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Claudio and Renata Lugli are Free

Claudio and Renata Lugli, OTVIII and OTVII have left the Church Of Scientology. Claudio and Renata have been vital pillars to the start and growth of Scientology in Italy, they are internationally known as Scientologists and as Fashion Designers.  Here is their statement.

My wife and I have decided to leave the current Church of Scientology and to cease any kind of support and participation in it. We haven’t been able to find the spiritual attributes that once constituted the basics in which its founder L. Ron Hubbard had originally built Scientology on. That, and only that, was the determining factor for our dedication of 36 years in Scientology.

It has been for both of us the answer of a spiritual journey that took a few lifetimes.  The certainty we achieved throughout the enormous spiritual wins we gained from our Bridge progress was the reassurance that we did find what we were looking for. The teachings of Scientology have always been a landmark and a constant source of inspiration to enhance our existence and that of the people around us.

It has been several years that we’ve noted a deviation from its basic purposes, and a lot of things were not making much sense. We did not know however what was happening behind closed doors. We were accustomed to trusting the Management of the Church, thinking that they were operating on the basis of correct evaluations, strategies and programs that would have eventually brought us to the  attainment of the humanitarian goals of Scientology. But our efforts in trying to rationalize or justify the many reasons why these goals were never getting met dissipated as time went by and all that was left in the end was just a big fat failed purpose.

We slowly withdrew our presence from the active scene for we considered these various initiatives in complete opposition to the very core of Scientology. We did not however have an answer to the reason why all of this was occurring, we only knew that something was tremendously wrong. Almost ‘by chance” we were made to look at the St. Petersburg Times articles and videos, and there we found our first answers. The whole thing was gruesome, unbelievable, and really hard to confront…but it made sense, a lot of sense! And so our research continued unchecked for several months. Without any preconceived judgment, we evaluated all of the information that we were given by all sources that were up to this time forbidden and banned by the current regime. And then we reached our conclusion: the Church of Scientology was gone.

Although we were incredibly appalled by all this, finding the truth made all the charge that had been accumulating for years vanish, and right at that point we felt that our lives had to be rebuilt starting from the real values that had been crushed.

Scientology works, it is an amazing philosophy, and if correctly applied, will better conditions, interpersonal relationships, and lives in general. The legacy is here, it is ours, and no one has the authority to take it away from us.

We’d like to thank everyone that has contributed and is still contributing in exposing the truth for everyone.

We would like to end with this sentence from LRH’s PDC number 10, Dec 3rd 1952 For a thetan there are two very essential rights: One is the right to his own sanity, and the other is the right to leave a game.”

We feel that we are simply exercising our fundamental rights: we are getting our mental sanity back, and we are abandoning those “games” that the “Church of Scientology” wanted us to play, and that for us, are of no interest whatsoever.

Our very special gratitude goes to all of the Independents.

Claudio and Renata