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A Race Against Jail

I learned recently that the Radical Corporate Scientology (RCS) group hired a former FBI agent Corpus Christi lawyer to act on behalf of DSA Stevens Creek Org Mark Warlick (one of the four who came to my house in April and made international news with their silly antics) to lobby the San Patricio County Attorneys Office to bring criminal charges against me.  They alleged criminal mischief for my having  grabbed the microphone that John Allender stuffed in my face over my property line while he was stalking Lori Hodgson.  Of course Warlick can’t even buy himself a cup of coffee on an RCS staff member salary – so the ex-Fed fellow was obviously paid by RCS.  IAS war chest donations hard at work. Their costly efforts were unsuccessful.

Twice while in LA this past week RCS invested tremendous amounts of capital and credibility in extreme efforts to have me arrested.

Seven times in the past year the Radical Corporate Scientology organization has used expensive attorneys, off-duty cops, and the most blatant false testimony imaginable in order to have me criminally prosecuted.  Seven cases opened and seven cases closed.  Zero for seven from their perspective. Seven for seven from ours.

Some of you may have read the Scientology planted tabloid story that Daniel Montalvo brought charges against Jason Beghe for assault.  It is a blatant lie. When the dust settles on this one, I am reasonably assured that at least one member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office will be out of a job.  At least a government job.  He’ll get his pay off – as is RCS’s modus operandi – by being provided endless work making an ass of himself by chasing me and others around the country.  The point is Miscavige will stop at nothing to have Jason, Mike Rinder or me jailed.  In his sick mind it is us three who will put him in jail first, not his own conduct. In his mind, this mocked up conflict has reached doomsday proportions. Where there was once a race against the atomic bomb, in typical PAB 13 fashion, looming larger than the destruction of the world is the destruction of Dave.  The most important race, beyond Dan Sherman’s four horsemen of the apocalypse (drugs, education, immorality and crime), beyond the urgency to clear the planet and the destruction of the human race is the race against who winds up in the clink first.

During our three days in Los Angeles RCS deployed on the order of twenty full-time Private Eyes, off duty cops, OT Ambassadors and ten rental cars to stay in our faces 24/7.   Several times they employed two cars in front of our car, two on the side, and two to four cars to our rear, controlling our movement at 20 mph in a 55 mph zone; severely hampering LA traffic.  Dave Lublow  and others in his crew continually put innocent pedestrians and drivers at risk by driving up to eighty miles an hour on the wrong side of the street, running innumerable red lights and stop signs, and even driving on the Santa Monica boardwalk.  Every time we stopped for a meal, a van full of PI’s calling themselves “Freedom” journalists pulled up the rear of Lublow and got into our faces with cameras and mics.  When that didn’t impinge they brought “public” RCSers to join the party engaging in infantile public behavior, such as John Allender chiming in from the rear calling me “pussy” and the effeminate Nisbet calling me “woman.”

On Thursday we decided to lose Lublow and co so that we could get some particularly important business done without distraction.  Mike and I removed the batteries from our cell phones as we have already documented that they illegally track us through our phones’ GPS programming.  Not three blocks from Tiziano’s home, Dave Lublow used his vehicle as a missile by slamming it into our vehicle to stop us.  The police who responded gracefully held Lublow till we could get some distance.  Without the aid of GPS tracking we easily lost them.   One hour into our meeting however Mike and I were informed that both Christie in Tarpon Springs Florida and Mosey in Ingleside Texas were being ambushed at our homes, simultaneously. We recognized that they literally had OSA agents within striking distance of our homes ready to go the moment we lost the losers in LA. Nonetheless, we both fired up our phones to call our wives.  Lo and behold, an hour later when we left the high rise office building 16 PIs, OTAs, and other assorted OSA detritus were waiting in the parking garage to get in our faces – once again making total asses of themselves in front of dozens of LA accountants and lawyers and film makers in the name of the only road to total freedom.

All told, Lublow was detained by the police four times, OTAs and other OSA agents along with the PIs created bizarre public scenes across Los Angeles several times each day, Lublow and OSA lobbied heavily with false reports twice to have me incarcerated, and dozens of uninvolved innocent LA citizens had their lives put at risk.

Finally, as we arrived at the Los Angeles airport for departure yesterday, Dave Lublow sped at us, screeched to a halt, leapt from his car, positioned himself inches from Mike Rinder’s face and delivered a whining promise.  Lublow said he would be investigating Mike intensively in order to see that he is incarcerated.

All of this tells Mike and me a thing or two.

Primarily it tells us that Miscavige is losing his grip on maintaining any public veneer that he is operating anything other than an implant station that furthers its existence by mafia-like fear tactics.  He is demonstrating in real time that he is a complete criminal. That is, he cannot conceive of the consequences of his actions.  He cannot think of tomorrow – he is stuck in a living hell that he thinks is present time, but in fact is somewhere far down the track in some extremely painful incident.

The discussions Mike and I had during the trip primarily focused on 2012, 2013, and far beyond.   Miscavige’s discussions focus on the surreal now that in reality is some far back then.  “Where are they now?  Is it safe for me to go to ASI (Author Services)?  Where are they now?  Can I come down from CST (up by Rim of the World)?  Are they in jail yet?  Did the Freedom guy piss off Marty?  Well, you aren’t in his face enough – you didn’t push the buttons I told you hard enough, you cramp his space enough and he’ll push back. Did you make Rinder get into an accident yet?  Then you didn’t cut him off enough, you didn’t dirty his needle enough, you’ve got to drive the fucker off the road. Put them in jail goddamn it!  Put the motherfuckers in jail.  Fuckers, Rinder and Rathbun would have had them in jail by now!”   This is the type of drivel that issues from Miscavige as he micro-manages such antics as happened in LA this week. And the outrageousness of the performance this week was at an unprecedented level; so that the sample talk above in fact is probably quite mild compared to what really went down.

When we dropped our car off at the LAX rental agency, the grand finale resulted in Tiziano and I being surrounded by 12 PI’s, the 5 man “Freedom” crew, assorted OTA’s like Allender, and Izzy and Mary Anne Chait.  Izzy had on his script to ask why I wanted to create bad publicity for Scientology. When I pointed out what RCS was creating at that very moment, Iz couldn’t help but crack a knowing smile in acknowledgment.

As a public service and public warning I will be periodically publishing various videos documenting Miscavige’s exportation of the HOLE to the streets of Los Angeles.

In the interim, I ask that people get more active in educating others who are drinking the Kool Aid and continuing to contribute to and empower this menace to society. Even if it wasn’t such a terrible travesty that such behavior further and further discredits the philosophy of Scientology, the behavior is dangerous to the public at large.  Anyone contributing to it ought to know what their fees are buying, and how rather than halting earth’s dwindling spiral under David Miscavige RCS is greatly contributing to that descent.

Exhibit One: