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Tom Cruise’s Life Controlled by Sinister Cult

The internal Church of Scientology documents reprinted below demonstrate Tom Cruise’s personal personnel are chosen, handled and controlled by David Miscavige’s personal office.   The originator of the communication is a Church of Scientology staff member.  She works full time on Miscavige’s and Cruise’s vehicles.   The recipients of the communications are as follows:

COB Asst RTC – Shelly Miscavige (since sent to a Miscavige gulag) was Miscavige’s personal assistant for two decades and his wife. 

COB Comm RTC – Laurisse Stuckenbrock in that capacity filtered ALL of Miscavige’s communications.  She usurped Shelly Miscavige’s position when Miscavige sent his own wife to the gulag.

As one can see from the second document all upper Scientology organizations and networks are involved in assisting Miscavige control Tom Cruise’s life.  

“CCI” stands for Church of Scientology Celebrity Center International

“ASI” stands for Author Services Inc – LRH’s personal organization when he lived, now reduced to serving as an arm of Miscavige’s celebrity control network.

“RTC Rep”  the representative of Religious Technology permanently posted in Churches of Scientology around the world.  The reps are trained and conditioned to carry out the intentions of David Miscavige, even when they counter the policies of Scientology Founder L Ron Hubbard. 

I attempted to have this all play out in private, see:




However, Cruise’s personal lawyer didn’t want it that way.  Though one might not be able to comprehend such insanity,  lawyer Bert Fields is also controlled by Miscavige  along with other personal agents of Cruise, including immediate family members of Cruise.  

If this post can somehow be brought to Tom’s attention, I recommend the following to him personally.  Suggested first steps of the route out of the byzantine trap Miscavige has constructed around him:

a) Watch the original Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra.

b) Watch the remake of Manchurian Candidate with Denzel Washington.

c) Watch the entire Bourne Identity series with Matt Damon.

If you would like others to see this post – please disseminate this url, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/  .  The one listed as number one on google when searching “marty rathbun” or even the name of this blog “Moving On Up A Little Higher” was planted there by  Miscavige’s intelligence network to divert public from finding this site (that url dead ends).  That Radical Scientology operation was executed  the day after I posted another internal church document detailing Miscavige’s utter control of every aspect of Tom Cruise’s life, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/01/26/tom-cruises-scientology-buses/  

Again, pass this along to your friends, asssociates, and family, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/.

Stay tuned; this is only the tip of the iceberg.  And judging by recent events the fall out from all this promises to be rather intense.

‘The truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails’ – L Ron Hubbard


COB ASST RTC                                                                                                    13 July 2005





Dear Sir; 

In a phone call approximately 2 weeks ago you told me to get Josh handled as he had turned in his resignation to Michael Doven and I am now reporting compliance.

What was ordered:

Get Josh handled.

What was done:

Josh has been handled so as to remain at Odin.

He realized that his actions were not greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and wants to stay at Odin, be the driver and get his exchange back in with Mr. Cruise and then ask for promotion.

He has been over this with Michael Doven as regards what he is qualified for at Odin and will ask for the promotion once he feels that he has his exchange back in as well as a suitable replacement has been gotten. He definitely feels he can do more for Mr. Cruise directly on films and has communicated this to Michael.

He really wants to ensure that whoever the driver is, is qualified and can handle the motorcycles as well.

In the last 10 days he has finished Personal Values and Integrity Course, How to handle relationships with others Course, UPS AND DOWNS IN LIFE COURSE (2nd time), and how to start a successful marriage course.

He is starting STCC this weekend.

He called this evening to tell me that is staying at Odin absolutely; 2 days ago he still was undecided when he talked to me. He also thanked me for repeatedly telling him in the last couple of weeks that he was full of crap for wanting to leave and it was not the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics – as it wasn’t.

Based on his phone call tonight I wanted to send this compliance and let you know. He was extremely uptone and very happy to tell me he was staying at Odin.

This is ok.


COB ASST RTC                                                     14 July 2005






Dear Sir;

Thanks very much and I am answering your question to me concerning what Josh wants to be promoted to. CCI RTC Rep HFA is answering you separately on the questions to her.

Josh told me he wants to be Michael Doven’s Assistant i.e. be a Production Assistant on film production under him and take this load.

He feels he has experience to do this – he has been a Production Assistant on a number of other films such as One Time in Mexico, Terminator 2 etc.

He is still in a 2D with Jen Hammond in present time. She has been getting an overhaul and the RTC Rep is reviewing this and getting you a report separately on her handlings.

If anything else is needed – please let me know.


This is ok.