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Why Come Out Now? – Greta Eckhoff Alexander


Rapunzel got the knots out of her hair, braided it and is climbing out of the tower window…..

I am here = Crime no 1.

I have duplicated what has been, is happening in the Cof$ and the history of Scientology = Crime no 2.

Despite a DM bot strongly advising me NOT to post on this blog I dared to communicate here and defied the implied threat of what would happen to me if I did = Crime no 3.

Time permitting I have occasionally posted under a temp name of ‘IndieNow’. From now on it will be ‘ZEPHYR 101’.

I have felt as a part of this group for a year now. After applying LRH’s “PERSONAL INTEGRITY” (Ability Issue 125) to my situation this was the only acceptable choice. I was a “Closet Indie” and was afraid to lose my old friends. Now I have decided it is better to look forward to finding new friends who are not afraid to look, see and accept the truth.

Following the “Red Radish-Principle” -that was applied in East Germany before the Berlin wall came down, appearing red on the outside to blend in with the communistic trends but being white on the inside- worked for a while. Then it dawned on me that that there are better choices here, like taking a stand. One inspiration came from my local park: VICTORY OVER VIOLENCE – ONE OF THE GREATEST CRIMES OF ALL IS TO STAND SILENT IN THE FACE OF WRONGDOING. SANTYANA.

Having been in the Sea Org for 27 years and being a trained NOT’s C/S, mid OT VII, I have seen and experienced a lot. It took me almost 2 months to wade through the data presented on the Internet, sorting out the wheat from the chaff, lies from truths and then connecting the dots to my personal experiences. I will touch on some of these in “MY SCIENTOLOGY ADVENTURE”, at  http://www.scientology-cult.com/greta-eckhoff-alexander.html

It was amazing to look back and see how I spotted many of the off policy, the out-tech points at that time. While I then protested, wrote KRs or crammings orders I was nevertheless often quite reasonable or simply apathetic about those situations. Looking back and as-ising some of my own failures brought about great Tone Arm Action and a renewed zest for the subject of Scientology and life. Call it a rehabilitation for what is good and workable in Scientology.

I have now completed my Doubt Formula in writing and want to thank the terminals who helped me along. Ah, it is a two-terminaled universe!

As per The Way to Happiness, Precept 10: SUPPORT A GOVERNMENT DESIGNED AND RUN FOR ALL THE PEOPLE, now knowing that the Scientology ‘Government’ is NOT run for all Scientologists I hereby withdraw my support of it.