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Radical Scientology’s Protection Racket

A protection racket is an extortion scheme whereby a criminal group or individual coerces other less powerful entities to pay money, allegedly for protection services against external threats (usually violence or property damage, and sometimes perpetrated by the racketeers themselves).

I cannot think of a better term to describe Miscavige’s standard operating procedure.  Inside, the apparent aim – like run of the mill organized crime – is money.  But, Miscavige’s operation is far more insidious than the mafia.  He also coerces blind, ignoratant loyalty.  And when one finally decides to stop playing the ponzi scheme mark, and exerts some outside independence,  his racket steps it up a few notches with the sole aim of extorting fear and consequent silence.

Recently, Miscavige mounted a full-scale offensive in my direction.  Anonymous emails have been sent to independents far and wide accusing me of all manner of lies, including auditing with an r/sing meter.  On that score, please see David St Lawrence’s post on his blog putting that lie to rest (http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=1363 ).  RS (Radical Scientology) has also sent the infamous Private Eye Lil’ Dave Lebow (aka Lebeau, aka Lubow) to a number of independent pre-Clears and pre-OTs whom I have audited and otherwise counseled.  

I have heard of a few guesses by friends as to why now.   One, I have recently been involved in assisting certain Independents with turning RS legal threats into legal offensives.  Another theory, this is in response to my recent start of  the full exposure of  the black ops techniques and  network of RS’s OSA.  Another, a number of OT’s and Opinion Leaders within Scientology fields have been announcing their independence on the blog over the past couple weeks. 

While it may be a combination of all the above, I think the following factor trumps them all.   We are really becoming quite proficient at rapidly and thoroughly reversing Miscavige’s Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology techniques, and rehabilitating abilities once suppressed by RS.   This is particularly true and marked with OTs – OT VIIs and OT VIIIs.   This is a very scary development for Miscavige.  Holy cats!  Real, live OTs!

LRH describes the phenomena in HCOB OT Levels:

Pyschotics deal with doing people in. Their whole mission in life is destruction.

They inveigh against lower-level gains and seek to discredit them since these run contrary to their aberrated purpose. 

But when it gets to Clears and OT levels, psychos go berserk!

They are, it happens, terrified of punishment for their own crimes.

The thought of someone being sensible or powerful enough to punish them (the way they would do) is more than they can stand.

You can, with the utmost certainty, identify a criminal psychotic by the way he vilifies or degrades or seeks to stop Clears and OTs from coming into existence.

Hence, the protection racket on steroids.  They are attempting to enturbulate through intimidation.  They are not achieving their aim in the slightest with a single one of my friends.  But, after what has occurred over the last two weeks I feel compelled to comment on an important aspect of all this. I think it might help those who might get contacted directly or indirectly put things into context.

First some background to demonstrate I am not just talking theoretically when I use terms like “protection racket” and “organized crime.”

From 1982 through 1986 I was engaged in an investigation into the attempted looting of LRH’s personal bank account via counterfeit checks. The investigation lead into organized crime in the New England area. I dealt directly and at odds with several veteran organized crime figures.  I ultimately testified in the trial that resulted in the extortion conviction of the “financial wizard” of New England’s organized crime syndicate in a related case.

Two years ago I dealt with organized crime on the street level. Through a forty-plus article investigative series I assisted local law enforcement in driving adjuncts of the Mexican Mafia out the county in which I live.   

In both investigations my life was threatened by organized crime figures.  I know how organized crime outfits create and profit off terror.  I also know the tiny clinkers their leaders call their souls and what despicable cowards they are outside the pack.

They operate on an instinctive, beast pack-mentality  level.  You may have heard the adage about how an aggressive dog can sense fear, and sensing it becomes far more aggressive.   It is precisely the same mechanism at play with organized criminals.  Run or cower and they’ll have you hiding in your house and paying protection fees in no time.  Stand up and see them for what they are, and they’ll scatter like cockroaches when the light is switched on.

Now, here are three facts that lead me to conclude David Miscavige has become nothing more than a organized crime boss wanna be. 

You heard this week from Lori Hodgson.  I’ve been informed that the Allender character that creepily assaulted her and sleazily inferred beatings were in the offing, is an OT VIII in good standing with Miscavige.  Remember, Allender cased the place, hid out surveilling and ambushed Lori.  To pull that stunt on a woman who survived the treatment they gave her is pure cowardice and moral depravity.  It is what RS expects of an “OT VIII” (which incidentally, is no small part of the Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology that is practiced at the “top of” the RS bridge).

Two weeks ago when I was on the west coast,  like clockwork, Miscavige’s OSA sent an operative to visit Mosey (after a hard day’s work) at our home.   As per usual he was a creep, with a creepy beingness, a creepy smirk, and a creepy sort of message.  Every time I am gone, Miscavige sends such an emissary.  Of course Mosey, as per usual,handled the operative much like Lori did with Allender in San Jose, well, much like a cockroach.  But please note, they always come when I am away.  Never has one of his boys come near my place when I am home.

Then this past week Luis Garcia visited Casablanca.  Right about the time we started shinin’ like Lazlo and Rick, Luis receives a call from his wonderful wife Rocio that one Lil’ Dave Lebow came calling at his home, nearly 2,000 miles away.   Rocio gave him the cockroach treatment, making it crystal clear she did not wish for him to return.  For the next 24 hours she was overtly surveilled by Miscavige’s creeps, and the next night (with Luis still 2000 miles away) the Lil’ depraved one returned.

Now, consider this.  Sudden Sam Domingo and Mosey both witnessed a few minute phone call I had with Lebow several months ago.  I told him to tell his namesake employer to take a look at this unseemly, juvenile – and quite frankly cowardly – behavior.   That is, I called him out on RS’s already prevelant practice of running their Operation Creep Out ops exclusively on women who were alone.  The punk didn’t even deny it…instead stammered until I got bored and ended the call.

So, based on FACTS that I have witnessed – some of which I have related above – I firmly conclude that Miscavige has degenerated into a full-time dramatization of his life-long goal of becoming an organized crime boss.   He always wanted to become Michael Corleone.  Problem is, he wound up no better than Tony Montana.

Now, to the point I guess.  I’ll tell you all what I tell people individually who receive this treatment. 

Miscavige’s objective is to get into your head.  If he does, he wins and you lose. If he doesn’t, you win and he loses.  SIMPLE and PLAIN.

A little wisdom from Tao Te Ching:

The best general enters the mind of his enemy.

Being a good general is as easy as breathing.  Lest anyone mistake this post for feeding the trolls (in this case DM and RS OSA), the only reason I bother with it is to impart some advice that has served me quite well over the past couple years.   Again from the Tao:

There is no greater illusion than fear,

no greater wrong than preparing to defend yourself,

no greater misfortune than having an enemy.

Whoever can see through all fear

will always be safe.