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Italian Liberation

  They say everything is bigger in Texas.  I think they meant in Italy.  Check out below what’s happening there. If you read Italian you can learn more at: http://indipendologo.wordpress.com/

With this letter of resignation myself Giovanni Servalli, my wife Giovanna Ongaro and our son Luca are hereby announcing our leaving the current Church of Scientology because we have observed for a long time, it has not been working as planned by Ron.

We applied “Look don’t Listen” and we arrived to the conclusion that the head of the Church David Miscavige is a Suppressive Person.

We witnessed ethic abuses.

When you are honest they shoot you with the accusations of being enturbulative and where you lie they back-you up.

We observe False statistics being publicized at Events.

There is no true expansion and the Orgs and Missions are empty.

We observed people donating large sum of money, and experiencing very heavy personal financial difficulties, without exchange to Ideal Org, IAS, The Basics. But what does DM thinks? That if you build gigantic palaces people will just come in?? It is not what LRH says, what he says is:

When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters.”

The Genus of Dianetics and Scientology 

My wife Giovanna during our experience at Flag, was arbitrarily audited on Dianetics while being a OT III this to the point she got so devastated and keyed-in that she did not know who she was anymore.

We wanted to describe other Out Tech that we experienced but Luis Garcia in his letter described it all very well so we refer you to his writings and will not talk about those subjects.

It is for all those reasons we decided to leave the church, but not Scientology, since we joined the group of the Independents and within this group we experienced that when the Tech is applied standardly it works! In fact me and my husband Giovanni just attested OT4 with great wins.

All this thanks to our Auditor Ignazio that gave us our life back, and this when we thought that our life was over.

If somebody wants to communicate with us our mail is:





My name is Armando Comincini.  I’ve been in Scientology more than 20 years. I’m Clear and I studied all the Administrative and Technical Courses available at Brescia Org.

I’m a Class 4  and for years have been a memebr of the OT Committee.

I have been at Flag several times.

For a few years I have decided to not “participate” to the puzzling games of the Golden Age, the Basics, and the Ideal Orgs.

As an Auditor I believe that there is only one game that is worthy to play as an Org, and that is to create Auditors, Clears and OTs. For this reason I refused to give my support to the Org’s Real Estate Business.

I came into Scientology when the Org in Italy had been shut down due to the various legal cases arising in mid 1980’s, so I received my auditing and I had to study with a lot of enthusiasm in the “strangest” place in which an HGC or a Course Room for the Academy could be set up. I experienced incredible gains, even if I was doing my sessions in the back of a restaurant, and I never felt the urge of having an Org with gold pillars, or sofas covered with “Human” skin; as Ron tells us only results will fill an Org and not the way it is furnished, and I can testify to it being the truth.

I have been working for many years with Claudio and Renata Lugli, and I experienced indirectly all the recent events they had to go through, and I shared with them all their disagreements and ARC Breaks for all the attempted “handlings” and pressures that they had to bear in the last year from our “church”.

That attitude and the information that I studied started to bring light of the day in relation to the behavior of the church management. It definitely convinced me that it was not enough just to be “disaffected”, so I decided to publicly announce my TOTAL DISAGREEMENT with the current church management.

My admiration and respect for Ron and for his work are the same as always, and all that will always be my guidance for life.

To him, and all the people that follow Scientology without compromise goes my deepest ARC.

Armando Comincini


My name is Paolo Grazioli, my history in Scientology is relatively short but very rich and intense.

 I came to know Scientology in 2002 thanks to my wife, an old time Scientologist and her son.

 During my path I have gotten huge wins and I had opportunities to review and handle areas of my life that weren’t fully ok.

 Even through all the wins, there was something wrong, controversial sensations, inconsistencies between what I was studying and what I was seeing. However, I wasn’t sure  what was it.

 They were perceptions that, unfortunately, I always invalidated thinking that I would have to understood in the future.  However, this wasn’t happening.

 One day, casually, I discover the website of Independents Italy “L’Indipendologo” and from that point on, it has been a continuous cognition, suddenly everything got cleared up and I realized what was that sensation.

 I realized why on the occasion of the Basics Release, when I was at Flag, after the huge event everybody stood up for the applause while I remained seated.

 I realized why even if I did not read the data of Ron about Ideal Orgs, the importance given to that cycle was completely unreal etc ….

I consider that for me it has come the time to declare officially and publicly my Independence and with that not be part any more of the current Official Church of Scientology.

I will nevertheless continue my spiritual road in an independent way following what Ron left us, that Precious and Pure Source of data capable of saving an entire Universe.

 Moreover, I must say that I recently met some people already Independents and I experienced a truly Big Family sensation and this is true for me.


Paolo Grazioli