A Race Against Jail

I learned recently that the Radical Corporate Scientology (RCS) group hired a former FBI agent Corpus Christi lawyer to act on behalf of DSA Stevens Creek Org Mark Warlick (one of the four who came to my house in April and made international news with their silly antics) to lobby the San Patricio County Attorneys Office to bring criminal charges against me.  They alleged criminal mischief for my having  grabbed the microphone that John Allender stuffed in my face over my property line while he was stalking Lori Hodgson.  Of course Warlick can’t even buy himself a cup of coffee on an RCS staff member salary – so the ex-Fed fellow was obviously paid by RCS.  IAS war chest donations hard at work. Their costly efforts were unsuccessful.

Twice while in LA this past week RCS invested tremendous amounts of capital and credibility in extreme efforts to have me arrested.

Seven times in the past year the Radical Corporate Scientology organization has used expensive attorneys, off-duty cops, and the most blatant false testimony imaginable in order to have me criminally prosecuted.  Seven cases opened and seven cases closed.  Zero for seven from their perspective. Seven for seven from ours.

Some of you may have read the Scientology planted tabloid story that Daniel Montalvo brought charges against Jason Beghe for assault.  It is a blatant lie. When the dust settles on this one, I am reasonably assured that at least one member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office will be out of a job.  At least a government job.  He’ll get his pay off – as is RCS’s modus operandi – by being provided endless work making an ass of himself by chasing me and others around the country.  The point is Miscavige will stop at nothing to have Jason, Mike Rinder or me jailed.  In his sick mind it is us three who will put him in jail first, not his own conduct. In his mind, this mocked up conflict has reached doomsday proportions. Where there was once a race against the atomic bomb, in typical PAB 13 fashion, looming larger than the destruction of the world is the destruction of Dave.  The most important race, beyond Dan Sherman’s four horsemen of the apocalypse (drugs, education, immorality and crime), beyond the urgency to clear the planet and the destruction of the human race is the race against who winds up in the clink first.

During our three days in Los Angeles RCS deployed on the order of twenty full-time Private Eyes, off duty cops, OT Ambassadors and ten rental cars to stay in our faces 24/7.   Several times they employed two cars in front of our car, two on the side, and two to four cars to our rear, controlling our movement at 20 mph in a 55 mph zone; severely hampering LA traffic.  Dave Lublow  and others in his crew continually put innocent pedestrians and drivers at risk by driving up to eighty miles an hour on the wrong side of the street, running innumerable red lights and stop signs, and even driving on the Santa Monica boardwalk.  Every time we stopped for a meal, a van full of PI’s calling themselves “Freedom” journalists pulled up the rear of Lublow and got into our faces with cameras and mics.  When that didn’t impinge they brought “public” RCSers to join the party engaging in infantile public behavior, such as John Allender chiming in from the rear calling me “pussy” and the effeminate Nisbet calling me “woman.”

On Thursday we decided to lose Lublow and co so that we could get some particularly important business done without distraction.  Mike and I removed the batteries from our cell phones as we have already documented that they illegally track us through our phones’ GPS programming.  Not three blocks from Tiziano’s home, Dave Lublow used his vehicle as a missile by slamming it into our vehicle to stop us.  The police who responded gracefully held Lublow till we could get some distance.  Without the aid of GPS tracking we easily lost them.   One hour into our meeting however Mike and I were informed that both Christie in Tarpon Springs Florida and Mosey in Ingleside Texas were being ambushed at our homes, simultaneously. We recognized that they literally had OSA agents within striking distance of our homes ready to go the moment we lost the losers in LA. Nonetheless, we both fired up our phones to call our wives.  Lo and behold, an hour later when we left the high rise office building 16 PIs, OTAs, and other assorted OSA detritus were waiting in the parking garage to get in our faces – once again making total asses of themselves in front of dozens of LA accountants and lawyers and film makers in the name of the only road to total freedom.

All told, Lublow was detained by the police four times, OTAs and other OSA agents along with the PIs created bizarre public scenes across Los Angeles several times each day, Lublow and OSA lobbied heavily with false reports twice to have me incarcerated, and dozens of uninvolved innocent LA citizens had their lives put at risk.

Finally, as we arrived at the Los Angeles airport for departure yesterday, Dave Lublow sped at us, screeched to a halt, leapt from his car, positioned himself inches from Mike Rinder’s face and delivered a whining promise.  Lublow said he would be investigating Mike intensively in order to see that he is incarcerated.

All of this tells Mike and me a thing or two.

Primarily it tells us that Miscavige is losing his grip on maintaining any public veneer that he is operating anything other than an implant station that furthers its existence by mafia-like fear tactics.  He is demonstrating in real time that he is a complete criminal. That is, he cannot conceive of the consequences of his actions.  He cannot think of tomorrow – he is stuck in a living hell that he thinks is present time, but in fact is somewhere far down the track in some extremely painful incident.

The discussions Mike and I had during the trip primarily focused on 2012, 2013, and far beyond.   Miscavige’s discussions focus on the surreal now that in reality is some far back then.  “Where are they now?  Is it safe for me to go to ASI (Author Services)?  Where are they now?  Can I come down from CST (up by Rim of the World)?  Are they in jail yet?  Did the Freedom guy piss off Marty?  Well, you aren’t in his face enough – you didn’t push the buttons I told you hard enough, you cramp his space enough and he’ll push back. Did you make Rinder get into an accident yet?  Then you didn’t cut him off enough, you didn’t dirty his needle enough, you’ve got to drive the fucker off the road. Put them in jail goddamn it!  Put the motherfuckers in jail.  Fuckers, Rinder and Rathbun would have had them in jail by now!”   This is the type of drivel that issues from Miscavige as he micro-manages such antics as happened in LA this week. And the outrageousness of the performance this week was at an unprecedented level; so that the sample talk above in fact is probably quite mild compared to what really went down.

When we dropped our car off at the LAX rental agency, the grand finale resulted in Tiziano and I being surrounded by 12 PI’s, the 5 man “Freedom” crew, assorted OTA’s like Allender, and Izzy and Mary Anne Chait.  Izzy had on his script to ask why I wanted to create bad publicity for Scientology. When I pointed out what RCS was creating at that very moment, Iz couldn’t help but crack a knowing smile in acknowledgment.

As a public service and public warning I will be periodically publishing various videos documenting Miscavige’s exportation of the HOLE to the streets of Los Angeles.

In the interim, I ask that people get more active in educating others who are drinking the Kool Aid and continuing to contribute to and empower this menace to society. Even if it wasn’t such a terrible travesty that such behavior further and further discredits the philosophy of Scientology, the behavior is dangerous to the public at large.  Anyone contributing to it ought to know what their fees are buying, and how rather than halting earth’s dwindling spiral under David Miscavige RCS is greatly contributing to that descent.

Exhibit One:


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  1. “In the interim, I ask that people get more active in educating others who are drinking the Kool Aid and continuing to contribute to and empower this menace to society.” MR

    There a re a lot of ways to keep on the contribution of this menace. One of those is to be “Middle class PTS” to CofS actions. Pretend to be “part of it” and mantaining the status quo. Remain in silence.

    We can´t teach others to disagree with words; it´s done with actions.
    Set a good example.
    As in the king´s speech: You have a voice.
    Never fails.

    Remember: there comes a time when silence becomes betrayal.

  2. Might be a good idea to get autonomous cell phones from Walmart or the local drug store and switch back and forth. It is surreal to think back about joining the Sea Org. Whoever thought you’d be travelling down the PCH under such ridiculous circumstaces? This all reminds me of Axiom 10: The highest purpose in this universe is the creation of an effect.

  3. It is SHOCKING how depraved these guys are!!! Wow- Marty and Mike-you guys have a lot of personal integrity and confront-Thank you for that.
    Remember, there are people here in LA that love you.

  4. Big thumbs up to both of you for your professional and measured tactics in the face of such bafoonery.

    I know DM and his traveling circus of PI butt monkeys are just hoping and praying you will cross the line, lose your cool, etc. I have to tell you, I would not remain so calm if anyone got inches from my face with clearly hostile intent. They would be staring down the barrel of a .45 with a legal warning that they will be fired on if they do not get back. But, that’s me. That, plus CA has insanely stupid gun laws.

    Lublow…..you are on the wrong side of history. Some day you will wake up and see what you are aiding. I am afraid that it will not be before you injure or kill someone. Remember, you read it here.

  5. Mike, You are as cool as a summer breeze. What blows my mind is that DM thinks he is being effective. This is definitely key stone cops on steroids. I sure hope all the loyal ‘church’ members appreciate that their donations are being put to good use. Very expensive. Time to take out a 3rd mortgage. I think DM just wants to ‘clear the planet’ of M and M. Love

  6. Marty:

    Glad to see you survived your trip to L.A.! {LOL}

    Marty, aren’t you just glad that you got the hell away from those people and out of that group? I know you are. How can anyone be happy in that church acting that way.

    I used to think all the time when I was in Scientology Marty, that it was me, not them. That was my consideration. It must be me because their already OT. It is such a lesson learned when one finally opens one’s eyes. In my case it was a miracle that I survived.

    I am happy for you and glad that you are not a part of that crazy mess anymore and still out there in the world applying LRH tech like it was meant to be applied.

    All I can say is you have me respect and love.

  7. Dear Marty, I can only say that a soap opera on afternoon TV makes more sense than the antics you have experienced. When this saga has come to its deserved end we should look into making it a script. Few dramatisations required, just some good editing to take the boring parts out of it, otherwise it its all there. I have always said that there would be a soap concerning Scientology one day. Well, it is being written right now. I like stories that have a good ending. Let’s hurry it up!

  8. Even though not out yet offivially, (have to wait for valid reason), I have educated a few folks, even restored a once declared person to my circle of friends. I always felt that the declare was a farce.
    A little less fear and some more granting of beingness go a long way. There are a still a lot of folks sitting on the fence, but I am confident that they will move eventually, hopefully sooner than later.

  9. SaveTheTech


    Right on Roberto….MR’s advice to educate Kool Aid drinkers is all about just communicating what you have learned on this blog. And, your advice that silence can become betrayal over time is very true: Knowledge Responsibility Control… when you gain the Knowledge but do not take Responsibility for it, it’s a downhill from there.

    Roberto, my next “action” is to pay for a full time cameraman to accompany M & M on their next trip to LA.

  10. The more I think about this post the larger the out-points loom.

    It used to be that Scientology stood for freedom. Certainly LRH stood for freedom. Not just spiritual freedom but freedom on a broader scale. Because LRH knew that anyone that fought spiritual freedom would be the cause of broader suppression on this planet. That Scientology naturally ran into and ran out the vested interests that sought to fight it.

    So LRH and many Scientologists worked for decades to attain some kind of stability on this damn planet and they were opposed every step of the way from 1950 onwards. It became a tradition, a rallying call – freedom. Much work was done. And vast intelligence files were created using the LRH cross-filing system designed to uncover the common denominators of planetary suppression. In time these were passed to OSA.

    But instead of carrying on the vital work, the LRH’s tradition — representing real freedom and bringing it to Earth, a safe space in which the 4th dynamic engram could be audited out, their commaner-in-chief (Miscavige) has OSA protecting his own sorry ass by working 24/7 to keep Radical Scientologists in line which clearly includes chasing Mike and Marty around LA, a laughable but dangerous game of charades.

    Today I reread all the LRH confidential instructions about this planet and what should be done – yes OSA, even that material is out here. And I can say categorically: OSA you are a freeking disgrace. You know what you should be working on. Instead you are nothing more than sleazy secret police supporting a tin pot dictator.

    A total betrayal of LRH.

    It’s time you started started working for LRH, your instructions came from him.

    Haydn James

  11. martyrathbun09


  12. martyrathbun09

    Agreed and thank you.

  13. It had me puzzled.

    “Some of you may have read the Scientology planted tabloid story that Daniel Montalvo brought charges against Jason Beghe for assault. It is a blatant lie. When the dust settles on this one, I am reasonably assured that at least one member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office will be out of a job.”

  14. Marty & Mike,

    In the words of Bill Dendiu,..these guys “are like a dog chasing a car down the freeway”. Lots of action.. very little thought. Kind of scary that the only effective action they can think of mustering is following you around. Really, a dog does have more sense than that. But then again, he isn’t being paid like they are.

    As to your advice about educating the kool aid drinkers,I had two old Scn friends contact me this week via facebook.. referred them both to your site. Told them that I was happy to communicate with them, but that I did not agree with disconnecting from anyone.

    I have been in Izzy Chait’s shoes before. Being ordered to do something you know is insane. Good on impinging on him and getting the smile.

    Just being yourselves and continuing to prosper is impinging. The foundation of the house of cards is eroding rapidly.

    The 4th of July should be interesting…Maybe they will use helicopters and drop leaflets or use bullhorns… can’t wait.

    Carry on…

  15. Robert Earle

    WOW! These bozos are so so so so stupid to continue to attempt to execute DMs ambitions. How feakin stupid do you have to be . They spy to get the “hot scoop” on what you are up to. When they get the info (which should with anyone not a total robot to DM result in them turning their back on DM and leaving ) they robotically continue their march over the cliff. What a pathetic group of robotic goons.
    Glad you had a nice visit in LA Marty and Mike and good to have you back home. Bob Earle PS I’ll be compiling a list of former friends who were or are in the C of S and getting them genned in if they aren’t already.

  16. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, or as Jay Z says, “you know the type, loud as a motorbike, but wouldn’t break a grape in a fruit fight.”

  17. I think the release of OT IX no longer is based on St. Hill size for all orgs.. it is probably now.. “once Mike and Marty are silenced”. Why else are people like Izzy Chait involved?

    How introverted can a organization get?

  18. Another prime example of truth being stranger than fiction. When will this madness end? Is there no self-determinism left among C os parishioners? Just a bunch of mindless degraded robots? Disgusting.

  19. Right on Roberto, we all do have a voice and it is time for all to raise up.
    There are no reasons to stay quiet.

  20. Ok.

    Let´s wait a little bit more for a very valid reason.
    Totally agree on that.
    No valid reasons so far.

    A lot of folks sitting on the fence.
    A lot more inside the ring.
    The punches are very different inside the ring that outside the ring. Some people are in the fence (out of the ring and as far away as possible) and don´t even realize they are in the fence.
    They think they are in the ring.
    That is called DUB-IN the last time I saw.

    Some people are just cheerleaders of the football team and others are inside receiving the impacts.


  21. I have been to the Chaits expensive store in Beverly Hills-I’m sure he is a major donor. Here he is degrading himself-he is so out of place. Maybe he had to do some lowers to continue his implant.

  22. Marty and Mike wow you had some excitement. This type of behavior on the part of RCS is depraved. The thought of anyone staying in this group shows me that they never got what Scientology has to offer.

  23. David Miscavige is a physical, mental and spiritual eunuch.

    Nine words or less.

  24. That would be good.

    That way they can get rid of some of that “noise” and carry on the task.

    How about to pay for a “cholo vato loco” from downtown LA to kick some asses too?
    That way they would learn not to mess with the M&M´s (joke)

  25. SaveTheTech

    You’re welcome Marty…
    Any volunteers can contact Marty. But, the Marty and Mike videos are definitely in my budget!

  26. It’s a good idea Mike & Marty document any harassment they may do with a video camera.

  27. Mike Hobson

    Marty & Mike: I don’t know if this information might be of any use to you, but you should know that Cal Trans has *hundreds* of surveillance cameras around the freeways and major streets of Los Angeles. I’m fairly certain these are all recorded and archived. Perhaps you could use FOIA and obtain some video of this insanity, provided the date/time and location are known.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  28. becomingAware

    Appalling behavior but now that I think about it, predicable. And as you have said it will get more intense.

    What I find most disturbing is the number of people that he finds to play his crazy game.

    M&M – My hat is off. You two can really hold your space against insanity!

    In MY opinion with only MY gut feeling as the basis – the game is not what he thinks it is – get M&M. The game is he really playing and does not realize it is how fast can I make myself such a liablity that my handlers will replace me. In other words he is lessing his power and usefullness every day and will soon become a cast off. How this happens will be extremely interesting. Once upon a time I thought DM was intelligent. Perhaps he was once.

    David Lingenfelter

  29. scilonschools

    In a bizzare way this reminded me of the old ‘Ticker Tape’ Parades as ‘The Heros’ returned home!

  30. Yes Carol.
    It fucking is about time!

    Wake upppp!!!!!!

    Bunch of stammers. Independents with nicknames.
    How independent is that?
    Not even having the balls to stand up.

    I´m not mad.

    You stammers should be mad…

    I don´t give a fuck the opinion you have of me.
    I don´t give a fuck if you tink I´m out-list, W/H, -tone or any button some of you try to push on me to get me on silence and let you chat and chat and cry here in peace.

    Get a fucking life or stand up at once. This is a war and you are looking at it as this is a movie.

    Bunch of cowards.

    Now you can start to criticize me…


    And maybe some day you would get enough guts to criticize me and also; to stand up.

  31. A .45 on your hands Centurion?
    To confront a PI?

  32. Good post Haydn …

    These guys are a bunch of bungling fools – wanna be spies pulling stupid pranks which constantly backfire on them. Meanwhile they bend over for a tin pot dictator and try to convince the public how ethical they are.

    These guys have totally lost their purpose and the one LRH set out. Makes me wonder why OSA & the IAS members got into Scientology in the first place.

    David Miscavige, OSA & IAS = The Footbullet Gang

    Looks good on ya, Davey! LOL

    It sure the hell wasn’t this I bet.

  33. oopsy .. that last line should be after the 3rd paragraph

  34. Quote ” Once upon a time I thought DM was intelligent. Perhaps he was once.”

    Hilarious David!

    To me, he’s one sick little calculating psychotic.

    He uses force & degradation to make up for his lack of theta.

    A leader amongst men? Never.

  35. “I think he’s afraid of everything”.

    Words of wisdom Lloyd, words of wisdom.

    It’s only a matter of time Dave. Round the labryinth you go, soon, you stop, exhausted and then it is over, as it chills, and chills. Not to a Static. But to Absolute Zero. Froze, me b’y, roit some cold, wha’.

  36. More than a year ago I wrote an essay on DM’s lust for personal and immediate gratification, while he was reckless and thoughtless of long range consequences.

    One could argue that most criminals have no ability to think in futures. Does a Bank Robber visualize or calculate the prison time for his actions ? He gets the immediate gratification of instant money but does not consider the fact that he will live like a caged animal for he next 30 years once caught. It is of record that ALL bank robbers get caught in due course, but the Bank Robber does not think in futures and thinks he can outwit the Law.

    Miscavige thinks only of his immediate gratification. Giddy with Power ~~ ability to bankroll with complete authority Parishioner funds, IAS Reserves, Super Power Building Reserves, Book accounts, he can give a free white glove pass 0f unlimited resources to hire dirty cops, dirty PIs via dirty Lawyers to play out his INTENTIONS TO DESTROY.

    +++++destroy the legacy of the technology.
    +++++destroy the “Religion” of Scientology while morphing it into a cult.
    +++++ destroy relationships by enforcing disconnection.
    +++++destroy the lives of those around him by overwhelm and humiliation.
    +++++destroy any repute of a “Church” by dirty tricks, by enforcing OSA to go down and dirty. (how dirty do they get ?)
    +++++ Attempt to incessantly harass via PIs, disconnection, spreading rumors, slanderous internet sites.

    “I am equivalent to the POPE” DM tells Tommy Davis.

    “Pope “indeed.

  37. Well, well, quite the rant. Want to forvce me out prematurely?
    My reason is a legal situation. Sometimes intelligence demands precise timing. Insults and attacks do not accomplish anything.
    And by the way, I have taken shots from the inside and the outside for 37 years.
    I guess you shut me up until I can come out.

  38. The ironic thing is that Miscavige could easily handle this terrible and frightening situation he finds himself in by applying Scientology in about two minutes. All the data he needs to fully handle this thing that he is spending millions on is in the most basic fundamentals of Scientology and could be learned in about ten minutes of study, or even looking at pictures in that Div 6 Scientology picture book thing.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Great post Karen.

  40. Not a PI that is conducting a cordial conversation. But, allowing someone to come that close to you, in a hostile fashion, is not smart. In this case, Mike knew the guy, and knew he was not going to harm him with deadly force, and didn’t need to resort to such matters, and I understand that. However, if he was indeed face to face, that close, I would have pushed him away. You are allowed to protect and defend yourself if you feel threatened.

    However, Senior Nunez, if a complete stranger acted in such a way, with hostile intent, well, it is not smart to wait and just see what he does. Better to be judged by 12 (jury) than carried away by 4 (coroner’s office).

    Any, this thread is not about my feelings on self defense. So, enough for now. Thanks for your question.

  41. Robert Earle

    For the benefit of Trolls following the blog. I recommend a technical article written by L Ron Hubbard . Dated 10 May 1972. In this article Ron gives a scale. The top of the scale is “Pan-determined”, next below it is “Self-determined” . The next 2 items on the scale are bracketed together with the side note “Robot band” the items are “Other-determined” followed by “Oblivious”. This is an excellent article which I highly recommend. I will leave it to you to pick where you are on this scale. If I were you I wouldn’t be sitting around following a bunch of stupid orders. Of course if you truely are unable to differentiate what orders you get which are stupid (or evil) then you may disregard this LRH article. It’s found in your tech volumes under the title “Robotism”. A steady diet of other determinism can be harmful to your health. (see below)
    The lowest on the scale just below robot is “insane”. That’s the point on the scale that those orders you get from the “top” come from. You decide whether to remain a troll or step into freedom.

  42. Awesome as usual, Mr T Paine!

  43. That was the best line of the video!!!

  44. Yes, the promise of freedom, the scientific approach, that is why I joined Scientology. Now it is the worst game of organised religion I can imagine.

  45. Hey, W. I am under the radar for valid reasons as well – and I feel very welcome here – glad to be here, really. Marty, Karen and a few others know who I am. It can be very strategic to remain a mystery.

  46. I stand with you Roberto.

    ML Tom

  47. Haydn, your posts are too infrequent. I miss your sanity. This post was refresningly exteriorizing.

    ML Tom

  48. Mike Hobson

    What’s the matter with you, pal?

    Are your TRs so piss-poor that you require deadly force as a via to confront someone?

    Or are you just trying to make us Independents look like a bunch of trigger-happy nut jobs?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist.

  49. Marty, Mike, keep punching at the bag. Keep the bullbait going. Bob and weave. Reach and withdraw. Rope-a-dope because when you get TA like this we get more indies popping up. Two more in the last couple of days surfaced. Long-timers.

    On another note – watching all these PIs, OT Asses and OSA freaks following insane orders is just watching insanity. It is rather hard to watch without getting that sick feeling in the stomach.

    ML Tom

  50. becomingAware

    A 1.1 comment I made. Could have said it better. As others have said and I agree with, he is not in PT and the lack of awareness has had its impact on him. Unfortunately the impact has been poorly contained and has affected others on a broad number of dynamics.

    Mike and Marty and others are working to contain the damage and are being hit for it. Looking forward to a near future discussion on how this can be spread about more.


  51. becomingAware



  52. MQ — Dont be too concerned. We allow them to know what we want them to know and they dont have a clue what they are in the dark about. RS thinks LaBlow is really slick. He doesnt know anything really, except for one thing. How to milk the fools that keep paying him. I asked him if anyone ever notices that ALL he does it continue to “investigate” and never get anything done. Didnt seem to have a good answer to that — but he does have a healthy bank account and that is filled with money given by Scientologists thinking they are helping the world (or themeselves)….

  53. Thanks Ingrid. Its nice to know that you and so many others are there….

  54. Haydn — you’re spot on as usual.

  55. Bob — The REALLY stupid ones are the people that continue to pay for this. The PI’s are getting paid $50 an hour to do this. If I was an immoral, low paid LA cop with no future prospects in life I would be happy to drive around LA (even if I looked like a fool with a bandanna — or later a hockey goalie mask!) as long as the checks kept coming.

  56. Un-freaking-believable, again. Five cars – big SUVs and things, and gas at over 4 bucks per gallon. Maybe next time, fly to Vegas and drive to LA. Imagine the gas bills they’ll have! Plus, we get them crossing state lines again!

  57. M & M , the story seems like “Lethal Weapon 5” script with wild chase scenes in LA, with lots of bad guys popping up in every corner.

    Stalking & harassment on you guys for 3 days, plus the stalking & harassment in Texas and Florida in concert by the RCS mob seems to be a Fed crime, adding another addition to their ongoing investigation.

    Next time, let me know and I will pick up a couple of disposable cell phones so it would be more difficult for LowBlow to do his dirty deeds, I mean job.

  58. Karen,

    I agree with you 100%.

    He CANNOT think in futures at all. He THINKS he is in PT.

    Happily, he lives an unhappy life — hiding from the media, terrified that “Mike and Marty” might sneak up on him, hiding from being found out about his crimes. All those around him, he is sure, are actively trying to destroy him at worst and make his life miserable at best. As each week goes by he becomes more and more a recluse.

    The only thing wrong is that he continues to decieve people and rather than being helped with Scientology they are being driven into a state of inability to think unless told how.

    But as far as Miscavige is concerned, he deserves every second of the personal anguish, pain and suffering that he visits upon himself (while blaming everyone else).

  59. Sinar — as I commented to someone else, they dont learn anything we dont want them to know. We have a supply of disposable phones that are in regular use. So, not only do they know what we want them to know, they also dont know what is misinformation. But don’t tell them, OK?

  60. Mark Fisher

    Marty and Mike, Coincedentally, I happened to be in LA at the same time you were and tried to create a diversion for you and yank DM’s chain a little by doing that interview with Tory on Thursday.

    This resulted in some other opportunities and actions to bring more awareness to the public about what is going on and how crazy DM, Dave Lebow and all those OSA and PI’s are.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the 4th of July weekend. Lake Livingston is pretty remote, so these bozos should stand out like a sore thumb!

  61. Mark Fisher

    Mike, I am convinced that DM could not sit in a room with you, Marty and the many others who know what LRH’s true intentions are without trying to blow the scene or go completely insane. He can’t confront us one on one, so has to try and “overwhelm” with all these paid agents and PI’s to do his dirty work for him.

    He is pure and simply a coward.

  62. Tom — agreed. We commented to ourselves a few times how terribly sad this all is. Bears no resemblance to Scientology, but they use the name though soon any goodwill it may have had will have been squandered by Dear Leader and his lunatic minions. Everywhere we went, when we told people who the clowns were — from cops and parking attendants to waiters and other customers — the mere mention that these people were sent by the Church of Scientology brought knowing nods and increased derision. “What a bunch of nutjobs” were the words of one of the cops — and that about sums it up.

  63. scilonschools

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

  64. Shining Star

    You guys do an incredible job. It is obvious that the more people they hire to follow you guys, the more scared and paranoid MisCrazy is becoming. Keep up the great work. We’re all here flowing theta energy to you all…

  65. I so totally agree. For OSA members, some of whom have been around for nearly 30 years, these antics are so off-policy, so wrong-target, so off-purpose, so destructive, so out PR – a betrayal of LRH.

    OSA staff: If you are being bypassed, and you know this is wrong… do what is right.

    former GO

  66. Mark — that is 100% accurate.

    Part of the reason for this over the top psychosis was they had orders that they were to know where we were 24/7, so when Dear Leader called in and asked for an update, they could give the cross streets. I used to get calls back in CLearwater when Bob Minton was there: “Is it safe for COB to come to the WB” and if I didnt know where Minton was, the consequences would be severe. Minton knew virtually nothing. Can you imagine how threatened little Dave feels when Marty or I are around (when he is here for an event, I always know because the increased attention I recieve) — and how it goes into hyperdrive when we are together.

    So, they had to know everry minute. I can’t imagine what LaBlow’s life was like during the times he DIDNT know where we were. Just for fun, one of those times I confronted him all alone coming out of the HGB parking lot to walk over to the HGB to report in to his OSA handlers. As I told him “Bad day for you Dave (further details will unfold) and now the last thing you have to do is report in that I am outside on the street and you didnt know I was here, let alone that I could confront you without all your “backups” and without your two cameramen.” As the old saying goes, he didnt know whether to shit or wind his watch.

  67. Tony DePhillips


  68. Speaking of Tommy Davis, where has he been lately? It’s been kind of quiet on that front. Maybe he has begun to see who he is working for.

  69. Tony DePhillips

    Marty and Mike, you guys are awesome!!
    It is really impressive to see you two savvy individuals doing this valuable work and staying so cool. I think I would blow a gasket.
    Isn’t there some way to report this to the FBI or some other agency if RCS has cops on their payroll and are blatantly violating the law in California with impunity??
    Another thing is that I thought little davey miss savage said you guys were not very important and trivial?? For being so trivial they sure seem to be utterly fixated on you both.
    Anyways, thanks again for all you do.
    I think at the Indy party we should think of ways to get more people participating such as doing a protest in front of the local Org or at ASHO, Flag wherever and get the Bots in lockdown mode again the way they were when we all went to the Starbucks in Clearwater that time. Hillarious.
    Also for those sitting on the fence, under the radar, etc. I understand your dilema. And I don’t think invalidation is the answer. I think coaxing you to come out asap is the best approach. If you can do it GREAT!! It will help the others who are out and the ones who are taking some heat. Otherwise if you really can’t do it now then do some other things and let us know what you are doing. Send hush mails to people on lines and let them know what is going on, etc.
    It really isn’t cool to be a spectator in this thing. I know a lot of you are NOT spectators, but some are, and I think it is those people that some BPC is occasionally directed to.

  70. Robert- Great reference

  71. Tony DePhillips

    I salute you Mike!!

  72. Tony DePhillips

    I have been wanting to know this for awhile now too…

  73. scilonschools

    I do love Mr Rinder’s explanations of DM’s thought process’s (and ability to use in his(MR) favor)
    What’s the expression “Poacher turned Gamekeeper”!!

  74. Hi:

    You will do the right thing by maintaining your integrity, regardless as to what anyone here or elsewhere says you ‘should’ do.

    When you can safely stand, it’ll be good to hear from you.

  75. Gee Roberto,

    Ron used a false name when he lived in Creston.

    He also worked under cover in the ONI.

    Are you saying that the Ol’man was chicken too?

    Personally I don’t understand why you question peoples ****right**** to anonymity even for personal reasons even if not for reasons of ***security***.

    Obviously you haven’t read Sun Tzu’s Art of War

    Here read it:


    However common sense would dictate not to claim you are with “the enemy” while you are any where near or within the actual enemy’s.

    It may be *brave*.

    But it’s suicidal and stupid.

  76. scilonschools

    Mike if you ever decide to write an anecdotal book of your time working for DM, put me in for an advance copy, i think i would read it cover to cover wothout even breathing!
    possible title ” A Boss from Hell” ?

  77. Excellent work, gentlemen!

    DM is one toke over the line now.

    Won’t be long…

  78. +2 Haydn.

  79. Dear Marty and Mike;

    You know, I do worry about you guys sometimes. You two are taking the heat for all of us, and I’m sitting back here seemingly unable to help take any of the heat off you. I feel as if a very great battle is being waged and I’m sitting on the sidelines being a spectator, a broken piece, when I ache to be out on the field, doing my part.

    Having said all that, I do get the sense from both your posts that you guys are like a cat playing with a mouse. It seems to me that you are so far above what these rascals are doing, pandetermined I think is the word I’m looking for, maybe my concern is unjustified.

    However, unjustified or not, I personally wish that I could help contribute more to the enterprise. Maybe someday I can move to LA and help out, or Texas, wherever. I don’t know what I could do, maybe find and org and throw stones at it or something …

  80. 2012, 2013, 2014… it won’t be long until DM is no longer free to dramatize being a psychotic nut job and a menace to the human race. He’s madly burying himself. It’s nice to know that down there with him will be his patsy Dave Leblow — who will never recover from his overts. My opinion.

    Perhaps we should start calling Leblow, “Patsy” since that’s what he is.

  81. Ideal Morgue

    Keep up the good work, M & M. These sort of documentation of the harrasment efforts of RCS should be exposed. Probably the most ridiculous thing that RCS accused M & M of is “creating bad PR for Scientology”. They are simply documenting the abuses, fraud, extortion, blackmail, stalking and other harrasment of RCS. The great enemy of Scientology today is not M&M, some government agency, or even “the psychs”, it is David Miscavige and his band of kool-aid drinkers known as “Radical Corporate Scientology”. They create “bad PR” on almost a minute-by-minute basis.

    What’s really ironic is that most of RCS’s actions to stop “bad PR” just wind up creating even worse PR. Didn’t the President of CCHR International and IAS Freedom Medal winner Jan Eastgate just get arrested for perversion of justice in her attempt to stop bad PR for RCS? “Bad PR” for RCS really is synonomous with “fraud and abuse exposed”, and why would one want to defend an organization that tries to cover up it’s fraud and abuse?

    BTW Roberto, take the chill pill. I have to agree with Grasshopper on this one. Coming “out” is a personal choice on this one. I too have valid reasons for staying “undercover”, and will not “come out” just because of someone’s accusative (possibily drunk) rant. This is just the type of high-force make-wrong that Miscavige and RCS would emply to get someone to do something. I can hear just hear an OTA like John Allender baiting someone to reveal their identity – “come on pussy, take your mask off” (so I can take your picture). I will continue to remain undercover until, based on the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics, it makes sense to reveal my identity. Also, there’s nothing cowardly about being anonymous when there’s a good reason for it. I can think of many instances in history when some of the best/most effective operations have been done through undercover/anonymous means, e.g. the “Underground Railroad”, the French Resistance, etc.

    BTW, I believe the DSA at Stevens Creek is still Darlene Bright, not Mark Warlick, assuming she hasn’t blown or been busted from post. One could verify this by calling the Stevens Creek org, if someone is so inclined @ (408) 383-9400 (assuming they can still afford a receptionist). They have a nice Ideal Morgue:


    (interesting – from looking at the URL above, the tour of their ideal morgue is under the “bodies” section of their web site – did they mean dead bodies? 😉

  82. Joe Pendleton

    Ingrid, you’re right. It really IS kind of shocking (that’s how I felt when I first started seeing these videos last year). The most shocking part though is the absolute stupidity involved. LRH talks about this in HCO B “Manners.” There is actually an “American ethic/set of values” if you want to call it that (or “ethnic”). Among other qualities, we both admire and demand really a respect for our private space and liberty (goes back to the Tom Paine days – “don’t tread on me”) and a cultural dislike of bullies as well. These antics, as they get viewed by the general public, will result in a MUCH worse PR scene than Miscavige&Co can even IMAGINE. This reality of the CofS will be roundly rejected AND ridiculed (it will just be accepted soon as a given by the general public that Scientology is a cult to stay away from). If you think Cruise and Travolta are avoiding being positioned with Scientology NOW, just wait a while……..

    This boorish, un-Scientological and un-American behavior is almost a death wish of sorts.

    Prediction: Right now, somewhere in the Sea Org…probably at Int Base…there are 4 or 5 bold young executives, who are currently pondering whether to and how to, take down Davey. And by the way, this would NOT be very difficult to do. Get a room prepared with a bed and toilet, sound proofed, hidden away……get Davey down there on a ruse, or just spirit him down there when the coast is clear. Inform him that he is in the RPF, keep him TOTALLY isolated and let him know that he will remain there until he gives up all his financial crimes and the bank accounts are all turned over. Within 48 hours, announce internationally that he as been removed from post due to crimes against Scientology, announce the abolition of the RPF, full financial resitution for every year people were in the RPF, cancel all ethics orders for past 20 years and announce that Scientology First Policy is now in force (and a number of other reforms I can go over if anyone is interested).

    Think this can’t be done? Well, you would need those 4 or 5 bold in-action SO execs? Do they exist? Do they, Davey?

    One more thing. Any OSA folks reading this? This message is for YOU, my OSA friend (40 plus years, including your service in the GO). I’m not gonna mention your name here. You KNOW who you are. You’re one of the best and most caring people to have ever been in the Sea Org. You are TOO fucking sharp to not know what is going on and you MUST deplore what has happened to the church. So, do something about. For your OWN self respect and for your friends in the SO. Reach out to me if you want to.

  83. Roberto,
    The only one that can bring down Davey is Davey himself and he’s doing a wonderful job. Speeding up his selfdestruction by giving him motivators with blunt force is o.k. but adding intelligence into the equation is unbeatable.

  84. Right, Davey wouldn’t want anything more than one of his PI’s killed by an Indy. But we’re not going to do it, so soon he’ll be staging it.

  85. Sapere Aude

    The dear OSA staff are working so hard … They truly are being bypassed. Maybe some reminder on their instant hatting.

    OSA staff; LRH did give you a purpose and a direction for your actions regarding PR. Clearly stated – Central Office of LRH ED 269 of 26 January 1975 “I am shifting PR gears in the direction of not making Scientology “acceptable” but INDISPENSABLE. This is being changed with the GO and will make a difference of approach.” Written by LRH with no assistance and never modified, revised nor cancelled.

    Your PR not only makes your group UN-acceptable, but leaves such a bad taste by all who contact it that you are anything but indispensable. Maybe you should clay demo how the subject of Scientology is INDISPENSABLE; and how COB and all non LRH policy org board and personnel postings are all dispensable.

    Then you can see for yourself that your non-standard “handlings” are all dispensable and off-purpose.

  86. Well spoken.
    I’m very interested in the confidential LRH instructions for this planet. Could you post, link or mail them? You see, those instructions are not safe unpublished. It may be that publication will make the Church look bad but that’s perfectly fine.

  87. Yep, and Travolta, Cruise and friends who are usually pretty noisy when it comes to either protecting or expanding the Church, have been pretty quiet as well. Reading up on this blog takes some doing……..

  88. Church of Scientology Organizations the world over are insolvent. Their staff members are paid less that a living wage ( and in many cases less than minimum wage ) while forced to work far in excess of a full time work week under threat of punishment.

    Sea Organization members are overworked, sleep deprived, malnourished, and living under constant emotional duress, threat of physical punishment and often times physical punishment. Many of them are being detained against their will as I write this tonight. These Sea Org members are paid less than $50US per week and are not allowed to communicate freely to family members and loved ones, let alone have any unmonitored personal time. Slavery and human trafficking are the orders of the day in the slave camps of Clearwater, Florida; Hemet, California and Los Angeles, California. What of their Human Rights?

    Meanwhile, the taxes demanded of glib parishioners go to funding a troop of thugs enlisted to intimidate some individuals who had enough of the abuse and decided to leave. These individuals are not allowed by a madman and his disciples to freely associate with whom they choose nor practice their chosen professions. The rights granted to Marty and Mike by the U.S. Bill of Rights are being violated.

    The Church of Scientology is not L. Ron Hubbard’s brand of Scientology. The Religious Technology Center (RTC), while utterly failing at its stated purpose to “Protect the public from misapplication of the technology and to see that the religious technologies of Dianetics and Scientology remain in proper hands and are properly ministered”, executes the edicts of a madman named David Miscavige.

    The Sea Organization has utterly failed to safeguard the OT Levels or put Ethics in on the planet. They cannot put their own Ethics in.

    The Church of Scientology is a Cult on steroids.

  89. scilonschools

    On that note , does anybody here think DM has seen or has any understanding of this film NOT ‘sponsored’ by him?
    Note reference from 3 years ago “Scientology in it’s PRESENT form”

  90. Joe Pendleton

    Though I have said previously what my email address is, I shouldn’t preume that it is well known. It is joependleton16@yahoo.com

  91. @Cat Daddy – I’m surprised you are puzzled, of all people you are usually way ahead of the skinny line.

    In any case, if you google Scientology then click on google news you see the bit about Jason and Daniel. Village Voice seems to be the only one not suckered into this fabrication. And BTW VV sheds light on why dm wasn’t happy with M+M being in LA.

    I check google news Scientology usually once a day!

    Or were you kidding Cat Daddy about being confused?


  92. Scott Campbell

    I gotta vote with Roberto and Tom on this one.

    Doing an A = A on some past track incident where one felt served in some way by going into the tone level of “Hiding” is not a sane approach to the problem we are addressing in PT.

    To those who remain at this tone level in the face of suppression I would only say, “Come up to present time!”.


  93. “In the interim, I ask that people get more active in educating others who are drinking the Kool Aid and continuing to contribute to and empower this menace to society.”

    Yes yes yes. From previous thread, in the Alice in Wonderland world of OSA they are trying to get ME on a charge of HARASSMENT for delivering a flippin’ letter while they do this stuff?? Come on, Peter, what are you waiting for? Bring charges. As I told you, I’m ready. We’ll see who has been harassing who.

    Lurkers – this is YOUR millions that are being spunked away here. YOUR money is being used to harass and endanger the public. Here’s a real simple thing you can do: The IAS is a membership organisation, right? Meaning the members own it. Remember all those posters in the Orgs saying “Who are the IAS – we are!”? Well, since you own it, ask the IAS staff for a copy of the last 3 years audited accounts so you know exactly where your money has gone. And keep asking. Tell them you’ll selll your house and get all your friends to do the same just as soon as you’ve seen verified audited accounts. A very reasonable request.

  94. now u both know how other people have felt when u were doing same…..
    big hello from Croatia.

  95. As said before:
    All loyal officers to dm´s out ethics and squirrel game are in TREASON to LRH.
    OSA: a) Clay demo the Treason condition and it´s handling.
    b) Move up the conditions from Treason.

  96. Scott Campbell

    If you think Izzy is degrading himself by chasing Marty and Mike around, that ain’t nuthin’. You should hear him sing…

    Yeah, I know. Cheap shot. But Iz, you should be ashamed of yourself – for more reasons than one!

    Ooooh. Another one! Somebody stop me!

  97. Mike and Marty,
    Love the video. You are both so obviously anxious, distraught and impacted by the antics of these monkeys — NOT.
    Just love it.
    Yes — DM is scared of everything. But the two of you have him absolutely PETRIFIED.

  98. Yes, dm is also basically good, so he will be his own Executioner.
    He is in Enemy to himself and the world.
    But can´t se it, he is mental blind because of his O/W´s.

  99. Hey Marty,
    The next time you come to LA, I would love to trail around with you and get the full RTC experience.
    I was suspicious of the Montalvo story. Too many unexplained holes people were trying to fill in with speculation. Good to know.
    BREAKING NEWS! This just in, TMZ does not vet its sources or research stories given them by Scientology, Inc.

  100. Most likely he’s been temporarily retired and sent in for reprogramming.

  101. Sweet!

  102. My ex husband Placido Domingo (Jr.) struck a blow for the rights of Scientologists by publicly challenging the Koolaid drinkers on Facebook to stand up and tell him they were intending to disconnect from him because he was exercising his rights to freedom of religion, thought and speech.
    I am forwarding a copy of his last comment and video for everyone to see as his actions should be acknowledged and are very pertinent to the subject matter of this post.
    Placi – Bravo!
    “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

  103. OSA – Stay away from Placi, his girlfriend and our family. It’s over.

  104. Perhaps on vacation in the Hole?

  105. Mike, YOU know and can apply Sun Tzu.
    Dear Leader is too blind to duplicate Sun Tzu.

  106. To Marty, Mosey, Mike and Christie ♥

  107. Marty, two comments:

    1. Now, that’s funny! David Miscavige is lobbying the San Patricio Attorney’s Office to sue you for attacking you on your own property. Clearly, David Miscavige does not have a CLUE of the ramifications – in about twelve different directions – of that misbegotten caper. For reasons you will appreciate, we’re all slapping our thighs here over this one.

    2. It’s interesting that in the same week Jan Eastgate was arrested in Australia and charged for covering up sexual abuse claims (finally posted yesterday at http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/06/jan_eastgate.php), CCHR is genning up money from Ko$ Kool-aid drinkers to pay for her bail and legal defense. David Miscavige is visibly not running to her aid. Instead, he’s dispensing funds from his “legal” war chest to chase and harass you, Mike, Jason, Tizano and your households all over Texas, Florida and California to the tune of $25K – $50K a day.

    Sorry, Jan – no David Miscavige monies for you, baby. He’s going to back you out on that limb until it breaks and dumps you in the street. Splat!


  108. “Also for those sitting on the fence, under the radar, etc. I understand your dilema. And I don’t think invalidation is the answer. I think coaxing you to come out asap is the best approach. If you can do it GREAT!!”

    I haven’t posted in a while, but wanted to add to what you said here Tony.

    I think the best thing we can do for those on the fence is help them do a Danger Formula for real.

    It indicates – fence sitters are in real danger of losing everything if they stay in and fear losing everything if they just up and leave publicly. Imagine owing a company that employs 50+ people and your revenue stream depends entirely on connections you have within the church, doubly so if there’s no easy way to get more customers in a hurry. I sure wouldn’t want to get 50 employees together as tell them “I took a principled stand, and I’m sorry, but I have to let most of you go now”.

    Danger, done properly, handles this.

    Bypassing normal habits and routines – well, that’s self-evident as something that needs to be done by those under the radar.

    I don’t believe these folks are in Doubt (most of them). They already know the score, but perhaps have not acted on it yet.

    In that spirit, I’ll get my ball rolling and post again my standing offer from a while ago:

    My name is Alan McKinnon and over 25 years I’ve met a lot of S.O. members and staff, many of them are friends. I’m in Johannesburg and I’m not hard to find, so if you find yourself needing somewhere to go and don’t know what to do, look me up – bypassing your normal daily habits is hard to do when you don’t have a place to do it from.

    I’ll help genuine callers as much as I can.

  109. One thing you can be sure, DM: this is just the tip of the iceberg. Do your best against Marty and mike, but don’t think they won’t be replaced by others, immediately, fighting for the right to practice the religion of Scientology as intended. Your days are numbered, your criminal acts being counted daily and your masters, after your head is well and truly on a pike, will be next.

  110. I predict that the improving “production value” of the Marty&Mike videos will reach a point shortly where they go massively viral. As in millions of hits per episode. The whole nauseating process is simply too much like a car wreck for people to ignore. Many people will become much more interested in what Scientology actually is as a technology, and who the independents are, as a result. At least, that’s what’s happening in my area.

    For example, the “99 Problems” post certainly turned heads and started great dialogue with some of the very capable young adults with whom I work.

    Mike and Marty, you guys are amazing in action. And Mike, the bandana quip was priceless! I agree with other posters that there’s probably a future TV series to be made based on your escapades.

    Later guys,

    Vic K.

  111. DM was most likely up at Int during all this, in the midst of his typical keep everyone up day and night antics in preparation for this year’s Freewinds Maiden Voyage week of Dan Sherman drivel. If he wasn’t at Int already, he was frantically waiting for a time he could escape from his little Spanish villa right next to ASI and get driven by Yvonne up to Int in his fully bulletproof and bomb proof Black Stealth Van. All the while in some insane terror of being ambushed by you guys. I am sure he has nattered up a storm about you to the various people around him and at Int. Maybe will even do so on the Freewinds. Maybe a few will start wondering what is really going on and look for themselves.

  112. martyrathbun09

    You got it JB.

  113. martyrathbun09

    Hi Alan, thanks again.

  114. martyrathbun09

    Bravo Placi!

  115. +2

  116. Hayden,
    Thank you for putting things into perspective! ml, Laura

  117. For an organisation so obsessed with image and PR it really is about time they learnt how damaging this is. Einstein’s definition of insanity springs to mind. This is a disgrace; a crime in the name of decent, honourable church members, and a crime against LRH. — Mike

  118. Most likely; he has been fighting our cause relentlessly with his lies, contradictions and other goof ups.

  119. Mike and Marty,
    Wow! That was the most impressive handling of Bullbait, I have ever seen! All that money and effort put out to break you both into reacting so DM could “prove” that you are guilty of his overts! Thank you for doing that for all of us!
    Thanks also to the Lugli’s. You are true friends! ml, Laura

  120. M&M won’t be replaced as they can’t just dissolve but the harder Davey fights, the more support they get. The more energy Davey devotes to getting somebody in prison, the sooner he himself winds up there.

  121. In spades my friend.

  122. Mike,
    I know what you mean on the feeling of sadness. It’s difficult to observe the destruction of something I participated in creating and wholeheartedly at that. The reality is, the destruction is of an entity that is a lie. It is NOT what LRH envisioned, it is not what I agreed to create. It is a sick, inverted thing that has gone over on the dial into more wrongness than rightness can redeem.

    RTC is as emasculated as it’s titular Pope. It cannot carry on, having no ability to procreate. Life itself refuses and rejects it. No theta will infuse it or grant it life or endow it with livingness.

    Will CSI be able to shuck off the death spread to it by David Miscavige and breath new life to the entity?

    I don’t honestly know at this point, as the violence of his final throes and efforts to destroy it go unchecked from within that organism, CSI, itself.

    Yes, it IS sad to see such a once thriving life force ebb and wane. I take heart in the infinite ability to create that theta has, and the prospect of beingness, livingness and life endowed to what will surely arise on its demise.

    Right now, new life exists in Independent Centers and individual delivery. Life continues and the persistence on a given course, the tenacity and perserverence of the truly magnificent Dynamic that wonderful beings the world over, the universe over, can put to action, are manifesting as little green shoots of new growth on the charred field of a volcano that is spent.

  123. Alan,
    From the far reaches of the globe, beings of your caliber hold positions and the power lines go in. Thank you fellow. Wow, what a privelege it is to be among these True Group Members.

  124. You made a mistake damaging the mic in the street. If you would have done that in your home, that would be another story. But you didn’t do it in your home.

    You both made mistakes, DM’s crew trying to provoke you and harass you at your doorstep and you destroying property while on neutral grounds, the public street.

  125. Yvonne Schick

    Hayden, Very, very well said. Thank you for the simplicity of your message.

  126. Ditto.

    Hey Roberto, should I jump on a fence for change? What you think? Could be more randomity there than it’s been by simply including my name when I say what I have observed. Just saying 😉

  127. Yvonne Schick

    I assumed “this” referred to the comments here acknowledging our heroes Marty and Mike on their return from the battle of LA. Then I got the concept also of the trek thru LA being a parade with Marty and Mike leading the parade caravan of SUV’s hired to follow. Puts a smile on my face and gives me the games perspective that M&M seem to be so able to live. Hope you two don’t mind being heroes in my book.

  128. Ditto – BRAVO!!

  129. +1 for Placi. Great going, even if he is a Heat fan!

  130. Like opinions (and a particular anatomical feature), we all have an idea.

    Since independent documentation is important, might I suggest an interesting trick?

    LA is filled with paparazzi, lying in wait for certain celebrities. Why not lead the pack of PIs and church low-toners right into their midst?

    Hordes of paparazzi hang in given locations waiting for pictures of a particular celebrity. Would it be possible to use some of your celebrity connections to find out where the paparazzi are hanging out en masse that day at a particular time, then show up, get out and allow the cameras to roll.

    These guys are trying to make a buck. They’ll try to sell the results to whatever publication will take their product. They love confrontation. They’d love the story.

    Just an idle thought. Might as well use available resources.

    You might even take the boys to a large local church and park there on Sunday, get out and mingle with the congregation. Have another car out back. Whatever.

    So many interesting places to visit.

    Call local news stations while en route: “This is Marty Rathbun; Anderson Cooper, Etc. have done stories on the Church of Scientology’s war against me for revealing the hidden secrets and corruption at the top.” “Uh, uh. Yeah. How you doing?” Great. “Well, I’ve got something you might be interested in.” Huh, huh. “Yep, got a dozen of their private investigators–ex FBI, former cops, selling their soul for a buck–following me. Cops turned criminal. Been following me for weeks. Thought I might just swing by so you could take a look. I count eight cars of them surrounding me. Plus a bunch of the church’s bully boys. Pretty interesting stuff. Kind of amusing. Your viewers would be fascinated.” “Yeah, I’m about fifteen minutes out.” “Your parking lot? That’d be good.” Yeah, you’re welcome. Be there in fifteen or so.”

    What elements sell a story?

    (maybe to add sex, you guys could wear something sheer.)


  131. Jimmy,
    You are so right. I think the thing for all of us to do now is open more centers and expand the ones we do have. LRH tech on this is to flourish and prosper in the face of suppression. I think doing this will expedite the demise of the head “nut job”. I mean, whzat’s he going to do, send his circus of flying monkeys to Denver or to San Angelo or to Kansa City? No, they won’t go there. Step into LA and it is the DM flying circus. So we expand. He ain’t gonna do anything.

    ML Tom

  132. And I, you, Tony. Your support, and that of ouor other friends, makes this battle a winner.

  133. Understood, Walkuere.

    There are many who need to remain somewhat anonymous at this time due to legal situations, attempting to get children out, etc.

    I take you at your word that you are further educating yourself & making others aware of what is going on and I thank you for that.

    And yes, after 37 years, you have seen a lot – more than many here and on other blogs.

    In general, the Independent movement is moving in the right direction by documenting & exposing the crimes within & without the church.

    And hopefully as independents, we rekindle those failed purposes and raise the level of ARC, granting of beingness and other basic qualities of theta that we all had in the beginning.

    After all, we don’t need to accept the same crap on the outside that we have been eating over the past many decades on the inside.

  134. Well said Haydn!

    The fact is that Miscavige has made Int management, OSA, GOLD, PDU and all those who march to his music, a reflection of himself – confused, insane and useless while wasting and using up all available resources and energy as fast as possible.

    Its the behavior that you see in a person that has had a psych break except it has spread to the group. Even the screaming and ranting exists from its mouth piece.

    Shelly Miscavige was spot on when she pointed out that Dave was losing his mind and was trying to find help for him. Like the last efforts of the groups analytical mind, Shelly and anyone else that had awareness were
    shut down. In Dave’s universe its all BANK think…..

  135. Right on Scott +2

  136. Karen#1, nice post and as usual truth rings out!

  137. So true Carol,

    Most of these guys got in when this insidious culture was already deeply imbedded into every day within the church.

    This IS Scientology to them – they have nothing recent to compare it to.

    They know not what they see.

    Unfortunately, the few ‘old-timers’ left are suppressed beyond belief, have little sleep/food, and run ragged with unreal targets on totally off-purpose or non-existent programs and have little to fall back on.

    Personally integrity is at an all-time low.

  138. Watching Eyes

    Your ranting generalized comment was crude, rude and uncalled for. I didn’t survive the cult by doing what others thought I should do. I survived by keeping my personal integrity in and doing what was right for me. I’m still doing that.

    A couple weeks ago I was about to sign my name with a bit of an explanation to one of my comments. Then on a whim I changed my mind. I can do that with no explanations given to anyone.

    Those who need to know my identity already know it. OSA doesn’t have any idea and I know it drives them nuts. Leaves them at effect. I kind of like that.

    A note of caution; comments like that, especially when others jump on board, will only make OSA happy because it comes across as divisive which is the last thing this group of Indies needs.

  139. Tony DePhillips

    VWD Placido.
    Very true words, beautifully communicated.

  140. (maybe to add sex, you guys could wear something sheer.)

    Funny! Maybe they should hire Angelyne!

  141. I just couldn’t believe it and waited for some explaination while refraining from to much commentary on the boards.

    I ussualy just do not think about it untill some new information presents itself.

    Something is a miss anyway. In the end law enforcement itself will be happy that the bad seeds are weeeded out.

    Yes I was a bit confused. Maybe because the boards were jumping all over it.

    Sometimes silence is golden.

  142. Hi Roberto,
    I am below the radar, because I decided to do so. You know my standard answer to somebody asking me for 3 good reasons why I made a decision: “I want it that way, I want it that way, I want it that way. ”
    While I had been on staff my seniors had quite some trouble with me as I always act that way, that my decision counts and nothing else. They declared me once, did remove me from ttc 2 times. And in 84 as those rough times had its peak I helped to save the day. What did you do? I think you agreed that it is a good thing to apply heavy ethics to your comrades. As you speak up now I think your attitude towards your fellow comrades had not changed.

  143. Ideal Morgue

    Good points RJ.

    The only person or group who would benefit by prematurely exposing my identity would be Miscavige and Co. It would be nothing more than a foolish act of bravado. All it would do would be to put me on their “radar screen”. By not being a known enemy or “declared SP”, I’ve been able to do far more damage to RCS than would have been possible otherwise. So, until the right time, I’ll remain anonymous. No amount of baiting, badgering or bullying will make a difference.

  144. Tony DePhillips

    That’s great!! Thanks!

  145. WindWalker


    Quote, “I don’t know what I could do, maybe find and org and throw stones at it or something …”

    Highly recommend that you do not go there. I am guessing that you aren’t really considering that line of action.

    Perhaps put your attention more on what kinds of things you can do that create what you want, rather than destroy what you do not want.
    Always look to the “higher road”.


  146. Sapere Aude

    Alan, Goeie dag my vriend!

    Ons verlang na jou. Byvoorbaat, dankie. Een taal is nooit genoeg nie.
    Totsiens loop. Sterkte!

    Alan, Good day my friend,
    We missed you. Thank you in advance. One language is never enough.
    Go well. Good Luck!

    The group on this blog holding a stable point in space make this group very strong. We are not divided, we are united by common understandings and purpose. Thanks for being there my friend. Stop by more often, ok? As Senior Jim Logan stated “what a privilege it is to be among these True Group Members.”

    Within the last 2 days I thought of where you were and here I find you. I agree so much with what you stated. Your offer of assistance is like a strong hand offer into the forces of a strong storm. The person in need has merely to grasp the offer and move on up toward personal freedom.

  147. Sara Finning

    Think it’s time for another fishing chat video….

  148. Hey Marty,

    aside from the (semi) entertaining antics, I hope you and Mike had great success in your purpose of going to LA to begin with. While dm is creating massive collateral damage for himself, from what you were saying in your earlier post, it sounds to me like the real damage will come from the justice actions Mike and you were assisting in bringing about.

  149. GetTheConcept


    Maybe you are right that there are people who are sitting on the fence, who should be coming out and making a stand who are not, and in that regard, I agree with you.

    But I think you are over-generalizing to say that everyone, under any circumstances, is a coward if they don’t announce their name publicly, right here and right now. And your comments are insulting and unjustly accusative.

    This reminds me of “Ethics Handlings” I’ve read about from David Miscavige, where the whole group is punished, no one is handled as an individual, nobody’s individual circumstances are taken into account, and everyone is forced to do his “handling” until they all have the same cognition, that he says they are supposed to have.

    I think that if you want to forward the movement of Independent Scientology, then you should work out a way to use good communication with individuals who need help to leave the church or to deal with potential disconnections from their family and friends, and treat each individual as an individual with an individual circumstance and individual needs, but don’t be so arrogant as to think that you know what is right for everyone at all times.

  150. Sapere Aude

    You have a persistence of intention which can overcome all in its way. VWD to Placi. This is a good day for your family. The wall falls one brick at a time until there exists but a spot in the ground where a shadow of a wall used to standing. The shadow is all there was in the first place but we had to help remove the bricks for all to see the illusion. Enjoy this day my friend.

  151. Scott Campbell

    Excellent comment Haydn. I’d be interested in reading those confidential instructions myself. To me, the more Pan-Determined viewpoints we have on the same page regarding strategy, the better.

  152. Jack Airey

    Marty & Mike;
    Not sure if what I’m about to tell you is the beginning of an all out Radical Corporate Scientology assult on “Independents” or an isolated case. On Friday this week I was in a meeting with one of my loyal customers who asked this question, “Why would Jack Potter call to tell me to be “CAUTIOUS” when doing business with Jack Airey.”?
    First let me explain who Jack Potter is. He did most of his Scientology training and bridge progress living in Orange County, California. I had hired Mr. Potter’s company http://www.jbpotter.com in 1995, not knowing at the time he was a long time Scientologist, to help my employer with an advertising campaign launching a software progam being sold to distributors world wide. We became what I thought were good friends following this successful marketing action. The friendship blossomed even more when we discovered we were both long time Scientologists. I moved to Florida about 11 years ago. About 5-6 years ago I get a call from Jack Potter telling me he as moved to Clearwater to finish OTVII.
    Jack was my FSM and one of the 12 friends to disconnect from me two years ago when I went public as a, “Scientology Whistleblower”. He and I had a one way business relationship. I was referring business his way. I don’t remember any paid deals coming my way from Mr. Potter.
    I suspect PTS terminals at FLAG have suggested to Mr. Potter that he should strike a fatal blow to the enemy. ME!!! Sad to report, robots do what their told.

    Here is the irony of this story. Jack Potter came to know this customer because of my introduction and made money doing some projects for him. Even after I went public (this customer read my story published in the St. Pete Times) I have never told one of Jack Potters customers who knows me that Mr. Potter is a Scientologist. That is until Friday when I told my loyal customer the rest of the story.
    The PR is so bad in Clearwater when many people learn your a Scientologist you become toxic in their universe.

    Jack Potter is using the classic 1.1 attempt to ruin me in the local business community and he ended up loosing any potential business with this customer. How do I know this…because I asked the customer if it was OK to tell this story and did her plan to do any future business with JB Potter Marketing. My customers exact words were, “not on your life”. Now when you Google the name Jack Potter you get to read about how he treates past business associates so he can obtain favor from PTS terminals at FLAG. Sounds to me like his OTVII program has hit a wall.

    Another Clearwater Radical Corporate Scientology foot bullit has been fired. I’m writing this story to alert other “Independents” that Radical Corporate Scientology might be launching an attack on all of us. Not to worry, were not the bad guys.

  153. Scott Campbell

    I love that image, Yvonne. Hilarious!

  154. RJ
    Roberto is addressing his ‘rant’ to those who are sitting on the fence doing nothing.
    He did not address it to those who are communicating or doing something about it or playing some silly ‘tactical’ game ‘undercover’.
    I personally don’t subscribe to the machiavellian spy games that DM engages in regardless of whose ‘side’ you are operating. They are enturbulative and non-productive. I’m not saying what you are doing is ‘wrong’ but I am saying it’s easy to say you’re under the radar doing striking a blow for RCS when in fact, coming out, speaking truthfully and helping others to be brave would much more quickly bring about the ultimate result of a real for Scientology.
    Not only that but it is WHAT LRH SAYS TO DO when one has changed sides. ‘Announce the fact publicly to both sides’ not ‘pretend to be on the side of the enemy so you can stay safe’
    Spy games are OSA’s domain. I don’t need to dramatize the same CIA undercover bullshit spy games that they do.
    Calling it like I see it. Don’t attack Roberto for living by a strong personal ethical code, refusing to buy into PR niceties and then accusing him of heavy ethics. Way to go to get the ‘ethics officer’ to back off eh? I also recall you had some choice words to say about the Sea Organization the other day. Want to accuse me of hitting you with heavy ethics for communicating how I feel? Because that makes you no different from anyone in OSA who throws unjust accusations at them to get them to shut up.
    ‘Suicidal’ and ‘stupid’ are actually the ‘personal danger’ inherent in publicly announcing that you are leaving the group. Any person unwilling to confront the ‘despite personal danger’ phase of a standard Doubt Formula should at least admit he can’t get out of the condition and not pretend to be noble.
    I’m guessing my opinion will be unpopular with many. But I’m not trying to win a popularity contest.

  155. Scuse typos – didn’t proof read 🙂

  156. No it doesn’t make OSA happy when people declare their freedom from the Church.
    OSA has spent the last 2 years trying to prevent my ex-husband from doing exactly that.
    A person who has nothing to hide and nothing to fear and is free to communicate is a very dangerous person for David Miscavige.
    Those who speak out are the one’s that OSA fears. Make no mistake about it.
    Sign your name or don’t sign your name. Frankly the only person who could benefit from doing so is you.
    An anonymous person has no credibility and is always suspect to be a plant, leaving the door wide open for real plants. Now THAT is what OSA loves.

  157. That post is supposed to be under Ideal Morge

  158. Scott Campbell

    Aye Jimmy,

    ‘Tis words of truth ye speak. Yet still hae we not gone through the times we ‘ave, methinks the better we are than had we not.

  159. Eileen Clark

    I agree with you. One of my favorite LRH lectures is “The Free Being” 9 July 1963:

    “But the composition of what is an overt act contains omission – seldom looked at. It’s omission not to do things for the greatest good of the greatest number of dynamics; that becomes an overt act. And one cannot maintain his freedom in the face of an overt act of that magnitude.”

    And, that does not mean what one is ‘told’ is for the greatest good of the greatest number of dynamics, but only includes what ‘IS’ the greatest good, a thetan always knows the difference. Can’t get away from that.

  160. Scott Campbell

    Hey Alan!

    Nice to hear from you on this one. Exactly appropriate.

    L, Scott

  161. Hmm … that last line should have read :

    “Personal integrity is at an all-time low.”

    Personally, my integrity is just fine 🙂

  162. Scott Campbell

    That would be super funny! (Not the sheer clothing, that would be horrifying). The other thing, THAT would be funny.

  163. Hey OSA, you know Miscavige could make this all go away if he was anything close to well-intentioned. All he’d have to do is listen to Independents and act. Instead he has you playing the fool and drags you and Radical Scientology down with him.

    Don’t you find it strange he won’t talk, listen and act? That he won’t parley? Look to your LRH materials.

    “The rule about parleying is: people who won’t, have some other target in mind they dare not disclose.” L Ron Hubbard – 12 November 1969

    That’s not me, that’s LRH. What target does Miscavige have he dare not disclose?

  164. Sam,

    By the way these “silly” and “tactical” “games” that you find so averse are actually actions that Ron recommends in various directives that he personally wrote.

    I suggest you clear the word “fabian” which is in an FO that Ron wrote describing the actions of the SO at the time.

    Also various GO Dirs and Lectures on intel and security.

    Plus the book that Ron personally recommended to the GO entitled ‘A Short Course in the Secret War’.

    Rather than forwarding your “know best” attitude of what is acceptable and what is not like someone else we all know.

    Also in order to be in a condition of doubt you have to actually be in doubt.

    Also you never answered an earlier question of mine Sam:

    What is your training level?

  165. Jack, thanks for sharing that story. What a great resolution.

  166. Eileen Clark

    T Paine…voice of reason and accuracy.
    Thanks for posting this.


  167. Hello! 😀

  168. Right On JOE!!

  169. Eileen Clark

    Doesn’t know where/when he is.

  170. Aye Scott, been a crucible she has, and now there’s truth through the fire.

  171. Hey Jack,

    There is a lesson in your story, and it is one I have seen repeated over and over.

    The KoolAid drinkers are isolated from the world. Its a double edged sword — on one hand its what makes it possible to keep them acting like sheeple while it also makes them oblivious to the realities of life. If Dear Leader tells them all that the world thinks Scientology is incredible and more popular than ever, they believe it. So, they will go around making utter fools of themselves and sometimes not even be aware of it.

    Look at that moron Allender and his effeminate sidekick Nesbitt. You should hear the comments people make about them while they are doing their nuttiness and then especially after they leave. They literally laugh at them and each step they take they tarnish the reputation of Scientology a little bit more.

    So, when Jack Potter sets out to do his black PR it inevitably recoils. You end up stronger and he erodes whatever support he may have had. And he is probably oblivious to it — he reported back to whoever prompted him to take this action “Oh yes, they were shocked when I told them about Jack Airey and I really impinged…” He may or may not really believe that, but he will tell everyone its the case in the little world in which he lives and will smugly think he did his “contribution” for the month so he can continue to have the right to be sec checked on his never ending OT VII.

    Arent you glad you’re not him!

  172. Lana,
    Oh, oh – petrified. That means that hairdo will be forever in one place. Hey, what the F? It already is!!! Good lord, is it possible DM is already a rock?!

    Or just fixed on The Rock, banging, back and forth in a vicious random chaos, sorta like his PI squads.

  173. Sara — You are right. We just didnt have time with our busy dance calendar in LA… Maybe we will do some around the July 4th get together….

  174. Sam,
    Your opinion is more than welcome! I may or may not agree with it, but the beauty of this blog is that it can be voiced and that others may utter their opinion on it.

    I understand your point but Roberto’s rant was about that no valid reasons could exist for not speaking up and that Indy’s who don’t, are cowards. Now, ultimately that might be true, but having committed tremendous overts by contributing enormously to an outfit which is outright dangerous to mankind puts you in a bind.

    I agree that not having committed that many overts on your integrity, it’s pretty easy to speak up and put your name, number and address all over the net but those still in are not in such a situation; they have forfeited their integrity 1000’s of times.

    It’s true that not confronting the doubt formula is the very reason they don’t move on their conditions but being in enemy and working out doubt could be catastrophic. Being part of a 1.1. organisation makes you 1.1 in regard to that organisation. The next step up is 1.5 or something like that, so if Roberto’s rant was to get some up the scale, I’d agree but as written he expects the ethics gradient of lurkers to skip instantly to full integrity shining right out in the open.

    However, this universe isn’t rigged that way and LRH knew that too steep a (ethics) gradient would fail, thus he introduced many intermediate and conditional targets that together would form a VFP. Having signed legal papers that may cost you more than you have or ever will have and then speaking out would not be smart and could give Davey a nice black mail card. To assemble a lot of contacts that you introduce to this blog once out could actually be very beneficial.

    Now, accusing RJ of spy games is funny as Robin was out on this blog before you, but you have strong point on nick names. I’ve made that point a couple of times just like Tony and will do it again; as long as Indy’s stick to their nick name and don’t put up a photo, we have an air of illegality and that is very easily interpreted by Davey and fence sitters alike that we have something to hide. Thus association with SP’s is easily made and disconnection policy is held up.

  175. Eileen Clark


  176. Good question for you OSA. Answer it honestly and you’ll be well on your way to freedom. Rationalize the outpoints and the downward spiral keeps on twisting.

  177. My TR’s are just fine, pal.

    But by your reply I would say yours may be in need of a tune up.

    Try confronting someone who is attempting to use deadly force against you with TR’s and let me know how it goes.

    As for being trigger-happy, nah. Dale Evans made me happier.

  178. WindWalker

    So here we have Marty and Mike driving down the freeway, totally boxed in by Scientology’s goons. Were they upset? Were they interiorized? Hell, they were SOO “enturbulated” that they were joking and Marty takes a moment to show us a shot of the south Bay.

    Methinks that this tactic by DM’s flying monkeys is not having much of an effect at all.

    If these DM goons were not being well pain, or have some other personal agenda to save their own sorry butts, or kiss DM’s, they would realize that they are wasting their time, and driving themselves down tone by engaging in this nonsense. They simply have to look at the “Chart of Human Evaluation” to see what tone they are creating their dynamics from, and ask themselves, ” Is this the best I can do to create a better world?”


  179. “Don’t Tread On Me” muscle shirts and Willie Nelson bandannas with stars and stripes, maybe?

    “The outlaws M&M”. Rebels fighting for Independence.

  180. David H., I believe they were on Marty’s property during the mic incident.

  181. Eileen Clark

    Mark Warlick is DSA Mountain View Org

  182. This! ^^^^^^^ What Laura Ann said.

    You guys appear to be unflappable! Looks great to watch and feels great to see too!

  183. Hi Sam,

    I’ve just gotta (!) reply to your post about Placido – I thought my ex-wife was a mean protective she-dragon (we’ve remained steadfast friends even though divorced for 11 years and she will let no-one speak an ill word about me).

    But honey, compared to you she’s a walk in park 🙂

    Has anyone told you lately how glad we are that you’re on *this* side of the fight?

  184. Guys, why can’t Roberto rant without becoming a buthead in your eyes? Roberto was one of the first Indies. He lost everything for becoming Indie when OSA came to town and made his family, his friends and his 2-D disconnect from him. Did he waiver? Not at all. He stood fast. And he didn’t do it for himself, obviously. He did it to back up Marty and Mike and he also did it for you and yours futures. So have a little respect. He has EARNED the right to rant on this blog all he wants.

    ML Tom

  185. You have much to say RJ. What are doing?

  186. Hi WW;

    You’re right, I didn’t intend for that to be taken seriously.

    I do have a local project that I am working on, but it doesn’t have any effect on what is going at Mike and Marty.

    A few months ago, Marty posted a post about the ‘birthday game’, or something like that, about how independent groups are expanding. That really impinged on me, and it caused me to think of doing something similar, to get a group coauditing in the near future. Being partly human, I procrastinated until the wing dings ambushed Marty at his home. I decided then to counter create the wing dings and to go ahead and actually play the game of expansion. For the last few weeks I’ve been looking for a small apartment that could be used as an academy and coaudit space. I’m a class VIII with many, many thousands of hours in the chair, and so I think that I could contribute greatly in that direction, help retrain and guide the coaudits. I’ve spend many hundreds of dollars on getting a library together. I’m hoping to buy another Emeter, I already have two Quantums …

    The barriers are the usual, I’m raising a family so the bulk of the money goes there.

    The primary problem appears to be that I don’t know of any Scientologists in my area, there are virtually none. The local org is in non-e, for decades actually, to the extent that if a tornado came and snatched it up, no one would know it was gone.

    I’m actually considering that I could set up a table on the sidewalk by the local org and do stress tests on any Scientologists who do appear. Be there to answer their questions, have a laptop so they could read this blog, and do any searches they wanted to do. That’s kinda what I was referring to with my comment about ‘throwing stones.’

    Anyway, this wouldn’t help take pressure off Mike or Marty, which is where the battle is being fought, where it is going to be won or lost. If I could do this project closer to that arena, I believe it would be of more benefit all around.

  187. Eileen Clark

    On this *out* or *in* business.

    Definitely it is a PERSONAL choice. Those who have circumstances that (for now) compel them to remain on here as pseudonyms for the protection or benefit of others while taking actions to handle those reasons; or they are able to do undercover actions that are beneficial to us all here and do so, are being responsible for a greater number of dynamics, not cowardly.

    On the other hand, there are plenty of others who do not have those circumstances and yet remain hidden and just that much separated from the rest of us, thus are not True Group Members here or in rcs. Sounds like being hung up on a Maybe.
    Maybe it will go the way of the Indies, Maybe it will go the way of rcs. To be caught in that is not safe or workable any how or any way. To know and remain so would be weak and cowardly.

    Roberto can speak for himself quite well, this is simply how I duplicated his post and meaning. I do have the idea that once those who hold back for mere selfish reasons have their world ‘blown up’, they will be considered interested parties because of their overts of omission, to do nothing is a sure way to hell.


  188. Eileen Clark

    You would/could/should be one helluva high fence thumper.
    I vote Yes.


  189. Thanks SA,

    I haven’t gone anywhere, I’ve been around the whole time keeping an eye on the blog and other news, just didn’t have much to say. Truth be told I’ve been a bit charged up lately and prone to commenting in a style I later regret – “shoot from the hip” type stuff. I’ve just been prudent, not absent.

    Another thing that prompted my reply is an old friend I’ve walked past in a local mall a few times, and I’ve only yesterday recalled his name: Chris Hamilton, who was LC AF in the ’80s and married to Jill at the time. He would be in his late 50s these days. Anyone know his current status?

  190. O dear, what have I caused?
    A storm in a waterglass. me thinks….. There is a lot of speculation going on about sitting on the fence.
    If it were just for myself, I would not be concerned at all,I would jump right in, but I gave a friend, who has something going, my word that I would not do anything until a certain time……we are not just one or 2 individuals, we are a group already and deserve to align our activities intelligently.
    I myself have been a very vocal disagreer/protester for my entire time in Scientolgy ( since 1973) and do not understand for the life of me that I have not been declared yet. But I have been punished to no awail, I am still not conformed to the desire of others, I am still holding my ground. I stuck to my guns, even though I was attacked on the inside, as well as from the outside, and not only in one country.
    When I wrote to this blog it was from the desire to do something, rather than nothing, until my friends had their plan in line with what has to happen.
    It appears to me that when a new entry is received there is somewhat of an “auditioning proccess”. I can understand that. However, it works both ways. It was mentioned on this blog that there are ethnic differences among us. True. I for one am not a huge friend of American rarara swashbuckling, head first without thinking and preparing a viable plan of excecution. Like you, I also know that there has never been a dictatorship that was solved from the inside, or else you would all not be doing what you are doing.
    What concerns me here is that opinions are offered without having any data about the situation or the people, involved. There is a whole lot of specualtion going on which leads to nothing but allegations, generaleties, incorrect evaluations and indications, and that is not the business I am in.
    Here I would like to thank Karen for her truly wise comments, based on good tech. I have written to her at another time under my correct name, asking not yet to reveal it, on the subject of Heber when I learned what has been done to him. I knew Heber quite well, I might add, for a long time. He was never one for sitting on the fence, neither am I, yet when I make a promise to my friends so all our dynamics benefit, I keep my promise, even if it hurts me. I do not deliver my friends to the enemy without giving them a chance to handle the situation and any danger in it as smoothly as possible.
    BAck to the auditioning process: have been aligned with your purpose for a long time, am ststill learning more, when it is actually not even nessessary for me, having seen and lived through so much already in nearely 4 decades. I have handeled all my situations so far solo, as can continue to do so. I learned early on that there is no help from the church when I needed it. In my area there are few cliques, but not a real 3rd Dynamic, that stops at the org doors. Thus I was truly hoping that with this group there was a spirit of co-operation, some ARC (Afinity, Reality and Communication= UNERSTANDING)
    I did not expect to be assailed by saomeone who does nto know me.
    I would like to suggest that we all get back to the matter at hand, which is Marty’s and Mike’s LA adventure and beyond that, helping people to gain understanding of what is really going on so they can find the strength and feel safe anough to come out and join in the clean up uncertainlies and confusions. That is what I am workin on, with or without you.
    You know: for me Scientology is like flying: I love it. But when I cannot trust the Captain or the Crew, I do not fly! And I have not flown for a while.

  191. Erwin,

    This accusing others of being in doubt or in some other lower condition is just so old school squirrel group it’s funny.

    I mean ethics is a *personal thing* according to the HCOPL “Ethics Justice and the Dynamics”.

    Yes we are supposed to give our name rank and serial number so that OSA has that information so they can harass us.

    I mean how stooooopid is that?

    As I’ve written many times earlier it’s like posting a target on our backs especially in an OSA intense area like LA or Clearwater.

    Aside from the fact that such an action would create antagonism something that per *Policy* one is supposed to avoid according to the HCOPL ‘PTS Type A Handling’.

    Funny how the ones who urge many of us to blow our cover live in the quiet English country side or off the beaten path somewhere in an OSA dead zone.

    I mean it’s easy to speak your mind using your full name and even posting a nice picture of yourself if you live in say Keokuk or somewhere that doesn’t have a DSA within a thousand miles of you.

    Also using ethics on the field is basically mixing tech according to the HCOPL ‘Ethics and Franchise’.

    What do these people base this assertion that you must blow your cover and get in their faces (for what other purpose then making yourself a target and creating antagonism) other than their own misunderstoods on the doubt formula?

  192. Dichotomies like these take a bit to confront and assimilate.

    Where we should be as Scientologists, per LRH from HCOPL 26 Oct 1980, “What we expect of a Scientologist”:

    The factories, the marts of trade, the homes, the neighborhoods, these are the places we want trained Scientologists. In that way alone, we’re on the busy, still healthy communication lines of the world … we are the world’s trouble shooters.

    What the Reptilian Predator and his Den are doing is leeching off the healthy comm lines — reverse and perverse.

    More from that same PL:

    Hit for the key spots by whatever means — the head of the women’s
    club, the personnel director of a company, the leader of a good orchestra, the president’s secretary, the advisor of the trade union –any key spot. Make a good sound living at it, drive a good car, but get your job done, handle and better the people you meet and bring about a better Earth.

    My emphasis there.
    What we expect: Handle and better the people you meet and bring about a better Earth. What the Vampiric Cult o Davie does is again reverse and perverse of that. The only betterment they cause is the betterment which ensues one finding his (or her) personal integrity and code of honor. Yes, he is forging hammers to break against the anvils of the representatives and supporters of LRH’s legacy. Not what is expected.

    So, Davie, just where the hell is Heber? Shelly? Diana?

    (I’ll bet security for this year’s Maiden Voyage is gonna be a bitch to get pass you.)

    We know where most of the supporters of LRH’s legacy are. They are definitely not with you.

    Bruce Pratt

  193. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Tom. I agree with you wholeheartedly. If anyone has the right to speak his or her mind here it is Roberto. He fought for that right, paid dearly, and did not falter.

  194. +1 Alan. Sam is one hell of a woman, and one you dont want to piss off.

    You payin’ attention RJ? You seem to be wanting to pick a fight with her, you are obviously far braver than I am!

  195. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sam. I have said from the beginning when enough people do stand up and say “no” to the SP, the SP will hold no more power.

  196. Here here!

  197. Ideal Morgue


    I have no obligation to you or anyone else to reveal my identity. No amount of make wrong will get me to do it. And who the hell are you trying to judge me and others choosing to post anonymously? You obviously don’t understand the beast you’re dealing with.

    Are you already a declared SP? If so, the cat’s already out of the bad. Well, I’m not a declared SP and I’m not going to pick a fight with OSA for no reason. I’m an ex-Scientologist in the full sense of the word, not an “Indie”, and there would be only negative outcome for me if I did. My local org is well aware that I want nothing more to do with them. I’ve wasted enough time and money dealing with organized Scientology and I’m simply not going to waste anymore. My ties with organized Scientology are cut. I enjoy the peace and quiet of my life, and have no obligation to rescue others from the cult that they decided to get themselves involved with.

    Either you understand the reason for anonymous posting or you don’t. If Marty wishes to block people posting under a pseudonym that’s his choice as this is his blog, but it seems like an unnecessary block. It’s the kind of thing that OSA would love – cutting “enemy communication”. If you feel that strongly about it, maybe you should start your own blog where you can censor the posts.

    It really does drive OSA crazy not knowing the identities of those choosing to remain anonymous. One group that has been very effective in exposing the abuses of Scientology is Anonymous. It was only after Anonymous started protesting in early 2008 that a lot of truth started coming out, such as the SP Times articles. OSA has spent huge amounts of time and money investigating them to try to get their real identities. If OSA doesn’t know who someone is, they can’t fair game them.

  198. I agree. We need the orgs, we don’t want the SP, and we don’t want further criminality on the lines.

    Protest. Use the tech. Find the references and apply them, to weaken the grip the SP has on the church lines. Be prepared for the day he is gone and you can return to the orgs to help.

  199. RJ: they “live in the quiet English country side” is a 1.1 jab p[resumably at Sam and maybe Martin?? But, you are mistaken — St Hill is the headquarters of OSA in the UK. When I was staying at Sam’s house they sent out their OT Asses and had PI’s all round. And that has happened to Sam and I believe Martin too. Ever had anyone from OSA knock on your door RJ? Before you start calling Sam a coward, do you have the balls to drive onto the grounds of St Hill and confront OSA? Because I have been there with Sam when she did. And I have seen the videos of Martin doing the same thing.

    Never seen a video of you confronting anyone? But you sure sound tough on this blog? And like you are the authority on what its ok for people to say or not say.

  200. DM has overstretched his authority given in LRH’s final years of traffic to all of “top management.”

    LRH’s final years of writings should be in the public domain so all Scientologists can see what LRH ordered, and take responsibility, and figure out how to most sensibly execute LRH’s final years of traffic!

    It’s a movement without access to the full “bible” and a movement dominated by an internal Lord of the Flies King of the Mountain tyrant who sits on LRH’s final years of orders.

    An INCOMM staffer, or ALL of the various INCOMM and ASI computer persons with access to download and leak LRH’s final years of orders, should leak it all.

    Any INCOMM staff, or the Dir Comm ASI (Joanne Hawkins), if you ever read this, please leak LRH’s final years of traffic into the public domain!

  201. I am glad you got that off your chest. But, Roberto, you are sounding like an SO recruiter. I for one am tired of the “duty” button being pushed. I know my duty, and I am following it.

    That said, I get the rant, and one day we can have a cigar together.

  202. Eileen Clark

    Now, now, let’s not play dirty one-up stuff here.
    You both are able to hash this out yourselves, but I felt sudden.

    RJ, you have vast knowledge and experience of the history of LRH, Scn and the SO. Still can’t figure out just who you are, but I must know you. You have all that data from before Sam’s time, she doesn’t share the R from that time. It was its own kind of experience. I can see where it might just seem like a bunch of 007 cloak and dagger stuff. Sam makes a good point, however, about being open and upfront. There was much in the GO that OSA has made a religion of as far as the spying, undercover, clandestine scenario goes. It has caused more trouble than anything else did.

    There is a big difference between valid espionage tech and what the GO/OSA have squirreled it to be. My prime example for the truth of that is the very difference in how Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun do things, based on correct LRH Tech for such activities.

    “Also you never answered an earlier question of mine Sam: What is your training level?” WTF? That is a nasty one, meant to invalidate and introvert. Who gives a shit? Sam is one smart cookie, not perfect, but close.

    Sam, you must have been one shit hot KOT. Wish I’d had you around when I needed back up trying to get Standard Tech applied to the public in PAC. You remind me of Harriet Foster who was alike in spirit, we righted a great many wrongs when she was KOT FSO. You have that tough, no nonsense, don’t mess with LRH tech or you’re gonna get hurt attitude. Not surprising that you are no longer among the sheeple. Must have been some scene when you left. And, what a great win about Placido–VWD.

  203. Cowboy Poet

    Marty and Mike,
    Take me along some time!
    WTF?? I feel like a real candy-ass sittin here reading this blog while you have all the fun.

  204. Sapere Aude

    I agree. Whether we are fully in the open or not we need to remember at all times who the heroes are in this endeavor.
    My feeling is that the original guys – Mike, Marty, Chrissie, Roberto, etc have paid a price that all of us have not as yet.

    This is not to take away anything from all who are part of this blog family. All who contribute to this motion have to greater or lessor degree also earned respect. We have common agreements and we have differences. We are free beings.

    This song says it all for me.

  205. Sapere Aude

    You and I share a lot in common. Thanks for what you wrote. I have fresh popcorn – now lets get back to the show.

  206. Marty,

    What you seem to forget is that many of us have been saying “NO” for years while we were still in.

    I can at least proudly say that I never followed an illegal and destructive order that I knew was illegal and destructive while I was in.

    Can many here who are posting and demanding *overt* actions say the same?

    As far as I’m concerned saying NO is also quietly refusing to go along with what is going on in the SQUIRREL GROUP.

    I can also proudly say that I never supported the IAS while I was in nor gave one dime to all the various donation scams that were in play like “Ideal Orgs”.

    Can many who are posting here say the same?

    I only paid for services and when I found these “services” were not worth the money I paid for them I quietly left.

    Because I realized that the Org no longer served the purpose it was intended to serve and so I eventually said NO with my feet.

    Personally I have nothing against squirrels.

    Never did even when I worked on the Squirrel Busters Project.

    My only interest was getting whatever cases that were mauled around by them handled so they could move up the Grade Chart which I thought at the time was only available within the ‘Church of Scientology’ and it wasn’t until the ‘Golden Age of Tech’ was released and bastardization of the Technology was *enforced* by *heavy “ethics”* or more accurately *reverse ethics* that is “ethics” being used to drive the tech out instead of get it in that I realized the what was calling itself the “Church of Scientology” had nothing whatsoever to do with the “Religion of Scientology” and I didn’t need the CST to tell me they were no longer “coterminal”.

    It was a conclusion that I came to on my own.

    Having written this I personally have no quarrel with David Miscavige.

    I mean fortunately I hardly even know the man.

    I just choose not to associate with him or his organization and I’m personally not interested in getting into a games condition or op terming with this individual.

    All I’m interested in is applying Scientology to my own zone or area of influence.

    If this is “cowardly” then so be it.

    And if “bravery” means getting into a GPM or a games condition then thanks but no thanks.

  207. Scott Campbell

    Truth forged against the anvil of existence like that unto a thing of iron by the hammer of our wills!

    Pretty fuckin’ melodramatic, eh?

  208. Jack Airy,

    Very revealing story. Another example of the irony of RCS “OTs” negating themselves.

    OT is all about being cause and expanding one’s reach. These guys just seem to be painting themselves deeper and deeper into a corner of fewer and fewer terminals to reach.

    The lack of logic is mind boggling.

    But, this kind of story adds to the Great (not really) Anti-thetan’s stat: number of potential OTs negated and neutralized. I can see him reading that story and gloating, “Ah, yep, another thetan sucked dry financially, spiritually, ethically. Nothing like a collection of desiccated souls to decorate the walls.” Bursts out giggling.


  209. Dean — We were talking yesterday about rounding up a crew of real men to come along next time (not like the hired help we saw out in LA, cowering behind bandannas, masks and sun shades and afraid to talk) to give them some real entertainment. You, Tony D, Michael F, Jackson, Luis G, Scott etc etc. Would be a hell of a lot of fun.

  210. Joe- It would be great to have a coup within-it happened to Hitler. I know the OSA terminal you’re talking about and she needs to come out NOW!!!

  211. Scott Campbell


    How did you know that goading psychopaths was fun to me?

    Oh, yeah…

  212. GetTheConcept

    On the other hand, I agree with you that fully coming out and making a stand is important, and is something everyone should have as their goal to get done as soon as possible. I will be publishing my story as soon as I’m done with it and have proofread it and everything.

  213. RJ — I think you should take a break and come back tomorrow.

    You seem to be picking fights, left, right and center — and now with Marty.

    Of course, you are perfect and have never supported anything untoward in Scientology (let’s forget about the GO for a minute I suppose — as you have been the GO’s most vocal supporter on this blog for as long as I have been reading it). Now you proclaim from your high horse that Marty is a fool for “getting into a GPM or games condition” that you are “too smart” to engage in yourself. Well excuse us all for being so stupid that we have stood up and dont intend to either be pushed around or hide.

    You have a twisted view of history and apparently your view of personal integrity diverges radically from mine.

  214. Eileen Clark


    You are disappointing me here. It is unlike you to take such personal and nasty shots at people posting here. Have you gone sudden in the opposite direction? “He doth protest too much, me thinks”. Anything you need to tell?

    BTW. Easy countryside living doesn’t exist. Again, you are being 1.1 and attempting to nullify. Why?

    DM/OSA sends goons and punks everywhere. I earlier lived in a nice rural area where there is no church or mission around, closest one was 2 hrs away. Handful of Scns lived 35 mins away, but I only ever met with one. When that friend was thrown under the bus for attempting to enlighten others, it was decided to shut me up the Staehli-Sutter Team was sent into the area to make sure I never got close to any of the other Scns. They spent quite a lot of time and money over some weeks doing the dirty deeds. Even waved around my SP Declare, which I’ve yet to see myself. Four very docile and compliant folks were left behind, the 5th one is still being non-compliant. Problem is that one of them, an OT VIII who was done in by the combined pressures from S&S and the others almost killed himself in a motorcycle accident, seems like there are a number of OT VIII’s that go out that way, not just cancer. They were forced to succumb by use of threats to their kids, who are Sea Org and one of the daughters was brought there to put more pressure on them. They are truly cowed, what a product.
    And all that out in the countryside, bucolic paradise and all. What’s your point?

  215. EC,

    The materials have been spread so far and wide as to be safe. But perhaps
    we’ll serialize key passages so as to show what OSA and their PIs should be working on instead following DM’s orders and illegally harrassing Mike, Marty et al.

  216. RJ.
    “Also in order to be in a condition of doubt you have to actually be in doubt.”
    Clearly I am not the one with MUs.
    I will happily give you my credentials and tell you my name:
    Samantha Domingo:
    OTV, Patron with Honors, Class I Auditor, HDA Auditor, KTL/LOC Grad, PTS/SP Course Grad, Hubbard Professional Course Supervisor, Hubbard Professional Word Clearer, SOLO Auditor, OEC Vol 0, 5 and 7, Exec Status I & II. Sea Org Member for 6 years, Fully hatted Flag Rep AOSHUK, Fully hatted Snr Qual Sec UK, Fully hatted KOT UK, Fully trained Sea Org Missionair, Fully hatted D of T 4A CCInt, Div 4 Sec AOLA OTC, Door to Door Recovery I/C Flag OTC, dedicated single mother to 3 children cheated out of a father and friends by the church, friend to LRH and those who support the recovery of his legacy to mankind…
    and rumored SP.
    Your turn.

  217. Scientology as it has been manufactured is UnAmerican. period. David Miscavige is making new enemies every single day.
    Wake up world. When Miscavige and his sour shriveled staff attack especially amazing and bright people, they also lights the fuse of many amazing people who CARE about those people. He is making his fear reality.

    How long has this been going on?!
    Two […] cases clearly demonstrate how Scientology assiduously carries out the policies initiated by L. Ron Hubbard for intimidating and harassing its “enemies.” Scientology’s target in the first case was a former Scientologist, Larry Wollersheim. In 1986, Wollersheim won a $30 million jury verdict in compensatory and punitive damages against the Church of Scientology California mother church in a case that began in 1980. This was later reduced on appeal to $2.5 million.

    The courts found that Scientology was guilty of intentional and negligent infliction of severe emotional harm. They wrote “Any one of these acts [against Wollersheim] exceeds the ‘bounds usually tolerated by a decent society’ so as to constitute outrageous conduct. The Church’s actions. unquestionably constituted reckless disregard for the likelihood of causing emotional distress. The policy of fair game, by its nature, was intended to punish the person who dared to leave the Church. Here, the church actively encouraged its members to destroy Wollersheim’s business. Further, by physically restraining Wollersheim from leaving the Church’s ship, and subjecting him to further auditing despite his protests, the Church ignored Wollersheim’s emotional state and callously compelled him to continue in a practice known to cause him emotional distress” (Daily Appellate Report, July 1, 1989, p. 9270).

  218. Eileen Clark


  219. Seriously… here society is 3 decades later tolerating this crap … in the USA? I mean, REALLY!? People can practice whatever they want, but not criminal and abusive antiAmerican actions …not in the USA at least.

  220. Eileen
    The KOT N/W was special.
    I mourn it’s loss.

  221. Eileen,

    We may have crossed paths at one time or another.

    Personally I’m not into spy games myself but if the tech is there why not use it?

    I just don’t like other people forcing their viewpoint on others on how one should or is required to respond to a certain situation.

    As far as I’m concerned Roberto and Sam were out of line.

    They had no right to cast aspersions at others because they are not doing what they feel is the right thing to do.

    It just shows a lack of willingness to grant beingness.

    Also I don’t consider asking Sam what her training level was as an insult.

    I’m asking for her expertise in an area.

    As someone who is a trained auditor would approach a situation differently than someone who wasn’t.

    I mean if someone had asked Mr. David Miscavige the same thing things might have been different.

    He would have had to admit that he was actually a failed Class IV and that he was totally unqualified to hold any senior post in Scientology.

    Remember when they used to post the person’s training level on the Org board along with their case level next to their name?

    So my point is what altitude does she actually have in denigrating what many of us are doing?

    What policy or tech is she operating on that makes what she is doing so right and what we are doing so wrong?

    As if there is only *one* right way to handle the current scene.

    If she were a Class VIII I wouldn’t necessarily agree with her point of view but at least I’d respect it more than someone who’d just done a few staff courses.

    Remember what Ron says about auditors?

    I already left an organization that at a certain point showed a definite lack of respect for auditors and I refuse to allow this to continue here.

    The more important question should be.

    How many people have you audited or trained?

    Not how many people in OSA you were able to pick a fight with.

  222. +1
    But I do think it’s the minority who doth protest too much.

  223. RJ- I live in LA and close to the PAC base and have not been bothered at all since I have come out. I was all ready for uninvited guests and I was getting ready to purchase a video camera too. Nothing!!!! I don’t understand why exactly and if I should take it as an insult or what.
    This is not to say others haven’t been harrased.
    Now, if a lot of people come out I just don’t think there is the manpower to go after many.

  224. Ideal Morgue
    Your choices are your own and my opinion does not imply or carry with it any obligation to anyone.

  225. I don’t think it’s fair to assume someone is not standing because they post on this blog with a screenname or handle. Those people lend great ideas and intelligence — its the ideas that count, and their time and dedication. I appreciate reading all the ideas here.
    David Miscavige and his shriveled staff attempt to guess and even claim to ID certain screenames — they don’t know if that is also a trap to set up catching them.
    Like mrinder said — some people let them know what they want them to know . let OSA think they are clever as they “announce” who so and so is or do their libel bits and slander.
    I know for a fact that some of the screennames even “regular” ones are in reality different persons using the same screenname-.
    The Spyintology Squads working for David Miscavige might count one screename as 1 person or even say 1 person uses many names to discredit how many people really read this blog ….but the inverse is true: could be three or four different people posting with one name to mess with their evil plans.
    David Miscavige thinks he’s “shooting down” and “finding out blog identities” like sitting ducks. Then he pulls the trigger in knee jerk fashion.
    Miscavige is shrewd but he is dumber than Elmer Fudd. Because Miscavige is mean and vicious. His smarts go by the wayside a little more each day.
    What counts with posts most of all is the communication, the truth, not always the ID.
    So THANK YOU everyone standing! A rose by any other name…

  226. Hey Alan,
    Placi deserves all the credit on this one. I’ve been nagging him for 2 years but it was HIS decision and HIS self-determined choice to do this. He wouldn’t listen to me – can you imagine the kind of marriage we had? 😉

  227. Walkuere said –> “A storm in a waterglass. ”
    Coincidence? or Memorex? That very same “comment” posted by LouAnne, the mulitnamed OSa staff “poster” that attacks “negative press” (i.e., whistle-blowing) in the media.

  228. ★ ★ ★ ★ WOOT!!!★★★★★ True Grit. Right on and thank you and all truth speakers. Thanks Mr Rathbun and Mr Rinder.

  229. Tony DePhillips

    Looks like you are trumped RJ…

  230. Just wanted to get the out-points into the open RJ and find out where you really stand.
    Now we all know.

  231. You’ve got spunk, Sam, that’s what we call it in my neck of the woods. But I have to disagree with you. Speaking forthright and honestly is always the rule and always good, speak truth. But talking forthright and face to face, I learned by expereince, only works with honest, forthright men.
    That doesn’t mean forsake the truth. Naw, hold on to the truth. But when dealing with cheating, yellow livered cowardly varmints like David Miscavige — that runt would pull the trigger BEFORE you took your fair paces. He’s a cheater. So sometimes a little good old ambush is in order.
    Liars are worse than thieves because they rob people of their honor and good names. David Miscavige is a liar. A cheater. He drums up lies about people, gets his snakes and varmints to spread poison, and I know that first hand.
    He’s not a man of honor. Time to posse up and ambush him in is sneaky acts hiding behind sanctimonious piety.
    I can’t stand a man who won’t look you in the eyes and deal face to face. That’s David Miscavige, a back-stabbing belly crawling varmint.

  232. Tony DePhillips

  233. martyrathbun09


  234. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Jack!! It serves the Kool aide drinker right.

  235. I can rant all I want.
    I have freedom of speech; and also you have it.

    I do not want to force you.
    I dont give a dam if you remain in the shadows 3 lifetimes more.

    I yust want some little more as-iss here.
    Let´s stop pretending. Just a little.

    Legal situation. Yes… my grandmother in roller skates also!!!

    There is something called “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” FYI.
    And FYI is for all human beings. read article 19…

    Article 19.

    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

    Which legal situation withdraws this right?????

    Stop pretending!!!!!

    Judging your age you can be ready next lifetime.

    See ya.

  236. Also, Sam and RJ and all here — I don’t think you’re all on different sides on this issue. You can be smart and intelligent and still be honest. You can ambush and not lie or back stab or try to frame. BIG DIFFERENCE between ambush and frame, between calumny and justice., between intelligence and sneaky.
    Sam, I’d rather the world be all people like you, who will deal face to face. But I gotta say there’s nothing dishonorable about using a screenname. There is something dishonorable about making up lies or twisting regular facts into something that seems ugly (call it a parody or loophole whatever you want it’s still yellow-livered lying) .
    A guy like that wouldn’t last long in a bar, a good right hook he’d be off the stool. This worm is hiding behind “Help” and “Human Rights” plotting around in his silk panties on marble floors and gold columns and otherr people’s money.

  237. martyrathbun09


  238. Okay Sam!

    HSDC, NED, Levels 0-4, HRD, HSSC, FPRD, Class VI or HSS, MCSC, Fully Hatted HGC Auditor who has audited thousands of WDAHs in various HGCs in the WUS and in the Field.

    Not just another pretty face 🙂

  239. Standing up and saying your name is heavy ethics?
    Man I’ll take that over cleaning out rats alley or being forced into an abortion any day.

  240. martyrathbun09


  241. martyrathbun09


  242. Marty — Spot on. Miscavige cannot handle too many voices raised against him. How many that will require will only be known when the number has been reached. So, the more and the faster the better.

  243. martyrathbun09


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  245. “Valid reasons”

    There is a great difference between granting beingness and direct other what to do.
    My job and duty is not to tell others what to do.
    But I have freedom of speech.

    Ask yourself:

    “What would LRH do?”

    For real!

    LRH would handle any “valid reasons” and would stand up.
    No added time on it.
    At least the LRH I know would do that.

    Are you gonna declare me SP of the independent field also grass?

    Remain there Grass…

    Do well.

  246. True Grit
    It isn’t about my stance on radar flyers.
    There’s a whole other game going on below the surface 🙂

  247. Marty,

    In his usual know-best style, he claims that it is his superior intelligence that keeps him from being a fool like you and me who engage in “GPMs and games condtions” with OSA/Miscavige.

    But he said something very revealing in one of his earlier comments going after Sam: “Having written this I personally have no quarrel with David Miscavige.
    I mean fortunately I hardly even know the man. I just choose not to associate with him or his organization and I’m personally not interested in getting into a games condition or op terming with this individual.”

    RJ clearly assumes the prone position and is happy to be kept safe by others fighting for him. He appears to be an auditor of some sort and announces how he is auditing people — I guess he is too smart to recognize that it is because of the people who stand up and attract the attention of OSA that he is able to audit in peace (f he actually DOES audit).

    Typical of the know-best, they are also incapable of recognizing source. He thinks his peaceful existence is a result of his genius it seems.

  248. Barney Rubble


    This post about the other Dave from you made my day and gave me a wide 2 swing FN! Can’t wait for the further details.

  249. Marty-A big fat THANK YOU is in order, to you and the troops who are taking the brunt of the attacks. It allows me to audit and produce in the open.

  250. martyrathbun09

    And thank you. What you are doing is all that matters in the final analysis.

  251. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I since saw it and responded.

  252. John Aaron (Jimmy Rebel)

    The staff at the SO Service Orgs still do not truely understand how bad the CofS PR has gotten. For instance: Last week a friend of mine in LA was sitting in her living room working on her computer with her front door open.

    Two SO members come to the screen door and ask if anyone is home. She just asks them where are they from and who are they looking for. They say her and she walks over to the screen door and tells them she does not wish to talk to them, not to come back and to leave her property immediately. Then she was decent enough to shut the front door.

    She could hear them questioning each other through the door and then walking away.

    This kind of thing is happening more and more. These staff will quickly come to understand the actual state of the church the hard way.

  253. Tony DePhillips

    How is this for an idea?
    About 20-30 indies show up at a place where Marty and Mike will likely be tailed. We all meet at a designated place with several cars. We let the bots know where we are so they can prepare all their PI’s and OTasses etc. We then leave the designated “safe house” all wearing disgusises so they don’t know which car or cars Marty and Mike are in. They then have to follow all the cars, costing them thousands and thousands of dollars and we get it all on video so the Kool aides can see what a wasteful, idiotic bunch of dumb asses they are following.. LOL!!!
    It would be particularly funny doing this at a time dm is in town. He would be terrified and probably pee his diapers.

  254. Firstly I recommend you read the manners policy. It is there for a reason. Secondly I have been a freedom fighter for a hell of a lot longer than you! Thirdly, you obviously did not read one of my later posts. Also, with freedom comes responsibility, in the tech dictionary there is a definition that says: able to withhold. I know when, you appear not to. Forgive the eval, but I had to call it.
    Furthermore, Marty, you know about the cycle I am referring to and since you guys have my email you can contact me directly, get my phone number and speak to me personally and also check me out with your friends wether or not I am ligit or not.
    To the post that finds my reference of the Stormin a waterglass suspect. I have used it often in a circumstaces like this, it is very illustrative. I was educated in Europe and there was a famous movie of that name. You will find that a lot of Europeans are familiar with the quote.
    As to Walkuere, or Valkyrie , you can resaerch it in Wikkipedia on line, there is a whole chapter on it. May be that will give you a clue as to what I mean by chosing that name.
    And yes, I am no longer a spring chicken, but I still have it all together. I am not ancient yet.
    And I was hoping we could be celebratign something next week with my , and not only myself, coming out. My champagne is already on ice. But guess what? You are not invited! I only deal with civilized people. Or am I to excuse your ill behaviour with your youth?
    Anyway, I am tired of talking to you.
    Marty, Sir, I know you do not like familiar terms from someone you do not know, I read it when you described SP behaviour. I do invite you to get in touch and check me out personally. I am a friend of someone you are currently dealing with.
    Perhaps I should have withheld myself completely, I never expected to be attacked for wanting to do something…. until… the time was right.
    I am not hiding from anything. These are all wrong in dications. I am helping a friend by keeping a promise not to say anything… until…. well, it will happen very soon. That is really all I can say. honestly. I cannot tell all of you how disappointed I am that you think I am the Martian behind the bush. Having to justify my purpose in such a way, in public… this is unprecidented for me.
    You do such great work, I admire all that, I wanted to be a part of the team, make contact, have a bit of a sniffing party. Get to know each other more, figure out what I can do to contribute other than telling my story. I thought may be translations…..
    Perhaps this was not meant to be. I certainly do not want to be where I am not wanted.
    There has been enough injustice in my Scientology life to last me a few lifetimes. I am not asking for more. And I certainly did not think I would find it here.

  255. I scare myself sometimes 😯

  256. Good. Now tell me what your name is and how it is you know where Martin and I live. Only OSA and a small circle of friends are privy to that information. I know you are not in the latter category.

  257. WindWalker


    Thanks for the response.

    Sounds like what you are doing is VERY MUCH aligned with what Mike and Marty are trying to do. The “End Game” is Free beings. If you have some way of accomplishing that, and are willing to do so, your help to humanity is priceless.

    Don’t feel bad that you are not “taking heat” off Mike and Marty. Without people like you who are able to train and audit others, and actually setting up to do so, Mike and Marty are wasting their time to some degree. It is people like you that they fight for, in my opinion.

    Please continue…. Please!

    Eric S

  258. Ideal Morgue

    We both know OSA is capable of. However, I choose my battles carefully. This just isn’t one of them. I will continue to support bringing Miscavige to justice in any way I can as long as I can do it anonymously.

    I wish you the best of luck in your battles, and may your blog continue to be a good source of truth about that insidious creature known as “Church of $cientology, International”.

  259. Scott Campbell


    Exactly correct. And sometimes that is the only way to learn.

  260. Walkuere,

    Call me anytime … and if you’re in the area, I’ll throw on a couple burgers or a steak for you. And for that matter, anyone else who cares to call.


  261. Thanks, W. What I realized in this process is that we are each flying our own ships solo – but there is an awful lot of help as needed. Ultimately, we are each responsible for our own situation, and for the tech. I will not let someone else decide for me anymore on what is and is not “ethical” – or, for that matter, what is or is not Standard Tech.

    Look forward to meeting you sometime – or again, as the case may be!

  262. Walkuere,
    You are very welcome here, anonymous or not. Don’t take one or two opinions as representing the majority. Come out if and when you want. Or not. Code of Honor. There is no substitute.

  263. martyrathbun09

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t know you since you haven’t made yourself known to me. My email address has been posted here for two years. I find your trying to pull me into your comm with Roberto odd.

  264. Thanks Eileen.

    Yes; you duplicate me correctly.

    All the way.

    You tell it on your own words; but the message is the same.


  265. Ok. Erwin


    I will try to add more intelligence to my comments.


  266. Tony Dephillips

    I really don’t get people who get all ARCXy because someone suggests they stand up and be counted. If you don’t want to, ok. But to get all victimy about it and boo hooey is pretty whimpy. I will day it again., the victim flow is an OSA tactic. Gain sympathy and splinter off.
    If a person can’t handle some communication maybe they should play a different game.

  267. Manners HCO PL.
    I will review it.
    Freedom figther longer than me. Ok. I hope also more effective.
    No problem at all with the eval. Taken.
    Neither I or Marty say anything about you been a Matian. A moonwalker maybe; bet not a Martian. (Joke)
    Not invited to your party; ok. I can confront that.

    All the rest of your post shows movement on the tone scale.
    That´s a GI.
    Carry on…

  268. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Dean, a Big BIG +1 from me!

    To Mike and Marty…. A gentlemanly bow and a tilt of my hat to you both. Good job and a good day to you both I say! The same for the sweet’s you left behind who endured as much if not more insanity but calmly held their grounds! I’ve already informed them separately!

    Hey David Miscavige…. I drop my pants and shine my big ol’ white ass in your general direction! Kiss it you f”in idgit! Wait, your not even worth a good old prank of expressed disrespect so forget it.

    I now return to watching the NBA Final. Good Nite!

    — Jackson

  269. Thanks Mr. Martiniano.

    As I told.

    We all have on our times “reasons” to remain silent.

    But some handle this WITHOUT a bunch of ADDED TIME.

    That´s my point.

    How long has been since Marty put up this site?

    So many fucking time to handle our friends and family?

    Give me a FB!

    How uneffective can one be????????

  270. Maybe if you ask nicely I might tell you my name.

    By the way I’ve posted it several times on this very blog. If you really want to know just go over some of my earlier comments.

    Also I have no idea where you live other than generally in England somewhere.

    Though I gotta admit that’s a nice way of casting aspersion, suspicions and doubt by suggesting that the only people who know other than close personal friends is OSA.

    Very nice.

    I won’t even bother defending myself on that point because if you actually knew me you’d know that the suggestion is ludicrous.

    But I guess you can dream.

    I mean why fight real enemies when you can just mock ’em up.

    Something you’ve implied many times in your comments

  271. gordon freeman

    wow, what a story. When they (clearly not this specific group but other Scientologists out to do the same thing they’re doing to you) went after Paulette Cooper they sure were a hell of a lot more subtle than this.

    Speaking of, Mr. Rathbun what is your take on what was done to her? I think it’s relevant since you’re now being hounded to death, publicly slandered, etc. Obviously there’s a great time distance – she was attacked back in the 60’s and 70’s at L. Ron Hubbard’s direction but this is over 40 years later and it’s David Miscavige pulling the trigger on the attacks – but other than that it seems to be pretty boilerplate. What’s your reflection on it?

  272. I know.

    Good try. “Everybody see how Roberto IS telling ron was a chicken”.

    I can be wrong but…

    Why LRH was using a false name?


    “Simmilarities or assumed identities are not the same type of things”.


    Eillen got my message clear and I have clarified even more is other posts here.

    Thanks to people stupid and suicidal like me you have a future.

    Like you or not.

    A veteran and justifying yourself this way…

  273. Thanks dude and peace.

    You are not a Scientologists.
    That explains all.
    No need to come out.
    My post was directed to those considered themeselves Scientologists.

    Again; peace to you…

  274. Sorry, Sir, I guess I made a mistake. I am new at this and obviousoly not very savvy on this. I thought this is a dialoguie between all, or at least it appeared like that to me, especially when you sided with Roberto.
    Won’t happen again. It is your blog, I felt attacked from several folks, unjustly, I am communicating , I know that you are in contact with a friend that I have promised not to come out until some stuff gets handeled first. For that you buddies are attacking me. Since i do nit know where to look for your personal email I wrote it in the blog. Nothing odd about it from my angle. But i can see it from yours. But do not worry.
    This is getting way too significant for me. I am more of a a to b person.
    Anyway, will not be happen again.
    I apologize again.
    I will find my niche somewhere, and if not, there is always next life time.

  275. “Experience keeps a dear school
    And for a fool, it’s the only one”
    Benjamin Franklin

  276. You save the day back in 84.

    Thanks for that.

    Which year are we now?

    I´m not always a mad lunatic.
    If you read me since the beggining of the blog on 2009 you will find that when Im not drunk Im a civiliced dude.

    I ask you to visit my blog to see some small PT products going on.


  277. Ok.

    We will.
    I don´t smoke; but I will that day.


  278. Thanks.


    I can find better ways to communicate.
    I will work on that.

  279. Gotcha Tony!
    A riff on the Anon thing. We need a wholesale supply of Rinder masks and Rathbun masks. Everyone wears a mask when we pull away in our many vehicles. Including Mike and Marty. Marty could wear a Rinder mask if he wanted to, and vice-versa, or he could wear his own.

    Imagine the consternation when a legion of M&Ms come out of the ‘safe house’ and get in and drive away in a bunch of different directions!!

    What will they tell DM?

  280. Wow, quite a thread! In case anyone is still tuning to this channel, I’ll add my 2 cents.
    It feels Fucking Great to put your real name out.
    Normally it wouldn’t be a smart thing to do on the Internet though. But this situation with the CoS is totally unique.
    Us longtime Scientologists have suffered a lot of abuse at the hands of Miscavige and his Sea Org thugs. So one of my main reason for posting publicly was that it was my little was of saying FUCK YOU to that sick bunch. HERE I AM, THIS IS ME, THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF YOU AND YOUR SUPPRESSIVE REIGN OF TERROR.
    Like I said. Feels real good.
    Boatloads of people doing likewise is the single biggest thing that will bring an end to the madness. IMO
    Under the Radar? No problem as far as I’m concerned. The outcome is inevitable either way. Do your best and don’t sweat it.

  281. Mike, this is exactly what is happening. I can only shake my head at the fact that Jack Potter, who was one of the proud and the few, an OT VIII, twenty years ago when I knew him, is still trying to “finish VII.”

  282. Tony DePhillips

    Let me get my violin out…

  283. Hi Alan.

    Godspeed to you…

  284. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Valkov,
    We don’t even need masks but we could go that way. (could get hot and may be illegal if driving) We could get hats and phoney mustaches and glasses, whatever.. It would help drain the coffers faster. And M&M could have a more leisurely time while they conduct buisness. It would be fun and totally legal.
    Another game could be to all meet at the complex or at Flag and have signs made saying:’ Why are so many OT’s leaving the church?” “Jan Eastgate has been arrested in Australia”, “COB was not appointed by LRH”, ” the 3 swing f/n is killing Scientology!” , “Senior RTC members have left the church and are exposing dm’s out-ethics!”etc…

  285. TR 7, TR 8, TR 9 and Admin TR´s.

    I´ve done it twice this life in assaults attempted on me and went fine.

  286. GetTheConcept

    Thanks. And I don’t know if you saw it at the time but you might be interested to know that I am the guy who made a comment, on Michael Fairman’s post on this blog, who asked, “Who’s next” (to announce their leaving the church)? And you said, “You”, and then I proceeded to give my name and introduce myself. My name is Dave Fagen and I use “GetTheConcept” only because I like it and it means something to me. Anyway, you prompted me to do give my name.

    Will I see you at the Independent’s Day weekend?

  287. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Marty,
    Maybe we can have a thread sometime about what people are or can do to help speed things along.
    People can pass on successful actions, share ideas, etc.?

  288. Kirsi.

    You are known in a lot of places.

    I know you long time. You jump already a year or two ago as far as Im concerned. You have a name and a voice already.

    I was speaking of “Nicknames” and shadows. You are out and I appreciate that a lot.

    A kiss and I hope see you soon…

  289. We’re heading there my man.

  290. “”Not only that but it is WHAT LRH SAYS TO DO when one has changed sides. ‘Announce the fact publicly to both sides’ not ‘pretend to be on the side of the enemy so you can stay safe’

    Way to go to get the ‘ethics officer’ to back off eh?

    ‘Suicidal’ and ‘stupid’ are actually the ‘personal danger’ inherent in publicly announcing that you are leaving the group.””

    Wow Sam…

    Why can´t I get this kind of words to directly communicate what I want to?

    I appreciate this comments.

    You are not taking sides but exersicing the true definition of “friend”.


  291. I´m Beavis Tom (joke)


  292. Mike,


    So Sam does live in the English country side!

    My RV skills must be better I thought!

    To hell with OSA!

    Now I’m worried that the CIA might be calling soon 😉

    But seriously if you read my comment.

    I never called Sam a chicken or a coward I said that it’s easy to talk about being brave when you live some where out in some hinterland somewhere.

    It was her that cast those aspersions because she felt that those of us currently “flying under the radar” weren’t doing enough of what ever one was supposed enough of….

    Whatever that may be.

    Really what do you think you gain from twisting what I say and turning it into some kind of straw man argument?

    Really I’m I supposed to be impressed that you and her took on OSA there.

    I took on most of Int Management and a bunch of zombie Execs at ASHO at one time during my illustrious career in the Church.

    So what?

    I ain’t askin’ for no badge of honor.

    By the way Eileen sorry if I “disappointed” you but I’m not into defeating the forces of evil or David Miscavige which seems to be synonymous around here because I know that eventually he’ll defeat himself.

    If that’s what the game is all about then maybe Marty should change the name of this blog to something other than “Moving a Little Higher” to something else.

    Because op terming ain’t even going to get you close to any higher ground.

    Ask the GO.

    And Marty I don’t consider myself perfect but at least I was able to hold my location even while I was in the org and demand that Standard Policy and Tech be applied when I saw it being violated.

    Instead of just going along to get along.

    And by the way there is no such *post* as COB anywhere on the Org Board and if there was such a post I wouldn’t want it anyway.

    Well that’s all I wanted to say.

    Really the experience has been fun but I have better things to do then post comments on some blog.

    Like maybe audit people or write another book or do something productive.

    Marty if you want to answer the last emails I sent you fine.

    If not that’s fine as well.

    See ya around.

  293. The way out is the way through. Mike had his whole family in the Church. I had my wife and friends in the Church. Marty had a wife and friends in the Church. Karen de la Carriere had a son and friends in the Church. Haydn James worked for a Kool Aide drinker and lost his job when he came out. Nearly all the people doing something effective in the Independent movement have paid the price of freedom: constant alertness and willingness to fight back. Every person needs to fight and that is done by coming out publicly and exposing the King of Squirrels. The price you pay is the price of freedom and integrity. Tony is right. Sam is right. Roberto is right. It is unpleasant sometimes to be pushed; but if the person is pushing you toward survival, but the discomfort is irrelevant. These guys are pushing our group toward survival. We ARE breaking the back of disconnection and we ARE making it safe for people persuading each person to come out one by one. The way out is the way through.

  294. Wow.

    I do remember you asking but don´t remember the rest.

    Thanks for reminding me Dave and I hope you are doing fine now.

    If need anything; just write me.

    No. I will not be there this year.

  295. Yes.

    That´s a good one.


  296. Good idea RJ. Take your ball and go home. This really isnt the game for you. Fare well.

  297. Hi WW;

    I agree re: the value of increasing the viability and visibility of Independent Scientology groups. Such is the intent of many of us. It’s all I’m really interested in doing, really, but I recognize the magnitude of the game involved, for all Beings everywhere. If Scientology disappears, no greater tragedy could possibly occur in the Theta line. That’s the magnitude I put on the fight. I’m surprized so few actually realize that.

    I consider that there is a war going on, a David vs Goliath, bad choice of names, but where a small group is taking on billionaires who are reactively compelled to destroy for the sake of destruction, and have no scruples in doing so, a Destruction = Survival type of computation.

    WW, I’ve been involved in this for about 20 years now, mainly on the tech side, getting transcripts scanned and uploaded, getting comm line into other like minded Freezoners and expanding the comm lines as best as could be done at the time, helping to get us all in comm. Our intent was to get the tech freed up, which was done, we won that fight, and you are right we need to now bring that tech into use. But, at no time did any of us plan on taking on the CofS itself, because we couldn’t, it was suicidal. Any and all who were exposed were hit. Any who was a ‘leader’ fell, literally died. This fight has a history of that happening, well intended Beings gone. Hence our tendency to be anonymous.

    And why I have a concern, because I know what happens to Rebels who are singled out.

    Marty and Mike are taking the fight back to the CofS, and frankly they are doing it pretty much alone, but unless something spectacular results relatively soon, something to cut DMs reach … eventually a blow will get through.

    What I am about to say may sound kinda flaky, but gathering forces together is more effective than dispersed forces. Groups in and around where the fighting is occuring would have a much greater result than the same groups spread out over a wide area.

    That is why I ache to be there.

  298. Hi Erwin;

    DM has his own GPM creation going on. The more he pushes, the more resistence he gets. He’ll opterm himself sooner or later, if he hasn’t done so already.

  299. Comedy relief.

  300. Hey Walkuere. And this is the line David Miscavige’s personal PR publicists use on Twitter –> “I am new at this and obviousoly not very savvy on this.”
    Savvy at WHAT? LOL Honesty? Why do I get the feeling you think you are very cunning?
    And European? Hey the world may be a bunch of lowlife idiots but…. “Storm in a water glass” is not a popular European term. Besides, I was juts sayin’ before but now, why do I get the distinct feeling my leg is being pulled?
    Sure you’re welcome to be anywhere you like, Walkuere.

  301. LOL!!! Cry me a river…

  302. It’s a very very very very BIG water glass, Walkuere. Trying to empty it you find is like trying to sip a tsunami away. Just a little saying we have in Japan. 😉

  303. Well…

    It seems she kick your ass with his training (counting admin training)

    I was thinking you were a kind of class 9 or something of the sort; but I was dreaming.

    Thanks for your info.
    I will do a couple of courses next vacation and will have your training level.

    “What is your training level Sam???”

    In your face.

  304. GetTheConcept

    Here’s the link. Skip down to my name on the comments.
    Thanks for the comm.

  305. I will tell that you are a chicken but generally I don´t offend animals.

    They don´t choose to be that way.

    What kind of auditor leaves when a lot presses on him?

    Whit all your alttitude you should know something called “flunk on bullbait”.
    It happens when you have your TR´s out.
    And leaving on a hurry a group is signal of a precise thing.
    Like a little child.
    You take your ball out the game to punish us.

    Now that this is getting fun!!!

  306. Yes Rj.
    Yes I do.
    Many times.
    Getting SO members kicked out of my ED´s office when they want a criminal handling done by me.

    And good luck getting lots of pc´s to audit.

    How are you going to do on them a full PTS C/S #1?

    You as a demo of PTS?

  307. Tony:

    My tenor recorder is in the closet.

    I have meaning to play it again since high school.

    Perhaps now would be a good time.

    And then there was my vocal lessons that didn’t last too long because the piano teacher cringed when I was learning opera, almost like as if I was screeching or something in his ear.

    So, I’ll tell you what handsome. You get out your violin and I will promise to just listen, but my days as a soprano are probably over. Or maybe not. {LOL}

  308. Cowboy Poet

    Ah yes, fun…
    Is this The Untouchables you speak of? Going after the Al Capone of Popes?

  309. Yes, in deed, Roberto.
    What valid reason is there??
    We can wait, and wait for who?

    I call these “Fence Climbers” RUDY after the song by the same name.

    For a number of reasons;
    1) we are watching a Train Wreck.
    2)Rudy is good slang to Rude. what they are.
    3)the song states their case; “skinny needs time…” No meat there on the bones.
    4)”Wellll…it’s not as if he is FAT…
    “..no there is more to it then that!”
    You know what that could mean? = “A gluten for punishment. ”
    …no there is more to it then that!”…
    That is the FAT bull-shit lie out there. And there is no “fat” defense BTW.
    5)Lastly and sweetly…
    “Now he’s just come out a Movie.
    “Numb of all the pain….
    “Sad but in a while he will soon be…
    “Back on the Train…”
    ? ? ?

    For the Rudy’s out there. Change your mind.
    In all the space of time, its just a consideration.
    You change your mind, “you intend to go to the living rm. and decide instead to go to the kitchen”. It’s really as quick and instant as that. It’s just a CONSIDERATION.

  310. Samantha, sweetheart, you are CLEARLY not a person with MU’s. I have read a little bit about you including your story that I do believe was posted on this BLOG somewhere…earlier..but..aren’t you the girl had to leave out of the window into the tree to get out of the Sea Org?

    If I had been living nearby honey, when you jumped I would have given you a ladder so you could have climbed down gracefully out of the Church of D. Miss Cabbage® nut hole that many people here were trapped in for quite some time.

    I will see if I can make amends, sweeheart! {LOL}

  311. Question, private investigators have to be licensed, right? How difficult would it be to file a complaint with the appropriate licensing body regarding the illegal and harassing actions of these PI’s? If their license gets suspended or revoked, the Church most likely wouldn’t be able to hire them any more without breaking the law.

    It seems like it would be worth looking into.

  312. Marty, Marty, Marty. You remind me of John Wayne sometimes. I thought I saw a picture of you somewhere in one of the 5 gallon Texas cowboy hats. I was thinking to my self “My, my, isn’t he cute?!” {LOL}

    If you were to go blue in the face it would take away from that gorgeous tan you have from all that Texas sunlight so don’t do that! Whatever you do! {LOL}

  313. scilonschools


  314. And Ingrid sweetheart, let’s not forget to remind RJ of just what that means. COB’s REAL name is D. Miss Cabbage®. I laugh about that every day. What a funny name for a COB! {LOL}

  315. Sapere Aude,
    Perfect citation.
    Your erstwhile – nay, present – comrade in arms,

  316. Roberto
    You’re communication is perfect and you’ve earned the right to vent.
    I have a large circle of friends ‘under the radar’ and I fully respect them as they are aware of their PTSness and taking action to handle it. They are applying LRH, not pretending that they are doing it for some other reason like ‘personal integrity’ which makes no sense whatsoever.
    I can tell from the tone level of these ‘radar flyers’ whether they are genuine or not.
    You won’t find me having any argument with the likes of ‘Lunamoth’, ‘Veritas’, ‘Sapere Aude’ and other steadfast friends who use a pseudonym. We have grown to know and trust them (even without knowing their real identities).
    Then there are those who take advantage of such by pretending to be flying under the radar but yet find opportunities to needle, whine, accuse, cause disharmony and use the excuse of ‘doing vital undercover work’ or maintaining their ‘personal integrity’ when they are in fact knowing or unknowing agents of OSA trying to create a dangerous environment and encourage others to keep quiet and obedient.
    Ask those who already ‘came out’ how dangerous it is (like Ingrid), then ask them how their lives have changed. One for one (myself included) they will tell you that their lives changed for the better.
    I want that for my friends and clearly so do you.
    Know those who attack, slur and invalidate you or anyone else here because you want to help people to be free from suppression.
    Their intentions are clearly different from ours.
    I hope you will perhaps get to audit some FPRD on some on them one day so we can put an end to these kind of dramatizations.
    I will have your back always.

  317. ‘Your’ not ‘You’re’ Damn! I make a lot of typos when I get sudden.

  318. Theo Sismanides

    To all of you guys: being under the radar or not right now is not gonna be resolved here and now. And IMHO I think we should focus on what is going on outside our camp!!! Not inside!

    And the things that are happening are very shitty. So we don’t have time right now to lecture each and everyone of those under the radar. Though my opinion is that the List of 500s by Steve in Scientology-Cult.com should have been completed by now and going to 1.000, this is my opinion right now and it’s not an order. I wish one day there would be Order(s). This can can bring back sanity here. And we are as sane as we can recognize and meet the counter effort applied upon us from outside. And maybe we have become a bit of insane, all of us, just because our course in Scientology was interrupted and messed up by Miscavige. Currently I don’t think anyone CAN SAY we are recognizing and meeting all that counter effort. And I am not referring to Davey and RCS alone. Because Marty is doing a great job here. But the counter effort is regarding Planet Earth. And I don’t think we are winning this game. A lot of suppression lately on planet Earth and I think we got to do something about it. So let’s concentrate on those matters now. The under the radar thing ok or not ok is a situation within the Indies. It should take much more attention and intention and a plan not just discussion. Of course what would happen if about 100 people right now revealed their identity and signed up the Indie 500 List.

    But I am more concerned on what is going on right now with Marty and Mike and those dogs chasing them up!

  319. RJ
    Scroll down to my response to Roberto’s comm – it encompasses what I want to communicate to you better than a response to this unqualified torrent of hogwash.

  320. Mike
    He’ll be back. He has to change his name.

  321. Mike,
    Any good plant knows that the words
    “I personally have no quarrel with David Miscavige” would be a red flag to the Indies after Steve Hall’s post on plants.
    Therefore this guy is either very stupid or deliberately playing some sick OSA game to try to goad us into calling him a plant so OSA can gloat about dissension in the ranks.
    I’ll bite. RJ you are very green and leafy.

  322. here is good Rusian youtube chanel

  323. “Obviously you haven’t read Sun Tzu’s Art of War”
    So this is what we should be applying to resolve the suppression of the church?
    Off Source.

  324. Good grief. Could you be more obvious?

  325. Fuckin’ poetry Scott and Jim 😀

  326. Keep going Bobo
    There is already a high demand for auditors in the UK – mostly under the blasted radar 🙂 and this trend will continue as people leave the church and start looking for the real thing.
    Auditors are the most valuable beings on the planet. Don’t forget that.
    All the games and shinanigans are unimportant save to get delivery going.
    What you are doing is VITAL.
    What’s the point if we don’t build a better bridge at the end of all this?

  327. Boy oh boy the trolls are out in force.

  328. Oh Jim,
    Yep — he is 100% rock. Fossil. Completely dead inside — but still in a frantic panic and fear of Marty, Mike and co.
    Manic really.
    I can see him pacing up and down in his self created bunker, inside his high security compound of the Int Base, issuing streams of illogical, lunatic and costly orders, to his sheeple.
    Fear. Terrified about what expose is coming next.
    And… it is about time he started to feel it, as he has had the Int base staff in that tone level for over 15 years.

  329. Marty and Mike – I have just learned that the public will only have to endure 2 maiden voyage events this year. Normally 4 events are shown. Could it be possible that DM is just too busy “saving the planet” from Marty and Mike ? Another great win -his drivel has been reduced by 50% .

  330. Cowboy Poet

    And there she is…behind every good man is a good woman.
    So seldom heard from and yet when, so poignantly spoken.

    This side is there, Mosey.
    “Let’s roll” as the man on Flight 93 said.
    We’re burnin daylight.

  331. Hallelujah

    Chuck — Joanne Hawkins was no longer the Dir Comm ASI when I worked there 2000-2005. At that time, it was Renata but I’ll be darned if I can remember her last name. L, H

  332. Martin Padfield

    Totally agree with WW, your ideas are excellent and align exactly with m&m’s actions. Love the image of doing stress tests outside the local Org. Fantastic!

  333. Martin Padfield

    Interesting. I also happen to know that several attendees will be viewing DM and his weasel words through very different eyes this year. Educated, enlightened eyes. Dave, watch those attendees very very carefully. Which ones can you trust? It’s a quandary isn’t it.

  334. Roberto~I salute you! You certainly ROCK! 🙂

  335. MostlyLurker

    Someone on ESMB suggests to … simply call in some documentary film team [eager students with nothing better to do] to follow them around. This type of documentary would be an easy sale to many news outlets. Cable TV would squeeze it in between “Cops” and “Pit Bulls and Parolees”.
    It may be a good idea.

  336. +1 😆

  337. Jackson — Priceless.

    Your articulation, your eloquence leaves me jealous and near speechless.


  338. scilonschools

    No. I think it is down to all those ‘icebergs’ the Indies and anonymous have released into the Carabean, don’t know about you guys but i’ll be happy to get my freezer back!!

  339. Thanks Sam.

    I make a lot of typos all the time also.

  340. All the money being spent and where it comes from…that’s so sickening. I wanted to send that last video to a couple of older OTs and one particular professional “in hiding” but the music was just a tad too profane – bitch is OK but fuck’ll blow them off. Maybe a radio edit version?
    That last video is the PERFECT proof of what your donations buy in David Miscavige’s so-called church.

  341. scilonschools

  342. Sapere Aude

    Typos be damned. It tis the communication which comes through loud and clear. 🙂

    “If anyone can show me, and prove to me, that I am wrong in thought or deed, I will gladly change. I seek the truth, which never yet hurt anybody. It is only persistence in self-delusion and ignorance which does harm.” — Marcus Aurelius

  343. Me too!

  344. WindWalker


    OK. I see where you are coming from. Sounds like you have been busy for some time. I thank you for all you have done.

    I see your point about “setting up camp where the battle is.” As you say it may be a more effective strategy than working in a more isolated area. So no, I do not find that “flaky”. It sounds like a well considered point of view.

    Thank you for your dedication to keeping Scientology alive over the years, and helping to secure its future. It sounds like you live what I have mostly only talked about.

    I wish you all the best in whatever endeavor you choose.

    Eric S

  345. A good culmination to the trip would be a trip to Disneyland and/or a deep sea fishing trip out of San Pedro. This level of merry making would drive DM and crew batty. We have lives, and we have fun.

  346. Awesome Mike! That cracked me up big time! I cannot even wait to hear the details on that one!

  347. Robert~It was back in about ’98 or so that I robotically followed orders to stalk someone trying to leave the S.O. It was the beginning of the end because I couldn’t dramatize this 1.1 operation filled with lies and deception from my group, without getting myself sick, which of course then led to self-inspecting on just why that occurred.
    The Scientologists who participate in these tactics are either going to snap to present time and realize it’s suppressive and therefore work their way out (overtly or covertly) or sink even deeper into oblivion and robotism.

  348. I don’t know who here is pretending to be part of it. Certainly wouldn’t be the people contributing to this blog. I think the right target for this misery is not the people on this forum. Nobody here is remaining in silence. The people pretending to be part of it and maintaining status quo in the Church would probably not be reading this blog. The people here are supporting Marty.

    “Bunch of stammers. Independents with nicknames.
    How independent is that?
    Not even having the balls to stand up.”

    Attacking any support here in any form and starting up infighting between people is not helping Marty. The people on this blog are friends of Marty’s. Whether they are independents or stammer or not. Worry about what you are doing, not the others. Plenty of people here have walked a long hard road in terms of blood sweat tears time and money, in this mutual investment called making the world a better place.

    Just my two cents.

  349. Tony,
    I started this about 6 months ago. It’s in a wiki which is a better way to organize things than a blog…like by category, and is easy to update. (log in required)
    I’d forgotten about it til you mentioned it here.
    Let me know any Q’s.

  350. Marty, Mike…We’ve made our final decision.

    Since we don’t have a copy of the Pro TRs film to show students what excellent TRs look and sound like, we are going to use this video in our courseroom.

    Just one request. Next time you film such an encounter, could you invite Dan along…just for old time sake?


  351. koki

    Now you know that we know how it felt.

    Goodbye from the USA.

  352. WindWalker


    Yes, sometimes one must “run the gauntlet” or “audition” as you say.
    Your communication skills may be tested, your credibility challenged, your intentions questioned, but if you are “the real deal” just be yourself and continue to communicate.

    We are survivors, and part of the cost of that has been “constant vigilance and a willingness to fight back”.

    Eric S

  353. Sapere Aude

    Public Service Announcement

    If you are new you should understand some basics about trolls. Why we don’t like them. I know you are trying to understand how some of us feel. You can go to the following link:


    This is the International HQ for the church. This is where you find Gold, Int, RTC, etc. Abbreviations you may not understand but they are organizations with different functions. Some of the buildings are slightly different current uses but overall this is the Int Base.

    At that link about 1/4 down is the razor fence staff are kept behind. Almost half way down that page is a red outlined photo. The top left of that photo (click on photo and it expands larger) is the area marked “detention compound”.

    I want you to know many who post here have been kept behind that fence and in that detention area. Some still have friends/family located there. To an outsider it may seem bat crazy. To us, we want serious changes and freedoms for all Scientologists, inside the current church or outside as Independent’s.

    If you are like me some of those photo’s on that link are shocking – in the US, in California, in 2011 – and this exists! Take with sincere understanding reactions you get here. The “trolls” we speak of are working for those maintaining that fence and that facility. We don’t have any patience or desire to be nice in that area. Hope this brings some enlightenment and more understanding.

  354. Whole lotta infighting happening now.

  355. The guy tried to smack Marty with that mic, at least that’s what I thought.

  356. I can’t see the purpose of just following you around for days and attempting aggressive, and unwanted, stabs at having a conversation. Just what was hoped to be accomplished? I believe that choosing to go this route is a reflection of the lack of education of the person(s) in charge, the insular nature of CofS management, and, maybe, the influence of “L.A.” culture. I can just imagine the directions given: “Shadow them, put the heat on them, restrict their movement, let them know that we mean business, get into their faces and wear them down, lure them into an altercation (physical fight) and video tape it so we can have them arrested.” But what can one expect from High School drop-outs, who never learned about civil rights and whose only non-Scientology education was on the job training in an organization fraught with civil rights and human rights violations? I don’t know what the solution is – other than refuse to engage in any conversation with them and keep documenting what you see until you have abundant evidence of a pattern of intimidation and harassment.

  357. The day nobody is auditing and nobody is getting auditing we have all of us lost. Good for you for keeping the porch light on. Very much appreciated!

  358. Mike, I’d be shocked if they were only getting $50/hour, off-duty LEO status or not. LAPD gets paid pretty well, as do sheriff’s deputies. Usually PI work is boring skip-trace work or boring cheating-spouse surveillance. For once those guys get to do something exciting when they chase you around! You’re the highlight of their month! 🙂

  359. Disneyland is a genius idea. Disney security won’t be having any of the PI follow-around business, and will probably eject the PIs from the entrance area so they can’t sit around and wait for M&M to leave. It’s a great place to ditch surveillance!

  360. San Francisco State University – admittedly a bit of a distance from both LA and TX – has a well-regarded documentary-focused film school, FYI.

  361. Thanks for that! Yes I will adress/reveal all, just have some urgent production to do, deadline time for some stuff. The cat and mouse game is almost over for me. Hallelujah. Like I said, my champagne is already on ice.


    1. Get wholesale deal on one-thousand armored and camouflaged discontinued Hummers with hydraulic extendo-ram bumpers.

    2. Start cycling all PIs through the Dave Lubow look-alike plastic surgery.

    3. CSW myself to approve the use knock-out drugs mentioned in DMSMH to PDH OTAs and turn them into Manchurian Candidates who will don funny helmets and spout practiced patter while actually totally unconscious.

    4. Make the incarceration or disappearance of Rathbun and Rinder the new pre-req for the release of OT IX and X.

    5. Approve use of blowgun to plow a nano-chip GPS dart into Rathbun’s head.

    6. Make deal with Rex Fowler giving him amnesty and a free session in exchange for saying he flipped out after accidentally getting auditing from Marty.

    7. Have the investigators who are investigating the investigators investigated for failing at their investigations.

    8. Get it into TC’s schedule to sky-write “Eat shit and die!” at the Independents Day party.

    9. Start fundraising campaign to finance design and construction of underground rock-tunnelling sub-terranian vehicle, making it possible to follow Rinder and Rathbun anywhere in the world without being detected.

    10. Have Travolta call the Pope on speakerphone and introduce me so I can start my modified-HCO program on the Catholic religion.

  363. Sam, I think you are a force to be reckoned with and I applaud your freedom to be you at all times. I applaud everyone here who has managed that. Even if everyone here had that freedom and ability, I would not be one to urge Marty to put all of his cards on the table in a battle. I’m a gypsy more or less, and maybe it’s just a culture issue. But in a struggle what the other side “doesn’t know” can be just as potent as what they “do know”. There is always some power to be had in fabian elements. People might not think about it if it isn’t so visible. That doesn’t make it not so.

  364. I guess what I mean to say, is that I wouldn’t discount any part of Marty’s power. Visible or invisible. I’m not in doubt about any part of it. The point is, he’s got the power, and it’s expanding.

  365. And it’s expanding at a rapid rate. And the truth is, because people with case are real flexible and wobbly, it is best if only Marty knows the whole sum of his resources and power. That in itself, is a power. And that, if you can trust all the way , you really can flow power.

  366. And working to knock out any part of the power, visible or invisible, is a counter force.

  367. The socalled Church of Scientology allready is and you were once the punchline

  368. seeking4know

    Expose these fellows. That is their worst nightmare.

  369. I hear you. Again, there is visible and invisible power here. Knocking out any part of the power, is counter productive. I’m sure Marty knows who will catch him with his dime. There are many resources here, they all have value. No, not everyone who is not “out there” is a coward. And I think this movement has moved beyond any type of discretion, in that if Marty was hurt or put in jail, there would be riots. Not protests. Riots.

  370. Eileen Clark

    Make that Los Gatos Org. When I was last there he also was covering for MV, I think, but not SNC. He was most likely selected/volunteered to do this stuff as the other DSA is female. Besides this would be right up his street to go out and do such actions.

  371. And whoever is pushing them all over the Freeway is so unattuned to possibilities and PTS, in trying suppress and stop, they can’t see the noise and volume of noise they are potentially bringing onto this scene. Just whimsical suppression. That’s the battleplan over there nowadays.
    It is NOT anyone’s battleplan over here.

  372. As Patton said, : Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

    Hopefully we can keep all the casualties in this battle, limited to the other side.

  373. I can’t imagine anyone reading this blog or posting on this blog is sitting on any fence. Or doing nothing. If they are reading this blog they are off that fence already. I really don’t think there are people amongst us sitting on the fence. That line has been crossed way back there. I really do not even know if there is somebody here Roberto should be attacking. I think the enemy is on the other side of the fence, not even people sitting on the fence. Who are you going to attack first? People on the other side of the fence or people sitting on the fence not on either side?
    That’s kind of a simple math equation.

  374. Eileen Clark

    Thanks for clarifying the moniker. “Chooser of the dead (or fallen) heroes”. How does one choose, based on what criteria? Seriously, you obviously chose it for a specific reason, just interested.

    Never thought of you as a “Martian behind the bushes”, I like that and will use it myself sometime…lol!
    While it is personal to be questioned here, it is not as personal as it might feel. Please read what Wind Walker wrote just above. Just simply continue communicating. Some will agree with you, some won’t, some won’t care one way or the other.

    What you are up to sounds intriguing and I look forward to hearing about it in full, soon. I like champagne, too.

    Roberto does have an abundance of youthful energy and enthusiasm, his heart is in the right place and he has been personally and severely wounded by all this mess. One cannot fault his cheekiness regarding the subject. It does violate the fitness of acceptable behaviour for “a not so spring chicken” who was educated in Europe, but I have the idea that you can stretch to understand.


  375. RJ ,
    Just roll with the punch.

    I think the other side is supposed to be the ones taking the hits from us and having the casualties, not us over here slapping down one another while Marty and Mike are out of the streets in L.A..

  376. Oracle:

    What are you talking about on your last 11 o 12 comments?
    Nobody has died here. Nor me, nor Mike and surely is not what I intend to cause.
    What kind of example is that?
    OSA can try to make your life miserably (can try) but that´s it.
    Aren´t we exagerating on this “die” stuff here.

    I don´t get it.

    Move on.

    We have now a new post.

  377. Eileen Clark

    “you will find that when Im not drunk Im a civiliced dude.”

  378. Oracle.
    I will be patient.
    I´m not attaking anybody.
    When one has his confont high a communication doesn´t harm you.
    You as-is that.
    Duplication; remember?
    Some can disagree; and that´s it.

    Move on.

  379. There are plenty of people are tripping that have never taken LSD. I have taken LSD. And I know what tripping is. And maybe someone here is going to think it’s me that’s tripping. And if I am, I’m good with it. But for the record, there are people tripping that have never taken LSD. And I think everyone should know.

  380. Eileen Clark

    I got that. My “radar” was buzzing a few days ago on RJ and went off the dial with this blog and the one before. You were doing just fine so I only gave support from the side, the good cop. Worked good, imho.

  381. 😉

    Glad I make you roll on the floor.

  382. Can’t back you with the manners idea. You’ve got to suck up the rudeness like a good punch. It’s a matter of TR’s. Take it in head on. Embrace the pain.

  383. Eileen Clark

    RJ, it looks like, IS the other side. He blew.

  384. Bring it on.
    Hurts so good.

  385. “Move on?” Oh, that was a hot button. I mostly hear it from police. Yeah that one caused some discomfort.
    If you think I am going to “move on” unless Marty asks me to “move on” (we are both guests in his house), you are tripping.

  386. “When one has his confont high a communication doesn´t harm you.
    You as-is that.
    Duplication; remember?
    Some can disagree; and that´s it.”

  387. Give me a holler when the purge is over.

  388. RJ, Marty has not forgotten anything. Don’t let anyone put distance between you and Marty. Code of honor. No one is going to jump ship while Marty is down on the streets of L.A..
    This is the time to stay together. Hell, we may have to get ourselves together to go down there for a riot or something.
    Everyone should stay focused on Marty and Mike having us for cover. Forum disputes are the last thing they need on their lines right now. No one is allowed to have a melt down O.K.? Not until they are home safe.

  389. Wish I could just come over. Unfortunately I do not live in your neck of the woods. But it would be nice. Thanks for makign me feel welcome. It means a lot.
    And by the way, I am usually myself, I am famous for it. That is why I never joined the GO. I am too straight forward. I am glad, because this way I have nothing to propitiate for, at least not on that account.

  390. TStsts… Sarcasm! Very good!
    So glad everyone is having a good time on my account.
    Now isnt’ it really time to move on?

  391. There is more the namein germanic history, iZt reminds me of LRHs comments in regards tothe code of honour and courage… Remember the movie Valkyrie last year I think? And the composer Wagner also had a thing with that time of beingness. I also liked the name Athena, as for what she stood…..
    Yes , I can stretch, in life for sure. In my house I have rules. I do preferer not to be badgered adn bullied asa in bullbaiting. It never occured to emt hat this might come up. So I started out wrong.
    But I learn quickly. This thing got way out of hand way too quickly and I think that the format , with all the different comments intermingling, make it difficult to have an easy comm cycle.
    Besides, we really should keep our eyes 0n the mountain and reduce it to an anthill. I think we are well on our way.

  392. It is notable that high toned people cut entheta lines instead of sticking to them. Not everyone that walks away from a situation is blowing. Like Kenny says in the gambler tune, you’ve got to know when to walk away.

  393. That really gave you away.

  394. You know Stan, that was brilliant.

  395. Oh shit too funny! You’ve really got it going on with the wit!

  396. “4. Make the incarceration or disappearance of Rathbun and Rinder the new pre-req for the release of OT IX and X.”

    Too funny!

  397. martyrathbun09

    Book mark that one for another video coming up later this week – perhaps as early as Tuesday night.

  398. Robert Earle

    Thanks Tara,
    That was the public that I was writing to. Hopefully those fullowing the blog have enough observation to decide what is right and leave their post . Certainly no one will condemn them for leaving such a job unless they are crazy. But then that’s the very reason to leave. I quite working under crazy orders back in 1999. It was such a relief.

  399. Do a contact assist with the Spanish Inquisition.
    Use this opportunity to expand your reach, not cut it.

  400. It would be thoughtful of you to replace any of Marty’s income sources you blow off.

    If you blow off anyone that is a source of income for him I think it would be decent of you to step in and keep that flow going. Even if it’s not a Scientologist who has been making contributions.

    Just something else you can do for the cause.

  401. Robert Earle

    I love your posts such as this. You must have had a fantastic time back in the 80s while the ME series unfolded. I find a strange similarity between LRHs Soltan and your COB . In truth its almost like COB has modeled himself after that character. All the way down to how he will later be telling his story from prison. LOL

  402. Oracle.

    Are you aware how much non sequitour your comments are?

    Are you looking all the trend of comments yo have made the last hours from other viewpoint different that your own? (HCO PL “Viewpoint”)

    Why are you getting too obsessed in picking a fight with me?

    I hope in the near or far future; when we make safe for you to go public without pain and consequences you have a bunch of real products to show.

    You better be.

    Meanwhile; peace.

    You have your right to express yourself.

  403. Walkuere, if you are new to this, let me help you out here.
    It is all well to be polite and acknowledge a loud noise. That is customary. On the internet forums you can’t see who / what the agenda really is until the results are in. Because intention is cause. Maximum creation and minimum destruction are always the best ways to contribute . Sometime maybe even the person pushing buttons has been drinking, or got a speeding ticket on the way home from work, or whatever. They have a meltdown of some kind. As you can see by watching the video, Mike Rinder has great TR’s managing his car on Pacific Coast Hyway against the backdrop of being hemmed in by hostile forces. The amount of pressure and threats on Mike and Marty are severe if you can imagine yourself just in that driving situation , Everyone here is glued to the tube and feeling the pressure. It’s just not a usual week and some people are coming unglued. This is a situation here in the U.S. to have the Church sitting right on top of you. Worse if you have small children in your house. You don’t know what they will do to your kids. Mail them your P.C. folder data or post it on the net. Send a letter to their school saying you are a criminal. Send a letter to your husband’s company , they will target the family and work, your dog even, to get you to shut up. It’s really an effort to confront. So, with Marty and Mike down in L.A. together, and alone, people watching and feeling helpless to help are just tripping. Just put today aside and any disenchantment. I am glad to hear you will be coming out, and I know you have value to contribute. Maximum creation, minimum destruction. Do what it is you intended to do and do not permit your help flow to be unmocked. Every action counts and we really do need all the help you have to offer in terms of support. Maybe when this is all done we can lay one another to waste. Not today. I am looking forward to hearing about what is up and finding out who you are. I hope the fresh day tomorrow, we can all start over in a new unit of time. I feel it is something special! For you and for us.

  404. Go sleep it off. I can put down three quarts of Vodka and go on a forum and not leave a body count behind me. You can barely type.
    And you are wasting someone else’s resources.

  405. “Real men?”
    DM is propped up by ladies. He showcased them on Anderson Cooper, Mr. Starsky included. His “real men” have been bitch slapped into the ground.
    Yeah, he is riding on the fury of women. You have to give him credit for putting that beneath his wings.

  406. 11:43 p.m. and I still haven’t flattened this button.

  407. + 2

  408. Mike Hobson

    Note: the video linked is the original Anonymous Official Declaration of War against the incorrectly named “Church of Scientology”.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  409. I guess that was a “no”?

  410. Gee, what a mess I made of that entry. No glasses on, too much in a hurry, not editing.
    Another thing I have to improve.

  411. Ok.
    I slept and came back.

    I can barely type. Totally agree on that. Many faults. Sorry.
    I hope you can write in Spanish much better than how I write in English.

    Calm down now.

    This fight is over.

    Move on. Flatten this one.


  412. Eileen, and Oracle
    I am taking the time to really read again this entire blog, and yes, I do understand. I immensly appreciate your effort to duplicate where I am coming from.
    It is a different world from when I started out in Scientology, young, in search for what our traditionel upbringing could not provide us with. It was like Ron had createted this body of work just for us.
    Every day I would sigh and say: YES! YES! So true.!Why did I not think of this? Here is someone who understands and can put into words what I have been wanting to know for sure. He provided us with the tools to create our own wisdom, gain certainty, enforce our knowingness and help others.
    All my life I have asked questions that no one was able or willing to answer before. What a gift to have this guide line from Ron.
    When I finnally went into an org it was with great suspicion, and my first course was taken in protest of never seeing my husband, who was either working or on course. But he changed for “the better” so rapidly, that I became curious and wanted to understand what brought about these noticable improvements.
    And while I enjoyed my first course, it was the famous HQS Course, it also gave me the tools to spot the outpoints immediately. I acted on it, I said NO right from the start when I spotted something that was not the way it should be. And I also acted on it, and have ever since, which laid me open to a lot of supression on the inside and the outside. Being me all the time is sometimes strenuous,as Kermit the frog might say, for myself and for others. It does not matter, because the people I had the hardest time with in the beginning became my best and truest friends. Both sides held their ground, and communcated however long it took to create ARC. The legions of “friends” I lost were replaced by valuable individuals that were not just interested in enriching their life with MEST.
    So rest assured, I am not running because of a little tiff, even though I must admit that this was an unexpected spat, I was not prepared for. It kind of hit me hard, which surprised me, because I can take it usually, any time , any place.
    However, what Marty and Mike are doing has my highest admiration. I have no idea if I could handle that as well as they do. Very likely not.
    I do understand what was going on. Your posts and a few others really helped. I had a huge blow down.
    Thank you for being there!

  413. You seem to be writing just fine when you are sober.

    You are telling me to calm down?
    I rock steady even in my sleep.

  414. Thank you Oracle ( of Delphi?) I answered you as well in my return to Eileen.
    I am working on ‘MY “story. It wil be a bit different , I decided , then what we have here already. But I am certain that it will echo with a lot of folks and encourage them to fowllow suit.
    To work up 37 years in chronological order is quite a task, thus I thought I will bundle it under different headdings and create chains of related events, like the subject of study, or other lines.
    I feel that with this system people can look at their own experiences down the line, especially disenchanted and uncertain public, and spot their past ignored disagreement, and they can blow some of the indesicion or confusion they might have. I found this method very useful in dealing with people I know. They cognite much easier on their own as when lectured.
    But as I said, this will take a bit of time. So I will be quiet for a while, other than perhaps lending some support and RARARA to our true heros in this battle for the removal of supression.

  415. You’re a good man, Roberto.

  416. And I’ll tell you something else, you clearly have a huge protest read, along with a few others, on NOT KNOWING who is out here and who is behind Marty.

  417. And it’s just kind of wierd because that shouldn’t really be a button for anyone in Marty’s camp.

  418. And the fact that you are generating conflict and blowing off resources while he just happens to be down in L.A. doesn’t look too good either. But that “move on” police circuit phrase , that’s what pops in when someone is breaking up a protest or a riot. And for me that’s a stone cold red flag.

  419. martyrathbun09

    Ok, forget “move on”; how about “chill”?

  420. Thanks.
    I try to improve how I write in a foreing language.
    Bear with me.

  421. Thanks.
    I try to improve how I write in a foreing language.
    Bear with me.

  422. Got it.
    Thanks for the indication.

  423. Chilling.

  424. Thank you for being here and being you. Looking forward to your story.

  425. thank u. I allready have some informations . lots of Angry gay pope,marc bunker,anonimys,etc. 5 years ,i have been following thise situations. i have only one friend that is scientologyist – so i am courius….

  426. Katherine Moore

    I had the opportunity to both observe and personally experience the constant harassment to which Mike and Marty have been subjected when I attended a dinner with them in LA. I think Marty is raising some very serious issues when he addresses the potential public danger posed by the paparazzi-like frenzy to monitor and record their activities. I had quite a bit of experience dealing with this sort of thing in the past when I dealt with the paparazzi who pursue celebrities – this was different. This is 24/7 surveillance and all that implies about the invasion of privacy and the suppression of free thought and interaction with others. Very disturbing.

  427. martyrathbun09

    Well put, thank you Katherine.

  428. Hi Katherine,

    Nice to see you here!

    It was a real pleasure to reconnect after so many years. And the freedom to speak and present opinions and have discourse based on what I believe and think rather than what someone else dictates I should think or say is the most liberating thing of all about no longer being in the church. It’s a very different, and far more enjoyable life. And oddly, it is what Scientology promises (“Think for yourself”) and exactly opposite to what the church delivers.

    Welcome to the discussion! You will find a lot of friends here and a lot of intelligent people who have viewpoints from which to learn.

    And you are a very valuable addition to this equation.


  429. I am thinking that I will send some copies of Ron’s Journal 68 to the few connections I have left in the CoS. It is available for download but needs to be converted to mp3 format before burning to disk.

    Chances are they have never heard it, or even heard of it, and will be interested to open it and listen.

    If I had a list of connections I would consider a mass mailing or other distribution of it.

  430. Is that the Katherine (Kathy) Moore I’ve known since 1972 and was a pc of mine?

  431. sorry i wrote u answer not here,but down in line….

  432. Mike, “Never gets anything done” is a perfect description of Dave LaBlow.
    I see he hasn’t changed his ways in all these years. That’s what blew his cover, years ago when he was first hired by you or Marty to spy on us in Vegas. He just sat around with nothing better to do then try and disrupt those that were working – meanwhile he was getting paid by the Church while living it up in Vegas with booze and out 2D, while his wife worked in Calif and was raising the kids on her own.

  433. Janni – Yeah, he will continue to “investigate” until there is no more money. He is a whore, pure and simple. He will do anything for money, including put his nose where only toilet paper is supposed to be. 🙂
    PS: I didnt know him back in the Vegas days. I first met him when he was working on Minton

  434. Diversity is fantastic. Division, not so much. Apply the tech.

  435. See above Marty.

    Aside from the fact that there is no such office on any actual Scientology Org Board.

  436. Maybe you should really get your “radar” fixed and actually read the HCOB The Third Party Law.

    I left for my own personal reasons.

    So if this some how tweaks your so called “radar” I suggest you send it in for repair.

    Also why don’t you prove your accusations and aspersions.

    You got any questions about who I am then I suggest you read what I’ve been posting for the last two years.

    Or you can get in touch with me directly archangel88(AT)hushmail(DOT)com instead of posting libel about me on a public blog like some kinda OSA op.

  437. Wow what a perversion of what I’ve posted.

    I’ve never told anyone to stay under the radar.

    I have given my own personal reasons why *I* choose to stay there and why which is covered in HCOPL PTS Type A Handling particularly the point about not creating antagonism.

    What do you base your opinion on other than your own understanding or misunderstanding of the doubt formula.

    News flash babe!

    Ethics doesn’t apply to the Field and Franchise.

    This is covered in HCOPL Franchise and Ethics.

    Besides who elected you ethics officer?

    One of the reasons I left that snake pit calling itself the Church of Scientology was there were so terminals who were trying to put everybody else’s ethics in other than their own.

    They also twist reports to make others guilty of alleged “crimes” they never committed.

    I said and I reiterate so there is no question of what I wrote and that is that I don’t agree with people coming out if it is going to do nothing productive other than alert OSA.

    As I wrote I have better things to do than make myself a target and I’m not into that game.

    However I never prevented anyone else from playing that game. If they wanted to.

    So who is really playing footsies with OSA?

    Not I.

    I’d say it was the person saying that everyone should blow their cover would be more suspect.

  438. Pingback: My comment: Cult of Miscavige Human Rights Violations « 31 Factors

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