Miscavige’s Public Relations Program

What we are seeing in real time on this blog is David Miscavige’s Public Relations program played out from coast to coast.   Yesterday his six mayonaise sandwich eating OSA volunteers made utter asses of themselves to a number of people never before exposed to the subject of Scientology (including seven local law enforcement officials).  Miscavige’s proclivity for playing such hijinks is the very reason I began doing something about the problem of Radical Corporate Scientology.   After three years of observing the monster from an exterior viewpoint I came to the conclusion that David Miscavige left unchecked would deny the subject of Scientology to future generations by so thoroughly sullying it in the public eye that no one of sane mind would go anywhere near it.   So, Miscavige’s solution to my solution is to speed up the process and bar no holds in rushing headlong into it.  This video captures the scenes they are creating every day now in cities across the country.

(Technical Difficulties)

In the meantime, we identified Neo Norman Bates.  He also goes by the name of Jim Moore.   Consult your OSA Volunteers list under “Austin” and you will find his name.  A Jerry Boswell trained CCHR guy.  In the past year, on three occasions when I was half way across the country Moore lurked in the weeds waiting for my wife Mosey to return from a long day’s work and commute.  He came to her door – with another OSA Volunteer, since Corporate Scientologists do not even go to the bathroom alone – asking accusative questions about me, refusing to identify himself, and leering at her like some repeat sex offender.  Three times the punk stalked and attempted to intimidate my wife while I was 1,800 miles away.  Now, he is on the streets of Ingleside continuing to leer at my wife and my home, and assaulting my visiting friends.

Jim is an alleged Purif completion.  He is married to an older woman named Salila Travers who calls herself an OT VIII.  It is well known that Travers has had to sell her soul (and sell a lot of other people out) for the privilege to get onto OT Levels.  And apparently she even sold out her sorry excuse for a husband to stalk well-meaning and well-doing women at the behest of her God David Miscavige.  If you don’t think Travers gets status, props, and privileges for pimping out her mindless, unemployed, gigolo wannabe then you do not understand the culture of David Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Church of Scientology.

Oh, yeah, how did Travers make the small fortune she handed over to IAS to fund this kind of harassment?  She owns a Pest control company. Woman, you are supposed to eliminate pests, not loose them across the land.

While Dave was sweetening Scientology’s image in Texas, Mike Rinder got even worse treatment on the streets of Pinellas County Florida.   Right down to, Christie being ambushed alone by four OSA thugs.  Nine more law enforcement agents from  three different agencies in Pinellas County received their David Miscavige’s Introduction to Scientology.

At this rate of meltdown Miscavige’s IAS intro rolling thunder is likely to go something like this:

“Some of you old timers might recall when it took OSA months to enrage a single public official on the subject of Scientology.  Since the Golden Age of Thuggery all of that has changed.   The proof is in the statistics.  This June in a single 24-hour period, Office of Special Affairs OT Ambassador OSA Volunteers pulled off what was once considered an impossibility. Sixteen officers and executives representing five different law enforcement agencies, in two states – a full, veritable ocean apart, as it were – were introduced to COB brand Golden Age of Thuggery Scientology.  Now that’s effective destruction of any possibility anyone will ever have the notion Scientology might be of use to anyone.”

I’ve read some heartfelt pleas to treat current OSA agents with compassion and understanding, since “gee, weren ‘t we all once like that?”  If you were really like the vermin I have described and video taped over the past few weeks then I feel for you.   I wasn’t.  I’ve got no mutual out rudiments with them.  And neither do a number of other incredible people on my team. And that is why we are putting their ethics in so effectively.

If anyone is offended by this type of talk, it is a free country and you are free to sound off in disagreement or walk on or quietly continue to walk your own path while staying tuned in for information.   I have a handful of close friends and associates, who for the reason of those distinctions are being hammered on many fronts.   And the harder we get pounded the stronger our resolve becomes.   We recognize that we traveling through the Third Wall of Fire.  Miscavige has reversed Scientology so that the higher one goes on the grade chart the more they are abused, ripped off, controlled and made into pliable sheep.   The ONLY credible evidence of someone actually making it through this sausage grinder implant factory to something resembling the purpose and awareness characteristic of OT VIII – Truth Revealed – is very PUBLIC disassociation and exposure of Miscavige’s cult as being the 180 degree dichotomy of TRUTH. The rebels who do see this and care enough to say so and do something about it are then treated to what we’ve been treated to over the past two years – escalating with every minute we persevere.   We recognize we are enduring David Miscavige’s version of OT IX and X.  The EP is that we survive saner, stronger, more aware, and more able to help others.  Realization of CHARACTER and recognition of ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE.

For many years Mike Rinder and I served as shock absorbers for David Miscavige’s evil intentions toward those who defy him.  When we left there was no more buffer between his escalating madness and Scientologists and the world at large.  We compared notes when we met again on the outside a couple years ago.  We shared our necessarily till then unspoken thoughts while serving as shock absorbers.  We both did all we could internally to prevent or check Miscavige’s habitual and continuous compulsion: to make enemies for Scientology.

Miscavige’s design is clear to us: he seeks to do to us what he did to so many others over the decades – hurt them so badly that they cave and generalize and they come to despise and attack “Scientology” instead of focusing on the source of suppression, David Miscavige himself.

Through all this I have not for one second mistaken the philosophy and technology of Scientology for the Radical Corporate “church” of Scientology.   And therefore, every penny of the close to one hundred million dollars worth of Radical Corporate Funds expended to turn us into enemies of L Ron Hubbard and the philosophy of Scientology has been utterly wasted.

The little demon cannot get it through his bypassed case, ncg head that he could electro shock me with twin hydrogen bombs as electrodes, and the result would be the same.  I will never forfeit my ability to perceive differences, similarities and identities and therefore know the difference between his CULT  and the subject of Scientology.

In closing, I leave you with words that Thomas Paine wrote in the Crisis Papers, the essays that rallied near mutinous troops at Valley Forge to victory over the world’s most mighty empire.

THESE ARE THE TIMES that try men’s souls.  The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. 

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  1. Good on you people. Keep on plugging at it.
    Persistence overcomes resistance. LRH.
    My hat off to you all.

  2. EXACTLY!!!
    Sometimes there’s just nothing to add but thanks for saying it how it is. 🙂

  3. It boggles my mind how *anyone* can think this behavior doesn’t set off blaring red flags to those who witness it. They make no effort to do it discretely, they do it to harrass and bully. Yet DM doesn’t have the integrity or courage to confront anyone himself-ah hell nah – send the goons wearing unbelievably horrifying t shirts with matching accessories! He wants public to believe the “church” is growing *insert laugh here* . The public,the wog world,is not as ignorant as he believes. I hope Mosey and Christie are alright,bullying young women is repulsive.

  4. scilonschools

    “Since the Golden Age of Thuggery all of that has changed. The proof is in the statistics. This June in a single 24-hour period, Office of Special Affairs OT Ambassador OSA Volunteers pulled off what was once considered an impossibility. Sixteen officers and executives representing five different law enforcement agencies, in two states – a full, veritable ocean apart,”

    Mr Rathbun, have you kept something very close to you chest? Have you turned Sherman, to work for the Indies?

  5. Thank you for being open I think at this day and age . I certaintly hope the bullying has been documented

  6. martyrathbun09


  7. Sapere Aude


    And the following quote from Winston Churchill is fitting here – in a different conflict than the one he spoke of, the intention is the same:

    “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

  8. Here, here, Marty. Well said, perfectly said. The only thing I might add is since leaving the CoS and deciding to blow the whistle on the King of Squirrels, even the combined injustices and inconveniences — though wrong — do not compare even faintly to what we lived through at Int base. It is impossible for DM to replicate the tortures he was able to affect in that controlled environment because out here, we are free. One of us is more than a match for any number of brain-dead zombies. And your insight into the actual attainment of Character and Orders of Magnitude… that is the real deal.

  9. Marty — The Golden Age of Thuggery continues unabated. This morning, Minerva/Bozo showed up at our house while I was at work (the same guy that ambusher Christie yesterday evening, after ambushing another woman the evening before). Of course, they run like cockroaches when they hear law enforcement being called.

    They have managed in the space of 24 hours to do some excellent public relations with the Clearwater Police Department (twice), the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (twice) and the Tarpon Springs Police Department (twice). Each time I have to explain that there is a difference between the criminal, insane “Church” and the subject of Scientology. Here are some sample comments from law enforcement officers when they find out it is “Freedumb” magazine: “We all know about those nuts…”, “Can you explain why they have tax exempt status?”, “How can you call that a religion”, “I hate taking calls in downtown Clearwater as I get surrounded by guys on bicycles taking my photo and they have nothing to do with it”, “these people are a bunch of clever criminals”, “this guy calls himself a reporter?”. Along with “Don’t hesitate to call us, any time.”

    This strategy just isnt working out too well for Dear Loser. If it hasnt become obvious to him yet — that little punk and his paid for minions dont scare me at all. When the police ask me why I dont get a stay away order from them, I reply by telling them its because I can’t in good conscience tell a court that I am scared of them.

    Frankly, I believe their strategy is to do as Brian Seymour said on his latest program: provoke a response so they can bring some charges. They tried it again yesterday, because I opened the door of their blacked out car to tell them not to leave until the police arrived (of course they hightailed it at once). They tried to claim this was a “burglary” and “assault” — its rather amusing as inside their SUV they had a black curtain alongside the driver and a black curtain between the front and back seats! And there are the big brave men who chase women in parking lots cowering behind their curtain!

    The story is ongoing. They are building a wonderful record. Dear Loser can’t think about tomorrow, and doesnt see where this is heading. He is SURE he has it all under control and everything is just going along swimmingly and he is creating the exact effect he wants (the one he tells everyone around him he is creating “you just gotta impinge on those guys and they will back off and go away” and they all nod in agreement and make up stories that “confirm” what he told them).

    Keep em coming Dave. You truly are a self-destructive criminal.

  10. +1 Steve

  11. If this is the best that Dummy Mummy can do, then I would say he cannot do any worse to us. Having people in blue t-shirts waving cameras around is not stopping independents and never will.

    Prediction: another heavy hitter, major big-time church of member will defect soon, and DM will once again feel the reverberation of yet another shot fired into his ramparts ratteling his teeth loose from his empty skull.

    Marty, donation on the way. Modest, but with full intention. Despite what some of my critics think of my views on self defense, I am with you and the preservation of LRH tech and free application of same.

  12. The DM crew’s behavior is nothing new in this field. It is predictable and many have studied it and documented it (see, for example, the writings of Professor Gene Sharp, in works such as “Waging Nonviolent Struggle”).

    The oppressor attempts to bait its target into committing criminal or out-PR acts, for at least two reasons:

    1. to “prove” that what the oppressor has been saying is true, that the target is a criminal or mentally unstable, unable to control himself, and
    2. because the oppressor is motivator hungry.

    Whoever “defends themselves,” or “won’t take it any more” and reacts, loses. Wait, James, are you saying we should be wimps and, say, even take a beating without reacting? Yes, and hopefully you will be hospitalized. That is a WIN, when the video hits the media. Martin Luther King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Gandhi, etc. won with this tech in the past, against huge oppression.

    Recent events show that this remains the Correct Technology. Non-violent warriors, mainly students and workers, without much material means, defeated the “all-powerful” SP Slobodan Milošević in Yugoslavia with this tech. The freedom fighters in the Ukraine won with this tech.


    Mike and Marty are spot on when they call the DM crew’s tactics “bullbaiting.”

    It’s a game of TRs. Whoever keeps their TRs in, does not react, and maintains high ARC, looks sane and ethical to the public and the authorities (THEY are the audience, not the bullbaiters), wins. Whoever allows their TRs to go out, gets violent or even just gets HE&Ry, loses.


  13. Summer Wind

    This message is for the scum bag cronies who bow to a pathetic little man who goes by the name of COB

    Not sure exactly how effective you think you are but when I see behavior like this it makes me laugh at your attempt to “cave” someone in, Really?
    You may think you’re dealing with “squirrels” or “DB’s” but if you would take the time to look you could see you’re not having any effect at all, and the more you do this and the more your pathetic crimes are seen by all the more people leave the church in droves. Thank god you’re doing this. You have no idea how much your sleazy cheesy behavior is helping grow this Independent group. 🙂

  14. I applaud you Marty, Mike, Mosey and Christie.
    Things are heating up.
    I smell a tipping point coming.

    If you haven’t already, Marty, could you possibly request a meeting with the chief of police in your area and hat him up on the real scene? I mean, the cops back at the station have got to be talking more and more amongst themselves about what the hell is going on over at Casablanca and what’s up with the rediculous Squirrell Buster teams.

    Your neighbors must be pretty hip to what’s going on, too. I’m hoping they all have your back and have a neighborhood watch in effect when you’re out of town and Mosey is all alone.

    Anyway, your work is extremely valuable and very appreciated!!!

  15. More great PR for Miscavige’s “church”: scuffles outside court caught on film as Jan Eastgate case adjourns to Aug 18.

  16. What do you have against older women being married to younger men? I know of several, including myself.

  17. When is something actually going to bring the situation under control Its a Laughing Joke /And its called a church ,He just gives more and more veidence of corruption with such actions . Its in a bad state of affairs.
    I ask why is DM just allowed to abuse bully and now the law enforcement asking themselves such questions Its a laughing stock . running around like headless chickens for the sake of this Idiot rediclious. bullshit .

  18. Cowboy Poet

    “You have the right to remain silent. If you do, you know you will receive no case gain. Anything you say in session can and will be used against you in our own kangaroo court if we deem you’re important enough to get one. You do not have the right to speak to an officer of the law, an attorney or to sue us. If you cannot afford this auditing, you will be assigned a lower condition and expected to increase your IAS status poste haste, the ramifications of which will be at your symbiotes’ own expense.
    Now, will that be check, cash or credit card?””

    The Penance

    Like oceans of wheat,
    that bend to the wind.
    Man considers his freedom;
    he knows his sins.
    It’s a stream bursting forth,
    tumbling over the stones.
    His relief is felt,
    from those things misowned.

    That no one should take,
    this sacred trust.
    And reveal those secrets,
    throwing him under the bus.
    Is a foregone conclusion,
    if he is to be.
    The man we admire,
    the man who can see.

    Yet you stop this man,
    from easing his soul.
    For fear his transgressions,
    are publically told.
    You amuse yourself
    with videos and tapes.
    Aptly plying your trade,
    of spiritual rape.

    So while your minions cull folders,
    looking for spin.
    That discredit sources,
    who worked from within.
    The world looks on,
    with jaundiced eye.
    At self respect,
    that long ago died.

    It’s an incestuous mind,
    who would devise such a scheme.
    Making others look dirty,
    while your hands are unclean.
    You’re a sorry excuse,
    not half of a man.
    Who puts himself first,
    before a divine plan.

    I’ll see you in Hell.

  19. Okay guys, we will endure this storm as we have other storms. I say we because we were affected her in Phx as well in the last couple of days. But if this is the worst that DM can throw at us, all I can say, and with a yawn, is “Go Fish, shorty”.

    Let history show who stood up for mankind and who didn’t.

    Let history show who stood in the way of mankind.

    Let history show that the woodtick Miscaviage has finally been unburrowed from his leeching spot and is now on trial for infecting a body, a body of tech and people whose only offense was that they wanted to be free and wanted their friends to be free.

    Our borthers and sisters that fight us now are infected by the woodtick and aren’t in their right minds. We will carry the load ourselves and then help them through their fevers later. And we will succeed because any time in history a group of people stood up to a dictator, the dictator fell. Sure there were a lot of casualties along the way, but the tyrant eventually fell.

    This one will too.

    It is the “Price of Freedom” baby.

    ML Tom


  20. I second those views and yes sooner rather than later, and all counties adopt the data so its known what going on for putting some control in on this idiot.

  21. All DM is doing is adding own evidence to his own case against him. Wake up some one !!

  22. Miscavige’s design is clear to us: he seeks to do to us what he did to so many others over the decades – hurt them so badly that they cave and generalize and they come to despise and attack “Scientology” instead of focusing on the source of suppression, David Miscavige himself.
    Exactly David Miscavige’s purpose. What a LOSER. He can NEVER even come close to anything LRH said or did and he despises LRH for being what he was.
    Why don’t you start your own church DM? What? You mean nobody gives a damn what YOU have to say? You just live off LRH’s theta, but that’s coming to an end sooner than you think – you’re making it happen now! Okay thugs and thugettes, just face the fact that you’re doing David Miscavige’s dirty work – nothing for LRH. Is it for LRH that you stalk people? How exactly does that help LRH’s legacy? You think David Miscavige is gonna give you OT 9 and 10 for it? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha He wishes! Nope, he has absolutely nothing to give you. It’s take take take, suck all things theta and all possible energy out of you – that’s it. What have YOU gotten in return?

  23. Should you stay or should you go now?

  24. “At this rate of meltdown Miscavige’s IAS intro rolling thunder is likely to go something like this:

    “Some of you old timers might recall when it took OSA months to enrage a single public official on the subject of Scientology. Since the Golden Age of Thuggery all of that has changed. The proof is in the statistics. This June in a single 24-hour period, Office of Special Affairs OT Ambassador OSA Volunteers pulled off what was once considered an impossibility. Sixteen officers and executives representing five different law enforcement agencies, in two states – a full, veritable ocean apart, as it were – were introduced to COB brand Golden Age of Thuggery Scientology. Now that’s effective destruction of any possibility anyone will ever have the notion Scientology might be of use to anyone.”

    I have you give you props Marty. You nailed it.

  25. What do you expect from an illiterate loser? Janet Reitman’s book (http://www.amazon.com/Inside-Scientology-Americas-Secretive-Religion/dp/0618883029/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1308244958&sr=1-1) hit the streets today, and his actions only illustrate the truth contained therein. Now even a wider audience will learn of his psychosis and destructive intentions.

    As per the “Robotism” HCOB, his minions have similars of their own. Leave it to DM to invert a “production record” to a “destruction record”, and “promote” accordingly.

    BTW Marty, you are quoted on page 6 of the Introduction of Janet’s book.

  26. What utter jackasses these “broken pieces” are, still struggling to suck poison from David Miscavige’s little bitty teeny weenie eligibility teat (or something of that length).

    David Miscavige is running an extortion and intimidation and protection racket.

    David Miscavige is a racketeer.

    David Miscavige should be criminally charged under RICO for his leadership and organization of racketeering crimes now being committed on three U.S. coasts — coordinated criminal behavior that crosses many state lines.


    P.S. David Miscavige, is it possible you do not realize (?) your minions’ actions are going to put you in jail? Is that really possible? Is this the quality of legal advice you are now receiving?

  27. I’m glad the “Squirrel Busters” found their t-shirts. I was afraid they had lost them. Nothing classes up an OSA op like those baby blue wonders with that creative graphic element. Also, nothing shows intent and premeditation like going to a guy’s house wearing shirts that have that guy’s picture on them. Great work, OSA!

  28. Impartial English Girl

    Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. Keep going Mr. and Mrs. Rathbun and Mr. Rinder – even though these DM parasites must be tiresome in the extreme – not a single minute of your time spent in working against these pathetic weasel-squirrels is a moment wasted.

    Jazz (dog) was very delighted to hear Miss Rathbun (the lovely Chiquita) again – and listened to her video-commentary with much interest. The general gist of it seemed to be disbelieving anger – she has already barked at some of these individuals at least once to stay off her territory and leave her human pack-members alone. She’s livid that they’re back with reinforcements, as she always believed that all humans were the REALLY SMART mammals. The latter barks consist of comments pertaining to the bearded fool and the nutjob/Bates who has been trying to freak out Mrs. Rathbun – I would offer to translate them, but profanity of that magnitude would get me (and Jazz by association) banned from the whole of the internet for ever. Suffice it to say that her canine views on the OSA-holes are NOT complimentary.

    Those ridiculous T-shirts don’t do anyone any favours, either.

    With love,

    IEG xxxx

  29. Yes, the strategy is this:

    The aggressor (the church) tries to provoke their target (the indy) into an aggressive act that is then used to prove that they (the church) are the victim.
    Then allies can be recruited among well meaning people who now want to defend the aggressor (church), now perceived as a victim, against those now perceived as victimizing them (indies). The whole idea of the aggressor is to be a hidden cause while creating the illusion of being an effect.

    Confront, being there comfortably in present time with whatever is going on is the antidote. You then don’t get drawn into this GPM ridge/response game.

    Easier said than done, but that is the handle.

  30. Speaking of getting to the cult. Here is a short clip of Randy Kretchmar, an ex-Chicago Org OSA staff member, being called in to help with a very recent protest at the org. He and the rest of the OSA staff “reason” that the best way to get into communication with this Anonymous protester is to don an absolutely ridiculous mask.

    What? Was he trying to get on the same level to relate? What happened to good old straight communication? They seem incapable of this basic skill anymore.

    This particular Anonymous member happens to be a highly educated lawyer capable of some straight on educated and rational communication but Randy decides it’s far better to make it look like there are actually more protesters in front of the org!

    I hear you can no longer find foot bullets on the shelves, They’re all sold out these days.

  31. seeking4know

    “Miscavige’s design is clear to us: he seeks to do to us what he did to so many others over the decades – hurt them so badly that they cave and generalize and they come to despise and attack “Scientology” instead of focusing on the source of suppression, David Miscavige himself.”

    Sooooooooooooo very VERY true. Good job Marty!

  32. Michael Fairman

    Since I left the Church six months ago, every single person I’ve spoken to in the so-called “wog world”, and there have been hundreds, saw clearly the truth of what the Church has become. They wouldn’t go near it. And as to your use of the word “wog”, with all due respect , please re-acquaint yourself with the definition in the Tech dictionary. The concept of “us” verses “the wogs”, that was nurtured in the world of Scientology, was for me, unacceptable.

  33. DM has destroyed LRH’s Scientology for one simple reason and it applies whether or not you believe Scientology is everything LRH said or implied. Scientology (at least as it was during LRH’s reign) is the only extant methodology that is equipped to ferret out all of the insecurities, suppressions, crimes, witholds, etc. that DM has inside of him. It started before he took over the CofS. It had do. It also suggests that DM the thetan was attracted to Scn and LRH like a magnet in order to do what he is doing. Confessional procedures alone terrify the living daylights out of true criminals. There is more to it than.

  34. Fantastico Marty !!!!
    Very straightforward and moving.
    Agree with you 100%.
    The target is 100% correct, and we will not let go till we the work will be free again.
    We are here.
    Count on us.
    Claudio & Renata

  35. I think you guys need some legal help.
    If there’s a strategy you can’t articulate on this blog, that is understandable.
    But I hope you are getting some help in that area.

    Like a lot of people, I am frustrated with reasonableness about the character and motives of those helping facilitate this international organized crime syndicate.
    I am also frustrated that senior law enforcement agencies haven’t acted.
    It is a maddening and frustrating scene.
    Keep the faith guys, and please get some legal working parallel to these expose actions.

  36. It is my awareness that the greater majority of beings have to told they have an enemy and who/what it is, which leaves them very vunerable to “being led”. A true soldier of Freedom knows his enemy by their actions and is constantly alert. Such is the simple awareness of greater beings.
    It is the pattern of life which creates and maintains being opposed. The tone scale gives the accurate response to this mechanism.
    Some brave ones see a choice,while the majority render blind obedience, or worse – apathy or below.
    Anyone got a bottle of wake up pills?

  37. Marty & Mike,

    You two are doing a great job at showing who the real SP’s are and the King of all SP’s David Miscavige. How does that saying go? When you are winning the SP”s just go crazy!

    Its true! Just look how crazy and out of control the Church of Suppression is getting as the truth is exposed.

    I need to get some more popcorn for the next show. Its turning into a real cliffhanger.

    Good job!

  38. martyrathbun09

    Ciao C and R!

  39. Michael Fairman

    The Los Angeles Brigade has had similar responses from law enforcement. Two major jurisdictions and ABC local news are well aware of Miscavige’s nutbaggery. And regarding his on-going weasel attacks, he’s dueling with a wet noodle.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Thanks again PLI.

  41. 🙂 — love your turn of phrase Michael. You always bring a smile…

  42. Don’t forget to post a sign outside your door “Pastoral Counseling In Session”.

  43. martyrathbun09

    Haven’t heard that you pimped yours out. I never objected to anything of the sort. I do not however cotton to PIMPs, whether they are male female or otherwise.

  44. Mike,

    As LRH said, “Toughness is high on the scale.” And they don’t come any tougher than you.


  45. Mike and Marty-I am totally with you guys and admire your courage and stamina. You are there for us. Ron would be extremely proud of you. Theetie Wheetie suppressive reasonableness will allow dm to win.
    Ron wrote in “Enrollment in a Suppressive Group” 29 June 1968:
    “Suppressive groups are defined as those which seek to destroy Scientology or which specialize in injuring or killing persons or damaging their cases or which advocate suppression or mankind”then a little later he states”If a person was a member and left, it still remains such a person must have had some BASIC AGREEMENT with the motives of the suppressive group.”
    Then from”Clears Invalidation of” 4 Aug. 1966:
    “Such attacks are born out of terror of having anyone better or stronger.This is the basic motivation of any SP.
    It ha been a hard task to bring the shreds of civilization to a scientific barbarism known as “Western culture”
    Quite obviously it will require a long time to get ethics in on this society. We have not been tough enough.
    So get tough.”

  46. martyrathbun09

    Mike, yeah – the order to jail Mike, Jason and Marty TODAY!, has now apparently been exported to Australia to Brian Seymour. Please fasten your seat belts, we are experiencing the first turbulence of the final meltdown.

  47. Awesome post, Cowboy. And DM — I believe he already arrived with a one-way ticket paid for in blood.

  48. scilonschools

    I think that the original classification of OSA ‘volunteers’ as mosquito needs to be reclassified due to their regressed behavior, possibly Termites are a closer match!!!
    Termites are a group of eusocial insects that, until recently, were classified at the taxonomic rank , Like ants, some bees, and wasps—which are all placed in the separate order Hymenoptera—termites divide labour among castes, produce overlapping generations and take care of young collectively. Termites mostly feed on dead plant material, generally in the form of wood, leaf litter, soil, or animal dung, and about 10 percent of the estimated 4,000 species (about 2,600 taxonomically known) are economically significant as pests that can cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantation forests

  49. Randy Kretchmar – isn’t he the stay at home husband of Cheryl Berman, OT VIII and Chairman of Leo Burnett USA who managed the Eli Lilly ad campaigns for them?


    How did they get onto the OT levels when she was promoting Prozac?

  50. martyrathbun09

    Are you kidding? Miscavige sold out to Lilly in 94 and commended himself for it. Miscavige is the darling of Big Pharma.

  51. Please name the Scilons in this vid. Thank you 😉

  52. Marty and Mike, again, well done. Your ability to confront force, your integrity, etc. is an example for all of us.

    SW, you are right. The cronies’ behavior is pathetic.

    Interestingly, the correct target is not the cronies. They are usually PTS to the true oppressor. In fact, in most cases, targeting the supporters of the oppressor is a major error. They are the Wrong Target. The target is the oppressor.

    It sounds logical to target the supporters of the oppressor, but doing so actually makes them defend their actions and the oppressor, to make themselves right.

    The radicals of the 1960s made a strategic mistake by targeting the police, the “pigs,” who were only instruments of the oppressors. Most public aligned with the police, so attacking the police was an error for that and other reasons.

    Secondly, many police (and other people with “protector” type jobs ) somewhere, deep down, do have a theta purpose. So, what Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Southern Christian Leadership conference, and others, did was, in essence, to validate the police, appreciate them, and call on them to follow their real purposes!

    MLK and others granted beingness to the supporters of the oppressor and practiced “What is Greatness.” They loved them. This was a devastating and cruel tactic (!).

    It is very difficult for a non-SP to continue to commit overts against someone who is proving not to be the out-ethics scrum the oppressor told them their target was. It is very difficult for a non-SP to continue to commit overts against someone who is practicing What is Greatness and who is not op-terming them.

    Continuing to commit the overts becomes difficult for many reasons, including the fact that it becomes increasingly difficulty for the person to “lessen the overt,” if the target is turning out to be a Theta being, who is granting them beingness.

    The above is not done out of some compulsion to be nice or inability to confront people. It is done because “oppressor removal” is accomplished primarily by:


    That does not mean attacking the pillars, but eroding their support of the oppressor by winning them over or at least getting them to become neutral. Winning them over is usually accomplished by:

    1. Not op-terming the pillars;
    2. Granting them beingness;
    3. Not behaving like the entheta people the oppressor has said you are (not asking them nasty questions, bull baiting them, etc.); and
    4. Having gotten in ARC and after not being the horrible opterm the oppressor said you are, asking the pillar to FOLLOW ITS BASIC PURPOSE (which usually involves helping people).

    The SP has no power himself. When his pillars of support are eroded, he is done.


    P.S. See such works as “From Dictatorship to Democracy, A Conceptual Framework for Liberation” by Gene Sharp and similar works.

  53. Michael Fairman


  54. I see he is Cause over protesting the Org.

  55. Hear Hear !! Second that the frustration is insane !

  56. Very out of control and its beyond a Joke !!!

  57. + 100

  58. Thoughtful-I have no doubt!!!

  59. Thanks for posting this Jack.

    Never knew Miscavige but I saw first hand Jan Eastgate’s suppression and destruction of CCHR.

    The scene outside the court room reminds me of a bunch of wise guys protecting their mob boss.

    I’m surprised they weren’t wearing shades ,fedoras and zoot suits.


    Do you still have the same hushmail account or has it been spoofed?

    Is it that you just haven’t had a chance to get back to me because of all the “fun and games” being provided by these clown-asses or are my personal emails being read by….you know who?

    Yours paranoidly


  60. Michael-Your fun eloquence is very welcome here!

  61. “I can’t in good conscience tell a court that I am scared of them. ”
    Made my day, Mike!

  62. RJ where art thou ;).
    From: Ivan Wolffers: University teacher – Farmacie on the VU in Amsterdam.

    Looky here Evil Dutch Pharmacist is doing RJ and Erwins Job 😉

    “During clinical studies, 15% of the users of prozac stops it because of the side-effects, says Fank van Meerendonk from the Prozac Survivors Support Group. The American Food and Drug Administration had registered 40.000 side-effect records in 1997, from which 10.000 are very severe. “That is very disturbing, because the FDA has only access to 1 – 10% of the side effects of medicine ever reported. Most ssri-swallowers suffer from a psychosis, for example a manic episode. A recent study at Yale University shows that 8% of all psychiatric patients were in hospital because of a psychosis as a result of ssri’s. People with such a manic episode feel great, but give away all their money, or are disputing with everybody. And then, there are prozac-poopouts, with who the substance is effective at first. But after a while it doesn’t work anymore. Then the dosis prescribed are growing higher. That happens until nothing is working anymore. Scientists believe the amount of serotoninereceptors in the brains has dropped permanently, resulting in the patient to be chronical depressed….

  63. Micheal,
    I’m with you on that. For me LRH’s use of the word ‘wog’ was light and humorous and merely a way to establish when a non-Scientologists was being referred to. As with all things connected to the ‘church’ it has been reversed in it’s intention to become a nasty insult which has resulted in ‘Scientologists’ cutting off their own 4th Dynamic (to their detriment).
    Many of those inside are now stuck in a trap because they don’t know how to function in or relate to the ‘wog’ world anymore having disconnected from it so completely,
    LRH would never have condoned this severe form of individuation.
    I’ve been out and about in the ‘wog’ world for 2 years now.
    Observing the level of intelligence, honesty, ethics, integrity, honor, warmth and compassion of these ‘wogs’ and comparing it to those involved with Radical Scientology (as illustrated in Marty’s video) quickly puts things into perspective.
    The ‘Church’ in it’s arrogance does not get that these ‘wogs’ are people and without them (all of them) there is no use for Scientology.
    The stupidity is further compounded by attacking and making enemies with people in the ‘wog’ world. Such self-destructive activities Illustrate well enough why the entire subject of Scientology (with it’s supposedly superior technology to handle ‘life’) is becoming the laughing stock of the ‘wog’ world and it’s celebrities the butt of derisive jokes.
    DM – these ‘wogs’ are your judge and jury. You will have to answer to them even if you think that answering to your own group is beneath you. You are living on their planet and they don’t take kindly to ponsing, self-absorbed dictators who show up to spoil things for everyone else. If you pick up any history book you will see what happens to such when the ‘wogs’ have had enough.
    What have you really accomplished Dave? Total individuation. The almighty, all knowing, all powerful ‘only one’, all by yourself against the whole world. Way to go numbnuts!

  64. This is no joke Marty.

  65. Mark Fisher

    +1 Michael. I always hated the “us vs wogs” viewpoint. Afterall, we are all the same and we were there to help our fellow man.

  66. Cowboy Poet

    PLI ???
    Help me out on that, please.

    BTW: No big deal, it’s a rich subject matter–pretty damned easy to write about.

  67. Each time I see the evil that these people are perpetrating I see them in a new and better more in depth perspective.

    It scares me to think that one of these clowns from the church could have been me, I could have become an evil doe’r like this if I had not believed what I was seeing and hearing as the truth.

    Thank you Marty, for showing me and the world every day the sad mess that is the Church of Scientology run by David Miscavige.

  68. Yes Michael.
    Gotta love ABC TV.

    Gotta love Napoleon Bonaparte for saying


  69. Roger that Big M,

    I was at CCHR just before that Rubicon was crossed.

    Probably one of the key reasons they purged any effective staff there and turned it into some kind of traveling side show circus act.

    Well it seems Machine Gun Molly Jan Eastgate is paying for her crimes and misdemeanors regarding that.

  70. MQ,

    Personally I think Miscavige’s arrival on the scene was more by design than by accident.

  71. Yes, that is Jim Moore. I also know Salila Travers. She has indeed had a pest control company in Austin for many years. She deals in ORGANIC pest control, to her credit.

    I know almost all of the Austin vounteers on the OSA list; some of them very intimately, including Jerry Boswell. Some of them have been friends for over 30 years. Two of them are my son’s step-grandparents, Becky and Porter Baker, who I recently blew the whistle on at Delphi. They are the ones who secretly got my son to travel to Austin, more than likely paying for his trip, and had him live with them and registered him and had him attend Akins High School in Austin, Texas. I was living in Austin, so my son was in the same town, all the while I thought he was at the Delphian School in Oregon. All this was done without my knowledge or permission, thus violating parental laws, all the while getting my son to lie about where he was and what he was doing, and creating a terrible withhold situation between him and me. I have blown the whistle on all this, to DSA Austin, Cathy Norman Sullivan, the CJC PAC, the CJC Flag, and the headmistress at Delphi All of this is evidence, and I threatened a possible lawsuit on Disconnection and Parental Rights. Thinking he was at Delphi going to school when all of this occurred, I continued paying voluntary child support.support, which some people would say is FRAUD. (Lying about my son’s whereabouts in an attempt to keep the money flowing).. The withhold I uncovered was that my son HAD DROPPED OUT OF DELPI two days before his first Disconnection letter, back in 2005. The Disconnection was used to hide this fact. He told me, after the age of 18, that this letter was written under duress. It looks like he did not attend school for the better potion of a year, another crime in the eyes of the law. Amazing what you find when you start “pulling the string” on things that don’t make sense. (Another LRH technique I learned on the Data Series Evaluator’s Course.) The good news is that they labeled my son PTS Type C, (being an immediate family member of a person who threatens lawsuits and/or embarrassment to the Church). By their own policy, he is off training and processing lines. As he has had a psychotic break while in their care, (also failing to inform me of this), I am very happy to know they won’t be giving him any more SQUIRREL TRAINING OR PROCESSING to further damage his mental health.

    So, DISCONNECTION IS USED TO COVER UP CRIMES WITH SCIENTOLOGISTS, JUST LIKE DAVID MISCAVIGE USES IT, TO COVER UP HIS PERSONAL CRIMES. HE SEEMS TO THINK THAT DISCONNECTION WILL STOP THE FLOW OF INFORMATION FROM THE INDIES TO SCIENTOLOGY PUBLIC ABOUT WHAT HE HAS REALLY DONE; BUT THAT IS A USELESS GESTURE AND A BIG FAILURE. His antics of PI’s and harassment are getting the bad information about him on public lines and no amount of ENFORCED DISCONNECTION will stop this flow of information. In fact, it just intensifies it, because more and more on-lines (in CSI) Scientologists are getting curious about all the commotion, and you know how Scientologists are: IF THEY WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING, THEY ARE GOING TO FIND OUT. Scientology is the science of KNOWING HOW TO KNOW, so not only are we trained in communication, (the opposite of Disconnection), we are trained in knowing how to know. So, DM, your PI and harassment technigues are only making your withholds known FASTER, THAN IF YOU LEFT US ALONE! Thanks for doing us a favor and getting your resistance to your withholds known, not only on public lines, in the newspaper and the press and TV, but also on public law enforcement lines! It is the best thing that you could do for us, except for the personal discomfort of those to whom you do this, like Marty, Mosey, Mike and Christie. If you knew your PR policy well, you would know that you are spreading the information about the Indies on your own lines. If you consider us the ENEMY, which I am sure you do, then if you even had a clue about what LRH Hubbard wrote, you would never do what you are doing. The policy is “NEVER FORWARD AN ENEMY CAMPAIGN ON YOUR OWN OR OTHER LINES!” (ALL CAPS in original text.) This comes from PR Series 27, THE ENEMY LINE, from L. Ron Hubbard Policy Letter dated 9 June 1975.

    DM, THANK YOU FOR BEING TOO STUPID TO READ AND APPLY LRH TECH. it just gets the word out faster for the Indies! Thank you for forwarding our cause on your own lines, and the public media, press, and law enforcement lines! In a matter of months, INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGY will be a household word, thanks to your speeding up and helping our mission!

    Catherine von Ach
    Austin Scientology Public since September 30, 1971

  72. Cowboy Poet-Wow-beautiful!!!!!!

  73. I don’t think you understand: Their stats are UP! Screaming affluence! That will buy them the necessary commendations for their monthly permission-of-existence confessionals.

  74. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems with Jan Eastgate’s arrest and Janet Reitman’s book coming out that dm can holler-see the more we do the more attacks we get and now you really have to pour it on and attack. He uses the Tech in such a perverted way. All I’m seeing is he is getting a lot more desperate and finding any reason for his golden age of thuggery (good one Marty!)

  75. Ingrid, wise words of truth, thanks.

  76. Sadly, Travers apparently thinks that pest control means “8-C” rather than destroying parasites.

  77. Wow Sam. Nice ending. Good to see you don’t hold back

  78. martyrathbun09

    Poet Laureate of da’ Indies.

  79. martyrathbun09

    I know – and I am not joking either.

  80. Addition: Sometimes, because the pillar of support is itself under suppression by the oppressor (as is likely the case with OSA terminals and agents), he or she believes they cannot easily switch sides.

    Or, he is unwilling to overtly switch sides because it seems to go against his post. For example, it is usually difficult for the head of the Army to order his troops to take action against an SP “president,” such as Milosevic, to whom he has sworn loyalty, even though he knows the oppressor is an SP. It violates his officer’s code of honor.

    But, it is not uncommon, after you have shown that you are not the crazed criminal and you are Theta, for the general to order his troops to stay in barracks (and not support the president.) when the revolution comes. It is in fact often valuable to have such generals still ostensibly “with” the oppressor.

    If you practice The Tech, sometimes you don’t even know what pillars you have won over. Until you are surprised with help at a critical time!

    Sometimes, it is difficult for a pillar to even go neutral, as above. But, after being won over, they will do what they can, for example, by not working very effectively for the oppressor. Minimally, if you apply What is Greatness and other Tech, it takes the pillar’s passion out of supporting the oppressor, and he or she will drop down to only “going through the motions.” That is a win.

  81. martyrathbun09

    Well said Trey, and accurate. Miscavige is a habitual, chronic victim. Unfortunately, he’s got Corporate Scientologists buying into it as the winning valence right on down to the ethics bait they use to run ops on the streets.

  82. Whoa. That’s more evil than I can think with here. Please say it isn’t so. Is he contributing to their coffers? In what way did this happen and so long ago? What? How does this selling out to Big Pharma manifest itself?

    Randy and Cheryl make HUGE donations. She was taken off of VII for years due to her position with Eli Lilly.

  83. Thank you Sir for being here . I would suspect the case gain of the ‘squirrel busters’ is being strongly affected by their continuous PT overts. So you are helping them also, if they can observe.

    At some point DM will have trouble finding bodies for these case suicide missions.


  84. Komra Moriko

    Poet Laureate Independant?

  85. Michael Fairman

    Your comments moved me deeply. There are pervasive “us” versus “them”attitudes in the world today that lead to divisiveness, distrust, bigotry, hatred. and violence. For me true Scientology is about compassion and tolerance, as you noted it can be found out there. It no longer seems to exist within the world of corporate Scientology.

  86. Beautiful poetry! Thank you very much.

  87. Hi Tara;

    “Why don’t you start your own church DM?”

    Tara, he DID start his own religion. It called the ‘Scientology Religion’.


    More persons need to know this.

  88. Hi Brian;

    I’m hoping one shows up on Ebay soon.

  89. Mike said:
    “When the police ask me why I don’t get a stay away order from them, I reply by telling them its because I can’t in good conscience tell a court that I am scared of them.”

    Mike I just want to tell YOU, You are the MAN.
    You are a real fighter and you look at all this ongoing bulls@$it from such an altitude, ………… they just never dreamed of.

    Marty, this is for me just unbelievable.
    What this “Church” is capable of, I have no words for.

    You guys are strong in your mind and attitude and I thing even if the heat is on, the flames of fire are burning you two are able to experience this.

    The only thing I am a bit sorry, is that your beautiful Ladies (Mosey & Christie) has to experience and be confronted by those mindless robots.
    This is just to much of insanity.

    The days of devil Dear Leader (aka Dear Loser = David Miscavige) are numbered.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back
    3. David Miscavige & followings shall be brought to justice
    4. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as intended and designed by LRH: http://www.savescientology.com

    By the way Dave boy:
    Where is HEBERT Jentzsch – my President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavige – your dear wife?

  90. Great translation IEG!

    Those T-Shirts and sign on their van are a good thing actually. These demonstrate and identify to Law Enforcement their actions of stalking, assault & hate crimes.

  91. And to add to that ABC is coming out with an expose on the Church. Are there any other immediate exposes?
    Again-we need to flow power and support to Marty and Mike, who are really taking the brunt of DMs escalated paranoia.

  92. one of those who see


  93. Ingrid:

    As far as I know when a person is declared an SP, to my knowldege ever their ONLY terminal is the International Ethics and Justice Chief, via the Continental Justice Chief. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Since when does LRH say, that an SP may not be communicated with any other way “except, but, it is OK to send a squad of goons out to their house to rough them up”. As far as I know that policy has never been written so DM is not even doing that right.

    Wouldn’t it be better if the church declared someone an SP, if the just left them alone and waited for the declared SP to decide if the wanted to come back or not.

    I am sure even the police will understand that this is harassment. There are no complaints pending against Marty anywhere except the one’s that the church is trying to cause. They show up at HIS house with a picture of HIM attached to a degraded slogan and expect everybody to just think it’s NORMAL for people to do this.

    Isn’t the Church of Scientology under DM a messed up group of people?

  94. Hi Marty;

    One plus point is that PTS people cause mistakes to be made. These wing-dings are PTS, and so will cause mistakes.

    What the head winger-dinger doesn’t realize, is that those mistakes will make him, head winger-dinger, legally liable. The wing-dings will actually be instrumental in putting themselves and their bosses in jail, where they can all meet Big Bubba’s Winger-Dinger

  95. Very good points David. On an individual basis, have anyone written about these hate crimes to their Congress rep? Perhaps these guys can then exert pressure to Fed law enforcement and others. Find something effective which one can do as Independents – ” LRH said that the Price of Freedom is “constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back.”
    “The crisis within our 3rd dynamic of Scientologists is a very good example of the necessity to pay that price to gain it.”

    From: http://the-scientologist.com/thepriceoffreedom.shtml

  96. Tony Dephillips

    Wouldn’t it be great to get these nut job “squirrel busters” filmed and aired on the news??
    Talk about kamakazi’s.

  97. plainoldthetan

    “Miscavige’s design is clear to us: he seeks to do to us what he did to so many others over the decades – hurt them so badly that they cave and generalize and they come to despise and attack “Scientology” instead of focusing on the source of suppression, David Miscavige himself.”

    This is why I have named and continue to expose David Miscavige as the destructor of Scientology.

    It’s also why I consider I factually EP’d Grade I: “Ability to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish.”

    Of course, I got my grades pre-GAT from real Scientology auditors with the real intention to help *me*.

    Miscavige can’t allow anyone to truly attain this EP anymore or his power and authority would disperse like so much chaff in the wind.

  98. Tony Dephillips

    Good job Centurion!

  99. Totally Priceless – Mike & Christie!

  100. Good God! How many IAS begging events were looking for handouts to “take down” Big Pharma? Joseph Göbbels would be proud of Miscavige and his IA$ collection arm for the propaganda they churn out.

  101. +100 Michael! The ” LA Fall Guys” is the name of the latest Dear Loser mini series!

  102. Luis Garcia

    Excellent, Jim!

  103. Another great one CP!

    There were many bumper stickers in the area which stated: “Hemet is Heaven”. Perhaps the new ones should read: “Hemet is Heaven & Gilman is Hell” in honor of Dear Loser. 😉

  104. Good one Synthia!

  105. The Law of Affinity in DMSMH is another fundamental of the Tech that is ignored while Disconnection and the “We are better than wogs” attitude is championed.

    It’s really Nazi like, isn’t it?

    That is not LRH’s Brand of Scientology.

  106. Luis Garcia


    I agree with you that the loser can’t think about tomorrow. I would go even farther and say that he can’t think about the next minute. It is a technical fact that confront goes down in direct ratio to overts one has committed. I’d say his confront is at ground level. Right now Dear Loser is in the Freewinds for Maiden Voyage, rubbing elbows with the most fervent and implanted kool-aid drinkers, the “creme and the crop” of his “church.”
    I guarantee you that he is sweating it and his withholds are being missed left and right because the dissent has grown widely. Any sort of “funny” or unusual look by anyone is going to miss his withholds and cause him to loose it. But the environment that he is in now will make him restrain himself from losing it.

    And at the end of the day, after he delivers his goobledygook speech, he has to go out and socialize with the very people that he deeply despises, but make his existence possible.

    A living hell indeed.

    And no… I do not feel pity for him.

  107. Is Miscavige pursuing a scorched-earth policy? Could it be that he knows the game is very nearly up, and is desperately extracting the maximum possible cash out of the remaining die-hards via the IAS and the Ideal Org scams? He ‘knows’ that Scientology doesn’t work for him (continual overts have anything to do with it perhaps?) and so he is doing his best to make sure it can’t work for anyone else.

    Not content with interfering with the grades and OT levels, he is destroying what is left of the reputation of Scientology and the CoS with clearly insane and very public bully-boy tactics against those who dare to stand up to him. If you want further proof, just look at the way his goons dealt with the first court appearance of Jan Eastgate in Australia earlier today. Only a madman would think that was the correct way to handle the situation. Real churches don’t behave this way.

    To those sitting on the fence – and I know there are a lot of you who are standing back ‘waiting to see what happens’ – how much longer are you going to wait before you do something to save yourselves and the subject you profess to love so much?

    Pretty soon, you won’t have anything left TO save.


  108. Luis Garcia


    You nailed it! I agree with you one hundred percent. I too think that his ultimate goal is to destroy Scientology. The tech alterations, the abuses, the crush regging, the goon squads, etc., are but the methods to achieve this goal.

    I think he may feel he is running out of time, thus he is accelerating the destruction process.

  109. Luis,

    You got it 100% right amigo.

  110. Touche’ Marty, spot on!

    YOU are an inspiration.

    Were it not for your creation of this site….I for one would not be sitting here savoring the theta comm, fabulous pros, & new-found friends.

    Count me in to support you, Mosey, Mike & Christie.

    ML, Midge

  111. Marty,
    Love the label and noted that: Golden Age of Thuggery still has it’s “Situation” (which was incorrectly labelled as the “Why”) of the “Blind leading the blind” from the ’90s! That Dear Loser “eval” isn’t handled or done! It really won’t be until he takes off for Bulgravia or meets Bubba.

  112. +100!!!!!! 🙂

  113. simonbolivar

    Very nice said Sam, I’m with you totally.

  114. Precisamente! Very perceptive exterior view, though he made no bones about it with the insiders. That is precisely his attitude on those MVs with the IAS people mollifying him with luxury entertainment, diversions & food.

    I imagine the security aspects have quadrupled with very fine filters for those attending though the pool of public numbers have dwindled.

  115. You called CD!

    Actually you remember those Dianetics’ Ads that my ol’ friend Jeff Hawkins put together.

    If not here is a little reminder:


    Scene: a labyrinth of some kind.

    Question: What drug handles depression?

    (depression is basically considered a neurosis unless its severe or what is called clinical depression)

    Answer: Pg 363

    (That’s the Publication Org edition and the later Bridge Publications hardback edition before it was altered in 2007.

    In fact the section on “Drugs” is totally missing from the newer editions.

    But anyway the answer is there CD)

    Zoom in on exploding Volcano.


    By the way CD I don’t think all pharmacists are evil.

    Just the ones who sell out to the Corporatist Fascism call Big Pharma.

  116. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” -Thomas Jefferson

  117. martyrathbun09

    He sold out to Eli Lilly in 1994. Any penny collected under the representation it was to take down big pharma before or after that is purely fraudulent.

  118. Yea, I agree with you. He’s got his minions convinced that “we” are the SPs, therefore according to LRH “we” must have crimes. His minions have lost the ability to look, so they only listen to what they are told by Miscavige.

    What they really don’t know is that Miscavige is simply dramatizing what LRH describes in History of Man, “The intent of other beings was to make this preclear into a willing or unwilling but at least obedient slave or to gt him out of the area and keep him running away thereafter or to nail him into complete useless immobility.”

    What is really driving DM insane is that we are not running and we are not engaging in his GPM and we are not succumbing into useless immobility (like most of his minions). We are BEING HERE and we are COMMUNICATING. And all of his pathetic attempts to implant us back into silence are being mocked for the ridiculous antics they are.

    He is on the verge of viewing the fact that his overts really have been exposed, that his valence is being confronted, that his evil purps are being looked at directly. At some point, unable to continue his dramatization, he will explode to the point where even his most loyal PTSs will have to abandon ship.

    tick toc

  119. Tony DePhillips

    This is all pretty hard to think with.
    I NEVER would have thought that the “church” would stoop this low.
    It defies any kind of logic that what they are doing will have ANY kind of positive benefit to Scientology.
    Why the authorities do not step in is another conundrum to me.
    My whole estimation of the human race is sinking while I watch how gullible the Kool aide drinkers are and how people in position to stop the madness, just seem to stand by and watch.
    Thanks again Marty and Mike and Mosey and Christie and all the others who are helping to fight this madness.

  120. Tony DePhillips

    The Creed says “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.” And of course that, “no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights overtly or covertly.”

  121. Marty,

    I think what we might be looking at here also is that David Miscavige is slipping further down tone.

    He Is displaying signs of DESPAIR as his overall tone. He seems to be ranging from Covert Hostility, down to Numb (likely what he is trying to achieve with the drinking)

    I think he is starting to realize that he has lost control of the situation. He seems to be desperately throwing everything he has at you and Mike and the other “movers and shakers” of the Indie movement. He has become totally frantic. And still, nothing he is doing is making his problems go away, in fact everything he is doing is making things worse for him. He is losing, and he knows it.

    His recent promise to release Super Power and OT IX and X are probably simply signs of his dipping down even as far as PROPITIATION, or perhaps even SACRIFICE, as are some of the other recent changes he has made. He is trying to “buy off” staff and public, so they will continue to support him.

    Next stop…. TERROR!

    Eric S

  122. Tony DePhillips

    I thought that this deserved a repeat also. Karen #1 posted this awhile back and I thought it was one of the most applicable references I have read on this subject and proves how off source miss cabbage is.

     Attitude and Conduct of Scientology
    4th London ACC, 3 November 1955
    From Pages 1-4 (transcript)
    “The next thing we’ve learned [in the first 5 years of active organization] is that organizational problems are best resolved by Scientology and that there are exactly two methods by which personnel can be handled – two methods. And these are very sharp and very definitive, organizationally. They are handled in one of these two ways…
    The two ways of handling those who are not getting something done is, one, process them and, two, disconnect them from the organization but not from Scientology. Got that?”
    [LRH then clarifies that we assume these people are Scientologists.]
    “But we do not, I repeat, do not, separate them from Scientology or Scientology organizations, nor at any moment fail to give them organizational support or cooperation in the starting of any new activity in which they wish to engage for the benefit of Scientology. You got that?
    “In other words, the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth, is not only – not only difficult to do but does not work. That’s just the end of it. It just doesn’t work.It’s for the sea gulls. That might work in Gestetner Limited or Westinghouse, but it does not work in Scientology. Got that?”
    …”When a person becomes part of Scientology in general or the organization in particular, they are part of our own time continuum. And enturbulences which affect them and separate them out of an orderly existence, kick back madly all the way across the whole set of dynamics and you have apparently practically offered to kill somebody. I think mere capital punishment is not a fitting description of comparable magnitude.
    “See, you say, ” Well, that’s all right. Don’t come around to this group anymore. You go away. Now that you have been booted out, why, you’re off of communication and we’re not going to do anything for you and don’t associate with us anymore” and so forth. This creates one awful reaction. I’ll tell you why I know it creates one awful reaction. These people don’t spin necessarily, but their retaliatory gestures demonstrate that they have received a motivator of enormous magnitude. I can tell you how it seems to them by what they do.
    “They practically devote the rest of their lives and all of their actions and attention and everything else to trying to get even with you or remedy the situation somehow or something. This is one of the more fabulous things, so that it must be something of magnitude.
    “It evidently doesn’t compare to simply being ejected out of a country or ejected out of some kind of universe or out of a family or something of the sort, you know? It isn’t evidently of comparable magnitude. This is a very great oddity I wish to point out to you.
    “In the first place, Scientology is a road out of and into universes.”
    […] “I merely wish you to look at the enormous actions undertaken by people who have been ejected from organizations and otherwise. They seldom go off and suck their thumb dismally. They seldom do this. They might go completely into apathy…, [but t]hey usually come in there fighting with violence; they’ve got to do something of magnitude.”
    * * *
    “See, we don’t quite understand the magnitude of the injury and the magnitude is considerable.”
    * * *
    “It’s because they are people of good intention. And by saying that these people are not fit to associate with us anymore, we have told a lie of magnitude. This is not true. It’s never true. You got it?”
    From Page 9
    “Our inability to understand the actions of other Scientologists has a very fascinating barrier. The limitation on our understanding is simply this: we say they have bad intentions, and that is a lie. Got it?
    “So the whole situation is liable to enturbulate around that postulated bad intention. That’s what enturbulates the situation. That makes a lie.
    “The situation then becomes unsolvable. Because we’ve entered a changing factor called a lie into it.”
    From Page 11
    “The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.”
    From Page 13-14
    “Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve.
    “And it never solves by being tough.”
    * * *
    “It is proving more and more and more, that it’s not a safe thing to do [ARC break a Scientologist]. Not a safe thing from the standpoint of a vested interest, or something like that, to attack Scientologists. They’re too agile, they communicate, they talk. Get the idea? I mean, they do upsetting things. They don’t go back and sit down apathetically and say that’s the end of that.
    “They write letters. They do things. They think of ideas. They think of ways to get a communication line through.”
    From Page 17
    “What do we really have of value in the organizations of Scientology? The only thing we have of value, actually, is Scientology, an understanding of life, increasing ability to communicate, a good concept and grip on reality and the ability to like guys. That’s all you got.
    “When you knock out one of those or degrade one of those, you’ve got less than you had before. You’ve got less organization than you had before.
    “When we drop the various points of the ARC Triangle in their fullest meaning, we drop also the assets of the organization. And I mean that literally. I mean we drop the mimeograph machine, just like that, you know. Bang!”
    * * *
    “And there’s only one more thing that we could know that would make us all feel very, very relaxed about the whole thing. There isn’t a person anywhere in Scientology who has bad intentions for Scientologists or their fellow man. And that point all by itself is very well worth thinking about the next time some trouble arises in your vicinity, because that is the truth. And if you handle a situation with that in mind, you will solve the situation.”

  123. Tony – this is no problem for Davie McSavage. After all, he’s clearly a greater agency then God Almighty. I mean come on!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  124. Cowboy, you hit it out of the park!

  125. Marty, great post. The COS has nothing left. These thugs have the mentality of wantabe soliders. It is this type of crap that just destroys any credibility that was ever there to begin with. Marty, thanks for keeping the tech pure.
    Love Carol

  126. “One drops a curtain between those areas of his life which he feels it would be very, very dangerous to confront.” – LRH from a lecture entitled “Confront”

  127. Les-What makes it worse is not only are we not running away we are applying the Tech and getting wins!!!!! The real crime

  128. Lana Oye-Dm feels he can rewrite Tech so why not any Justice policies. However, all this will backfire on him.

  129. I stand with you, Marty, count me in. Brilliant post, well done.
    To all you beautiful thetans here, thank you.
    We’re going to win.

  130. THEM VS US

    There is a huge inferiority complex deep under the SUPERIORITY complex Miscavige dramatizes.

    He is at war with one and all around. He has taken the THEM vs US to a level to be dramatized in every sector of Scientology culture.

    Sea Org VS public
    OSA vs “OSA particle”
    IAS vs public to be regged

    etc etc

    Then he took it further.

    at Gold Base

    a hierarchy where GOLD and CINE are bottom of the barrel.
    RTC vs GOLD
    so much so they he would ORDER the divorce of a spouse if they were demoted to the “very inferior” GOLD crew.

    Miscagive conceives himself as Supreme, in a Master race vs lowly plebians
    He considers himself TOTAL source.

    We recognize him as NO Source.

  131. Never knew Miscavige but I saw first hand Jan Eastgate’s suppression and destruction of CCHR.

    Hi RJ, I’d love to know more about this. I was a passionate supporter of CCHR. It’s sad to see a human rights organisation, one that has done some truly extraordinary and inspiring work over the years, be let down by its parent. A parent who is publicly recognised more for human rights ABUSES than anything remotely constructive. (Think Amnesty International being run by Robert Mugabe). Along with the news from Marty that DM sold the CoS (and by extension, LRH) out to Eli Lilly in 94, well… Very, very sad indeed. 😦

  132. Okay, I didn’t get that part.

  133. Eeee Gad! What dastardly villians we are:)

  134. Tony Dephillips

    Your a good man Rich!!
    You coming to the party?

  135. Scott Campbell

    Exactly Michael,

    I’ve always thought that Nationalism, Racism, Sexism, Ageism and Religious intolerance are nothing more than tools that the Antisocial/SP uses to make people be bodies. When looking at a person through the lens of bigotry, one does not see the being – one only sees the body.

  136. Ingrid honey, it is almost as if actual LRH references are a thing of the past in corporate Scientology. The references exist but they don’t use them. The orgs are idle because of this and trampled all over by the press, Anonymous and others not even so situated. It is a major event because real results would literally PULL the public right in and onto services from wherever they are in life. Almost every single person I have ever gotten into Scientology has left or been declared. If I were more highly trained {like you} I would deliver auditing in my home. I don’t care what the Church of Scientology would think about it. Who are they to me and what business is it of theirs?

  137. Lana,
    Ingrid is correct. The stuff is simply invented – such as “Provisional SP declare,” and those in the Hole at the Int base are all declared, yet are still “in”‘; and trotted out for Anderson Cooper, or Int Events or whatever “Missions”, errands that suits Dear Loser.
    The closest these atrocities come to is perhaps “Fair Game” but that’s apparently been cancelled by LRH decades ago! There just isn’t understanding insanity and illogic.

  138. Thanks Bobo. I always thought that “Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard” stuff was bulls#!t.

    I want to say that I am outraged by this, but as one looks down the rabbit whole it just keeps getting worse. The entirety of the Radical Corporate Scientology monopoly is a nightmare come true. David Miscavige, his RTC stormtroopers and the IAS all deserve to be treated like Nazis – Nuremberg style.


  139. Scott Campbell


    Maybe what scientologists are experiencing are the actual rundowns for those levels!

    Miscavige is really a genius and he has released IX and X on an unsuspecting public (As instructed by LRH in a secret advice personally discovered in the Hidden Data Line Archives by His Willylessness, David Miscavige).

    In order to develop the Character needed by scientologists to operate as OT’s, the Dwarfinator himself, David Miscavige, has personally overseen the delivery (at great personal sacrifice) of the massive fraud, abuse and out tech needed in order to get scientologists to confront the Orders of Magnitude of how bad things can get.

    Genius, pure genius.

    On second thought, nah. What Marty said.

  140. Mother of Grendel

    I’ve always felt that “wog” translated into “I can’t disseminate so I’ll dramatize my K-A ser fac by calling you a nasty name.”

    Funny, back in the day when we had real courses and trained real auditors, we used the dissem drill, and had Scns and those we hadn’t reached yet. Now, as was pointed out in the last post, we have Basics, not auditor training – and instead of disseminating, we just insult and make wrong.

    I hate the word “wog” and I will not let my friends or family use it.

  141. What constantly amazes me is that those very same OTAs he despises go ahead and suck up those marching orders and execute his public relations programs.

    I guess those who are perceptive simply don’t attend a week’s worth of black dianetics and implantation.

  142. Marty, you just helped me to see more of the Big Lie. I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon. There is a pattern to all of this that I never spotted. As with the IR$, so went Big Pharma. Set up a noisy front group that collects handouts, send out the IA$ tithe/tax collectors to create a dangerous environment and fleece the sheeple, and basically make yourself so ugly that the mark will pay you to go away.

    Back in the day there was CATS (Citizens for an Alternative Tax System) that was allegedly a grassroots movement for tax reform. David Miscavige must have shut them down after the IR$ settlement, and the C of $ even became tax enforcers. The IA$ collected a lot of handouts during that time, of course.

    Then there is CCHR. Made a lot of noise until Miscavige got paid off, and then he defanged them. Meanwhile, IA$ is creating a dangerous environment and the sheeple get fleeced once more. Miscavige made himself ugly enough to get paid again, and the sheeple are told they are winning the war while the Pharmaceutical Industry is recording record profits.

    God, was I fleeced! I was a sheeple – I paid into all of these 😦

    This is right out of PAB (Professional Auditor Bulletin) 13.

  143. Mark Fisher

    Right on Karen!! This “Us vs Them” mentality that DM harbors and encourages is not Scientology.

    Scientology is about helping mankind. Why degrade and put down those you are trying to help.

    I hate cliques and always have and DM started his superior behaviour many years ago. This was evident in his attitude and viewpoint on Gold staff members.

    It also got perverted in my opinion with the public. All these “Statuses” that the IAS had were not Scientology. Just because someone donates millions of dollars doesn’t make them anymore valuable than an Auditor who is auditing PC’s every day. They are both the same in my opinion. They are people who were there to help.

  144. Hi Howard;

    It really is an ugly scene, isn’t it.

    Have you read the Scientology Cult website? I used to wonder how it was possible for something like the CofS to become so perverted so soon. That site give a lot of the inside skinny as to what went on, and by who and how.

  145. Marty, Mosey, Mike and Christie,

    Thanks so much from the bottoms of our hearts for taking so much heat so the rest of us can Flourish and Prosper! And we are! ml, Laura and Mike

  146. Hi Axiom142:

    Hitler did take down the whole of Germany with him, and he waited until he had done so before he blew.

    DM may well be on the same path. He definately is destroying the name of Scientology. I guess he figures that if he does come back, if such a thing is true, heaven forbid, he at least has undone the one subject that could still expose him.

    No future for Scientology = a safe future for DM, that kind of computation.

  147. Marty and Mike

    The group Anonymous have created an Excel spread sheet type of document of the OSA operatives/volunteers revealed on this blog

    The beauty of it is that it can be sorted by Alphabetically and in other numerous ways. It has much clarity for reading.
    Click here ~~

  148. Hi Tony;

    Thanks. This is one of the most theta observations LRH ever made. It is pure theta.

  149. I am a pretty cheerful person all the time Sinar, but I got into a fight with another woman at the org I was at because she said something to one of the people that I got on services and she {my pubic friend} came back and told me and I knew this wasn’t true about her and asked her {the EO} what right did she have to do that?

    Do you want to know what I got for answer? I was told “Lana, just shut the fuck up. What the hell would you about programming people’s cases? Do you want to get your ass declared?”

    Yeah. I want to get my ass declared because I don’t belong in a criminal organization like that, which makes up things to people I care about to rip them off.

    Perhaps now you can see a little better, why I prefer to stay under the radar? I would like to see that church come back and say something about it to me.

    What the hell kind of answer is that from an Ethics Officer to ME talking about my friend of 10 years?

  150. Sam, Right on!

  151. Scott Campbell


    Thanks for telling us this story. I agree that Independent Scientology (and Independent Scientologist) is becoming a household word.

    I’m also glad that you are out there fighting for our rights with your organization “Moms Against Disconnection”.

    That is truly an abhorrent practice that needs to end.

    L, Scott

  152. Great post, Marty. But I disagree with the reluctance to put in place court-ordered restraining orders. These things help local police skip a step in enforcement. Without one, the police normally have to directly warn someone to stay away, then wait until they are again caught trespassing to arrest them. With the restraining order in place, the police may arrest the person immediately. Then it is up to the arrested person to explain to a Judge how their visits to you home are legitimate – an impossible task since you’ve made it very clear they are not to visit. View this as a tool, not an admission of fear. DM needs to be reminded that he lives in the U.S. and is subject to all of it’s laws and can’t just hide behind the ones protecting freedom of religion. I am sickened by how DM has treated children in the Sea Org, including protecting a child molester. I know with absolute certainty that this is not Scientology.

  153. With this business model the possibilities are endless.

    Example: They’ve got the Earth Organization http://www.earthorganization.org/ as a front group. This group and their celeb shills can hit up people for money to solve global warming, cleaning up the gulf oil spill, etc. The IA$ can pound the robots with the “dangerous environment” message and visit them in the middle of the night for more handouts. And the “climate change” never has to end so this can go ad infinitum.

    Miscavige and his Nazi wannabe’s are insane.

  154. Totally agree, Just Me. Every time DM’s brain dead goons attempt to harass or stalk Marty, Mike, Amy, Matt or anyone else who was interviewed by the FBI regarding DM’s cult, that harassment is another count of intimidation of federal witnesses. Adding more and more years onto DM’s ultimate prison sentence.

  155. All I can say is to the chubby guy with the shorts on: yo, chubster, the map you got is useless, the food you seek is in the dumbster (sic) right beside you. The cupcakes are in the dumbster, the blue one, under the cardboard. RIGHT THERE!!!!!!

  156. More good news. Thank you Jack UK for this update on Jan Eastgate. The media says IF she is convicted she could get as much as 14 years in jail. Why shouldn’t she be convicted? Would she try to convince the world that she is the head of a civil right or human rights group and she is unable to tell the difference between a violation of a juveniles rights but can go around the globe elucidating WHY Psychiatry is not humane? Is it possible a person can be educated enough in human rights not to know when a child has been molested?

    You don’t have to ask me, but if you are looking for a prediction of Jan Eastgate’s future, I would “Bye bye Jan Eastgate”.

  157. “Local Scientology Goon Squad”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_8fpw1DVVs

  158. Yvonne Schick

    Dearest Marty, Mosey, Mike and Christie,
    Thank you for being there. Thank you for the stand you have taken. Thank you for caring. Thank you for persisting. Thank you for being in communication with us so that we can know what is really occurring. I appreciate that you are willing to be the lightning rods for DM’s wrath. You have earned your place in our history and the gratitude of future generations. Much love, Yvonne

  159. They are becoming known for provoking physical violence. The mere fact that they showed up to beat down anyone who wanted to film or photograph this woman that contributed to the abuse of an 11 years old child says it all.
    The man that abused her has confessed and is doing jail time already!

  160. RJ wrote: “In fact the section on ‘Drugs’ is totally missing from the newer editions.”

    That’s not correct, RJ. The section on “Drugs” is still in the newer and newest versions. And it is verbatim identical to the original DMSMH text.

    However, words like “marijuana” and “opium” have been removed from the Index (in the back) of the newer editions, while those words were in the Indices of the original book and most editions of DMSMH through the early 1980s.

  161. This is an omen. I can see David Miscavige now leaving a courthouse. And the rest of them that have meddled with justice can probably see it too. For themselves. These people are willing to do prison time for the Church. They come in to go free and end up behind bars. Because someone somewhere didn’t have them do the anti QandA drills!

  162. Jethro Is In The Zone

    I agree Mark; I never cared for the term “WOG” either. Asians prefer to be called Asians, not “Orientals”. Also, a “wog” means “a guy who isn’t even trying” which calls up some old racial stereotypes. I’ve always seen it as a racial slur, even if used as a “joke”, besides creating an “us vs. them” mentality. I’ve also seen the usage of the term give some scientologists a false sense of superiority which is very common in cults. Judge a person by his actions, not his race.

  163. I am not 100% sure of this Sue, but a little certain having gone through a divorce with a husband that cheated on me, came home drunk, and when I asked him about her, he punched my head through a dining room cabinet and stormed out of the house. He came back the next day with flowers and said he was sorry. That marriage as you may have guessed ended not too long after however I got a restraining or on him. He is the reason I went for auditing and with his money as well. And to my knowledge a restraining order is only good for domestic situations when one lives with the person whom one believes need to be restrained. The law may have changed, I am not a lawyer, I would have to look into it, someone else might know. But…

    I think in Marty’s case he would have to get their names, file a complaint and a judge would have to decide that those people are not allowed X amount of feet or yards in proximity to Marty and or his wife and their property in order for them to get in big trouble. I don’t think that is the same thing as a restraining order, but it could be but Marty doesn’t live with these people so it’s different. I think. If you learn something, I would like to know too.

  164. Spot on, Karen.

    Compulsive, near universal opterming, straight out of R6.


  165. Just to be a tad more specific here, what I mean is that when I filed the restraining order on my ex-husband, I did not go to the court. I called the Police and filed a report BUT I had to go to the county office building to the child and family protective services and THEY issued the restraining order and the judge signed it and the next time he came back I called the Police and they came and TOOK him from inside the house. He had to surrender his keys and a whole bunch of stuff bit I did not have to take him court first to do it. I just went to the county and they did it for me, same day.

  166. Great observation, Mike.

    They want to goad you into doing ANYTHING that can be, in ANYWAY, interpreted as:

    (a) being a criminal act; or

    (b) that, though not illegal, shows you as supposedly being mentally unstable.

    You are very smart and don’t need anyone to suggest what policy to follow. All I can say is, “Don’t give them what they want, even if the act is ‘justified.”


  167. Oh, I get it now. She was probably getting orders straight from DM. God forbid that comes out in court right? No wonder he has people there fighting for her body!

  168. Domestic restraining orders are different, but the process is similar.

  169. Reminds me…when I got put onto Tom Cruise’s Silverscreen million dollar bus construction, I found out that the company building the bus was owned by Bob Schoellhorn, who was the ex-CEO and Chairman of the Board of Abbott Laboratories, a huge American pharmaceutical company.

    I reported this up to DM’s communicator, Laurisse Stuckenbrock , and questioned if we should be using this company and suggested we choose a different one. Seemed it was a good idea since Tom was being so vocal at the time about the horrors of psychiatry and publicly admonishing Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants.

    Her response was a huge ridge. She accused me of giving her a problem and said “What the fuck do you want me to do with that?!!”

    So, Mr. “You don’t know the history of psychiatry. I do” got his beautiful bus, and Bob Schoellhorn made a nice 6 digit profit, directly from Tom. And it seems DM didn’t mind. So long as Tom thought DM was super cool and saved the day.

  170. Yes, it is not cowardice to expect the laws to be followed.

    As a Scientologist, I was really against even SEEMING like I was a victim, to the point if someone hit my car in a minor way, I’d brush it off.

    The same thing with emotional assaults. But, wait, in cases like these, where the game is being played out in a non-Scientology environment (hold on to your horses for this one) the victim wins!

    There is an old saying about a street fight:

    “The loser goes to the hospital and the winner goes to jail.”

    In non-violent warfare, you want to be the loser in a physical confrontation. This idea can take a while to get comfortable with (particularly if you are a Second Amendment-oriented person!)

    Because, you are never trying to win a confrontation! Or, actually, you have redefined what is a “win.” A win is:


    That usually has to do with documenting the oppressor victimizing someone – and that someone might be you. Having for years thought of myself as a tough guy, who does not take any shit, it took me awhile to get used to that one!


  171. Synthia,

    There was some discussion of this previously, on the “James Gang” thread, here:


    Some of the CoS attack ads in USA Today in 1991 directly attacked Eli Lilley. During the 1999 or 2000 MV Event, in his summation of Scientology’s “wins” of the past decade, DM announced that the CoS had agreed to a “settlement” with Lilley for an undisclosed amount of money. DM stated that “we were well pleased” with the settlement. The CoS in turn promised that it would never again publicly attack Lilley.

    I felt betrayed; but DM presented this as a “win”.

    We speculated that DM and the Feshbachs (and possibly other CoS/IAS ‘high rollers’) took advantage of these events to sell off Lilley stock before it dropped, which it did significantly after the ads were run, and then profited again by buying up Lilley stock after it was driven down by the ads, thus profiting twice within a few months, as of course Lilley stock did climb back up in value after awhile.

    I watched the MV Event on video, don’t know if it can still be found or if there are any uploaded somewhere. An excerpt of DM’s “confession” of this would be great for Youtube. It was straight out of the 12 Antisocial Characteristics:

    8. Many antisocial persons will freely confess to the most alarming crimes when forced to do so, but will have no faintest sense of responsibility for them.

    As I recall it, he actually blushed with pleasure(or embarrassment?) when he announced this “settlement”.

  172. Good lord! It’s always worse than I think. Thanks for answering Valkov. Much appreciated.

  173. LDW, great observations.

    What happens often is that if the oppressor is confronted, but only with TR-0, and is given no motivators, he becomes more and more desperate to try to get a reaction – to create an effect.

    The hatted non-violent warrior does not Q&A, and just continues to be there, without any hostile response. Not even antagonism or bullbaiting. Now, the oppressor really goes crazy!

    This drives him “into the open.” HE takes aggressive action more and more directly. His viciousness becomes clearer to all. And, sometimes, per C/S 22, he will have a complete psychotic break, he will blow, become terminally ill, etc.

    You win, he loses.

    It takes a great amount of discipline to do the above. You have to reject a lot of normal emotional reactions. But it has been more than piloted and it is the most effective tech.


  174. Yes sweetheart. That is correct. And the reason why I mention it is because I know for certain that DM and his band of goons are just waiting to sidetrack Marty and get him caught up in some kind of legal red tape over these matters. So that when Marty is looking in Direction A they can then re-attack from Direction B or some other possible blind spot. This is how these nuts operate. Marty always does the right thing and just keeps his cool and the only thing you ever see on video because of it is the Police talking to the people that are harassing Marty, not talking to Marty about the people his is harassing. I don’t think Marty even sets foot on church properties. That is the only reason I mentioned it sweetheart the way that I did.

    Who the hell would want to go through for example a nasty divorce like the kind I did a second time? {LOL}. Dealing with Scientology can be that way.

  175. DM, OSA, OSA volunteers, you can come in with the props all you want, there are people that KNOW. And you KNOW we KNOW. Remember? Scientology is KNOWING how to KNOW? For all of you that are working to COVER UP KNOWING and the TRUTH, you have failed in this game. You are in every sense of the word ANTI SCIENTOLOGY.

  176. Yvonne:

    Well said dear.

    I think that a 4th of July sparkler designed for pre-school children as celebratory fireworks on the holiday carry more spark than DM any day.


    Well said Yvonne.


  177. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks BoBo. I like it too.

  178. This is how IMPOSSIBLE it has become. To get through a danger condition, one must become honest and straight right? An 11 year old kid is coached to lie. They will never become honest and straight in the Church. She and her Mum had to leave the Church to get honest and straight. The father got honest and straight, he confessed and took responsibility. Do you think DM and CCHR and OSA will become honest and straight? No. They will do what DM tells them to do. You look at the video of the staff sent to protect Jan coming from the courthouse. When the reporter says “They will provoke you” they are sincerely incredulous. They have never seen the other staff stalking Marty. They do not have a clue. DM is not honest and straight with his own staff. He will NEVER get honest and straight and rise above a danger condition and he is the head of the Church! What condition do you think the Church is in then?

  179. Fully agree. Well said!

  180. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Jim.
    Can’t wait to have more laughs at the party.

  181. Good post Sam. I’ve had a very similar experience.

  182. She recently did her OT Preps at Flag. Unless there’s two “Jan Eastgate”s.

  183. I had a huge cog in reading this post and replies. Not sure what exactly sparked the cog and do not want to steer off into other areas but here it is.

    I got that by covertly steering Scientologists away from becoming auditors, the public at large are placed in a position of being totally dependent on the “Church” for auditing as only the “Church” has auditors (at least that seems to be the goal). At least by their actions, this seems to be the intentions. Also, without auditor training, which trains an individual to DO, the individual is stuck with only theory on how to do. Without the training on how to handle others, the “church” public are left at effect of those who ARE trained to DO, thus making them (public) robots, hence the army of thugs. Also by enforcing the arbitrary 3 swing FN, case gain has almost been eliminated in auditing. This will without question result in total annihilation of the subject. There is no hope for the current “church” with this fundamental operating basis in place. Total failure of the organization that I was so dedicated to is inevitable. I do not say that with pride but much sadness. The only way is independence.

    As a result, today was a rough day for me. I also got from reading this blog today that DM is very much suppressive. This, I am sure is a technical fact. It was mentioned earlier today that some feel that DM’s W/H’s are being missed. I disagree. I do not think he has any remorse. I personally feel that his case is a technical fact: Suppressive. The day he comes to realize what he has done he will do himself in. He may be doing it now (thus others observations of his w/h being missed) with this psychotic behavior he is displaying through his virtual army of thugs. If this is the case, the walls are caving in on him as I write. His most trusted aids are dwindling in numbers and dedication. Will he take the cyanide? Put a gun to his head? Hitler did. I would prefer he come to his senses as the tech can help him also.

    A heart felt “Thank You” to those that continue to expose the fax, and I sincerely wish the best to those that hard working individuals that joined staff to help their fellow man only to be lied to and threatened with having their families ripped apart and their spiritual freedom put at risk for thinking outside bars. Once this is all sorted out, I will hold no grudge except to retain the memory of how this all came about, in the hopes that I can do my part to prevent it from happening again.

  184. Tony DePhillips


  185. Tony DePhillips

    Good data JB!

  186. CD,

    This kind of data was published long ago(1994) by Peter Breggin in books such as “Toxic Psychiatry” and “Talking Back to Prozac”. It was well established by 2001, when Dr Joseph Glenmullen, a Harvard psychiatrist, published several level-headed books about SSRI antidepressants and their downside. I wonder when the article you quoted was written and published? These kind of study results have been available for 20 years.

    What happens in the brain is called ‘down regulation’. The artificially maintained high levels of serotonin (caused by the SSRIs) cause the body to let serotonin receptors in the brain to die off, in an effort to maintain an appropriate level of the the substance in the synapses.

    Peter Breggin has published probably 20 or more books about various aspects of psychiatry, all well footnoted in support of his conclusions.

  187. Tony DePhillips

    Very well said Yvonne.

  188. Tony DePhillips

    Are the clowns still there??
    What did the police say about them?

  189. The BBC Panorama program with Mike and Marty which aired some time ago only in the UK will be airing in the US! This is more good news for the Dear Loser.

    Spotlight: Secrets of Scientology
    Timezone: P M C E
    Sunday, July 3rd 04:00 pm
    Friday, July 8th 08:00 pm
    Saturday, July 9th 04:00 am
    DIRECTV Channel 375 | DISH Network Channel 9410

    LA36 Los Angeles, CA
    Check out special Link TV programming on cable Channel 36 in Los Angeles, Mondays 7pm-8pm and Saturdays 11pm-12am. Shows are also re-broadcast at various times throughout the week. Please visit the LA36 program schedule for more information.

    New York City, NY Cable Channel 34 in New York City features Mosaic daily at 9:00am and other Link programming Monday evenings 11:00pm-12:00pm.
    Check out the MNN website for more information.

    KRCB Bay Area, CA
    Digital Cable Channel 22, airs Link TV programming Monday through Friday from 1am to 5am. See KRCB’s website for more information. Available in Sonoma, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, Oakland and Contra Costa county.

    eaTV San Francisco, CA
    In San Francisco eaTV Channel 27 airs Link TV all weekend long, and also at these times:
    – Monday through Friday from 12-7a
    Please view eaTV’s program schedule for further details.


  190. Marty, it might be a good time to get in touch with some power players in Hollywood…
    – New reality show idea/s
    – New TV series
    – New movie
    I am joking, sort of….
    This stuff is priceless, don’t you think? lol
    Although, the whole thing might be too weird even for Hollywood writers, it’s just too surreal. It’s amazing how far some people can go, when they are convinced they are doing the right thing. Oh my…
    Hope you and family are smiling.


  191. “Just because someone donates millions of dollars doesn’t make them anymore valuable than an Auditor who is auditing PC’s every day. They are both the same in my opinion. They are people who were there to help.”
    Let me tell you this Mark, the REALITY IS, just because someone donates millions or even trillions and not helping himself with his OWN personal hands, sweat, time, effort will NEVER make him near as valuable, as if he would do that, like an auditor, sup, consultant, FSM is doing.

    There is even a specific LRH reference of this which explains all this money giving and so on is just a substitute for yourself and will NEVER make you a FULL member of a group or movement.

    But of course, like a lot of other things, this Idea and valuable peace of data has been perverted again in the “Church” of Scientology under the beautiful leadership of the only one, superior human being, Taliban David Miscavige.

    As a result you have now some big donors and regges, which are putt in a godlike superior position, compared to the only working, auditing and supping inferior beings.

    How twisted can “HELP” get – “Church” of Scientology.

  192. Jack,
    After Jan Eastgate took over she got rid of the ED and most of the staff who worked on investigations the ones responsible for busting Charter and NME (National Medical Enterprises) plus much of the Qual staff which included yours truly and kept mainly the regs and PR.

    Basically she knocked the ability of CCHR to get actual products and concentrated on PR and regging.

    This is pretty much what happened.

    I know I’ve written about this before but probably not as succinctly.

    Actually it was Thoughtful Steve who pointed out that she operated much like an SP by getting rid of all the good staff which is exactly what she did when she took over.

    Of course she gave all the “reasonable” justifications for doing this like much of the investigatory staff where former psyche cases etc.

    (Fact is that they were very competent because they had a first hand reality of what they were dealing with)

    That they didn’t need a Qual staff section because staff could get audited at the org.

    ( an utter fallacy since anyone auditing CCHR Int staff needed OSA clearance.
    The only reason I was allowed to audit them was because I had GO clearances which were pretty much the same.)


    Honestly I think part of the reason she got rid of Tanya our ED was because she was jealous.

    You see under Tanya we had managed to shut down a multibillion dollar octopus known as Charter and one of its biggest subsidiaries National Medical Enterprises who were well connected to SMERSH while Jan’s claim to fame was shutting down a small private facility known as Chemsford.

    Either that or she was working for SMERSH or it could have been both.

    Who knows?

    That’s purely speculation on my part.

    But what isn’t is the fact that CCHR became totally ineffective after that while pretending to be while regging huge sums of money.

    In fact there may be a parallel here….hmmmm… 😉

  193. Thanks Marg,

    I was trying to find it as a reference because a PC of mine asked me what Ron had to say about pot and I couldn’t find it in this person’s new edition because it wasn’t listed in the indexes so I figured it had been removed.

  194. When a post is left empty, it will be filled. As soon as it was recognized that Davey had let us down on Big Pharma, things improved far beyond expectation here. Personally I regard people like Wolffers, Dehue, Dokelaar, Steen, Bouma, etc, with great respect. They’ve provided our government the rational and scientific justifications for cutting down on free market pharmaceuticals, vaccination and labelling. They’ve provided the data needed to restrain Big Pharma here and reduce crime, prisoners and the unlimited budgets for psychiatry (that still protests heavily but in vain).

  195. Great comment, POT,

    Did mine Pre GAT as well. BEST auditing ever. Was it perfect? No. But, man, did those cogs come at me like bullets of theta! Pew! Pew! Pew! 😉

    Love you all…

    Centurion (here is some theta for you all – Pew! Pew! Pew!) lololololol

    (sorry, too much Heineken tonight) 🙂

  196. +++++++ UNBELIEVABLE !!! +++++++

    JB, this is not very important, just curious:
    This kind of disrespectful communication and mood was it more the normal or the exception on the Int Base?

    Laurisse: “What the fuck do you want me to do with that?!!”

    Bum gangster – my dear Lou!

  197. Very revealing: I never knew TC indirectly sponsored Big Pharma while stirring up controversy so they could start big lobby campaings in its trail! Thank you very much Mr. “You don’t know their history, I do”.

  198. The media says IF she is convicted she could get as much as 14 years in jail. Why shouldn’t she be convicted?

    She may not even turn up. Her travel ban has been lifted, according to the Sydney Herald.

    She could actually be innocent, of course. 🙂

  199. Yes I second that without them feeding the information to date it would be hard to understand what the reality is They are highly appreciated. A BIG THANKYOU.

  200. Its adding evidence to against DM all the time.

  201. Sue
    You couldn’t have put it more clear DM is not above the law ,and some one needs to get this across Him via the courts . DM’s mind is a world of his own, and what ever valence that is is not in the real world .No its not thow in this world and he here existing and abides by the law just like ever one else does.. An no amount of money, Or lawyers, should agree to such abuse, swirm around the law as it appears he seem to think he can
    HE CANT . In this country in UK and Switerland if you are visited
    without permisison and prooven harassement you can be arrested There is no question. Its invasion of privacy and especially in Switerland your
    not allowned within a certain boundering of ones own own property to enter.

  202. Jack.
    Please Clarify the data you mention reference of DM sold the Cof S ( and by extension) , LRH out to Eli Lilly in 94 . Where’s this link and make it more clear to not every one reading all the links related to it

  203. Sam, I agree with you completely about LRH’s viewpoint re: wogs. When I was at the Creston ranch with LRH we had many contractors and workers on the ranch. LRH knew them all and he liked them and treated them with respect, and they liked him.
    One in particular was Dave Barker. Dave worked for us for 2 plus years. He was my right hand man. LRH used to love to talk to Dave and he was like a member of the family. He would always say ‘hi Dave’ and Dave liked the old man. Dave was as upset as the rest of us when LRH left. By the way your comment was very well written. Love

  204. Firebreathing Frog

    I got recently that the producer of Mediator (a drug killed people here in France) was a big donator of IAS. Any data on this anyone?

  205. Firebreathing Frog

    While reading a book, “Summer Meditations” by Vaclav Havel, former president of Czechoslovakia, I stopped at the following statement from Mr. Havel:

    “They say a nation gets the politicians it deserves. In some senses this is true: politicians are indeed a mirror of their society, and a kind of embodiment of its potential. At the same time – paradoxically – the opposite is also true: society is a mirror of its politicians.
    “It is largely up to the politicians which social forces they choose to liberate and which they choose to suppress, whether they rely on the good in each citizen or on the bad.
    “The former regime systematically mobilized the worst human qualities, like selfishness, envy and hatred. That regime was far more than just something we deserved; it was also responsible for what we became. Those who find themselves in politics therefore bear a heightened responsibility for the moral state of society, and it is their responsibility to seek out the best in that society, and to develop and strengthen it.”
    – Vaclav Havel, from “Summer Meditations.

    How does this apply to the current scene: does Scientologists have what they deserved as “government”?

    Or is the “governing body” of Scientology that seek out the worst of the Scientologists?

    Let me have your comment on this.

  206. theoracle, yes! The thing about these times is that as we’ve all seen over the past 18 months, there are no secrets anymore. Any and all secrets or people abusing power (not that DM’s behaviour is a secret) are being shown in broad daylight.

    Could it be that Jan will throw DM under the bus in an attempt to save herself.

    Whatever happens we are witness the final showdown and like any good finally, the final fatal bullet always comes from THE MOST UNEXPECTED PLACE.

  207. AzulCeleste

    Mr. CP, your work blows charges 🙂

    And did you guys notice the body language of the officers on Marty’s video? Were they screaming “I don’t want to be anywhere near you nuts” to you too when you watched it?

  208. scilonschools

    Mr Rathbun I hope you will indulge me with this request to address David M through your Blog

    Dearest David, I am sorry if Scientology let you down.
    It contains all knowledge of good and bad, not for use but understanding, if you could not grasp the misguided futility of attempted dominance of the known MEST universe (which contains less than 5% of the known universe and much less of the Greater, check out Dark Energy and Dark Matter), then Scientology has truly failed you.
    There is still time to go back and study Standard Tech, and luckily there are still some who can Audit it.
    If after such a long journey it would be a loss to miss the ‘Party’, some things are undesirable no matter how inevitable they seem.
    David find somebody whether it be Marty or another , great Thetans are above Ego and Deceit , and would always welcome you while there is still time.

  209. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Karen. And thanks to whoever did this.

  210. martyrathbun09

    It is progressively becoming the Cult of Pab 13. Mike Rinder did a post relating that to Miscavige directly some time ago – can find on search feature. I believe it is entitled On Miscavige’s Behavior.

  211. martyrathbun09

    Scott, thanks for finding the reference on that one. Been using it since pre-school.

  212. I give a big salute to you and Mike. It seems like Chiq is angry about those squirrels too.

  213. Richard Hirst … chub thug. The owner and founder of TASC? http://www.tasc-wa.com/about.html

  214. Marty,
    all I can say is ….
    this is one of my favourite songs,but now,all i can see is D.M. listen this and think about U….

    cause u are his “one & only”…..
    big hello …..Croatia.

  215. Marty — It was titled “On DM’s Behavior” 13 February 2010. https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/on-dms-behavior/

  216. The anatomy of a problem: US vs THEM.

    Theta the solver as opposed to theta the problem. Analytical behavior vs reactive behavior. Just another example of how Scientology has become inverted by this mad man.

    And how his followers have become unable to analyze.

    Theta the solver.

    Theta the problem.

  217. mrinder,

    Maybe that’s why DM is interested in the Nation of Islam: to learn the tech of the veil. Instead of requiring black curtains, OSA operatives can simply don “The Veil” and claim religious sanctity. It’s portable and easy to clean. And you don’t need hardware to string the curtain.

    Harassing you and others would be legally protected due to the custom of “see no evil” as protected by Amendment 46 of the Constitution. The argument would be that they could not practice “see no evil” if there were no evil to see. Because you are evil, they are religiously bound to seek out you and Marty and your minions (who are all obviously evil) so they can practice “see no evil.”

    Veil Tech.

    Which brings up the reason why disconnection does not exist as a practice in Scientology. You can only disconnect from something that exists to disconnect from. Since those who warrant being disconnected from don’t exist any longer as real and valid terminals, there is nothing and no one to disconnect from.

    Which explains why I am neither reading this nor writing this.

  218. Sinar,

    I tried to get them to do it on 4 July but they had other programming already scheduled.

    But I think 3 July in celebration of Independents Day is pretty good as the party will be in full swing.

    Trying to arrange to get Direct TV installed at Independents Ranch before then!

    Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else….

  219. Marty

    Are “Character” and “Orders of Magnitude” from LRH originated Classification, Awareness and Gradation Charts?

    Has anyone else compared the actions of DM and his minions to the bottom part of the awareness characteristics?

    There used to be drill where you found a person’s ruin and moved them up to “demand for improvement” so he/she would reach for Scientology. If you study the lower awareness characteristics you’ll see DM’s reversal of this to drive individuals lower and lower. It’s no wonder the church operates at such low awareness.

    Understanding the lower part of the chart is very, very important in understanding what has happened in the RCS. It shouldn’t be glossed over. DM is intentionally driving the church toward the bottom: unexistence. It’s not accidental or haphazard.


  220. Rory Medford

    At what point on the time track did DM go mad? He is on self -destruct mode for himself and Radical Scn. When will the sheep in his flock wake the f*** up? Since getting out of the grips of the money hungry corporate SCN my life has sky rocketed across the dynamics. Those on the fence jump over its liberating!!!!

  221. Hi Hadley, I’m referring to comments made by Marty, Mike and a few others here under a recent post. Valkov linked to the discussion earlier today: http://bit.ly/lcOSei

  222. Yes, FOS, and tiptoeing on industrial espionage as well. He was a customer of our company and disconnected when we left the CofDM many months ago. Two weeks ago, he wanted our sales manager to tell him how we manufactured one of his circuit boards. Apparently, our shop was the only shop that could do it well. Of course, our sales manager declined to give him our proprietary info.

  223. Thank you for communicating the truth. It is very sad to witness Scientologists conducting themselves in this manner. Do they really think they will save the planet doing this? I am very thankful that I have seen the truth and no longer drink the Koolaid – amd I was a zealot Koolaid drinker.
    Radical Scientology is not a winning game – it is a losing game for all.

  224. ottocscotto

    Marty, I am not even remotely … “offended by this type of talk” as you put it. Indeed, it’s high time this information, or at least the facts underlying it, are widely known and confronted.

    I do, however, wonder why so much apparent HE&R is displayed in your posts and the comments to your posts. There is no question but that DM is an SP. No question but that the “Super Power” installation is an implant station. No question but that DM’s intention is to destroy all workability, all positive PR Scientology may have come to enjoy.

    All this is absolutely true.

    But, in my many, many, many, many years of representing others before various kinds administrative, civil and judicial bodies, I have never seen it help someone’s case to speak in emotional terms like ‘mayonnaise sandwich eating’. The most damning speech/argument/indictment I ever heard did not include one single solitary word of anger or accusation. The facts, when properly presented, will do all of the damage. The HE&R doesn’t help and only serves to diminish the underlying message.

    None of this is, btw, an indictment of you. I think you are marvelous. I applaud you. I just wish that your accounts of things were a bit more piercing by being stated more effectively (in my personal opinion).

  225. I would like to think so but the design and who was behind it eludes me. It is like stabbing in the dark although it might come into view in the future.

  226. RJ, thanks for sharing that. Much appreciated! 🙂

  227. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I am about seven chess moves ahead of the little one. He thinks that he is baiting me. Stayed tuned.

  228. It is pretty clear thankyou for the link

  229. So simply put, David Miscaviage is the biggest WHORE in the history of the planet. There is nothing he won’t do for money. He would sell his father if anyone would take him. He sold us all out.

    ML Tom

  230. Going to be an intresting day like to see US response to the airing of the BBC programme when done.

  231. Tony DePhillips


  232. Nicely put I must say.

  233. Exactly the point . Thank you for mentioning that . because DM’ showned and acknowledged more to those with money by some weird recongition adding inportance with it , Or have some celebrity status behind the name .
    Such a mispresentation of the fact , and also of one as a being and the value of people and who they are and what they do in life. Thats regardless how much he or she has done in scientology. The name of the game surposely was Improvement betterment of ones self was shown by DM as secondary prioroty

  234. Where you get that information link from within France ?

  235. Yes LRH he had non scientologist working at ST Hill on the grounds and house hold staff, all were highly respected by all of the family and other staff

  236. Tony DePhillips

    ‘mayonnaise sandwich eating’. I loved it Marty!!
    If this blog became a sterile legalese type show, it would be a lot less interesting to me.
    I guess opinions vary.

  237. Bobo~Thanks for the link. I do have this info from these sources.
    If David Miscavige were a respectable man with anything of value to offer, he’d start the Church of David Miscavige and not suck all possible theta out of LRH’s legacy. That’s the simplicity of it. He has NOTHING to offer of his own.

  238. That is an excellent post. I recommend it to everyone who hasn’t read it yet.

    Thanks Mike.

  239. According to Miss Pert on ESMB the guy in the brown jacket is OTVIII Len Collen
    The asian lady with the umbrella is Churlya Wurfel OTVII or OTVIII

  240. Impartial English Girl

    Thank you Sinar. 😉

    I totally agree with you about the T-shirts. They do make the bots look like prats though (I mean, more so than usual)!

    IEG x

  241. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, but yours counts more than most.

  242. IEG,

    Seriously you gotta translate for us cousins here on the board.

    What’s a “prat”?

  243. MQ,

    Unfortunately there are those who work in the dark crevices and places who are never or rarely ever exposed to the light.

  244. “Most recently, TASC has been very active in the Homeland Security arena, doing various design and manufacturing projects for use by the U.S. Navy and the DOD. Additionally, the U.S. Army has benefited from the manufacturing skills TASC possesses with the addition of a computer inter-connect device utilized on the M1A1 Abrams Tank.”

    What a surprise.

    Another FOD with connections to the MIC.

  245. Erwin,

    Ron writes about sanctimonious hypocrites in the PR series and Mr. Cruuuuise as about as sanctimonious as they get.

  246. Firebreathing Frog,

    I think it is many of the elitists who support Miscavige because he is an elitist.

    He tends to mirror elitism and the deviance associated with it in my opinion.

    If these people stopped funding him. He’d fade away like a bad cold.

  247. I think the Article might be an educational or conversational piece written for students since the writer was a University teacher.

  248. You’re very welcome Synthia.

    I think DM is a MEST being. His enablers are MEST beings too. From some of the most recent posts above, it appears the Lilley thing may just be the very tip of the iceberg. Possibly many pharma have been paying DM “protection money” (through the IAS) to prevent him from running another big spread of attack ads in USA Today and elsewhere.

    I’m thinking these are close to the kind of people LRH diclosed the existence of, in RJ 67. I saw in the1960s, how drugs (LSD etc) were disseminated into the society in order to Dev-T and suppress the social activism that was happening in the USA. Much of that idealistic activist energy was diverted into “turning on, tuning in and dropping out”, instead of the positive social reforms and changes that energy was first focused on.

    I believe much of that energy was released when Ron stated “The OT Course has started!” and people were starting to complete the original OT levels. From the viewpoint of those degraded and degrading beings, it needed to be stopped. Timothy Leary and the like spearheaded the effort to nullify actual and potential activists by getting them spaced out on psychedelic drugs and promoting a passive introverted lifestyle. This led to the wholesale social acceptance of pharmaceuticals as “good” and the easy acceptance of “better living through chemistry”. That’s not to say useful drugs have not been developed, but it has gone a lot further than that.

    Not to mention the wholesale creation of “illegal pcs” – pcs it was now more dificult to process. The Purif was developed by Ron in response to this problem.

    That’s my “conspiracy theory”, but I saw it unfolding before my own eyes. The anti-war, pro-peace and civil rights activism of the time was rocking the status quo. The military draft was suspended as a result of it, and it was just cresting when the drugs were pushed onto the scene.

  249. And who ever is Churlya Wurfel ? for those that don’t knwo

  250. Of course she gave all the “reasonable” justifications for doing this like much of the investigatory staff were former psyche cases etc. (Fact is that they were very competent because they had a first hand reality of what they were dealing with)

    More division; that’s sad. And surely a discrimination against some of the very people CCHR purports to help. I have read that Jan has a pretty significant psych history herself (multiple ect) which, if true, seems somewhat hypocritical. But then, why am I not surprised…

  251. Midge,

    Are you the Midge who used to be a Playboy Bunny and was a devoted Worshipper of the Sun God Ra?

    If not, never mind. If so, please ask Marty to give you my email address. I’d like to get in touch again.


  252. Valkov darling!

    I love it when you talk conspiracy like that!

    It turns me on!!!!!

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m already married and wasn’t so compulsively heterosexual I’d propose to you 😉

    I have a good friend who knew Leary personally back at Millbrook and here in SoCal when he was hiding out with the “Brotherhood of Eternal Love & Peace”.

    Yeah the guy was CIA and I don’t mean the Culinary Institute of America.

    You look at Leary and at least the guy had smarts and compare him to someone like Miscavige that they’re pretty much scrapping the bottom of the gene pool.

    You gotta pity those poor SPs when ya see what they gotta work with these days.

    Anyway Val you know you can always get back to me and we can reminisce about the 60’s…..well maybe you can because I was too young to remember…unlike others who had other reasons why they can’t remember them 😉

    Remembering that famous line:

    “If you remember the ’60’s then you weren’t there”


  253. Exactly Jack!

    I wouldn’t hold the fact that she was a shock against her. In fact I’ve known a few and even audited a couple of them who were good people.

    No it’s the fact that she was being so hypocritical.

    But what do you expect?

    By the way I placed Jan as a phony the first time I saw her.

  254. Oh wow!

    A Playboy Bunny!


    You can give her my email address too and tell her to send me some pictures 🙂

  255. martyrathbun09

    I think if you google her you’ll find Headley revealed she was the first totally manufactured IAS medal winner – a bottom up production of Golden Era Studios. Of course many followed.

  256. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  257. I wouldn’t hold the fact that she was a shock against her.

    Oh lordy, no of course not. Absolutely not. That’s not what I was getting at.

    No it’s the fact that she was being so hypocritical.

    That’s what I was getting at. 🙂

  258. Scott Campbell


    Please clear the following definition from MODERN MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY DEFINED:

    “HUMAN EMOTION AND REACTION, the counter emotions and reactions which aberrated human beings express when they are guided toward survival objectives. They are usually below 2.0 on the Tone Scale. (LRH Def. Notes) Abbr. HE & R.”

    The Church of Scientology is certainly not guiding Marty, nor any of us Independents toward survival objectives. Why do you consider the ‘type of talk” on this blog to be HE & R?


  259. Is Jim Moore the Jim Moore that surfs the net for the CCHR ?


    Antipsychiatry Coalition – NO SCIENTOLOGISTS or CCHR


    Jim Moore

  260. What a bunch of Morons.. yeah…

    Just shocking… A church that magnifies the smallest matters..

    If you handle the BIG job.. I guess you have to create some small jobs..

    You just have to sigh and shake your head.

  261. OOOp

    If you CAN’T handle big jobs.

  262. Yes, but even though it’s known for 20 years, focusing attention on the situation helps our government in their fight against psych and pharma abuses. The solution can’t come from within the group that only agrees to the bank solutions it has in common, not unlike Davey’s cult that can’t dig itself out either.


  263. CD,

    We actually had pretty good cred with the anti-psychiatry movement until Jan Eastgate Meyer or whatever they’re calling her took over and the Cruise missile tried too take out Matt Lauer.

    After that they didn’t want to have anything to do with CCHR.

  264. CD, “anti-psychiatry” has existed as a movement since the 1960s, and criticism of the way established authorities have treated “the insane” has existed for centuries in Europe, and even back to the 1600s in the Americas.

    “Antipsychiatry” as a movement was actually propelled by the activities and ideas of R.D.Laing, a UK psychiatrist and the patients who were looking for more constructive alternatives to the existing institutional systems, which were very authoritarian and tended to be all about making individuals adjust to social norms. Psychiatrists and psychologists were originally nothing more or less than state-sanctioned “social police” and enforcers of the sociopolitical status quo of the societies they operated in.

    Now there are many groups who are ‘critics’ of psychiatry who have no affiliation with CCHR or scientology, but are composed of consumers who have experineced psychiatric services such as ECT, for example. To be a member, one must have received ECT, for example. No others allowed. They often call themselves “survivors” groups. They lobby the government for reforms, provide support to others with similar experiences, etc.

    Most critics of psychiatry are similar to critics of the CoS. They are psychiatrists, psychologist, and ex-patients – all people who have experienced the psychiatric system from the inside.

  265. Hvala, koki. Dobrodoshli. Kako ste?

    (Thanks koki. Welcome. How are you?)

  266. Yes, it’s always worse than I think too, Synthia. It is totally1.1, that’s why it is so hard to credit. It’s “Betrayal in the name of help.” DM seems to exemplify it. Nothing is what he and his cronies say it is. It’s all a scam. What they have and do is not scientology at all, it’s a fake. Pseudoscientology is a good term for it, coined by another poster here.

  267. Can’t ad anything. It’s the truth

  268. The Auditors get the best education in Psychology through the PABs, DM wants slaves not Able men.

  269. Impartial English Girl

    Haha! Hello RJ!

    A prat is what you fellows would probably term a bozo, a douche. Basically a fool who could locate his own nose on a clear day. A prat is not a good thing to be. Miscavige is King Prat.

    Happy to assist with any other canine/English – US translations!!
    IEG xx

  270. Impartial English Girl

    OOPS! I meant, of course, to say “a fool who could NOT locate his own nose on a clear day.” And now I feel like a prat. Do forgive – it’s 9.15am on Sunday morning over here, and it was a bit of a party-night chez IEG & Jazz-dog last night. I write in a booze-addled haze. Jazz-dog got up, started howling when the daylight hit his eyes, and has gone back to bed…
    Keep smiling folks!
    IEG xx

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