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Janet Reitman: “Change or Die.”

The following is the conclusion of the interview that Editor in Chief of the Village Voice conducted with Janet Reitman, author of the new book Inside Scientology:

If the celebrities are being more cautious, it’s fascinating to see the new “Independent Scientology” movement flourishing as former high-level members like Marty Rathbun rebel against Miscavige’s rule.

“Scientology is a very doctrinaire church, way beyond Catholicism. I mean a really all-encompassing, all-demanding, highly judgmental, cripplingly controlling, organization. And these Independents are saying, ‘Fuck the organization, we’re just going to go do this on our own, we’re going to pay a lot less money for it because really, this stuff should be free. And we’re going to live better lives.

“To me, that’s really religion. If you can just seek to better your life and the lives of those around you, without taking advantage of those around you, more power to you.”

Like me, Reitman is fascinated with Rathbun’s blog, where he defies Miscavige’s rule and attracts more and more Independents.

“I think Marty is so threatening to Miscavige because he’s like a Martin Luther. He’s saying, look, there’s an alternative way.”

And as for Scientology itself, under Miscavige?

“I think they’re going to have to change or die.”

I have never spoken Janet Reitman.  She came to these conclusions upon interviewing dozens of Scientologists, in and out of the church, and investigating the subject for two years.   The full interview can be found at: