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Grant Cardone – Turnaround or Turncoat King?

“OT VIII” Grant Cardone has apparently pulled off the con game of his life.

Cardone has been awarded his own reality TV series showing him in action as an “inspirational” “motivator.”  Judging by the trailers for the show, Cardone passes himself off as a man appealing to the integrity and inner strength of folks:


For reasons outlined below, I believe Cardone has no business telling anyone what inner strength and integrity are.

Grant Cardone is a David Miscavige groupie.  He is a self-proclaimed “self-made” multi millionaire.  A motivated journalist or a half-decent lawyer in a deposition wouldn’t take long to find out that how those multi millions were made don’t quite match Grant’s own marketing campaign about himself.

Cardone has made huge financial contributions to the church of Scientology and its front groups with the stated intent of ingratiating  himself with Miscavige.  He hung around the Scientology Celebrity center continuously wheedling his way onto the lines of celebs. According to a close friend Cardone was driven to be the next Tony Robbins and he wanted Miscavige and the Scientology celebs to take him there.  Judging by the fact of the new series the latter had some success along this line.

Cardone made the Legion of Honor by donatating $1,000,000 to Miscavige’s desecration of Scientology  called the Superpower Project.

Cardone made the status of IAS Gold Meritorious by donating $1,000,000 to Miscavige’s war fund.  The same fund that enables my home to be surveilled 24/7 for the past two years, for Mike and I to be followed and harassed by teams of PI’s and OT Ambassadors (high level Scientologists) everywhere we go with the intent of suppressing FACTS about Miscavige’s felonies becoming public. It is now funding the active harassment and intimidation of my pcs and pre-OTs.  Grant’s grants are funding the active suppression of the freedom of religion, the freedom of association, and the freedom of speech right here on American soil.

Late last year I posted a letter signed by Cardone that shocked the conscience of Scientologists on every continent.  In the letter Cardone, along with some Scientology celebrities (Jim Meskiman, et al) used the death of a long-term Scientology staff member in order to pressure people to send more money to Miscavige’s war chest.   Here is the link to that post:


Now, despite all of the above I thought long and hard about publishing this expose.  I don’t know Grant personally.  And like all the rest of the Miscavige fawners, I always give them the benefit of the doubt.

But, Cardone screwed a very close friend of mine for having the courage to stand out of line to do something about the wholesale abuses of Miscavige and his cult.  Tiziano Lugli’s story is by now well know to those who frequent this blog.  It was told in summary in the following post:


Tiziano considered Cardone a friend.  After the church spent weeks flying around the world attempting to splinter Tiziano’s family, Tiziano attempted to have one last word with this friends to tell his side of the story before he was excommunicated and the DISCONNECTION  policy was put into full force.  Cardone was one of those who DISCONNECTED on the orders of David Miscavige before Tiziano was even declared.  There apparently is nothing Cardone won’t do for David Miscavige.

And even then, I might have spared Cardone this ethics gradient. But, this is not the first time Cardone has acted as a ruthless turncoat at the behest of David Miscavige.

A bit of background is in order.  The late Milton Katselas was one of the most productive disseminators in the history of the Scientology religion.  Milton was the Founder and operator of the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school.   You can get a short summary of his life’s products at this wikipedia link:


It was through Milton that most of Scientology’s high profile celebrities made their way in,  either directly or indirectly.   Milton was very independent.  He did not run crush registration; he simply did his professional job well, and people saw his success and were drawn to Scientology by wanting some of what Milton demonstrated. Milton was a very active Scientologists until sometime after Miscavige’s coup d’etat.   Milton never bought into the little dictator and his depersonalization technology and culture.  That fact was a constant thorn in Miscavige’s rear end.  When I was Inspector General of the highest church body (Religious Technology Center) I was ordered by Miscavige to study up on Milton in preparation for personally dealing with his “counter intention” to the Miscavige regime.  I did so, but before arranging the showdown Miscavige cross ordered me onto some other high profile celebrity flap.

About four years ago, Cardone was put through the OT VIII eligibility meat grinder. Having quite a history of con and deceit, Cardone needed to do something dashing and daring that would convince church officials he was loyal to David Miscavige above anyone else, most particularly L Ron Hubbard.   Cardone found the perfect head to return to his master Miscavige, Milton Katselas.   Cardone decided to use rumor and innuendo he had heard about Katselas in an attempt to destroy him through Miscavige ethics tech. The following is the text of an email Cardone sent to many Scientologists affiliated with Scientology’s Celebrity Center purportedly assigning Katselas the ethics condition of Treason:

Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 3:19 PM
Subject: milton katselas treason condition limited publication
It has come to my attention that Milton Katelas continues to go unhandled and it is my intention to stop him finally!
The fact that so many have of you have left his school and written KR’s has not ultimately handled this being as he continues to go unhandled and will continue to wreak havoc and spread his abberration until his ethics are put in.   
I am not an artist as many of you, but I know the importance of the artist to our society, as LRH states.  
As I write this email to you Elena gets an email from another artist who says, “I just left the Beverly Hills Playhouse as I could no longer handle the personal life critiques anymore.”  Its a terrible shame that this young artist may never reach for Scientology due to any association she has had with Milton and the disaffected that stay around him.   ” Suppressive Person-a person who suppresses other people in his vicinity.”  LRH
“The true character of these people (the SP) is usually masked in many ways.  there are expert only in deception and can take on any guise.”  LRH
“Three areas of detection:”  LRH
1) no ethics change
2) no case gain
3) no admin change
Milton Katelas, I believe to be even more dangerous than others as he wears our clothing, is an opinion leader to the artist, and suggest that he is one of us.
His ACTIONS do not support that he is one of us!  
The Facts:
milton katselas has made no bridge progress since Old OTV completion over 14 years ago.  From time to time he will get an action done and then disappear again.
milton katselas does not attend local or international events .  COB stated at last year’s event,” if you are not on board it is suppressive!”
milton katselas does not participate in any of the Churches expansion efforts.
milton katselas does not attend or participate in any direct hard-sell dissemination projects to grow our church and make others aware of our efforts.
milton katselas has not made any direct contributions to Ideal Orgs, IAS or any other of COB’s command intention.
milton katselas does not demonstrate being any part of the team of Scientologist who are doing what they can to make a difference.
milton katselas has not gotten behind any of the social betterment programs our Church spearheads.
milton katselas admitted to [salacious sexual innuendo and rumor deleted] 
milton katselas has encouraged member of his school not to report him to Ethics.
milton katselas states that being a wife is no more than being a glorified prostitute and made other suppressing comments regarding the Second Dynamic. 
milton katselas kicked an actress out of his class because this person chose to do a Clear cycle and missed classes without approval from him.
milton katselas has [salacious sexual innuendo and rumor deleted] .
milton katselas told at least one [salacious sexual innuendo and rumor deleted].
milton katselas has encouraged abberrated and out ethics demonstrations on stage under the pretense of art.
milton katselas has people that are disaffected and blown from Scientology working in the administrative portion of his school. 
milton katselas asked [salacious sexual innuendo and rumor deleted].
milton katselas suggested to others that [salacious sexual innuendo and rumor deleted].
Per Ethics Book page 253- “#8- Any person who knew of an outness or crime and failed to report it and thus became an accessory receives the same penalty as the person disciplined as the actual offender.”  LRH
Also see Suppressive Reasonableness
“The greatest enemy of the E/O is the reasonable person. ”  LRH
“Reasonableness is suppressive since it lets oppression continue without action being taken.” LRH
People at the level on the second dynamic (1.1) are intensely dangerous in the society, since aberration is contagious.” LRH
It is my right per Ethics Gradient 13 to take the next action- Consider this a limited publication that I personally hold Milton Katelas in treason to our group!
Please forward this to others that will benefit from this knowledge as it is true.
Grant Cardone
Shortly after sending the above email, the church caught wind of it.  Recognizing the potentially catastrophic public relations ramifications of such a communication, Cardone was ordered to destroy all evidence immediately.   Cardone then sent out the following email to recipients of the first email.

 MAY 16. 2007

This is regarding the email I sent on milton.

1)    Immediately please destroy all forms of the email I sent you. 

2)    Do not forward that email in any form.

3)    Please forward this comm.. to whom ever you may have forwarded original comm.. 

4)    This was not a correct action on my part as it was off lines and should have been coordinated with the correct terminals within the Church.

5)    It is my understanding, that the proper terminals are presently addressing the situation regarding milton.

6)    Any questions you have or information you have should be coordinated directly with your MAA.

7)    It was not my intent to create a negative effect of any kind.  This action was my attempt to better conditions and for that to happen it should have been properly coordinated through the proper terminals so that it is a safe environment for everyone. 

8)    Lastly, I know that the tech of Ethics and Justice written by L. Ron Hubbard and promoted by the Church of Scientology produces a safe environment when applied exactly and when correctly coordinated.

Grant Cardone

Note that Cardone does not apologize for having attacked Milton with vicious defamation.  Instead, he notes “It is my understanding, that the proper terminals are presently addressing the situation regarding milton.”   The damage had been done to Katselas’ reputation among his many Scientologist friends.  And Grant was shortly after awarded his David Miscavige loyalty stamp, went to the ship and received REVERSE OT VIII. Other prominent members (some of whom owe their careers to Milton) followed suit and turned on Milton and forwarded the campaign to destroy him utterly.

Less than a year and one half later Milton passed away from heart failure.  Whether the propaganda campaign played any role in the timing of his death I do not know.  I do know this with certainty.  Milton Katselas was treated by David Miscavige and his minions like every other great figure in the history of Scientology.  That is, reputation destroyed, friends and family turned on them, betrayed, isolated and left to die in infamy.

Turnaround King?  Or is it Turncoat King?

That is a question Grant Cardone – and other prominent Miscavige enablers –  needs to contemplate thoroughly.

At the end of the day Grant Cardone will thank me for helping to put his ethics in.

Or, should he not possess the strength of his own convictions, he will surely find himself in the same position as Milton Katselas, the target of the newest kid on the block attempting to curry favor with the little dictator.