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Mike Wilson

Hi! My name is Mike Wilson.

I’m from West Texas and I’ve been in Scientology since 1976.

I’ve done all the original OT levels, OEC, FEBC and the New OT levels. I had great wins with all of it with the exception of OT8.

In fact, it wasn’t until I went to the ship in 2006 that I realized the out tech being run on a personal level.

I had suspicions that Miscavige was squirreling LRH’s tech with all the changes, GAT and the new books. It was when I read Mr. Luis Garcia’s letter (the most beautiful doubt formula I have ever seen) that it became truly real to me how bad things are.

In March 2011, my wife visited Marty and Mosey’s home and was declared within days. I was subsequently declared without being contacted or told by the church. I found out later from friends I knew from Flag that, I had been declared. I still don’t know why exactly, but I’m guessing it’s my connection to my trouble making, but cute, wife.

I recently met and visited Marty and Mosey and found out Scientology is still Alive and Well! The wins I had during the visit were unlike any I have ever had before! It just goes to show that Real LRH works! I got my life back and I’m operating on a whole new order of magnitude!

Thank You, Mosey, Marty, Chiquita and Cat!

Love, Mike

p.s. Mosey, I’m still dreaming about your blueberry pancakes!

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