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“Common Sense” Is Still Common Sense

by Michael Fairman

On January 10, 1776, Thomas Pain published his pamphlet “Common Sense”. In it he described how a society could develop a government that  operated in a state of “natural liberty”. He went on to analyze the Constitution of England and how its system of checks and balances had been corrupted so that there was absolute rule by the monarchy (King George III).  He then examined the hostilities between England and the American colonies and concluded with a sober and rational appeal that there was no other course for the colonies to take but to become independent and self determined.


On July 4, 1776, the representatives of the American colonies declared their independence from England and to this end pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. This took enormous courage and responsibility for what was to come. It  also required a clear vision for the future — a postulate for freedom and liberty.


The fundamental ideas expressed by Paine hold true for us here today.


The Church of Scientology is corrupt; and because its system of checks and balances has been purposely destroyed, the church is being ruled by a self-chosen monarch — David Miscavige. The numerous incidents of physical, emotional and spiritual abuse, alterations of Administrative and Ethics policies, alterations of Auditing and Training technologies, human trafficking, spying, etc have been discussed in detail on this blog and elsewhere. We  know what they are. Because of these circumstances, many have left the church and have publicly proclaimed their departure with varying degrees of consequences to themselves– most often very ugly and destructive.


Others have left the church and remain “under the radar”. These are well aware of what will happen should they “come out” and have possibly chosen to wait for the right moment or the right circumstance to reveal their identities. Very likely others are “sitting on the fence” perhaps waiting to see what will develop within and outside the church.


That the Independent movement is flourishing is clear. The number of people already “out” and the frantic activities of Miscavige and OSA give continuing testimony to that. What is also clear is that as more and more parishioners and staff members leave the church, either to join the Independent movement or pursue other goals, Miscavige’s power diminishes. It is only a robotic loyalty to him that sustains that power. Without that, his power evaporates.


To those of you “on the fence” and “under the radar” who may be unable to completely free yourselves of the church, ask yourselves: “Is my life moving forward and expanding?” “Am I flourishing and prospering?” “Am I still careful of what I say and to whom” “Are my actions paralyzed because of the fear of what may be done to me and my family and friends?” Then look at the following LRH references: HCOPL 18 Dec 1982 Ethics Conditions: Hang-up At Doubt; HCOB 14 Oct 1965: Potential Trouble Source, Mechanics Of, and all the other bulletins in the PTS/SP pack.


Your decision to come out, make yourselves known, and tell your stories will shatter the lies that Miscavige keeps feeding to the people who are sustaining him. He does not exist without them. Decide to become totally free and independent and choose the path you need to follow. Many will come after you, and Miscavige’s hold will begin to evaporate. It will take courage, responsibility and perseverance. It will take a clear vision for your future. The consequences may be difficult at first, but you will be free.


And if you are concerned about your eternity, Miscavige’s church does not hold that in ITS hands, the practice of standard Scientology does, and that exists all around us.


The definition of common sense is “sound practical sense (wisdom or judgement), esp. in everyday matters”: Oxford English Reference Dictionary.


Thomas Paine had the American colonists look at their everyday affairs which were governed by the suppressive and unchecked monarchy in England. He appealed to their wisdom and judgement with a factual and logical argument that their lives would be better served by breaking free of that suppression. The great majority did break free and endured the Revolution, which resulted in the freest country on the planet.


In the Church of Scientology, David Miscvige wields totalitarian power. Like every dictator before him, he has his police force, whisper campaigns and black propaganda to counter the efforts of his perceived enemies. But worse than that, he has replaced L.Ron Hubbard as Source and implemented Black Dianetics to gain control of the minds of those remaining in the church. Those who do remain are your friends and families, public and staff members, whose intention was to help improve the conditions of life for themselves and those around them (as it was yours and mine). That intention has been betrayed by Miscavige and his operation. These people need to be liberated.


Does Paine’s “Common Sense” apply here for us today? You bet. I appeal to you to use it.