Daily Archives: January 30, 2011

The Greed of Miscavige’s New Breed

The St Pete Times has just published an article on Nationwide Title Clearing.   It is a World Institute of Scientology Enterprises company right in the thick of the criminal robo-signing scandal.

I am disappointed that the Times took the lazy, low road on this “investigation.”   Outpoints abound.  Dropped out time is the biggest outpoint.  They place a bunch of emphasis on the founders of the company and statements they made about its success twenty-years ago.  They take a couple of LRH quotes out of context and position them as the why for the criminality.  And they conclude, infer/imply/insinuate, a contrary fact wrong why in the process. 

If the LRH quotes that Novitsky and his easy to attack (since deceased) partner allegedly had any bearing on the company’s criminality (ALL RECENT) then where was the Times twenty years ago?   They weren’t even in the neighborhood, because the robo signing and the over the top pressure are current affairs.  They are the product of Miscavige’s Brave New Breed of Bot.  The new “greed is great” era of Radical Scientology.

You can come to your own conclusions by reading the article. I am just weighing in up front.   Realize too, Hillman and co haven’t seen nothing yet.