Mike Wilson

Hi! My name is Mike Wilson.

I’m from West Texas and I’ve been in Scientology since 1976.

I’ve done all the original OT levels, OEC, FEBC and the New OT levels. I had great wins with all of it with the exception of OT8.

In fact, it wasn’t until I went to the ship in 2006 that I realized the out tech being run on a personal level.

I had suspicions that Miscavige was squirreling LRH’s tech with all the changes, GAT and the new books. It was when I read Mr. Luis Garcia’s letter (the most beautiful doubt formula I have ever seen) that it became truly real to me how bad things are.

In March 2011, my wife visited Marty and Mosey’s home and was declared within days. I was subsequently declared without being contacted or told by the church. I found out later from friends I knew from Flag that, I had been declared. I still don’t know why exactly, but I’m guessing it’s my connection to my trouble making, but cute, wife.

I recently met and visited Marty and Mosey and found out Scientology is still Alive and Well! The wins I had during the visit were unlike any I have ever had before! It just goes to show that Real LRH works! I got my life back and I’m operating on a whole new order of magnitude!

Thank You, Mosey, Marty, Chiquita and Cat!

Love, Mike

p.s. Mosey, I’m still dreaming about your blueberry pancakes!

Keeping Scientology Working

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  1. Yvonne Schick

    I am so happy for you, Mike. You won’t boast on yourself, but we know how very much you have contributed to Scientology – the real Scientology. You have been instrumental in introducing a huge number of people to LRH and thus improving their lives for all eternity. I am so very happy you made it to Marty’s and had the profound pleasure of your wins.

    I am proud to call you friend and look forward to hangin’ out with you.

    I think you will be discovering you have more REAL friends than you ever knew.

  2. That’s what you get for thinking for yourself. More freedom!

  3. Very nice to meet ya, Mike! 🙂

  4. Holy Crap Mosey! Those blueberry pancakes are the stuff of dreams! Offer them to the wing-dings and they’ll join our side.

    Hi Mike!

    Very glad you and your wife have connected up. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  5. I am very happy you found standard tech with Marty. Welcome and well done.

    Somewhere on the outer rim, LRH is smiling.

  6. Welcome! Short but very sweet write up! Congrats!

  7. Welcome to The Gang Mike. Very nice accomplishments along the way to OT! Looking forward to meeting you. Dang you look familiar.

    ML Tom

  8. Mike, you are a hero! Congratulations on getting your life and universe back to where it belongs…….To you! 🙂

  9. Well done to both of you!

    … and Mosey, boy, those pancakes look delicious!!

  10. Good lord!
    Those pancakes will bring down the walls of Jericho!

  11. Mike,

    What a great letter. You communicate your experiences and viewpoint with great simplicity and clarity. And therefore, it impinges with great power.

    “Real LRH works.”

    Keep Scientology Working

    Music to my ears. Made my day. Thanks.

  12. roger weller

    mike are you willie b wilsons son,that i knew at flag i early 80s

  13. Tom Gallagher

    What a couple ‘a handsome mugs! Well done Mike! And Mosey, you’re making me hungry.

    I’ve got a feeling, though, that mestcabbage is readying another limp assault on the independence flood. In fact here’s video footage………….

  14. Hi Mike,
    Congratulations on being out and your new Freedom!!
    It’s a WONDERFUL feeling to be free of that Cult…Very well done!!! Your beautiful THETA shines through in your picture.
    ML, Rebel Girl Lori. 🙂

  15. Θ_ΘTaterPie/GaryLerner

    Yep, that looks like a meeting of Tom C. and Dave M. BWHAHAHAHHAHA!

    Failure to launch!

  16. Scott Campbell

    I glad I couldn’t smell those pancakes… Just looking at them brought me to the edge of foodgasm!

  17. Mr. Wilson – Not only looking but also sounding goooood. Nice to see you on Marty’s blog. Are those low fat pancakes? Even if they are not you still lost weight.

  18. Θ_ΘTaterPie/GaryLerner

    Welcome Mike! Very happy to have you on the dark side of true happiness 🙂 !

    Your “torch for the house that dm ruined” awaits, master.

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (a villager with lots of torches to bear against Count Miscavige)

    p.s. Those blueberry pancakes of Mosey’s are just downright cruel to show without getting some to eat!!! 😦 — droooollll

  19. “The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his
    fetters fall. Freedom and slavery are mental states.”
    (Mahatma Ghandi)

    Thanks for choosing Freedom.
    Thanks for choosing truth.
    Thanks for choosing your wife.
    Thanks for choosing your friends well.


  20. Greetings Mike,
    It is good to *Meet you*. I am a former auditor of your father the legendary Willie B Wilson.
    Who would have thought (back then) we would meet one day.
    Look forward to seeing you in the near future.
    Blue Skies !

  21. Scott Campbell


    Well done and welcome out. That Marty’s a helluva man, ain’t he?

  22. Hi Mike, and welcome!

    That is one astute wife you got there, and I am glad that you both now have greater Freedom. Casablanca is a wonderful space, and now it comes with a 24/7 freakshow courtesy of DM, for your entertainment pleasure. The only case gain they are preventing is their own.

    Another stellar product from Marty and Mosey. VWD!

  23. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Mike!!
    You Texans just had to have upstats before the Indy party didn’tyou??
    That’s cool. This is the game where everyone wins!!

  24. Mike — Awesome!

    I know some Operatin’ Texans have staunch loyalties to various alma maters. No transgressions intended here because this video is a tribute to you and the Casablanca de Tejas pancake house 🙂 who do send a clear message from Texas to various suppressive elements, eg Davie Miscavige,

    Bruce Pratt

  25. Hey Mike,

    congrats to your great gains – and, if I may state so, to your “trouble making, but cute, wife” 😉

  26. one of those who see

    Hey Chris,
    Time to play “Texas is on Fire” again.
    So happy for you Mike.
    And Bravo to your Auditor and the maker of those pancakes!

  27. Welcome out of the C of $. Glad to see you made it out of Little Miss Cabbage’s Golden Age of Tech. The alterations he has made will destroy the C of $.

  28. Michael Fairman

    Mike and your cute trouble making wife,
    Welcome to the world of trouble makers. We’re causing a ton of it for those who have chosen obliterate true freedom. And welcome to the fight. We will march on to victory — Mosey’s blueberry pancakes on every plate!

  29. Eileen Clark

    Welcome, Mike and your cute wife, too.
    Well done for holding true to your own integrity.
    Hope to see you both soon!

    Mosey, are you gonna make some of those awesome pancakes next week…Pleeeeaaaseee.

    L, Eileen

  30. Hey Everyone, That is not an actual picture of my blueberry pancakes… 🙂 Although, Marty says mine taste better than those look (but he’s biased) 😉

  31. Marty:

    You look fantastic and really happy too, and so does Mike.

    I am glad to get acquainted with ya’ll.



  32. Nice to see another being walking tall.

  33. Hi Mike,

    So glad to hear your story and your gracious willingness to be upstaged by the most awesome looking pancakes I have ever seen! Damn, I hungry now.

  34. Rocio Garcia

    Hi Mike,
    Congratulations !!! I see a very nice person, happy soul and clean space. Welcome to the sane group.

  35. SaveTheTech

    Hi Mike Wilson

    What a wonderful photo of you guys! Pure Theta! Made a big, big smile on my face. It will last forever.

    I just love this quote:

    “It was when I read Mr. Luis Garcia’s letter (the most beautiful doubt formula I have ever seen) that it became truly real to me how bad things are.”

    I can’t agree more. I thought the same thing, it was a beautiful Doubt formula.

  36. I like your writeup Mike Wilson.
    West Texas boys are an epitome of true and free.

  37. Gertrude Schutte

    Btw DM you can try and blame Marty, et al, but it’s all YOU< YOU< YOU, stand up like a man and face it and RESIGN!!!!!! If you really care about SCN but we all know you don't and won't.

  38. Welcome, Mike. You connected up at a great time. We embrace you! L, H

  39. Yvonne Schick

    Sorry, Tony. We aren’t finished yet. The big question is will Marty have time for all the postings before the Indy party.

    And, yes, we all are winning!

  40. Gertrude Schutte

    Check this out:
    This list is now out like wild fire in the Scn field. Was tipped off by a Non Scn of all people, who tipped off 3 Scn friends and were flabbergasted at the audacity of it, they had no idea before this and are now very interested in a way CofM would not like. Very bad PR for CofM. OSA you gotta know you just tipped off 3 other people into a search which will spread all on it’s own…..no thanks to me but your own stupidity for fighting the wrong enemies and putting together the most stupid list ever.

  41. Hi Mike-Isn’t Standard Tech fun? Between that and blueberry pancakes I see F/N TAs. Welcome!

  42. Mike, Wonderful news and thanks for being here! Looking forward to meeting you in a few days! 😀

  43. Scott Campbell

    Now whad’ja have to go an do that for? Half of the enjoyment was thinking that you had made them!

  44. Scott Campbell

    I second that motion. Excellent doubt formula.

  45. Welcome Aboard!


    P.S. to Gertrude – you are right.

    Ethical senior execs in major corporations resign, even when innocent of the wrongs of which they are accused, when their PR gets so bad that they become a liability to their group, or even when they are simply no longer effective because their PR has been so damaged.

    They recognize that even if they did nothing actually wrong, they are responsible for their own condition and their impact on the group is senior to their immediate self interest.

    David Miscavige clearly puts his personal, 1st Dynamic interests WAY above those of the group he purports to care about, and certainly above LRH’s mission to save mankind.

    It appears he would rather watch the most important movement on this planet go down in flames, as it is, rather than be wrong.

    This is a Condition of Confusion, although that sounds high.

  46. Hey Mike,
    Welcome to the land of the real troublemakers – the sane, free ones that are truly having fun! See you in a few days and look forward to some great conversation with you and Laura. Love, K

  47. Mike,

    Great to see you’ve come over to the rowdy side. We love handing losses to the Little Bastard. Hope to see you at the shindig on the 4th.


  48. Scott Campbell

    Marty loves getting blamed. And I blame him for that.

  49. Gertrude Schutte

    Last but not least it’s the young ones that have tuned into this that are internet savy and otherwise and haven’t had their comm lines cut and I can guarantee you once the CofM tries to cut those affinity lines, it’s going to be deadly…they know what they know and will cut through the bullshit like a knife…wrong enemy…try targetting the terrorists instead you stupid idiots…or stop paying attention to the yapping dogs & forge ahead in putting out the real fire….and stop protecting DM’s puny ass and all his squirrelling…

  50. Mike,
    Congratulations! You and Marty look great! Well done and your proclamation! Helps all.
    Mike, do you have a brother? When I was on L11 at Flag years ago, I met one son of Willie B. and his then wife but it was not you. We were all in the Ls HGC. Do you have a brother and what he up to? Still with his wife? I even remember the beautiful dog they brought to Flag, before the rules changed. The person I believe was your brother, his wife and I all had dinner one night in the Hibiscus (not sure if the name is correct)? and I was so blown out on L11, I was a walking, talking , enlightenment particle. Your brother bought L11, the next day. Willie B’s then wife, who was your brother’s FSM at the time, thanked me the next day. Nice people. I liked all of them. Never did meet your father but heard he was an amazing man.

  51. Cowboy Poet

    Good to see you making yourself at home.

  52. Cowboy Poet

    Damned nice!

  53. Mike, I am s000000000 happy for you, well done! Freedom is what it’s all about!

    Mosey, I am coming for those pancakes!!!!

  54. Mike, thank you for speaking out.

  55. Tony DePhillips

    This is starting to sound like a conspiracy…

  56. Yes, and most of all — truly, most of all, thank you for choosing your wife.

    The C(orporation) of $(cientology) demands your loyalty despite what any thinking person can observe about it.

    The C of $ would prefer you throw your wife, husband, spouse, lover, father, mother, sister, brother and bestest friends under the bus rather than address his/her/their/your concerns regarding its reprehensible activities.

    It wants only to separate you from love.


  57. Rory Medford


    its nice to see you found LRH in its pure form again, without the DM additives, preservatives and other garbage. Its nice to see the Independent field kicking ass and giving people who knew DM;s brand is a waste of time.

    Hopefully many more people on the fence will jump over and stop supporting the DM regime of altered tech and crush regging.

    It was a great choice MIKe to join this group.

    Good luck

  58. Go Mike, Go Laura, Go Marty, Go Mosey, Go Texas, Go Indies!

  59. Gertrude Schutte

    Yes, DM’s only last hope is to harass Marty, Mike, et al, to such an extent that they can’t take it anymore and shut down and buy into the millions of dollars offered to them to shut up. Then he will proclaim his victory far and wide to all the idiots that have their eyes wide open but shut. Meanwhile his squirrelling holds no bounds. What he wasn’t counting on is that there are beings who hold values far beyond his own countenance than he could have imagined. YOUR INTEGRITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR IMMEDIATE LIFE. Way over the little midgets head, btw where is your wife little one???? Maybe you should have listened to her, she could have helped you…you’ve now become a freak…RESIGN!!!!!

  60. Congrats, Mike! I wondered where you’ve been. Though we have yet to meet in person, somehow I knew you weren’t here… You’ve been there!
    Yup, she’s a real trouble maker. I’m not sorry I encouraged her along.
    VWD and looking forward to shaking your hand!
    Your friend,
    John B in Midland

  61. Doc "Smith"

    Hi Mike, Good to see you again. We used to hobnob in the hourglass in the early 80’s. Say hi to the troublemaker too. I also fondly remember Willie B. – what a class act, and Monetta was quite a character too. I have to say if Willie B were still around he’d be kickin’ some A**, but I guess he left that up to us.

    Mark Elliott

  62. Luis Garcia


    Welcome home!

  63. Well Mosey, nothing for it now but for you to make good on that picture! You’re going to have to start making blueberry pancakes that look that good and taste as good as Marty says they taste!

  64. Thanks Mike!

    I’m sure DM got some tone arm action upon reading your wins from Casablanca.

  65. Theo Sismanides

    I am so glad to see you Mike and to read your declaration here! So welcome to the Indies! A whole new world for us, here!

    I am more than glad Mike to see you with Marty in that photo because of one other thing that I am thinking:

    What is happening in the U.S. is so important. Now we are talking about American Indies as compared to European Indies etc.

    I believe that the U.S. is waking up. I have said it many times but I will say it again. 10 years ago it was not like that in the US. There was more Freezone in EU than in the US maybe.

    Now I think this is changing thanks to Marty and all of those American Indies.

    LRH had said in Hymn of Asia, the danger comes from the West. This is why he taught in English… Once again the danger in Scientology comes from the West, Miscavige but that gangster has now many more cowboys surrounding him more and more.

    This is why I am so much happier to see the American Independence being declared day after day by so many American Indies now.

    The Giant has woken up!!

    Welcome again and may you have the best of times now in Scientology, you and your wife.

  66. Great to see both auditor (Marty) and PC (Mike) are F/Ning big time! 🙂

  67. Welcome back home!

  68. That was very theta.

  69. SaveTheTech

    James I think you might be correct, DM is in some undiscovered lower condition? Scum sucking pollywog?

    In normal companies, seniors like COB, CEO, CFO, etc… resign in these ugly PR circumstances because (if not a self-imposed exile) other people in the organization by-pass the senior and handle the dangerous situation.

    As you know, this by-pass does not happen to Scientology’s COB because DM destroyed LHR’s balance of powers, destroyed the ethics and justice system, destroyed Int management and made a dictatorship for himself to inflict his personal cancer throughout the organization. Ugh! It’s so obvious and so not Scientology!

    A headlong mass exodus is happening because of DM’s dictatorship and because he makes so much noise with these stupid harassment antics of Marty and others. He should have left it alone. His childish antics only increase the exodus.

    Thanks to Marty and the others in the Independent world, Mike Wilson and others that follow, have a friendly and humanitarian place to go to after escaping the materialistic and cruel Church of Miscavology….

  70. plainoldthetan

    Like KSW 1 says…(b) Further, the not-too-bright have a bad point on the (button Self-Importance. (c) The lower the IQ, the more the individual is shut off from the fruits of observation.

  71. Thanks for the posting good luck for you and your family for the future.

  72. scilonschools

    When you’ve been Flying lost in cloud only on fumes forever, with more systems failing than you thought even existed , it is damn welcome to hear the voice of a freindly ATC and see the Runway lights!!!
    Happy Landings Mike and all
    (glad you found a freindly field to touch down)

  73. Mike,

    It was great to wake up today and see your smiling face! I look forward to being back in comm with you now that you are officially out.

    Welcome to the “undark” side!


  74. Hi Baby! I Love You! I’m Proud Of You!

    Laura Ann Wilson

  75. simonbolivar

    What a eonderful Thetan Mike, glad you are out of that mess. Italian Indi go strong and keeps growing, see you soon.

  76. No, he’s right! You’re blueberry pancakes are the best I have ever eaten! I’m still thinking about them, too!!! love, Laura

  77. Hey Mike!
    Looking forward to meeting you.
    Looks like we got us a hell of a party – some of the most mischievous troublemakers on the planet all gathered in one place…
    😀 😀 😀

  78. WOW! I can’t believe the response! I am truely touched by all the new friends, old friends and soon to be friends. I’m new to this blogging thing and it kind of blows me away. So powerful!
    Thank you all for welcoming me! It’s so great to find the REAL group with the REAL Tech!
    Love to ALL and carry on, Mike Wilson

  79. Roger,
    Yes, it’s me.

  80. dutyfree,
    These are real damn pancakes and you’re gonna love them! They go great with a coffee! love, Mike

  81. He spoke highly of you, Karen, Thank You! Will see you, soon. love, Mike

  82. Scott,
    You got that right!

  83. Tom,
    You couldn’t pay for that show. It is pure entertainment!

  84. Chris,
    Nice to meet you and you can play that song again!

  85. Mosey,
    Hope you don’t mind that I mentioned the pancakes. I’ll buy the blueberries. Love, Mike

  86. George White

    I am so happy for you.
    May ALL beings be well and happy!

    Much loving-kindness,
    George White

  87. Yes, That was my brother, Bill. He’s great!

  88. Thanks, Mark! Those were the good ol days!

  89. SaveTheTech,

    I’ve long wondered about undiscovered lower conditions. I think “overwhelm” lies below “confusion.” And then the being goes into an inversion where he begins “up” the conditions on a negative vector. He’s overwhelmed as a good being, comes out of it into treason against what he stood for before because he’s gone into the valence of what overwhelmed him. Then he moves up through enemy, doubt, liability, non-existence–even up through power on his new course. You can see it happen in how GPMs formulate. The being has a goal, takes on an identity to further the goal, meets serious resistance, goes into the valence of the opposing terminal, and the goal becomes “modified.” Back and forth, over and over. All the time, the being is in one of the conditions of existence; his ethics condition always changing.

    We sort of think that DM’s ethics condition is fixed but its constantly changing. He’s in a weird inversion of survival where he’s going to save the world by destroying it. What appears to be a constant is not. Like a building being eaten by termites: one day you pull off the siding and discover all the supporting structure has been eaten away and about to collapse. Change, change, change.

    Up to this point, he’s been able to overwhelm his opposing terminals. I speculate that next life he’ll be compelled to move to Texas and go fishing for reasons he just can’t understand.


  90. Theo,

    Now, if we could only move Scientology into China where the subject hasn’t necessarily suffered a PR nightmare.

  91. Mike – Congratulations. I do remember your father. We put him in a 4th of July revue where he sung “The Yellow Rose of Texas” in 1981. I do not know if you are aware of it, but LRH was also a Wilson. His father Harry Ross Wilson was adopted by a Hubbard family in Iowa and became Harry Ross Hubbard. I have written about LRH’s Wilson lineage/connection in a book entitled “Montauk Revisited” which undermines the entheta written about LRH’s pre-Scientology exploits into occult magick. The WIlson genetic line is a very potent one when it comes to metaphysics.

  92. Mike Wilson,

    Looks like the “trouble” button garners a lot of interest here. A bunch of troublemakers all around. Brings a smile to my face.

    When someone tells me I’m going to get in trouble for doing this, that or the other, I just laugh and tell them, “Oh well, makes life interesting.”

    Isn’t it fascinating how getting declared has become a badge of honor?

    And rightly so. You can only apply the Code of Honor outside the clutches of that little worm.


  93. Marty,

    You look pretty friggin’ happy. I think all this “trouble” suits you.

    I’m sure some clever thinkers have said something about the level of rewards/satisfaction being commensurate to the challenge taken.

    The look in your eyes is of someone who has taken on a huge challenge and is winning.

    Wonder what one sees in the worm’s eyes these days.


  94. Dear Mike
    the exodus is unstoppable!!!!
    You are the living proof of it. No clowns and no goons will be able to stop what is happening in Scientology.
    Great for your wins and moving up on a greater order of magnitude. Is what we deserve and need now.
    Claudio & Renata

  95. Way to go OSA 😉 Good to hear the people of Orange County are finding out the truth.

  96. Welcome Mike! It’s well known that behind every great man is a cute trouble making wife ;).

  97. Awesome! Please send my best regards!

  98. Wonderful, Mike! So glad that you are officially out and about.

    I was at CC LA the first day your dad and Monetta (although honestly I don’t remember her at that time) arrived at CC on La Brea. Having come thanks to you I believe, from Santa Barbara.

    Thus began Willie B’s and the Wilson clans entree into scientology. And boy did we FIGHT not too many years later when Flag “stole” you guys away. We were furious. (Willie B always insisted on being at the top)

    Then later — as a public scientology my ex-husband and I would see Willie B and Monetta at Flag … and later still we would spend a few days with Willie B in Midland after your parents divorce.

    I recently read somewhere that dm was trying to take credit for trying to keep Mary Sue in jail — when he clearly had a big hand in sending her there …

    The big credit goes to your father who pulled all his political strings to get her transferred to a minimum security prison — which Heber expressively thanked him for.

    I predict this next generation of Wilson’s — with your rebel wife and you leading the way will be amongst THE biggest thorns in dm side and help to topple the already listing dictator … just needs a few more yanks on his chain and poof …


  99. You guys look great! Great announcement, Mike!

  100. SaveTheTech


    Sounds like a theory….. but I think it’s just that he does not know where he is: which is in a shit load of trouble for ARC breaking the field.

  101. Orthodox Scientologist

    I think this is part of the “Dissemination to millions” and “How the IAS is guaranteeing the future”. I also see that all those funds for filming, PIs, etc. are the “How we are getting rid of the true source of suppression”. Should be a good event!!

    Come join us on July 9th at 6:00pm sharp for the 23rd annual Maiden Voyage Event from the Freewinds!

    The 2nd night of the Maiden Voyage Anniversary—our worldwide humanitarian objectives and guarantee for the future.

    Dissemination to millions
    How the IAS is guaranteeing the future
    How we are getting rid of the true source of suppression
    And much more, its going to be huge!

    Call The Pasadena Ideal Org to CONFIRM NOW at
    (626) 792-7532 or just reply to this email.

  102. Mike!

    You are the MAN!! Great catching up!!

  103. Yippee-ki-yay!

    Another Texan!

  104. Hi Mike Wilson,

    Sounds like you have a Texas clan to be reckoned with. Can’t wait to meet you all in person.


  105. Rory Medford


    Thx for creating a place people can go to to seek the truth and have some fun in the process.

    You are the man!!

    When will DM jump?

  106. Sapere Aude

    Welcome to the Indie Revolution. This is the future. I must say the two of you look like their isn’t anything in the gnat world that could bother you. Stable, living life and looking forward to the next day. I am not a Texan – but… you guys do appear larger than life and ready to charge hell with a bucket of water to save a kitten. Thank you for being you and being here. Let the games continue and we know the best has already won! Now, we are just playing for fun and running out the clock. Looking forward to meeting you one day.

  107. Sapere Aude

    “Well-behaved women rarely make history”

    Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quotes

    This sounds like Sam, Mosey, Laura, Linda, Yvonne, Christie, Joy, Karen 1, Lana M and all the other women I have met on this blog. I like all of you making history. It is a history of moving to higher states of sanity and freedom. Thanks lady’s (as I tip my hat.)

    I think the guys will also party to celebrate the strong women in our lives who have our back. True angels all of you. Some haven’t learned their lesson about not getting a lady mad or hell hath no fury.

    “Mischievous troublemakers” – the best! Proud not to be part of the sheep being led to loss of any semblance of personal integrity, and finally to slaughter when they have nothing else to give or be taken.

    Reason to celebrate – hell yea!

  108. I’m sure that Marty is not biased when it comes to food. I’m going with the picture.

  109. Hi, Mike. Congratulations on poking the Cult in the eye with a stick. Nice to “meet you.” Your Laura and I knew each other at the Austin in the early 1970s. Hope to make your acquaintance soon, too.


  110. Mother of Grendel

    Hi all,
    Just caught wind of this happening T0DAY at LA Org. Email from Deb Schreib, head of the AOLA OT Committee:

    There is a special tour happening at LA Org today. The request is to have as many people in the org as possible. If there is anyway to be on course at that time, please do so.
    This is a personal request from the ED.

    The time is 1-3:30. Wonder who’s coming in… anyone in the area with cameras???

  111. Or, is this a clever ploy by Mosey so we don’t show up with empty plates in hand. Hmmmmmm……

  112. If those are the IOB pancakes then I need to convert to Scientology and get some auditing down in Texas – provided that the pancakes are included! Really, who needs the Oxford Personality Analysis, or “finding a ruin,” or body routing people into orgs, when one can simply invite potential converts to eat tasty pancakes?

  113. Bravo Mr Wilson!
    When i first saw this picture, an automatic smile came on mi face.

    This is AWESOME news!

  114. As the tone scale on the picture, i would say…serenity of being!
    What do you think?

  115. SaveTheTech,

    In some circles “theory” is a bad word. I know individuals who absolutely hate science as a tool of the Anti-Christ. “Theory” in that mind set is synonymous with “doubt.” To not believe what one is told is to doubt.

    I’m full of theories (Jim would say I’m full of something else) because I’ll never stop applying information I learn to see where it goes and discover new outcomes.

    There have been some who compare Marty to Martin Luther. The Reformation was a breaking away from the benighted fixations, the corruption, the repression of the Catholic Church. And the Protestants managed to create pretty much the same atmosphere of fixation, corruption and repression.

    So much for enlightenment. So much for change.

    The tech is a wonderful, workable thing. But, my wonderment does not stop at a data simply because it was uttered by Ron. My fascination begins with a datum rather than ends.

    Numbers of critics (and don’t hold me to that number) believe Scientology to be nothing but a bunch of theories dreamed up by a conman to make money. Their theory is that Ron’s theory is nonsense. They haven’t honestly applied the theory to a result.

    And that is all the value a datum has: the value derived from application, be it the application of aesthetics to a wavelength, the application of ethics to behavior, the application of communication to discovering and relieving what ails one’s fellows.

    “Overwhelm” is an observable condition in thetans and humans. You might say, “Well, it’s like ‘love’ which doesn’t really go on the tone scale because of it spreads across the tone scale and manifests at so many points.” And yes love doesn’t follow along the emotional curve of suppressed/enhanced survival.

    And you could say a person gets overwhelmed at times at any point in the conditions of existence. But, one also can have doubts, and produce liabilities.

    I realize there are all sorts of pat answers as to why Miscaviage is the way he is. The datum becomes a substitute for further observation. But exact observation brings about as-isness and neither DM nor his case have been as-ised.

    I’d much rather increase my understanding. Fuck having a datum if the datum stops or slows my ability to understand.

    If affinity, reality and communication not only equate to understanding but also comprise theta, then I’ll always opt for increasing theta.


    My Reformation is not rooted in perpetuating data over theta.

    The Independent Scientology movement will spawn subgroups just as wacky as the current Church. Just as down tone, just as militant, just as fixated on being right.

    Whew! Seems like I got sudden and wordy (loquacious for those know-it-alls), but this is considerably less than a millionth of my response. There’s a larger percentage of arsenic allowed in public drinking water than I’ve put in this response.

    Saving the Tech depends on having all the tech, all the insights, knowing the tech and applying it.

    A gorgeous Goldfinch just landed on a feeder less than two feet from my head. I wonder what he thinks of Scientology.

    This universe is vast and varied. We are so absorbed in homocentric ideology with the first dynamic being the center and radiating outwards along the other dynamics. Absorbed in the view that Scientology has answers we forget how broad life is. Scientology becomes the ideological center of all the other circles of knowledge.

    And any datum that doesn’t fit our view of Scientology loses validity and value.

    But, we are foolish to pretend that having some answers is the same as having all answers. Answers and conditions will be created faster than any individual can keep up.

    But, ain’t that grand?

    So, I will continue to learn, understand, theorize, observe, learn, understand, theorize, observe long past the point when this universe ends.

    Those are the roots of my Reformation.

    And I can only hope that I stirred up some trouble.

  116. Michael-How about the moon!?

  117. Yep, Tony, yes we did have to have upstats!

    YEE HAW!

  118. I think Mosey’s Blueberry Pancakes should be desert at a certain gathering of the Clan, Freedom Clan, coming up soon on a certain Ranch, the Indie Ranch.

  119. Mike,
    Welcome to freedom. You may have to get used to it but you will. I understand that without experience this blog can look so powerful and frankly it is (I just forget it once in a while). Let me tell you a secret: here you can actually say what you think, just imagine! Hope you’ll have a wonderful time and great cognitions, friends and expansion.

  120. Pleased to meet your acquaintance Mike. Yes, I would agree this is a REAL group. Question – are there any OT VIIIs left in DM’s squalid little cult?

  121. You forgot Go Steve!

  122. Is a Waylon Jennings record playing in the background per chance? 🙂

    Very very impressive resume Mike. I bow.

    Marty- you look incredibly relaxed considering there is an armada of paddleboats circulating your residence.

    Well done boys.

  123. one of those who see

    Thanks Chris!!! Love it!!

  124. Tony DePhillips


  125. Ingrid,

    The moon would be better when they grow good peaches.

    Right now, I’ll be happy clearing this planet.

    Lots of potential in the East. Lots of thetans occupying bodies able to hold cans and study to be auditors.

  126. Hello all;

    For those of you who haven’t noticed, there have been some big wins on the legal front recently;

    1. AnonSparrow was found not guilty of the charges brought against him. He’ll almost certainly win the next case as well.

    2. Laura won the right to have her case against the CofS go forward.

    3. Emma of EMSB had the case against her dropped.

    In addition, the book by Janet Reitman is well received and available.

    And now Mike and his wife have appeared.

    DM will be glad this week is nearly over, but, he won’t get any joy from next week either.

  127. OnceUponATime

    Got some good points there Michael. Got me throwing a few things together here.

    I also postulate there are “conditions of existence” outside of the ones that LRH wrote out formulas for.

    The lack of formulas for any below “confusion” ( the one directly below “confusion” may be “overwhelm”, leading to “unconsciousness” of actual time place form and event), might be because the being is in no condition to be able to understand or apply any kind of “ethics condition”.

    Here is something I have thought about regarding the conditions and a relationship with “the data series” or “why finding”, or “data evaluating”.

    I’ll start with an example.

    Confusion might be called “an unknowness, or misassignment” of actual time, place, form, and event, hence the formula. But at this level the being is at least somewhat able to apply “the data series” to it (knowingly or unknowingly) by observing “things that don’t make sense”,(outpoints) and sensible things, (pluspoints), and thereby come up with a “why”,…. “don’t know where I am”, and a solution, “find out where I am”, and then doing so. If he has done it well he will be able to use his answer to further evaluate and handle the situation he now finds himself in, and so on. It is a continuing process,

    It seems to me that every aspect of one’s thinking, or “reasoning” processes ultimately follows the concepts put forward by LRH in the Data Series, regarding “data evaluation”. At every step of every “ethics condition”, one is addressing the situation he finds himself in, with the steps of “data evaluation”.

    Of course that does not mean one is always going to be “right”. To actually “be right” (make decisions that are optimally survival across the Dynamics) it requires that the data that he is dealing with has to be correct, and he would have to be able to “find the correct why” and “formulate a workable solution”, and then carry it out with existing resources. But that would be the “tech” that he would ultimately be using, knowingly or unknowingly.

    Just got me thinking…Thanks


  128. Defender of Theta

    The legal is being shored up, but there is work to be done in that area.

    Yes, we can just simply assert the right to freedom of religious practice, but the more that practice looks like religious practice, the easier it is to get back up from the courts and the police, and the more other issues are avoided.

    There is more to the revolution than meets the eye. A team effort has been occurring in this area over the last several months, which should be finished shortly.

    Marty, Mike, Mosey, Karen, and others are leading the way and taking the heat. Know that there are people who post here that have also spotted the real Who, Mr. Miscavige, and the real situation, the deviation from LRH Intention.

    You are not alone.

    Defender of Theta

  129. Mike & Marty;

    Your photo says it all. THETA, THETA, AND MORE THETA.

    Welcome to the right side of this issue.

  130. Marty,
    Does it say “Standard Auditor” on our hat in the photo? What a great idea! I love it.

  131. Mother of Grendel

    It’s my day for sharing…

    When did “Funds raised for the IAS” become an OTC stat? Anyway, here’s the 2011 OTA program…

    Unpublished work: © 2011 CSI. All Rights Reserved.
    E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T I V E
    SO ED 5802 INT 26 June 2011
    “We know things in Scientology which can solve a lot of the situation. And
    if you don’t have a planet all picked out that you’re going to, then I bring to
    your attention that you, personally, as a being, as well as a Scientologist and a
    member of an organization have a vested interest in keeping this sphere
    spinning nicely and neatly on its axis — not in the spinbin or forevermore.
    “Now, where we err is in believing that somebody is going to do something
    about it. I assure you, if you can’t name the person at once who is doing
    the effective thing about it, then you can assume that nobody has any
    responsibility for it. And it’s just sort of wandering along on a group feeling
    that, ‘Well, it’s all cared for.’ Listen, World War I was all cared for and then
    it happened. And World War II was all cared for and then it happened.”…
    “There is no organizational trouble we can’t solve. But there is a world
    situation that will remain unsolved right down to the last whimper unless we
    stay together, work together and do something about it.”
    LRH – 4th London ACC, “The Role of a Scientologist,” 27 October 1955
    With the work of OT Ambassadors as an aligned force, we’ve had our greatest year
    of expansion to date. We now have Ideal Orgs in every Continental Zone, plus many
    more well in progress and on the horizon as the next completions. There are thousands of
    public progressing on the Routes to Knowledge from OT Ambassador actions to get all
    Scientologists onto and through the Basics. Our IAS-sponsored Fourth Dynamic Global
    Salvage Campaigns are now bringing entire nations on board, and our planetary Scientology
    Dissemination Campaign is reaching the billions. And OT Ambassadors brought in highest-ever
    numbers of public into orgs to move up The Bridge through Clear and OT.
    This has all been accomplished through the dedicated and hard work of the OT
    Ambassadors forwarding Command Intention.
    As an international force of OT alignment, we are at the point where as a combined
    force we will get all orgs brought to Ideal in the very near future, while continuing to get
    thousands through the Routes to Knowledge, up The Bridge — and all while increasing
    support to the IAS as the force which guarantees the future of Scientology for eternity.
    SO ED 5802 INT
    – 2 –
    This comes about from your role and activities as an OT Ambassador:
    And needed and wanted of the OT Ambassador Group is:
    This program gives you the targets to create our greatest year of OT accomplishment yet!
    1. Help all Scientologists in your field to move up The Bridge to Clear and OT.
    2. Help all Scientologists in your field to get onto and through the Basics Books and
    Lectures, and then through the complete Routes to Knowledge or further training.
    3. BUILD IDEAL ORGS! Starting with your local org, and then, once completed (or if
    already completed) work with other OT Ambassadors, OT Committee members and
    orgs to complete all orgs in your Continental Zone.
    4. Work with your org to get every active Scientologist in the field to become a Lifetime
    Member of the IAS — and if already a Lifetime Member, to increase their IAS Honor
    1. Take full responsibility for the execution of this program, for the completion of its
    Major Targets, and for achieving the program purpose. _______________
    2. Upon return from the Maiden Voyage Anniversary, meet with the org ED, PES and Field
    Control Sec to coordinate your tactical actions on execution of this program — starting
    immediately with getting the entire field to attend the Maiden Voyage Event showings
    in the orgs. _______________
    1. Hold your OT Committee meetings in the org in coordination with the Field Control
    Sec, so that full coordination is in. _______________
    2. If a target bugs, work with the Field Control Sec to apply HCO PL 23 Aug. 1979R I,
    3. ALWAYS visually record your OT Ambassador and OT Committee activities, and
    send these to the Visuals Officer at Golden Era Productions, along with a report of
    what occurred at the activity/event. When you send your footage, forward a copy of the
    report to the OT Committee Officer Int and the CLO. _______________
    SO ED 5802 INT
    – 3 –
    1. Immediately get the word out on all OT Ambassador and OT Committee member lines
    that all public need to attend the Maiden Voyage Anniversary org replay events. This is
    the first step to getting everyone briefed on what was covered at the OT Summit.
    2. Upon return from the Maiden Voyage Anniversary Events at the Freewinds, do the
    a. Meet with the ED, PES and Field Control Sec and brief them on this program and
    the actions you plan to take. Coordinate the immediate actions to fully capitalize
    on the replays of the Maiden Voyage Anniversary Events in the org. Get briefed on
    your org’s targets for Ideal Org fundraising, Competence and Leadership Course
    sign-ups and IAS Membership and Honor Status upgrades.
    b. Also get briefed by the ED and PES on the event kits that have been sent to every
    org for Ideal Org fundraising, and IAS fundraising. These contain promotional
    materials and tools to assist in fundraising events. _______________
    3. Along with the ED and PES, meet with all other OT Ambassadors and the OT Committee
    and do the following:
    a. Brief them on the Maiden Voyage Anniversary Events, on your OT Ambassador
    program and the targets that you will accomplish in the upcoming replay events,
    and throughout the year. _______________
    b. FOR THE OPENING NIGHT EVENT: Plan out the tactical actions you will take
    to maximally utilize the Opening Night for Ideal Org fundraising in order to reach
    your org’s next major fundraising target. Meaning, coordinate what preparatory
    actions will be done before the event and for the after-event activities to reach the
    next major target towards building purchase or renovations.
    c. CONDITIONAL: For those orgs which are already Ideal, they will work on IAS
    Memberships and Honor Statuses, so as to increase support for the IAS-sponsored
    programs to create Ideal Orgs in cultural epicenters and major international cities.
    d. FOR THE IAS EVENT: Again in coordination with the ED and PES, work with
    the OT Committee to plan out the exact actions to be taken to reach your org’s
    target on the number of Scientologists with Lifetime Memberships or increased
    IAS Honor Statuses. _______________
    4. Attend the Maiden Voyage Anniversary org replay events yourself.
    5. Execute your plans to make the Maiden Voyage Anniversary Events a complete success
    with highest-ever in attendance, and all named after-event production targets met for:
    b. IAS EVENT. _______________
    6. Send groups of OT Committee members and public in your field to the Competence
    and Leadership Course at the Freewinds. This will help create an even stronger force of
    team members to get OT Committee targets done, and so create an Ideal Org.
    SO ED 5802 INT
    – 4 –
    7. Increase the number of OT Committee members throughout the year by consistently
    posting and hatting the OT Committee org board and by holding activation events to
    get public in your field on board and active on OT Committee projects.
    8. Meet with the Field Control Sec and write out the specific functions that the OT
    Committee needs to do, so that all OT Committee members are assigned their proper
    function in order to accomplish the OT Ambassador targets.
    Organize the OT Committee as follows:
    a. To contact all Scientologists in the field and get them onto and through the Basics
    Books and Lectures — and then the complete Routes to Knowledge or further
    training. Especially with the fact that there are Extension Courses for every book
    and every lecture, this is easier than ever to get done. _______________
    b. To work with your org, nearest AO, Flag and the Freewinds to get every
    Scientologist in your area moving up The Bridge to Clear and OT.
    c. To complete the Ideal Org fundraising for building purchase and/or full renovations.
    d. To assemble a work force to get the org Central Files and all files upgraded and into
    proper order, ready to be moved to the new org, and for USE. Orgs have received
    programing and exact requirements for CF and all files, in order to direct these
    projects accordingly. _______________
    e. To have organized bookselling teams who disseminate the Beginning Books to
    new public through weekly public book sales activities in addition to international
    book-a-thons. _______________
    f. Form up your IAS team as part of the OT Committee org board (as separate from
    your Ideal Org fundraising team) and dedicatedly work with the org, the Membership
    Officer and the Cont Membership Office on contacting all active Scientologists to
    help them become Lifetime Members of the IAS. And to assist those who are
    already Lifetime Members, to increase their IAS Honor Status.
    g. In coordination with the Field Control Sec and DSA, assign an I/C from the OT
    Committee to each of the Fourth Dynamic Social Betterment Programs. Get them
    to form up groups and get them into production on executing Global Salvage
    Campaign programs. _______________
    9. Assign an I/C and OT Committee members to execute each project listed above.
    10. Review the production on your projects weekly and keep them moving forward to get
    them done. Debug them as needed. _______________
    11. Following every International Event, hold an OT Committee meeting and take up how
    you as a group will forward what has just been launched, by incorporating these into
    the (or writing new) OT Committee Projects. _______________
    12. Support the IAS international events and IAS Tours in your local area by rallying the
    OT Committee members to participate in call-in and fundraising actions to create new
    Lifetime Members of the IAS, and to create increased IAS Honor Statuses.
    SO ED 5802 INT
    – 5 –
    13. Get each of your OT Committee projects completed. _______________
    14. As part of your activities, make it widely known and understood with the rest of the
    field that EVERYONE is ON THE ORG BOARD of the Central Org. Campaign that
    everyone participates on OT Committee projects. Get the field active and into the org,
    contributing to the execution of these projects and involved in accomplishing the major
    targets of this program — and ultimately the purpose: TO HELP LRH ORGANIZE AND
    GOOD FOR SCIENTOLOGY. _______________
    1. Number of Bridge steps started — training and processing.
    2. Number of Golden Age of Knowledge Courses completed.
    3. Number of people introduced to Dianetics and Scientology and started onto The
    4. Funds raised for your Ideal Org Building and Renovations.
    5. Number of IAS Memberships and Honor Status upgrades.
    6. Funds raised for the IAS.
    7. OT Ambassador Program Targets done.
    8. Volunteer Hours.
    9. Number of Active OT Committee Members.
    10. Number of Books sold to Raw Public.
    11. Number of OT Committee Events and Briefings.
    Send compliance reports to the org Field Control Sec, with copies to the OT Committee
    Officer Int, and OT Committee Officer Cont at the CLO.
    Authorized by
    Grateful acknowledgement is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce a selection from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.
    service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. SCIENTOLOGIST is a collective membership mark
    designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology.

  132. Hey Michael,
    I was moving my way through the first couple of tapes of the 5th ACC over the past little bit and had an enormous realization about ARC reversing. Flipping over as it lost its ability to resist what it was resisting and changed its vector.

    Fascinating how ARC, the component parts of theta, can do that, and do it again and again as it dwindles down a spiral. This is the ‘encysted’ life force of DMSMH. Oddly enough, and I now understand this, the theta being never does lessen in his ARC potential. It’s all still available, even despite what he’s got wrapped up in all this accumulated bunch of stuff he packs around.

    I know now more than ever just how deep we as thetans, well me I can speak for, have gone in this whole thing. How much it takes to get back on top of the game. Another thing I get better: postulates, the being, are always senior to the game. I’m not compelled by anything to do what I’m doing today, save my own postulate, and if I want to sit one out, well, it’s my choice, my postulate and I am senior to any game.

    Just some maunderings for a kindred spirit.

  133. Luca Servalli

    Hi Mike! What a fantastic news, I m very glad for this. You have observed the truth, not as some people that won t believe or just not see. I hope you have beautiful days as a free person. ARC Luca from Italy independent

  134. Vince,
    I’ve got a tape lecture I want you to see, in a new unit of time if you’ve been through it before. It’s UNIVERSES, second tape of the 5th ACC, early 54. Send me a mail and I’ll get you a copy.

    It’s a precursor to THE NATURE OF A BEING issue from 1980 and the composite that is a human being.


  135. WW, perhaps states and formulas below confusion would derive from the lower awareness characteristics?

  136. Bobo:

    Good on you for reporting this:

    3. Emma of EMSB had the case against her dropped.

    I had heard about that case and read a bit about it and I am very happy that Emma’s troubles are finally over with the church. They really tried to drag her through the mud. But who don’t they do that with? She is probably celebrating right now, and that is good for Marty, because it sends a message to the church from the Independent and other communities:

    “Honey, the party is just starting!” 🙂

    Damn, I am so happy for her, she is such a cute doll.


  137. Michael, the goldfinch likes scientology and likes you, too. A little birdie told me.

  138. Brian,
    The Fleet is in dry dock for repair. Meanwhile, some T-Ball for the Commander. His Midgetsty, David.

  139. Now, let’s see what happens to Jan Eastgate next month in Australia.

    The timing on the part of the Australian authorities could not have been more perfect.

  140. Levels below “Need of Change”
    from human to materiality:

    -5 Fear of Worsening
    -6 Effect
    -7 Ruin
    -8 Despair
    -9 Suffering
    -10 Numbness
    -11 Introversion
    -12 Disaster
    -13 Inactuality
    -14 Delusion
    -15 Hysteria
    -16 Shock
    -17 Catatonia
    -18 Oblivion
    -19 Detachment
    -20 Duality
    -21 Secrecy
    -22 Hallucination
    -23 Sadism
    -24 Masochism
    -25 Elation
    -26 Glee
    -27 Fixidity
    -28 Erosion
    -29 Dispersal
    -30 Disassociation
    -31 Criminality
    -32 Uncausing
    -33 Disconnection
    -34 Unexistence

  141. I love it,

    You guys are (real) philosophers. And brilliant.

    As LRH said, IDEAS mark the forward progress of Man.

    The ability to confront force is vital. But, without the right ideas – a sound, no HE&R eval – a keen, 4.0 or above INSIGHT into the situation – and a well-thought out Strat Plan towards a sane, workable objective, all our efforts and confronting are for naught.

    The problem is, that in a war of this sort, it is very, very easy to get caught up in the HE&R, and to charge off in a wrong direction. GPMs and their goals kick in! Ser facs kick in. To dominate. To escape domination. To get even. etc. To defend one’s self and not give an inch. To fight.


    He WANTS Marty to punch out one of his agents (or, preferrably, kill him on tape), to prove that what DM has been saying is true, and “Marty is a criminal.” Or, even just to grab the DM agent.

    He WANTS Mike to assert his right to his car keys (ref. the parking lot ambush of Mike a few months ago), and for a tussle to occur (which he can then blow out of proportion, but nonetheless try to get mileage out of).

    The successful action is not to descend into DM’s game of MEST force, but, while maintaining the ABILITY to confront force, to operate on the level of Theta – ideas, insight, creativity, Spirit of Play, and postulates.

    That is why I am so overjoyed when I see thought, reflection, and deep analysis on this board. Look at the depth of LRH’s thought! That, coupled with the ability to confront force, is Scientology.

    Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., the students in Otpor (who overthrew Milosevic), and other non-violent freedom warriors won against incredible MEST repression (police dogs, tanks, beatings, prison, etc.). They have shown that the above is the Correct Technology.


  142. Watchful Navigator

    Welcome, Mike!
    Met you on the ship once upon a time. Have to leave it at that for now, but I’m looking forward to catching up with you again, sometime. You are making a greater impact than you probably would believe, by your coming out here. You are truly an opinion leader in your area. Well done!

  143. And your husband oughta know!

  144. Mike

    Hi. Good to have you here with us. We always love to have new people to play with us.

    I also want to make a point of all the other names that have shown up today and over the last year or so. Many of these people have simply started to use their names on their posts. It is good to have a name that others posting can see and say ” Wow, I know this person. How wonderful to see them here.”

    There are also many new people posting under pseudonyms, or nicknames.

    Unfortunately I have not been keeping track but there are MANY of each. It is an occurrence that is happening almost every day, and sometimes many show up in one day.

    According to http://xenu-directory.net/indies-2009/index.php , there are now approximately 2800 individuals who have, or do post on this blog ( I have rounded the number down a bit to take into account the posters who may have used more than one nickname)

    It is a wonderful thing to see.

    I think that I may well be speaking for everybody here when I welcome you all here.

    So… WELCOME!

    Thank you for your support. Thank you for your being here and for your communications. You are all important to this “cause” and your participation is is valued. It is good to get to know you by your comments about your experiences, and your understandings, and your opinions.

    Eric S

  145. Great news! Way to Go Emma, Laura DeC, Anon Sparrow, Mike W.

  146. OnceUponaTime,

    Ooops, I meant to say that you have a “plausible theory”. Not, “just a theory” in the negative sense. Sorry ’bout that.. I was just limited by this internet communication device… it’s very fast. Hit send, and off you go.

    We all need to search for answers. And that’s good.

    And heaven knows, I wish DM or some higher being would as-is DM’s condition, bank or whatever he’s got that ails him. But so far, no deal. We all suffer from his antics. Ugh! As in ugly. Glad I am out….

  147. Mother of Grendel

    Fighting suppression with paddle boats and hat cams – think they’ll be showing that at MV?

  148. Windhorse,
    Thanks so much! Yes, WmB did a lot! love, Mike

  149. Expelled 4 Life

    Suggested Independent motto:

    “We Come Back Too”


  150. martyrathbun09

    Strike the “too.”

  151. “We ARE Back!”


  152. Jim – I’ve never heard it. Send to my PO Box 769, Westbury, NY 11590. I will listen. DVD format is better than tape. Appreciate it.

  153. Scott Campbell

    You got a pretty rugged sense of humor there, Marty.

    That’s a different kind of gut punch – eh, Davey?

  154. one of those who see

    b. Also get briefed by the ED and PES on the event kits that have been sent to every
    org for Ideal Org fundraising, and IAS fundraising. These contain promotional
    materials and tools to assist in fundraising events.

    Is there a better phrase than OFF THE RAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. one of those who see

    Nauseous. In that whole long OTA program, there is no mention of the vital importance of training Auditors. Did I miss something?!!! Anyone know how many interned Class VI Auditors were made in the past year-in the Church?

  156. one of those who see

    “Armada of Paddle boats” LOL!!!!!!!!

  157. They hit this “Expansion” button ALOT.

    “….we’ve had our greatest year
    of expansion to date”.

    But Miscavige’s expanson and LRH’s expansion are two different words I guess. They really should put an asterisk by the word “expansion” when they use it. That way they could have some tiny print down at the bottom that explains what they are taking about.

  158. Nice! Thanks. Number 14 is especially chilling:

    14. As part of your activities, make it widely known and understood with the rest of the field that EVERYONE is ON THE ORG BOARD of the Central Org. Campaign that everyone participates on OT Committee projects. Get the field active and into the org, contributing to the execution of these projects and involved in accomplishing the major targets of this program — and ultimately the purpose: TO HELP LRH ORGANIZE AND CHANNEL OT FORCES, INTERESTS AND RESOURCES FOR THE GREATEST GOOD FOR SCIENTOLOGY. _______________

    So, after the privilege of paying $tens of thousands (or more) to get to OT, you are now conscripted into the org, as unpaid staff? I don’t recall any LRH on this (and no, it is not “Field Staff Members Become Staff”). But, in the CofM, this is the case.

    Then, the lie that this program has ANYTHING to do with the “GREATEST GOOD FOR SCIENTOLOGY.”

    First of all, I am in it for mankind, not for Scientology. The ultimate purpose of Scientology is to HELP PEOPLE. Wording the goal like the above leads to the second problem, which is:

    This is NOT the greatest good for Scientology – although the purpose MAY be the greatest good for the CofM.

    When you start renaming and restating goals in this manner, you get what we have now. When you have a computation like:

    1. Scientology is here to rescue you (and all of Mankind). That is, help people. The goal is to help and save mankind from the hell of their own collective reactive mind, with the ultimate purpose of making people FREE.

    2. Therefore! The goal is to help Scientology! Because helping Scientology gets to the mankind goal, you see.

    3. Therefore! The goal is to help the SO. The SO is composed of the most dedicated Scientologists – those men and women who dedicated their existence to the goal #2, helping Scientology.

    4. Therefore! The goal is to help the IAS. The IAS is the way YOU can help goals 2 and 3 if YOU are not man enough to sign the SO contract.

    5. Therefore! The goal is to help the Church of Scientology. The CofS is the only organization that can legally deliver Scientology and call it such. Therefore, helping the CofS helps the goals above.

    6. Therefore! The goal is to help the RTC. Since RTC holds the copyrights, it alone can let the CofS deliver Scientology. Therefore, helping them is the goal.

    7. Therefore! The goal is to help COB, since he is the personification of the RTC. And, of course, because he alone has saved Scientology from the surefire ruin of being lost by transcribers.

    So, we have several degrees of separation from the ACTUAL GOAL, which is to HELP PEOPLE. If it was TRUE that goals 2 through 7 actually help the goal of helping people, then there is a case to be made. But, the problem is, by disconnecting the subgoals from the PRIMARY goal, you get rubbish like this program. There are no WDAHs on the stats, no comps (real ones, anyway). No clears made. No OTs made. Lots of bucks made – but not to real services. Only to the IAS and the Idle Org programs.

    So, what is the goal, really? It is to line the pockets of COB. The actual subgoal is to keep them barefoot and donating.

  159. We never left 😉

  160. Welcome, Mike! Wow, so good to see you here. I’m still under the radar, but wanted to share a story you may remember. If so, don’t give me away. I can’t say where this happened or when, but it did happen. We were doing the dating drill on the meter. I’m on the cans, you’re behind the meter. We’ve been working on this for a while and you’ve just about got the whole date. Then, 2 RTC bots come up behind you to watch. Man, you keep your cool. You just keep doing what you’re doing and you keep on getting the reads and the date. Bam bam bam. The RTC bots complain to the sup that the “sparkle in my eye” is giving things away. What a bunch of crap. Well, the whole thing comes down to you doing this drill flawlessly with RTC bots standing there breathing down your neck and all! Soooo good to see you out of all that mess and here!

  161. Robert Earle

    Thanks for sharing M of G . Looks like the OTCs are going to be mostly doing donation for IAS and donation for Ideal morgues. Just enough comment on moving people up the bridge to keep the pr in for those who still think .going up the bridge is scientology. Pretty sorry on altered importance . Nice ideal scene this heads to Big fancy buildings all renovated with some basic book completions volunteering to show someone around if they should have any,

  162. Robert Earle

    PS and enough $ to continue to fight the war against the growing number of people who want nothing to do with C of M.

  163. Very glad to meet you, Mike. That blueberry pancakes look so delightful..

  164. Congratulations Mike, If you ever donated money to the IAS please demand it back if you can. But in any case thanks for speaking up.



  165. 40 Yr Scientologist

    Thanks, Mother of G, and congrats to Mike!
    The only good part of that OTAsses “program” was the LRH quote. The rest of the Program was such typical robotic drivel, rife with FATALLY WRONG TARGETS like “supporting the IAS”, like we have seen so often in the last 30 yrs or so of MisCabbage’s rule – made me want to hurl. “Command Intention”, indeed.

    How numb one must have to make oneself, to be knowingly “forwarding” the commands of that evil slug, who has BETRAYED one of the highest purposes ever conceived: Making OTs.

    Thanks to all you STARS who are my fellow Indies, keepin’ it free. And have a rip-roarin’ celebration this weekend! My wife and I (15 and 27 yr former staff members) will be joining you next year.

  166. “There are thousands of public progressing on the Routes to Knowledge from OT Ambassador actions to get all Scientologists onto and through the Basics. Our IAS-sponsored Fourth Dynamic Global Salvage Campaigns are now bringing entire nations on board, and our planetary Scientology Dissemination Campaign is reaching the billions. And OT Ambassadors brought in highest-ever numbers of public into orgs to move up The Bridge through Clear and OT.”

    Entire Nations on board and reaching billions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hurray the planet is cleared !

    They are living on another Planet !
    How crazy !

  167. I am flabbergasted.

    The program of the Church is to get people connected to LRH by reading basic books in a course room environment and then pull them out of the course room and suck money out of them in exchange for nothing (IAS, Ideal Org, etc..)

    Selling them auditing and training is only given lip service. And, this is an AVU issue, not some public’s idea of what should be done.

    That’s it.

    The Church of Scientology is dead.

  168. The Church of Scientology is a front group for the IAS

  169. +1 — couldnt have said it better myself!

  170. Chris — the note with the asterisk should read somethng like this:

    *Expansion as used here means square footage of off-policy building space purchased and minutes of phony video footage shot of staged events — from there we extrapolate what the square footage would equate to if it was being used to deliver Dianetics and Scientology and what the videos would mean if they were real. After all, we take great pride in the fact that we are based in Hollywood, where everyone is expected to suspend their disbelief — and in that regard, we truly rule the planet!

  171. “Hit the iceberg”?
    “Sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic”?

  172. WW,

    Eric, I always thought the data series was a remarkable study of how to analyze information and situations and arrive at relevant or practical solutions.

    However, because it’s been over thirty years since I’ve read that series, I’ll just mention something I’ve noticed–which may or may not be part of that series. One of the most important, if not the most important part of data analysis is the “created datum.” You decide you want to study houses and you discover that everything about houses are created data: the windows, the doors, the plumbing, the wiring. You study trees and find out that all the data about trees are created. At one time, trees did not exist on this planet; they were created.

    You want to study an organization, but ultimately all aspects of the organization are created data. And the ethics conditions of existence tend to be applied most aptly to the created system which operates according to a given purpose to generate known products.

    Which is where statistics come in. Quantification of the products generated.

    And data of the organization and its production are analyzed against the extrapolated optimum condition. That model would change as experience broadens understanding and potential.

    All the data analysis in the world will not move a person forward until he is capable of creating data. Otherwise, you are merely recirculating the same elements of the condition in which you find yourself. You have to be able to create new data to advance.

    Not meaning any disrespect to the Data Series, but sometimes looking for the “correct why” is just a waste of time, an altered importance. Say you buy a business that is barely creeping along. You could spend the resources to discover why it is creeping along–or you could just create a new business right over the top of the old one, virtually wiping out the old one entirely while using its existing assets.

    (Along the purpose line of furthering Scientology and the enlightenment of the human race, I could give a rat’s ass about finding the correct why as to David Miscaviage. He’s a hugely destructive annoyance and distraction, but… Other than my own curiosity, he’s irrelevant to me. We’re going to create right over the top of him, so who really cares? Why bother to get distracted other than to keep the distractions at a minimum?)

    Now, back on the conditions of existence. You’ve got theta operating at knowing cause which is capable of creating conditions (including data.) In other words, theta can operate above those conditions. Theta can create the condition with all concomitant data, and does not have to be subjected to the formulas of the ethics conditions. You get Simon Bolivar “glowing things right” or some such. You’ve got some thetans that seem to be operating outside the physical universe. They just aren’ subject to these conditions. They function at a different order of magnitude, if you will. But, within that system or organization, the ethics conditions of existence would apply.

    Got to handle some more correspondence, so I’ll just throw this in the mix for you to ponder.

  173. Mike Wilson


    I”m pretty sure I know who you are. If so, I’m elated! My wife and I were just recently thinking about you. love, Mike

  174. Mike, Howdy Pardner!!! You ol, west Texas renegade, you!! Thanks for joining your voice to the Freedom Movement! Guess certain people will be finding out about the law “West of the Pecos”! I recently saw a cap on a guy at the Texas Independence Day Rally,( photographed it, actually), that shows a smoking gun in an elongated shape of the State of Texas that says: “We don’t call 9-1-1.” I can see you wearing one of those. I guess you are carrying on Willie B’s tradition of “Don’t Mess With Texas!” LOL! Anyway, See ya at the Indie Ranch!
    Catherine von Ach

  175. Valkov,

    I think awareness factors into ones condition, but the ethics conditions seem to apply to products within a given system–how well one is producing the products that system deems necessary to further its purpose and survival.

    You could theoretically have someone statistically operating in “normal” within an organization while being at lower awareness. You see this when you do the dissemination drill and bring someone up to ruin then work them up to need of change. The guy might be in affluence as a successful realtor, but be operating in delusion or such. Statistically, he is producing the needed and wanted products, but his life is a mess.

    Each system in his life will have its own ethics condition, but his awareness will permeate them all. He could be in power, affluence, normal, and all the rest down to confusion in different and various systems. He could be in treason in his marriage and power at work and have an awareness of disassociation. And the work products could, surprisingly, be very high quality.

  176. Mike Wilson


    Look forward to meeting up again and thank YOU for being here! love, Mike

  177. Valkov,

    That birdie was only trying to make me feel better. What an uptone birdie. In truth, my love for the goldfinch is unrequited.


  178. Mike Wilson


    Thanks to you and all Italy! Ciao!

  179. Mike Wilson


    Neat story and thanks for the interesting info!

  180. Mike Wilson

    It was great!

  181. Mike Wilson

    Sorry, I was on my wife’s computer. That comment should be from Mike Wilson.

  182. GetTheConcept


    Is it possible that I know you? Did you used to go to Flag a lot? If I saw a picture of you I would know whether or not you are the person I am thinking of. How can I find out if you are who I think you might be?


  183. Jimster,

    Considering how many irons you’ve got heating, you’re moving along pretty well on the tapes. Super.

    I have concluded that ARC is very, very little understood. Mostly, I see its application as a generality, or a home remedy for some misunderstanding or upset with someone.

    But, ARC is the woof and warp of a thetan’s condition and his perception. ARC is not a constant within all beings but highly variable. As a datum of similar magnitude, the electrons, protons and neutrons that comprise all elements of the periodic chart of elements underly all that is manifested in the physical universe. This stuff forms the basis for how reality is manifested. These simple little things making hydrogen, or oxygen or water or hydrochloric acid. Not to mention all the plants and animals.

    You’ve got this quantitative and qualitative manifestation that explodes in endless possibility.

    And thus it is with affinity, reality and communication.

    Even though theta is basically a static, once that static creates a quantitative/qualitative reality, it has forever gained an “imprint” of that reality. It can never return to being just knowingness without the accompanying “know about.” Its reality is forever enhanced and changed. Its capacity for communication and affinity is forever enhanced and changed.

    I once envisioned gaining “native state,” a postulated condition that was perfection, completely bereft of all the alter-is, not-is, enturbulance, ignorance, etc. But all those experiences persist as awareness or knowingness.

    Thus, changing the primitive simplicity of our original “native state.”

    Whoever said we could never go home again probably really meant we couldn’t return to what we were. When we return home, we bring with us the battles fought, the women fucked (sorry most adored females), the cigarettes smoked, the booze consumed, the fish caught, the speed limits exceeded and all the rest. We can go home, but we are changed in subtle and profound ways.

    We remain basically a static, but follow two scenarios for the same being. In one, he goes OT and returns to native state right now. He is basically a static with all the experience up to this point. In the other scenario, he goes OT a couple billion years in the future, after this universe collapses on itself as the energy in various stars become black holes and the gravity from the big bang reverses. He’s living billions of years hence in a completely new universe with all that ensuing experience. When he goes OT, he will be subtly and profoundly different than going OT now.

    Had I never come to Earth, my ARC would differ from what it is today. Even though I am the same being from whom that affinity, reality and communication spring.

    The conundrum of that which remains the same but changes.

    I think that ARC which was reversed remains unreversed also, which serves as a basis for the reversal. You get the persisting lie. But the persisting lie does not completely obliterate the underlying truth.

    Otherwise, how could you as-is anything? There has to remain an as-isness to return to.

    You get layerings of reality, layerings of affinity, and communication. All apparencies, but all valid at their own level of experience.

    Later, Dude. I’ve got a Goldfinch to talk to–having been tipped off by Valkov about little birdies snitching on one another. Can I really trust the gossip of birds? How reliable are they as sources of data?

    Can my heart tolerate another betrayal.

    ps: I wonder how many maunderings are required to wear the enamel from one’s teeth. One day, we’ll be sitting in rockers on the porch together, gumming our musings to one another and cackling with delight.

  184. This campaign is a punch in the gut to Missions and Orgs. It makes every OT in their field an IAS reg and moves their focus away from auditing and training toward raising money for DM and his pet project of real estate investments. I started the Bridge with the Communications Course which had immediate practical application in my life. It is too bad that this is no longer being offered to new people. Instead there is this wall of theory to get through while being crush regged for buildings and war chests.

    Hello to Mike and his astute wife. I’m happy for you!

  185. Do me a favor, send me an email (sorry I emptied my hushmail acct and lost your address, my bad). I can get you a copy muchos faster dat way.

  186. James Lawson Jr.,

    You are a bright, insightful soul.

    I think confront has a lot to do with the willingness to co-create while not becoming drawn into or fixated on the resistance being created by the force/counter-force, postulate/counter-postulate. In other words, you can create the perception without your perception being blocked by what is created. You can continue to simultaneously see and see through what is there.

    All perception tends to operate on a stopped flow of varying degree and magnitude. But, a thetan can both stop and go at the same time.

    To really understand something, you have to be willing to be it. But being willing to be something doesn’t mean being willing to completely succumb to the limitations of that which you’re being.

    For theta, the question is not to be or not to be. For theta, the idea is to be able to be and not be simultaneously. To be it and not be it. To perceive it and perceive through it.

  187. Immortal,
    What a great story that is. The sparkle in your eye!! Hah! The RTC bots just don’t get auditing now do they. It all is possible due to the facts of Axiom 51 and that ‘sparkle’.

    These guys must thing the MEST emeter actually audits. Duh.

  188. SaveTheTech,

    Got what you mean. Thanks.

    Problem is, if anyone else were to unmock his condition, he would mock it up compulsively.

    Hmmm. Seems he’s already doing that.

    The other, unsolvable problem for this universe and all that preceded and will follow, is: How do you as-is a thetan? Through track, at various times, I’ve tried to completely as-is other beings. I’ve tried to unmock them. I’ve tried to obliterate them. I’ve tried to not-is them. Alter-is them. Mix them with chicken noodle soup. Throw them in ovens. Torture them into oblivion. Take away their Twinkies.

    Nothing seems to work.

    Ultimately, we are left with having to salvage these ass wipes of vile intent.

    And, I assure you, being the theta guy that I am, I have never, ever, ever been an ass wipe of vile intent.

    Well, almost never.

    Or, maybe, as a proportion.

    Would you believe….?

  189. Sapere Aude,

    Well behaved women rarely make good dates, either.

  190. SaveTheTech

    Thanks Mike,

    It was a real cognition for me.

    Selling and delivering Scientology services is actually a lot of work. It is no easy task.

    Selling LRH book courses and then regging students for IAS skips all the work of delivering Scientology and goes straight for the no-exchange IAS donation money. A criminal organization by definition of terms.

    An organization that promises to deliver you Scientology (it’s an implied promise because there is a big building with a big Scientology sign out front) but delivers no auditing and no training in exchange for your donations. Real crims.

    Maybe the St Pete times should use that line in their next exposé.

    Mike, do you think IAS donations exceed donations for Scientology services today? Have those graphs crossed? Declining services donations vs increasing IAS/Idle Org, etc.. donations?

  191. Mike Wilson,

    The apparent response is only the tip of the ice berg. You might be amazed at the numbers cheering you on that are reading this stuff and not posting.

    All the world might well be a stage, but most people are sitting in the audience cheering on the actors.

    And then there are the stagehands, the playwrights, the producers, the ya-de-ya-de-yahs.

  192. Great to see you out Mike! I totally agree with you about the blueberry pancakes being a very memorable treat!

  193. We know who’s headed for the showers….

  194. Hey, Mike! I’ll include a link here and you can check it out if you wish. It may help to rule in/out who you think I may be/or not. In any event, I’m very happy you and your wife are out!


  195. Hah. Right you are, Jim! Good point!

  196. I emptied my hushmail and stopped using it. You can email me at skybooks@yahoo.com
    You know, it would be neat if there was a computer qual library where we all LRH data could be downloaded.

  197. Another Layer

    Mother of Grendel,
    Thank you for posting this SOED. What a complete bypass of the orgs, and by the OTC no less, not to mention the bypass of the OTC OTs themselves. There is no room for anyone to live LIFE while attempting to follow this SOED. It is heartbreaking to see, in writing, LRH’s Ideal Org policy alter-ised into the travesty redefined by Miscavige, and further that it is being executed under the guise of an SOED, which in effect mandates that OTs must throw LRH away, all in the name of cultist Miscavige. Boggles the mind. Do you know if the original form of this SOED is on the internet, or if not, then where to locate it in original form? Thanks again.

  198. Luca Servalli

    Hi dave. I really don t know… i came to flag only in 2006 or 2007 (i don t remember) when my father did the Advance Program (Dianetics). So i really don t know

  199. Welcome ~ from another Indie Texan. Breathe the fresh Indie air! If your ever in the Austin/San Antonio area look us up … Moneca Ryane & Zale Atley OT IV, OEC, & OT VII, Clear OT CLS VI respectively. We’re all movin’ on up! Thanks Marty for holding your position.

  200. Roger,

    Mike is one of the very few FCCIs who asked and was allowed to study with the regular outer org staff admin trainees, and Mike completed his OEC and FEBC mostly in the same course rooms as the outer org staff admin students.

    Mike was a very conscientious executive trainee. Glad he put what he learned to good use.


  201. Thanks for the kind words.

    “But, a thetan can both stop and go at the same time.”

    Wow, I had a serious BLOW on reading that. Brilliant!


  202. Sapere Aude


    If this is your first announcement then welcome to the Indie world of free thinking beings. We who dare to live our own lives. If this is the first announcement please repost to the newest blog page so others don’t miss it. Thanks for being here guys.

  203. And the IAS fund is based in Curacau dealing with the Money laundring First Bank of Curacau.

    In other developments, bank accounts linked to the Church
    were discovered in Luxemboug at the already controversial
    Kredietbank Luxembourg (KB Lux).

    One of these accounts, which was credited at the end of
    1993 with 1.8 billion belgian francs (45 million Euros),
    is subdivided into fifteen or so anonymous sub-accounts,
    with notations such as “chuch.scientol. Tor.” (for Toronto),
    “Toky” (Tokyo), “Los” (Los Angeles), or “Cura” (Curacao).
    With these discoveries, the Brussels authorities hope to
    peel back the veil that hides the global financial structure
    of Scientology.


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