, and strong that I have had the privilege of knowing.  In my view he is the embodiment of the Code of Honor. 

Italian Liberation

  They say everything is bigger in Texas.  I think they meant in Italy.  Check out below what’s happening there. If you read Italian you can learn more at:

With this letter of resignation myself Giovanni Servalli, my wife Giovanna Ongaro and our son Luca are hereby announcing our leaving the current Church of Scientology because we have observed for a long time, it has not been working as planned by Ron.

We applied “Look don’t Listen” and we arrived to the conclusion that the head of the Church David Miscavige is a Suppressive Person.

We witnessed ethic abuses.

When you are honest they shoot you with the accusations of being enturbulative and where you lie they back-you up.

We observe False statistics being publicized at Events.

There is no true expansion and the Orgs and Missions are empty.

We observed people donating large sum of money, and experiencing very heavy personal financial difficulties, without exchange to Ideal Org, IAS, The Basics. But what does DM thinks? That if you build gigantic palaces people will just come in?? It is not what LRH says, what he says is:

When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters.”

The Genus of Dianetics and Scientology 

My wife Giovanna during our experience at Flag, was arbitrarily audited on Dianetics while being a OT III this to the point she got so devastated and keyed-in that she did not know who she was anymore.

We wanted to describe other Out Tech that we experienced but Luis Garcia in his letter described it all very well so we refer you to his writings and will not talk about those subjects.

It is for all those reasons we decided to leave the church, but not Scientology, since we joined the group of the Independents and within this group we experienced that when the Tech is applied standardly it works! In fact me and my husband Giovanni just attested OT4 with great wins.

All this thanks to our Auditor Ignazio that gave us our life back, and this when we thought that our life was over.

If somebody wants to communicate with us our mail is:




My name is Armando Comincini.  I’ve been in Scientology more than 20 years. I’m Clear and I studied all the Administrative and Technical Courses available at Brescia Org.

I’m a Class 4  and for years have been a memebr of the OT Committee.

I have been at Flag several times.

For a few years I have decided to not “participate” to the puzzling games of the Golden Age, the Basics, and the Ideal Orgs.

As an Auditor I believe that there is only one game that is worthy to play as an Org, and that is to create Auditors, Clears and OTs. For this reason I refused to give my support to the Org’s Real Estate Business.

I came into Scientology when the Org in Italy had been shut down due to the various legal cases arising in mid 1980’s, so I received my auditing and I had to study with a lot of enthusiasm in the “strangest” place in which an HGC or a Course Room for the Academy could be set up. I experienced incredible gains, even if I was doing my sessions in the back of a restaurant, and I never felt the urge of having an Org with gold pillars, or sofas covered with “Human” skin; as Ron tells us only results will fill an Org and not the way it is furnished, and I can testify to it being the truth.

I have been working for many years with Claudio and Renata Lugli, and I experienced indirectly all the recent events they had to go through, and I shared with them all their disagreements and ARC Breaks for all the attempted “handlings” and pressures that they had to bear in the last year from our “church”.

That attitude and the information that I studied started to bring light of the day in relation to the behavior of the church management. It definitely convinced me that it was not enough just to be “disaffected”, so I decided to publicly announce my TOTAL DISAGREEMENT with the current church management.

My admiration and respect for Ron and for his work are the same as always, and all that will always be my guidance for life.

To him, and all the people that follow Scientology without compromise goes my deepest ARC.

Armando Comincini


My name is Paolo Grazioli, my history in Scientology is relatively short but very rich and intense.

 I came to know Scientology in 2002 thanks to my wife, an old time Scientologist and her son.

 During my path I have gotten huge wins and I had opportunities to review and handle areas of my life that weren’t fully ok.

 Even through all the wins, there was something wrong, controversial sensations, inconsistencies between what I was studying and what I was seeing. However, I wasn’t sure  what was it.

 They were perceptions that, unfortunately, I always invalidated thinking that I would have to understood in the future.  However, this wasn’t happening.

 One day, casually, I discover the website of Independents Italy “L’Indipendologo” and from that point on, it has been a continuous cognition, suddenly everything got cleared up and I realized what was that sensation.

 I realized why on the occasion of the Basics Release, when I was at Flag, after the huge event everybody stood up for the applause while I remained seated.

 I realized why even if I did not read the data of Ron about Ideal Orgs, the importance given to that cycle was completely unreal etc ….

I consider that for me it has come the time to declare officially and publicly my Independence and with that not be part any more of the current Official Church of Scientology.

I will nevertheless continue my spiritual road in an independent way following what Ron left us, that Precious and Pure Source of data capable of saving an entire Universe.

 Moreover, I must say that I recently met some people already Independents and I experienced a truly Big Family sensation and this is true for me.


Paolo Grazioli

Confront of Evil


JB told me that just prior to his blow from the Int base last Spring that he felt particularly ill at ease after a brief encounter he had with David Miscavige’s father, trumpeter Ron Miscavige Sr. Ron stopped JB as he was walking across the base and asked him if he knew about me and others being interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CNN. JB knew little to nothing about it at that time and communicated as much. Ron, faced flushed red and trembling, said “they ought to be shot.” Mike and I know that Ron Miscavige receives his briefings about such “external flaps” directly and only from David Miscavige. When JB learned that, the incident was all the more chilling to him. He then connected the dots with another incident that occurred just prior to that, wherein Miscavige’s communicator asked JB to retrieve a .38 caliber pistol from the guns room for Dave. From the descriptions the pistol belonged to me. The church failed to send it along when I demanded all of my personal MEST after leaving. All of this was reported to law enforcement authorities and it has been investigated thoroughly. So that nobody get too excited about it, apparently, the intended op was not to have me murdered with my own gun, but instead to somehow link it to my brother’s murder thirty-one years ago, five years before the gun was even manufactured. To add irony to insanity, the gun was given to me as a gift by Miscavige and I had only shot it once on his exclusive target range at the Int base because I had to per protocol come there when invited by him. Law enforcement found out that the gun was in fact registered to Rick Aznaran, a former staff member who double hatted as Guns I/C on the base in the eighties. Incidentally, most guns – dozens of them – on the base were so registered, and David Miscavige is the ONLY person who controls, and thus effectively owns, all of them. His personal arsenal makes David Koresh look like a kid with a sling shot.

This op is typical of the buffoonery practiced under the “leadership” of David Miscavige. For those unfamiliar with the matter concerning my brother’s death, please see:

I tell you this not to frighten you, but instead to illustrate how apparencies projected by a criminal organization can appear far more sinister and threatening than they are in fact. JB – who had more than thirty years on staff – was pretty concerned about my personal physical safety (and bless him for offering to implement all manner of security measures at my home). I could have found a hole to crawl into. But Mike and I knew with certainty, from years inside the evil ops circle, that the facts JB knew were going to wind up fizzling in some comedic, albeit, sick dead end. And so, we reported it but turned most of our attention to getting the show on the road. And JB, holding his position in space against twenty coyotes sent to retrieve him, calmly observing events as they unfolded, decompressing, and learning to comfortably confront evil rather than let it get him, is living a marvelous and fulfilling life.

And so a half a year of one frustrated op after another exploding in Miscavige’s face, today Miscavige apparently is going bat-shit crazy with our success. He seems to react more violently than anything to abused pcs and pre-OTs of his group getting repaired, rehabbed and moving on LRH’s Bridge to Freedom down here. He’s on his third round of having PIs visit my preclears and Pre-OTs offering cash rewards to turn on me by saying anything bad. Two individuals, whom he believes are so newly out of the church they can still be intimidated with his bullshit, have been visited by no less than fifteen people between the two of them over the past week. He has non-tech trained people making all manner of wild stab case indications, along with single, out of context tech quotes to attempt to convince them they were “harmed” by me. One of them, Lori Hodgson, has had her teenage children used against her as missiles. They have disconnected from her with tremendous drama and stagecraft, including pleas that she make that unnecessary by turning on me. Their scripts have them try to make Lori feel as if it is Lori that is causing the disconnection. Reverse Scientology in action.

It occurred to me that if Corporate Scientology put 1/100th of the resources they do to cowing individuals busting out of their pens instead to servicing those same people in the first place, the church of Scientology would be an important, pro-survival force in society. Instead, it is a dwindling, repulsive cult.

I have told anyone wanting to come visit with me that there is a liability. The church has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to procure look out spots in my county so that they – from undercover – can spot those who come to visit me. They never show their cowardly faces of course. There is a pattern, shortly after their visit the queer disconnection ops begin on the visitor. The crime, literally is stated as “you visited Marty.” And the consequences have been largely precisely what I have informed every person in advance of their visits: they will pressure you with every connection to Radical Scientologists that you have, including particularly friends, family, and work associates.

Recently, several independents who have created a particularly large ripple effect on my blog have reported hacked email accounts and Facebook accounts. Surveillance on myself and other friends has been stepped up. Haven’t heard a peep of fear or concern on their parts. Independents are made of hearty stock. I tell them to do what they can to trace the source, but change their passwords regularly so it can’t recur.

Four of my pcs and pre-OTs have been threatened by the church with lawsuits for having been audited by me. This demonstrates just how weak Radical Scientology’s hand is. A year ago they promised prominent public members of the church that they would put me out of the running via lawsuit in short order. No suit – because they cannot even mock up a claim with even a scintilla of credibility not to be heavily sanctioned out of court. To threaten me was a joke and show trial for their fence sitting members. They intended all along to take me out via intel ops. And I guess even they know by now how nastily that has backfired. To threaten to sue the recipient of auditing is so freaking bizarre as to serve one purpose and one purpose only. To demonstrate how weak and desperate they are. Of course they swore to the St Pete Times, CNN, New York Times, and BBC that they would be sued. Where’s the beef? Right where Mike and I promised those four media outlets it would be about now – still deep within the dark recesses of Miscavige’s GPM.

The pathetic and empty nature of their threats serves as confirmation of my oft-repeated analysis: AS INDEPENDENTS BECOME MORE NUMEROUS AND COURAGEOUS, RADICAL SCIENTOLOGY’S RESOURCES TO HARASS WILL BECOME MORE DISSIPATED AND THEIR “ATTACKS” WILL BECOME LESS AND LESS EFFECTIVE. And so it has played itself out in that fashion.

But it ain’t over til the fat lady sings. And last I heard she was still tightening her girdle before making an entrance on stage. She’s a real diva at heart, but you got to love her.

The next few months are gonna get real bad for Radical Scientology. With more in-depth exposes around the corner by journalists with serious credentials , and independent Standard Scientology services proliferating, they are pulling out all stops. At this rate, within a couple months Miscavige will have virtually all of church management working on actively stopping Scientology training and auditing in the only place it is happening standardly and routinely, the Independent field.

What to do?

I can tell you what has been extremely successful for me. That may have some weight, since Miscavige has spent millions of dollars on publications and websites dubbing me the “kingpin”, and since everyone knows the “kingpin” is the only guy who can’t squeal to escape the heat, all ops are pointed in my direction. And he’s spent millions running those Wiley Coyote Ops. And in the face of that, I can’t make enough time or space to satisfy the demand for people wanting to come to Casablanca. Incidentally, that too tells me what an incredible group of strong individuals you are. Evil danger? Bring it on! Do you know how much impact Lori Hodgson, for example, has had on R/Sers by her calmly facing the atrocities they attempt to visit upon her? It is significant. And she is only the latest of dozens who have similarly confronted evil and came out stronger on the other end. I am in awe of you guys and gals.

Which leads to the handling, because my handling is what I see the likes of Lori, Christie King, Mary Jo Leavitt, Tony and Marie Joe DePhillips, et al, ad infitum successfully doing day in and day out.

They are all POWER terminals; and cannot be hurt by a pack of coward losers as exists in R/S.

Some people have debated which LRH definition of power is correct:

A. Speed of particle flow alone determines power.

B. The ability to hold one’s position in space.

In fact, they are absolutely consistent with one another. That is patently clear when one understands the woof and warp of the universe which we have jointly created. Energy and power are generated only by stable terminals. Listen to the PDC if any confusion remains.

In order for A to occur, one must achieve B.

That is why I believe LRH wrote that the World Begins With TR 0.

If you keep your eye on the ball and see their pranks for what they are they have very little impact. In fact, they can actually serve as entertainment. Don’t ever lose your sense of humor. Recognize, you are dealing with the bully at school who no matter how annoying he could make himself with threats and swagger, never could deliver a bloody nose. What happened to those types in your school? One day, they went a step too far and gave an ethical, strong person a grounds to ground the bastard.

And so don’t get all restimulated. The aim of an SP is to get into your head in order to enturbulate. The ONLY power of the SP is restimulation. If the SP can’t get in your head, he can’t restimulate and thus he is rendered POWERLESS. And you remain stable, and thus able to generate POWER.

And remain vigilant. Remember the price of freedom. And also recognize, the price of freedom does not include the injunction to “be serious.” In fact, “constant alertness” can be a lot of fun. It is about the healthiest advice anyone could give another, creepy cult bad boys lurking in the shadows or not.

And when the cowards creeping in the shadows accidentally leave their fingerprints… POUNCE.

Cause ya’ll know – and more and more R/Sers are beginning to understand – we’re sitting pretty, nine feet above their freakin’ heads.

Most importantly, do like the Old Man said to do when facing suppression: