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Confront of Evil


JB told me that just prior to his blow from the Int base last Spring that he felt particularly ill at ease after a brief encounter he had with David Miscavige’s father, trumpeter Ron Miscavige Sr. Ron stopped JB as he was walking across the base and asked him if he knew about me and others being interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CNN. JB knew little to nothing about it at that time and communicated as much. Ron, faced flushed red and trembling, said “they ought to be shot.” Mike and I know that Ron Miscavige receives his briefings about such “external flaps” directly and only from David Miscavige. When JB learned that, the incident was all the more chilling to him. He then connected the dots with another incident that occurred just prior to that, wherein Miscavige’s communicator asked JB to retrieve a .38 caliber pistol from the guns room for Dave. From the descriptions the pistol belonged to me. The church failed to send it along when I demanded all of my personal MEST after leaving. All of this was reported to law enforcement authorities and it has been investigated thoroughly. So that nobody get too excited about it, apparently, the intended op was not to have me murdered with my own gun, but instead to somehow link it to my brother’s murder thirty-one years ago, five years before the gun was even manufactured. To add irony to insanity, the gun was given to me as a gift by Miscavige and I had only shot it once on his exclusive target range at the Int base because I had to per protocol come there when invited by him. Law enforcement found out that the gun was in fact registered to Rick Aznaran, a former staff member who double hatted as Guns I/C on the base in the eighties. Incidentally, most guns – dozens of them – on the base were so registered, and David Miscavige is the ONLY person who controls, and thus effectively owns, all of them. His personal arsenal makes David Koresh look like a kid with a sling shot.

This op is typical of the buffoonery practiced under the “leadership” of David Miscavige. For those unfamiliar with the matter concerning my brother’s death, please see: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/08/13/murder-outs/

I tell you this not to frighten you, but instead to illustrate how apparencies projected by a criminal organization can appear far more sinister and threatening than they are in fact. JB – who had more than thirty years on staff – was pretty concerned about my personal physical safety (and bless him for offering to implement all manner of security measures at my home). I could have found a hole to crawl into. But Mike and I knew with certainty, from years inside the evil ops circle, that the facts JB knew were going to wind up fizzling in some comedic, albeit, sick dead end. And so, we reported it but turned most of our attention to getting the show on the road. And JB, holding his position in space against twenty coyotes sent to retrieve him, calmly observing events as they unfolded, decompressing, and learning to comfortably confront evil rather than let it get him, is living a marvelous and fulfilling life.

And so a half a year of one frustrated op after another exploding in Miscavige’s face, today Miscavige apparently is going bat-shit crazy with our success. He seems to react more violently than anything to abused pcs and pre-OTs of his group getting repaired, rehabbed and moving on LRH’s Bridge to Freedom down here. He’s on his third round of having PIs visit my preclears and Pre-OTs offering cash rewards to turn on me by saying anything bad. Two individuals, whom he believes are so newly out of the church they can still be intimidated with his bullshit, have been visited by no less than fifteen people between the two of them over the past week. He has non-tech trained people making all manner of wild stab case indications, along with single, out of context tech quotes to attempt to convince them they were “harmed” by me. One of them, Lori Hodgson, has had her teenage children used against her as missiles. They have disconnected from her with tremendous drama and stagecraft, including pleas that she make that unnecessary by turning on me. Their scripts have them try to make Lori feel as if it is Lori that is causing the disconnection. Reverse Scientology in action.

It occurred to me that if Corporate Scientology put 1/100th of the resources they do to cowing individuals busting out of their pens instead to servicing those same people in the first place, the church of Scientology would be an important, pro-survival force in society. Instead, it is a dwindling, repulsive cult.

I have told anyone wanting to come visit with me that there is a liability. The church has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to procure look out spots in my county so that they – from undercover – can spot those who come to visit me. They never show their cowardly faces of course. There is a pattern, shortly after their visit the queer disconnection ops begin on the visitor. The crime, literally is stated as “you visited Marty.” And the consequences have been largely precisely what I have informed every person in advance of their visits: they will pressure you with every connection to Radical Scientologists that you have, including particularly friends, family, and work associates.

Recently, several independents who have created a particularly large ripple effect on my blog have reported hacked email accounts and Facebook accounts. Surveillance on myself and other friends has been stepped up. Haven’t heard a peep of fear or concern on their parts. Independents are made of hearty stock. I tell them to do what they can to trace the source, but change their passwords regularly so it can’t recur.

Four of my pcs and pre-OTs have been threatened by the church with lawsuits for having been audited by me. This demonstrates just how weak Radical Scientology’s hand is. A year ago they promised prominent public members of the church that they would put me out of the running via lawsuit in short order. No suit – because they cannot even mock up a claim with even a scintilla of credibility not to be heavily sanctioned out of court. To threaten me was a joke and show trial for their fence sitting members. They intended all along to take me out via intel ops. And I guess even they know by now how nastily that has backfired. To threaten to sue the recipient of auditing is so freaking bizarre as to serve one purpose and one purpose only. To demonstrate how weak and desperate they are. Of course they swore to the St Pete Times, CNN, New York Times, and BBC that they would be sued. Where’s the beef? Right where Mike and I promised those four media outlets it would be about now – still deep within the dark recesses of Miscavige’s GPM.

The pathetic and empty nature of their threats serves as confirmation of my oft-repeated analysis: AS INDEPENDENTS BECOME MORE NUMEROUS AND COURAGEOUS, RADICAL SCIENTOLOGY’S RESOURCES TO HARASS WILL BECOME MORE DISSIPATED AND THEIR “ATTACKS” WILL BECOME LESS AND LESS EFFECTIVE. And so it has played itself out in that fashion.

But it ain’t over til the fat lady sings. And last I heard she was still tightening her girdle before making an entrance on stage. She’s a real diva at heart, but you got to love her.

The next few months are gonna get real bad for Radical Scientology. With more in-depth exposes around the corner by journalists with serious credentials , and independent Standard Scientology services proliferating, they are pulling out all stops. At this rate, within a couple months Miscavige will have virtually all of church management working on actively stopping Scientology training and auditing in the only place it is happening standardly and routinely, the Independent field.

What to do?

I can tell you what has been extremely successful for me. That may have some weight, since Miscavige has spent millions of dollars on publications and websites dubbing me the “kingpin”, and since everyone knows the “kingpin” is the only guy who can’t squeal to escape the heat, all ops are pointed in my direction. And he’s spent millions running those Wiley Coyote Ops. And in the face of that, I can’t make enough time or space to satisfy the demand for people wanting to come to Casablanca. Incidentally, that too tells me what an incredible group of strong individuals you are. Evil danger? Bring it on! Do you know how much impact Lori Hodgson, for example, has had on R/Sers by her calmly facing the atrocities they attempt to visit upon her? It is significant. And she is only the latest of dozens who have similarly confronted evil and came out stronger on the other end. I am in awe of you guys and gals.

Which leads to the handling, because my handling is what I see the likes of Lori, Christie King, Mary Jo Leavitt, Tony and Marie Joe DePhillips, et al, ad infitum successfully doing day in and day out.

They are all POWER terminals; and cannot be hurt by a pack of coward losers as exists in R/S.

Some people have debated which LRH definition of power is correct:

A. Speed of particle flow alone determines power.

B. The ability to hold one’s position in space.

In fact, they are absolutely consistent with one another. That is patently clear when one understands the woof and warp of the universe which we have jointly created. Energy and power are generated only by stable terminals. Listen to the PDC if any confusion remains.

In order for A to occur, one must achieve B.

That is why I believe LRH wrote that the World Begins With TR 0.

If you keep your eye on the ball and see their pranks for what they are they have very little impact. In fact, they can actually serve as entertainment. Don’t ever lose your sense of humor. Recognize, you are dealing with the bully at school who no matter how annoying he could make himself with threats and swagger, never could deliver a bloody nose. What happened to those types in your school? One day, they went a step too far and gave an ethical, strong person a grounds to ground the bastard.

And so don’t get all restimulated. The aim of an SP is to get into your head in order to enturbulate. The ONLY power of the SP is restimulation. If the SP can’t get in your head, he can’t restimulate and thus he is rendered POWERLESS. And you remain stable, and thus able to generate POWER.

And remain vigilant. Remember the price of freedom. And also recognize, the price of freedom does not include the injunction to “be serious.” In fact, “constant alertness” can be a lot of fun. It is about the healthiest advice anyone could give another, creepy cult bad boys lurking in the shadows or not.

And when the cowards creeping in the shadows accidentally leave their fingerprints… POUNCE.

Cause ya’ll know – and more and more R/Sers are beginning to understand – we’re sitting pretty, nine feet above their freakin’ heads.

Most importantly, do like the Old Man said to do when facing suppression: