Daily Archives: January 16, 2011

Gnats and Losers


Do you know what we call mosquitoes without peckers in Texas? Gnats.

Miscavige’s throes are becoming progressively more pathetic. He cannot even muster mosquitoes any more it seems; he has degenerated into utilizing gnats.

Despite having been called out in public by myself on this blog for his penchant for sending his resources to execute creepy encounters with women, he’s done it yet again, today.

Saturday morning, while I was on layover in Houston enroute home, Miscavige sent a couple gnats to visit Mosey while home alone.

Here is the braveheart he sent:

Gnat 1 - Ricardo Barrera


The gnat hollered up the outside stairs of our home at Mosey: “tell Marty to stop hurting pc’s. He’s hurting pc’s. And you’re helping him.” No specifics of course, because it is the CRIMINAL MIND in full blown dramatizaation. Mosey told him to come back in a couple hours to tell me to my face. She has no use for jive ass Western Union messenger boys, especially ones working for a putz like Miscavige. The gnat began to flee the scene.

Mosey followed him to get a photo of the car he came in and determine who else he was with.

The gnat pleaded to Mosey to leave him alone, claiming she was harassing him by following him down the street. After several hundred yards the gnat hollered into his cell phone: “leave, get out of here!” It seems the gnat was told by OSA that he was in deep shit if we got the license number of the car of his accomplice. Mosey spotted frenzied activity in the sole car on the road, a quarter mile away. She shot down to the car to photograph the accomplice. Here’s gnat II, covering her ass:

Gnat 2 - Ginger Lorraine Auel Paterson Zarafshani Barrera

Gnat I scrambled into the car driven by Gnat II. Mosey escorted their sorry asses out of town, the gnats scurrying like cockroaches.

Turns out the driver is Austin public, Patron Ginger L Auel (Paterson, Zarafshani) Barrera. http://www.oursites.org/gingerauel/  And gnat 1 turns out to be her latest husband Ricardo Barrera.

Ricardo Barrera reportedly works for “OT VIII”, Patron with fairy dust sprinkled Pink Wings  Dr. Juan Villareal, in Harlingen Texas.

For those who don’t know how OSA operates, they send out desperate public when Miscavige directs things be done that outside Private Investigators won’t be caught dead doing. When it raises ethical or legal or even public relations considerations such that a PI won’t do it, they bring in public Kool Aid drinking Radical Scientologists.

Evidently – and I’ll report whichever way the evidence falls in the end – this Op centers around Barrera’s avowed intention to win the IAS Freedom award. He makes no secret of his intentions. And Juan Villareal is apparently doing everything in his corrupt power to help him achieve it – no doubt to raise his own stock with his daddy Dave.

This Wednesday Barrera, who along with his wife as accomplice executed organized terroristic stalking today, is giving a seminar to Probation Officers in Harlingen on, are you sitting down?, Criminal Reform. Barrera did not establish this line, he did not pioneer in any way, shape or form. No, he got his foot in the door because another employee of Villareal has a brother high up the in Probation Office. That line is about to be blown out of the water in a quite unpleasant way. Villareal, who is coordinating all this is currently under investigation by the United States Department of Justice for his discriminatory, illegal employment practices.

I no longer can find much empathy for those who continue to financially support Miscavige and support him by way of their creepy intimidation games. I know what some will say: but, wait you all supported him in the past. Yeah, but we all didn’t have two solid years of dozens from the highest echelons of the church corroborating one another on the fraud that is Radical Corporate Scientology. We also didn’t have years of virtually all Scientology resources engaging in forcible, life ruining extortion for the most OFF POLICY, OFF SOURCE, and destructive anti-Scientology programs imaginable. And most importantly, we are decidedly not supporting the SP in any manner. One could not have a clue about the subject of Scientology, real Scientology, to be playing the only games Miscavige dictates be played these days.

Bottom line is, people who continue to avidly support Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Scientology dark ops are out- ethics losers. And when they mess with us, there are going to be consequences. This is no threat. Rather, it is simple, correct application of the technology of ethics. We’ll just be applying a little more pressure on them than the bank (read Miscavige) does so that they may regain their sanity and perhaps follow an ethical path.

Stay tuned for the full story on Dr. Juan Villareal – the perfect Miscavige OT VIII public, systematically manipulating, using, and abusing people in order to stay ahead of the Jones’s on the IAS status ladder.