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Miscavige’s Public Relations Program

What we are seeing in real time on this blog is David Miscavige’s Public Relations program played out from coast to coast.   Yesterday his six mayonaise sandwich eating OSA volunteers made utter asses of themselves to a number of people never before exposed to the subject of Scientology (including seven local law enforcement officials).  Miscavige’s proclivity for playing such hijinks is the very reason I began doing something about the problem of Radical Corporate Scientology.   After three years of observing the monster from an exterior viewpoint I came to the conclusion that David Miscavige left unchecked would deny the subject of Scientology to future generations by so thoroughly sullying it in the public eye that no one of sane mind would go anywhere near it.   So, Miscavige’s solution to my solution is to speed up the process and bar no holds in rushing headlong into it.  This video captures the scenes they are creating every day now in cities across the country.

(Technical Difficulties)

In the meantime, we identified Neo Norman Bates.  He also goes by the name of Jim Moore.   Consult your OSA Volunteers list under “Austin” and you will find his name.  A Jerry Boswell trained CCHR guy.  In the past year, on three occasions when I was half way across the country Moore lurked in the weeds waiting for my wife Mosey to return from a long day’s work and commute.  He came to her door – with another OSA Volunteer, since Corporate Scientologists do not even go to the bathroom alone – asking accusative questions about me, refusing to identify himself, and leering at her like some repeat sex offender.  Three times the punk stalked and attempted to intimidate my wife while I was 1,800 miles away.  Now, he is on the streets of Ingleside continuing to leer at my wife and my home, and assaulting my visiting friends.

Jim is an alleged Purif completion.  He is married to an older woman named Salila Travers who calls herself an OT VIII.  It is well known that Travers has had to sell her soul (and sell a lot of other people out) for the privilege to get onto OT Levels.  And apparently she even sold out her sorry excuse for a husband to stalk well-meaning and well-doing women at the behest of her God David Miscavige.  If you don’t think Travers gets status, props, and privileges for pimping out her mindless, unemployed, gigolo wannabe then you do not understand the culture of David Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Church of Scientology.

Oh, yeah, how did Travers make the small fortune she handed over to IAS to fund this kind of harassment?  She owns a Pest control company. Woman, you are supposed to eliminate pests, not loose them across the land.

While Dave was sweetening Scientology’s image in Texas, Mike Rinder got even worse treatment on the streets of Pinellas County Florida.   Right down to, Christie being ambushed alone by four OSA thugs.  Nine more law enforcement agents from  three different agencies in Pinellas County received their David Miscavige’s Introduction to Scientology.

At this rate of meltdown Miscavige’s IAS intro rolling thunder is likely to go something like this:

“Some of you old timers might recall when it took OSA months to enrage a single public official on the subject of Scientology.  Since the Golden Age of Thuggery all of that has changed.   The proof is in the statistics.  This June in a single 24-hour period, Office of Special Affairs OT Ambassador OSA Volunteers pulled off what was once considered an impossibility. Sixteen officers and executives representing five different law enforcement agencies, in two states – a full, veritable ocean apart, as it were – were introduced to COB brand Golden Age of Thuggery Scientology.  Now that’s effective destruction of any possibility anyone will ever have the notion Scientology might be of use to anyone.”

I’ve read some heartfelt pleas to treat current OSA agents with compassion and understanding, since “gee, weren ‘t we all once like that?”  If you were really like the vermin I have described and video taped over the past few weeks then I feel for you.   I wasn’t.  I’ve got no mutual out rudiments with them.  And neither do a number of other incredible people on my team. And that is why we are putting their ethics in so effectively.

If anyone is offended by this type of talk, it is a free country and you are free to sound off in disagreement or walk on or quietly continue to walk your own path while staying tuned in for information.   I have a handful of close friends and associates, who for the reason of those distinctions are being hammered on many fronts.   And the harder we get pounded the stronger our resolve becomes.   We recognize that we traveling through the Third Wall of Fire.  Miscavige has reversed Scientology so that the higher one goes on the grade chart the more they are abused, ripped off, controlled and made into pliable sheep.   The ONLY credible evidence of someone actually making it through this sausage grinder implant factory to something resembling the purpose and awareness characteristic of OT VIII – Truth Revealed – is very PUBLIC disassociation and exposure of Miscavige’s cult as being the 180 degree dichotomy of TRUTH. The rebels who do see this and care enough to say so and do something about it are then treated to what we’ve been treated to over the past two years – escalating with every minute we persevere.   We recognize we are enduring David Miscavige’s version of OT IX and X.  The EP is that we survive saner, stronger, more aware, and more able to help others.  Realization of CHARACTER and recognition of ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE.

For many years Mike Rinder and I served as shock absorbers for David Miscavige’s evil intentions toward those who defy him.  When we left there was no more buffer between his escalating madness and Scientologists and the world at large.  We compared notes when we met again on the outside a couple years ago.  We shared our necessarily till then unspoken thoughts while serving as shock absorbers.  We both did all we could internally to prevent or check Miscavige’s habitual and continuous compulsion: to make enemies for Scientology.

Miscavige’s design is clear to us: he seeks to do to us what he did to so many others over the decades – hurt them so badly that they cave and generalize and they come to despise and attack “Scientology” instead of focusing on the source of suppression, David Miscavige himself.

Through all this I have not for one second mistaken the philosophy and technology of Scientology for the Radical Corporate “church” of Scientology.   And therefore, every penny of the close to one hundred million dollars worth of Radical Corporate Funds expended to turn us into enemies of L Ron Hubbard and the philosophy of Scientology has been utterly wasted.

The little demon cannot get it through his bypassed case, ncg head that he could electro shock me with twin hydrogen bombs as electrodes, and the result would be the same.  I will never forfeit my ability to perceive differences, similarities and identities and therefore know the difference between his CULT  and the subject of Scientology.

In closing, I leave you with words that Thomas Paine wrote in the Crisis Papers, the essays that rallied near mutinous troops at Valley Forge to victory over the world’s most mighty empire.

THESE ARE THE TIMES that try men’s souls.  The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.