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A Message to Izzy and Mary Ann Chait

Iz and Mary Ann,

It was wonderful meeting with you this past Friday at the Enterprise Car return lane at LAX.  Unfortunately, Lublow, Allender, et al had to interrupt – but, you are gonna continue to carry fleas as long as you sleep with unkempt dogs. (see video below)

Thank you for promising to read my blog.  Mosey is on the Student Hat course and came across a gem she wanted to share with you knowing you are conducting an investigation and study as part of your doubt formulas.

The reference from Monique:

from Evaluation of Information, L Ron Hubbard:

So now, let’s realize that part of our understanding when we are engaged in secondhand observation – which is to say study on a via or something…we are engaged upon this – then our understanding must include an evaluation of the reliability of the information we are being given.  You follow that?  Our understanding must include the understanding of whether this is good dope or bad dope, whether this is straight data or this is data with a curve.  In other words, we have to be capable of evaluating the truth of the relayed observation.