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Tom Cruise’s Scientology Buses

Actually Dave delivered two custom tricked buses to Tom Cruise.  There was the Silver Screen, see http://marty-rathbun.com/2011/01/09/a-tom-cruise-dream-comes-true-the-silver-screen/

And while the Silver Screen was in production, the Bluebird – a temporary custom tricked bus for Tom while he waited upon completion of Dave’s slave labor force produced Silver Screen.

See the specifics below in another progress report to Miscavige.

Realize Miscavige was coordinating all this – down to special fairy slipper compartments for his personal bus delivery presentation to Tom – at the same time Miscavige was carrying out his savage tortures of Int Management personnel in the Hole,  see http://marty-rathbun.com/2010/12/06/radical-scientology-torture/

To those DM-bots who defend Miscavige with such vehemence, the likes of whom call Michael Fairman an “enemy”, remember, we know that you are basically good, and we are going to see that you come through this all right.

COB COMM RTC                                                27 July 2005



Dear Sir;

Thank you very much and I will continue to send the info reports.

Mr. Cruise arrived at the Bluebird yesterday on set and said that it was awesome – the interior upgrades and audio visual.

He really liked the message system and asked if he could have it such that he can send out messages as well – i.e. be able to type a message. This was programmed through the night so that this can be installed and tested today before he gets to the set.

He requested that a space be figured out for placement of slippers in the front of Silver Screen as he does not want any shoes on the carpet. This is figured out – there is a drawer right at the entrance which can be used for this. He also stated that no one will be allowed to enter Silver Screen other than his personal assistants.

Mr. Cruise also said that when Silver Screen arrives – he is not going to set foot in it unless COB has been in it first.

When he arrived at the base this morning at 6:10am he expressed how great it was to be here. That he went Clear and did his OT levels here and how awesome it was to have Kate here doing her Student Hat, starting her Purif – beginning her Bridge here. He was very pumped about this.

He also said that he has been listening to the Congresses and how incredible the information is and the basics he is getting as a Scientologist from them even though he has been a Scientologist 20 years, is Class IV and on OT VII there is such knowledge in the congresses it is amazing.

He will be leaving the base to go to the set in Fontana by helicopter at 7:15pm tonight.

This is ok.