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RS Puts Its Freak On for Amy and Mat

Here is some breaking news from my good friend of 33 years Mat Pesh.  It further illustrates a point I have been making to friends for some time now: the Ogre that is destroying the church of Scientology is not only its failure to practice the technology but also  its insistence on performing over-the-top freak shows attempting to shut people up.  David Miscavige’s primary collection line is based on his continued, off-policy advertisements of attacks against “Scientology.”   While painting himself as a victim he carefuly omits 100% of the “attacks” are brought about by his insane continuing efforts to control thought and suppress free speech, much like is documented below as occuring to this day (literally).

By the way, thanks Amy and Mat.  Mike Rinder and I got a whole hell of a lot accomplished over the past couple days. I was wondering why there was so little distraction from the mosquitoes.  Now, I know why.


by Mat Pesch

For those who don’t already know, my wife Amy Scobee and I were both in the Sea Organization for over 25 years before leaving in 2005.

Like thousands of others, we had to deal with our families being torn apart due to the “church” disconnection policy.

About two years ago, certain events occurred that brought us to the point where we needed to speak out. The first was seeing several thousand non-Scientologists (Anonymous) publicly taking a stand against Scientology’s human rights violations. The second was that the Scientology Spokesman (Tommy Davis) went on CNN, claiming that they had absolutely no such practice as disconnection.

Amy and I knew what making a stand would mean in terms of time, money and exposure to the infamous Scientology harassment techniques. But we also knew that through 2 ½ decades of service, we were part of creating this monster and felt we had a responsibility to take action.

A school bully doesn’t give back your lunch money just because you stay silent or act nice. Likewise, this lying, criminal, bullying “church” wasn’t going to give people back their families and their basic human rights without a fight. So, we knew what we had to do.

This decision led to our contribution to the Saint Petersbug Times stories and Amy writing and publishing her book, SCIENTOLOGY – ABUSE AT THE TOP.

For the past two years, we have made ourselves available to a never-ending list of media, religious scholars and leaders, government officials, authors and concerned citizens. We are always willing to drop what we are doing for this cause and have traveled to various cities, states and even countries to help expose radical Scientology’s abuse of human rights.

This brings us to our latest adventure.

Earlier this week, Amy and I flew to Los Angeles for a quick stop-over so Amy could meet with some people investigating the “church”.

As usual, tax-free religious donations were used to pay a number of private investigators to follow us around. They tried to intimidate Amy by repeatedly asking her how it felt to be “paid to lie” – a question David Miscavige should be asking himself personally on an hourly basis.

You can briefly see one of the PI encounters here.

The night before, after many hours of trailing by at least three cars and their ineffective intimidation attempts, it got pretty old so we called the police. The PI’s dispersed. Three police cars responded immediately and a police report was filed against Scientology. By the time we finished talking, three more people were interested in reading Amy’s book to find out what goes on behind Scientology’s facade.

The next morning, Amy and I went to the LAX airport to catch our flight home. We were in line to go through the security check point. There were about a dozen no-nonsense TSA personnel scanning and patting down passengers. Things were pretty boring (a bottle of water found in a back pack and a nail clipper in an old lady’s purse), but that was about to change…

Amy and I were almost next in line for the security check point when a middle-aged woman walked up to my wife and asked if she was Amy Scobee. Amy said, “Yes, and who are you?” She said “Who I am is not important. I was supposed to meet you and find out how much you’re getting paid.”

Knowing that criminals absolutely hate exposure, I went off.

At the top of my voice and pointing directly at the woman, I yelled,

Hey, everybody! This lady is from the Scientology cult, sent here to harass us for exposing their acts against humanity.”

This is how Scientology torments people in your community!”

The cult leader, David Miscavige’s wife Shelly has not been publicly seen – dead or alive – in almost three years!”

With that, TSA security was on the woman, asking her why she was there and telling her it was forbidden for her to harass their passengers.

The lady lied and told them she was traveling. Bad move. She had no luggage and no travel papers. Last I saw, the TSA staff were escorting her to who knows where…

Amy and I were put through the check point where one of the main TSA officers was very interested to learn how radical Scientology and their terrorist arm (OSA) use paid and duped agents to torment whistle-blowers.

If the “church” wants to continue acting like the criminal organization that they are, any remaining public support they may have will most certainly be lost – if not their entire status as a “religion” and any legal and monetary benefits that religious recognition may provide them.