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Freedom from Overwhelm


We have come to discover the crux of Miscavige’s Black Dianetics implant technique. My own awakening experience has been shared in greater or lesser degree by the many O.T.s who have made their ways to the Shack (the original and Casablanca). In my view, here is how Miscavige reverses Scientology to create the product of unquestioningly loyal sheep at the upper reaches of the Bridge.

First, as most of you know the ability gained from OT III is Freedom from Overwhelm.

How, then, are so many OT 3s, OT 4s, OT 5s, OT 7s, and OT 8s (not to mention Clears and Releases) finding themselves in the unmistakable condition of overwhelm?

If you look at what staff and public get a steady diet of from the very top in Radical Scientology the one overriding common denominator is overwhelm.

Overwhelming, implant-like stage setting events – six times a year.

Overwhelming diet of entheta about the state of the planet, and its populations’ insistence on destroying man’s only road to total freedom.

Overwhelming invalidation and evaluation as to individual behavior.

Overwhelming interiorization by way of unrelenting sec checking and evil purpose pulling.

Overwhelming demands for money.

Overwhelming demands for thinking in a prescribed way, and overwhelming punishments for thinking rational (redefined as ‘critical) thoughts.

Overwhelming auditing sessions by auditors taught an overwhelming beingness, and operating on the equation auditor plus meter can and should overwhelm pc or pre-OT.

Overwhelming family, peer and business associate pressure to toe the white line.

Overwhelming harassment for those who stand up and refuse to be overwhelmed.

If there is anything to be learned from the public disclosures of myself, Mike, Steve, Dan, Amy, Jeff, Marc, Claire, Jackson, Sarge, Karen, et al (ad infinitum) about the day to day conduct of David Miscavige, the common denominator of it all could be summed up in this description: “continuous intent to overwhelm.”

I think we can accurately state his overwhelmingly primary goal as “to overwhelm.”

Multiple reports have now been received and cross verified that Radical Scientology is routinely programming OT VIIs and OT VIIIs for objectives and even the Purif. A more suppressive, and reverse, general tech mis-programming is hard to conceive of.

LRH says this about the effect of incorrect programming in HCOB 13 June 70 I, C/S Series 3: Session Priorities, Repair Programs and Their Priority:

When incorrect programming occurs, then any auditing on it can add up to more overwhelm, which adds up to more errors.

There is that word again, overwhelm.

On top of all this is the overwhelming effort from staff and even public Scientologists to make the only acceptable beingness of a Scientologist to be overwhelming.

That this is the end result is not surprising given the following from LRH from HCOB 28 January 1966, Search And Discovery Data: How a Suppressive Becomes One

Search and Discovery is being made, and auditors are finding on one person and another, “myself.” Well, just among us girls, of course, you are going to find it. One of the best reasons you are going to find it is that it is part of the R6 bank. The other reason you are going to find it is that after a person is totally overwhelmed by a suppressive he assumes the valence of the suppressive. And a person you would find that on has actually been pretty suppressive…

That is the mechanism of suppression – overwhelming a person. Oddly enough you will only find it on persons who are suppressive and of course you’ve walked into the real mechanism of how does a suppressive become a suppressive. He becomes a suppressive by taking over the valence of a suppressive.

Is there any wonder why the overwhelming public impression created by Radical Scientology in the market place of public opinion is “Scientologists are overwhelming”?

Freedom from overwhelm is attainable and rehabilitatable.

The first step, as in remedying any disability, is recognizing that the condition exists.

It is quite amazing to watch how rapidly people blossom once this Black Dianetics process is remedied.