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Intelligence Network Online, Inc. & Radical Scientology Covert Ops

Recently, I obtained documentary evidence that two unindicted co-conspirators from the DC 9 case are being used by OSA to run warfare against dissent on the internet and in the media. The DC 9 case is US v Mary Sue Hubbard, and eight other high level Guardian’s Office Officials. In 1978 they were convicted of Obstruction of Justice for kidnapping a witness who ultimately blew the whistle on the Guardian’s Office’s ten year massive intelligence ops against government officials and private citizens.

Former Guardian’s Office Bureau One (Intelligence) staff George Pilat and Bruce Ullman started a company in Clearwater Florida several years ago. It is aptly named Intelligence Network Online, Inc. (aka Intnet Online, address: intnet.net). Here is what the sentencing memorandum submitted by the Department of Justice to the US Federal District Court in the DC 9 case disclosed about George:

In February 1977, the Guardian’s Office promulgated Guardian Program Order 1017 entitled “ARM (Anti-Religion Movement) Clean Sweep.” (Document no. 13724.) It was written by unindicted co-conspirator George Pilat for defendants Heldt, Weigand and Budlong, and promulgated by fugitive defendant Jane Kember, the Guardian World-Wide. That order caIled for the placement of “covert agents” for “data collection lines” with anti-cult groups. (Id at 1) It provided, however, that only defendant Heldt and Weigand could authorize the use by other bureaus of the Guardian’s Office of the documents so obtained. (Id at 2)

Ullman was involved directly with the government witness who ultimately was kidnapped and falsely imprisoned by the GO (Guardian’s Office) in an attempt to cover up the hundreds of crimes he ultimately disclosed. Incidentally, Kendrick Moxon, Esq (in house attorney currently for OSA INT) was also named an unindicted co-conspirator for his role in the conspiracy to obstruct justice. The same fellow for whom the recently posted (and all OSA Intel programs) OSA Intel program on Tory Christman justified the stamp “Attorney-Client Privilege”. He, along with Eliott Abelson are the cats referred to in the vital target to “clear all handlings with counsel.”

 For the past couple decades Pilat has done private investigator work for OSA. For the past several years, and continuing in present time, Pilat and his partner are running Internet Dark Ops out of Intelligence Network Online, Inc. Directed at yours truly and friends, and even folks who consider themselves foes of mine (but won’t any longer when the dust finally settles and all OSA trolls and operatives are outed).

 For those who might be getting a tad intimidated by my recent posts on OSA Operations, please keep the following in mind when you read the many more coming over the next couple months. I am target number one of Miscavige’s OSA Intel outfit, and I have zero fear of any of this business. The reason is I created OSA with the remnants of the Guardian’s Office. I know each and every executive and Intelligence staff member better than they know themselves, as I do their ultimate boss Miscavige. I haven’t just been blogging and auditing over the past year and one half. I’ve also been working on de-fanging the rattlesnake.

 While I know all about them, they haven’t a clue about who I am. They can tap my phones, hack my computer, and follow me everywhere I go with directional mics and cameras, and they still will not have a clue. I’ll give you a clue – because they can’t even conceive of a means to make anything of it. I reversed Miscavige’s Black Dianetics that was run on me, and that he continues to run on them. The only way it will mean anything to them is for them to wake up and come out of the spell they are in to one degree or another. When that happens, they’ll find the door. As you might have already surmised more than a few have begun to smell the coffee aroma wafting from the kitchen.

 Given favorable winds, OSA’s entire intelligence network should be largely exposed, and thus rendered effectively dead, by around, say, LRH’s 100th Birthday.

“Sunshine is the best disinfectant.” – Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

Sound memo to Dave and OSA and all your ex-GO B1 operatives: