Happy Birthday Dan the Man!


And thanks for giving me the opportunity to share one of my favorite recordings from Jason’s old friend and mentor.  Pay it forward:

78 responses to “Happy Birthday Dan the Man!

  1. MostlyLurker

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Yvonne Schick

    Happy Birthday, Daniel! Hope it was your happiest ever.

  3. Happy Birthday Daniel!
    So many people are so proud of you! I hope you are surrounded by the genuine friendship, love and kindness you deserve. And that the cake is good!!

  4. You were a man the moment there was in you the idea of freedom.

  5. Happy Birthday and a future of many more !!!!

  6. Danny! Happy B-day, man. Life is sure looking nice for you. And I see some people I know at that table, too. Jamie, girl, you are soooo preggers! 🙂

  7. Redneck Janette from Detriot

    Looks like a beautiful celebration with a lot of beautiful people!

  8. Wow, Daniel, you are radiant! Doesn’t it feel great to be surrounded by such wonderful friends? Happy Birthday, young man!


  9. Not sure if the short URL works so here is the full one:

  10. 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday Danny! 🙂 We are glad you were born.

  12. How wonderful to see – a young man enjoying the celebration of a birthday with friends.

    I wonder if that was ever a permitted pleasure during his years in the SO?

    We know the diminutive madman makes sure his own birthday receives much attention and gift, but, such an allowance for others?… hmmmph.

  13. Eileen Clark

    Happy Birthday, Daniel!
    You are da Man!
    Nice to see you looking so well and happy. Continue!
    Love, Eileen

    Sinar, love the vid!!

  14. Impartial English Girl

    Wow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL! What a great night out that looks! The picture of Daniel smiling with his delicious-looking cake is one of the nicest photos I’ve seen in ages.

    MANY happy returns Daniel!

    IEG xxx

  15. Ditto from me, Daniel. (Beautifully said, Cat Daddy. And thanks for this additional version of Danny Boy. Loved it, very “down home” with Johnny Cash.)

  16. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Happy, Happy Birthday Danny! Looookin gooood!!

  17. Friend of Ron

    All the very very best Danny!

  18. Watching Eyes

    Happy Birthday Daniel. Great pictures.

  19. Dan……………….
    Your smile tells me all I need to know.
    Happy Birthday my man.

  20. Wishing you a very happy birthday and a great new year of your life !
    Han Solo,

  21. Happy Happy Birthday Daniel !
    …and many more to come.
    All good wishes,

  22. 生日快樂

  23. Scott Campbell

    Happy Birthday, Danny!

    And as Spock would say, “Live long and prosper”.

  24. Happy Birthday Danny. It’s good to see you having fun and smiling!

  25. Danny, Happy Birthday, you look awesome!! I am so proud of you. You have such a wonderful future ahead of you. Nice picture of all of you.

  26. What an awesome sight to see!

    Looks like you are having a fantastic birthday!

    And many more to come…

  27. Jethro Bodine

    I bet he never had a birthday like that in the sea org. I bet he’s happy to be away from all that craziness and suppression. Another rendition of Danny Boy:

  28. Tory Christman

    Hey Danny: Happy Birthday young man!~ You should be VERY proud of
    yourself, and ALL your new friends! What a great day …the day you were
    born. I love that song, too—-it’s yours, for sure.
    Have a **great** year 🙂 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  29. Have a great birthday Dan!

  30. Wish you many more!

  31. You look wonderful, happy and healthy Danny. Happy Birthday son! 🙂

  32. Awesome Happy Birthday to You! 😀

  33. one of those who see

    Happy Happy Birthday Danny!!

  34. Kathy Braceland

    Beautiful…just beautiful….

    Happy Birthday Daniel. Here’s to many, many more happy birthdays!

  35. martyrathbun09

    Kathy, check your email. Hopefully we can talk tomorrow.

  36. Happy Birthday Daniel . Looking good.

  37. That’s pretty Cat Daddy.

  38. Happy Birthday!

    1 year to go until you get to have a beer with Marty.
    Legally, that is.


  39. Happy birthday , Danny !

  40. Happy B’day, Danny, welcome to the real world.

    And Marty, since you opened the door by linking to Oh Danny Boy … that was one of my parodies.


    Oh Tommy Boy
    (to the Tune of Oh Danny Boy)

    Oh Tommy boy, the espees are a mockin’ you,
    For craziness, you can no longer hide.
    Your fans are gone, prospective roles departing,
    T’is your career that’s going down like a mudslide.

    So loose that Elron muffin of the meadow,
    Live down your antics done on Oprah’s show,
    And get out from the Dave Miscavige shadow,
    Oh Tommy boy, oh Tommy boy, its time to blow.

    Should you awake, to find your church is lying,
    And be declared, declared to be espee,
    You’ll come to find, ‘twas BS you’ve been buying,
    And you will say “Ixnay!” to Scientology.

    And you’ll explain, how Davey hath betrayed thee,
    And how revenge, in court so sweet shall be,
    Your fans again, will saith that they love thee,
    As you lament your time in Scientology.

    As you lament your time in Scientology.

  41. Happy Birthday Daniel,
    But Idle Org may be forgetting that Marty lives in redneck country. Do you think those Texans on campuses wait until they are 21? Hmmm….

  42. mark mckinstry

    Happy Birthday Daniel!!

    I worked at BPI for 19 years.. am very familiar with the workings there. Best of luck to you.

    Welcome to your new life.

    As an aside, Jason, never met you in person but hats off to you for the support you are giving. Hope to meet you soon..

  43. Virgil Samms

    Happy Birthday Danny. Just to let you know, you appear to be the kind of person who can land on his feet every time. Bank on it.

    ML Tom

  44. Very Happy Birthday Daniel. This is really rich, isn’t it?
    Linda McCarthy

  45. Happy Birthday Dan. Great to see that you are doing well.

    I noticed Jason Beghe on that first picture. great to see him too. I just watched NCIS Season 8 episode 16 (I think 16 or 17) and he is performing in it. Great actor. I loved it.

  46. Daniel,

    People here are honestly rooting for you, for your bravery and the terrific example you set.

    The SO and their leader lost one of the more valuable beings, I’d say.

    Much respect for Mr. Beghe, too. An artist on screen and in life.


  47. Happy Birthday Danny – all the best to you in this exciting year and may each year get better and better for you.

  48. Tony DePhillips

    Happy Birthday Daniel.
    Thanks for having a sack.

  49. Happy Birthday, Daniel!

  50. Daniel,
    what a relief to know you safe and amongst strong and true friends. What a lucent crowd! Happy birthday! and many many many good years to come!

  51. theo Sismanides

    Happy Birthday Danny, beautiful song you picked there! Thanks for the dedication!

    You give us a chance to see that we are not alone out here! There are people to help and there are people to fight for a cause. And you from this age got into this mess and suddenly, overnight you are not a boy anymore. You become a Man at this young age, more of a Man than many others “older” than you seemingly with more responsibility.

    And the young boy turns out to have more responsibility than them even though he is not exempt from the pressures of life and maybe even though he has even more problems than those older can imagine.

    Hang in there Danny boy, hang in there because you rehabilitate to me that failed purpose I had in the SO about all the SO children who couldn’t have a birthday or a toy of their own.

  52. Happy Birthday & many happy returns.

  53. I love that picture with you and the cake! I feel released looking at it, and I feel hope.

  54. What fabulous photos!! I love them.

    Daniel, a huge congratulations on your 20th birthday. I celebrate you along with everyone else.

    As an extra little birthday present, just know that copies of your two law suits were hand delivered today to the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, by Emma (administrator of ESMB). 🙂

  55. Happy Birthday Dan.

    I took many a bus ride with you back and forth to the QI. You were always full of that energy for life. Your picture today shows that you have 5.4X’d it.

    Welcome to the brighter side of life.

    Mr. Ed

  56. Happy birthday, Daniel!
    You are leading the reform of how children are treated by the C of $. Well done!

  57. I’m not a great fan of Marty & Mike, and I’ve made that pretty clear before now (and no, I’m not OSA or a Slappy McSavage fan!), however, I recognise a happy young man when I see one.

    Happy Birthday, Daniel.

  58. Happy Birthday Daniel! Looks like a great party. I’m so happy that you are now able to really live and enjoy your life.

  59. Cowboy Poet

    Hey Cisco,

    After leaving my birthday wish for you, I was out feeding the horses and got to thinking that that birthday party was probably the first real birthday party you’ve likely had. While I missed a few as a kid, I sure as heck didn’t miss 20 years’ worth.
    That aint right.

    You and Kit go clean their clocks on this one!
    That complaint was written by a legal scholar. You will prevail. You have people close to you that you can lean on when and if you need it—for the first time in your life.

    Sometimes it seems that things happen for a reason. I’ve seen people experience a great amount of adversity, overcome it, and they become driven to help others overcome the same adversity—they turn the experience into an advantage: a life with a purpose. (Believe there might even be a few of those on this blog.)
    It can even be having a child of your own and being the best father you possibly can.

    I have my best wishes for you, Cisco. You are in good hands. You come and see me sometime—I’d love to go on a ride with the real Cisco Kid!
    I’m dead serious—my birthday present to you, Amigo.

  60. Happy Birthday Daniel 🙂

  61. Happy birthday, Daniel!! So glad you could celebrate and share it with us. H

  62. SweetnessandLight

    Happy Birthday Dan!
    That celebration looks like it was really fun, so many wonderful smiles around the table! What a great group you have surrounding and supporting you now, and I’m so grateful for that! That red velvet cake looks Yummy, too. Thank you, to whoever took and shared the pictures with us.

    I wish you many happy returns of the day, Dan (a folksy way of saying a long and happy lifetime)! Your birthday is a great occasion for us all to celebrate the wonderful being that we know you to be, and to wish you well with all the hopes and dreams you have for a great life ahead, and wish you much joy and satisfaction in the now! You have a lot of friends and well-wishers that you have never met who are cheering for you, Daniel!

    I know that you are going to do well in life, now that you are free. Enjoy yourself, while you are “doing”… you deserve to enjoy your life, day by day, moment by moment. I hope this coming year will be wonderfully empowering for you, in fact I hope it will be the best year of your life so far! Onward and upward from here!

    Big Birthday Hugs to you, from Sweetness!

  63. Happy Birthday Daniel! And may you have many more!

  64. David from England

    Happy Birthday Dan. And here’s hoping that the years going forward more than make up for the misery you’ve had over the past few years. It certainly looks as though you have enough real friends around you to make the coming years truly wonderful for you.

    David from England

  65. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    This Blog is for YOU, Danny! ¡feliz cumpleaños! 😀

    Love and ARC,

  66. So happy for you, that is the real Total Freedom.

  67. Tony DePhillips

    Very nice Cowboy.
    And nicely said.

  68. Free at last.
    Very Happy Birthday Daniel and a very happy life!!!

  69. Daniel
    Saddened that you were denied the right to enjoy your childhood.
    Joyful that you now have a loving family and lifelong friends.
    A just reward for your courage and integrity.
    Hope you had the happiest birthday ever!

  70. Fellow Traveller

    I echo the sentiments of all those well wishers above. Whatta Axiom 10!

    By the way, would that be counsel there in the back?

    Bruce Pratt

  71. martyrathbun09

    Take him up on the offer. I’m telling you he’ll show you a pleasure moment you’ll always cherish.

  72. Yes, that was a wonderful episode. I recognized Jason in the show, although I missed the first few minutes (the credits). After Jason’s famous Leaving the Church of Scientology videos, I’d recognize that voice anywhere. Congratulations, Jason, NCIS is a great show and you did a fantastic job! Wishing you many more guest spots, culminating in your own show/movie!
    Much Love, Catherine von Ach
    P.S. Jason, thanks again for what you and your family are doing for Daniel! It shows what REAL Scientologists do for each other, and how far they are willing to take the idea of responsibility for their fellow man. (And women and children). All of you have my 100% support. Let me know if you need anything to help Daniel.

  73. Danny you rock dude!

    A big happy b-day out to ya 🙂

  74. You’re looking good, Cisco! Happy 20th! Enjoy the heck out of it!

  75. ++++ Happy Birthday young man! ++++

    It looks like, you have found some incredible friends.
    I´m very happy for you.

    Yesterday I got visit from a very special friend and celeb at my home.
    She would like to wish you all the best too.

    One Q Daniel: how it was, lets say, your last 5 birthday parties?
    Similar pleasure, gifts and wishes?
    If not, you were in the wrong place.

    Thank you so much Marty & Mike for all your doing.
    I am just amazed by your guts, esprit and compassion.

    You are giants amongst your fellow man!
    Thank you.

  76. Happy Birthday Daniel!!! All the best wishes for you!!

  77. Raul Batista

    Happy Birthday Dan.

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