“Common Sense” Is Still Common Sense

by Michael Fairman

On January 10, 1776, Thomas Pain published his pamphlet “Common Sense”. In it he described how a society could develop a government that  operated in a state of “natural liberty”. He went on to analyze the Constitution of England and how its system of checks and balances had been corrupted so that there was absolute rule by the monarchy (King George III).  He then examined the hostilities between England and the American colonies and concluded with a sober and rational appeal that there was no other course for the colonies to take but to become independent and self determined.


On July 4, 1776, the representatives of the American colonies declared their independence from England and to this end pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. This took enormous courage and responsibility for what was to come. It  also required a clear vision for the future — a postulate for freedom and liberty.


The fundamental ideas expressed by Paine hold true for us here today.


The Church of Scientology is corrupt; and because its system of checks and balances has been purposely destroyed, the church is being ruled by a self-chosen monarch — David Miscavige. The numerous incidents of physical, emotional and spiritual abuse, alterations of Administrative and Ethics policies, alterations of Auditing and Training technologies, human trafficking, spying, etc have been discussed in detail on this blog and elsewhere. We  know what they are. Because of these circumstances, many have left the church and have publicly proclaimed their departure with varying degrees of consequences to themselves– most often very ugly and destructive.


Others have left the church and remain “under the radar”. These are well aware of what will happen should they “come out” and have possibly chosen to wait for the right moment or the right circumstance to reveal their identities. Very likely others are “sitting on the fence” perhaps waiting to see what will develop within and outside the church.


That the Independent movement is flourishing is clear. The number of people already “out” and the frantic activities of Miscavige and OSA give continuing testimony to that. What is also clear is that as more and more parishioners and staff members leave the church, either to join the Independent movement or pursue other goals, Miscavige’s power diminishes. It is only a robotic loyalty to him that sustains that power. Without that, his power evaporates.


To those of you “on the fence” and “under the radar” who may be unable to completely free yourselves of the church, ask yourselves: “Is my life moving forward and expanding?” “Am I flourishing and prospering?” “Am I still careful of what I say and to whom” “Are my actions paralyzed because of the fear of what may be done to me and my family and friends?” Then look at the following LRH references: HCOPL 18 Dec 1982 Ethics Conditions: Hang-up At Doubt; HCOB 14 Oct 1965: Potential Trouble Source, Mechanics Of, and all the other bulletins in the PTS/SP pack.


Your decision to come out, make yourselves known, and tell your stories will shatter the lies that Miscavige keeps feeding to the people who are sustaining him. He does not exist without them. Decide to become totally free and independent and choose the path you need to follow. Many will come after you, and Miscavige’s hold will begin to evaporate. It will take courage, responsibility and perseverance. It will take a clear vision for your future. The consequences may be difficult at first, but you will be free.


And if you are concerned about your eternity, Miscavige’s church does not hold that in ITS hands, the practice of standard Scientology does, and that exists all around us.


The definition of common sense is “sound practical sense (wisdom or judgement), esp. in everyday matters”: Oxford English Reference Dictionary.


Thomas Paine had the American colonists look at their everyday affairs which were governed by the suppressive and unchecked monarchy in England. He appealed to their wisdom and judgement with a factual and logical argument that their lives would be better served by breaking free of that suppression. The great majority did break free and endured the Revolution, which resulted in the freest country on the planet.


In the Church of Scientology, David Miscvige wields totalitarian power. Like every dictator before him, he has his police force, whisper campaigns and black propaganda to counter the efforts of his perceived enemies. But worse than that, he has replaced L.Ron Hubbard as Source and implemented Black Dianetics to gain control of the minds of those remaining in the church. Those who do remain are your friends and families, public and staff members, whose intention was to help improve the conditions of life for themselves and those around them (as it was yours and mine). That intention has been betrayed by Miscavige and his operation. These people need to be liberated.


Does Paine’s “Common Sense” apply here for us today? You bet. I appeal to you to use it.

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  1. Michael, beautifully stated with so much truth, thank you.

  2. Eileen Clark

    Common Sense. Sane and workable means of getting off the ‘maybe.
    Brilliant communication, thank you, Michael.
    p.s. love that photo, YOU sparkle and shine out of it. 🙂

  3. Perfect summation Michael. It was wonderful to see you and so many other friends when in LA — this is a REAL 3rd Dynamic, not a controlled and enforced one.

  4. I doubt that David Miscavage has ever heard of the pamphlet, “Common Sense” or what it said. Remember, he never graduated from High School. His non-Scientology education is minimal. That, along with his aggressive, self-absorbed nature, make him what he is today. His ignorance of basic civil and human rights and lack of understanding employment laws is understandable. I believe that all staff members should minimally have a High School education (which would also make them at least 18 years old.)

    Then there is what seems to be a lack of checks and balances in the organization (Why would there be? Would anyone think there would be a need with LRH at the helm?) and no way to correct or remove someone at the top who is unqualified or merely abusive. Now, that is a real problem.

  5. Thanks for this.

    It will help to anyone to make the (his own) right choice.

  6. Dear Michael Fairman,

    Excellent and well written post. Yes, it takes courage with one’s TR O (be there comfortably and confront) truly in.
    It has now been a year since I formally sent my resignation to the advance org in LA and I have NO regrets! I still consider myself an Independent and use LRH tech every day of my life. I also read other enlightening authors without fear of punishment or wrong ethics condition assignments! My business is flourishing as never before, and in this economy, that is something.
    Your chosen references are spot on and your leadership will help many.

  7. The Bolt in Blue! Magnificent prose, you magnificent individual!
    Thank you. Thank you.

    Bruce Pratt

    a short bit of period prose from some other magnificent individuals seems appropriate as a postscript:

    When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

  8. Wonderful and true and in the best of American traditions!

  9. Sara Finning

    The British constitution is unwritten, so there is a greater emphasis on common law, thus more flexible and responsive to a democracy, or so the argument goes. The US has both a written constitution, which defines the powers of each branch of government and a written Bill of Rights which defines the individual’s relation to the state or the guarantees inherent in being a citizen.

    personally, think there are advantages to an unwritten constitution as long as there is a strong and effective judiciary, and seems to me that this is where it all goes wrong in the C of S; no effective judiciary, or justice body that is able to mitigate the harshness of the actions of a dictator. The C of S doesn’t even really need a legislature, as this is mainly to legislate or make policy which already exists, so it isn’t even really a full system of checks and balances that is needed; just a sane Executive branch and effective justice. So close, and yet so far. (is that a line from a Carpenter’s song?)

  10. The decision to declare oneself independent of Miscavage’s tyranny is a wonderful beginning of the journey, but many more steps have occurred in the months since. The amount of enforced reality that peels off day after day is an added gift–all those attitudes toward life that we agreed to, that are truly nonsensical. This “peeling” has been boosted by the Integrity Program I did in the Freezone, which helped me find my true self again after so many years of living by someone else’s standards. I’m glad I stepped onto this path when I did.

  11. Well said, Michael!
    One of the first things that happened to me was a gradual key-out as I realised the truth of the situation. The more it became obvious, the more keyed out I got. My life was coming back! It’s a magnificent feeling. My sense of humour and appreciation of others, all coming back. Night turning into blissful day at last! I can reach for my dynamics again, oh what pleasure!
    It dawned on me that my anchor points had been well and truly kicked in! Now, I can get on the real bridge to truth. It took just one step – yep, you got it – LOOK! How simple is that?
    Remember that heady whiff of freedom?
    Let’s do LRH proud and have a big turnout for Round Two!
    Love, Richard Kaminski

  12. Michael, Very well said. You sir are a huge OL and are known and respected by all scientologists. This is common sense and will wake many up. As with the US Independents of ‘1776’ this independent movement will gain momentum and grow due to OLs like you stepping up and leading by example. Well done! Love

  13. George White

    Mr. Fairman,
    You have written a beautiful summary.
    My own eqanimity has been strained by the recent videos and comments posted on this blog. Specifically, the “home invasion” by John Allender and company, and the “vulgar car blocking” of Marty and Mike in LA last week have conclusively demonstrated the serious unsolved emotional issues haunting Mr. David Miscavige.
    As announced on this blog as a public record, I am now and have been for the past eleven years a dedicated follower of Theravada Buddhism. Therefore, I cannot join the independent movement as you suggest.
    Briefly, I joined Scientology in 1973 in New York City. In 1988, I achieved the level of OTVIII on the Freewinds on its second voyage. At that time, I met Mr. David Miscavige on the ship. In 1996, I read a 38 page document at Flag written by Mr. Miscavige. After having studied Scientology for over 23 years, I concluded at that time that the technical direction of Scientology had been altered.
    The Buddha taught us to respect all religions and all beings. Mr. Miscavige is currently trapped in that he has created a very large force of dedicated followers of LRH who are demanding change. All that I can really do is to offer him(Mr. Miscavige) an invitation to “come and see”
    the teachings of the Buddha. He will find compassion and loving-kindness probably for the first time in his life. Excellent English translations have now been made available especially in the last ten years. In exchange for his promise of peace and respect, I will offer to personally orient him to the Path as I remember our meeting. He may also wish to invite Mr. Tom Cruise to the initial meeting as they both have made public statements about the relationship of Scientology to Buddhism which are in need of clarification.
    I respect the independent movement and I support religious freedom.
    All have the right to choose their own path.
    May all beings be well and happy!

  14. Luis Garcia


    Excellent analysis. It is also a very appropriate post given the discussion in yesterday’s post.

    As you may know, when I came out I did so with a bit of noise. I had the same fear of retribution and potential harassment as everyone. I knew I would lose many friends.

    A Scientologist is one who uses Scientology to improve the conditions of himself and others. For those of us who consider themselves Independent Scientologists, there is really only one thing to do: apply Scientology.

    A decision is as difficult to make as there are possible solutions. I find that by simply applying Tech, the number of “possible solutions” decreases dramatically.

    While in the church, I was asked countless times “What would Ron do? And it was always regarding some difficult decision I was expected to make. Now that no one “expects” me to do anything I am free to actually do and decide whatever I want.

    Many times, to my shame, I did what “Ron would have done.”

    Today, I do what Ron said to do. It’s all right there, red & green on white.

    Do I do everything he said to do? Nope. I am free to decide what I want to do. I can do this because I am free to think, and to evaluate what is true for myself.

    For someone to say “it’s better to stay under the radar because…” or “I must stay under the radar because…” is simply a violation of LRH Tech. It is in the very least a preservation of an “umbilical cord” to the church which will maintain the connection to the SPs, however minimally, and therefore the PTSness and a perpetuation of a doubt condition. Aside from the fact that it is also kind on an insult to those who have given up and suffered so much when they came out publicly. But hey, that is just my opinion.

    When the founding fathers of this country got together in what was considered an act of high treason by the British, and drafted the Declaration of Independence none of them said “but wouldn’t it be smarter or safer to…?” No. They all signed it at the risk of being captured and promptly executed. That did not stop them. In fact, one John Hancock, was so insouciant that he signed his name in a very flamboyant and recognizable way and declared “The British ministry can read that name without spectacles; let them double their reward.”

    I ask:

    What would happen if 10 people declared themselves independent tomorrow?
    And 10 more the day after?
    And 10 more the day after?
    And 10 more the day after?
    And so on?

    Can you envision it?

    For anyone to have any power it must be granted by others.

  15. “Transformation is only valid if it is carried out with the people, not for them. Liberation is like a childbirth, and a painful one. The person who emerges is a new person: no longer either oppressor or oppressed, but a person in the process of achieving freedom. It is only the oppressed who, by freeing themselves, can free their oppressors.”

    – Paulo Freire

    “The best way to know any future is to cause one. And that’s why, you see, when you start consulting the oracle at Delphi, you’ve taken a step downhill. You have assigned cause for the future elsewhere…
    So one predicts the future as much as one is cause. The future isn’t a pattern laid out to abuse and bully you. The future is a beautiful playground that nobody happen to be combining.
    You talk about virgin territory – the most virgin territory there is, is the future. You can do anything you want with it.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard

  16. martyrathbun09


  17. Michael.

    Beautifully spoken.
    That sums it up. No checks and balances. A maniacal brute dictator running the show helter skelter, willy nilly with no policy ~~ whim and fancy while giving WHYs like “The Blind leading the Blind” and splurging money Parishioner MONEY on PIs and Lawyers….

    By the way, super evening with you and Marty and Mike and all the others. Loved your stories. Tiziano’s as well.

    It is so great when one decides to no longer “Be under the radar”. The happiness, the purpose, the ever increasing amount of friends and connection, the sense of community is something one could never get in Taliban Radical Scientology.

  18. Luis — I am happy and honored to call you a friend. You are a helluva guy.

  19. Yeah!…
    What he said! 😀

  20. doer in the body

    George, thats a very generous offer you have made to walk DM and TC onto the path of Bhuddism. I am sure they would greatly benefit if they could open themselves up to that path. One wonders whether Bhuddism is ready for the type of unprecedented expansion that would follow.

  21. scilonschools

    Enduring Structures are Built on Strong Foundations

    The Church of Scientology’s foundations (in descending order) were:-

    A) Philosophy
    B) People
    C) Fabric

    DM has already disregarded & undermined the top two, and from the little I know of LRH he was not much fond of the bottom one anyway!
    By relocating those original foundations new stronger structures will grow.

  22. Bert Schippers

    Very well written, thank you Michael!

  23. Michael, very well said.
    Though I am not under the radar or hiding or fearful, it’s been on my mind that I should write my story; that I should publish it somehow somewhere where those who are hiding or fearful or under the radar will read it and maybe listen and screw up their courage to come out into the disinfecting sunlight!

    BTW, love that twinkle in your eyes in that photo!

  24. Martin Padfield

    “I knew I would lose many friends”. That’s an interesting because my experience has been almost the reverse. That’s not to say all my onlines friends were bad hats. What happened though was that I was able to evaluate who was actually a friend in the real sense rather than “because they are a scientologist”. Also I discovered recently that some who I thought were towing the Party line actually had a great respect for the public stance I took and one even said my actions were “heroic”. They know – deep down they all know they’re being sold a pup. And pretty soon there’s going to be the Mother and Father of all reconnections. Some may still not get it and “blame you” for “destroying the church” but those left can and will be friends again. In common with others gone public, my life has been exhilarating and there has been expansion on all dynamics.

  25. Lucy James

    Words of Wisdom Michael- thank you.
    The other day I thought about the first time I sat down and did TR O. I went exterior. That day I became a Scientologist. I discovered myself on the Communication Course. It was amazing. I realized that to handle any problem I just had to confront it. To handle the problem of “DM” it just takes good ole TR O.

  26. Tony Dephillips

    Spoken like a true philosopher Michael.
    Nice. 🙂

  27. Michael,

    You have put in to words the sanity of the Scientology that I intended to join long ago.

    Keep speaking out. Keep writing. Keep the “light on” because you are a beacon of Sanity to which we should all aspire!

    Thank you.
    Your friend,

  28. WindWalker

    Totally excellent Cat Daddy.

    Eric S

  29. Dear George,

    I think this is a very kind offer. However, unless I misunderstood the words of The Buddha, he would not teach to those who cannot hear.

    However, because he IS the Buddha, he knew who could hear and who could not. He also taught 84,000 teachings in an effort to reach people who are at varies stages in their awakening.

    I’m not the Buddha by a long long long way — however, I would venture to say that dm cannot hear truth. Perhaps you see something different?

    I say he cannot hear, as evidenced by what he has done with the truth he was given to protect.

    I’m afraid for dm that it is unlikely he will wake up anytime soon and is finding himself painfully feeling the effects of the end of days in the “God realm” — those around him are probably even able to smell his fear.

    As a Tibetan Shambhala Buddhist, I have chosen another path as well. My life is flourishing.

    And the only thing I don’t agree with with Michael Fairman is that my eternity is in the hands of the practice of standard scientology.

    I would say it is always only in my hands.

    Which ultimately is what the practice of standard scientology can return to an individual —- his own hands.


  30. Michael-excellent article. I want to add to what I wrote in the last post of how I have not been bothered since coming out-It has been a blast to be out. I have met so many people and I am now having a lot of fun as a Scientologist and as a practicing Scientologist There was a loss of a 3rdD when I left-that is all gone-my commlines are wide open. I see life as an adventure now with a great future. As you can see, I’m not very PTS.
    If DM really knew how I’m doing, he would be very pissed off.

  31. Luis, nicely stated.

  32. Luis, Terrific summation. LRH said the only power of an SP is the power to enturbulate. Those who do not come out are stuck in a bunch of lies that evaporate like a confronted engram. There is a wise old saying, “Fear knocked; when I answered, no one was there.”


  33. George White

    doer in the body,
    Yes, I think that they both(DM/TC) would benefit from an orientation to the Buddha’s teaching. The major hurdle to overcome would be to make it perfectly clear to them that the Buddha left the concept of the soul as “undeclared” in order to prevent over-discussion of the issue. This would open the road to the idea that their view of the thetan is in no way invalidated.
    The Buddha set up the community of monks as a loose democracy to prevent a DM from ever taking control of the teaching. He knew that this type of authoritarian person would be too easily developed.
    Expansion in Buddhism is also set up as very “low-key”. In his early years of teaching, the Buddha sent monks in many directions to spread the practice. His main invitation, however, is simply to “come and see”.
    He knew very few would follow the strict path. Forms other than Theravada evolved which were geared to more aggressive dissemination. So, to answer your question, I think that Theravada would be prepared since a worldwide network of English speaking monks has been established. In addition, excellent translations, never before available in English, are being published now.
    My offer to Mr. Miscavige and Tom Cruise stands as outlined.

  34. WindWalker

    Thank you Michael. Nicely put.

    Eric S

  35. Great Post Michael!!!

  36. Summer Wind

    I don’t disagree with you at all. But the reality is that until the government goes in and proves DM and his minions have abused their non-profit status and proves everything they are being accused of, we out here in the field may loose love ones. I have done nothing in Scientology since the late 90’s and am not contributing one bit of energy or money to this suppressive group, but to take one side and loose people I love is not worth taking a side publicly. The only way DM’s church will close and DM will fade into oblivion is by the government coming in and finding and proving the crimes. We were there, we didn’t justify it endlessly like some but this church will never go away until a larger group swoops down and PROVES what we all know to be true. As much as I’m grateful for this blog it’s a fraction of what needs to happen for people who are constantly justifying there continued support for this SP. I admire you and in some ways envy you. But until something BIG happens with this group those still involved will NEVER stop making excuses as to why they’re right.

  37. SaveTheTech


    Beautifully said.

    For those that didn’t know: Paine is credited with inventing a new method of “broadcast” communication called pamphleteering. And, it has been used by many authors over 200 years to help free people from cultish and slavish thinking, including slavery itself. Today pamphleteering has been replaced by the modern invention: the weblog. Welcome to Marty’s Blog with over 200 years of tradition.

  38. Brilliant observation.

  39. Mr. Fairman,
    I have heard this phrase many times over my lengthly life, but to the best of my recollection I have never used it.

    A scholar and a gentleman.

    Thank you for the articulate and timely communication.


  40. I could not agree more with Mr. Fairman’s comments.
    I have in past said that being out without having announced it is still better than in , and that those out but unannounced people do have some value as spy etc .
    Well – all true, but come to think about, we really do not need any spies inside. Who cares what they are doing?
    The church is destroying itself, and just as In my personal business I worry very , very little what my competition does. It is really unimportant.
    After all you get what you put attention on. All the attention on “killing” the phycs , and all other imagined enemies of the church was wrong and LRH said so in many a PL.
    Put attention of flourishing and prospering whatever that might mean to you.
    As Mr. Fairman said: are you careful of what you say to whom? Boy that is sooo against what Ron was teaching and practicing.
    Ladies and gentleman, all you sitting on the fence guys, and all of you which are having questions and confusions about “what is right any more and what is not” ( you must have those Q as otherwise you would not read this)
    You are not supposed to feel like that and chances are you are in worse case shape (as well as financial, personal health, and general happiness) than years ago when you entered SCN.
    This, my friend is by design. A slow deterioration of liberty – like a dimmer switch.
    After all any PTS who goes in Session or training will get a detirriation of case gain – period. This is a tech factor which cannot be disputed.
    Scientology is life in the fast lane, and my life got faster after studying SCN. I loved it – and so did my wife and thousands of people we introduced to SCN.
    But, we did become careful, not of what to did – no we never sunk that low – but of what to say.
    My wife and me are not made to be “quite followers”.
    We rather die than following shit which is not true for us. (By the way we apply this principle even in our marriage, and I tell you that even tough there are some sparks here and there, it is the best and maybe the only practice to have a marriage in heaven.
    Anyhow, after we left – life speeded up aging and to a whole new range.
    One of our selectees and graduate of having become an class 4 auditor as well as clear a few month ago, ( in our academy and with auditing students we trained as well as from Trey) said it best:
    “we have not lost SCN, only the suppression”
    See : wwww.scientologyprinciples.com
    Just like marrying, starting a business, falling in love & having a baby, – there never is a right time.
    Just live life. Don’t wait for the independent group to “emerge and become a structured and or official entity” it will never happen – or at least I hope it will not. Don’t wait for some “new group “to make it all go right.
    New leaders will leaders will be a bigger screw up as the old one ,as Mr. Mismanage has proven. No, it’s all up to you, and you need no one. Especially not an organized body. Thousands and thousands of groups and people reading LRH, and applying it to their life is how it is done.
    That, and no other way is how it all started with Ron. It was the “being organized” which screwed it all up in the first place. (Ron preached against it and violated his own code by creating the SO. Sorry Ron, but by now you know that you paid for it with your live and with the NO CASE GAIN & even the DETIRIATION of CASE GAIN of millions of Scientologists.)
    So, all you fence sitters or unannounced Indies, don’t wait for it as it will not happen and if it does happen it will be from the frying pan into the fire.
    Remember, we do not need to fight the church. We only need not to participate.
    Stand up and tell your friends and family that they are getting their OT’ness taken away instead of added on to.
    Yes , it will cause hard ships, but would you let them drink poison without telling them that they do only because you know they will maybe (maybe only ) disconnect form you?
    Keep in mind that ALL things will get worse before they can get better. (if only the Government would know that too and act accordantly before we all go into financial anarchy)
    If you do think that spiritual poisoning is worst than bodily poisoning then act now and tell them what is happening and that you are OUT.
    If you do not think that spiritual poisoning is worse than bodily poisoning, then well, all the study and auditing you did so far was for the birds and you have not made it yet at all.
    Maybe it is a sign that you HAVE been poisoned yourself beyond possible help for you – if you don’t get fully out that is.
    Helmut, and thanks to Mr. Fairman for bringing this topic up

    By the way Hellen and I lost not even one friend when we left –
    Selectees and non selectees alike. 30 some people left over nit e from LADAY and dozens within a week and thereafter. Some are still in, but “totally out” and even frequenting at Flag CCI, AOLA, and yes the Ship – in fact there are SO, members in high rank talking to us and agreeing with our actions, – this message is for you, those friends as well.

  41. Mr Fairman, you have really knocked on my door.

    For yours got me newly thinking about the much discussed independency as it applies to us visiting and contributing here.

    I dare say: If you haven’t gained life changing wins by applying the tech of Scientology and don’t know anyone who has, the subject is more less indifferent to you thus no need to bother personally what happens to it. Your days with the ‘church’ or the subject were spent in the maybe-zone. The demo’s in the checksheet didn’t really get done, you fought to keep your witholds and opted to chase butterflies when asked to help. Perhaps you were unlucky and got only DMs corrupted dose of the tech. But whatever the case may be, I dare say you never experienced the wonderfully magnificent sensation of throwing your whole self into the game of Scientology – honestly giving it your best shot. No holding back but opening your soul completely weather in session, on staff or studying it.
    I know what it feels like to sit on a withold. If you know you need to caugh up, there are two roads: heaven or hell. You make the choice. For when you have seen the truth it will hunt you the rest of your existance until you live it. But, that’s the beauty of the tech – you gain certainty about who you are and what you are about IF you avail yourself to it. But there can not be half in half out approach, how could there? And remember – we are talking about your truth. Anyone else can say what they please.

    I have this big issue about Independency. That button is not flat. Apparently a girl needs to declare herself an indie by the age of six. My mother tells me she heard this when I was five: ‘So – after my sixth birthday I will stay home instead of being taken to the nanny’. I think my mother had begun to understand already before that announcement that it is not possible handle me 😉 Being a single, working mom she decided to go with the flow and hope that she will not get into trouble and that her girl will behave while on her own. Both mom and her girl came out ok. I can just imagine the endless fights which would have ensued between us should she have chosen to keep dragging me away from home where I just wanted to mind my own business.

    I can’t think of a more cherished concept than the right to your own life. How in the earth can you exist living someone’s else dream – or a nightmare as the case may be. Do you really need an official approval to live or die? Waiting to see that enough people are saying the same thing so you feel safe to show up? Well, that I’m afraid has nothing to do with Scientology and you haven’t got it. I wish you would. It is wonderfully liberating stuff and you would not dream of shutting up when it’s being trashed, altered and used to do people in.

  42. SW: You may well be right, though I dont share your view that the end of the reign of incompetence will come as a result of government intervention (more on that in a minute).

    BUT, suppose it were true. What do you think will bring about that government intervention? Voices must be raised to cause the government to act.

    I do understand the choices that must be made with regard to loved ones and people’s livelihoods. I really do — I have been through it myself. I knew the direct result of my decision to walk away would be loss of contact with every member of my family — children, wife, mother, brother, sister and all nieces and nephews. It would also mean I had no money, no job and no usable resume. Its a decision that every individual must make — and nobody can second guess it. I have advised others to do what is survival for them, not what I think is best for me or “the group.”

    But that being said — I am absolutely convinced that the end of the reign of incompetence will come when enough people stand up and, like Howard Beale in the movie Network, start shouting “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore.”

    There are three things Miscavige cannot survive:

    1. A real government investigation into his actions (what you postulate above). The problem with this is the length of time it takes and it can be drawn out endlessly by high priced lobbyist/lawyers.

    2. No more money being given. But he has a lot of that to spend, so even if the flow completely dried up right now, he could carry on for some time.

    3. Deastroying his ego. This is the easiest of the three objectives to accomplish. It doesnt rely on money. It is his achilles heel. He is so incredibly vain he cannot confront anyone telling him he is anything less than a Godlike super being of incredible intelligence and accomplishments. It is why he has to stage his appearances and utter flowery Shermanspeak, its why he will not be interviewed by the media, it is why, to all intents and purposes he is hiding. BUT, he does watch the internet and every action that Marty takes. It scares him spitless. So, put yourself in his position — what caves him in more than anything? Real people standing up and saying “I am mad as hell and I am not taking any more of your shit you little piece of shit.”

    I believe that this is what will cave him in. He will be reading this and uttering his usual bravado bullshit about how we dont know what we are doing and are nobodies, while secretly fearing the worst. He does not like this talk about more and more people becoming public and speaking up about him. He KNOWS that he is riding a confidence scheme right now — its ONLY based on whether people will listen to him. And as soon as that ends — he is done for.

    Just my 2c.

  43. Sapere Aude

    I appreciate your desires but “this church will never go away until a larger group swoops down and PROVES what we all know to be true” will never happen. Any larger group swooping down will just be another overlord. The value to the larger group/govt etc is to assist in removal of criminal elements. The group think that there is some pyramid shaped entity whereby power flows from the field to the top and the top endows us with rights, status, etc is just flat incorrect.

    The current structure will collapse the minute the field stops putting props and supports under it. Whether it be money, moral support, assisting attacking Indie’s, assist in spreading the lies, black PR, and false justice actions – just stop any and all support. It will then go away.

    We might lose some buildings, bank accounts, etc but that is MEST. The minute Scientology as an applied philosophy was viewed as a legitimate venture into the field of religion the current church corporation lost its ability to control the flock. The field is only controlled by “shadows.” The group agreement brings about the disconnection and this may have been ordered by someone higher up but it is the field individual person who has to decide to abandon their integrity and disconnect from a friend at the request of some person not even personally known by them.

    The something BIG has already started to happen. It will snowball into an avalanche. Just as rain drops into a stream, into a larger stream, into a river and finally an uncontrolled torrent. The field actually viewing the truth just as written as “Common Sense” above will bring about this change. The only thing needed is to speed up the process and offer help to those who reach for it.

  44. Sapere Aude

    Michael and Louis,
    Both of you have written very lucid and moving statements of truth. The outcome from the publication and actions of the time was the founding of a new country. I would say what we have today isn’t what they had in mind but that is for another time.

    The following video (starts a little slow but worth the time) shows the power of the Indie’s. The size of the group does not mean it cannot succeed. In this video we see what was done by a fairly small group. In is symbolic of the process that will occur due to the actions of the likes of both of you. Thank you.

  45. Yeah! What she said he said! Love

  46. Sapere Aude


    Mr Fairman is what we could call a true Renaissance Man! A gifted man my friend – and, kudos to you for the recognition of this fact. I think we are the better for his being part of this effort. And a thanks to you for the continued technical application – the end result of successful Indie actions.

    “A renaissance man or polymath is a person who is skilled in multiple fields or multiple disciplines, and who has a broad base of knowledge. The term renaissance man is largely based on the various artists and scholars of the European Renaissance, (starting in about 1450 CE), who pursued multiple fields of studies. Perhaps the quintessential renaissance man of this period was Leonardo Da Vinci, who was a master of art, an engineer, an anatomy expert (for the time), and also pursued many other disciplines with great success and aplomb.”

  47. I got a wonderful picture while reading this:

    DM at an event doing his usual thing: spouting on about some long-lost sekrit advice from LRH about how to do XYZ, and how Mgmt will put a program in place to do ABC to accomplish XYZ … blah blah blah

    Meanwhile, there’s a bunch in the crowd that are near to breaking point and this latest crap from DM sends them over the edge. Someone marches onto the stage, grabs the mike and says “You’re full of shit, that’s the third time in 25 years you’ve flip-flopped on this very issue and I’m calling you out on it.”

    What’s DM gonna do? Lose it completely and act like he’s back at the Int Base? That would be nice evidence! Drool cluelessly and prove he really doesn’t have a clue? That would be just as nice.

    OK, the odds of it going down like that aren’t very good but it’s a nice daydream. A man can dream, right?


  48. Mike-Just so well put!

  49. doer in the body

    George, your description of the “loose democracy” of Bhuddism as a means to expand was and is a success. A lesson to be learned.

  50. Huh?

  51. mrinder, I’d say you nailed it!

  52. Seriously, CD – what a wonderful quote.

    It’s impressive to me that YOU can come up with such a great LRH reference but the Radical Churchies can’t.


  53. So well said.

    Hey Dave, stop staring at that mirror!!! No matter how much you try to make the head fit the rest, it’s not working. The haircut got really screwed up, but it’s the eyes that gives you away. Try not to show them.
    And besides, if you keep looking at that mirror you’ll miss news at Marty’s blog. More real people have cognited that you are a fraud. And a piece of shit. And they say it loud. They don’t love you no more. Nor do they listen.

  54. Luis Garcia


    Totally agree. That is the easiest and fastest route. Steve Hall, Marty and others have pointed this out as well, many times. The little shit has stated he is in power because “people listen to him.” So no listeners=no power.

    Besides, this is within our sphere of action. This we can do.

    To wait or hope for big government to come in on this is just assigning cause elsewhere. And what happens when you assign cause elsewhere? Right, you become effect.

    Each one of us should do whatever each one of us is capable of handling and confronting. But if only for your sake, cut that umbilical cord!

  55. Luis Garcia

    Well said, Helmut.

    All very good points and agree with you.

  56. Rory Medford

    Wow!!! Well sai and very appropriate for the situation and current state of affairs in Corporate Scn. I guess we need to put a little of Thomas Paine in all of us. Being like Paine may cause some Pain but in the end its liberating and freedom expressed in its fullest. Tear down the reign and terror of DM and let him be exposed for what he is. A DICTATOR!

  57. George White

    Brother Windhorse,
    Very well expressed on all counts.
    1. Personally I don’t think DM could really hear, see or understand
    the Path.
    He has much “dust in his eyes”.
    He is “going with the stream”.
    He obviously has “defilements” and “delusion”.
    However, I made the offer out of compassion because the Buddha did
    deal with some very difficult priests/ Vedic Brahmins.
    2. I fully agree that my eternity is in my own hands, not standard
    Scientology. When I achieved “stream entry”, it was the greatest
    day of all. In the now, it keeps getting better and better.
    3. It is my duty to point out to DM and TC that their public statements
    about the relationship between Scientology and Buddhism need
    correction. It is a real stretch to say that “Buddhism is Scientology’s
    grandfather”. It could be argued that Jain or the teachings of
    Mahavira, who the Buddha disputed, are closer to Scientology.

    Much Metta(Loving-kindness),
    George White

  58. Yes windhorse? Huh for what? Perhaps you read me to mean that Mr Fairman hasn’t got it??!! Only guessing so help me out.

  59. Hi Mike,
    I agree with everything you said. I would like to add one other thing that will increase exponentially the fall of the dictator.

    The wins of PCs and Pre OTs and trained auditors.

    Just in the last few weeks our little gang of “squirrels” have patched up four totally failed Co$ PCs. VVGIs and now moving “a little bit higher” after being stalled for as many as 15 years.

    I believe that honest success stories spread far and wide will be our best flanking vanguard to exposing Davie’s crimes.

    I would bet that winning PCs who are not controlled by him drives him quite batty. i.e. “how dare you have a win without my approval?”


  60. Mr. White, I hope he takes up your offer for his sake. Otherwise it sounds like a job for the vow (postulate) of Ksitigarbha (AKA: Jiso, Dizang, Sacred Girl, Ti Tsang Wang Pu Sa).

    You can always count on Sacred Girl.


  61. Scott Campbell


    W/H, you funny!

  62. Michael Fairman

    Dear Mr White
    Thank you for your comments. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear enough. My call was not for people to necessarily join the Independent movement but to free themselves from the Church of Miscavige; to gain their independence and choose any path they find enlightening. Just as you have done and I am in the process of doing.

  63. Tony Dephillips

    He would probably scream “HCO BRING ORDER!!” In the shrillest girlie voice ever.

  64. Tony Dephillips

    And…he’s got one helluva tan.

  65. My 2 cents pushes this a little further: Don’t expect government intervention. The US Goverment has no reason or benefit to help dethrone Miscaviage. They know he is destroying Scientology. Maybe this is a program target for them. Maybe not. But if you remember, we were a real thorn in the Goverments side in the seventies and early 80’s. We rattled the FBI with “the best intellegience community outside of the government.” They were afraid of us, hence the raids in 1977. So I don’t think they want us to be big ever again. Besides, it is not the governments job to make anything flourish.

    ML Tom

  66. Ditto on the “Huh?”

    Man! … lost me in the 3rd paragraph

  67. Michael,

    Thank you for this.

    Great write-up and a great photo!

    You’re one helluva guy!

  68. Scott Campbell

    Mr. Fairman,

    Fantastic piece. I couldn’t agree more. Please continue contributing your wisdom to this blog.

    After the contentious debate that was stirred up on this issue by that rabble rouser, the Muy Bonito Senior Roberto Sánchez Núñez, this piece is a breath of fresh air and undeniable rationale.

    I liked your illustration of how someone can be paralyzed to inaction and thus not reach “need of change” by continuing to remain in a lower ethics condition or PTS situation. And thanks for including the appropriate LRH refs to handle. This is exactly what people need to look at and do in order for people to De-PTS to Radical Corporate Scientology.

    “Is another responsible for an unwanted condition you are in?” Also comes to mind.

    L, Scott

  69. Luis,

    You are an intelligent man. Your observation here is very important: “Besides, this is within our sphere of action. This we can do.”

  70. Scott Campbell

    From KSW1: “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.” –LRH

  71. Hi George,

    Just to be gender accurate 🙂 — it would be sister windhorse 🙂

    I appreciate your comment about buddhism and scientology. What LRH actually said was that buddhism could be considered scientology’s second cousin. (Hope of Man tape)


  72. freespirit

    Man, talk about a “HUH” moment….what a convoluted universe!

  73. Ingrid, +1

  74. Sue,
    Read the savescientology.com website. There you will find LRH’s intention for the governance of Scientology Churches, all of them.

  75. Kirsi — the huh? was basically for the entire post but I clearly got lost with the 6 year old story — couldn’t tell if it was metaphoric or actual and then by the final paragraph I had no idea who you were talking about “who didn’t get it” but someone, yes I figured you were talking about Michael Fairman — who clearly seems to me that indeed he has “got it”


  76. Kirsi-what are you trying to say????

  77. Robert Earle

    Dear Mr Fairman
    Excellent post. Well stated given the replys on yesterdays blog .

  78. Robert Earle

    Steve ,
    Did you get the e-mail I sent 29 May to post me on the Indie 500.?

  79. Robert Earle

    Great LRH quote.

  80. Luis, you reminded me of something LRH said (from the Ability Congress methinx): “Hope is simply a future possibility that one might have an effect on something and is a substitute for being able to have it on something now.”


  81. “a written Bill of Rights which defines the individual’s relation to the state or the guarantees inherent in being a citizen.”

    Sara Finning,
    I apologize for coming across pendantic and I don’t want to digress extensively for a complete hijack of this topic but I have to mention this.

    I think you may be British so I can understand your take on the U.S. Constitution. Heck, some Americans have a similar take. However, it’s a common misconception that the US Constitution applies to citizens or the “people” or that it defines an individuals relation to the government. Our Constitution applies primarily to our Federal government in order to restrain it: ” make no law, do not infringe, don’t quarter, do not deny, do not impose.” It tells our govt what it can, cannot do and in some places how to do it.

    The is a key difference from European ones, written or not, in that our natural rights exist prior to govt because they come from a higher source. These rights do not come from government as they often do in Europe.

    The Bill of Rights were added to make sure that the newly formed central government did not take those natural rights away but are, by no means, limited to those listed. Just because they are not listed doesn’t mean our government can usurp them either which is stated in the Ninth as they are too numerous to list.

    Carry on folks.

    This idea of natural rights not coming from government is why the American sense of liberty is more expansive than that of Europe.

    Back to the thread topic.

  82. Sorry for the typos in my last post.

  83. Linda,

    Totally agreed on all points, especially the point about the magnificent article (and twinkle) from Michael!

    Michael also brings up one good point as inferred by the article – those still addicted to Kool Aid and perhaps need to apply hang-up at doubt could be below doubt and in Enemy, Treason or Confusion conditions as regards LRH and LRH’s Scientology Tech and Admin.

  84. Mr. Fairman – a truly stirring account of the actual condition inside Radical Scientology today. I came into Scientology to go free. I was so excited to discover that I could reach the state of cause over life. A love affair with Scientology technology developed and nothng could stop me from moving up the Bridge. The higher I moved up the Bridge the more I realized that I was loosing myself . My personal integrity was being redefined by DM and that really got to me. Yes -there is no freedom in Radical Scientology just slavery.

  85. Nice!

  86. That’s awesome Ingrid!

  87. Mike, that makes it absolutely crystal clear!

  88. George White

    Great read! Thank you.

  89. Mr. Fairman, excellent post. Thank you.

  90. George White

    “Decide to become totally free and independent and choose the path you need to follow. Many will come after you”

    Mr. Fairman – you never did say join the independent “movement”.
    It was I who jumped to the conclusion. My apology for putting out those extended words.
    George White

  91. George White

    Sister Windhorse!
    OOPS. I guess I have been talking to too many monks recently, if that is possible.
    I read the “Grandfather of Scientology” in a magazine interview with TC. I heard DM say “Scientology is like Buddhism” in an interview.

  92. A very good road-map to the true Scientology. Thank you for posting.

  93. Scott Campbell

    +2 Luis!

  94. Michael Fairman

    I’m just getting around to acknowledging all the wonderful reactions to the post
    Thank you for yours.

  95. Michael Fairman

    You’re welcome. The universal solvent should be able to cut through some pretty tough “grease”. But we shall see.

  96. Michael Fairman

    It was great to finally meet you. You’re right REAL friends at ease and and funning in each other’s company

  97. Michael Fairman

    Yes, DM had made himself into what he is today, only he has totally misread the
    accompanying instructions and left out a number of major vital parts.

  98. Michael Fairman

    A joy to meet you too, and thank you for your kind word then and here.

  99. Michael Fairman

    Thank you, and flourish and prosper is what we will all do. And that will disintegrate the lie that is Miscavige.

  100. Michael Fairman

    You’re very welcome. I know that those who haven’t already will in time find their own unique July 4, 1776 moment and…bobbadabing!

  101. Michael Fairman

    Thank you. Walkuere

  102. Michael Fairman

    You are absolutely correct. The church has nothing but absolute rule. And even a sane executive branch needs to be accountable, because the more power it gathers to itself, the more likely it will become corrupt.

  103. Michael Fairman

    Exactly right. My wife, daughter and I are still peeling – ourselves and each other. And programs are currently helping the three of us.

  104. Michael Fairman

    Also well said, Richard
    As the three of us have peeled away the years stultifying thought and behavior control we are experiencing those same elixirs you mention. Bravo, my friend.

  105. Mark Fisher

    Mike you hit the nail on the head again! Completely agree with you!

    Plus, it can be very liberating and so much fun to let people know that the Emperor (DM) has no clothes!! After years of taking his shit and listening without responding, now we can all respond and it feels good!

  106. Flaoting Needle

    Very well said sir.

  107. First, Michael Fairman I’ve been a fan of your work for many years. It’s a thrill to be able to say hello directly (sort of). It’s also an affirmation of what I always believed, you are a great guy off the screen. I’m impressed that someone of your stature would take on this cause … it’s not a “politically correct” cause. At least not yet. And it’s the classic oppression — the kind we read about in history. You and others here have taken it on while it still seems “dangerous”, under the risk of repercussion and threats. That tells us a lot.

    The pain and sacrifice suffered by those who take a stand against oppression is never more clear than seeing it real time. We see oppression and violations of human rights in third world countries, but learning to recognize it in our own USA is shocking. It’s both eye-opening and, well, call me weird but it hurts.

    It is so plain wrong to see people being lied about. We say that lovely woman in Libya who ran to the journalists to whistle blow oppression of vile men who raped her — and they tried to publish she was a prostitute. All on had to do is look at her face, and search our own lives for times people said things that are not true, how anguishing it is.

    I have friends and family members who work in politics as well as the entertainment industry. It used to be, even five years ago, that mentioning Scientology “dirty tricks” drew blanks stares or disinterest from some. I hope it is heartening to know that through its repeated, established pattern of behavior considered abhorrent and contrary to human decency in any part of the world, yes, universally, the Church of Scientology (Radical Scientology) has defined itself.

    Now people know and recognize the signature Scientology Church brand: Libel, stalking, lying, twofaced, pretended agreement to further their own agenda.

    Why, just on Twitter it is an inside “joke” — it seems that Mr. Miscavige is tweeting his own praises or has an employee doing it. The tweets toot in an aggrandizing way Miscavige accomplishments of Human Rights and his ‘compassion.’ He has issued a photo of himself “looking benevolent”. The most disconcerting thing is a lack of awareness at how contrived they seem. But more utterly glaring is the alternate “tweets” between these Miscavige glory-be’s — is the sudden malicious tweets (same channel!) that defame and attack ex members. For speaking out. For visiting someone. It’s ludicrous.

    From what I’ve read, I understand one of the procedures in Scientology is to write down one’s “sins” or transgressions, the purpose being to rid one’s self of unworthy detritus. Much like a confession in the Catholic world. This frees the soul. It seems that Mr. David Miscavige has taken “confessions” (which are MEANINGLESS out of context) and published them in a glossy magazine with political cartoons…trying to throw them back onto people (who paid thousands to rid themselves of the unholy untruths! )

    Could anything make an “ecclesiastical leader” more vile? He has exposed no one but himself. I count no less than twelve people who were at lunch with me just today looking over these tweets of David Miscavige saving the world, then calumniating someone. It has to be seen to be believed. And, believe me, people seeing it get his number instantly.

    Can you imagine the Pope getting his priests to cough up other people’s “sins” then publishing them in a glossy magazine with political caricatures, and have the gall to even call it “Christianity”, or “Heaven” or…Freedom? All to crush and discredit it for personal vendetta? Or “to save the Vatican”. Pathological.

    It is so vulgar and anathema to any decent person, I struggle to express the horror and sickness that came over our table.

    Let me take a moment to say that the people Freedom Magazine is trying its darndest to smear in REALITY come off as decent people with a conscience, who have enough self awareness to reflect upon all that is the usual human junk…much like the book of Mortal and Venial sins we go through before confession. Completely out of context, Freedom magazine quotes L Ron Hubbard (yes, on the very page where themagazine violates Hubbard’s own prescribed sanctity of confessional). The quote is something about people who confess with no sense of wrong doing how evil they are— and yet….they have no clue they are comitting calumny and heinous travesties!! Freedom (Miscavige) has no sense whatsoever of his own violation of what he purports to represent.

    The only one looking bad is David Miscavige, well and his staff sorry to say, the whole Church now. He’s made a mockery of Freedom Magazine. If those are actually other people tweeting his praises and vilifying Miscavige’s personal whims and vendettas on Twitter and the net, and behind people’s backs with emails and calls, the lot of them all are responsible for making a mockery of themselves and Scientology to the global community.

    When I was reading other people’s “sins” that Freedom sensationalizes in quotes — even though we all recognize they are not factual, but words and circumstance are twisted and omitted to demonize the “target”– you want to know what I thought? WOW what cool individuals that they are capable of facing human ugliness. Look what they rid themsevles of and rose above!! No pea-inded man seeking power will ever take that away from them.
    Human ugliness is something every person digs out of toward their enlightenment or heaven. Amazing people are those who can face their own with humility.

    Besides that — who the heck is the political “cartoonist” David Miscavige has hired to “demonize” his perceived opponents? It looks like some kind of a flashback to the 60s or 70s. Out of touch with the world.

    Quite strange. But woefully outrageous and anguishing. Just know, for every person who speaks out in this blog — the old adage in advertising, they represent only 1% of all the others out here thinking the same thing.

    So thank you Mr. Fairman. Thank you Mr. Rathbun, Mr. Rinder and all those on the front lines. Please know when the world sees you maligned, it hurst it has to hurt even a little, but we know …hhhmmm, these must be quite extraordinary, alive, wonderful individuals. I’ve looked up many of you. We like to see who David Miscavige is bashing next. Have to tell you…glorious, darling, brilliant people! If I had known any one of them thought Scientology was good, I would have tried it myself. They ironically speak more for the Creed of Scientology than the hypocrites and bigots running around wasting money on malice and mayhem.

    Calumny is universally understood. I would warn anyone — do not put your trust, money or faith in two-faced bigotry that tries to bully, intimidate, crush and destroy people who yesterday they adulated …i.e., Scientology Church. Get out. Stay away. Those will be YOUR sins all decorated and twisted and embellished attributed to smear you some day you decide to be autonomous.

    Thank you for allowing my voice to be heard. The Church of Scientology is abusing any good with which it was entrusted and has turned itself into a pitiful, ugly sorry crime and blight on society — With no conscience or awareness of its crimes, its utter debacle of integrity and decency. It’s very very disturbing that such an entity is granted any power, by individuals or the state.

    Wishing you the best. Well be reading and telling others.

  108. Michael Fairman

    Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for the insight and support you’ve given everyone here. I look forward to meeting you and the other warriors in July

  109. Michael Fairman

    Windhorse and George
    It is beautiful to travel these beautiful roads with you. Thank you for opening other vistas.

  110. Michael Fairman

    Cat Daddy
    Isn’t it amazing and wonderful that the truth can some from so many different directions and in so many vibrant colors.? You’re comments are always illuminating.

  111. Michael Fairman

    Thank you, McGins
    Write your story. You’ll be speaking to everyone in the theta universe. Some will really “hear” it, and some will act. You’ll see.

  112. scilonschools

    Mr Rinder as always knowledge is power and your knowledge is ‘SuperPower’
    Not wishing to offend any here with the Prose in this Village Voice article, however the content announcing two new ‘Scientology Expose’ books is important.
    The greater the pressure, the more ‘holes in the dyke’ , the more DM and OSA will have to spread their resources.(you only have so many fingers)
    Their resources have NEVER been so stretched and so less to focus on any ‘mere’ individual standing up.
    The time is NOW!


    The CoS(RCS) will buckle, shame if the baby get’s thrown out with the bathwater

  113. Michael Fairman

    I give you ten thousand thanks for all that you are and all you are doing.

  114. Michael Fairman

    Greatly appreciated, thank you/

  115. Michael Fairman

    You 2c is worth a fortune!

  116. Michael Fairman

    Thank you. Yes, brilliant. With the right voices, the weblog can move mountains. Look’a what’s happening here

  117. Michael Fairman

    LDW and Sapere Aude
    I am overwhelmed by the generosity of your comments. No one in my life of seventy seven years has ever thought of me in this way. Thank you. I will continue to make very effort to live up to that standard.

  118. wow – thanks windhorse for clarifying that the lot came out gibberish 🙂 I am talking to and about fence sitters who are in fear, are afraid to speak out and the reasons why I believe they act or inact that way. I said I have a button on the subject and responses here proves I clearly need the bullbait to flatten it!! LOL.

  119. Michael Fairman

    Thank you Helmut
    I admire your courage. I admire that you tell it like it is –straight and true.
    Like an arrow into the heart of all the BS that surrounds the church of Miscavige. Yours is a powerful call to arms. Keep blowing the trumpet.

  120. Michael Fairman

    Brother, friend, fellow freedom fighter. You’ve got everybody’s back. Actually everybody’s got everybody’s back. Thank you for being there and standing so strong. Long live the resistance!

  121. George,

    It’s good to see you weighing in here with your comments!

    What TC and DM said about Scientology and about Buddhism is a good indication of how little they actually know of Buddhism or Scientology!

  122. Michael Fairman

    That’s it Scholar, as clear and as concise a look at our Constitution that I’ve ever read. Boy Oh boy and wow!

  123. Michael Fairman

    Thank you, Tara

  124. Michael Fairman

    Duty Free
    Thank you. Yes the betrayal is horrific, but the technology lives. Your personal integrity is intact.

  125. Man… lovin’ the clarity in yours 🙂

  126. The Scientology “Church” (David Miscavige and vengeful, deluded self-righteous puppetry) are being hoisted with their own petard (injured by the device that they intended to use to injure others).

    No amount of speaking and reason will bring them awareness — they perform and admit freely to the most alarming crimes and have no conscience and no sense at all of the wrong they do. But give them enough rope they are hanging themselves — yes, the money they embezzled and coerced is temporarily propping them up. But their actions *mock* the “Human Rights” they pretend to advocate.

    They are so blind they are clueless of their crimes. The face of true evil. Delusional self righteous and justified. As Hitler was.

  127. I do not have much knowldege of the american history. Shure I know the 4th July and what happened. But things are not always that clear and easy, especially things long ago and filtered through people that might interpret someting into it. (as a sample: if you could get hold of a physics book describing Einsteins work from East Germany you could see that point. Those authors compared Einsteins work on physics with Lenin. Almost on every page.) Thus it could be that people behind the scene back in 1776 did control the situation and did persuade the frontline people that they should run a campaign to free America from England. Those that did do the fighting gave their blood and those behind got the money by selling weapons. You could also look at who won the second world war in terms of money.
    We have right now the situation of A against B. If B wins then it is considered that Scientology is free again. And the brave (we) win and DM is down and he looses.
    But why I should stand up and say: „here I am shoot me“? You think DM is the true cause of this A against B situation. Shure he is a monster. Hitler had been also a monster. But WHO put Hilter into a position that he could be and act as a monster? Who did finance the start of all this?
    You say, we should be brave. Like in the movies. The brave always will win. But real life is a bit more complex than that.
    Sorry to say but those behind the scene do not care of ethics or bravery. The do not stop because they enslaved or killed too much of us. They do not care about that we care about. Anybody below the radar has his reasons. You should respect that. In a real war those that crawl up the „Schuetzengraben“ dugout first are those that are shot first. They might be no longer PTS but dead.
    While inside I have seen and experienced things that can make a not so stable person go insane or nuts. I have no wish right now to repeat that. You say, I am sitting on the fence and observing. You are right. If I could I would contact and as-is the things behind the situation. But that is a bit too far above my level. And maybe you may agree or not, there is something behind the situation that can be looked at and as-ised or at least can be discharged. And as far as I know there are some of us working behind the scene to discharge the things behind the situation.
    That is my opinion about that subject matter.

  128. Kirsi
    I got what you were saying 🙂

  129. Ultimate truth will transcend time.

  130. “WHY = that basic outness found which will lead to a recovery of stats.” (HCO PL 13 OCTOBER 1970 II, Data Series 19, THE REAL WHY)
    The “stats” we are talking about is the Bridge itself:
    „Self-determinism is the goal of the auditor.”
    Another word for “self-determinism” is “freedom.”
    If your self-determinism lessens, if you are subjected to increasing pressure and force, then you’re off in the wrong direction. The “statistic” goes down. If your self-determinism increases, the “statistic” is up.

    „Thus the Why is limited by what you can control. It is NEVER that other division or top management or the bumps on the moon.” (HCO PL 17 FEBRUARY 1972, Data Series 23, PROPER FORMAT AND CORRECT ACTION)
    To make it very clear: David M. is NOT Top-Management.
    “Goals for companies or governments are usually a dream dreamed first by one man, then embraced by a few and finally held up as the guidon of the many. Management puts such a goal into effect, provides the ways and means, the coordination and the execution of acts leading toward that goal.” (How to Live Though an Executive, p 93)
    By inventing “solutions” that make it impossible to reach the goal, by adding arbitraries, confusions and criminality instead of effecting coordination, obviously we are not dealing with management anymore. It is not even “absence of management”. David M. is anti-management, active destruction from the top of the Org Board.

    “One of the reasons evaluations fail is because the evaluator does not take stock of resources.”
    “You sometimes have to gear down your bright idea and handling from “Buy Wall Street” to “Set up a peanut vender stand on Bleaker Street.” But the point is your evaluation will succeed where otherwise it will fail.” (HCO PL 27 SEPTEMBER 1978, Data Series 45, EXAMINING RESOURCES)
    The “sphere of control” and the “resources” are personal factors. If you have courage, that’s a resource, just as email-adresses, comm-lines, abilities, money, knowledge, data, training or familiarity with a situation. Being alive is a resource.
    Each one of us has a unique set of resources. To ask someone to have courage to come out could be an attempt to work with a non-existing resource. It also contains an evaluation, coming from someone else it has a potential to reduce self-determinism.
    Therefore I suggest to look anyone at one’s individual resources and be inventive. Check suppression when it enters into your life, your sphere of control. It can be as light as not picking up the phone when the IAS calls. Or placing the web-adress of this or another independent blog inside the toilet-door in the local org. It can consits of asking for an LRH-reference. It can be translating a blog-article into foreign language. It can consist of alerting a friend to obvious out-points. Or telling your story to a newspaper or in TV. If it is within your resources – even if on a gradient – one can do it and be more free at each step. Be inventive, be surprising, and each time you encounter a stop, check if you are trying to operate with non-existing resources or need to adjust a gradient.
    Also, I expect the pressure put on Marty, Mike and others to lessen to the degree other persons develop new activities and projects within their sphere of control.
    A multitude of viewpoints and actions cannot be fought successfully by a single-viewpoint dictator.

    p.s.: Things can look insignificant or little, when they are not. In Montgomery, Alabama, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white passenger. This action apparently of personal and limited nature is considered today as the birth of the US-american civil rights movement. From that a 13 month boycott of the bus company developed and the civil rights movement of the baptist preacher Martin Luther King gained so much momentum that in 1964 African Americans were given the right to vote in the USA.

    “Feeling helpless” can come through a generalized perception of the subject and because one attempts to handle something with non-available resources. The answer is to look specific and within your sphere of control. What can you do?

  131. Maria Abian

    All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.
    Thomas Paine

  132. Minerva and Joe,
    Thanks for the honorable mention on the OSA website. I was beginning to think I wasn’t creating an effect on you! I postulated that you would dedicate a whole page to me last week and quickly figured out how to achieve this.
    Love it!
    Hitting East Grinstead again this week for some fun and games (should I take my phone battery out or not? decisions decisions). Also got lots of email to catch up on and some Facebook postings to do as obviously this is what you want me to STOP doing.
    Please leave the link up – I’m in the middle of sending it to all my friends so they can see they have nothing to fear from your impotent ‘attacks’.
    Lots of Love, the fat, washed up, depressed, sex-starved, druggie, pain-pill popping ‘dingo’ (you wish).
    “The more you refuse to hear my voice
    The louder I will sing
    You hide behind walls of Jericho
    Your lies will come tumbling
    Deny my place in time
    You squander wealth that’s mine
    My light will shine so brightly
    It will blind you”:

  133. PS (DM)
    Please tell Phil, Cathy, Janet, Rob, Margaret, Graham, Peter, Beverly, Angie, Micheal, Francis, Jenny, Heather, Martin & Christine, Michele, Mark, and Sheila not to bother with the plant games. I know all the info lines.

  134. Maria Abian

    It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry.
    ~Thomas Paine

  135. Including the ones I haven’t mentioned 😉

  136. Dear George,
    may I ask you, why you decided to leave Scn and LRH entirely in 1996 after you have reached OTVIII? (I am assuming you had many gains during your journey up the Bridge.)
    I respect your being and your decision, I am just curious as my postulate is to reach the level of OT and I feel it is spoiled now.


  137. Mr Fairman,
    Thank you for such a basic yet, hard hitting post! You can always be counted upon to stick your neck out for others. Thank you for shouldering so much of the responsibility for the rest of us! Also, for caring so much to do so! I’m hopefull that some of that responsibility will be shared by others coming out , soon! Thanks again, ml, Laura Ann Wilson

  138. “Sam Domingo (a key voice in Marty’s choir and affectionately known as “Dingo” to her friends) is living proof of the veracity of the LRH datum that, “Man is basically good.”
    Well done OSA! You actually got that bit right!!! Thanks! 😀 😀 😀
    And I love the new nickname ‘Dingo’. Is that something you came up with from the word ‘Domingo’?
    Too funny!

    Love from ‘Dingo’

  139. martyrathbun09

    If you are looking at George or at Tom Cruise or at anyone else for that matter, you are shouldering a hidden standard.

  140. martyrathbun09

    If you are looking at George or at Tom Cruise or at anyone else for that matter, you are shouldering a hidden standard.

  141. Sam, loved the video thanks for posting it.

  142. John Fennessey

    Michael, thank you for a very thoughtful posting. And I admire the fact that at 77 years old your dropping the gloves, as they say in hockey. The highest particle of all is admiration. Sail on, brother.

  143. Sapere Aude

    I see you charged hell again with a bucket of water. Stirred up the ants. Well done! Seems they didn’t fully word clear before posting. A Dingo is also a “Warrigal” and that is close enough to “Warrior Gal” to fit you. Any friend here would know you are a warrior gal and not to be taken lightly. Of course they (dingo’s) are also known to be highly social and protect the area of the pack. They usually kill intruders. I would say someone intruded into your territory, you go for the throat and the intruder is running and howling away. Scared of you they tis! Carry on good lady and a big “woof” to ya. “Basically good” – damn right and proud of it!


    Worsel, VERY WELL DONE!

    I hope everyone takes the time to READ and WORD CLEAR your post. As I was reading, the eval I did at the end of my study of the Data Series was flying through my head, checking and re-checking over out-points I had gone over and the Why I came to.

    It is very much as you pointed out, so I’ll not sum up.
    What we could use right now is a bunch of Estos out in the field giving great 2-way comm and helping others to find their own Why, correct indications, etc. VGI’s are a very real thing.

  145. Very true.
    The Independent Scientologist website and Pro-LRH sites are both excellent avenues for such stories!

  146. LRH said on a Level 0 tape about this sector being ruled by a small group of OTs who were not acting in the best interests of everyone. “Black Ops” OTs if you will but obviously powerful and competent to a marked degree. The Marcab civilization was at least of their creations. In the Seventies, the government became a lot more proactive with psyops and the like. Jack Anderson, a Mormon columnist in D.C. used to write about it from time to time. Fellow Mormons supposedly cannot lie to each other so he would get information that way. He wrote on Scn occasionally but not too much. It seems these “Black Ops OTs” or the equivalent thereof went hogwild about the Seventies as far as accelerating Black Ops, remote viewing, Area 51 and the like. In other words, while DM distracted all OTS and Scientologsits hopeful of becoming OTs, the “government” heavily recruited big time on their psy ops “negative OT’s”. As bad as this sounds, and it is not a good condition, many of them act as if they are clowns without realizing it. I believe you are in LV. If that is the case, you’ll run across them sooner or later if you haven’t already as you are so nearby Area 51. New Mexico is a great hotbed for them too.

  147. bb:

    Frankly, I find this comment to be lacking in transparency and coming from a divisive place.

    You are now blaming Michael Fairman and stating that he has tarnished your postulate to become OT.

    That’s impossible.

    It is never the personalities of scientology that we should admire or follow but rather the technology and the philosophy. LRH has said this.

    The personalities are interesting but don’t MAKE the subject, if they did — the subject would have died when the first clear left. Or the first celebrity.
    Or the first staff Captain.

    And it’s still alive.

    Take a few minutes if you are really interesting in learning why Michael Fairman left after OT VIII by reading his announcement that Marty published here on this blog.

    Since all the answers are there — I can only assume your interest is not genuine but rather an attempt to blame.

    Just my perception.


  148. Hi Michael,

    I look forward to meeting some day. I enjoy what you have shared here very much.


  149. Very, very, VERY important to be a good auditor…# 1
    The gains are there
    # 2) sec checks, ethics ‘handlings’, reg’ing, constant harassment from SO to do this or do that, pushed for dono’s, make wrong, told what to think, being lied to, given false purposes…
    …and an endless list of other wrongnesses, make it virtually impossible to get and hold gains in the CoS today.
    Get in touch via my link above. I’ll tell you a doozy of a win from doing NOTs as an Independent!!!
    Also,the beauty of being free of the Church is that now you get to decide for yourself. It’s all up to you brother.

  150. George White

    Please accept my apology as I did not wish to spoil your journey to OT with LRH’s tech. My position is that the tech was seriously altered after the death of LRH.
    Yes, I had many, many gains in my years between 1973 and 1988.
    I started with Self Analysis in 1973 when the landscape was different. Dianetics and Self Analysis were unique in that the books contained very practical and powerful self-help techniques. In addition, I trained to Class IV auditor and I got really good reviews from my PC’s. As a matter of fact, I was in demand and considered a “hot” auditor.
    When I went Clear and reached OTIII in LA, it was a time of major wins and growth on all dynamics. After Flag opened in 1976, it became my second home. The place was booming with talented people from all over the world. However, storms clouds were brewing and the ride got a little rough as the Titans of Scientology struggled for power and control. Once the dust settled, I finished IV and V, VI, and VII and wrote grand success stories.
    After LRH’s death, I entered the fight with renewed enthusiasm and reached OTVIII. By the way, I was considered a model. In fact, I was interviewed many times and asked “Why are you moving up the bridge while so many are stuck?” I always responded by saying that there were two reasons:
    1. While I worked in Canada for four years during the cold winters,
    I just about memorized the PDC tapes. That’s right, I went over each tape 60+ times. I took no prisoners! I also read and re-read all of the tech volumes and Management books.
    2. I never paid any attention to the insanity that was going on around me. In fact, the SO had a standard joke about me. Louis would look at me or call me and say “Are you coming out today? It is safe now.”
    So by the time I did OTVIII, I had a major duplication of the entire subject. When I read DM’s 38 pages in 1996, I instantly decided to return to Buddhism. Why? Not really because he altered the tech which he in fact did. The real reason is that I could see that he was “building as he went along.” He was sort of like trying to fix a car while it was rolling down the highway. Thus it was again time to watch the unfolding of the events. Some stayed on OT VII for many, many years.
    I chose to follow the path of Buddha, and I have not been disappointed.
    Maybe, Louis will again someday whisper in my ear “It’s safe now”.
    Much loving-kindness
    George White

  151. George White

    Well spoken!
    Good to hear from you.
    I am on sort of a “Crusade” to clear up the misconceptions that exist on the subjects of Buddhism and Scientology.

  152. Luis alluded to “What would Ron do” and if this made me think about the case of DM. I am referring to Ron in his prime and at the top of his game with the supposition that he returned to the current scene with no or minimal money and just his inherent skill set. First and foremost he would apply a policy of Fair Game and use the HCO Manual of Justice to the hilt. Preferably, he would have someone else do it so he didn’t get blamed for the pink legs sticking out under the sofa. If his resources were limited to the Independents, he might start by applying the O’Connell kid beatings with the hob nail boots. People sometimes get real upset when they realize or think this story in reality might not have played out as LRH said rather than get the point LRH was trying to make. In that story, he took on the biggest O’Connell kid first, but only after learning some martial arts. Now…this prompts the question. Who is the biggest O’Connell kid? DM is rather inaccessible for fighting, kidnapping or deprogramming of any sort of direct Black Dianetics ops. The biggest O’Connell kid would be the one is a keystone with regard to DM holding his position. Take out the keystone and the arch or edifice collapses. His keystone is held together by the adulation and robotic followers. They might be more to blame than anyone. It is also held together by his cash on hand and the steady stream that comes to him, including SOR investments, etc. This is further backed up by his holding of the trademarks and all CST represents.
    There was once a court officer on Long Island who knew the court system inside and out. He sued the pants off of anybody he didn’t like. He didn’t always win but he sued people in an intimidating and harrassing way and he was more often successful than not because he was in a position of “know” as opposed to those he sought to antagonize. He was not a lawyer but he probably knew the system better than most of them from working in it. This officer also happened to be the most notable UFO investigator on Long Island. He was eventually framed by an intel op and put in jail for over a year without a trial and was eventually declared “mentally incompetent” and put in an asylum for the criminally insane after being drugged up. His defense attorney was in collusion with the shrinks and local politicians. He did not get put away over his vexatious legal behavior but rather due to his uncovering crimes of the local political boss (who eventually went to jail himself). Main point is, you cannot be prosecuted for using the legal system and bringing suits against people. Even if they don’t work. You can enter all sorts of slander and libel and not be held accountable for it IF you do it by court process and not through the press. BUT , the real main point is that it might be worthwhile to consider what would happen if independents in all states (it would have to be thought out real clear, like a master plan) would simultlaneously sue the CofS in every area for civil rights reasons that are real and genuine. This is reverse flow to its extreme and get them caught up in all sorts of distraction that they wouldn’t have time to monitor Marty and Mike. Or is this already happening? It gives them something to think about. Fifty suits at one time on civil rights would eventually result in ONE suit being successful that would set off a windfall, sort of like the Catholic Church becoming a cash machine for pedophile victims. Only thing is, all damages collected should go towards helping Scn cult victims to recover and get started again. Just having written this, DM has to expend resources to start thinking about how he would defend against this. Or again, is it already happening or about to happen? The abuse they have given in the courts will come back to them.

  153. George White

    You sent me to the dictionary.
    I can live with that definition.

    HIDDEN STANDARD, 1. a hidden standard is a problem a person thinks must be resolved before auditing can be seen to have worked. It’s a standard by which to judge Scn or auditing or the auditor. This hidden standard is always an old problem of long duration. It is a postulate-counter-postulate situation. The source of the counter-postulate was suppressive to the pc. (HCOB 8 Nov 65) 2. is not just a physical or mental difficulty but one by which the pc measures his case gains. A case measurement thing used secretly by the pc. (BTB 18 Sept 72) Abbr. HS.
    — L. Ron Hubbard
    Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary

  154. Loud & clear to me Kirsi!

  155. Congratulations Sam! Well done!

  156. Opps — you said George White tarnished that view … not Michael Fairman.

    But, your intention seems the same as well as my response.

    GW has a much kinder take though than my take on your comment. If you are going to get interested in Buddhism I say – head over to the Theravadan side. Very kind.

    A Theravadan Buddhist — they are much gentler. We Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist are sometimes quite wrathful 🙂 — especially the women — wrathful dakinis!!

    (plenty of words to look up)


  157. Bravo, Michael…

    Your words will reach and positively affect many still on the fence or under the radar.

  158. Old School

    From the way LRH set up the corp checks & balances he understood that Absolute power corrupts …

  159. Alex Castillo

    Alex Castillo
    Former Academy Supervisor/ Flag Management Bureau
    Evaluator/Continental Manager/
    Missionaire. Highest position ever
    achieved: True Scientologist who understands
    full well the written words of the Old Man
    (L. Ron Hubbard) and because most of the words
    were ENLIGHTENED COMMON SENSE. And mostly because I could visualize something resembling a Clear Human Race where Crime, War and Insanity could be changed into an entire Human Race united and working together as one towards the survival of the species rather than attempting to wipe each other out in varying degrees.

    Career history: 1968-1971 disseminating in the field after reading and experiencing DMSMH (the original).

    1971-joined the Sea Org as I decided to follow LRH to the end of the Universe in his effort to expand Dianetics and Scientology so as to positively influence the world (that’s how valuable I thought his Tech was, and I still think the same way).

    1971-1974-I was one of the first 10 new SO members recruited to form the first Flag Controlled SO Unit in Mexico. 1974 I went from Mexico City to Clearwater Fla and
    became a member of the Flag Management Bureau, trained on OEC, FEBC,DSEC, HEJSC and many other missionaire FOs, etc.

    1974-1979- Last picture of the fantastic team that had been helping LRH expand Scientology around the world and at home. Most of the people shown here, including me were sistemally gotten rid of, one way or the other, by David Miscavige not long before he took control of the ship.

    At this time there were Orgs, Franchises/Missions, AOs, Groups, Forming Orgs etc, all busy getting new people intruduced to Dianetics and Scientology (Missions aspiring to become an Class IV Org), Diana, as C/S 6 was tremendously successful as an ambassador of scientology and basically the whole thing was booming, especially after the release of NOTs, when David Mayo came to Flag and announced it was now available. The FSO GI at that time started to make a minimum of One Million dollars a week, and someone got used to to it because I remember the first time the FSO GI went below the one mill, all of us would go on Rice and Beans, regardless of status! All moralities aside, it felt good at the time to see the Fort Harrison Hotel absolutely packed with happy looking people and the stats going up and up. At that time, everywhere Scientology was promoted it was mostly accepted as a strong possibility for self improvement and a lot of people wanted to try it. Apart from the occasional org individual problems that could be solved easily with good old evals and missions, the International stats were on an uptrend up until the time I left in 1981, the time when David Miscavige started to issue his own policies and orders from a position of power Today, Scientology means; The David Miscavige Church of Scientology, with all the bad press that goes with it. Even the original books don’t exist anymore for the new public. The few customers they get now are dealt with using everything else BUT true Scientology. The so called IS NOT A CHURCH, never was, never will be. The whole idea of turning it into a church was meant for tax purposes. There is no Scientology God. There is only a tremendous discovery of how to effectively help humans MOVE ON UP A LITTLE HIGHER 

    I decided to write this in an effort to show that when the true purpose of Scientology and Dianetics is understood, it just all sound like..COMMON SENSE. And everybody wins…

    For any of you ignorant OSA intruders in this blog, what you are reading is a chunk of TRUTH. Those of you who call yourselves OT Ambassadors, some of you have engaged in activities that absolutely deny the concept of what a Scientologist who has genuinely achieved such a state is like. I know there is a great increase of spiritual development that happens to most people at that stage and frankly, I do not see anything spiritual or even slightly helpful in what you do. Ignorance, blind compliance without questioning the validity of the order and total blindness as to the consequences of your acts does not reflect the sanity that is expected of someone who can SEE. In fact, such behavior is not easily accepted by most decent members of this world. So perhaps you are DMOTS, who knows, I don’t really care because you are all being very stupid (perhaps greedy) attempting to stop people from applying something that works. Try stopping people from breathing? You need to apply an Old LRH Flag Order called “Look Don’t Listen”.
    You have been listening too much and NOT LOOKING!!

    Mike R, Marty, Steve, Mosey (pleased to meet you), in my mind, I can picture the time when Scientology can be delivered by practitioners around the world, without the suppressive influence of David Miscavige or any other similar influence. I think Scientology is too powerful for any one individual or group to try and cage it and use for personal purposes.

    Long live and fast grow the Independents.

    If there is something I can contribute with, let me know.

    PS I tried to attach an old picture of the IMO crew taken in 1981 but it didn’t work

  160. Dear Michael,

    Thank you for your eloquence and grace. Truth is an idea whose time has come.

    Tom Gallagher

  161. Interesting, but Dev-T WH. You’re having many who read here look up words – if that was your intention.

  162. WindWalker

    “The Force is strong in this one!”

    Eric S

  163. Alex Castillo

    Another PS, could you send me a contact address?

  164. Kirsi,
    I understand what you said.

  165. Thanks Robert, Sorry for the delay, you’re on the list now!

  166. martyrathbun09

    Welcome Alex.

  167. Sam ~~

    You are one kick – ass thetan.
    ::::::::High applause::::::::: High Fives:::::::::
    on great attitude and flippant response.

    These Hate and Tabloid websites are what Miscavige, “Office of COB”, RTC and OSA have decided are following the Doctrines of the “Religion of Scientology.”

    In popular culture, did you see the ranking of Scientology positioned against other Terrorist Groups ?????

    Thus is a list of ten of some of the world’s most sinister organisations who will stop at nothing to reach their life’s objectives.

  168. Give me a break Sinar.

    George White went to the dictionary to understand what Marty had said — is the dictionary only a one way flow?

    I used 3 words which might require looking up. (Vajrayana, wrathful and dakini) And since it was LRH who said scientology was a 2nd cousin to buddhism, I erroneously thought perhaps some might be interested in knowing why.

    My bad.

    In any case, got your drift.

    I’ll be quiet from here on out.

  169. Hi Alex!!!!! 😀

  170. John Fennessey

    Hi Alex. Seeing your name immediately brought to mind the slogan “we come back”. Your amongst old friends. Hundreds. Thousands.

  171. Thanks Karen
    You too 🙂
    I’ve posted the link on my Facebook page and am now inviting all my old friends to go and look at what OSA does to whistleblowers. Wouldn’t you know it Facebook is a veritable Rolodex!!!
    Unless OSA panics and takes the post down or finds a way to hijack my Facebook then a lot of people will be visiting.
    Feel free to post comments or originations (Indies and Anons alike) and link your old bot friends. 🙂
    Let’s get these comm lines WIDE open 🙂

  172. John Fennessey

    ‘les Miserables’. Perfect message to help motivate those with a unexecuted doubt formula.

  173. Or link them to your own pages 🙂

  174. WindWalker


    Well done! It is good to have you here with us.
    Thank you for an excellent introduction.

    Eric S

  175. Alex Castillo

    Mike or marty, I would like to have a back channel way to communicate.
    my address is castalex2009@hotmail.com. No problem if not possible.

  176. George White

    You are very welcome, and thank you for sharing so much beauty.
    Your picture is excellent and it got me thinking about posting one of my own. I’m mocking up different camera angles.
    Hope to meet you someday as well.
    Much Metta(Loving-kindness),

  177. martyrathbun09

    Hi Sudden Sam. Can’t wait to see you in July. M&M

  178. Worsel —

    Insightful. Possibly inciteful as well.

    Bruce Pratt

    ps: I have made a commitment to read the Lensman Series by e. e. “Doc” Smith. Lots of folks here have used and continue to use this, like you Worsel, for inspiration. Gotta git mo smarter.

  179. Cowboy Poet

    I appreciate your appeal for others to be independant in their decesion making.
    It does seem patently obvious that common sense goes out the door when you allow someone else to override your self determinism but that’s not readily seen by those in that condition. Also on the PTSness, just talking to a friend about that the other day—another one that seems rather elementary but naturally not observed by those at the effect of it.

    And the glue for this condition is no education.
    My immigrant father who was born in 1894 and had no school since 8th grade but overcame setbacks to become very successful in many ways used to tell me, “Son, the brain is just like a muscle, if you don’t use it, it will atrophy.”
    I think a huge contributor to all this has been the lack of training since the Al Capone of Popes took over. It used to be a pretty quick line up for traning and co-audits to happen.
    No mas. Thinking in slow motion if at all.

    Shadow Folk:
    Exercise your unalienable rights.
    Educate yourself.
    Use your noodle.
    DISCONNECT or you might take a look at the last step of Doubt. Ya don’t do either and you’re screwed; the mechanics are made that way.

  180. Common sense – my definition:

    “Sense that comes from God.”

    Common sense will always be in fashion.

  181. Indeed it is wonderfull Micheal Fairman sir ;), And thank you for your kind words

    “My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.”

    -Thomas Paine

  182. When in Rome… 😉

  183. One of my favorit songs.

  184. Good call Karen – as usual. I have been trying, in vain, to get Minerva and his cronies to see the irony of all this; that their actions have dragged LRH’s name and that of Scientology into the gutter to the extent it’s now on a par with Terrorist groups! And they wonder why the Idle Orgs are idle! Anyone with a modicum of sanity and reason in their being who looks at the latest bile from Minerva would run a mile! It’s almost as if they are actually trying to destroy Scientology. Hm, wait a minute….

  185. Dear George,
    Thank YOU for your honest answer!
    (I am impressed by your perseverance, thanks again.)


  186. Summer Wind

    I agree with you too! Without agreement he’s nothing. I just want to make it clear I’m not hung up in doubt, I did my doubt condition years ago but announcing to both sides is a bit precarious right now. BUT not flowing money or agreement to his church is helping to bring this pig down. Thanks for your 2c. I admire you and Marty more than you know.

  187. OK, I see…thx

  188. scilonschools

    That’s the way Sam!!!, “We will fight them on the beaches….”

  189. Thank you David, I’ll check that link…thanks for your help!!!

  190. “Besides, it is not the governments job to make anything flourish.”
    “For any country to have sustainable development and a thriving economy, its population must be well-educated. Education enables people to participate in the economic, political and social development of their country. Basic education, in particular, is a key condition for improving the prospects of the poor and disadvantaged.”

  191. Michael Fairman

    Dear Mrs H.T.
    Thank you for re-affirming with such passion. clarity and objectivity the truth we have come to recognize. That rational people such as yourself can arrive at these conclusions by viewing the scene before them is heartening and hopeful. It will not be long before Miscavige is seen for what he is by the vast majority, and he and his church will fade into history. It is the inevitable fate of tyrants. Thank you again

  192. Sam, the link you posted has a duplicationin the url that makes it invalid. Please check the link and repost.

  193. WH,
    It isn’t my intention to shut you up and you can stand on the old apple box any time! There may be those who simply aren’t interested in cousins or relatives, only the straight scoop from the old man. The added, just requires a lot of time to read and clear up misunderstoods. It does take a lot of time to just keep up with the blog!

    So, any help in keeping it simple (you have studied study tech even if you’re a Buddhist) and not proselytize or whatever is very appreciated. Your comment of:
    “(plenty of words to look up)” makes it seem intentional. My apologies if that isn’t the case.

  194. Michael Fairman

    Laura Ann
    You are so very welcome. I’m hopeful as well. Look what’s happening on this blog and out there in the world. Justice is coming.

  195. Michael Fairman

    Thanks John
    A little creaky but a few slap shots left.

  196. Michael Fairman

    Wow! Seems like a street that could certainly be walked down

  197. Michael Fairman

    Thanks Bryan
    It’s happening!

  198. Michael Fairman

    Welcome Alex

  199. Not gibberish at all to me, Kirsi. Reads like straight from the Heart to me and I got it.

  200. Michael Fairman

    You’re very welcome. And you’re absolutely correct.

  201. Komra Moriko

    Michael said: Write your story. You’ll be speaking to everyone in the theta universe. Some will really “hear” it, and some will act. You’ll see.

    My name is Komra Moriko,

    I was involved with the CoS for four years 2004-2008. Did Book One at Boston Org (wow!), then Purif at the mission in Brunswick, Maine. Started TRs & Objectives at Boston and was recruited to staff before completing. Served from fall 2004 to fall 2007 first as SSO then Qual Sec (side note: how can someone with no auditor training be a Qual Sec?) I was inspired and determined to be a Class VI C/S and arranged it so that I could go to ASHO for training. I was not qualified to go into the TTC at Flag. I am very thankful now that I was not.

    I left the CoS at the end of 2008 tens of thousands of dollars in debt, with an r-factor from ASHO that I would need to redo my bridge from Purif through HRD.

    I specifically did not look at the internet for 6 months after I left, as I wanted to be able to say that leaving was my own decision. After many walks through the woods down by the river, I came the the conclusion that a good number of people in the CoS were acting like a bunch of mind fucking vampires.

    Then I clicked a link to the Truth Rundown videos. Bam! Pow! — I have been a constant reader of this blog ever since. I don’t post here much because I don’t consider myself a Scientologist. I am, however, a friend to Scientologists and post this today with the purpose of helping friends still in the church to wake up and do what they know is right.

    I must say that my time in the CoS was far from all bad. Lots of it was exhilarating! I received help, and I hope I provided some as well. I greatly admire my fellow staff members at Boston Org! I have a message for them:

    Dear Heather, Nancy, Gerard, Carol, Kelly, Jim, Tracey, Buzz, Paul, Marissa, Elaine, Linda, Perry, Matt, Sharon,

    Each one of you, through your dedication and friendship helped make my life better through application of the methods and philosophy that LRH discovered, developed and communicated. I was willing to dedicate my life to this too, but the corruption of the church at the behest of David Miscavage put a stop to that.

    You are letting LRH down now. How much time do you spend on regging and call in? Why are you accustomed to it being so hard? How closely does what you do every day on post resemble what you know is right and fulfills your original purpose? Really, really look into this. And, if looking outward is hard, closely and honestly examine why.

    In my observation, each of you have deep ties to the church. So there is much more at risk for you to take a stand against the corruption and destruction of the church than there ever was for me. Just being disabused of the belief that David Miscavage is doing good takes courage. I don’t question whether or not you have the courage, I saw your courage and dedication while on staff with you.

    Carol, I had a dream that you are aware of the situation. If that is the case, and you want to talk I am willing to hear anything you have to say.

    I will endeavor to be a reliable friend to each of you,


    P.S. Sarge!! I have been missing hearing your stories about LRH. Would love to hear more!

  202. Dear Sam,

    “The Religion” of Scientology has morphed into being the “News of the World” “National Enquirer” of Religions.

    Taliban Tabloid Religion. They do not embarrass us. They embarrass themselves.

    Because Miscavige lives in a cocoon of fawning placating propitiative toadies, they do not understand how utterly absurd and ridiculous they look to the outer world.

    501C3 “Charity” with unlimited budget for malicious and fictitious websites.
    Religion indeed !

  203. Tory Christman

    Agreed, Michael—great message, and yes, you look fabulous! Thank you for this message about “Common Sense” too. 🙂

  204. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the powerful punch.

  205. martyrathbun09

    Welcome. It was a pleasure spending some time with you in LA. Your well-educated, intellectually acute views are invigorating. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

  206. Booya Deano!

  207. Alex, hello there and welcome.

  208. Hi Michael,

    Wonderful essay once again. You have this knack of communicating through a common reality that really strikes home.

    I want to draw your attention to just how well you have done this today – observe the number of new names posting to this blog entry, I’ve never seen so many in one day!


  209. Thanks George!
    I’m not sure what kind of a “crusade” I’m on, but it feels like I am on one at times. Mostly I post over on Geir’s blog and that’s as much to clarify my own understanding of life. I like the interactions there, the regular posters there have a lot of integrity and there are clashes, but they are honest clashes. It’s like an ongoing workshop over there.

    I clash often with one poster there but as I posted just a couple of days ago, without him there, I would be just the sound of one hand clapping.

    There are many “streams” of teaching. Buddhism is not monolithic, and contains many different viewpoints. Some of what I read that purports to be “Buddhist” seems just plain wrong to me; other writings and teachings make perfect sense.

    My own ‘crusade’ is partly to reconcile as many of the differences I find in the various teachings, and, as much as I can, develop a ‘concordance’ of various teachings I have come across that seem to me to be based on some very basic validities.

    It is kind of a “Perennial Philosphy” approach, that below the various “streams” runs a vast river or even ocean of knowing that is timeless and that tosses up these waves of teachings from time to time so as to refresh our connection to the ultimate “source” of all and everything.

    Returning to the topic, I agree that Scientology is itself. Buddhism is itself, and is not Scientology. They are different waves but emerge from the same timeless ocean. As we are seeing, the initial wave/stream that was LRH’s teaching is already breaking up into many waves, just as the original wave that was Gotama’s teaching has diversified over the centuries into many ‘selves’ based on the original. So it goes with every teaching. Individuation and diversity happens

    The “perennial philosophy” approach is that all true teaching is derived from one basic ultimate ocean of knowledge and expresses similar basic truths from a boundless variety of viewpoints. I like to call this ‘ocean’ the Heart of all realities

    My interest has always been to identify the commonalities, while recognizing and differentiating the differences.

    Thus the great value of a blog like this, where many different individuals like Michael Fairman and yourself can post thoughtfully and from the Heart, the truth they know and refresh our connections to the Truth that underlies all Reality.

    I see Marty and the Independents as the “Theravada” of Scientology, hewing true to the source teachings of LRH.

    Thank you Mr. Fairman and you too George for posting on Marty’s blog, and to Marty for having this blog here for us to post on. Each of us alone is but the sound of one hand clapping; but when we have each other we can clap and sing up some joyous and effective riffs and rhythms!

    May all beings be well and happy!

    Your long-winded friend, Valkov

  210. Michael Fairman

    You are courageous and strong. Thank you for telling your story. It is being heard and some will act. Just as you have.

  211. Thank you Komra. Very nice to hear from you!

  212. Komra,

    Thanks for standing up and writing your story! Perhaps you’re more of a Scientologist, recognizing Source and keeping your personal integrity as compared to those who helped, but now are still furthering and helping Dear Leader’s cause!

  213. Michael Fairman

    Thanks Alan. Often times when seeds are planted, they grow. Just need some fertile soil, a little water, sunlight and a smidgin of TLC. Pretty soon there’s a bushel of sweet potatoes.

  214. Michael Fairman

    Hey Cowboy Poet
    You bet. But I believe most of these people have the smarts. They’re in the middle of a sandstorm and it’s hard to see with so much grit in the eyes. The wind’s letting up though and the sun is out.

  215. Windhorse,

    …oh the other hand, there are many like me who always find your comments interesting, often educational and illuminating and enjoyable, too. Without a variety of opinions on this blog I would visit less often, and when you, specifically, have been absent for any length of time, I miss you, and I know I’m not the only one. And it’s not because you bring a scientological viewpoint to this party, it’s because you bring YOUR viewpoint.

    I hope you’ll continue to be exactly what and who you are on this blog, and that you’ll continue to challenge us.

    Not all of us are scientologists, Sinar, though we may strongly support this cause. Please remember that. I understand that you might feel anything but straight LRH is a waste of your time, but there are many of us for whom understanding viewpoints such as Windhorse is, in fact, part of why we come to and contribute to this blog.


  216. Windhorse

    My comment to you got posted allllllll the way down at the bottom of the thread …

    : (


  217. Yes indeed, you make your own tomorrows…
    Such a simple statement but throughout history it has been grappelled with by anyone aware enough freedom is an action not just an idea.
    LRH tech gave a true alternative other than ending up on some muddy battlefield.
    I’m not American but easily agree the Independance actions in 1776 led to the sanest document ever written by a group on this planet. Now the window of opportunity is open so very tenuously with the most remarkable and workable technology ever to exist. Probably the fact it is now opposed so violently is just another indication of the price of Freedom.
    Thanks Michael. peace to you on your own terms.

  218. Aww hell with it. Just find my Facebook Page 🙂
    ‘Samantha Domingo’

  219. Komra,
    Simple truths beautifully articulated.
    Welcome home 🙂

  220. Excellent article, Michael – thanks so much!

    As for me, I have a few family members who are in a “They Live” mindset – they refuse to put on the glasses to see what DM is really like. Truth, and a love of Scientology, will crack that nut. Until then, I remain,


  221. Karen – that’s pretty revealing isn’t it?!

  222. Very good. The LRH structure does have checks and balances. Each branch has a vested interest in the survival of the other branches. No King of the mountain.
    It was my understanding that the knowledge gained through training was mine to use freely, without interference by the “government.” As long as I made a good faith effort to apply what I learned, all was good. I reject the idea that any entity or person has the power to interfere with that.

    “Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness POSITIVELY by uniting our affections, the latter NEGATIVELY by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher.” – T. Paine, Common Sense

    DM’s only power is to create distinctions amongst Scientology – in or out, good or evil, squirrel vs. non-squirrel. He is clearly a punisher. What we need are patrons.

  223. Wow! Minvera/Joe is SO effective! You look lovely!

    By the way, what an INCREDIBLE obsession that they have with the 2D! Everything is 2D with them. Affairs, viagra… this obsession is sub-human. It is creepy. Keep it up, Minerva/Joe, you are truly advertising your own aberrations.

  224. one of those who see

    HI Alex!! So wonderful to have you hear and communicating!!! Always love to hear from people from the first wave of Independents!! Your knowledge of our history and your viewpoints are most welcome!!

  225. GHop:

    This 2D obsession is Miscavige trickle-down.

    He is absolutely the most sex-obsessed person I have ever met (or even seen in a movie!). His language is disgusting, he apparently takes pleasure in trying to shock people with his grossness (I have recounted some of it in earlier posts and comments here). But its not just his language. He often seems to get off in “confronting” people with what he imagines are their sexual habits — he will run down a list accusing them of each of them until he “gets a read” and if he doesn’t, he will ask his inevitable audience what they vote. You may have read the story of his briefing of Tom DeVocht when he first arrived at the Int base — walking around and stopping people and telling Tom in front on them whatever their 2D WH’s may have been. He sends sec checkers to get people to confess to whatever he claims they are doing “don’t come out of session until you get the admission he is fucking dogs — because I am telling you that is what he is doing.” And when he is getting reports of people being sec checked, he could care less about their destruction of orgs or other OW’s, he focuses ONLY on the 2D withholds (and then uses whatever he finds out to directly embarrass the person later — see above).

    You will find anyone who has spent any time with Miscavige cannot but notice his aberration on this subject. And it is a SEVERE aberration.

    Actually, its probably not “trickle down” — he probably writes these things himself.

  226. Thanks, Mike. That is amazing. It really is. I read the accounts. The only people who obsess about this stuff are the ones who are doing it. That is true. No one else really cares.

  227. GHop — Yes, that is the normal way people think.

    It’s not Miscavige. He is apparently convinced this is the most important thing in the world.

    As for him being the one who is doing it — I have a different theory. I dont think he can do anything (look at 1.1 on the Chart of Human Eval) and that he substitutes his impotence with twisted and evil “vicarious” sex.

  228. martyrathbun09

    Just as he has been attempting to export the HOLE to the streets (witness our latest videos, and those to come) he is exporting his sex obsessions to the anti-Indie sites. At first I thought they were merely printing drivel from his dictaphone under different names, but now it has woven its way into the mocked up comments that the OSA kids and their OTA’s tag on with. It’s like Eunuchs Gone Wild.

  229. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuw! DM is having vicarious sex with me???

  230. Michael Fairman

    Thank you and I understand perfectly. The nut WILL crack, and behold, out will come a pair of “glasses”. Be well and happy.


  231. Komra,

    Thank you for being here and communicating! ml, Laura

  232. Dont worry Sam — as Marty so aptly put it, this is Eunuchs Gone Wild.

  233. George White

    Very thoughtful and very much from the heart. I have been in contact with the “stream” as we say in the Thervada tradition just as you have seen these realities. As a matter of fact, this idea of a flux or current is very common in the teaching. I have been doing a lot of meditation in the “now” and making great progress.in identifying the component parts of this stream.
    I agree that Marty and Mike are the :Theravada” of Scientology. They are very dedicated. I hope to find time to get to Gier’s sight, but I am very much involved in study and meditation these days.
    Much Metta(loving-kindness)

  234. I have an observation or opinion on this.

    David Miscavige — if you ever needed Shermanspeak to embellish your remarks to prove that you are a figment of your imagination, this is the time. Christ, you sound like kids having just seen their first porno movie listening to the adults. I could probably find some redeeming value, if for entertainment purposes only, if only you’d get some literate fellow like Dan to write this crap for you. But this, man, this is really kindergarten playground quality dialog. I really do hold the “Prick” er, ah, “Pope” of (radical) Scientology to a higher standard.

    Bruce Pratt

  235. Sam-you are definitely one girl they can’t keep down!!!

  236. Would that be * Margaret Marmolejo *…?? The Celebrity Center Hollywood Spyintology Director. Charming!

    Does the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce know “Celebrity Center “actually is a front for a spy and intelligence (blackmail) operations unit on City officials?

    Do the artists who walk in there know they are being secretly filmed and recorded!?

  237. one of those who see

    Go Sam Go.! Perfect reply to their disgusting, low toned, infantile website.
    Love that last bit!! Shine on!

  238. Luis Garcia


    Great references and your point is well taken.

  239. Luis Garcia


    You have my admiration.


  240. I don’t really think that the US declaration of Independence is a fair comparison. It seems to have been based on the Magna Carta.
    I understand that most here are in the USA so I ask you to look at the integrity of your current government.
    LRH put little trust in governments.
    Most of those still in the CofS are willing slaves. It is axiomatic that those who want freedom just have it.
    When I first became involved in Scientology I saw it as something transcending the petty national and governmental mentalities.

  241. +1 Love

  242. Komra

    Excellent. A beautiful outreach to your friends. Thank you. I sincerely hope some find their way to you.

    Eric S

  243. I would love to see this song sung impromptu at the next Maiden Voyage event that’s just around the corner.

    Telecast world-wide in HDTV………………

    The psychotic little runt-punk, frothing.

  244. Like a gentle mist clearing the smoke. Refreshing. Thank you Komra.

    Bruce Pratt

  245. Scott Campbell

    Hi Komra,

    That was awesome! Thanks for the wonderful support.

  246. And then, Bruce, you and I can have a book club fest talking about the Lensman Series! What fun they are. I will reread them to discuss with you. We’ve found the first one thus far, and are still looking for the others.

  247. Scott Campbell

    Well slather me with butter and call me spud! That there’s some right down-home common sense pardner!

  248. Cowboy-You sure said it right.

  249. Komra, Thank you. I am happy that you like my stories. I’ll post more from time to time as I know how important these stories are to many of my friends. There may be a book of stories of LRH by myself and others who have had the good fortune (and postulates) to have worked for and around him. Its important to preserve these recollections for all Scientologists who love LRH. Ya know there was a time when I didn’t consider myself a Scientologist anymore nor did I want to be. But when you connect with more like minded Indies you can change your mind. I did. Love

  250. Yes, thank you for clarifying that, Scholar.

  251. Love you, Sam! And love your energy!

  252. NOT POSSIBLE! By which I mean, wow! Really, wow! 🙂

  253. Sue,
    LRH himself made if perfectly clear, NO ‘Church of Scientology’ is coterminal with SCIENTOLOGY.

    You have every right to practice Scientology. A right guaranteed. DM has no right, none, not in the LRH materials, not in the exact LRH Estate Planning as outlined on that website, not legally anymore either, to prevent the application of Standard Tech and the use of Scientology materials to better conditions.

    The little prick hasn’t one.

  254. Love this post! Welcome, Alex.

  255. Nicely said Luis,

    The snowball effect is happening and is increasing daily.

    I keep a copy of your write-up on my desktop … it goes to everyone who emails me, be it Flag, Translation units from all over the world, Freewinds, etc, etc.

    The responses are fun to see when they occur.

    It’s an easy way to get the word out.

  256. Welcome, Komra! Great post and introduction.

  257. sarge,
    You crack me up. Make me smile broadly. What a blast this is.

  258. Robert Earle


  259. Ralph — I’m not sure our Founding Fathers would recognize the current government.
    They would have definitely had some heartburn about 1856 – 1875. They were generally well educated, generally men of good will, so of course drew upon the extant philosophies of the English and French as well as the Greeks and who know who else.

    Scientology is about improving conditions, any conditions, anywhere. That seems to transcend any particular political, economic or social bent.

    The State of Man Congress has some interesting data on this I do not have to hand.

    Just a humble opinion from a fan, not a student, of history.

    Bruce Pratt
    former ethnocentric ‘Merciun 🙂

  260. I like the “Eunuchs Gone Wild” picture. Actually, I was thinking of back in the day at Flag when I was there (late ’70s) dealing with the CMO girls. You could cut the ice with a knife. Talk about Must Have/Can’t Have. As I recall, these girls seems to specialize in Eunuch-making.

  261. Luis Garcia

    Well done, Alex. Welcome.

  262. Luis Garcia

    You say your are no longer a Scientologist, but I see here that your original purpose to help is alive and well. Very nice to meet you, Komra.

  263. Mr. Fairman,

    I have to say that you are looking healthy and happy these days. And a heck of a lot happier and healthier than Izzy Chait.

    I look forward to being able to come out in proper name. But as we know, enforced disconnections can wreak havoc on important comm lines and I have a few that must be held intect until contractual obligations are met. That day is fast approaching and then it will be my pleasure to publish a doubt announcement and go from there. I was never a big name in the field and I doubt anyone will have PI’s after me, but a loss of certain terminals would be problematic.

    You are a stellar inspiriation to me and many others. We are most fortunate to have you with us.

    Thetans just know, even when they don’t want to know.



  264. Robert Earle

    Dear George,
    Thank you for presenting your view. I would like to offer a dfferent opinion. If “A” is Mr Miscavige and entourage. I suggest that the “A” is but one letter in the english alphabet. There are many languages with other letters in their “alphabet”s. “A” appears to desire to abolish all letters in all alphabets except “A”. As in your example “A ” appears to be concentrating on “B” (Marty and Indies). “B” (Marty and others) are simply requesting that the rest of the letters of the alphabet(s) become visble so as to put “A ” into perspective.

  265. The first book of the saga you find here:

  266. Michael Fairman

    Thank you. It is apparent that certain circumstances are more difficult to deal with than others. But in all these instances, what is most vile and disgusting, is the metaphorical cage of rats that has been strapped around the heads of all of us. You mention that release is not far away, and I wish you well when it comes.

  267. Thank you for your kind words. Currently, a “bunch of Estos” is not within my resources. I am mainly concerned about the handling of the 3rd dynamic Why already found. I bet, if you sit down and list out your personal resources, any of them, you’ll discover 15 additional ways to handle the Why – even if on a gradient – from your point of view utilizing the resources you have within your sphere of control.

  268. Michael Fairman

    I just read through a good part of the “Freedom” Magazine Mrs. H.T. was referring to. It has taken Marty, Mike, Tom, Amy, Steve, and Jeff and villified them. It is obvious they have published excerpts from their PC folders — their confessionals! Along with painting them in the vilest terms imagineable, the articles are illustrated depicting them as disgusting and sickening cartoon caricatures. Mrs. H.T. stated in her comments, “Could anything make an “ecclesiastical leader” more vile?” There are a multitude of instances which have been reported here and on other sites which would answer, “yes!”. However, regarding the contents of this magazine: with the rise of National Socialism in the 1920’s and 1930’s, its propaganda machine published newspapers entirely devoted to anti-Semetism. The enemy here were the Jews, depicted as ugly, distorted and animalistic caricatures, and they were attacked as being insane, their purpose being to undermine and destroy the German state. Miscavige is not Adolph Hitler and his goals are not the goals that were set by National Socialism, but it seems he has taken a page from its propaganda playbook, and on any grounds that is unacceptable.

  269. Thank you Valkov, Sinar, Sam and Dave.

  270. Excellent post.

  271. Wonderful first post, Komra!

  272. I think Marty has demonstrated that a committed scientologist can grow from reading broadly – and can share wisdom with others as a result of that breadth of insight.

  273. somanyquestions

    Just FYI: I don’t think leaving a 6 year old alone at home during the day is a good idea, no matter how independent you viewed yourself at that age. Way too many tragedies have occurred because parents thought their child would be “ok” left unsupervised at home at too young an age. I felt the need to comment, although I’m glad you ended up okay, its not advice that should be given to parents of children under 10.

    Besides at 6 years of age why would you have been staying home and not going to 1st grade at elementary school?

  274. Komra Moriko

    Hi Sarge, I was hoping there might be a book in the works!! We will see about that Scientologist thing… Love, k

  275. Komra Moriko

    Thank you all for the warm welcomes!!!

  276. It is a bit surprising that a bunch of men in the late 1700’s could come up with a constitution that men could use to govern themselves successfully for 200+ years. Of course we know it is now currently under the worst and potentially successful attack since the beginning. The fed has almost 50% of the people under their care. Rewarding down stats of course. Hmm Is there an Ayn Rand solution in the works???

    But that point put aside I am surprised that Ron did not put in similar checks and balances necessary to protect the most important movement in the universe.

    Oversight?? or naiveté??

  277. martyrathbun09

    One reason it won’t resolve is because the “very best people” organizing the hue and cry over the welfare state have created the welfare state in the first place. It keeps the masses docile, mutual out ruds, and keeps their noses out of the HIGH financial CRIMES the “very best people” continually commit day in and day out. Great Britain, Rome, etc, all over again. Study it.

  278. Troll is obvious.

  279. Lunamoth, Sarge and Heather,

    Perhaps my post didn’t come out right.

    My point is that I didn’t like having to look up words and taking time to do that if it was unnecessary, not the point of diversity in viewpoints and spiritual endeavors.

  280. “In the United Kingdom, the Bill of Rights is further accompanied by the Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus Act 1679 and Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949 as some of the basic documents of the uncodified British constitution.[5] A separate but similar document, the Claim of Right Act, applies in Scotland. The English Bill of Rights 1689 inspired in large part the United States Bill of Rights.[6][7]”

  281. Hehe – Thats why I like you Marty – no mushrooms allowed!

  282. Scientology went down the CDEI scale as have governments and religions throughout the ages.
    I remember when I was back in college and I wrote an article for the college mag saying that a governmental system could not work when composed of irrational individuals.
    I sent a copy to the reg at St. Hill and was repimanded for not getting Issue Authority 🙂

  283. Robert Earle

    Dear Michael as well as other readers,
    On seeing your above post I did a search for the freedom articles on line and read most all carefully. Ditto on what you say… I did notice an interesting ommision early on which I would like to point out both as it applys to the freedom mag as well as broadly in the many storys both on Martys blog as well as the multitude of storys elsewhere posted.
    “After all every one of them had blown, which according to the Churches Founder,ONLY occurs when one has overts and withholds(transgressions)”(Freedom mag)
    One ommitted in the above is part of the LRH article “Blow-offs” which DM and those adhering to him seem to overlook. And when I say overlook I mean OVERLOOK.
    HCO PL/HCOB 31 DEC 59 paragraph 7 ” One can treat people so well that they grow ashamed of themselves, knowing that they don’t deserve it., that a blow-off is precipitated, and one can treat people so badly that they have no choice but to leave, but these are extreme conditions and in between these we have the majority of departures. The auditor is doing his best for the preclear and yet the preclear gets meaner and meaner and blows the session. The wife is doing her best to make a marriage and the husband wanders off on the trail of a tart. The manager is trying to keep things going and the worker leaves. These, the unexplained, disrupt organizatios and lives and it’s time we understood them.”
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what it says above . The “in between these” are the majority of departures. And yes the “in between these” are the “unexplained”.
    The obvious ones like “treated so well…..” and the “treat so badly” are not really unexplained. They are obvious reasons people blow.
    So what about the Freedom mag quote?
    I will repeat it here “After all every one of them had blown which according to the Churches founder ONLY occurs when one has overts and withholds(transgressions) (Falsehood-Freedom mag)
    Additionally in the HCOB 21 JULY 73 RECOVERING STUDENTS AND PCS.
    There are 5 reasons listed for student blows and 4 listed for pc blows and of the nine only one has to do with o/ws
    Additionally HCOB 6 May 70 ‘BLOWS ,AUDITING PAST EXTERIOR’ also gives another reason.
    So as you can see there can be a number of things(factors) relating to blows not “THE ONLY REASON IS…” (Cancelled above LRH HCOBs- Freedom mag)
    Most of the storys I’ve seen posted relating to working in and around DM or under his influence fall clearly into the “and certainly one can treat people so badly that they have no choice but to leave.”
    The Freedom article simply confirms DMs absolute rightness and others wrongness and hobbyhorsing one of his favorite topics “other peoples overts” which is really old news to us.

  284. Robert Earle

    PS This Freedom mag is really a promo piece (PR article) for the newest way to rocket your way to OT “THE NEW EVERY THREE MONTH CONFESSIONAL FOR ALL SCIENTOLOGISTS” with complimentary IAS,Books packages and
    ideal org crush regging before, during and after your confessional. Newly packaged as the DM Rundown.

  285. Robert Earle

    OTDT this is for you

    From: COB
    To: All Staff
    Subject: New DM Rundown


    1) Do a massive all hands call-in for the new rundown. No slacking off on this one.
    callin to run 24/7 for this new breakthrough. ________
    2) As we are still training to perfection our GAT auditor the delivery of the new DM rundown will also be allhands which is one of my new breakthroughs in applying the LRH datum of tech admin ratio to all hands. Thus all callin personnel (allhands) will also be double hatted as DM Rdn delivery personnel (allhands). This must not cut accross your IAS,Books Package and Ideal org regging hats. As you can see we are really going straight up vertical with this . HCO sec checks need not be metered as all reads are disregarded .This opens the door to anyone being instant hatted on the spot.
    3) All HCO sec checks will be at usual HGC rates and count on the Well done auditing hours stats. Be sure to count the admin time you spend regging as its all part of the Rdn
    3) New comp[liance report line to RTC. All phone calls ,Sec Checks,Regging must be HD video recorded in full 24/7 and sent to me so I know you are following command intention. Failure to forward these videos will result in immediate SP declares.

    I’ve been shouldering all the work of building every thing you’ve ever seen in Scientology so far. So until further notice all donations made for anything shall be sent directly to RTC to reemburse me. Lets really flourish and prosper with this new RDN. COB

  286. Thank you, Luis! After writing this comment I had a cognition: To assume the presence of a resource, when it is not available, is an arbitrary. Therefore, to take stock of available resources will prevent friction and stops and make things very smooth – as an arbitrary is a way to stop a line.

  287. Wow, I’ve watched Michael Fairman for years in promotional materials for Dianetics and Scientology and often visualize him and his persona as the type of person I can become by applying Scientology in my life. For this man to be declared a suppressive and bounced out of the Church of Scientology is an astonishment.

    It is going to be hard letting go of the idea that the only valid way of going up the bridge is through the “official” channels, but when someone like Michael Fairman leaves, it is time to re-think how I want to do this. Actually, I already have. Fortunately, I had not invested as much money or other resources as many ex- members on this blog have and will consider their stories and personal sacrifices as sound advice on not getting involved any further.

    Good luck Michael Fairman

  288. martyrathbun09

    Derek, where have you been my man?

  289. Hey Marty! I’ve been checking in periodically to see what developed, but apparently not enough. I was genuinely astonished at the recent developments.


  290. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Great to have you back.

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