A Message to Izzy and Mary Ann Chait

Iz and Mary Ann,

It was wonderful meeting with you this past Friday at the Enterprise Car return lane at LAX.  Unfortunately, Lublow, Allender, et al had to interrupt – but, you are gonna continue to carry fleas as long as you sleep with unkempt dogs. (see video below)

Thank you for promising to read my blog.  Mosey is on the Student Hat course and came across a gem she wanted to share with you knowing you are conducting an investigation and study as part of your doubt formulas.

The reference from Monique:

from Evaluation of Information, L Ron Hubbard:

So now, let’s realize that part of our understanding when we are engaged in secondhand observation – which is to say study on a via or something…we are engaged upon this – then our understanding must include an evaluation of the reliability of the information we are being given.  You follow that?  Our understanding must include the understanding of whether this is good dope or bad dope, whether this is straight data or this is data with a curve.  In other words, we have to be capable of evaluating the truth of the relayed observation.  

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  1. UnDisturbed

    Hey Izzy Chait: My name is Tom Price and I am a Class 6 auditor and I audited you on your early auditing at the Westwood Mission in the mid 1970s. Peter Crundal’s old mission. I remember you fondly and I must not have done such a bad job as you progressed up the bridge. Well done.

    I also live in Santa Monica and am an Independent Scn and my comm lines are wide open. If you ever care to get in comm. with me, Dan Koon (Joe Howard) has my email address and you can get that via Marty.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Price

  2. That was a very confusing message from Iz & Mary Ann — 1.1?

    Mostly I get that Izzy and Mary Ann were performing for the camera — Allender’s camera.

    I also get that Davie’s little den is shrinking since he can afford to exert so much resource on such an unimportant person or persons. Davie — it’s the little people who are important if for no other reason than they are little only in your eyes.

    Marty, Mike, Tiz, and any unnamed folks — wow! I salute you for taking a much higher road for all our benefits.

    Bruce Pratt

  3. Right on Mosey!!!! Issy and Mary Ann look, don’t listen. John Allender well ……….get a real life. You truly look like a fool. What made-up war are you fighting?You have truly gotten more and more solid over the years.

  4. Context? Is Izzy and Mary Ann Chait somebody significant, or just a couple of nobody lackeys they dragged out of the closet?

  5. I don’t even know what to say…how you stay cool and collected is beyond me. Very well done.
    I will say this, all reports here are VVGIs (very very good indicators) from people audited OUTSIDE David Miscavige’s wild kingdom, they are personal and no way coerced.
    This is what David Miscavige’s church donations buy. No, it doesn’t buy auditors and it doesn’t buy course supervisors and it doesn’t even give scholarships to the best and the brightest – it pays thousands of dollars of PIs and lawyers.
    What do they think LRH would do…I know what he would do! Kick some ass!

  6. Wow…

    Izzy, I am sorry man, but you look terrible. Tired, weak, confused, reaching….I don’t know. How you can believe the CoS is expanding is quite amazing. Just look up some old Org mags from the 70s and early 80’s and compare the tech completions to today’s. No comparison my friend. Have the guts to check them.

    Then, come back here and tell us it’s wrong.

  7. Then give ’em a session later…

  8. theystolemychurch

    Dear Mary Ann and Izzy~

    Put the sunglasses on and look at the stats!

  9. theystolemychurch

    Reference JohnCarpenters “They Live”

  10. I want to say that this exact same message applies to Doyle Mills, the public Scientologist who came to my door last week while M & M were in Los Angeles.

    Doyle – check into where you get your information from. Are the sources reliable? This quote that Mosey shared above is EXACTLY what you need to apply.

    I asked Doyle where he was on the Bridge. He said “I’ve done two L”s, and I’m Grade IV completion. Yeah, I still have my Clear bracelet on. I was recently given the R-factor that I’m not actually Clear but I’ve been wearing this bracelet for 10 years.”…..

    I told him I thought his recent non-Clear R-factor was bullshit. He seemed to like my R-factor although he continued to defend the squirrels who sent him back to the bottom of the Bridge so they could make more money off him. I’m sorry Doyle, you need to wake up and smell the kool-aid. Miscavige is the one that is the Squirrel. Come have a chat any time if you want more information. I’d be happy to help you out.

  11. Tony Dephillips

    Loser Kool aide drinkers from a fanatical cult.

  12. plainoldthetan

    I still don’t get what authority this Allender thinks he has over a DECLARED PERSON. He’s got NONE, ZILCH, NADA. Asking to do a Tech Inspection of Marty is like Oresident Obama asking to do a Tech Inspection of Marty.

    There’s no ground or basis for such an action.

    So all Allender is trying to do is miss a withhold on Marty and see if he can get Marty to exhibit one or more of the symptoms of a missed withhold.

    I anticipate Allender will have nothing but problems trying to miss Marty’s withholds.

    Allender should actually try to get in comm, rather than continuing to dole out motivators the way he does.

  13. This whole video leaves me with an empty sick feeling. DM’s goon squard members are sick, sick puppies. Izzy seems dizzy and the woman has that far away lost look. I had to ask myself who are these two….very, very sad commentary. This guy Allendar with the camera on his shoulder is down right scary. He seems to me to be programed. Way to many circuits to be OT.

    If this is the best DM has the church of scientology is indeed dead. I’m so glad I’m free of all their SP “make a robot a day” bullshit.

  14. Tony Dephillips

    Marty you have a heart of gold.
    I pray for the day you can escape this madness.
    You have hundreds of friends.
    You are loved.

  15. theystolemychurch

    “In other words, we have to be capable of evaluating the truth of the relayed observation.” I listened to this tape in 1976 on an old reel to reel machine at the age of 18years old and never FORGOT this and have used it since. This is more true today then it has ever been.
    Izzy and Mary Ann are good people and only operating from bad data… give them a break and grant them beingness…. I think they want the truth. Why don’t we give it to them? Past that, cut them loose.

    Allender is an assclown and most likely doing amends hounding Mike and Marty.

    Mosey, the Student Hat was so awesome for me! I had huge, life changing wins… would like to do it again, now 36 years later…. lol would be fun to twin with an old timer… Best to you Mosey I hope to meet you someday soon, Love Wendy

  16. Why would anybody let John Allender do a Tech Inspection! That squirrel along with his wife were declared for falsifing stats. That means in simple terms the church doesn’t trust him, and, God forbid, why on earth would anybody else? That looney bin is one solid citizen!

  17. That was crazy! I’m glad I don’t run into scientologists very often. I forgot how right I was as a scientologist. Truth be known it’s not just them who act like that. There are plenty of different flavors of kool aid out there. The trick is do we fall back into that trap in the future as we go forward in our lives.

  18. +1

  19. OK…Izzy looks like he is still there. But complacent and a bit oblivious …and Mary Ann may mean well as the good wife, but look for yourself. Izzy and Mary — look at the stats.

    JOHN ALLENDER you are a pathetic sissy with your nasally whining and sneering. Go tattle to mommy, you sorry droopy-eyed self-righteous clown.

    OMG! The “Freedom” reporter. Who is that?! What a little smarmy ball of hate wound as tight as the rubber bands in a golf ball.

    You know, even though I had questions and doubts and disagreements about the “Church” for over a decade, I never read the “entheta” about it, not ever I held out hope that my situation would resolve and outpoints would resolve, or maybe it was all “just me.”

    Only. this week, after seeing what OSA is up to on social media and the criminals coming out of the woodwork, I read. O.M.G. It is not juts SP “entheta” — it is factual criminal activity by the Management of the “Chruch” of Scientology.

    Lisa McPherson!
    Larry Wollesheim
    and on and on and on…. I used to think, sure the vicious malice by OSA happens to real enemies. It doesn’t. **>> It can happen to you in a second <<< ** If you don't obey and keep quiet and cough up all your money. You too will overnight become "the evil one" that "fooled everyone." RIGHT? And then all your former "friends" get spun in wondering how they could've been fooled by you. But who is really fooling them???

  20. John Allender and the Chaits are just more examples of degraded beings masquerading as “OTs”.

    There was not one single uptone statement from any of the “churchies”, just a constant litany of well-drilled lies delivered in an effort to overwhelm.

    I watched the video twice to make sure I duplicated their frenzied insanity. It appeared that Marty impinged on both Izzy and Mary Ann at times, but they swiftly rallied and continued their1.1 attempts to alternately elicit sympathy and instill feelings of guilt.

    In my opinion, Marty’s insouciant bullbait of John Allender was the high point of the incident. Allender started losing his focus once Marty started admiring the effort Allender was putting in to his delivery.

    The same approach would probably work on the so-called reporter for Freedom Magazine.

  21. martyrathbun09

    People would be amazed how much wisdom is contained in those lectures. And it virtually all has been covertly or overtly cancelled in Radical Corporate Scientology. More on that later.

  22. I think thousands or even tens of thousands would be the correct order of magnitude.
    I certainly consider myself one of them.
    Good TRs in the face of such robotic madness Marty.
    Sad to see the Chaits USED as pawns in an insane person’s game. So effect and not even understanding the issues that led them to the situation. An unbelievable violation of KRC.

  23. Tony Dephillips

    Under dm’s watch per radical corporate Scientology’s own admission they say they have been churning out false Clears or falsely invalidating peoples Clear States.
    One or the other or both are true.
    This alone is evidence that Dm has been running the largest squirrel group that has ever existed.
    This makes david miss savage the COB of squirrels.
    If you support him in any way then you support what he has been doing.

  24. theystolemychurch


    Are the transcripts still available? I would love to have a copy and at least be able to reread them, even if only hearing LRH’s voice in my head reading them….

  25. I was struck by how John Allender’s communication had zero intention. Zero intention. What is a thetan if not intention? An “OT8” without intention, just making implanted noises, being the tattling hypocrite, part sneer and part whine. Shocking to see.

  26. David,

    It’s all a charade.

    Allender wouldnt know what to do with a folder, just like he doesnt know what to do with a meter. Look at the guy (and we got to see a lot more of him in LA — he was riding in the back of LaBlow’s SUV, he’s a bg shot now) — he is about as able to think for himself as the camera that is affixed to his head.

    It’s funny (and sad) — here is someone who has become a “hero” for being a douchebag. He no doubt gained notoriety and a good word from DM because he was willing to chase a woman in a parking lot and then willing to make an ass of himself at Marty’s. Now he gets to ride along with the “big shot” LaBlow. I can imagine Miscavige getting a report “Yes, Sir, John Allender went down and confronted Marty and scared the shit out of him.” And Dear Leader responds “See, he isnt a pussy like you faggots, he doesnt sit around sucking each others’ cocks all day. Make sure Allender is there when Marty comes to town, obviously he is the only one that can confront him (other than me of course, I just choose not to)”.

    So, Allender has ascended to the highest level attainable in the C of M — not OT VIII or Patron Phallus Enormous, but “Davey’s pet.” That is the status everyone strives for, and that sorry excuse for a human has achieved it.

    Three cheers for John Allender — Brown Nose King of the C of M!!

  27. Izzy seems like a really cool person. I think he is in the same position that some of us were in before we “woke up” and with a little more looking and less listening, he will be able to see for himself and get to the truth. He has genuine affinity for Marty. That is evident. The problem is that he’s been fed a lot of bull and he’s still buying it.

    I remember the shock I was in when I finally cognited, and it was quite a process to move from being a supportive church member to being an Independent. But it was the right decision, and many have made it out the other side stronger than ever. Hopefully sooner rather than later Izzy is going to “get it”. He will fit in very well amongst these rebels.

    Keep sending us your public Scientologists…. they will learn something every time.

  28. The following lines have been inspired by a book title from Howard Zinn “You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train”. I dedicate them to anyone who feels he or she can be “neutral.”

    Supposed you were on board of a sinking ocean liner, how do you deal with that?

    You could look away, try to ignore the situation.
    You could listen to the music of the band while the ship is tilting more and more.
    You could be overwhelmed.
    You could be desperate, have fear.
    You could try to save your life and get into a life boat.
    You could be angry about the navigator.
    You could be anything, but one thing you couldn’t be:
    You couldn’t be “neutral”.

    Not, when you are on that ship. That you couldn’t be.
    Not, when the water is around your ankles
    And much less when the water is up to your neck.
    Then you cannot be “neutral” anymore.
    The entertainment-show performed to prevent you from looking, will not help.
    That is not its purpose.
    One does not want “enturbulation” and no “entheta”.
    But that show to divert your attention, that is the entheta.
    The water around your ankles, that is a fact.
    And therefore the one thing you cannot be, is “neutral”.
    This is not possible, my friend.

  29. The only reason why Iz and Mary Ann were not allowed to confront Marty on their own without the squirrel busters, is Dave is worried they might just get some truth to look at. I think Izzy did stop a few times and absorb the data, especially with all the noise going on and Tizianio had a chance to point out real stats or the lack of stats. Izzy is will come around, and I am sure when they got back in their cars after the show and he said to Mary Ann, what if Marty is right and maybe there is something we need to look at. Even if the thoughts weren’t spoken, it impinged and they wonder….

  30. Exactly Plainoldthetan. Another point, this guy is obviously not a trained auditor so how could he possibly do a tech inspection? (As if that was his real intent.) But then again, DM is not a trained C/S or interned auditor yet he is going to over see all of the CofS bridge?

  31. +1. Bring em on…

  32. Nice quote from Mosey and then I watch that video, get a real dirty needle and then puke. No I gotta go to bed with a sick stomach. Allender really dirties my needle. It gets dirty from his choppy comm cycle.

    And Allender, who is going to do the “tech inspection”? You? Are you a trained C/S or trained cramming officer? No. You are a trained squirrel setting out to do a “tech inspection.” The same shit you were doing back in 1983 in Stevens Creek.
    Pretending to be a tech person but not. Screwing with peoples lives.


    ML Tom

  33. martyrathbun09

    Yes – and the tapes.

  34. MaryAnn and Izzie ~~
    This is Karen de la Carriere formerly Karen Jentzsch.

    I cringed when you talked of “WINS” at Flag. Even bad auditing will give some kind win. The tech is horrific at Flag. The Ls cause more return for repair for more $$$$$ than any rundown ever. Many OT VIIs turn in their folders, disconnect their telephone and move location. Many OT VIIIs want nothing more to do with the Church.

    More OT VIIs and OT VIIS are told their Clear status is cancelled and they must now redo Bridge starting with 100 hours of Objectives.

    The enforced 3 needle swings create more mental mass coming out of session than before the session.

    The gouging of Parishioner donations is out the roof. You have personally told me stories of excessive regging (in past years) to the point where Regges were persona non Grata at your store and home. You had had enough. I am aware of the very high six figures you have donated.

    The regging and gouging of donations for no exchange but for pretended Library donations, Super Power Building, IAS SCAM has never been worse than in the last decade. You have experienced this for 30 years.

    Orgs are not booming. Pasadena Org, a relatively new “Ideal org” has 5 students on course all afternoon. 3 are staff. The Class VIII course at AOLA is shut down and has been shut down for at least 2 years ~~ no students.

    When I was the Class XII CS at Flag there were 19 Ls auditors. 28 years later, there are 9 Ls auditors.

    Expansion ?

    You have both been spun a tissue of lies. It is hard to swallow you have donated millions to what has morphed into a criminal entity. Make me prove my words ! If you want to truly investigate both sides of the story, spend an afternoon with me for old time’s sake and to get a more 360 degree view.


  35. theystolemychurch

    I really agree with you! Izzy was stopped in his tracks at what Marty said to him, even if he continued to talk over it, you can see it in his eyes… and TZ got a lot of TA on Mary Ann about int stats…. I THINK THEY WILL LOOK.

    Have a little faith in your friends.

  36. theystolemychurch


    You rock… beauty in motion.

  37. theystolemychurch


    Please send me the data… you have my email and such… I would LOVE to hear them again! Please?… or info me how to get them~!

  38. Marty,

    It’s obvious to me what they ran on you.

    Overwhelm with the intent to disperse you.

    Notice how you were outnumbered and then they started asking you questions all at the same time?

    You need more help Marty.

  39. From an outside perspective, the confrontation on this video is the craziest thing I have ever seen. No one involved made any sense. What are you people doing?

    You are engaged in a fruitless war over delusional, unimportant bullshit.

    Look at yourselves.

    What did L Ron Hubbard call it?

    A Games Condition?

  40. Good post Karen!

    They need to go out to these Orgs and look for themselves.

  41. I can’t watch the video because I know what it’s gonna be like. I love the LRH quote, though. Yes, you do have to make sure you’re getting the correct data. It took me almost 10 years to sort things out. What took me over the top was the violence at Int Management, corroborated by Tommy Davis himself. Since leaving the church, I have found myself again. Stats are crazy affluence, my children are doing fantastic, my health couldn’t be better and I’m no longer sad all the time. In fact, it’s everything I can do to keep from hugging total strangers, my reach is just that big.

  42. I agree Jack … Allendar has a busy little universe. He pretends to be very busy with his camera & cell phone … putting on a show of dedication for Miscavige who he knows will see this.

    As for the other couple … I think they started out with honourable intentions but now are sadly ill-informed. They have had wins but need to recognize that not one of those wins are a result of DM and his crew. If you sat down with them without the cameras and have a real heart-to-heart, I’m sure they’d be choked at what’s going on within the church.

    As for the Freedom guys … what a joke. They can start by going back to the point where they last had some semblance of credibility and figure out where they blew it. Then start investigating the the real criminals in this soap opera.

  43. Emancipated

    Gotta agree with Tom, John was a terrible tech person back then and should NEVER be trusted with pc folders! Who made him the “Inspector General”? Guess I missed that announcement.

    John Allender was part of the group that helped Steven’s Creek get their fake “St. Hill” status back when the push was to et SH Orgs made. Gee, and where does Stevens Creek Org rank now? It is sad that it has shrunk up like a balloon leaking air.

    I think Izzy has had a little too much KoolAid…come on man, you’re smarter than that, look don’t listen, check out the real data yourself and stop believing false data.

  44. theystolemychurch


    Izzy is a really cool person and his wife almost as cool, and I agree that with a little more looking they, too will leave…. they need to know that all of the Bridge is available outside the walls of the prison of the mind… the cos. I have faith in them. I think they will leave as many of us have.

  45. Allenders accusation of you auditing people on drugs is simply an indicator of his own similar overt of giving people tons of toxic koolaid-there isn’t even a purif for that.
    Allender as a tech inspector !!?! I suspect any tech inspection of his would consist of sending an auditor to ethics for getting wins on his PCs and heavy ethics for any auditor letting a PC say anything bad about dm-in fact it warrants a declare.-boy,would he ever get brownie points for that.

  46. 1. David Miscavige trashed Tom Cruise’s career in a failed attempt to take on Psychiatry. The battle took place with Matt Lauer in front of television cameras and an international audience.

    2. David Miscavige trashed the career of Issac Hayes in a failed battle against South Park. The battle took place on the internet in front of an international audience.

    3. David Miscavige now wants to trash the career and reputation of Izzy Chait in a rental car parking lot at LAX. Izzy is a classy jazz singer. However, he and his wife now look like old people who either have been damaged by the Cult or have early onset Alzheimer’s. How does a jazz legend wind up cratering in a rental car parking lot? The answer is simple: The Church of Scientology has lost any sense of how deranged this all looks to Culture.

    Izzy and Mary Ann’s embarrassing “Squirrel Busting” at LAX leads me to offer COB a few suggestions for future downstat OSA Ops:

    * Have Chick Corea demand pc folders from Marty at a McDonald’s in Corpus Christi.

    * John Travolta should accuse Mike Rinder of crimes at the Wal-Mart in Duluth, Iowa.

    * Have Jenna Elfman shriek “Have you raped a baby?” to complete strangers on the street as John Allender films it: http://gawker.com/180473/?tag=defamer

    * Kirstie Alley needs to scream loudly about “squirrelism” to Tiziano at a gas station in Barstow.

    In the old days, Sea Org were sent out to handle SP’s. Nowadays, David Miscavige must send out OT’s to do an SO job. This is because SO might actually blow on the spot if invited to do so by Marty or Mike. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing for Dave?

    Aided by OSA, Freedom Magazine has become a wretched, dumbed down cultic version of the National Enquirer. Seriously, the morons who work for DM cannot even do basic tabloid work.

    The Freedom hack had the temerity to ask Marty about federal offenses when he is paid by a tinpot cult dictator whose booze-addled and violent existence would get him arrested were he not the Lunatic Antichrist of Hemet who has religious status.


  47. Right on David …

    John Allender starts really caving at 6:53 and lost it all at the 7:00 mark … man, what an embarrassment – 7 seconds from flinch to flunkie.

    It’s back to bullbait for you John – 2 hours blinkless .

    Start your timers 🙂

  48. I agree Mike.

    If he’s DM approved, I think Marty’s is going to be seeing alot more of Allender in the future.

    ( that’s of course until he f**ks up and it’s on to “the hole” for him. )

  49. J. Swift
    ★★★★★ FIVE STARS ★★★★★

    Quoting the above
    Lunatic AntiChrist of Hemet who has religious status !

    Quite a phrase

  50. Geeze, where do you start?

    Izzy…we met briefly a couple of times at AOLA, quite a few years ago and I was quite impressed with your level of theta and spirit of play and excellent comm cycle.

    I do hope you and your lovely wife are reading this blog and critically examining the veracity any “stats” being reported.

    Here is one for you. Several years ago the Tampa org was awarded “Saint Hill Size” status. LRH says in the ED on old saint hill that there were around 200 students training to be auditors and co-auditing in the academy at old Saint Hill.

    Do you know how many students were in the Tampa org academy training to be auditors when they were awarded saint hill size? I counted five.

    Do you know how many students were co-auditing in the academy at Tampa org? I counted two.

    Those are facts, not glowing but false PR. Ever read the LRH issue on glowing but false PR?

    I would say that 135 staff members training four auditors and calling themselves a saint hill sized org is GLOWING BUT FALSE PR.

    But that’s just me.

    What do you think?

    One never discovers truth unless one looks for oneself.

    “The practice of not-isness reduces understanding.” Understand?

  51. I wonder what he would do if he got a yes. “Yeah, sure, come on in John…”.

    He looks nuts and out of PT. He is majorly PTS.

    John, if you are reading this you need to get out of there. You appear to be headed towards Type 3 PTS-ness and a psychotic break on your current path.

  52. Luis Garcia

    Karen dear,

    I’m not so sure they’ll come to this blog and read your sincere message.

    I say, why don’t we all drop them a line at: otc@chait.com

    Keep it theta, let’s get them to look!


  53. That little smirking “Freedom Magazine” smarty pants reporter is straight out of a Will Ferrel meets Alfred Hitchcock movie. !!!! :-O What a nightmare! Good footage of a moron little pirahna on steroids. Is that one of the guys who write the insane “Freedom” attacks on people? The only thing that magazine and the OSA blogs expose are some seriously deranged and out of touch individuals concocting inane blueprints of their own minds! (Misogynistic, too). I hope people are analyzing those Freedom Magazine and the OSA “faux Marty” blogs as serious case studies for psychosis of their creators. Highly questionable elements of society !!! :-O eee gad!!

  54. Excellent comment Karen. You are an effective communicator.

  55. Joe Howard

    Hey, Allender must have finished his cramming cycle via ethics on his last video. He got the camera off his head! VWD, Allender! You are making progress. Next gradient: Mood TRs to handle your mood. You will NEVER impinge on anyone who is above 2.0 with that stuck mood of yours.

  56. J Swift – excellent observation and summary.

  57. J Swift…YIKES, I read the Jenna Elfman thing. Little does Jenna Elfman know that one peep or question out of her or if she talks to the “wrong people”, she will be featured on an OSA BLOG with an altered photo calumniating her to be a baby raper and all kinds of (not specified, of course) irregular “2D practices”.

    Do you really think Tom Cruise or John Travolta would dare speak out against the corruption with all the “Goods” David MIscavige has in their “confessionals”? Between Blackmail and Fear of David Miscavige entertainment, GAWD How much proof do they need that the confessional process is a blackmail sham and control operation?

    KUDOS to all who walked and us their voice. That tells me and the world what you’re made of. Pure theta!

  58. J Swift-The scenarios you give of celebrities doing dms crazy biddings will probably take place. Their careers are already ruined. At least they can get on film with Allender.

  59. Karen-it would be great if the Chaits read your post.

  60. No intention available in the below 0.0 tone scale. To spot him, check out these tone levels.

  61. Mike-dms pet today only-I don’t see dm having a love affair with anyone for too long.

  62. Wow. The whole gang was there, were they not? Good for you Marty for documenting that, and for keeping your cool when being jumped at the fricking airport.

    Allender is amazing. “Where are your Way to Happiness campaigns Marty?” What the hell do you call this blog? And, what audacity! Do you call jumping people who disagree with you at the Enterprise Rent-a-car return the way to happiness? Why not practice The Way to Happiness, John?

    “Let me see the folders.” Why, John, so you can mine for salacious material? Since when is YOUR post Inspector General? Or, anything?

    And Izzy – you funded Inglewood for the “schwartzes” – that’s great! The next step would be to maybe clear a few. Perhaps before pumping all that dough into a building, why not have a… way to happiness campaign? Why not set up some co-audits? What an incredible waste of money and time. 80 staff members? My lord! At 2/1 admin/tech (assuming that policy is still followed), that is, what, maybe ten auditors and ten sups? Where is my clear Inglewood?

    Mary Ann – this is not about wins in auditing at Flag. I expect wins in auditing at Flag. Surely, with all those people there, somebody gets a win. What this is about is people in the RPF for 10 years. Never-ending sec-checks. It is about the Hole. It is about forced abortions and kids of SO members and kids of other Scientologists who are mistreated. It is about sending people to an airport rent-a-car location to gang up on people. It is about lying – to the media, and to me, personally. It is about the greed. It is about yo-yo clear cycles. It is about re-writing the tech. It is about screwing with the Old Man’s checksheets and his books. It is about locking up Scientology. It is about betraying LRH.

    Tiziano – love you man!

  63. Bada-bing! Well said, sir!

  64. Yep, that’s essentially what it is. Except for the fact that Heber is nowhere to be found.

  65. To Serve Man

    LOOK don’t listen.

  66. “Izzy is a classy jazz singer. ”

    ahhh, now the context makes more sense… thx Swifty!

  67. Wow, Dennis! There’s not many around who could bring up the egg-timer reference. lol.
    That took me back.
    I passed that damn two hour no-blink AND the two hour no blink bull-bait as well. Good God!!!
    People on that cycle walked around bug-eyed, hardly able to blink because their eyes were so used to being open. Kinda like that funny character actor with the bulging eyes in Young Frankenstein. (or Fraan-ken-steen)
    I was a course sup then too with a packed course room, running around resetting the egg timers every time somebody blinked.
    Didn’t take long to lose nearly all the basic course students on that one. We’re talking probably 30-40 just off the HAS course.
    Not one of LRH’s better ideas
    Anyway Dennis like I said, you took me back. Funny times. Good times.

  68. Ya,I was thinking the same thing. Laughed Out Loud…literally!
    Thank you J.Swift. Line of the month

  69. scilonschools

    J Swift !!
    Can’t find a single fault in ypur analysis, possibly a bit soft on DM !!

  70. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Beautiful Christie, Just Beautiful!

    Mr. Mills stepped into an arena where he could receive true help, liked it but became scared when reality settled in that his shackles were still on and his tongue is factually ripped from his mouth which then slapped him upside his head reminding him his freedom of choice was taken away from him.

    Love your strength and KSW application.

    Beauty in motion for sure!

    Thank You!

    — Jackson

  71. Tony DePhillips

    Nice prime rib J. Swift.

  72. I wonder who was ground-down to take out a second or third mortgage on their house at the behest of some IAS reg to pay for this BULLSHIT.

    What the hell do they think they are gonna do with all that footage?

    I do hope Izzy looks at this blog. I’ve always liked him and he is very smart. Come on, Izzy, find your humanity.

  73. Imtotalcause

    Mary Ann Chait-You are hereby assigned a condition of Doubt. You are free to suffer up through the conditions as an Independent Scientologist.

  74. There is no way Izzy and his wife leave the C of M, because they are closely connected to Michael Wisner (Director of Artist for Human Rights) and his wife who are also connected to Ann Archer (Tommy Davis’s mom and DM’s robot). That is how David Miscavige controls his public Scientologists.

  75. Alex Castillo

    Marty, didn’t that Freedom “reporter” just accused you in public of transporting stolen goods across a State Line? I understand that is called Libel or Defamation and these people are wide open for a law suit.
    Food for thought, I think..


  76. scilonschools

    The vacant stare in the eyes of Izzy, Mary Anne , John A etc is so scary.
    I have seen that look in the eyes of Close Family ,Police, Schoolteachers (including Heads), Social workers and even jJdges in Sussex UK.
    Until four years ago the only time i had seen it was in cheap horror films.
    What are the thought processes going on in their heads>
    Marty have you repaired anyone yet who has come to you with that same look?

  77. I am in the Freezone because I don’t think we need to be verbally, physically or otherwise abusing one another to survive. We are supposed to be on higher ground, right?

    I know Izzy and Marianne. They are two of the most well meaning people I have ever known. They have had faith and they have been trusting. So, they have been mislead. Just like I was and just like so many here. What do you see in them that you did not once see in yourself? But they are quite bright and would not be the kind of people to have blind contribution to suppression. They are trustworthy so they trust in others! They do care and they would want to know.

    If Marianne said she would read Marty’s blog she will do it. They want to believe, just like all of us did. They will look at an inconvenient truth, just as we did.

    There is a future, and they will be in it and they will find themselves in the right place.

    If you REALLY CARE get out a pen a paper or get on your computer and write to Izzy at:

    Izzy Chait
    9330 Civic Center Drive
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210

    Yes, it disgusts me too to watch Marty ambushed at the airport.

    And it will disgust others too. This is plain wrong and it was obvious he was being bullied and ganged up on.

    I will write to Izzy and Marianne. If you want to help, please do the same. That would be proactive. Set the record straight. Watch the video and answer their questions.

    I see myself in them. That is a good thing.

  78. P.S. You can email your invitations to reason at: chait@chait.com

  79. Dear Iz and Mary Ann,

    If you’re serious about evaluating statistics for yourself (and I believe you are), PLEASE take a look at these reprints of Church training stats from both the old days (mostly the 1970s) and from currently at the following site:


    Go to page 3 of this article.

    I can guarantee you it will answer all your questions.

    Very Sincerely,
    War Horse

  80. In a few years I believe John Allender will be a classic comic figure.

    “Do you remember John Allender? The guy with the … ha ha!”

  81. Very hard video to watch; having known the Chait’s well enough to have been invited to one of their sons Bar Mitzvahs.

    Next time I’m in LA, I’ll stop by their gallery. After all, now I love Asian Art. Back then it was greek to me 🙂

    And briefly to Sinar – it was intentional, in the hopes that some might find it interesting. However, I have no interest in converting anyone and will cool it in the future on what might be perceived as proselytizing. Extremely un-buddhist.

    Rather a carry over from my Div 6 days and a habit that dies hard. I, like you, just want to be happy and help others achieve the same.

    I’m hopeful that Iz will read this blog. Will see the comments and feel the affinity that so many of us feel for him. He’s always been extremely passionate about helping others –
    and just needs to look behind the curtain.

    Something he is more than capable of doing.

    There is a deep sense of sadness surrounding him, because he knows. His wife almost died years ago in a serious car accident. I wonder what “fabulous” auditing action from Flag she had just completed.


  82. Dear Izzy and Mary Anne,
    I sent both you and Mary Anne you a link on Facebook. It is the website that David Miscavige runs to attack people who know the truth about him. Please read it. Please see what vicious and malicious tactics are used on people who dedicated their lives to LRH and served many years in the Sea Organization. It will turn your stomach because it will go against all you know of LRH’s compassion for people.
    I can see you have a lot of love for Marty and a huge ARCX.
    Did you notice how your comm was chopped and the mob moved in to attack when you were actually getting a comm cycle going? Did you notice that David Lebow was reporting in to someone? Who do you think that was and why? Why would all of your movements be co-ordinated and reported upon? What’s the real motive here?
    I’m going to send this message via Facebook and email also.
    I can see that you love LRH and have had massive wins from Scientology. I have too. This is because regardless of David Miscaviges greed and corruption pure Scientology can still accomlpish miracles. It is that powerful.
    Like you I love LRH and am eternally grateful for his legacy. But I am also mad as hell that David Miscavige is using people with good hearts such as yourself to do his dirty work for him.
    Sit down with Marty sometime. Have a chat. Work it out! Communication is the universal solvent. If your church will not allow you to do that in peace then there is something to hide.
    Peace, love and infinite affinity
    Samantha Domingo

  83. +2 exactly!

  84. One of my ‘wog’ friends has re-christened OSA the ‘Office of Slander and Accusation’ after reading my post on Facebook. Not too dumb these ‘wog’s eh? 😀
    These ‘wog’s are part of our 4th dynamic. They are very interested quickly and easily become a part of our lives as Scientologists and originate help and support.
    I just wanted to report back this observation made the last few days from speaking out against church suppression on an open forum.
    Don’t be worried about suppressing your communication because the ‘wog’s in your life won’t get it. They are part of our lives (as it SHOULD be) now that we have shed the super-individuation habits of the church. Clearly the ‘wog’s get it in spades and we can bring them into our lives and share our journey with them without worry.

  85. Ooops – sorry it’s off topic.

  86. Look at the difference between Tiziano and all these other guys. He is bright and sparkling! The rest of them are dark and heavy looking, IMO. Allender looks afraid to say the wrong thing. He’s in and out of his head trying to figure out what he should say next. They are all robotic and rehearsed. Tiz is high interest and very original.
    I resent the comment by Allender, that Marty is destroying lives. Allender has no life, IMO. How does he know! He doesn’t know what life is! I am more alive than I have been in a very long time! I can’t believe my life since, I took my life back. I got myself back and I love it! I went from living in a small confined world to living in an ever expanding world that I didn’t even know about! Marty had everything to do with helping me do this! Don’t tell me Marty is destroying lives! I was broken and he helped me be whole! I can’t wait to see Marty and Mosey again. It’s like going home. ml, Laura Ann

  87. TruthSeeker


  88. markthehungarian

    Marty: Keep going. You’re on fire.


  89. A bit tangential comment here. After seeing and hearing of PUBLIC attempting to handle allegedly DECLARED SPs, I kept thinking about the whimsical application of the policy that got me declared — communication with an allegedly DECLARED SP or two.

    So some get declared for communication with an SP, others not. Why? The only thing that makes sense to me is the question of DM’s authority. You question him, just question him, you’re headed for one of the many variants of SPs that he’s developed.

    Yes the only 2 crimes in this universe are being there and communicating. You direct that communication in some fashion at DM, the Lunatic AntiChrist of Hemet with any question or doubt of his authority, you are immediately persona non grata. You actually attempt to get that question or doubt resolved in the Church, you will either kowtow or become independent — an admission of the inphallusabilility of Der Leduh or some path that allows you to maintain your sense of integrity, your sense of personal honor.

    Bruce Pratt

  90. Eventually, success in life boils down to the ability to study and arrive at logical outcomes and understandings.

    Watching this video on the heels of watching the recent Sarah Palin hubbub just reminds me of how capable humans are of forming mutual out-ruds. The leaders of the Catholic Church were long aware of child molestation as part of their culture, but did nothing. Sarah Palin’s strident self-righteousness resonates with the strident self-righteousness that is part of the current far right “fundamental” Christian movement. (Joke is that “fundamental” Christianity as envisioned by this group has very little to do with what Jesus actually taught.)

    And the radical Scientology movement has very little to do with the fundamental teachings of LRH. This group is based in mutual out-ruds.

    We often tend to think of an out-rud as overts and withholds. But, a group can be stuck in the solution of a problem. Rather than confront the problem, the members fixate on a “solution.” They confront the “solution” because the problem is beyond their willingness to confront and control. Their KRC becomes knowledge, responsibility and control of the solution rather than the problem..

    But, whereas the solution may have one time approached the actual problem, alteration sets in and the “solution” moves further and further away from the problem.

    Reality is always rooted in consideration. And when someone talks about their reality they are talking about their considerations and agreements with considerations. Which is fine, as long as those considerations approach the as-isness of the condition. As long as one can study and re-examine those considerations and compare them to current conditions.

    But an original consideration evolves and devolves as it moves through endless not-is, alter-is and is-ness. Reality and considerations move through the same process that underlies goals problems mass. You have opposition that brings about alteration and generates mass.

    And the considerations keep changing. And the “reality” one holds depends on which particular altered consideration one decides to settle on. Is it manifestation ten trillion, seven hundred thirty-two billion, six hundred forty-one million, blah, blah blah? Or is it some other form of the original altered consideration?

    Church members are operating from the reality of an altered consideration. To them, it seems like the same consideration. But, the consideration has moved further and further from the actuality. And that makes the consideration look stranger and stranger to someone viewing the same conditions. The consideration has nothing to do with what is going on.

    It’s a mutual out-rud.

    I watch mutual out-ruds (and out-rudes) develop on this blog. No big deal. Other voices chime in and those considerations remain somewhat isolated. Even the host of this site doesn’t have the altitude to generate and maintain mutual out-ruds in the format he’s established: open discussion which allows measured dissent and other-view-pointedness.

    Of course, those who have the most dissent would love to overwhelm this site with make-wrong and complaint. You always have to estimate effort. You always have to measure the flour or your cake fails.

    With that in mind, I’ve put enough yeast into the batter here.


  91. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant Michael.

  92. Mike, your rendition of DM’s rantings and thought process is frighteningly accurate. You have personally witnessed such rantings and I can further give witness that this is exactly how he deals with such matters right down to the language he uses.

    Allender is obviously under orders to harass and harass. That is why there is no seeming reason or meaning to his words. He has orders to try and dirty Marty’s and Mike’s needles in an effort to make you react, hopefully violently, on camera. His orders are to get you guys, probably primarily Marty, arrested and in jail.

    Izzy and Mary Ann, on the other hand, are deluded by the lies and were trying to reason their misguided notions onto Marty. Hopefully they are reassessing things now that they have seen that Marty isn’t quite as “psycho” as they were told.

    Perhaps we can get Allender to be the one that loses his cool and ends up arrested?

  93. martyrathbun09


  94. I haven’t read any of the other comments yet. But IMHO, that is the BEST VIDEO YET! Thank you, everyone who participated, for showing so vividly how self-deluded the Kool-aid drinkers are and how hard, how very hard they are working NOT to see what’s in front of their faces.

    This is a very sincere question for Izzy and Mary Ann Chait: What did you think of the company you were forced to keep during that excursion you took? Are Allender and the other low-life goons David Miscavige hired to intimidate Marty (and to intimidate you too, by the way — you do realize that, don’t you?) the kind of company you wanted to be in the presence of and videotaped with for all the world to see? Would you really have chosen those kinds of people to position yourselves against?

    Izzy and Mary Ann Chait, you were so set up and used badly by Miscavige. You must see that. Surely, you see that.

    I wish you luck, both of you. You seem like very nice people at heart. But I do not envy you. Not at all.


  95. Joe Pendleton

    Schvartzes, you say?????

    Oh yeah, Izzy, you’ve really got the old reality corner working there with the black folk. Taking some of the Nation of Islam out for deli food, are you?

    I simply can’t give up ten minutes more of my life to watch the video again, but did this guy say that the Inglewood mission was not open yet, but had 80 staff members?

  96. Alex Castillo (Message to Izzie and Mary Ann)

    I don’t know you guys personally but I really hope that one of you or both decide to think for yourselves and LOOK for yourselves at this time when the validity of the so-called Tech that Miscavige ( Not LRH) has conconcted over the years, heavily engaged in wiping out most, if not all, of LRH’s original written materials (including what changed my life in 1968=DMSMH). You would have to look in an antique book shop to find the original DMSMH, you know, the paperback with the volcano cover?? Rings a bell? In those days, as you may remember since you have been on that path for so long and you have invested so much, in those days ONLY
    unadulterated LRH Tech was being delivered to people, and when a session didn’t end as it should, instant Qual correction on Auditors and C/Ss would occur almost automatically. Auditor errors were dealt with by the auditor being referred to the correct technical information and the session would start again and the pc would be so happy that next week he decides to bring the rest of the family, and soon.And it was because of those actions that Scientology became known and expanded around the world. LRH was at the helm and what he had envisoned, was actually happening. At Flag Management, where I worked for years, we had groups internationally applying for Org status so they could deliver the Grades, Comm Course, ARC Straightwire, Life Repair, Student Hat, etc. No one was ordering individuals to form groups and help LRH push the purpose forward. No one was ordering Groups or Franchises/Missions to become Class IV Orgs. It was self motivated. You know why? Because once you REALLY duplicated LRH’s many words, once you saw the miracles, frankly, for any decent human being facing such evidence, there would only be one choice: follow the Old Man and his Tech and help spread the hell out of all that knowledge around the world and lets make this place a safer place. That was then, and if you would be interested in genuine International stats for the years 1973-1981, especially the stats related to Tech delivery, you will inevitably see that what you now call “your church” has been in a terrible decline since Miscavige took over the controls after LRH’s departure.

    Please think. Miscavige has been fooling a lot of you by showing “expansion” in the form of fancy real estate that have bought with your donations. Your money has
    only contributed to David’s MEST expansion. That’s all he’s got right now. Just a bunch of fancy looking buildings all over the place, mostly empty buildings and NO delivery of LRH Tech services. Lots of buildings to show you how much your contributions are helping with the expansion and the Promised Land just ahead, as long as you cough up more of your hard earned cash.

    I looked at your faces during the parking lot episode and you both look like nice, decent people caught in the middle of this insane scene. You didn’t look like you were there to attack Monster Marty. And I thought Iz might have been ready to give Marty a hug and forget the whole thing. I can also see that you are of that age when maturity should be present

    Now, there is plenty of available evidence all over the place to show that what you signed in for so many years ago and remained loyal to, is no longer available in
    your “church”. Because Miscavige has been so busy wiping out all traces of LRH policy and has altered many Technical materials to suit his “imagination”, and he is still calling what he sells and delivers (if any) “Scientology”. But he’s not just selling an overt product to boot, he’s forcing you to buy it!! Now you tell me, does this sound like just “Black PR Against the Church” to you? I really do hope that you two are intelligent enough to look at all the information presented by many people around the Internet, compare the data, investigate what the truth really is, and then make a decision. I know it sounds like the Doubt Formula . I remember my SO days when for some reason I was assigned Doubt by some Gung Ho MAA, I always had to choose the Organization as the best conclusion. This is different. If you try to take an exterior viewpoint and you can assimilate information and correctly evaluate it without opinion nor judgement, only facts, then you will be close to seeing what is in front of you.

    All the best to you


  97. Totally agree Laura Ann. This assertion that Marty – or anyone for that matter – is “destroying one’s eternity” is just plain evil. This line was used on me several times by Church terminals in various forms “losing my eternity” etc. It’s a lie. It’s insidious and evil. NO ONE can determine my eternity except ME. The idea that DM’s cult has any sway over my eternity is repulsive to me now. Allender asks 3 times “What’s your Way to Happiness program?” I can’t speak for Marty, but mine is simple – same as it was in November 2009 when I declared independence from the cult: allow people to assimilate the TRUTH and make their own minds up. How can one be happy when strangled with lies? Can’t happen.

    The public at large aren’t the fools Allender and DM’s other stooges would like to believe. They see through the tissue of lies; those that look at the bile and slander pouring from OSA-sponsored web sites shake their heads in disbelief, as many non-Scientologists have expressed on this very blog. Would you receive ANY communication from some one that was covertly hostile – even a communication as great as TWTH? I doubt it. These knuckleheads – whether knowingly or not, are continuing to drag the names of LRH and Scientology further and further into the mud. I pondered yesterday as to how accidental this was. There seems to be a fine line between stupidity and treason here. Allender and co. have gone sailing over that line into the treasonous area, seems to me.

  98. Excellent summary as ever.

  99. Alex Castillo (just for fun)

    Has anyone kept a statistic for: A) Number of People Freed from the Lunatic AntiChrist of Hemet who has religious status. B) Number of OSA/OTA Failed Missions.
    It could be interesting to keep Mr. Miscavige informed as to the success of his actions:>)

  100. Sam, not really off topic at all. Right on I’d say.

    Fair Use Quote


    A Scientologist who fails to use Scientology technology and its administrative
    and justice procedures on the world around him will continue to
    be too enturbulated to do his job.

    Evidently it’s not “them” and “us.” It’s just “us” and a false “them.”

    End Fair Use Quote

    In that spirit, we are all in this together, once we get past labels and such. Once again, it requires that elusive human trait (thank goodness you’re above human Sam), judgement. Judgement, that ability the Office of Slander and Accusation has long since lost. Judgement, that ability that allow one to see and travel the Great Middle Path.

    Bruce Pratt

  101. Hey John Allender where were you yesterday? I was all ready for you to stalk and harras me at the Courthouse. I guess you thought stalking me for the 3rd time in 6 months and at Court….that may be pushing it.

  102. . Truly embarrassing for the Cof$. Good TR’s Marty. Tiziano- U r one cool dude.

    “We never had any fucking black people before Inglewood.” Did I really hear that?

  103. Beautiful, Christie.

  104. PS. I wrote my comment before reading those ones ^^^, and I see we’re all in agreement. You did that beautifully!

  105. Marty – what a Church! Pathetic. It uses its public to do their dirty work to harass people. I believe the reason that the public is being used and not staff is to get the Church off the hook Sorry but the public has been totally duped. This is the product of Miscavige . It makes me very sad to witness this. Miscavige will not hesitate to throw these people under the bus if they don’t do his bidding.

  106. “They Live”, saw it many times …..works for me!

  107. mrinder, right on! John Allender will be thrown under the bus, it is only a matter of time!

  108. Marty, you have a huge heart of gold! Am hugging you!

  109. Ingrid, you have got Allenders number!

  110. Like that a lot, Worsel. Thanks.

  111. I’m sure Marty and Tiziano would welcome “more help.” However, Marty and Tiziano had the Chaits and the goons outnumbered. 🙂 Great job, you two hunks!

  112. WHAT a beautiful success story, Songbird. Makes me feel better just reading it.

  113. Gotta admire your post, too, J. Swift. Your thought that SO would be more likely than public to blow if sent on this fool’s errand is probably correct.

  114. NO, not off topic at all, Sam. Thanks for the advice.

  115. JB — You got it exactly. And of course, you have been there too.

    Of course, it was LaBlow who lost it.

    He was pulled over three times in two days, and when he ran into the back of me and he told the police I had backed into him (!) they watched the video and said his story was completely bogus. He was sweating and panicking after the incident — knowing he would now be in troiuble with his bosses, not for running into me, but because the police would not let him or his gang follow us after the incident. The cops were disgusted by his antics. So too when he was pulled over for running a red light and when he was pulled over for doing 70 in the center turn lane of Sunset BLvd.

    But what really caused him to lose his cool is when we showed up at the end of the night to greet him after he parked his car in the HGB parking lot on Ivar. He had no idea we were there and had no backups or cameras with him. Caught completely by surprise, he freaked, and as I pointed out to him, that was a real bummer to end the day having to report that he had had run into the back of our car, had been pulled over on Sunset, had lost us when we went to a lawyers office (he only showed up after we turned on our phones to document his illegal electronic surveillance) and now he had to go up to the 11th floor and repoirt in that we are downstairs, outside the HGB (when he was supposed to know our whereabouts every minute of the day).

    When he finally caught up to us at the airport as we left the next day (he lost us again when he was pulled over for running a red light), he was really rattled.

    It’s hard to be cool when you have constant missed withholds.

    As for Allender — he is a non-entity. He will be thrown under the bus at some point. Maybe CCHR can hold a fund-begging event to get money for his legal representation like they are doing for Jan Eastgate (I thought the IAS was supposed to protect and defend Scientology?).

  116. Excellent observation Bruce.

    And you get phrase of the day for “the Lunatic AntiChrist of Hemet”.

  117. Wow… Marty,
    Although I don’t believe in Tech, I think you handled the whole situation extremely well. I know you have a lot of practice in this blitz tactic but your technique is superb. I just wanted to give you word of encouragement to keep doing the calm and calculating attitude that you have shown in this video. Non-Violence is always the great good.

  118. Ingrid — you are right, This is a short term friends with benefits kind of affair. One day Allender’s nose will not be a dark enough shade of brown and he will be kicked to the curb.

  119. John Allender looks like he is on his way to full Zombification.

    Wake up John !

    Mr Izzy, Make a tour of the Orgs to go LOOK and SEE

  120. I think he would rarher stalk you than have to go see Miscavige

  121. Mr. Rinder,

    Everytime I read your analysis, I laugh my fat a** off! Seriously, its some funny, dead on accurate stuff! My current all time fav. is your description of DM and the copper wire. HA HA HA HA. Only a kool aid drinker like to kooks in this video could make my druggie friends look sane, normal, and HAPPY! Thanks for the laughs! Mike

  122. “John Allender and the Chaits are just more examples of degraded beings masquerading as “OTs”.”

    Maybe John is but please refrain from to much “churchlike”labeling.

    How quickly people forget they were once in, Well maybe not you in particularuy, but lets say the Chaits are confused, misinformed and well brainwashed.

    Some of you use the word “duped”

  123. That phrase of the day belongs to J Swift. I’m not that creative.

  124. You are seeing full Zombification in progress. In Scientologees, He is being reduced to his “reactive mind”

    In the end thefrontal lobes of his brain will shrink because he will not use his analitycal mind much anymore.

    “Use it or loose it”

  125. Hey Marty,

    I smoke pot, everyday, at night, to help me sleep. Why does COS take a zero tolerance policy against drugs? I know addiction is a bad thing and some drug additictions cause auful behavioour, like cocain, meth., ect. However, something like a natural sunlight, water, and dirt plant, like POT, is from earth! Its not man-made!! True, some folks through their life away for pot, but many of us use it and are not abused by it. I feel that if some of these kool aid drinkers would relax and get high, they might have a clearer view of how they are being lied to. What do you think? Mike

  126. David Miscavige is a bit like Scrooge when it comes to money, with this distiction he will even reg the ghosts dry that would come visit him on christmass eve.

  127. They are among the enablers of DM’s “warchest”.

  128. Mike — The zero tolerance policy has to do solely with the impact drugs have on auditing. If you want auditing, don’t use drugs. As for the supposed benefits and downsides, that discussion belongs somewhere other than this blog.

  129. Even you are not a nobody, Why so…..sour

  130. This is all very sad. I am embarrassed for those people. The Chaits seem like nice folks and Mary Ann actually was listening to you until the “handler” intervened.

  131. C, one can see it in Izzy’s eyes and face, when Marty first points out that the Church is not expanding. That unspoken recognition of truth. You can practically watch Izzy’s heart sink, as he realizes that he’s been justifying for (and enabling) Miscavige’s lies and PR all these years. And then Izzy falls back behind his curtain of nonconfront — the nonconfront of DM’s evil.

  132. You will notice that Allender didn’t start panicking and getting loud and making his nonsense statements to Marty until the Chaits agreed to look at his blog and Tiziano was speaking some truth in the background. Clearly they are afraid the Chaits, who seem like nice enough folks with some presence and intelligence, will actually read the blog and take action once they know the truth.

    The new Squirrel Busters hat is much nicer than the old one. And they claimed to be so proud of the previous silly outfits! What happened to Allender’s old “Squirrel Busters” T-shirt?

  133. When Allender demanded to see Marty’s PC’s folders, I almost lost it. The guy has been harassing Marty’s PCs (and Marty) for the last few months, and now he wants to see the PC folders. And this after using illegally obtained flight plans of Marty and Mike, to follow them to the airport.

    Does it get any more twisted?

    Wake up Izzy and Mary Ann. The individuals at the link below, who personally worked with Miscavige at Int in recent years, witnessed repeated and continual criminal behavior on the part of David Miscavige. This isn’t just one or two cases. This is nearly two dozen individuals, in recent years, all witnessing violent and criminal behavior on the part of David Miscavige.

    And you are attacking these individuals (including Marty and Mike) simply for standing up and saying, “Miscavige’s violent and criminal behavior needs to stop”.


  134. Laura Ann, nice post. Marty produces “Stellar” products and I can attest to that. He gets a thetan back to cause with the use of true Scientology!

  135. The guy (Lablow) has got to be pretty close to losing his license by now. In fact, if all of these tickets were in the course of 1-2 days, this could be categorized as reckless driving, which would be cause for license suspension and a pretty heft fine.

  136. martyrathbun09

    Margaret, I appreciate the way you can see right to the point and communicate it so directly and clearly.

  137. martyrathbun09

    I think pot would put them in a deeper state of zombie than they are already in.

  138. Obvious plant is obvious.

  139. Let’s just say it would be a huge accomplishment for them, if they broke free.

  140. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Joe,
    “I simply can’t give up ten minutes more of my life to watch the video again, but did this guy say that the Inglewood mission was not open yet, but had 80 staff members?”
    LOL! I thought he said that too.

  141. Personally, I was impressed by both Tiziano’s and Marty’s calm in the face of all that. You guys did great!

  142. … and the fact that these nearly two dozen people (http://scientologymyths.com) are reporting violent abuse.

  143. Mark Fisher

    +1. Well stated my Amigo Alex!

  144. Thanks much Luis.
    In the video, they said they would check out Marty’s blog.
    They have always been CURIOUS ABOUT and INTERESTED as thetans.
    They are not monitored, they live in a private home with full internet access.
    They need to read Steve Hall and Marty’s blog daily.
    Izzy is nobody’s fool when presented with all the facts.
    Mary Ann is the power in the family.

  145. Levitra Phallus

    I can’t believe that guy said the word “schvartzas”. I wonder what the NOI would think about that statement.

    Scientologists are still stuck in the 1950s.

  146. ‘Mike’ Your comment “I smoke pot, everyday”
    That is patently obvious 😀
    Must be pretty intoxicating on top of all the Koolaid.

  147. WindWalker


    I do not believe LRH ever intended to have anything like that used on the HAS, or Comm Courses. Besides which I believe it was almost never understood the way LRH had intended, (note his clarification later as to what he meant by “blinkless”.)
    I do not consider it the least bit out of line for auditors, who are auditing sessions of approximately two hours or so, to be able to have their TRs “in” for that long, at least. Optimally you would have your TRs “in” stably.

    I do not consider that it was “Not one of LRH’s better ideas”. The problem as I see it, is that most supervisors and students ended up with some idea of what TRO is (and many of the rest of the TRs also) that has almost nothing to do with “BEING THERE and COMMUNICATING”

    Why we are so fond of replacing our own beingnesses with some retarded, robotic valence is astounding to me. All LRH suggested was that one should BE there AND confront (two seperate things). But nooooo… as soon as someone suggests that we just BE there, we go wild rummaging through our cases and valences to try to find something… hell ANYTHING, rather that actually be willing to simply sit in front of another person and observe him, and be willing to be observed.

    Every time we try to operate from a location we ourselves do not actually occupy, we end up with some (hopefully lesser) gradient of the kind of thing you see displayed by those sent to attack Marty, Mike, and company. Because THEY are not willing to actually BE there, it becomes impossible to actually communicate in any valid fashion.

    John Allender is not trying to communicate. He does not want Marty or Mike to “duplicate” (and thereby understand) what he is saying. He is simply dramatizing some tone or beingness of some past or present suppressor, in an attempt to get Marty and Mike “to experience the same suppression and losses that he has had”. Because he is not “being there”, he is almost certainly “overwhelmed” (knocked off his position) as a being. He holds no position from which to communicate, so all he feels he has left that he can do, is to show the world the things that have overwhelmed HIM in the past.

    It is actually quite sad.

    Eric S

  148. Doer in the body

    ” This is because SO might actually blow on the spot if invited to do so by Marty or Mike. ”

    Absolutely and without a doubt 99 out of every 100 would be GONE.

    I do not knew the Chaits, but their physical appearance and lack of space made me feel sorry for them. I hope they have the ability left to evaluate and the courage to look.

  149. Hey Mike,
    Seems there’s a lot of attention on this pot-smoking thing – almost as much as the 2D. First Allender and now one of DM’s plants sent in to TR3.
    Just so I understand…
    Is DM vicariously smoking pot through Marty now?.. 😀

  150. martyrathbun09

    Perhaps not as wild as you might think. Miscavige hectored me mercilessly trying to feed advil to me for a chronic back problem. His reps forced Debbie Cook to take pain killers too just before she blew from Flag. Years later, who knows what he’s self-medicating with?

  151. freespirit

    If my memory still serves me, Izzy and Mary Ann are good people to use for something like this because in addition to their comm line to Marty, their interests also lie in use of the tech outside of the CO$ – primarily use within communities, and they are not as connected to what is going on within the orgs. You can see that as he could not easily differentiate what Marty was saying – and took offense in the statement that the “church” was not expanding – because he personalized it to mean that his own project was not expanding. You can see that in Izzy retort with Inglewood and Nation of Islam because these are a couple of his personal projects.

    They need to separate out their good actions from those other actions of the “church’s” in order to differentiate, as they are NOT one and the same. They need to honestly look at what exactly did the “church” dictate and order through actual programs, and financing etc as opposed to what the church TOOK from the individual efforts of others to promote as their own.

    This guy Allender – he is laughable – asking what Marty’s Way to Happiness Program is….. or drug rehab program…. If he did his homework and studied out the scene he would see that the CO$ had little to do with ORIGINATING any of those activities – and that in fact almost all of those programs came from the independent efforts of other individuals who were then taken and promoted by the CO$ as ITS programs (and that any programs that the CO$ does actually currently run are copy-catted from those original programs-demonstrating that it lacks any real sense of actions needed to uplift communities since it can’t factually ORIGINATE meaningful programs – it just takes what its members creates and touts as its own idea). He would also see that the IAS gave a fraction of the money to these efforts in comparison to the MILLIONS that they raised as a result of promoting outreach programs to their unsuspecting members (yes, something for nothing…)and instead are using those funds to line their IAS coffers for other purposes such as their blatant harassment of whistleblowers like Mike and Marty.

    I guess that’s what I have to say about that….

  152. Hi Lori;

    Court? Anything of interest for us?

  153. Hello Izzy and Mary Anne;

    We’ve never met, but you seem to have a lot of friends here. I hope you honor your friendship with them, even if only for old times sake, and take a look. If you do, you will see what they are all talking about, and then you will understand their concerns.

    Wishing you well.

  154. Sam,

  155. +100 times 5.4X straight up and vertical. This is enough to keep me chuckling for the next few weeks.

  156. “1.1 attempts to alternately elicit sympathy and instill feelings of guilt” — great summary DSL!

  157. Sam — I think he vicariously smokes it through Allender, not Marty. IN fact, I think Allender blows that smoke up DM’s butt when he is kneeling down kissing it….

    Allender and Bozo the Clown (Minerva/Joe/Jim/Freedom “reporter”) seem obsessed with the subject of smoking marijuana. Like this was going to be a big button. Bozo asked repeatedly “Is smoking marijuana part of the sacrament you deliver? I just want to get your side of the story.”

  158. J. Swift, You didn’t just hit the bull’s eye, you skewered the entire bull! Very well said.

  159. +1 GH. Nicely stated.

  160. Alex Castillo

    Hey Mark, old friend, great to hear from you. Just heard from Janis the other day and I was also thinking about you. Hope all is well.


  161. Michael–so true on the fixation of the solution.

  162. Great letter Sam!

  163. It is very easy to see what those members of the church’s problem is when they talk to other people.

    In the event they ever did manage to “get someone back into Scientology from in the middle of an Enterprise Car Rental parking lot” what is it the person is supposed to “get back into”.

    I believe they deliberately misunderstand the people they pretend they are trying to get “back into the church” just to confuse the people into coming back. Why? Could be for a couple of reasons. They are nuts perhaps in spite of their auditing and training, or they get a commission for each person they get “back in” or maybe D. Miss Cabbage® gives them a discount coupon for future auditing, I don’t know! 🙂

    But one thing is for sure. It won’t work. It won’t work with me and it won’t work with a lot of other people. When I was on staff sometimes I was paid less than $15.00 a week and I had to work LONG, LONG hours. THAT ALONE would tell a person either the church is not capable of earning a living or somebody somewhere is taking advantage of someone.


  164. It is very easy to see what those members of the church’s problem is when they talk to other people.

    In the event they ever did manage to “get someone back into Scientology from in the middle of an Enterprise Car Rental parking lot” what is it the person is supposed to “get back into”.

    I believe they deliberately misunderstand the people they pretend they are trying to get “back into the church” just to confuse the people into coming back. Why? Could be for a couple of reasons. They are nuts perhaps in spite of their auditing and training, or they get a commission for each person they get “back in” or maybe D. Miss Cabbage® gives them a discount coupon for future auditing, I don’t know!

    But one thing is for sure. It won’t work. It won’t work with me and it won’t work with a lot of other people. When I was on staff sometimes I was paid less than $15.00 a week and I had to work LONG, LONG hours. THAT ALONE would tell a person either the church is not capable of earning a living or somebody somewhere is taking advantage of someone.


  165. Hi Marty and Mike,

    Any chance they are using public for their capers to try and distance the “church” or CSI or RTC from the criminal acts they are committing?

    Me thinks that would be a case of too little, too late.


  166. J. Swift, The squandering of these incredible resources is staggering, isn’t it?

  167. My guess is that with Jan Eastgate confined to Australia (out on bail), and with Tommy Davis likely blown (or in the Hole) … DM is running out of resources.

  168. Should have been more specific, the reason I had a hard time sleeping is due to what i saw and did in Iraq. Funny thing i’ve observed is the army that taught me how to be a ruthless killer (and we are) says pot will make me crazy?!? So, I decided to ignore the rules from the higher-ups, think for myself, and, in the eyes of many, self-medicate. My Col. asked me this question, “Who the fu** do you think you are and who gave you the right to decide for yourself what you can and cant do? I said, me, when I started thinking for myself! Yeah, got kicked out of the Army (sucks, got lots of friends still in) and labeled a druggie, lost my commision, but now I can sleep and have not woken up with my hands around my wifes neck for over 3 years. So, the Army dont want me, and Scino says I’m no good, but I CAN SLEEP!! All because I chose to try someting that does not work for everyone, but does for me. Sound familiar?

    David Miscavige, COB

  169. I don’t know Izzy and Mary Anne. They seem like really nice people and were wanting to have a real conversation. I still don’t see what the guy with the camera is trying to accomplish (Allender?) He clearly is there to create upset and lure others into an altercation. His focus is on the camera and then on the camera and the phone. But then he blurts out the most absurd demands for information, clearly not expecting any kind of real answer. He would do better to silently record the conversation and not make himself part of the scene. It only makes him seem like an idiot. I’m impressed that you guys stayed with it. I would have just left, upset. The Church just doesn’t understand that their public members are under no obligation to participate in any of their projects or plans, including being forced to engage in conversations or prevented from maintaining friendships or connection with family members. One of the first things I learned in Scientology – this was hammered home quite effectively by my Communications Course supervisor – was that if it wasn’t true for me, then I wouldn’t be forced to accept it. This is what LRH said, and I find this to be a valuable truth in terms of my interaction with CofS. I have many friends who I care about who are on staff or on lines in the CofS. I cannot begrudge them for doing this. I have to remind myself often that these caring people are not the “Church” and work to maintain my friendship with them.

  170. What happened to the “professional” team of strong minded, compassionate and rational Scientologists far too busy salvaging earth to care about the Cur dogs nipping at their wheels?

    What a farce this whole thing is.

  171. “Years later, who knows what he’s self-medicating with?”


  172. Thanks! Just a funny side, what do you think would happen if DM got high? What if one of his aides dropped some acid in his morning drink?

  173. Do you mean to say that I am a plant?

  174. Dear Izzy and Mary Ann,

    Let me mention that I have very fond memories of meeting and socializing with you during the 1991 Maiden Voyage event. You may recall that I was the ship’s representative on the bus ride to tour the Mayan ruins and what we came to refer to as ‘the bus ride to hell’. LOL

    It is evident from the video posted above that you both are same sane and theta beings i met those 20 or so years ago.

    I do hope that you take the opportunity undertake some independent research about the current and past scene regarding the church and COB. Allow me to suggest that you consider the link above titled ’31 Factors’, A Letter from Garcia (https://markrathbun.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/a-letter-from-garcia.pdf) and http://www.savescientology.com/. That should be a good start and may very well be a good finish.

    You see, truth is an idea whose time has come.

    Wishing you and yours all the best,

    Tom Gallagher

  175. one of those who see

    Mr. Swift, Absolutely Perfect!!!!

  176. I believe Iz was referring to the Inglewood Idiot Org that has not opened. The msn there apparently has 80 staff.

    Totally right about watching it again to determine the exactitude of this however. Yeetch.


  177. one of those who see

    Excellent, Grasshopper. Izzy, please compare the intelligent, articulate communication on this blog to what you witnessed from Allender and Friends!

  178. one of those who see

    Actually, already a done.

  179. Inneresting proposition, there Les.

    My think — he has no more folks he has confidence in. He burns folks like he drinks scotch and admires himself in the mirror — copious quantities way past excess.


  180. Doer in the body

    Yes, and then Mary Ann took the party line right up. She is too comfortable to rise up and confront anything which shakes up her situation. I hope she proves me wrong. Iz might be able and willing to confront the truth. Then he will have 2 problems.

  181. Christie,
    Way to go! Amazing that it appears that they sent only one person to “handle” you, unlike the 2+ to one which is usual and as shown on today’s video.

    It’s amazing and very unfortunate that these Kool Aid addicts don’t realize they had been run over by the KoS Out Tech bus and yet are total flunkies to these insane entheta biddings.

  182. Do you mean to say that you think I think you are a plant?

  183. Great point Karen. I think the L’s HGC is the perfect place to look for expansion. Pierre Ethier is the highest producing L’s auditor in the world. As you and he say the decline of the L’s HGC from 20 auditors to 9 is a place where the church can have no valid answer. Not to mention, the L’s Auditors are getting older by the day. Malen is 77 and she is the star because she speaks 7 languages. I don’t see any L’s auditors being made for at least 2-3 years on full time study. And we know that is not going to happen.

    Its truly a scam. Its a classic Ponzi scheme. What makes it so bad is the religious factor. The betrayal is just too much to confront for most.

  184. +10 M&M !!!

  185. allenders evil intentions are evident.
    A dm insane “product”

  186. W W, please don’t take my comment as denigrating the value nor efficacy of TR’s. I could write for months on the wins and benefits of them.
    That wasn’t my point.
    For a short period of Scientology’s history, right after the issuance of “The World Begins With TR-O”, course rooms worldwide were running the drill on Newbies and Academy students alike, with egg-timers and the requirement of 2 hours no blink.
    I honestly can’t remember if it specified that in the original issue or in supplemental instructions on how the drill was to be done. In any case, it had LRH’s name on the issue.
    It was amended within a couple of months and the way TR’s were instructed evolved from then on.
    I have no way of knowing if somebody else put their dub-in into the mix and created the wreckage or if LRH pulled it back after seeing it as unworkable.
    But his name was on the issue so that’s what I have to go by.
    A relatively minor blip on the radar…but amusing to think about now some 40 years later. If you ever tried to get a pass on 2 hours, no blink…you would see the nostalgia factor in it.

  187. This whole program they have going of sending out their little OT Committee people on ambushes is such a joke. I can just see them having their little Wednesday night meeting in the Renaissance restaurant at CC drilling each other on what to say- flunking each other- saving mankind. So pathetic.

    I think that this might be exactly what Izzy and Maryanne needed- to see this whole ridiculous show going on with Allender and the Freedom Mag dork- I am sure that this opened the door a crack for them to eventually wake up.

  188. WindWalker


    Here is what I have to say about your reasons for smoking pot.

    Good auditing delivered standardly, can be of value with handling your Iraq memories.
    Unfortunately the “pot” is not really handling the core of the problem, so the problem is not going to go away. You may be able to sleep better, and that has got to be a great relief, but the “problems” that you are using pot to handle are never going to go away unless you take “effective action” to properly deal with them.
    Perhaps “auditing” is not a path that you are able or willing to take at this time, but it is one that I highly recommend. Perhaps after getting the sleep problem handled with auditing, you might still choose to use pot, that is obviously your choice, but the “demons” will no longer be lurking to destroy your sanity, your happiness, and your life. (let alone your sleep)

    If you are interested in real help, there are plenty of auditors who post here that would be happy to give you some auditing to help you to “address your issues.”

    You needn’t trust me on all this. Look for yourself.


  189. Boy, when seasoned and trained Sea Org veterans aren’t tough enough for the job, get a gullible old jazz singer… and his oblivious wife. Now THAT is what we call, Toughness — Miscavige (R) style throwing clueless OT Asses under the bus.

    Then… when you’ve got a job that is absolutely so degrading and flithy you can’t pitch an elderly jazz singer way in over his head, get John Allender — a cretin so stupid he’ll do anything no matter how degrading. When he fails, let him get a job eating the heads off snakes, rats and chickens for the Throwback Circus of Freaks.

    And when you need lunatic who is such a danger to himself and others as witnessed by multiple speeding tickets and intentionally using his car as a weapon… that’s right — you need someone who is basically unrecognizable as human… you’ve got droopy LaBlow ready, willing and able to prostrate himself.

  190. Chris Johnson

    I don’t know any of these people, but the Chaits look unkempt, run-down and unhealthy. John Allender looks pale, dehydrated and physically exhausted. And he behaves like he’s high on meth.

    It’s shocking to see the reality of what Scientology has done to these people. They’ve turned into ghouls. The undead. Just look at them! It’s a horror show.

  191. Marty- I watched “Pillars of the Earth” about 4 months ago-Jeeese. Ian McShane played the ultimate SP.However he was overcome at the end. As will happen here.

  192. Michael Fairman

    Izzy and Mary Anne
    This is not about Marty or Mike or Amy or the others who saw the corruption up close. This is about personaly finding out what’s really going on; listening to horror story after horror story one on one; reading about them and knowing they are speaking the truth. All these people dismissed as SP’s by Miiscavige? People who had given years of their lives, working unimaginable numbers of hours, and others donating tens and hundreds of thousand of dollars, all the while making their way up the Bridge? These people are ALL laden with high crimes? Come on guys.
    It is really rough to be betrayed by the one group one had so much certainty about. The evil in this case is very difficult to confront. But the real truth is out there and available.
    You just need to look.


  193. one of those who see

    John Allender is an embarrassment. He is completely out of comm like the church. Perfect handling by Marty – just let the guy speak. Really. There isn’t anything Marty can say that can show John’s outpoints better than he does himself.
    Hugs to Izzy an MaryAnne. I hate that Marty has to get subjected to this bullshit. But, it is the best thing to happen to Izzy and MaryAnne. Izzy has real ARC for Marty. I hope they read the blog.
    The Freedom Rag guy looks like an actor who you would cast to play the bad guy in movies. He’s in LA. I strongly suggest the career change.

  194. Margaret,

    DM’s squandering of parishioner dollars is spectacular.

    DM is running a religious version of a Ponzi scheme in which parishioners are promised astonishing spiritual returns in exchange for large amounts of cash and labor.

    The Ideal Orgs are not expansion but rather the spiritual equivalent of phony accounting documents used to show victims that they are getting an actual return on their large investments. However, as with any Ponzi scheme, DM’s fraud is falling apart as it becomes obvious that he is spiritually bankrupt and cannot pay on any of his promised returns.

    Religious status and the IAS have buffered Miscavige’s Ponzi scheme inasmuch as he does not actually have to deliver anything tangible. The “Agreement and General Release Regarding Spiritual Assistance” contract that parishioners must sign promises nothing and makes the parishioner wholly responsible for a lack of results.
    Any spiritual, familial, personal, or financial harm that befalls you in DM’s Ponzi scheme is totally your fault. None of this is Dave’s fault per the Parishioner Contract and the many other contracts Scientologists sign.

    While it would seem that the Lunatic Antichrist of Hemet has fashioned a nearly perfect Ponzi scheme, the fact is that Karma is dragging its ferocious nails across the profanity-laden chalkboard inside of DM’s head each and every day. Only the soothing chemical immunity bestowed by premium scotch can sooth the noise inside of Dave’s head. And of course the sycophants who surround DM will never dare tell him that he is batshit crazy.


  195. seeking4know

    Once in a while I read the church’s “marty blog”.

    I have noticed that lately they are trying to just completely opterm you. To just act as opposite of you, transmitting the exact opposite message you communicate. I mean even the style of writing and how the paragraphs are laid out, etc. Sometimes even quoting the same LRH ref as you already quoted.

    This reminds me of whole track implanting. The attempt is to stop you with your own postulates, with your own flows, as a mirror sitting right in front of you reflecting onto you.

    Do not let these clowns stop you.

    Their agenda is to STOP; to sit everyone down and stop. To stop the Indies from practicing their religion, to stop fence sitters from crossing over, to stop the ones still in from looking out.

    But I know we won’t stop, instead we will flourish and prosper 🙂


  196. Hi bobo,

    I will have more details after my next Court date which is June 30th.

  197. BTW Ian played in the riveting “Deadwood” series

  198. Great, GF!

    The first thing out of Allender’s mouth about TWTH and the irony of that had me laughing!
    Here is Allender applying the Golden rule and TWTH ??? (NOT)

  199. I heard “Schwartzes”, Brian…

  200. Mike,

    Something just occurred to me. Poor old droopy John Allindagger — making so many mistakes and having sooooo many accidents… is it possible, somewhere in some obscure way, maybe in some way that we can’t quite see clearly, maybe someone he works for is… well, do you think it’s possible old fuddler John Allindagger is connected to a suppressive person or group? I mean, soooo PTS.

  201. Mike,

    Giving you the benefit of the doubt … try reaching out to Les and Anita at their Life Improvement Center in the Pacific Northwest, if you’re so inclined…


  202. Maria Abian

    If not for Izzy appearing on occasion at the Golden Age Theatre in Hollywood (ASI), I would never had heard of him. He is a musician/singer.

  203. I am postulating for the same thing. 🙂

  204. Sure, they did great. This was an attempt by the church to suppress Marty with overwhelm and dispersal.

    The reason why LRH said that speaking in generalities is suppressive is because it disperses the attention.

    Anything that promotes dispersal, dramatization and overwhelm, runs contrary to one’s ability to see the is-ness or asis-ness of something which is an attempt to suppress someone.

    Marty did a great job, but he’s only one person and I’m pretty sure, he has his limits.

    I’m not certain but I’m assuming that he doesn’t have the ability to be at two places at the same time or be on two viewpoints at the same time. Although he may, I don’t know his level in this universe. Multiple viewpoints are early universe considerations and they are very powerful.

    Marty has to find a way to combat the church’s ability to run these types of operations against him. Marty has to find a way to combat the church’s attempts to suppress him with overwhelm and dispersal.

  205. Journey Continued

    Unfortunately while I was in the SO and as time progressed, latter as public, there is a culture within the Church of not evaluating data or information. When in the SO I was pressured into following “command intention” and having “no CI” or not questioning authority at all. This is all so ironic when one considers that the old man never allowed authority to interfere with his own judgment or personal integrity. He went so far as to issue numerous policy letters outlining the dangers and remedies for following illegal orders as well as making it clear that you get the condition that you fail to assign. When I think of all those unfortunate soles in the hole and suffering under the yoke of this SP, I cannot fail to see how right the old man was.

    Each of those involved in this outrageous confrontation of Mike, are to varying degrees the effect of this culture. They have gone into such thorough agreement with the culture of never questioning or standing up to authority, to blindly accept what they are being told that they are no longer able to evaluate data, information or situations that are right in front of their eyes.

    Mosey, your quote is very appropriate, and I do hope that those who are still in read it in a fresh unit of time, and take a moment to question whether or not they have been complicit in blindly accepting third hand information as being true without taking time to look at the truth that is sitting right in front of them.

  206. Interesting video! Two old farts who are unable to string together two coherent thoughts in a row. Is this dementia? Sure looks like it! Sad. Idiot with camera named Allemder? Allen Duh? His TR-3 is putrid. The video says it all. Looks like some old mafia wannabes. They don’t listen to stats and they not-is them.

    Get the FBI to investigate the scumbag in the suit. That is one slimy money-sucking piece of rat excrement! EXCELLENT video!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures do not lie.

  207. No wonder the LaBlow looked like such a confused basket case. I can’t believe that’s Miscavige’s main hound dog! Wow, he has a biliion dollar “war chest” and the best he can do is LaBlow, Allender and that ridiculous “magazine interviewer. It’s soooo pathethic.

  208. Hi Mike, why not give Dianetics a go? Grab the book or a copy of the DVD and try it out with a mate. You may find you don’t actually need to drug yourself afterall :o)

    — Mike

  209. I don’t smoke pot, but I seem to recall that LRH wrote in DMSMH that between alcohol and marijuana, marijuana was likely the less harmful drug in some ways as it did not lead to the kinds of violent behaviors that use of alcohol often led to.

  210. I don’t think the “pot” references are random.”pot shots” so to speak. 🙂

    I think they are setting Marty up.

    It seems to me they are trying to position Marty as a promoter, user, and perhaps dealer, of pot, and I would be alert to the possibility of someone being hired to plant some pot in or around Marty’s property, like in his car.

    The CoS is fully capable of such a dirty tactic and has used it before.

  211. plainoldthetan

    Dear Izzy and Mary Ann:

    You are broken pieces in Miscavige’s game.

    Listen to lecture 5501C12 GAMES again.

    My suggestion to you is to figure out what the game you want to play is and really honestly side up with the ETHICAL side of the game.

    The game where everyone wins, not loses.

    Did you really think you were going to impinge on Marty by using corny worn out robot recordings?

    Think again.

    Do you think this shenanigans and histrionics is impressing people to give more money and to attain OT8?

    Think again.

    Did you think that getting caught on tape kowtowing to a histrionic sadistic sociopathic rip-off artist is going to put you in good standing with real Scientologists after the fall of Miscavige?

    Think again.

    Did you think that using the Yiddish slur for black people (Schvartse) going to forward DM’s campaign of deceiving the American people (of all colors)?

    Think again.

    Did you think that what you were doing at LAX was going to amount to an “effective blow”?


  212. Sam — are you related to any of the notable bards of English/Irish/Scottish literature, oh, like Wm Shakespeare? Oscar Wilde?


  213. Marty IS Integrity.

  214. Scott Campbell


    It’s interesting to me to see Allender parroting the lines,” Your destroying their eternity”, etc.

    What a fucking moron. The only way to destroy an immortal beings eternity is to have dicks like him in it. Bums me out just thinking about it.

    Guys like you and my other Indie friends however, are something I can most certainly look forward to.

    L, Scott

  215. WH,
    Thank you very much – we do have quite a lot of similarities.

  216. Official Scientology is NO CASE GAIN in their airport antics, that’s for sure!

    Official Scientology should be happy you freezone and independents are even doing Scientology!

    The Scientology bickering, were I an independent/freezoner, I’d be ultra good roads and good weather with these wound up official Scientologists who have obviously been fed a load of anti Marty and anti Mike Rinder and anti independent propaganda negative “dead agenting”.

    Maybe if you were ultra nice, good roads good weather, and let them “yeow, yeow, yeow, why can’t you be like Uncle Fred who’s up at Sing Sing….” do “Scientology Fundamentals of Thought” good roads handling on them, that’s the way to go.

    They are the ones all out of valance and screwed up by the “dead agenting” lies that OSA has riled these “handlers” with.

    I’d not even talk about Scientology when they come up to you.

    I used to advise the anonymous people, some of them, I said use “good roads and good weather”, and I think it goes a long way, and it fizzles Scientologists’ brains if you, the “SP”, are ultra nice and polite, and calm with them.

    When you don’t act like they expect you to act, that is what does the “un” brainwashing on them, and I supposed might get more to read your blog.

    But write your book, so they have something to read when they do their Doubt Formula.

    And try good roads, good weather and ultra nice, change the subject to good roads and good weather like in Fundamentals of Thought.

  217. Billy Jack

    Watched the video again. John Allender should try some acting classes. Perhaps in ten or twenty years he could almost look sort of like a person who has real actual TRs. I’ve seen better TRs from people who had just completed the comm. course way back in the 70s. What an embarrassing display of utter incompetence. At this point should Allender kill himself and thus do the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics? He would say I have evil intentions. I would say he acts on them. He is a piss poor example of a person with TRs. He has no TRs. He has fake TRs. He is the kind of crap that can (and does) give Scientology a bad name but the good news it is now working against Davidian Scientology.

    I am glad none of my money is going to support the crap that Mike and Marty have been put through. There are places, my friends, in some states where the whole bunch (OSA and there idiotic goons and PIs) would be taken into the hills and sodomized. THAT would make for a great YouTube video. Evil ints? Well, I do know evil when I see it and do and can confront it, but not as well as can Mike and Marty. The M&Ms (did I coin that?) are to be commended for real courage, real TRs, and having the culliones to stand up to the anal expulsions of David and all of his effluence.

    If there is a God, He (or She) is watching and cheering for you two and others like you. If there is a hell, DM will get there, thinking he will take over and be pals with Lucifer himself. Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle for more time than he can ever conceive of.

  218. I wonder what the reaction would be if you asked the koolaid drinkers for a personal meeting with DM?

  219. Those people look like they are very close to Death on the Tone Scale.
    I suspect that they are all criminals incapable of case gain due to recurremt presemt time overts.

  220. Yeah, Where are YOUR ‘Way to Happiness’ campaigns, John Allender and DM?

  221. Billy Jack

    Pardon typos…not editted before posting…apologies.

  222. Yes David, those were funny and fun times.

    We actually got into marathon TR0 … 6, 7, 8 hours … hell, after that long, my body just wasn’t there anymore. But yes, there were some who had pretty buggy looking eyes hahaha … we just looked at it as an unflat TR and continued.

    I think the term for eyes that looked like that was that they looked like ‘pissholes in the snow’ hahaha.

    Well, being from Canada, it seemed apropos 🙂

  223. Tom,
    Very good points, I sent the Luis Garcia link to both Chaits via FB in case they didn’t see the link you posted here.

  224. IMHO, here’s what this caper was about. DM needs to get rid of Marty so bad he wakes up thinking about it every morning, but he can’t have him killed. Marty would just become a martyr, and a thousand fingers would point right back at Miscavige. Next best thing is to provoke Marty into a violent reaction and have him thrown in jail for assualt. The little guy knows that he himself would fly into a rage with a bozo like Allender purposefully missing his withholds, and besides, maybe he’s starting to buy his own BS that Marty was the cause of all the violence in Hemet. So the troops have their marching orders: stick to Marty like white on rice and keep yanking his chain until he loses it.

    Now, when that happens DM doesn’t want just his own thugs as witnesses, so he sends a couple of public OLs along. That’s why the Chaits were there, to witness their old friend being driven over the edge into a psychotic break. Like most of the Demonic Midget’s scheme’s, this will backfire in the long run. For one thing, Marty has TRs at a level beyond DM’s comprehension. For another, the affinity the Chaits already had for Marty was bolstered by some communication, and a bit of new reality occurred. You could see in Izzy’s eyes that the cork got loosened on his Scientology worldview, and that Genie ain’t never going back in the bottle.

    It may take a while, but sooner or later I expect to see a certain jazz singer/Asian art dealer posting his “coming out” notice right here on this blog.

  225. Old School

    Anybody actively participating with DM is below body death.

  226. Blinkless TRs were 1971 and were put in by Otto Roos who was Class XII Tech Flub Control. While I sort of enjoyed the challenge – it did enable one to control one’s body – it was wrong emphasis and LRH cancelled it as soon as he found out about it. Alan Walter rebelled so hard he went to his cabin and refused to go to Otto’s TR’s course. They had some sort of altercation but Otto couldn’t budge him. This was about a year before LRH removed Otto from post. Blinkless TRs were NEVER an LRH idea.

  227. This is the type of shit that confirms what an SP David Miscavige really is behind his public persona. It also shows how stupid he really is to keep badgering you like this, when his every tactic is videotaped and posted on your web site. If he had half a brain he would leave you alone and realize that every effort he makes to destroy you only makes himself look worse and worse. But SP’s can’t help themselves I guess. Fuck Miscavige! He can go to Hell!

  228. Dear Izzy and Mary Ann,

    We’ve known each other for years. I’ve been to your 4th of July parties, gone to dinner with you and hung out at Flag. Izzy, I’ve known you to be a good guy and a real rebel down deep. I know that you guys care deeply about LRH and the tech. I know you have donated large sums of money and you’ve done it out of the goodness in your hearts.

    I hope you will take the time to read some of the reports written by the various Int Execs, RTC Reps, WDC members and other staff, on what is currently going on with the Church. The current management would have you believe these guys are nattery SPs. I choose to see them as whistleblowers. I know you know the difference. I also assume that you believe in the Creed of the Church and that LRH meant it when he said “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

    You can check out these reports at Scientology-cult.com. You can also read a good description of what is going on at the SaveScientology.com site. And of course, there is much data on Marty’s site, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com MaryAnn, I’m hoping you are reading this on Marty’s site now, as you promised to check it out. But if not, I’m e-mailing this to you too.

    I want to let you know that this Independent movement is not going away. In fact it’s growing every day, despite what you have been told. There are many of your peers out here–many fellow VIII’s.

    I hope you take the time to check out the Ideal Orgs for yourselves. I personally have been to NY, Buffalo, San Francisco, and Pasadena. NY “Ideal” Org had 2 people in Div 6 when I was there. That was a year after it opened. Buffalo had 1 student–2 years after opening. I didn’t see anyone in San Francisco except 1 guy on the Purif. Pasadena is a joke. The biggest stat they had in this whole year was 14 people on the Purif. Sounds good, right? Well, not when you consider that almost all of them were OT VII’s and VIII’s who were told they had to re-do their Purifs. It wasn’t new guys coming in. And for that big “Ideal” building they have electric bills in the $10k plus range that they can’t even pay.

    And one last request. Just read LRH’s “An Essay on Management” in a new unit of time. And ask yourself if this really is the group LRH was talking about, thriving and full of ARC. I think you know it has gone off the rails somewhere. We’re just trying to put it back.

    ML, your friend.

  229. V,
    Only in third world countries and in front of Video cameras! No application of TWTH itself needed nor wanted.

  230. Maybe he got stuck in failure to attest to his true case state?
    Interior with full somatics.

  231. WindWalker

    David L

    No, I didn’t feel that you were denigrating the TRs at all, and I will bet we pretty much agree on how silly some of the interpretations of that issue got.
    I understand that it was an LRH issue, but I seriously think he never intended for it to be interpreted the way it was. I think the problem with that issue is that, as history has demonstrated, he obviously should have clarified his definition of “blinkless TR0” within the issue. So… yes, perhaps a boo boo on LRHs part to not have made it more clear in the first place.

    I was a Comm Course supervisor for years, and I have also personally done many hundreds of hours of TRs throughout my career as a Scientologist. I even got through “TRs The Hard Way”, on several occasions, so, yes, “nostalgia” for sure. We actually had a lot of fun.

    Eric S

  232. Marty,

    If it was me, I wouldn’t waste my time with these clowns. What I suggest doing is this … send this video and other similar videos to someone high up in the corporate structure of the airline or airlines you will use when traveling, same with the rental car companies. See if you can arrange with them to make your reservations under an AKA, some name not known to Cof$. Yeah, I know that in order to fly you will at some point have to show your ID which will not match the AKA … however, if you have it pre-arranged with someone high up enough in the airline structure, you can have a contact person good to go who is not Cof$ who can keep a secret.

    My guess is that as a matter of corporate policy, the airlines don’t want their customers pestered by the likes of that hoople with the videocam and his cotterie of brainwashed old farts. Once the right person in the corporate structure of an airline sees the videos, my guess is they will be happy to honor your request so you can travel unmolested.


  233. Beautifully wriiten. Thank you.

  234. geez…typo…should be “written” 🙂

  235. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Magnolia.
    That was a great letter.

  236. Interesting … I never heard of the Otto Roos thing.

    I remember we got our reference off an issue of the OODS sometime in ’71 … it also mentioned patty-cake TRs.

    It was no blink, no swallow, no red-eye, etc.

    It was later changed to allow natural eye-blinking but flunked if the student was blinking as a method of non-confront or a form of flinching.

  237. Thanks Marty. That made my day (again!)

  238. WindWalker


    Thank you for that data. That does clear up some things. I also had thought it was an outpoint, “wrong importance”.

    Eric S

  239. Miscavige cannot go to hell. He is already there. He sits smack in the middle of his own personal hell. Day in, day out.
    Everyone is working against him, everyone is out to get him, everyone is spying on him (Deep Fax must get his data from someone), everyone have withholds, everyone cause problems for him, everyone… Simply EVERYONE, and the martians as well.

  240. Michael Fairman

    It was 7:15 pm this Wednesday evening and I was seated at my computer quietly reading this very blog when the doorbell rang. Hmm, I wondered, who could this be? I have a “No Soliciting” sign in bright red next to the front door. Without peeking, though the peekhole, I opened it, and who to my wondering eyes should appear, but “three Squirrel Busters” and a camera.(I don’t believe the zombie-like Allender was one of them, it was a quick glance) “Michael, I’d like to speak to you”, one of the busters asked, rather pleasantly. Not being a “Marty” or a “Mike” or having a camera in hand, I replied,”No get outta here, I’m calling the cops!”, and shut the door in their faces. I called my wife Joy, telling her what has just occurred. Joy, ever the lioness protecting the alpha male of the pride, called the police and rushed over to my house. (I also informed my brothers-in-arms Scott and Marty) Two policemen arrived a few minutes later, and Joy and I explained the situation to them along with a brief history of “Squirrel Busters”; also where we stood with the church. They understood the situation completely and gave us the tools and police comm lines to put these guys up against it, should they try this charade again. Joy videoed a portion of the conversation with the officer that “Squirrel Busters” should find illuminating. Messing with me is child’s play compared to messing with Joy. As I said, she’s a lioness, but can instantly transform herself into a Tasmanian Devil. No shit Sherlock. Take care and beware all those that come a’callin’.

  241. Thanks Marty for your post. It seemed that Izzy and Mary Ann were starting to consider things as you brought their reality up.

    Allender saw that and interupted with his entheta. Certainly it wouldn’t have been good for his record with DM if he’d allowed any ARC to take place between you and the Chaits.

    But when you told Allender he was “on fire” and you kept saying it, his entheta game started to as-is and he became unglued a bit.

  242. Karen,

    You can see the isness of the isness of all this and then put it into words that translate like Bach wrote for angels to hum along. God, I am so glad you are with us.

    Come on, Izzy, let your cognitions come forth. We can see you are with us. Just take that first step. Do it for LRH. Do you think DM is worth the cost of your enslavement to altered tech? In your quiet moments, just ask yourself if you are accepting your reality or DM’s. Be honest. When you are honest, you will know what to do.

  243. The most astonishing waste to me isn’t even the money. It’s the people. Miscavige had freakin Tom Cruise as a willing and respected spokesperson. Imagine if Cruise would have been guided in a sane and rational way. Or better yet, just allowed to use good, common sense. Instead, he was sent to make a fool of himself. It floors me.

    Miscavige is fond, I hear, of accusing others of being incompetent. But truly, his own incompetence defies belief.

  244. My suggestion (and hopefully it’s already done), show the FBI the evidence that your travel plans are being illegally acquired, and have your names tagged in the SABRE (travel) reservation system to be watched for recurrent searches on your names.

  245. Forgive me if I am incorrect, I distinctly remember Tommy Davis going absolutely bananas, screaming at the.top of his lungs that it was Marty and Mike beating the staff. Not pretty little gnome sized DM. He claimed YOU were the.problem.Not DM. So now they want you back? Hmmm. Wondering what is coining in Miscabitch land!

  246. Coming. Not coining. As an outsider looking in, it appears DM is desperate and willing to pull in as many defectors as he can!

  247. Dear Mike, Please let me acknowledge what you have said. Thanks for explaining why you use pot.
    Since leaving the formal church, I am more able to see people doing the things they are doing for the reasons they are doing them, and not disapprove or shun them, or have to solve it for them or change them, but just understand them and let them know they’ve been heard.

  248. Hey Marty, I hope you are going to use the video as part of the evidence agasint John Allender in Texas, showing that he subsequently stalked you like this in LA.

  249. A nice invitation to look and great communication, Sam.
    Thank you.

  250. Michael,

    Desperation is the order of the day in the Vampire Empire.

    Bozo the Clown/Minerva/Joe/Jim showed up here today, trying to “interview” the guy I work for. But like the blubbering idiot he is, he doesnt even recognize how he is digging his own grave. And frankly, I dont think I will tell him, just keep handing him another shovel. These people are too stupid to get out of their own way.

    The women who frequent this blog are some tough cookies. I sure wouldnt want to mess with them.

    You can sleep well tonight knowing the natives are restless. You know you are impinging.

    They are hearing the sound of war drums and they are scared shitless (dont tell them its the sound of hitting themselves upside their own heads while they run around in circles as commanded by Dear Leader…)

  251. You may not even realize how spot on you are!

  252. Michael-Bravo to both you and Joy.I don’t think you will see them again. Joy-we’ve got to protect our men!

  253. scilonschools

    Though this does not tie directly into the above post, I wish to demonstrate to those unaware of the profesionalism and dogged determination of some of the Anonymous ‘folk’ in uncovering and confronting CoS(RCS) corruption.
    Anonorange (who posts here) has been in a head to head fight with Jeff Stone, Supervisor to the ‘Orange County’ board ever since Jeff started producing manufactured material to discredit ‘Anonymous’ and try to prevent their protests outside ‘Golden Era Productions’ , Anonorange has presented at the Supervisors meetings for well over a year, and this link is to his latest ‘presentation’!

  254. Yes – it was incredibly funny. Allender and DM and the church are just pushing paper with words on it. They are printing paper, taking words and translating them, binding the paper into Croatian and Yiddish and I am sure there will be Ebonics editions soon, and pushing them out. Books on paper, TWTH on paper. Just words on paper.

    They never actually read and apply what’s on the paper!

  255. F’ing A. So what is the scenario these guys are playing? Lurkers, think about it.

    Michael Fairman, accomplished actor, is visited by people at night dressed up as “squirrel busters.” What is the mission? What is the purpose?

    Is a realistic expectation that Michael will all-of-a-sudden “see the light” and the error of his ways, and go “holy moly! What was I thinking? I was betraying my team, these wonderful guys in dweeb suits, these super upstats! I will recant and repent and put behind me the errors of my ways!”

    What is a public show of solidarity to “the cause?” “See, we’re showing that dangerous septuagenarian a thing or two!”

    Or, was it to intimidate? Do I really need to ask? Now, is that the right thing to do?

    This is happening now, in PT. This is your Church at work. Aren’t you tired of explaining to yourselves and your family how utterly stupid and ineffective the church is at this? Aren’t you embarrassed at all? I know you are. Is this Scientology? Is this what the “civilization without insanity, without criminals, and without war” looks like?

    Me, I would rather be a Scientologist than be affiliated with these schmucks.

  256. Yes, and Mike, I don’t think Mr. David Miscavige really understands how powerful women can be. This is especially ironic, because I grew up as a Scientologist, where women held powerful posts without having to have “affirmative action.”

  257. Lovely, Magnolia!

  258. Robert Earle


  259. Mike,
    I smoked pot for about 6 months while living in Amsterdam in my early ’20s. Like you it helped me sleep and seemed a good solution for staying ‘happy’. I didn’t see any reason why not to continue.
    My boyfriend at the time sent me to the local Scientology Organization to buy a book. If you are genuinely in need of answers to genuine questions then I would suggest you buy the same book I did and read it. This will give you a full understanding of the reason Scientologists do not advocate drugs as a solution. As regards the ‘zero tolerance’ of drugs from the COS the answer is simple. The COS is now run by David Miscavige. He has ‘zero tolerance’ for human beings. L. Ron Hubbard had infinite compassion for his fellow man and would help rather than condemn those who take drugs to help them deal with situations in life.
    Here’s the link. Read the book and make your own decisions. Real Scientologists don’t judge, condemn or attack people through ‘zero tolerance’ they just don’t condone a fellow being using drugs as a solution when the underlying pain can be located and erased.

  260. How strange that one of the cur dogs is now behind the wheel, driving round and round causing fires.

  261. Michael and Joy,
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Behind every great man their is an even greater woman.
    Joy, you were very aptly named.

    The Dingo warrior woman.

  262. Damn – another typo! (their) Wish I could edit after pushing the go button!

  263. You too? He cracks me up. I think what gets to me is that this wimp takes himself so bloody serious and that he has such a high opinion of himself.

  264. John Allender is obviously prepared to “die for his country”, and that’s actually good news for us.

  265. Good Points Grasshopper. The tech works and there are still people who are happy with their auditing DESPITE everything DM does to alter it and invalidate people’s state of awareness for financial gain. Still, how pathetic it is to see grown ups, who are OTs, attacking and degrading people under the false idea that they are SP’s and so they deserve it. Yet these people who are chasing down Marty and Mike et al. are of the mind that they are doing something worthwhile. How twisted.

    What really cracks me up is John Allender talking about The Way To Happiness as he violates it on camera– priceless. He is evil and solid. Why in the hell would an OT8 want to spend his time being an ass and harassing someone. That’s why I got in Scientology…just to mess with people and chase down “bad guys”. This op-terminal, white hat / black hat stuff is part and parcel with this planet and is what Scientology is supposed to help handle. I though COMMUNICATION was important. I thought that the Theta-Mest Theory was the reason for the 10 thousand OT7’s needed. Can you imagine 10 thousand John Allenders??

    I don’t care what LRH said to do about enemies; he was wrong, at least in his way of doing it. What is the difference between chasing down percieved enemies, attempting to enturbulate them, ruin their lives, and simply motivating? I know! If the church says someone is an SP, then they are one, and we all have to dramatize evil intentions on them. In this case, the overt motivator sequence doesn’t count and their legal right to exist doesn’t count either. Of course, that makes sense! ARC is important except when you have to be a THUG and chase people arouond for a living, then it doesn’t really count. It is so much a “god is on our side” mentality. If they wanted a clear planet then they would stop spending the money on MEST, stop charging prices that are out the roof, and make it available to as many people as possible on some kind of workable pay scale.

    I never understood how LRH could talk about ignoring the barking dogs in KSW but make it SOP to ‘ruin’ enemies. He actually says that sp’s are rare, but the church sees them ‘everywhere’. If ‘everyone’ is an enemy who disagrees with the status quo, then nothing gets corrected. That was Ron’s downfall– he got to fixated on that line, but in all fairness, he had real enemies at one point. There are no real enemies of any consequence–Who is after the church…the FBI, the CIA, the Russians, Martians?…Geeze! The public either laughs at Scientology or sees it as evil. The only ‘enemies’ are the ones that are leaving because of out tech on thier cases.

    If the course rooms were doing great then according to What is A Course and Courses Their Ideal Scene, they would packed and you couldn’t beat people off with a stick. If people were learning the tech and if everyone was treated respectfully, like they had a clue, instead of being contolled and ordered about, then it wouldn’t matter who complained about the Church because they would be small in number. A good product (actual tech of Scientology) produced by people with a clean heart with good intentions will go very far in this world. If the church truly created more theta than entheta, there would be no need for an independent community–but they don’t, so there is, and I am grateful!!

  266. Scott Campbell


    Good job,

    You did exactly the right thing. You are getting some T/A on these guys.

    Who’s bustin’ who now? The squirrel busters got busted.

    L, Scott

  267. Unfortunately, I doubt Mary Ann will actually look at Marty’s site. She and Izzy were there on a mission and that mission didn’t include looking at, duplicating, understanding and acknowledging the other guys viewpoint. It’s ok to be insincere when you are working toward “the greatest good”.
    I feel that, as a general rule, most OT’s in todays church are just about their own self preservation. They try not to get involved in anything that might interfere with their personal route up the bridge to “total freedom” or maintaining their status in the church. They try to keep “off their lines” anyone who is PTS, has problems or needs help. They try to keep their noses clean so those 6 month checks don’t turn into time and financial nightmares or so they don’t get ordered in for sec checks at great cost of time and money. They don’t want to know about the great people who have been harmed and damaged, the guys rotting in the hole at int, the actual stats etc etc. After all, they are going towards total freedom and that is the “greatest good”. The fact that others are suffering is not their problem.
    Mary Ann may have said she would look but, IMO, it was a blow off. IMO, they are too vested to look or to afford themselves the luxury of even caring.

  268. Not sure who started the jazz singer bit on this blog – I think it was J. Swift but Izzy Chait is one of the foremost experts on Asian Art. His gallery is in Beverly Hills. His website is
    http://www.chait.com – the jazz thing he put together as a fun thing for himself and others. He is world renowned and respected in the field of Asian art and antiques.

    Izzy is no slouch and from what I could see probably volunteered for this job because of his obvious affinity for Marty. Izzy and Mary Ann are brained washed to the tune of millions of dollars, 30 years each in the church, countless funded projects and 2 sons one of whom was in the SO and is now working at the Gallery, with his other brother.

    While I don’t disagree with what you are saying thoughtful — it’s extremely polarizing to put THEM idiot cretins against US brilliant independents.

    How about THEM who was once us, in one way or another.

    Because ANYONE who stayed IN – the SO or otherwise after seeing dm on stage at the memorial was brainwashed to some degree.

    I surely was and didn’t leave until many years after LRH’s death. Waking up to this horror show, called Corporate Scientology is very individual. Each WILL leave according to his own needs. (apologies to Marx)

    As a group — independents of corporate scientology – we can have a great deal of influence in the theta universe but in my mind, not if we lump all of them into some box and call them cretins.

    I didn’t like it when I thought Sinar was calling me Dev-T — I’d be really upset if I were called a cretin.

    Just my 2¢ — I love your blog and admire you tremendously. I know you are really fed up with dm and his band of mad men, so I understand.


  269. Freezone 1992

    You are clueless and jealous, Chris Johnson. You want anybody look monkey-polished like the COB, don’t you? Why don’t you post a true photo of you and we’ll judge your looks. People who are hung on other people’s look are usually uglier than any other people.

    Scientology is no superficial religion that is about looks. The Chaits look just fine and are very successful. Besides, there was wind and she wore a hat and you couldn’t see her hair. They are also very nice people who are not arrogant as yourself.

    Yes, we are the undead because we are no bodies. We don’t fall to ashes when our bodies are no longer. Jim Logan explained that a couple of times on this blog. You should read those comments.

    The only horror show are superficial ugly people as yourself and polished morons like the COB.

    Don’t know your religion but it must be one that goes only skin-deep. I feel sorry for you buddy.

  270. Drat — I intended this to go under Thoughtful’s comment about Izzy being an old jazz singer … so it was really addressed to Thoughtful but I think important for all of us to remember not to set up some big THEM/US polarization.

    Which is not to say we can’t discern where THEM are off the rails 🙂


  271. martyrathbun09

    Michael, your essay on Common Sense resulted in at least four new people standing up and being counted. That is the product that drives his Madness bonkers: # of people de-pts’d with personal integrity rehabilitated.

  272. Doer in the body


  273. I was at the Int base for 5 years, but it didn’t take me many months to realize that something was wrong with the guy.
    My first indication was the treatment of Nancy Hawkins and all the rest with the VONS sign in the canteen and the other stupidities that were only intended to humiliate. Then came the rice and beans meals outside of MCI (the dining hall, for those who weren’t there). Also mainly intended to humiliate, even forcing people to eat outside even when it was raining. That kind of treatment wasn’t anywhere in any Scientology policy that I had read on the OEC/FEBC course.

    But I rationalized it as a “one-time occasion” as COB was obviously mad at something at that time. Later on, I realized that “mad at something” should be simply “mad”. The final point for me came when I realized that I could personally do a lot better job at being COB than COB himself. Fortunately, I never said that. Boy, wouldn’t I’ve become a target then…

    I stuck in there a few more years as I wanted to get the translations out to the people who needed them, but then came GAT, and I didn’t think that they needed more of that translated.

    Hello, OSA, now I gave you enough information to figure out who I am. Have fun. I do. Now.

  274. That is so well put Laura Ann and is, sadly, the true state of consciousness of most still left in the C of S. It is quite frightening to watch people, we once thought we knew, turn into uncaring robots.

  275. Monique (Mosey),

    I do love that quote! So simple and true. ml, Laura

  276. Marty,
    look at this… ,is this normal…???

  277. Sapere Aude

    To me this seems to be a clear cut case of a Hate Crime. ‘Squrrel Busters” is a derogatory term to a Scientologist. Now the “church” Scientologist is casting derogatory slang at the Independent Scientologist. Not lawful. Just as using slang to refer to Jewish, Blacks, or other groupings. These “Squirrel Busters” have no authority in this country to harass a citizen at home for their own religious belief. They have the right to free speech but not to harassment.

    Next time this happens anyone involved should request the police file a hate crime report. The PR backlash and legal backlash will finally bring and end to this madness on the part of the public involved. DM will keep pushing but I don’t think many are going to line up to take the fall. The credibility of any church Scientologist is being dragged into the depths of hell.

    Yes, this is just more evidence as Marty put it of the “hole” being exported to the streets of LA. The idea that they are above all and can do anything with impunity. Rude shock ahead for the followers of that line of thinking.

  278. Yee haw! Hot digity dog! Thank you Mr Fairman!

  279. “Marty has to find a way to combat the church’s attempts to suppress …”

    I think the more people that come forward and support Marty and Mike, the weaker and less effective Miscavige’s suppression becomes. Clicking on the donate button above probably also helps.

  280. TheWidowDenk

    Laura Ann —

    I really like your comment and believe you have hit the nail on the head with your statement, “… they are too vested to look or to afford themselves the luxury of even caring.”

    After Dr. Denk’s departure, my actions were simply those of divesting. Had Dr. Denk not departed, we would still be there. Had the shoe been on the other foot, i.e. I had departed and he remained among the living, he would probably have been “too vested to look.” Rest assured, however, he cared deeply.

  281. No, what I mean is “do you think I am a plant”. I ask because you say in your post “obvious plant is obvious”, and I do not know what that means.

  282. Jewel, good post. I think it was a mistake to equate “administrative SP” with an actual SP in policy — which is what the “SP acts” policy actually does. Perhaps it was needed for a short time to get the group through a rough patch — or perhaps not. Either way, it has proven disasterous in the long run.

    There was a golden opportunity, imho, for the CoS to have relaxed ethics/discipline after the IRS decision. But it was squandered. A real, widespread all-embracing amnesty — and genuine recognition of personal responsibility of the CoS’ past harm — after 1993 could have resolved and averted the whole thing. But DM was too committed to his own overts — they were too deeply justified — for him to see his (and the organization’s) role in the brewing rejection and disdain of him and certain of the group’s actions.

    In Miscavige’s mind, he had to be “right” to the end. And now he’s taking the whole group down with him.

  283. I tried, but was honest with staff, who said no, which is why I asked Mr. Rinder my question about COS and pot policy.
    I know the herb will not undo Iraq. I just needed some freakin sleep after years of nightmares I dont want to repeat. Truth for me is this, the problems for me, are all in my head. So, the soultion, good or bad, is also all in my head. It is my job to find out how to heal myself, and getting some sleep was phase 1. Someday, I will forgive myself for what I’ve done. Thanks for the offer of assistance. Does the no tolerance pot policy apply in the indi movement? If so, I do not qualify for auditing.

  284. For me, this is true. Was never an angry drunk befor Iraq, but i had to stop drinking after Iraq.

  285. Thanks Sam! As you can relate, I’ve lost the ability to accept policy over truth.

  286. That clown Allender is a disgrace to Scientology.

    Watching him and the others attacking Marty in that parking lot made me cringe with embarrassment – that any group I’d chosen to be involved with could ever stoop to that level.

    Of course, I understand – the group – our church – has been hijacked by one of the darkest SPs in the universe, its stellar purposes twisted into something monstrous.

    More people still inside need to view http://www.savescientology.com – I wonder if it would do any good to suggest to people like the Chaits that they visit this site and see for themselves exactly how this tyrant went about hijacking the religion that LRH spent his life creating.

    Watching this and prior videos leaves me speechless, wondering how the hell gangs of hired thugs can terrorize other citizens on the streets of US cities, in broad daylight, with no legal consequences. It is as if Hitler’s Brown Shirts were free to roam our streets and inflict their madness on US citizens. How can this be?

    My admiration to Marty, Mosey, Mike, and others knows no bounds. To have to live with gangs of criminal stooges spying on your travel plans, following you everywhere, harrassing your neighbors and families, enturbulating your lives with the INTENTION TO HARM OR DESTROY is something few would have the courage to do.

  287. Excellent suggestion Lynne.

  288. Yvonne Schick

    Very well done, Michael and Joy. Cool heads and quick thinking.

  289. Wow! that was awesome.
    Anonymous anonymous people. Thank you so much for all you do every day. You rock! 🙂

  290. TWD,
    I agree that those OT’s in are generally good caring people at heart. Hopefully more will look and speak up. ml, Laura

  291. Scott Campbell

    How dare you impugn the character of my beloved Orange County by associating it with Jeff Stone.

    He is a member of the RIVERSIDE COUNTY Board of Stupidvisors. Er, I mean Supervisors.


  292. I think your advice is spot-on. Marty et al do an amazing job of confronting these animals, keeping TRs in, etc. But something needs to be done to oppose the underhanded tactics used such as hacking into airline computer systems, other forms of eavesdropping, assaults on private property, harrassment of neighbors.

    If DM is as insane as most of us believe, it is hard to see what or where his limits are regarding mayhem or violence, or if they even exist. High speed car chases on freeways – trying to run people off the road, this is getting serious. There must be some way to prevent it before actual physical harm to those involved – or even innocent bystanders – results.


  293. Tony DePhillips

    You may not be a plant but coming on the blog and talking about pot and dropping acid into dm’s cup is stuff that a plant might do. It positions this blog with sort of criminal behavior and most Scientologists don’t use drugs. These types of comments could be used to degrade this site. Not that YOU are doing that, but it could be viewed that way.

  294. I agree with you Laura Ann. However, the Chaits are OT VIII (at least, last time I checked) … and the 6-mo checks are behind them. If so, now they just have OT IX and X as the carrot. I noticed that Tiziano got in some data about the non-existence of OT IX and X to Mary Ann … so it might get her/them thinking. Or more importantly, looking.

  295. Tony DePhillips

    That’s true Valkov.
    Just grab any Dianetics book and look up Marajuana in the glossary and it will take you to the page.

  296. Good comment, and excellent point WH. We were all there at one time or another … and to various degrees.

  297. Using an ultra-long-range telescope zeroed in on DM’s assistant’s laptop, I was able to read and jot down the following:


    1. Offer to make the Shack into a Super-Advanced Org for delivery of OT IX and X.

    2. Give him more epaulets for his uniform if he returns.

    3. He can keep his dog.

    4. Let him see his wife every single month.

    5. Let him take my place and I’ll retire to COB Emeritus status and drive around in LRH’s Bluebird bus, just like LRH.

    6. No more surprise beatings, only scheduled ones.

    7. We’ll say he was on a special mission for me to see how much bullbaiting I could take.

    8. Since the IRS game was over and psychs not really causing a problem, we needed Marty to create an op-term to generate that ying-yang dialectic materialism thing.

    9. It’s been a highly controlled disagreement drill, a necessary part of the research of OT XII.

    10. Maybe should let him stay out, I’m having so much fun with this harassment/ espionage stuff.

  298. (That’s odd … that last comment was meant to go under WH’s response to Thoughtful.)

  299. Tony DePhillips


  300. Tony DePhillips

    Another lucid comment.

  301. Tony DePhillips


  302. I’m not laying what Allender, the Chaits, and Mr. David Miscavige are doing on LRH. What they are doing is not LRH in any way, shape, or form. I was going to argue why in this reply, but it is important enough that I will post it in my blog.

    You are right, though, on this: If the Church did what it was supposed to do and actually had Standard Tech, and applied Scientology, we would not need to be here. Allender, DM, and their ilk are proof that Scn is perverted. The stats speak volumes.

  303. Mike, Hi.
    I just want you to know there is life after the Army. Like you I am a combat veteran, killed lots of “enemy” and all that.
    I came home and was screwed up beyond belief. I smoked pot for two years, did LSD, Mescaline a lot of alcohol and started looking at heroine when I slammed on the brakes. I got into Scientology in 1971 and got some dammed good Dianetics auditing. One day, in a Dianetics session I realized I was a actually trained killer. Once I saw that I shed that personnae and calmed right down. No longer did I need to worry about being a killer and no longer did I need to “medicate myself”.

    I would say, with what tools you have to operate with, you did the right thing. And getting out of the Army with any kind of discharge is a good idea. No one needs that kind of life.

    ML Tom

  304. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Michael.
    You must be impinging, otherwise why would you get the honor of being visited by three losers from the cult??

  305. Tony DePhillips


  306. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for that Scilonschools.

  307. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 2. I hope they are different. I would love to be wrong.

  308. Tony DePhillips

    Hillarious bro!!

  309. Tony DePhillips

    I was brainwashed to a degree, but I never chased people around and tried to verbally torment them. It’s one thing to be a good person trying to achieve spiritual freedom while being fleeced and conned. It is another thing when you flip terminals and start acting like the SP. Hey, you act like an enemy you get treated like one. If somebody hits you in the face, that is not the time to contemplate thier basic goodness.

  310. Sinar: I’m not the FB savvy … can you send private emails through FB to people you are not “friends” with?

    I figure if you had been FB friends with the Chaits by now they would have defriended you.


  311. Margaret,
    I get what you are saying. But, OT8’s are not imune from sec checks. The ship keeps close tabs on it’s 8’s. It’s not unheard of for an 8 to be ordered back for handling. Just sayin. ml, Laura

  312. Dan, will DM send a trained Class VIII (or whatever is left of auditors these days or trained tech personnel for that matter) to do a tech inspection? No. He sends an OT Ass who is not tech trained at all and who was previously declared an SP for squirreling. That’s who David Miscaviage sends to do tech inspections.

    But then again it parallels DMs universe because being untrained is where it is at when you do tech inspections like at FSO and FSSO. These “Trained Auditors” aren’t trusted to do “resl tech inspections.” Only untrained OT Asses like DM.

    ML Tom.

  313. WH

    In addition to the Asian Artifacts and antiquities (Izzy goes to China to pick up product every 6 months) Izzy has developed a serious career as a Jazz Musician/Singer in the last 20 years. It is a very big part of his life. He is here, there and everywhere with his Jazz musician identity almost more so than the Antiquities. Art is less than 5%.

  314. Hi Tony —
    Definitely there are degrees. I never chased after people or went along with an ambush.

    BUT, I definitely did speak (when I was still IN) either harshly to people who had left, or ignored them or told others they were bad.

    Perhaps you did some of that yourself as one of the icons of the Pacific Northwest field.

    No matter.

    What does matter is how we, as a group, IN the theta universe characterize our fellow (former) friends.

    IMHO, it always IS time to contemplate not THEIR basic goodness but our own — so that we DONT react violently to others as we might be tempted to do.

    To me — obviously Marty is not just demonstrating his own incredible composure (TRs) but that he spoke to Izzy without contempt speaks to me that he is patently aware of Izzy’s basic goodness and confident of his own.

    I’m don’t subscribe to being unaware of who people have become. I do subscribe to not polarizing to the very best of my ability.

    IF someone were to hit me in the face, literally, and I had SOME chance of not getting beaten to death — I would definitely hit them back.

    But, In an abusive relationship the first thing to do is LEAVE.

    Marty isn’t in an abusive relationship as he has NO relationship with these people — they seek him out. He can’t leave. He gets followed.

    We are probably not that far in viewpoints Tony – I just haven’t ever seen any good come from thinking other people are scum.

    Not even SPs.

    They are pathetically damaged and come from fear and I have absolutely no idea how they got that way actually as I have no way of knowing their whole track.


  315. LOL. Good one OTDT!

  316. Doer in the body

    Mike, your question; “Does the no tolerance pot policy apply in the indi movement?” seems to have been already been answered by several here. If anyone responds and says that pot smoking and auditing go hand in hand among anyone here, then they are a plant and spreading false information. As some have suspected you are a plant. If you are truly a vet suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, you can always read LRH books. Read the scientology technical dictionary, LRH said readying that was as good as an intensive(12 1/2 hours of auditing). Its still a free country thanks to our veterans. I think you can find all the books on e-bay pretty inexpensively. Good luck.

  317. Gotcha. Didn’t know that. The ever-vigilant Big Brother … so twisted.

  318. Hi Karen,

    Shows you how long I’ve been out of the LA scene.

    Well — good for him.

    And I hope he is reading this blog. I don’t think whatever flashed in front of his eyes when he was talking to Marty is going to go away. Instead, it’s going to niggle in his mind until it grows and grows and he finds himself, with a great deal of worry, googling and then finding this blog.

    Izzy was always a renegade. May he return to his ole self soon.


  319. Michael Fairman

    Sapere Aude
    A postscript to my original comment: The Squirrel Busters escapade was filed as an
    “incident” with the North Hollywood police.We also made the officers aware of what had happened in Santa Monica last Tuesday, and that there is video evidence of that. We also made it clear that the Church of Scientology was behind these. My three Squirrel Buster incident will be communicated to the Senior Lead Officer at the Van Nuys Police station. This means that all stations in the San Fernando Valley will be apprised of what occurred at my home. So should there be another visit or series of visits, the record will show the original filing and legal steps can be taken We were also told by the officers that the laws which apply to the papparazzt apply to the aforementioned events. These yo-yos are biting off a lot more than they can chew.

  320. Michael Fairman

    I misstated that the police officers who answered our call were from the N. Hollywood station. they were in fact from the Van Nuys station.

  321. Jethro Is In The Zone

    With these “squirrel busting” operations, the “church” is violating their own policy. Anyone declared SP is not supposed to receive subsequent communication or any kind of “handling”. They are left alone until they complete their A-E steps. I guess Miscavige doesn’t consider them real SPs, not that it matters what he thinks about anything. Perhaps that is also why Miscavige has “provisionally” declared all the top executives at the Int Base yet he keeps them there locked down in “the hole”. It’s very revealing about what kind of person Miscavige is by how he tries to control people – stuff straight out of Science of Survival.

  322. What? You mean there is more to Scientology than just fancy fonts and colorful covers?

  323. Hi Marty, Mike and all you beautiful declared SP’s:
    According to LRH your only terminal is IJC. Every bozo that stands in front of you, bullbaits you and harasses you is violating LRH Policy. May I suggest you hand them a copy of the policy while asking them why they are squirreling.

  324. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Windhorse.
    I agree with what you say.
    I think most here do understand the idea of peoples basic goodness. Even dm’s.
    That said, when ARC and basic comm are not working I think cranking up the justice gradients apply.
    Speaking derrogatorily about someones bad behavior can impinge on them I do believe.
    Sometimes when I act badly and my wife calls me an asshole it has, at times, snapped me out of whatever I was in.

  325. Michael and Joy, well done to you both! What makes these creeps even think they have the right to come to your home is something. All of this is done to intimidate. These morons truly believe they are above the law.

  326. The intent of the three is so obviously to harass you into silence, Michael. I hope we see even more of your views and essays. You’re an extraordinary communicator.

    And great documentation! Every one of these videos, police reports and statements will ultimately lead back to Miscavige and, I believe, help expose and bring him down. And thanks to Joy for being the lionness. You’re lucky to have her!

  327. Another Layer

    “The Ideal Orgs are not expansion but rather the spiritual equivalent of phony accounting documents used to show victims that they are getting an actual return on their large investments.”
    Well said, J. Swift!

    Altered definitions (of floating needle, of Ideal Org); bait-and-switch (donations for religious freedom, but buildings and harassment delivered); “blind leading the blind” (invalidation of LRH), and GAT (more tech alterations); are a partial list of the changes rendered by Miscavige since the early ’80s. One-by-one, the compromises accumulate until people of good will, like Mr. and Mrs. Chait, end up in a parking lot wondering how did we get here, and what just happened.

    To the Chaits, I would invite you to follow up on your friends’ invitations and use the LRH Student Hat reference that Mosey provided, to take a comprehensive look at the existing scene. I wish you well.

  328. That is exactly correct Tony. Thank you.

  329. Dear Izzy & Mary Ann
    we have always had a good feeling being near you. You are both very good people, very generous and kind. You have been dedicated to the cause as me and Renata have been for ALL our life.
    But now especially that you have met with Marty and Tiziano after his declare you really need to ask to yourselves: are those people that I respected so much before,did become stupid and suppressive overnight? What is that makes them sacrifice their connection with their son Flavio at Flag as an auditor? Can that be that they LOOKED and FOUND things we are not yet aware of?
    Izzy and Mary Ann please, please be brave as you both are, LOOK!
    We are here for you ANYTIME.

    Claudio & Renata

  330. Is what normal? The way that corporate Scientology alters the truth in the hopes of concealing their crimes and abuse?

    Yes – that is normal.

  331. one of those who see

    Marty, watched video again and want to thank you for documenting this ambush. I wish all the thousands of us could be standing there with you. We are in spirit. I hope lots of people will watch this video and ask themselves. Who is the SP in this scenario???? Let’s see John or Marty? A clue..it’s not MARTY!!

  332. Mike,

    One tactic that is totally out of the box that I suspect would drive these morons totally bonkers … we get the Squirrel Buster hats and shirts made up, and make them a popular item, we all start wearing them. You have to admit, they are kewl looking hats and shirts, it is a clever logo. Appropriating it would have to drive them totally bats, especially if they became popular amongst the regular public who would have zero idea as to the significance. It would be like those “BORDER PATROL” ball caps or the ones with the Navy SEAL logos on them that you see folks wearing everywhere.


  333. Koki,
    No this isn’t normal! Thank you for posting this and helping to expose the childish pranks of OSA and their ilk to light.
    Izzy and Mary Anne take a really good look at this. Far better illustration of the machinations of OSA than any of us could more accuratly describe.
    See if you can find similar material being posted by the Independent Scientologists.
    Then ask yourself where the ‘entheta’ is really coming from.
    Thanks again Koki. What a team player!

  334. Mike
    I don’t understand this comment.
    I have personally found every LRH policy to align with personal truths except only where their intent or content has been altered or corrupted by David Miscavige.
    I gave you the benefit of the doubt and offered you help but please do not infer from such action that I will go into agreement with you on any implied denigration of any LRH tech.

  335. Bruce,
    My dad’s name was ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ (no kidding) Does that count?

  336. This guy has never been in the Army.

  337. WindWalker


    Quote: “Does the no tolerance pot policy apply in the indi movement?”

    Well, I cannot speak for everyone here for sure, but it never did where I come from. It was considered, and true, that auditing was for use in handling the kinds of difficulty that you have mentioned.
    Unfortunately, things like pot and various other substances and practices are antipathetic to the purposes of auditing. Auditing is a procedure to get you to look at the “demons”, whereas your use of pot seems to be directed at avoiding them.
    As you seem to have demonstrated by your very use of pot to “quiet the demons”, you will perhaps see that “doing pot” and getting auditing, at the same time, are somewhat counter-productive. That does not mean it is not possible, but it sure can make it a lot more difficult and time consuming,

    I am not blaming you for wanting the torment to stop. My suggestion of perhaps getting auditing was to offer a more permanent and effective solution. Once these things have been properly addressed they will be truly gone, and won’t be ambushing you without notice. Unfortunately, as you likely already know, pot will not be able to do that for you. It would be quite wonderful if it were that simple.

    I consider that the situation that you are dealing with would fall under the scope of an “assist”. I feel that an auditor who really cares about you will do what they can to get you through this, even if it means “breaking a few rules”.

    Find such an auditor to give you a hand.

    Any auditors out here willing to give Mike a hand with this?

    Eric S

  338. somanyquestions

    To me the main problem with CoS members isn’t the fear of reading Marty’s blog but the fear of the cult’s repercussions for doing so. So if Izzy goes home and reads Marty’s blog, and just for the sake of argument lets say it doesn’t sway his opinion much, he will still face paying thousands in sec checks and god knows what else for daring to even read a blog banned by the cult. Now it could change his opinions drastically and he could leave the cult and never have to face that BS again but he doesn’t know if that will happen or not at this point – its a big chance to take.

    In Izzy’s kool-aid world, he’s probably telling himself there’s not much to the blog. The cult says its nothing but entheta anyway, so why even bother. The consequences of even reading a few posts are too big for him to even consider coming here. So why even take the chance? Reading a few paragraphs will cost him thousands in sec-checks and PTS auditing and even more mental stress and BS from the cult. Easier to just avoid altogether.

    Its bizarre to regular people outside the CoS that cult members don’t read any of the stuff out there about their own religion – esp when they can do so in the privacy of their own homes. But I think the whole big brother mentality explains why the fear reading anything not cult approved even when in the privacy of their own homes. I don’t think people who haven’t been in cults can even understand it. But esp. in Scientology, where auditing is used to get dirt and find any transgressions, members know their thoughts are not theirs alone.

    That was how a SO member described the torment of trying to leave the SO – “I no longer had any private thoughts, nothing in my mind belonged only to me. The sec-checks infiltrated every corner of my mind and I assisted them in doing so.”

  339. I agree.

    I also feel that Marty needs more people with him when he travels.

    Strong OTs.

  340. Don’t forget the logos! They are just precious!

  341. Yes, the “amnesty” that was given was an overt in itself. It was not an amnesty. I was incredibly disappointed after that, because it had no teeth. Eveyone I was with felt the same way – we discussed afterward.

  342. Look at yourself, is that normal ?

  343. Sapere Aude

    The additional data shows how an Independent handles the truth. Time, form, place and event and cooperates with the relevant authorities. Your actions, Marty’s documentation and the many other similar actions will truly document the level the current leaders of the “church” are willing to drag the reputation of Scientology into the gutter. It is not you, Marty, Mike and such who are causing the downfall. We are simply on the sidelines observing and commenting. The truth is the rot from the inside. I applaud you and what you have done. Thank you.

  344. Tony DePhillips

    Trying to repost in the correct spot:
    Hi Windhorse.
    I agree with what you say.
    I think most here do understand the idea of peoples basic goodness. Even dm’s.
    That said, when ARC and basic comm are not working I think cranking up the justice gradients apply.
    Speaking derrogatorily about someones bad behavior can impinge on them I do believe.
    Sometimes when I act badly and my wife calls me an asshole it has, at times, snapped me out of whatever I was in.

  345. It looks to me like dm has been drilling allender on his ‘pie face implant tech’.

  346. This is beyond the pale. I am so embarrassed to have been a part of this organization of lunatics I can only shake my head in horror.

  347. If the Church can’t get one of their Plants into the core of the Independents, they’ll try to recover a few “Insiders” and cut a deal to get Phone Numbers, addresses and Who-is-Who to disperse the Group.

    They no longer publically try to conceal their Stalking and Harassment of Ex-CO$-Scientologists and are getting very desperate for a solution, even if it means complete destruction of their PR and severe legal trouble.

  348. Emancipated

    Well, I just gotta say….”John, who’s valence are you in? What galaxy are you operating from?”. Izzy “who are you?”. “Maryanne, where are you?”.

    Geez, these people are so not in PT. Just look at John…solid, massy, angry (probably DM’s valence) and so NOT a good example of an OT VIII. Izzy and Maryanne are looking so lost, with that look of “what am I doing here” “this isn’t what I was TOLD should be happening”. Come to present time you guys!

  349. Rachel, I love your honesty. You are truly divesting. Beautiful, admirable.

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