Placido Domingo Jr. vs. Cult Facebook Police

Cult leader David Miscavige put an IAS Freedom Medal around the neck of one Bruce Wiseman for allegedly doing wonders in battling psychiatric abuses.  With the honor came the responsibility to carry out such duties till the day he died.

However, Wiseman, like every other Scientologist who has come into close contact with the doctor of death was turned from a man wanting to right the wrongs of the world into a sick puppy wreaking Miscavige mayhem.

Wiseman’s latest hat?   Facebook Police Enforcer.   Not only has Wiseman joined the Miscavige censorship corps, he has done so in the worst possible way in terms of public relations for the “church” and in terms of visiting injustice on well meaning people.

Wiseman lead the charge against Placido Domingo Jr.    Here is Wiseman’s  message sent far and wide across the Facebook community:

From Bruce Wiseman:
It’s come to my attention that Placido Domingo
( has left our group and aligned
himself on his Facebook page with people who hate our church. I
suggest dropping him from your friends list and letting any mutual
friends on Facebook know about this. If you have any questions
regarding this information check with your Dir I&R or DSA.

To “unfriend” someone go to their profile page and scroll down
beneath their picture to the “unfriend” link. They are not notified
that you have done this, you are just taken off their list. Before
you do this, look on the top right of his page to see if you have
any mutual friends, and let them know by private message as well.

Let’s keep our field clean and keyed out by applying Price of
Freedom to our Facebook accounts. A connection to SPs is a
connection to SPs even if it’s a “virtual” one.

Placido’s crime?   He refused church of Scientology orders to disconnect from the mother (the inimitable Samantha Domingo) of his three lovely daughters and thus from the daughters themselves.  The cult applied all manner of pressure and threat to break Placido.  It is Placido who deserves a medal for applying the Code of Honor despite every invitation not to.  When Wiseman turns his medal over to Placido he will be fit to be trusted by real Scientologists.

Another indication of the twisted universe that has become Miscavige’s mind.  Obviously, he has no idea who he is messing with.  He is lashing out like a madman and the bunker lurkers who remain are taking on his colors.

attachment: evidence of other Cult Facebook Enforcers merrily passing along the orders from the famous “psych buster.”

From Gary Byrne:
Greetings from our OT island!
It’s come to my attention via Bruce Wiseman, President CCHR US that
Placido Domingo, Jr. (Placi) has left our group and aligned himself
on his Facebook page with people who hate our church. I suggest
dropping him from your friends list and letting any mutual friends
on Facebook know about this. If you have any questions regarding
this information check with your Dir I&R or DSA.

To “unfriend” someone go to their profile page and scroll down
beneath their picture to the “unfriend” link. They are not notified
that you have done this, you are just taken off their list. Before
you do this, look on the top right of his page to see if you have
any mutual friends, and let them know by private message as well.

Let’s keep our field clean and theta. It’s Price of Freedom stuff
Hope you can make it over to the annual “Family Reunion” at our
castle in October! Let me know  ARC Gary

From Maggie Bell:
It’s come to my attention that Placido Domingo, Jr
(Placi)( has left our group and
aligned himself on his Facebook page with people who hate our
church. I suggest dropping him from your friends list and letting
any mutual friends on Facebook know about this. If you have any
questions regarding this information check with your Dir I&R or DSA.

To “unfriend” someone go to their profile page and scroll down
beneath their picture to the “unfriend” link. They are not notified
that you have done this, you are just taken off their list. Before
you do this, look on the top right of his page to see if you have
any mutual friends, and let them know by private message as well.

Let’s keep our field clean and keyed out by applying Price of
Freedom to our Facebook accounts. A connection to SPs is a
connection to SPs even if it’s a “virtual” one.


305 responses to “Placido Domingo Jr. vs. Cult Facebook Police

  1. Tony DePhillips

    I like how THEY say about the ones they refuse to duplicate the we “hate our church”.
    THEY are the ones who hate the church.
    THEY hate Scientology.
    THEY LOVE the cult.
    THEY love the alterations and the greed and fear.
    It is THEY that have no courage.
    It is THEY that live in fear. Not us.
    WE are the home of the brave.

  2. Doc "Smith"

    I’m one of Placido’s new FB friends. I daresay he’s in better company out here than in there, not that I was happy having all my friend’s comm lines cut when I left and was declared, but I have many more happy loyal friends here than I lost when I left.

    Mark Elliott

  3. Doc "Smith"

    I just had a wonderful dinner with my stepdaughter Amy, from whom I’m still embarrassed to say I had disconnected for five years. This cult will be dismantled. And I am so happy to help, while I continue to study and use the tech as it was intended, to help others (No church needed).

  4. Placi – it’s been a rough few years but I couldn’t be prouder of the way you held your ground. I know our mutual love for our girls was the driving force for both of us in defeating any and all attempts to alloy our affinity for each other and thus destroy the very foundation of our family. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation at Disney with our little girl and that there will be many more joyous days to come as our family continues to flourish and prosper away from the evil that sought to make us bitter enemies. My very public love and respect to you.

  5. Did it never occur to anyone that when an ethics action made you feel worse, that maybe it wasn’t Scientology that was being applied? Where is the class action lawsuit? These people are selling Sciengology and delivering something else. That is commonly known as fraud. Are we going to whine or are we going to act?

    Best regards,
    Gail S

  6. Now tell me that this is not pure hate, pure control and pure brainwashing! “Let’s keep our field clean and keyed out…” you have got to be kidding me? These people call themselves OT’s, wow.

  7. lolwut is this “Price of Freedom” stuff they spew??

    Sorry if this is a stupid question – just wondering if that is an actual policy or rule of some sort. or just plain old smear campaign drivel??

  8. DM-bots like Wiseman are going to need some real auditing when the truth comes out. I used to believe in the guy’s integrity and energy. What the hell has happened to all these formerly good people? (not that I need an answer).

  9. “Hate our church”. Hmm. You know, I have many friends who are not Scientologists who think (privately or publicly) that Scientology is “bad”, whatever “bad” means in their view (“Un-Christian”, or “Satanic,” or “Cultlike”, or whatever).

    Bruce Wiseman has 4097 Facebook “friends,” including “Ida Squirrelbuster,” and a few good friends of mine. By the way, I reported “Ida” to Facebook, since “she” is not a real person (and had an offensive profile photo).

    Of all of Bruce’s 4097 friends, I am SURE that some have issues with the Church. Is the handling to cut them off? Apparently so.

    Out tech.

  10. scilonschools

    Quite frankley I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    Sam’s family have been messed with TOOOOOO much and this latest pathetic attempt of inhumanity disgusts me beyond my reasonable rational self.
    We all know their abusive game, but sometimes the knife unexpectidley finds a path behind the breastplate.
    This is one of those times!!

  11. scilonschools


  12. Facebook Disconnection Policy:: FAILED POLICY ~~Friends message each other on Facebook “under the radar.”
    Enforced paranoid sec checks WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES ?! WHO IS TALKING TO WHO “Under the radar? : FAILED POLICY. OSA, if you only knew……
    Vulture regging $$$ for IAS:: FAILED POLICY ~~ empty Idle Morgues
    Having enforced abortions Sea Org:: FAILED POLICY ~~ the Internet shamed them into cancelling enforced abortions.
    A “church”that uses black PR, divisiveness, turning one against another:: ~~FAILED POLICY ~~ more exits daily.
    A “church” that uses draconian punishments, RPF for YEARS. RPF’s RPF sadism for asking to leave ::FAILED POLICY, the Sea Org member leaves anyway.
    DM Thuggery with buffoons and goats::FAILED POLICY ~~ the laughing stock of the Internet.
    Splurging huge amounts of Parishioner funds on Lawyers and PIs to cover up dirty deeds ::FAILED POLICY ~~ Nero plays the fiddle while Rome Burns.

  13. Wow, talk about a whispering campaign. Maybe they should just start sending out ethics orders like they’re supposed to. Oh wait, that would expose the insanity in yet another way…

  14. It has come to my attention that Placido Domingo, Jr is one of those fine gents with integrity and refused to walk away from his three kids and their mom.

    So I just sent him a Friend Request.

    Next I’m going to find my credit card and buy some of his music! And become a fan too (what’s an artist without an audience?)! Then I think I’ll communicate with one of those most terrible of awful SPs in the whole world – Hello Sam!

    Hey Bruce, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
    Even better, just go and get a life.


  15. I have to say that I don’t really have a problem with this at all.

    It is actually helping Placido to remove all of the PTS terminals from his lines, while at the same time battering holes in their own hull by giving the ‘fence sitters’ that are still on-lines something to think about.

    When all of the people that have disconnected from the ‘Indies’ finally wake-up and reaize they are on a sinking ship we just need to remember to be there for them with a helping hand.

  16. Nice to know there are guys like Placido.

  17. Mr Domingo,

    Thank you for your courage and integrity in standing up for your beautiful family. Too many families and friends have been torn apart. Instead of correcting what is wrong in the church and caring about good people, it seems easier to blame it’s members for pain and unhappiness caused by these wrongs.
    I don’t think we are the haters. That’s just, pot kettle black!

  18. This makes perfect sense to me. After all, Bruce Wiseman and his wife disconnected from their daughter Kendra, who chose not to pursue scientology.

    And as a result of that disconnection, Kendra (with 2 other young women) put up the website Ex-Scientology Kids. Which is still up.

    Anyone who would disconnect from his child, of COURSE would want others to have similar heartbreak, mind stopping cruelty to his own.


    One wonders just how frozen his mind has become and just how stupid in the process. For every one of his FB friends that he “alerted” who defriended Placido, my guess is 5 FB friends said — WHAT? Placido’s not an SP. That much I KNOW!!


  19. It has come to my attention that it has come to my attention…where was I…Oh yeh, that it has come to my er, attention…Now, where er, am I? DM, help me out here…

  20. SaveTheTech

    The breaking up of families is abhorrent to modern and ancient civilizations. And, LRH forbade doing this in Ron’s Journal 1968. So, Wiseman’s action (directed by DM to try to prevent Church members from discovering the truth about him) was strictly off-policy and out-tech.

    The sanctity of family and the joy of music are common denominators to all of mankind. To all civilizations on planet earth.

    In one fell swoop DM has sent the reputation of the Co$ into the toilet. This time his over-the-top blowhard “planetary dissemination” will be true.

    It takes a lifetime to establish a reputation and only a moment to destroy it. This is the beginning of that moment.

  21. Wow, imagine that: PROOF that disconnection happens in the church, most pointedly at his wife and kids to disconnect, which is something that needs to be put on some billboards here and there or they need to be made into a collage to be presented to Tommy Boy’s oration about how there is no disconnection in the “church”.

  22. Marty, off topic but something I didn’t know about.

    WISE extortion racket. If scn’er & have business, must join & WISE or be blacklisted, inc. no auditing.

    Delete post if you already knew this.

  23. A collusion among seals against folks of good will, not angels, Sam excepted, folks of good will.

    Placido — you’re among those who say what they mean and mean what they say now and act accordingly. I’m grateful you’ve paid and pay the price for freedom.

    Bruce W and the remainder of the seal collusion, y’all need to drink some antidote, the best of which I know is WTFU coffee.

    David Miscavige, you suppressive variant of PT Barnum, the gig is up. What could have been the greatest show on Earth, you’ve rendered not only ineffective, but driven it to a laughing stock of international media. Well done. You’re fooling fewer and fewer all the time. Not even fooling yourself I’ll bet. Maybe your beagles.

    Bruce Pratt

  24. Uh, this is a gross violation of facebook rules which can get all of these clowns kicked off. All you need to do is file on them. Enough complaints and they’re gone.

    “You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user.

    You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.

    You will not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.

    You will not facilitate or encourage any violations of this Statement.”

    Let Pee Wee and his henchscum sue Facebook. It’s founder’s assets makes the Church’s assets look like chump change.

  25. HCOB 11 Sept 1983 “PTSness and Disconnection” is the reference that is being used to break up my family, or rather to justify it.

    “Example: A pc is connected to a person or group that has been declared a suppressive person by HCO in a published Ethics Order. He should disconnect and, if he wants to inform the SP of the fact, he may write a letter of disconnection………………

    To fail or refuse to disconnect from a Suppressive Person no only denies the PTS case gain, it is also supportive of the Suppressive-in itself a Suppressive Act. And must be so labeled.”

    Now my brother in law who is being used by the Church to destroy me and the church staff who have led my wife to the “understanding” that I have committed suppressive acts such as communicating believe that it is best for my wife and son to disconnect from me based on this reference and the “Suppresive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists” is what they use to find something to call you an SP for.

    My brother in law who was my friend for @20 years now believes that I am the “criminal” in the reference: (“It is much like trying to deal with a criminal. If he will not handle, the society resorts to the only other solution: It “disconnects” the criminal from society”). He agreed with the “fair game” idea and that it is ok to destroy or do whatever is neccesary to stop people like me.

    This is sick scary shit. In the first place, I dont even care if thats LRH. Secondly, I don’t think it is.

    What would happen if a group that used data like that really had a lot of power? Power of government?

    Scary stuff man. Thats not LRH. It cant be.

  26. Bruce Wiseman used to be a nice guy with a mind of his own. I guess he has bought into the exclusion/isolation practices of DM’s organization. No contact with anyone who determines what is true for themselves. No self-determinism allowed.

  27. Doc,

    How can one place a value on ersatz friendships? How can any rational being forsake the security of pretense for something as unpredictable as reality?

    Nothing warms my heart like false smiles and lists of rules and regulations by which I must abide to maintain another’s goodwill.

    I just love the stability of knowing where I stand, of being fixed, of wearing the chains of perpetual probation.

    Just call me sentimental.

  28. Everyone should be aware that the Bruce is also using an alter ego of “John Truman Wolfe” on Linkedin and possibly on Facebook too.

  29. Billy Jack

    Facebook Police Enforcer!!! What audacity! What stupidity! What idiocy! What a stupid sleezy scumbag piece of fly excrement!! Where are the heavy duty copper grounding rods? If everyone would simply ground their computer with the heavy duty Davey Divinity Cupric Mind Stabilizer grounding rods, we would all think right thoughts and no one would think left thoughts and Facebook would be grounded. We should also ground our houses with the super duper copper flopper rods to prevent dumbasses from visiting our homes unannounced. Did Mr. Perfect get a patent on these copper salvation strands? Derelict in his duty, he is! Protect your intellectual properties!

    Where is Heber? Give the people in “The Hole” copper grounding rods and have the copper grounding rod police monitor their use and the UFOs will be down to collect all the Facebook users. How about copper hand implants instead of using the cans? Maybe we can get it cut down to only 2 swings of the needle, to call an F/N ? Silver is a better conductor, DM, but you didn’t go to school for very long, did you, oh God of copper and leader of the world?

    Who is policing you, DM? When do you go into session? Doing OW write-ups? That rapid dial wide F/N may be something other than an F/N. If you’re never in session, no one will see it. Keep hiding!!!!

  30. Bruce Wiseman and other Facebook police are going to feel like real idiots when they realize they are executing the wishes of a desperate mad man bent on keeping Corporate Scientology going and abuses hidden.

    When the Stud Muffin and I left we along with my parents (who were in good standing at the time), were targeted by the Facebook police for disconnection. So many of my friends sent me what was sent to them. What the Facebook police and Corporate Scientology don’t get is that actions such as these make them look crazy in the eyes of their own parishioners, not to mention the world.

    You can’t throw a rock at a Corporate Scientology gathering without hitting someone who is disaffected with the organization, though they may be putting on appearances for the time being. These individuals are getting too many “disconnect from so and so” messages and are wondering who is left.

  31. “constant alertness????” Are you kidding me????

    “IF you have any questions, contact your DSA????”
    Don’t, of course, get in comm with the person yourself and see what’s up. Make sure you only talk to the DSA who has all the lies carefully crafted to ensure your mind and observations are correctly aligned to Big Brother’s superior analysis. No need to actually think for yourself…we’ve got that covered. Now give us your new credit card numbers and go back to sleep.

    And remember as you slumber…you are “in ethics” because you obey…you are “right” because you obey…you are happy to obey…you are safe to obey…sleep…sleep…



  33. Running NOTs on the Co$ (3D) – there’s a Dense Mass that hasn’t blown yet …

    (This is my first post here and I’ll be following with great interest.)

    It was inspiring to read about the reunion! Reading over the comments I noticed that each of you seem to have left the church as stronger individuals – not as a stronger group (some never joined the church, some are on the sidelines). Each of you made up your own mind, each of you weighed your own conclusions against the group PR and even against the confused agreements of your well-intentioned friends (whom you had to leave behind). Each of you chose your own path based on your own perceptions and on the solid development of your own ethics. Each of you went against the agreements of your primary group. I’d venture that it required more individuality to leave, than it did to join. Perhaps especially, it requires more individuality to leave, than to stay. It takes courage to turn one’s back on an organization built on the wealth of data LRH gave, courage to face the darkness of the universe alone, even with all the Scn data one may have accumulated.

    Seems to me the reunion event is composed of true individuals, not merely a collection of agreements. Coincidences of viewpoints of truth are valid, not agreements. The coincidence of seeing the same thing, the same element of truth, is much stronger than any agreement.

    The more Scientology OT becomes reality for me, the more I learn, the more straightened out I get, then the more I see a single fundamental quality of man that must, apparently, be cultivated: call it love if you have a historical bent, or call it the motivation behind studying all you can and auditing, if you are technically oriented. It’s compassion, if you will, born of data assimilation, understanding, and eventually, Knowledge (Handbook for Preclears, chpt 8). The compassion – the love – is the quality that is essential, that apparently each has a conscious choice over. And if that’s so, it must be cultivated, nurtured, and reinforced. There’s no ‘agreement’ to it; it’s individual. I find it irresistable.

    The amazing thing is that each of us is distinct in personality from all others. May abberation, other-determinism, hatred and confusion forever fall away, that free individuals may reign in calm and peace, with eternal goodwill and standard tech.


  34. Watching Eyes

    Sam, that’s a lovely letter.

  35. Hurray to Placido for staying with his integrity! As for the C of $ parishioners, they need to (re-)read George Orwell’s 1984, THEN look up the definition of Orwellian, as in the Orwellian tactics of the C of $.

  36. “Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.”

    – Mohandas K. Gandhi

    “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

    – Anne Frank

  37. Ziba Feulner

    Just befriended PD a few days ago! YES, he does deserve a medal. I believe we all have had personal experiences with FB friends “un-friending” us on FB just because we have found the right target (DM) for the downfall of Scientology. Why does this practice reminds me so much of the overts of the THIRD REICH???

  38. Tony DePhillips

    You pretty darn sane Sam.
    Proud to know ya.

  39. Tony DePhillips

    Yeah, I bet that they are REAL keyed out!!? Lol..

  40. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1. Go Karen!!

  41. Placi, I’m also proud of you for being strong and sticking by Sam and the girls through thick and thin. They are worth everything, as you well know. Paloma, Vicki & Daniella are the brightest, shining stars I’ve met in a long, long time and it’s plain to see why with a Mom like Sam. 😀

  42. Brian Culkin

    Its amazing how the members of the church identify anyone who speaks out against the organizational abuses as “people who hate our group.”

    Anatomy of Thought PL would be an immediate cramming order for Wiseman et al.

    Scientology does not equal The Church of Scientology does not equal a man named L. Ron Hubbard.

    Different things. Not the same.

    It is almost as if this group has a collective secondary that enforces this insane A=A=A on this topic. Truly distorting basic principals in Scientology to justify this cult like and isolationist behavior.

    I am happy to be friends with Placido on facebook. Thank you for adding me.

    “Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate. To hate alone is the road to disaster. To love is the road to strength. To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.” LRH

  43. Tom Gallagher


    The trio used to enforce an ‘untouchables’ caste system within the loser’s dead cult. Ugh………..

  44. Hi Splog!
    Placi is busy recording an album in Miami which should be released soon. Thank you for your support and enjoy his beautiful music. 🙂

  45. The footnukes keep on rolling.

    Brilliant move Bruce — I am sure Placi’s dad will be really impressed by you and Corporate Scientology. (Bruce probably doesnt even know who he is, nor does he know what FIFA is, though he might have heard of Henry Kissinger — google it if this seems random).

    Placi — you have a whole new world of REAL friends now. They won’t abandon you based on “suggestions” or “orders” from anyone, that I can promise you.

    Looking forward to finally meeting in person!

  46. I know. I can’t get over how stupid these supposedly smart people are. He’s been an official spokesman for the Church for years and he puts something like this in writing and implicates the Church at the same time. It’s so stupid.

  47. Jeeez, Sam. Way to make me puddle up.


  48. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Chris,
    I had quite a few people disconnect from me. Some were very close. Or at least I thought.
    Anyone who would disconnect from you without veiwing the information on the internet and really duplicating you either:
    a) Cannot view data and are not bright enough to figure things out.
    b) Has very low integrity and are not really a friend.

    Also, have you ever read the reference on joining a suppressive group? I can’t think of the title right now. But in that reference LRH talks about to join the SP group you had to have some agreement with it. I believe the SP group is the CULT of mudcabbage. Those that stay in after they know what is happening, are in agreement with the SP to a greater or lesser degree.

    I also agree with you on the point that even if LRH did write those ethics code points, that I would NOT apply that. I am not in agreement with those points.

    He did say it has to be true to you. I agree with that one.

    If you haven’t already, I reccomend finding new friends in your area and create your own third dynamic. Don’t be the effect of this insanity.
    Remember that you are Moving up a Little Higher!

  49. Tony DePhillips

    Great point Natalie!
    Has a great time in Texas with you guys.
    Tell “stud muffin” we say howdy.

  50. Brian:

    “Scientology does not equal The Church of Scientology does not equal a man named L. Ron Hubbard.”

    Perfect equation.

  51. top of the vale







  52. Tony DePhillips

  53. +1 squared. It’s an honor and a joy to know this family, every one of them is an artist, a big being and a hell of a lot of fun to hang with….

  54. Interestingly it appears that Bruce Wiseman doesn’t want his CCHR/scientology ties to interfere with his fiction and non-fiction booksales – thus the pseudonym.

    If you do a search on Amazon for Bruce Wiseman ONLY his CCHR book comes up. If you do a search on Amazon for John Truman Wolfe his fiction and his most recent global expose comes up.

    There is nothing that ties John Truman Wolfe TO Bruce Wiseman. In fact, the website doesn’t show anywhere that this IS Bruce Wiseman – even though it clearly is. He was even interviewed on Fox News. Interviewed AS John Truman Wolfe.

    Will he confess his REAL identity?

    Doubtful. He goes on National TV AS John Truman Wolfe. Why?

    Could he be embarrassed to call himself a cult follower? What is he REALLY hiding? His disconnection of his daughter?

    Makes one wonder.


  55. WH — On his JTW webpage, the last line of the “About JTW” says it is the penname of Bruce Wiseman.

  56. Yvonne Schick

    I don’t usually request to friend anyone I don’t know personally but I feel like I have just been introduced to a great man – Placido – so I have requested to be his friend. Thank you, Placido, for setting such a great example of the Code of Honor and basic human love by standing by your family. You are a man of honor.

    Bruce Wiseman adjusts the rules to suit his personal best interest. I’ve been out for 6 months and declared for 3 but he still keeps me on his comm line via his email list to promote his business interests. It is a shame that someone with as much native ability as Bruce would so blatantly mis-apply basic Scn principles. Is that a FLUNK on KSW? Think he will get a cram?

  57. Yvonne Schick

    Good job standing by your man.

  58. George,
    just not to confuse anybody: you have choosen my nickname. Earlier comments with name George are mine. In case in the future I might comment something that comes through I add my webpage link. „darksing…“
    I do not want to change my nickname as this might be interpreted negatively. (excluded from commenting and trying it with a different ID) I want to be honest with you.
    Anyway I cannot be copied. 🙂

  59. I wonder exactly what might happen if every single indie celebrity Scientologist stepped into the same room, at the same time, and held a massive press conference warning the world of the dangers and abuse which exist in the cult of David Miscavige?

    I really do wonder…

  60. WindWalker

    Gail S

    Hi Gail. I have not seen you post before … so welcome.
    As far as “acting” goes.. we can always use people who are in a position to do something about the abuses and the insanity. I, for one, welcome any contribution you can make to the cause.

    Eric S

  61. Perhaps Bruce Wiseman, Gary Byrne and Maggie Bell don’t watch CNN and do not know or apply the “official” lie by the Radical Scn spokeshole:

  62. Re-connection available here….24/7…365.

    It’s simply a matter of choice.

  63. Opps – I never was a great investigator. A bit too hasty.

    Guess I need not apply for the investigative reporter position with “freedom mag” 🙂


  64. Tony DePhillips

    That would be “You’re pretty darn sane Sam”. The visit to Texas rubbed off on me a bit. 🙂

  65. Wow, Sam, this is so beautiful. I have tears streaming down my face and a lump in my throat.

  66. “Let’s keep our feild clean…”

    Sure! Last time I heard talk like this, we had segregation in schools, lynchings, assasinations and discrimination run amuck. Don’t forget the suppressive and non-suppressive water fountains and bathrooms. We already have SP and Non-SP resturants in L.A. as demonstrated by the Anon video posted a week or so ago.

    To any “church” members still reading this blog: Clear Your Word(s)!!! Demonstrate for me, IN CLAY, what a suppressive person is. THEN do in clay, FACTUALLY, the actions Marty and the Independent movement have been doing.

    Do this to E.P. and then do Reach and Withdraw on it.


  67. Radical Scientology doesn’t get it. They are being rejected by society and their own members because of paranoid, anti social, cult behavior. Their “solution” is to increase the paranoid, anti social, cult behavior.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where that “strategy” will lead them.

  68. WH — Oh, no. Those are EXACTLY the skills they are looking for! Get your application in NOW before anyone else… M

  69. Bryan,

    Even better.

    What would happen if the C of M held a press conference EVERY day that exposed their insanities to the world….

    Oh, lookie — they’re doing that! How thoughtful of them…


  70. Damn fine point you make there Mike!

  71. This one rises to to the level of foot-Hbomb.

    “On Monday, however, in a move that invites ridicule and incredulity in equal measure, Blatter announced that Spanish tenor Placido Domingo had been invited to join Henry Kissinger and former FBI chief Louis Freeh in rooting out Fifa corruption.

    Confirming perhaps that Fifa’s crisis had reached operatic proportions, Blatter told CNN that Domingo, 70, had been invited to join a “council of wisdom” intended to restore the organisation’s credibility.”

    Hummmm…when those guys are done with FIFA, maybe we should ask them to do the same with Davie’s cult?

  72. Sam that was a beautiful letter.You are a beautiful being!

  73. Did you notice how one said, “greetings from OT Island…” Did that give you the concept that they are in a vast sea of “others” where their little island is being defended at all costs? LOL

  74. That’s well said, Carcharanon, and welcome. Especially liked the bit about ‘coincidence of viewpoint.’ Hope you post some more, now that you’ve ‘come out,’ as it were.
    It was hard for me to wrench myself away from the nuthouse, but boy, am I glad I did! If you’re still ‘in,’ don’t take too long about getting out of there – they’re going downhill with rockets on!

    BTW, ‘Carcharanon’ works for me, whatever it means.


  75. LOL He is already one of my friends on FB. I choose good friends.

  76. Firebreathing Frog

    I wonder what will be the effect when Bruce send the same message about J Travolta or Tom Cruise.
    Robotic Staff keeps on shooting celebs, not knowing we respect and admire them far more than we trust the king of Squirrel: David Miscavige.
    I though the church PR plan was to position itself as the celebrities’ religion.
    I don’t understand how the new positioning “Domingo has left our group and aligned himself with people who hate our church” will be good PR since more people love Domingo and hate the squirrel practice of the Church.
    Especially when people will know Placi just refused to disconnect from his kids.
    But as Tommy said, disconnection is not Church policy.
    Evidence every day the church is going straight vertical down, is their no possibility for one staff to call a comm-ev on David Miscavige and confront him with his crimes, rip-off and down stats?
    Amazing they buy all the bull shit.

  77. I like your point that the Facebook disconnections are an advertisement of how many people are finding out the truth and leaving. This is one reason why the SP declares are no longer sent out, because they don’t want people seeing how widespread the disaffection is. Apparently the Facebook Police are bypassing the MAAs in this respect. Wouldn’t surprise me if they got a sec-check question, “Have you in any way suggested to others that there is disaffection among the ranks?” And “That will be $30,000 or you’re banned from the base.”

  78. Bert Schippers

    It is pure insanity. I often thought (while in Scn), that the safest way to be a scientologist is to have no family or friends, that way nobody can ever make you disconnect from someone. Why it took me so long to see the insanity in that whole game I don’t know.
    Bruce and the other facebook police will have to confront the truth soon – I’m hoping the house of cards will fall in the next year or so.

  79. Dear Anonlover,
    The price of freedom is eternal viligence. BUT these guys are losing their freedom because they have stopped being viligent about their own subject being altered from it’s original workable condition.

  80. scilonschools

    ““official” lie by the Radical Scn spokeshole: ”

    (& Janitor)

  81. WindWalker


    Hi, and welcome. Good to have your “voice” here.

    Eric S

  82. George, very good point about the indies being individuals, not people who are signed up based on group-think. The Seattle people are just about as varied as you can imagine in our ideas and actions. That is one of the most refreshing things to me about the indie field!

  83. SaveTheTech

    EVERY couple of hours on a global basis. Check out this 2 hour old news about the Church attacking a real volunteer group:

  84. “THE Church of Scientology has threatened to sue and claim punitive damages against a volunteer organisation that helps the victims of cults and their families.”

    Read more:

  85. All hail Tommy Davis, Leader of Anonymous and bringer of the lulz

  86. Thank you WISE for providing us with a list of potential Independents!

  87. Mike – I just have to decline 🙂

    Although I wonder what Bruce found “fascinating in the extreme” about his trip to China. Could it be along the lines of finding that although he had disconnected from his child previously, that she was able to forgive him and they could have somewhat of a relationship if they both agreed never to discuss his BELOVED cult, scientology (dm style).

    I believe she’s chosen to stay in China – far away from her parents and cult intervention.


  88. Hate your church? No, we don’t hate your church. We just don’t like what DM and the rest of you idiots have done with it.

    You see when you become an Independant Scientologist you are FREE TO:
    1. Have a floating needle.
    2. Go to an examiner without the examiner sitting there looking like a dork waiting 5 minutes for the meter to play “Dixie”.
    3. Go on the internet and read whatever you want to read without fear/terror that you just “lost your OT sections” for eternity.
    4. Look DM or anyone else in the eye.
    5. Actually have OT Sections without having to go backwards down the gradechart.
    6. Have a life.
    7. Be in my house without worrying that the IAS stopping by at 2:00 AM.
    8. Have more “This is the Session” auditing than “I’m not auditing you” hours.
    9. Be free to have a car and a house without feeling I need to hide both from IAS.
    10. Have a local inexpensive delivery center that didn’t cost my mortgage.
    11. Practice actual Scientology.

    ML Tom

  89. Ziba Feulner

    Tony, you are killing me…LOL 😉

  90. Ziba Feulner

    Since my coming out recently several of my FB “friends” disconnected but a whole lot are still on my list. I wonder why??? I was guessing that the FB police may have reconsidered their tactics because more and more people are leaving Davy and this may struck some Scientologists as odd if their attention is put on it… and they may start to question things…Ya know what I mean??…This enforced disconnection method may backfire on OSA and some chruchies…

  91. Mike and Christie,
    you’ve been dear friends from the very beginning of this ordeal. I can’t begin to express my love and gratitude for your constant friendship, support and love for our entire family. Without you and the support of everyone in this incredible group this would have been a dark and lonely journey. I consider every single person here a member of a deeply honorable group and a friend for eternity.

  92. He says Howdy back at ya Tony. We miss you guys already and can’t wait to get back to Seattle for another visit.

  93. Tony and Chris,

    A major point is being missed here. There has been slight of hand regarding the definition of an SP. LRH defined an SP as someone who matches the majority of the personality traits of the antisocial personal person. And yes a true antisocial person would not want a practice that helps others to exist. Any yes it is healthier to steer clear of true antisocial persons. What is actually occurring is that the Indies are trying to keep the practice that helps to continue and the true antisocial person has gotten control of the original group. PTS tech is a workable technology provided it is applied correctly. Injustice and out tech often go hand in hand.

  94. Interesting enough to float past an attorney. What is the actual ideal scene for a Church of Scientology (if any)? As this blog illustrates, power is in the Indies’ hands – what design do we have? Open use of the name for a fixed nominal fee, and a supervisory board formed of Class VIII C/Ses, or government regulation of standards, or what? Coca-cola can change it’s formula, or McDonald’s its menu, with no question, but if Pfizer changes the composition of one of its branded drugs such that it is less effective, that would be very different, and bad food gets busted very quickly.

  95. Poet13c,

    Much thanks. I’ve read many of your spot-on and eloquent posts. (I was never staff, and bit the church ethics officer’s and the senior C/S’s noses off in parting ca 1984. The AAC was open.) Btw, Placi’s father was a great voice and tall man who brought joy to millions with his song. It’s a pleasure to see how well his children are following his example.

  96. crashingupwards

    It does not surprise me that Placido Domingo Jr has chosen the stability and happiness of his children over the dictates of any organization. What surprises me is that some people do not.
    Wiseman and his copy cats do not have a clue about whats truly important when it comes to family and human rights. Blind and ignorant they go on hurting others to protect their kingdom of lies and deceit. If they were not so self-rightous they would be more easily objects of pity.

  97. Exactly Lynne! That is part of what makes the whole thing so hysterical. It’s an “enemy line” to even acknowledge the masses are disaffected, when it is clear as the day is blue. You are an enemy if you are disaffected and you get threatened with the loss of your own comm lines if you don’t disconnect from someone who is disaffected, not even necessarily declared, just disaffected. That’s how scared Corporate Scientology has gotten.

    Corporate Scientology doesn’t dare post the avalanche of SP declares it has generated in a failed attempt to slow the disaffection that is spreading faster than Chlamydia at a frat party.

    People are jumping into the lifeboats of disaffection as if they were on the Titanic as it went down. Meanwhile, Bruce Wiseman, other OSA bots and kool-aid drinkers are running on the deck telling passengers to pay no attention to the evil SPs escaping, just give us your money so we can keep pretending we aren’t on a sinking ship. Whatever you do just don’t look, don’t communicate and don’t think for yourself.

  98. Bruce Wiseman is on the “Ida Squirrelbusters” facebook friend list
    Bruce need to pick facebook friends more wisely

  99. SCN_Ethics

    This gave me an “ah ha” moment. Someone close to me who is trying desperately not to see the truth about the “church” recently said that they were thinking of quitting Facebook. This person loves Facebook and has many many friends there. I realize now that these “kindly unfriend so and so” messages are upsetting. They create dissonance. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Keep it up BW and DM!

  100. Happy you got out. Placido Domingo has performances booked in Barcelona today (Saturday) and Beirut, Lebanon the 17th. Shows something about the guy to perform in that turbulent Middle East.

  101. SaveTheTech

    And, here another one from tomorrow morning Sydney Morning Herald.

  102. ALL HAIL!!

  103. Sam,

    Way to Flourish and Prosper! 🙂

  104. LRH also said HCOB 27 sept 1966: “Man in his anxieties is prone to witch hunts”. He goes on to say: “This characteristic makes it very easy for the antisocial personality to bring about a chaotic or dangerous environment”.
    Lots of other great stuff in that HCOB. Also in HCOB 10 Sept. 1983 LRH says: ” In order to resolve the PTS condition, he either handles the other person’s antagonism (as covered in the materials on PTS handling) or”
    Then he says, I’ll put it in caps: ” AS A LAST RESORT, WHEN ALL ATTEMPTS TO HANDLE HAVE FAILED, HE DISCONNECTS FROM THE PERSON”. He also says, same HCOB: “Earlier, disconnection as a condition was cancelled. It had been abused by a few individuals who lazily or criminally disconnected, thereby creating situations even worse than the original because it was the wrong action.”
    Also HCOPL 20 Oct 1981R covers this pretty well. He has a part of the PL that is entitled: Don’t create antagonism” I won’t get into the whole thing, but I think a very important line in this PL says:’ There are so many ways to misuse tech and to invalidate and evaluate for others in a destructive fashion to bring about bypassed charge.” He goes on to say: ” The idea is not to do so. Why create trouble for yourself and your fellow scientologist, as nothing will be gained but ill will”.

  105. Sigh. This post, like all of yours Marty, really gets to me. However, I then realize that lies do not persist, and I wind up reading all of the comments, and that completely wins over any evil, any day. Its almost as if all of these actions make this sane group saner, and stronger. So in a big way, thanks DM. You actually are working to create a saner, stronger world in a sick kind of way! lol

  106. Sara Finning

    Sam, perhaps I haven’t been vocal enough in backing you, but you have my total support and admiration.

    I wanted to point out that this site is visited by lots of people on a daily basis, and of that only a percentage actually post. I don’t know the ratio, but you are impinging on a wider audience than you realize and so many people are right behind you.

    Hope to see you soon and introduce you to the baby.

    You’re gonna come back turbo charged!

    Oh and could you please bring back some hershey bars with almonds. The British just can’t make a decent chocolate bar!

  107. OK that one caused some serious line-charging laughter! Thanks. LOL! 😀

  108. Gandiguy, I want to acknowledge this very accurate post of yours. It is a major point that is being missed and thank you for reminding us of it.

  109. scilonschools

    Mr Rathbun

    You need a bigger tent!!

  110. Hersheys??? You’re seriously knocking Cadbury’s over Hersheys??? :D. Oh well – no accounting for taste. See you soon!

  111. scilonschools

    Months not years! trust me on that!

  112. SaveTheTech

    Yes, people will think it odd… so many people opting out??? What is happening??

    People like Bruce Wiseman and countless other members are kept in the dark so DM can appear to be just disconnecting a few “bad members”, sort of like the Dutch boy who saves his country by putting his finger in a leaking dike. But, when you are knee deep in water, members will eventually take off their blind folds and go check out the dyke. This “tipping point” is rapidly approaching because of the internet and social media like FB.

    Trying to run a cult on Face Book is well… pretty dumb?

  113. Placi is on the road driving our daughter back to Miami after a trip to Disney. I sent him a text to let him know about the beautiful messages of support awaiting him which he is looking forward to reading just as soon as he has access to a compter again.
    Love Sam

  114. The only PTSness and Disconnection (HCOB 10 Sept. 1983? ) I have is in the new Ethics book. It has what you wrote in the first half of it, then it seems to have added to it the data that you must disconnect from anyone declared suppressive by HCO and that failing to disconnect is a suppressive act. The reference seems to contradict itself.

  115. Dear Sam,
    I have such happy memories of our special time together.
    I echo your sentiments on Mike and Christie.
    ML Karen

  116. Michael Fairman

    The film, “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” is a partial metaphor for those in the C of M. A “pod person” has now replaced Bruce Wiseman and he has pointed at Placido and screamed. But Placido has escaped, as have many, many, many more. Other pod people walk about and continue to point and scream. Still other pods are growing, nourished by the fertilizer that is Miscavige.

    And here’s where the metaphor ends. Unlike the film, which suggests a possible controlled population of robotic-like beings, there are growing number of us armed with a potent weed-killer, that destroys the pods, and brings the people back to who they really are.

    Whereas at the end of the film Kevin McCarthy screams at the on-coming traffic “Can’t you see, they”re here already!”, all of us will very soon be able to calmly state, “Will you look at that, they’re all gone.”

  117. Bruce Wiseman is interviewed on “FOX and friends”. Brent Cardone is employed as a consultant for FOX. Not trustworthy.

  118. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

    Is the Hubbard quote more accurate in this form ?

    “Constant and continual alertness is the price of freedom. Constant willingness to fight back is the price of freedom. There is no other price, actually.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard

  119. Tony,

    I too thought long and hard about how valid those LRH references are. I think they are true and valid, but a great hopping dose of common sense is also needed.

    What kind of SP was LRH referring to? Apparently, it would be a real one, a genuine 2.5%’er or a DM. If you were closely connected to DM, like a family connection, it would be good to disconnect if for no other reason than the odds of him coming to his senses are zero. And anyone who remains aligned to him would have to have some basic agreement with him.

    But now, these “administrative declares” – that’s not the kind fo thing LRH had in mind when he wrote the policies. I honestly think he didn’t even consider that possibility, that someone would warp the definition of an SP *that* much.

    It’s not the policy that’s invalid, it’s the stupid enforcement of it these days that is crazy.

  120. scilonschools

    Thank you Sam, re earlier comment, now I know I can laugh not cry.

    This real time connection and escape from, as Mr Fairman says, the bodysnatchers will stay with me to my dieing day XXX

  121. Sara Finning

    And Sepp Blatter.

  122. Well said, Tony

    The “line of attack” taken by Wiseman (“they hate our church”) shows why taking any sort of op-term position to “the church” plays into DM’s hands.

    If we think about it, we were never against the church. Heck, we WERE the church. We built it, with our years of service (look how much time Marty, Mike, and others put it) and our donations.

    The situation is not that LRH was wrong and made a mistake by creating the Church.

    The situation is that a tyrant subverted LRH’s stated intention for the end of one-man -rule after his death, and installed himself as a tyrant, dominating the directors and trustees of the seven boards LRH set up, that were to govern after LRH’s departure.

    I believe the target is DM and his abusive practices.

    The proven means of bringing down a tyrant is to erode his Pillars of Support, and win them over, not attack them, let alone attack the country of the citizens he is ruling (the church, in this case).

    This Tech has been proven by Gandhi, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Otpor in Yugoslavia, the non-violent warriors in the Ukraine, and many others..


  123. freespirit

    Placi – You’re a GOOD man for standing by your family. We are friends on Facebook and I have been following your Disney adventures with your little one. You have a beautiful daughter and it is is so very clear that you and Sam have such respect for each other and such a great deal of love for your children. For someone to attempt to sever those comm lines is as abhorrent to me as throwing little Casey Anthony’s body into a swamp to rot. I am sure your father joins Sam in being so proud of you for doing so. I wish you continued success in all you do!

  124. I’m sure Placido found a wonderful surprise when he logged into Facebook – judging by the loooooooong list of new friends on his wall (one of whom is me 🙂 )

    I almost can’t describe how happy it makes me that you managed to keep all that ARC going between you and Placi – I have the same thing with my ex, she and our son even stayed in my house with my new family last week while she was here on a business trip. That’s what Scientology is all about, right – keeping, maintaining and raising ARC in all sort of conditions? I could never disconnect from my ex – I loved her once dearly (and still do, just in a different way), and she’s my son’s mother. Thankfully she’s very very far away from DM’s clutches.

    And you have 3 beautiful daughters too!

  125. Hey Wiseman, why don’t you apply Price of Freedom to your so called “Church”, you poser.

    Freedom Medal my ass. If you actually were doing anything about human rights abuses you would clean up your own “Church”. What about the mental and physical abuse of Sea Organization members?

    Well we know the level of confront of the IAS Freedom Medal winner – he can covertly confront others on Facebook.

  126. I think it’s a matter of being able to differentiate when and why to use a specific policy. Again Ron said : There are so many ways to misuse tech and to invalidate and evaluate for others in a destructive fashion to bring about bypassed charge.” He goes on to say: ” The idea is not to do so. Why create trouble for yourself and your fellow scientologist, as nothing will be gained but ill will”.
    If the greatest good applies, than the cos really needs to be able to see the effect that mass disconnection has on sane beings. Very poor obnosis. Obviously we don’t like it. Heck, in this society we’re even allowed to write letters and visit even the worst of our population that resides in our prisons. Even murderers. It’s supposed to be about 2 1/2 % S.P’s. At the rate it’s going we’ll soon have the minority (cos) disconnecting from the majority. That would be the greatest harm to the greatest # of dynamics. It’s really a shame because this planet really needs help. Once upon a time people could find that it us (Scientologists). Now instead they laugh and make fun. And you know what, it’s the S.P’s. who are laughing the most.

  127. I have read the actual HCOB, but I don’t have it right now and I’m not sure if the “Basics” Ethics book version of it is exactly the same, though it seems to be from my memory.

  128. That is a very good and accurate metaphor.

  129. How does it go? The Church has a slightly different version of the price of freedom: Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back?

    Yeah, covertly telling people they should covertly disconnect from you is pretty brave. I think that, along with a $500,000 donation qualifies one for “Humanitarian Defender of Mankind” status.

  130. James,
    I agree with you.

  131. I am not into facebook. I am not really into Linkedln either even though I have it posted. Despite my “SP” status, I have all kinds of KA drinkers wanting to hook up with me, as I am a “friend”- such notables as Greg Hughes (speaking of the devil) and Arte Maren. The “police” don’t seem to be scoping that area out. Maybe it is OK to do business with the devil, you just can’t have a social life with them.

  132. Sapere Aude

    Placi and Sam,
    I have never met either of you but I applaud your decisions to move forward in your life and include your children. You have cast aside suppression which has attempted to sever a theta comm line. That is what responsibility is about. To use the tech to better your lives and those of your children. To rise above the group agreement as shown by the likes of the facebook police. To maintain your integrity and flourish and prosper. Thank you both for setting a fine example of an Independent Scientologist.

  133. Michael-Great analogy!

  134. one of those who see

    The Church has become a Hate Group. Definition from Wikipedia: A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other designated sector of society.

    The threat and actual action of breaking up families, businesses and friends is EVIL. Bruce, you are a good person who is contributing to evil actions. You are blind as a bat. Placido and all the other “SPs” are beautiful beings most of whom have contributed and still contribute greatly to the application and dissemination of the Tech. What are you going to do declare and defriend the world?! Our group is huge and growing. Some of us have chosen to stay under the radar for various reasons so we are safe from you for the moment. But, we are part of this “SP” group too.

    Ya know-there are real, true SPs in the world. They are few. They have the characteristics of the Anti-Social personality as written by LRH. But, if you see SPs everywhere, you may very well miss the real ones. The Church is not doing well, which means there is out tech. It is off policy with this fundraising all over the place. People are sitting off the bridge, disaffected. The church’s PR is awful. You may want to look for the actual SP on the Church lines. Just a suggestion.

  135. Mike- It is so crazy with this guy-There is tech on not creating antagonism and all he does is create antagonism in abundance. DM is determined to become the most hated person on the planet. His ser facs have some very interesting computations as pointed out in Marty’s last blog.

  136. Sam- I admire you and Placido so much for your integrity and the obvious love you have for each other.

  137. Placi, my hat’s off to you!!!
    You had the courage and wisdom to do the right thing and not to compromise with yourself and your own integrity… I hope Beppe will too one day, and do what he knows to be the right thing.

    Ci vediamo presto…e ricordati:

    Tramontate o stelle, all’alba VINCERO’!!!

  138. Tony DePhillips

    Hi James,
    I agree with most of what you said.
    Specifically, that dm is the correct target.
    The “pillars” that prop him up are secondary targets in the way that if they support an SP and to greater or lesser degree go into the SP valence then to that degree THEY become a valid target. If they are just following type sheeple, then they can be educated and persuaded. But if they do SP acts then they deserve SP handlings. Using ethics gradients.
    I have read your love and admiration handlings and agree with them to an extent. But only as an auxillary approach. Ghandi had mass protests and such , which I am all for. If you mean sitting in a room thinking dim thoughts about flowing dm admiration or love, I am not “down” with that. You seem like an intelligent guy so you probably don’t mean the latter. What are you doing personally to help end the madness? Just curious, not meant as antagonism. 🙂

  139. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Lynne,
    I did get that impression. Sort of like Custards last stand.

  140. Placido Domingo Jr.

    You are very welcome hun ! I appreciate immensely your heartfelt reply. It means a lot to me and it brings me closure to unfinished cycles with you personally. I am sorry for any pain that I may have caused you in the last 2 years. I was blind but now I can see. The same stunt that Bruce Wiseman pulled on me was perpetrated by Ed Bryce, Brittany Sierra Garrett Ruiz and Chiara Gil on me as well. People that I hardly knew and to whom I have never done anything to in my life. I had no idea that having a few Indy friends would cause such an outrage. I have no affiliation to no one and yet here I am condemned under assumptions. Amazing ! The aberration indeed runs deep within the group. I am just glad to see the chain reaction and the fear and PTSness that surrounds our beloved religion or what is left of it. At every instance that I was ostracized, 3ped, villfied and made an outcast of, all behind my back, the more proud I felt of having left such a group. Notice specially how Wiseman was specific enough to provide the instructions to others on how to covertly unfriend me and spread the word to others.
    Pure rage, insanity and madness ! I felt like a Jew in WWII that was in hiding and that suddenly had just been given away by another peer in exchange for a few favors from the third Reich or to avoid a death camp altogether. I stand here proud and tall saying that I cannot, will not be part of a group like that ever again. I do not recall the Catholic or Jewish religion alienating their own apostates in this fashion.
    Well ok, the Spaniards did burn people for not concurring with their imposed beliefs so it is safe to say that we may have evolved a bit.
    Can anyone tell me if this type of insanity is practiced by other religions ?
    If management or OSA is not behind this insanity then it is safe to assume that their own parishioners have indeed become a liability to their own church with their own distorted views of what disconnection should be and how it must be practiced and enforced by parishioners and not just by HCO’s orders.. I gladly await my SP declare. Hopefully someone in OSA or HCO will have the courage to contact me and let me know that I was in fact declared. Now…. I am free !

  141. Tony DePhillips

    In their eyes maybe a noble cause. In the eyes of the indians just as noble what they did.

  142. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Chris,
    I would ONLY disconnect from someone I personally felt was SP. I don’t give a damn what LRH said to do. If HCO says it and they serve an SP master then I say f–k them. LRH never put a qualifier in on this point. But I will assume that he felt we could think for ourselves. Well, he gave a lot of people credit for something that they have not gained the ability of.
    Look how many bots there are. Pretty scary.

  143. This ‘us & them’ mentality born and thriving within Miscavige’s group by the man himself sure has aligned the rest of them with hate. It always awazes me the one’s who proclaim to themselves to be able to save mankind and Clear the planet actually now advocate hate and revenge with there fellow man as an advertisable product. Sure there’s 2 1/2 percenters out there, and boy aren’t haven’t they got a new player to buddy up with…
    If it wasn’t so against what LRH was all about it would be as comical as watching a dog chasing its own tail. They have no idea apparently how the bank works and just what creating a hate filled postulate will do. This church they talk about is nothing more than a ridge.

  144. Regarding that PL, Robert Vaughn Young claimed that he authored it at the direction of Miscavige, and that LRH never read it.

    Also, the Ethics book was changed in late 1982 to require all Scientologists to disconnect from INDIVIDUALS labelled SP by HCO — prior to that it only required disconnecting from GROUPS labelled SP. Big difference.

    The evidence suggests that DM made these changes to prevent Scientologists from talking to the Mayo supporters.

  145. Chris, here is a reference you should probably have. Jim Logan did a detailed study and analysis of the history and present scene on PTS, SP, Disconnection etc, back in 2009. He went chronologically through all the relevant bulletins etc.

    This is published here:

    Essentially, DM has squirreled the Ethics policies and is not following any of the “due process” established by LRH. DM has re-written some of the bulletins/PLs.

    In any case, none of it is being followed in the ways LRH set down. perhaps if you have the actual references to hand, you will be better able to respond to these people who are attacking you.

  146. Tony DePhillips

    Kind of reminds me of this:

  147. Tony DePhillips

    Hail td leader of the Anons and bringer of lulz!! LOL!!

  148. Tony DePhillips

    That sounds good Tom!!

  149. Tony DePhillips

    Great point Ziba.
    I hope you’re right!!

  150. Tony DePhillips

  151. Nice to see you back in all your splendor!! Tell it like it is!

  152. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #4.
    He did that stare down stuff to me years ago, Reminded me of a little kid on the playground looking for a fight. So I just looked him in the eye–the both of us holding our ground on the little game.
    He turned it off and that was the end of it but I remember thinking to myself, “What a little asshole…”
    It was an invasion of my space and meant to be.
    And now all this shit…I should have taken him out behind the barn right

  153. I don’t know who Bruce Wiseman is, but he sounds like a loser.

  154. Free and Clear

    Go Ziba, How about send your wonderful announcement as a message to each and every one of them – including Bruce Dumb-man. That should shuffle the deck the a little!

  155. On the one hand the list is woefully incomplete, and on the other hand, it includes people who have been dead for many years. It doesn’t seem to be useful for much except to advertise how many people no longer belong to WISE.

  156. PTSness and Disconnection was apparently written by the late Robert Vaughn Young under the orders of DM. According to his Declaration of 26 July 1998:

    “The order to do this came from David Miscavige. Miscavige said that we had to reinstitute the Policy of Disconnection and that I was to write the policy for this. I wrote it and it went through several revisions. It was not sent to Hubbard for his approval, but was issued into the Church of Scientology.”

    See also and Jim’s 3D Engram article at

  157. And here is COB’s official response to the news from Australia…..

  158. Cindy Pinsonnault


  159. Excellent points!

  160. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Sam, that was a really sweet post. There are really good friends here and you are one of the best. Your loyalty and truthfulness are very much needed and wanted by us all.

    One of my favorite thoughts about a friend is the following:

    “A real friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

    You sure can sing, baby!

    Love and ARC,
    Gary 🙂

  161. The note fails to mention how their family was torn apart by the church to begin with – the earlier suppressive acts against them. What a crock of slimy BS and group think.

  162. EXACTLY! Psychiatric abuses sure run rampant in my neck of the swamp – where are you Wiseman? Get real! The church has done absolutely nothing to curb the big pharma onslaught of “psych” drugs. All those donos went somewhere else.

  163. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    It is more accurate and apropos given the subject of freedom that can be taken away with little effort. As in “little davey”. 🙂

  164. Robert Earle

    You might visit here to listen to Ron’s journal 68 in which he cancels disconnection with how come.

  165. DM is but a poor imitation of Hitler. People watched Hitler mesmerized with his dark if somewhat ungainly charisma.
    Germans at that time were in a state of poverty caused by outside forces and old games conditions. Hitler offered a solution of sorts.
    Scientologists watching DM are in a state of financial and spiritual poverty caused by DM and he offers them solution after solution.
    Hitler really did have the numbers following him that DM claims.
    I’m sort of guessing that DM has wet dreams watching Hitler’s speeches and practicising again and again to try and get it right.
    Just face it Davey Boy – you are a failure. You are just a pathetic copy of a man who could create far more evil whle eating his cornflakes for breakfast than you could in a lifetime.
    It took half a century for the people of Germany to reunite after the Nazi regime. But DM is a pipsqeak wannabe so I’m guessing that it should only take a year or so for Scientology to recover from his inevitable forthcoming demise.
    Scientology is free NOW – it just takes that people realize it fully.
    Spread your wings as Scientologists – DM might send his pathetic goon squads in but they are really objects of pity who squandered all their possibilities of spiritual help for a Mess of Pottage (beans and rice).
    For those who are not Scientologists here what I say might seem extremely arrogant. Some of the greatest and strongest beings on this planet found their way to Scientology. Scientology, undistorted by DM and his minions, is truth. The group that we are building here is unconquerable because it has no goal toward conquest. It has no GPMs of terminal versus terminal.
    Nothing can really be done against a group dedicated toward the dissemination of Truth. It is like a benevolent virus that infiltrates and unmocks evil.
    I will wander into zones of OT ability – imagine that you could look into the space of an evil being and intend them to look at the problem that they are trying to solve by attacking you. Then intend them to look at the prior confusion and spot its beginning. It needs good TRs but it works. You’ll probably need to go E/S on it.
    The “old” OT7 had as EP the ability to project intention. It is a very real ability. I competed that level in 1979.
    It has been deleted from the Bridge now. Perhaps DM was scared of real OTs.

  166. “A connection to SPs is a connection to SPs even if it’s a ‘virtual’ one.”
    It is even worse than virtual connections. Here are the shocking facts undercovered by hard-hitting Freedom Magazine investigative journalists:

    * CoS members are breathing the same air as SP’s.
    * CoS members are living on the same wog prison planet as SP’s.
    * CoS members are using the wog internet as SP’s.
    * CoS members use the same wog electrictiy as SP’s
    * CoS members drive on the same wog roads and freeways

    If Disconnection is needed as the Price of Freedom, then CoS members need to leave the planet altogether in their Ideal Org Mothership and head for Lunar Base Miscavige where they will be safe from all contagion.

    This project should only cost a few hundred billon dollars but that too is the Price of Freedom. In the meantime, CoS members should wear full body condoms. stay off the internet, breathe filtered air, and communicate only by using older proven methods such as the telegraph.

    There are no known SP’s using telegraphs. Therefore, the COB Telegraph Unit (COBTU) will be initiated with initial funding of $50,000,000 to be raised immediately. Failure to donate the expected amount to COBTU will result in Disconnection and Expulsion from the Church. This too is the Price of Freedom.


  167. Hi Mike,
    Well I think Marty is helping a bit 🙂

  168. Joe Pendleton

    I’ve just asked to be “friended” by Mr. Domingo. This completely loathsome excuse for a “free being”, Mr. Wiseman has disconnected FROM HIS OWN DAUGHTER!!!! THAT is the type of being he is. What exactly are the human rights that he and Ms. Eastgate represent?

    I do hope you all realize that this is the inevitable result of the last section of “Keeping Scientology Working.” It is one of the oldest plays in the “religion game.” Judge which individuals measure up to some standard of being allowed to stay in the group and kick out of the community and their FAMILY all others who are judged to be either not zealous enough or judged to be critical/opposed. AND of course have the judge of all this to be the power of the religion or someone representing that power (who MUST be complied with).

    You can find this in the Bible and the Koran and it is in LRH’s works too. While recognizing all of the priceless wisdom in Scientology (Tone Scale, ARC Triangle, auditing procedure, etc) it will be the responsibility of Independant Scientologists to reject the destructive parts (just as modern Christians have to gloss over the parts of the New Testament which instruct slaves to be obedient to even cruel masters).

    NEVER cede your own ARC decisions to another being or group. Keep in your own Code of Honor.

  169. Tony DePhillips

    That would be Custer, not Custard. I like desserts. 🙂

  170. Very cool summation Placi!

  171. That gives me an opportunity to acknowledge my father for the great being that he is.
    I left home at the age of 19 and joined the Sea Org.
    He was a bank manager in a very restrictive group but looked at the things I had chosen to do and went to Saint Hill to find out about it. He paid for auditing to discover what I was doing and reached OT5.
    When I left the CofS back in 1982 there was no hesitation in his willingness to help me create a new life. He had no slightest thought of being denied his Bridge or whatever.
    In the time since then no little beings have even dared to suggest that he disconnect.
    He has an unreasonableness that is a beauty to behold – he can just look at someone with perfect equanimity in the face of their insanity of misemotion and say no without any negative emotion. A truly great man to whom I am forever grateful.

  172. I ain’t gonna work on DMs farm no mo’

  173. Some nice words Sam.

    Bruce Wiseman that name rings a bell…

    oh wait WWCO.OB and Reed Slatkin days.

  174. Robert Earle

    You might visit here to listen to Ron’s journal 68 in which he cancels disconnection with how come.

    PS prior to the DM versions of the policy on suppresive acts the actual High crime was this” continued adherence to a person or group accurately pronounced a Suppressive person or group by HCO.” HCO PL 16 May 80 issue II “ETHICS, SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESION OF SCIENTOLOGY & SCIENTOLOGISTS.
    Note that in the later DM approved issues the fact that it be an accurate label of HCO is left out.
    The dates of what you are looking at are DMs solution to the mass exodus of Scientologists following DM getting David Mayo’s declare issued (2 March 83- Flag conditions order 7138. This is what prompted him(not LRH ) to restore the disconnection policy.

  175. Sadly Placido, it’s doubtful anyone will contact you. Those still in cannot speak, cannot think and have lost their hearts.

    It is stories such as yours fraught with injustice and the cruel intention to separate a father from his family that will help others get back their courage or help them to speak out.

    A cleared planet is not caused by every person going clear but by those who are clear acting in a way that is kind. This can be created by those of us reaching out to each other, connecting to our neighbors and acquaintances with joy and kindness.

    It is by manifesting an open and compassionate mind and heart. Something we are all capable of doing.

    You and Sam have shown that compassion today.


  176. Ziba Feulner

    I may just do that!!! Great idea, Free and Clear.

  177. If DM ever does his A to E I’ll offer my services to get him through TR0.
    €10,000/hour seem a fair price? Room and board not included.

  178. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “Their “solution” is to increase the paranoid, anti social, cult behavior.”

    That’s Dear Leader’s ongoing “Final Solution” for Scientology and anyone connected to him. And Bruce Wiseman has vocally and in writing on the internet declared his allegiance to davey’s out-tech reversed scientology. Hey you think he should promote that on his alter-ego book site?

  179. Ziba Feulner

    Hey Tony and SaveTheTech. I am going to follow Free and Clear’s advice and send my resignation letter to my entire Scientology FB friends…Not looking like your “typical SP” may get some people to think…

  180. STT:

    This is a lawsuit I would love to see them bring.

    Are they really that stupid they would walk into court and allow the case to be framed as to whether they are “an abusive and destructive group that psychologically manipulates persons under coercive controlling circumstances and runs a ‘labour camp’.” Or ”We do not have a messianic leader, we do not predict the end of the world, our members are urged to think for themselves…”

    OMG — is there another footnuke on the horizon!

    Read more:

  181. Sam — It’s not a difficult chore when its people like you. Hell, we don’t just love you and your girls, its even your neighbors and friends!!! 🙂

  182. DM and Co. simply do not understand the basics of Scientolology.
    Having a strong first and second dynamic is a prerequisite to expanding on the third.
    He seems to have without sorrow quietly disposed of his wife.
    Hasn’t had any auditing or training for years.
    Inverted 8th dynamic?

  183. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    You do have pointy anchors!! LOL Love #8


  184. Robert Earle


  185. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    🙂 Right Arm! and Farm Out! 🙂

  186. Michael Fairman

    I agree with you 100% but using the word “wog” makes it an “us” as “them” pretty much as Wisemen makes it an “us” and “them”. Maybe we should just eliminate that word from our vocabulary altogether. How about it?

  187. SaveTheTech

    I sent your resignation letter to all my Scn friends. Stunned silence is the response. Sort of like the pot placed on the back burner.

  188. Placido;
    I just sent this email to Bruce Wiseman. What irony. He emails marketing letters (On-Target Marketing) giving advice on how to improve corporate brands. Yet he defends a church whose brand is dead and then he has the audacity or ignorance to target with black PR a celebrity doing what any decent father would do. When this information goes viral he will be responsibile of further damaging the COS brand. Placido you have many friends who have left this dead church. I am one of them.


    Your open letter to your Facebook friends telling them to disconnect from Placido Domingo, Jr. leads me to believe you’re taking direct orders from David Miscavige who we both know continues to take the Church of Scientology down a dark road to hell.
    You have positioned yourself as a “BRAND” expert giving branding & positioning advice in your On- TARGET Marketing emails. Bruce are you stuck on stupid? The Scientology brand is so tarnished and dysfunctional any competent marketing person who “thinks for themselves” and can look and not listen to a mad man would have started questioning the sanity of David Miscavige and his merry band of idiots years ago.

    This Facebook letter positions you with the nutty Kool-Aid drinkers still clinging to a Church that’s killed its own brand with its insane policies of disconnection and attacking any church member who made a decision to leave the suppression of a dead church, which you continue to overtly support.

    I have enjoyed your past business emails but after reading what you have done with this Placido Domingo, Jr. sit, I ask you to remove me from your email list. I have no time for your BS.


    Jack Airey

  189. Scott Campbell

    Gimme a Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bar over a Hershey Bar any day!

    Sorry I didn’t visit with you too much at the party, Sam. You are a sweetheart.

  190. Love this Jack. Sorry you couldnt make it to Texas, we missed your smiling face and good humor!

  191. J Swift- FUNNY! What you pointed out is truer than you may realize-I feel the parishioners are put in a very paranoid position, close to type 3- “they’re everywhere” and I think alot of them create as much of a protective bubble as possible and their OLs such as Bruce cater to this mania, making it even worse!

  192. Excellent summation of life on the inside and on the outside Tom….

  193. jack-Looove your letter!

  194. Scott Campbell

    That is the type of Anti-Thetitism that lead to this case gain holocaust in the first place. After all, me must maintain “Religious Hygiene” you know.

    Dave, why don’t you consult your source for the final solution to this problem?

    Light ze ovens…

  195. It should also be noted that the Intro to Ethics book — which was meant to apply to Scientology public — was changed in late 1982 to require all public Scientologists to disconnect from INDIVIDUALS labelled SP by HCO. Prior to that it only required disconnecting from GROUPS labelled SP by HCO.

  196. Scott Campbell



  197. ask Mark Headley about the note Jim Ross Meskmen wrote to Tom McCafferty warning him not to Talk to Mark

    what Tom said In reply to Meskmen is priceless

    Jim Meskmen also included Tom Cruises Brother William Mapother and others in on the conversation..
    as you’ll see here

  198. Sara Finning

    Placido, you wondered what other religions practice disconnection. The Amish do, although make lovely furniture. Or am I thinking of the Quakers?

    Oh, and on your FB profile, you can’t support both Madrid FC AND Barcelona. Just saying…

  199. Scott Campbell


    I was looking at those same type of zombie trailers last night regarding another response I made.

  200. Jack right on ! nice work!

  201. SaveTheTech


  202. Kendra Wiseman, Bruce’s daughter, started this blog with Jenna Miscavige and Astra:

  203. Sidelined,
    L. Ron Hubbard did NOT WRITE the 10 Sept 83 issue PTSNESS AND DISCONNECTION.

    See my article, 3D Engram on Scientology-cult. com.

  204. Here here Ralph. Here here!!!

  205. Barney Rubble

    Thanks for the tip. I just erased 5 C of M facebook OSA Bot police from research of this blog, from my fb friends list. Though I rarely use FB, other than for family purposes, it’s good to “clean the field” of DM bots.
    See ya!

  206. scilonschools

    Mr Fairman i feel this observation is very astute!
    Marty’s ‘tent’ has demonstrated how gathering without prejudice for interchange of ideas allows the ‘good ideas’ to speak for themselves, a common language, look what has been achieved in such a short time by that approach.
    As numbers swell it would be easy to return to an ‘us & them’ approach and we would lose the lesson we have ALL learned.

  207. Proud to call you a friend Tony

  208. Michael Fairman

    You said it Joe. Right on the button!

  209. Karen
    you’re a beautiful being and I felt such a spiritual connection with you. So happy we got to spend some time together. Hope you’re having fun with your new friend ‘Indie’

  210. Thanks WE
    I was inspired by an a wonderful father 🙂

  211. Doc
    We all made mistakes. It’s what you do here and now that counts. Flourish and prosper friend and enjoy the love of your daughter 😉

  212. Lunamoth
    I kinda puddles myself writing it too 😀

  213. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for your observations and kind words. And, your dedication to right.

    The Tech in this area often does not match our common emotions and is, in cases, counter to our intuitive responses: It is a Tech that is way above R6.

    The fact that the Pillars are involved in suppressive acts does not mean that they should be targets. Because, the Pillars of Support ARE ALWAYS involved with committing or aiding the commission of suppressive acts. If they were not aiding, they would not be PIllars of Support!

    The Pillars of Support have often killed people. For real. They still are not the target. This Tech is based on the proven principle that:


    Whether or not the Pillars “deserve” punishment is not the issue. The issue is removing the big SP. Then pretty much everyone de-PTSes, and people who were acting surpressively stop acting so.

    The leading persons in the independent movement used to be key pillars of support for DM! Marty, to his credit, has admitted brutalizing people, beatings, etc. Mike was the fucking head of OSA!!!

    Nonetheless, it would have been a mistake to target Marty or Mike!


    P.S. I appreciate your comments on the love thing. That deserves its own response, sometime later. I will just say in the mean time that the love thing is paramount, but you also have to be fully willing to confront and experience force.

    As far as your question about whether I am a person of action, rather than sitting in a room:

    This battle with DM is lightweight, compared to the other situations in which I have been involved. At least I don’t have to go armed in this case and the tyrant does not have real secret police who are targeting my group, and who kill people without thinking much of it.

    As far as your question re the specifics of what I have been doing re the DM tyranny, I can’t say, other than my group and I have spent over 2,000 hours on it. Only recently did I come on this site; none of my comrades have.

    There are more people dedicated to removing DM, and who are daily working on that target, than he suspects or anyone one person knows. We are far, far from alone.

  214. Disgusting at best. Thanks for the update.
    Apparently the disconnection policy that is no longer “in force” is still totally being used to violate human rights. Particularly poignant coming from someone that heads an organization that is supposed to defend and promote human rights. What a joke. It is noteworthy that Bruce Wiseman’s communication violates not only the laws of the land in regard to religious prejudice and slander but stands in direct opposition to any and all concepts the organization he is in charge of represents.

    I think he needs to worry more about Jan Eastgate and her recent arrest in Australia and pending court date and posts such as these on You Tube!
    Loved this one by the way.

  215. Floating Needle

    It’s a shame… I remember Bruce from a trip on the Freewinds before he got “famous” … he was a pretty theta guy back then.

    It’s really sad to see…

  216. Scott Campbell

    That’s right Michael.

    It wasn’t a bunch of “wogs” that got man to the moon.

  217. It was touch and go for a while Yvonne but our final triumph stands as testimony to the power of affinity. Stronger than any weapons radical Scientology may throw and proof that disconnection will ultmately fail and loved ones will find their way back to each other.

  218. Placido,
    I admire your personal integrity! You are there!
    With Love,

  219. LOL me too!

  220. Ok, Jim’s article should be required study for any Scientologist.

  221. Spot on, gandiguy

    What LRH wrote about SPs (real SPs, stuck in long past incidents, who reactively see all around them as enemies and seek to destroy them), is, I believe, true. And, remaining connected to a real SP is, for most people, fatal.

    But, that valuable Tech has been twisted and is used in an attempt by the Miscavige Administration to justify its own suppressive attacks against people who are actually people of goodwill.

    The DM’s perversion of the SP/PTS data has given that valuable data not just a bad name, but a horrible name in many camps.

    THAT is a suppressive act.


  222. Weapons Officer to DM:

    “Sir, footnukes loaded and ready for firing on your command!”

  223. Mike…
    I hope to make the 2012 4th party. Missed the interchange with all the Independents. I think all Indy’s have duplicated LRH tech. So, so sad the curent COS is dead.

  224. You would know all about that Laura Ann 😉
    Was lovely to meet you.

  225. We’ll get plenty more chances Scott

  226. Sapere Aude
    Hope to meet you someday. I downloaded the song you posted a while back – it’s one of my favorites now. Thanks again for really ‘getting me’ in that moment. It meant a lot to me.

  227. Robert Earle

    Great post Ralph and great Dad!

  228. Ingrid
    I admire you greatly too. Your humor and personal integrity shine through this virtual window and I sense and love your beingness.

  229. Gary
    I don’t always get to respond to all the posts I want to (or I would take over the blog!) but I always find your posts entertaining and really appreciate your continued friendship and loyalty to LRH 😀

  230. Yeah. I guess when you start slinging venom around some of it sticks eh? 😉

  231. Completely appropriate Cat Daddy.
    Anyone who has been victimized by OSA’s perverted disconnection campaign should continue to fight and remain alert to the covert campaigns. Fight hard enough and finally the flimsy house of cards comes tumbling down.
    By the way, I get a real kick out of you quoting LRH 😉

  232. Prima facie evidence of conducting a protection racket.


  233. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I think I read on another site that there is an attorney who is willing to do some work on behalf of the indies. My initial suggestion is the most obvious tact. If such an attorney would put together such a class action lawsuit, I would contribute some money and participate.

    But something else occurred to me, if there is a copyright attorney in our midst. LRH’s initial copyrights in the early 50’s would have been due to expire in the mid to late 80’s (28 years). I can’t help but wonder if all of the re-issues were to establish ownership of the copyrights. Given the incredible incompetence displayed by the Church leadership since LRH retired, I can’t help but wonder if the original copyrights didn’t expire.

    Those original texts will still be on file with the Library of Congress. There is a current project for putting all public domain materials on the internet for download: Project Gutenberg:

    Perhaps all that is necessary is to do a copyright search. If the original copyright on LRH authored materials (as opposed to the “new” “based on the works of LRH” materials), may actually be in the public domain.

    Wouldn’t that be a boon for training? I’m currently a computer programmer and heavily involved in the tea party. All I can really contribute at the moment is a different viewpoint and some “outside the box” ideas.

    Here’s another thought…have you looked at the uncanny similarity between the Spanish Inquisition and the current CoS behavior? Instead of prosletizing and expanding Christianity, the Church turned in on itself trying to purge itself of “infedels”, actually spawing the protestent movement. How is it possible that an OT organization would dramatize the 3rd dynamic engrams of the early Catholic Church?

    If I can help a few folks exteriorize beyond the enturbulation of the abuses inflicted and coalesce around a sound course of action, mine or someone else’s, I’ll consider these efforts worthwhile.

    Best always,
    Gail S

  234. We’ve done our crying and we’re both laughing now.
    The best part is we really get the last laugh – the only lasting damage remains with those who committed the deeds.

  235. Hello George.
    Lovely to meet you. Welcome to our extended family 😉

  236. “Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate. To hate alone is the road to disaster. To love is the road to strength. To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.” LRH

    So true.

  237. Hi Carcha,

    I think the actual ideal scene for a Church of Scientology, based on what LRH said about it, is a steadily increasing number of fully trained auditors being produced. That is the VFP of an org. Very simple.

    Best always,
    Gail S

  238. Good job on finding yourself a great Dad! 😉
    Beautiful acknowledgement – thanks for sharing.

  239. I just read your article. It explained a lot.

  240. I communicate with the Koolaide drinkers often Ziba. I figure if they don’t want the comm they’ll block me 😉

  241. Jack
    I love you man!

  242. scilonschools

    Scott are you saying BASA was run by Scientologists!! 🙂

  243. It’s clear to observers of this sad display that the “price of freedom” charged by the Church of $cientology is the enforced “disconnection” of oneself from those who are not in lock-step with this Miscavige character.

    Based on observation, that price will, without exception, include those you love and those who love you — no matter the validity of their questions and no matter the capacity of their love for you, and yours for them.

    What a fragile “religion” — it cannot withstand criticism or even questions without resorting to ostracism and nasty actions on the part of its adherents (whether or not the Co$ admits those adherents are acting on Miscavige’s behalf).

    As an aside, I must ask Kendra Wiseman: Really? You abandoned the website (see so that you could remain connected with the man (your father) who has further perpetrated this kind of hate? Why?

    Man. Was that was the price you personally had to pay to be able to have your father and mother attend your wedding and remain in touch with you?


    On a positive note: YAY for the Placidos! 🙂 and for all who are maintaining connections despite Co$ mandates to the contrary!

  244. scilonschools

    A muuch bigger tent, can we have some insect nets around the new one, i am sure i got bitten by a mozzi somewhere in this blog!!!

  245. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Scott,
    Great minds think alike? That sounds like false data doesn’t it? LOL,
    Anyways at least we pick up the same mock ups…

  246. Deleting them is a waste. How about sending them a few arguments and a few good websites instead?

    I haven’t used Facebook much, but after reading this thread, I logged in and typed the name of one Scientologist I used to know. I was immediately able to link around to 30 more. I think it’s worth reestablishing contact with some of them and then, with care, laying out my conclusions about the fake stats, the abuse of folk like Heber and Mary Sue and the various other Orwellian antics of the Vampire Emperor.

  247. Tony DePhillips

    Very theta Ralph.

  248. Tony DePhillips

    I like your style Ziba.

  249. Tony DePhillips


  250. Jack,
    Great letter!
    Can you post Bruce Wiseman’s e-mail address so we can all send him a “nice” e-mail.?

  251. Beautiful, Samantha. Awesome to you and Placido both for holding your ground.

  252. OSA Bot, Annie Mora, who used to be married to Sergio Mora before he blew the nut house, confessed that she left two or three (don’t remember exact number) young children behind with her civilian x-husband so she could be in the S.O. That seems “a major treasonous condition.” But that is how OSA bots see it, I guess. Why am I surprised with any of it knowing DM is behind it all.

  253. Tony DePhillips

    Hi James,

    You said: “The Pillars of Support have often killed people. For real. They still are not the target. ”
    My response to that is that there is the main target and can also be secondary targets needed to be handled in order to get to the main target. Anyone committing SP acts is a target IMO. If Marty and Mike were still in doing this kind of stuff then they too would be targets. Then aren’t, they saw the situation and handled and are handling it.” My response is that I hope that this is true. I have no reason to doubt you. Can you be more specific about what you are doing? Also , just curious if you post in your real name?
    Enjoy the comm.

    You said:”Whether or not the Pillars “deserve” punishment is not the issue. ” My response to this is that I never said that they deserve punishment. They deserve the proper Justice gradients and then they can apply ethics to make up the damage if they are up to that awareness level.

    You said: “This battle with DM is lightweight, compared to the other situations in which I have been involved. At least I don’t have to go armed in this case and the tyrant does not have real secret police who are targeting my group, and who kill people without thinking much of it.

    As far as your question re the specifics of what I have been doing re the DM tyranny, I can’t say, other than my group and I have spent over 2,000 hours on it. Only recently did I come on this site; none of my comrades have.

  254. Tony DePhillips

    My post above got scrambled. This is the correction.

    You said: “This battle with DM is lightweight, compared to the other situations in which I have been involved. At least I don’t have to go armed in this case and the tyrant does not have real secret police who are targeting my group, and who kill people without thinking much of it.

    As far as your question re the specifics of what I have been doing re the DM tyranny, I can’t say, other than my group and I have spent over 2,000 hours on it. Only recently did I come on this site; none of my comrades have.

    My response is that I hope that this is true. I have no reason to doubt you. Can you be more specific about what you are doing? Also , just curious if you post in your real name?
    Enjoy the comm.

  255. Tony DePhillips

    Well done Jack!!

  256. Its much like why they stopped sending out SP declares in the early 80s. With a couple of SP declares arriving in their in boxes a day people began to wonder what was going on.

  257. Well both say exactly the same thing. Jefferson used vigilance to contain all the stuff hubbard said.

    I used to know Hubbard’s qoute in this form.

    “The price of freedom is constant alertness and willingness to fight back”

    Wich is not really qouting him because it jufggled his words. Not the meaning but throwing words like that around seem that someone tried to make it resemble the jefferson quote.

  258. Correct, a person declared by HCO usually is SP but only if HCO is not. If HCO is an SP group, they would declare social personalities. We’ve proven beyond any doubt that HCO is an SP group and thus a declare from them is a badge of honor and ticket to freedom.

  259. It seems to me that if one wordclears vigilance one comes pretty much to the explanatory words Hubbard used. He did mention Thomas Jefferson as one of his sources.

    later the acknowledgements dissapeared.

  260. Good idea, ask everyone to send your letter to all their Scn friends and so on. Their silence is telling because active DM followers have the obligation of disavowing and disconnecting any enemy line. They’re implanted to not think on those lines and sec checked and charged accordingly. Those that don’t disconnect can be TR3’d and gotten onto the blogs because they already have a “W/H” of failing to protect Davey.

  261. You can email Bruce Wiseman at this address:

  262. Dadgumit, Cat Daddy,

    You give me a headache with all this thinkin’ stuff.

    Where’s my remote.


  263. Another fine example of how the Church is focused on remaining a small but ‘pure’ group rather than reaching out and giving Scientology to a world for which it is supposed to be ‘the only workable solution’.
    Anyone who can’t see that most parents put their children before any beliefs has lost touch with reality.

  264. Tony DePhillips

    Smart Toby!! Would love to hear about the results.

  265. Great Jack!

  266. Wow! There’s another one I beg the question: Why is David Miscavige more important than your own daughter?

  267. there were several stories written last year on Director Stanley Kubrick daughter Vivian Kubrick
    Scientology enforced disconnection on that famous family
    This was during the time Tom and Nicole were filming “eyes wide shut”
    Vivian joined Scientology. and became estranged from her father over a disagreement about her joining.
    Mr Kubrick wrote a 40 page letter to her, in an attempt to make amends, without a reply in return.
    Vivian went to her Fathers funeral with a Handler and was isolated and wasn’t allowed to speak to her family during her fathers funeral
    Vivian’s sister Anya died of cancer and didn’t attend her funeral because of the enforced disconnection
    the tragedy Is they had a close bond, that Scientology severed in half
    Amy Scobbe would be the person to talk to,for some of the details

  268. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Oh Yeah! Go-Jack-Go!! 🙂

  269. I still haven’t got my boxing match set up with Mr. Shih Ted DM! How about this, DM? 12 rounds of boxing. 3 rounds each with Marty, Mike, and two more who have the good sense to detest your very existence? 3 swings of F/N = comm lag, you damned ignoramus!!!! How dare you take over Ron’s church and run it into hell?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is your wife? Where is Heber? Where is Guillaume? Where is Norman? Where is Peter Schless? Where is your head? It is SO far up your ass that it doesn’t even exist anymore!!!! It is time to build the Int. crematorium so that it can be like the Nazi prison camps, isn’t it, DM? If you cannot control them and locking them up isn’t doing the job… Oh, I forgot! The big ass palm tree at int and just run them in circles until they die. Yeah that will work!

  270. James,
    I agree with you, too. The challenge is how to reach those “pillars” with information, logic, and ARC when they are terrified that reading or thinking the wrong thing will end with an RPF assignment, ostracism, and loss of all personal security.

    I like your input.

  271. When my Facebook friends were told to disconnect from me, one of those people contacted me, not happy to get third party data. That resulted in a 35,000 + refund for the church thereafter as this person decided to look. This person would have most likely stayed in were it not for this stupid order to disconnect. No one likes to be told who he/she can be friends with or what they are supposed to believe.

    Silly move, as always.

  272. Tony Dephillips


  273. I believe there are two “price of freedom” LRH quotes from two different sources. I don’t have those sources to hand unfortunately, but I do recall reading them.

  274. Paraphrasing (very much so), he said that his former definition needed to include a line about sometimes needing to get back up on your feet and fight again another day.

  275. Another name to watch out for is Georgina Tweedy. She’s out of the RPF and now policing Facebook lines for OSA

  276. Ciao Tiz ! Ti ringrazio molto per il tuo ack !
    Mi ricordo benissimo la nostra ultima conversazione per telefono.
    Auguri per la tua bimba.
    Stammi bene !

  277. Thank you very much Christie ! It took a bit of courage. I adore my family regardless of how I may have betrayed them in the past. I can only try to make up the damage now. I couldn’t stay quiet and allow total strangers to vilify me like that as well. Its a brave new world ! Hopefully we shall meet one day in person. Placido.

  278. She sure did !!!
    And MInerva tried to put her against me as well !

  279. Thank you very much !
    We finally see eye to eye.
    And yes, the FB police was too much for me !
    I have never met Mr. Bruce Wiseman.
    Never did anything to the man and he chose to covertly vilify me and assume things about me and communicate it to all of my friends and mutual friends as well.
    I do not tell anyone what to say or think ! And least who to talk to or not to.
    Its a new life for me.
    Awaiting my SP declare with pride.
    Am just sad I did not do more to actually deserve it.
    I just complained about a stranger vilifying me.

  280. thank you !
    that love was clouded by my own stubbornness, blindness and sadly enough cowardice. Now I know what has real value in my life. OSA has lost all my respect and support forever.
    Take care.

  281. thanks Mike ! should visit you soon … wanna know it all !!!!

  282. I guess so Sam.

    It’s sad people have to resort to this “unfriending” technique i.e. Virtual Disconnection.

    Re the slatkin story I think only Wiseman’s business partner invested in the scheme.

    And still can’t remember what happened to WWC when Mr Wiseman was on the Advisory board.

    All I remember when yahoo finance was still around was some things called DSL and Wi-Fi maybe they didn’t help things.

    Hugs are much better maybe they should use that tatic.

  283. Great. Looking forward to it!

  284. Thanks WH !
    Am not worried !
    I do not want to be associated with the COS anymore.
    I appreciate your ack and I am proud to be here among you.
    At least we will support each other for sure.

  285. Wow !
    Thanks Sara for the info !
    I had no clue about the Amish !
    Guess I may by an armchair from them but I will not join them for sure.
    And I do support both teams, why ?
    ’cause my dad is from Real Madrid and am from FC Barça !
    And I support both as long as they do not play against each other.

  286. Thanks Penny !
    Had to get there eventually.
    Too much to lose with sam and my girls.
    and the personal attacks on me did not help either.
    Nothing is sacred anymore.
    Celebrity, non celebrity, nothing !
    Everyone is fair game !
    Well, the buck stops here !

  287. thanks ! appreciate the ack !

  288. Thanks ! I needed to get my family back !

  289. well spoken Sammy ! we did cry a lot !
    Am sorry again for doubting you.
    But at least I found out for myself and had to become myself a victim.
    Unfortunately it took that for me to see.
    Guess am no bot bot either way eh ?
    Had to convince myself no matter who was doing the talking.
    LOL !
    Great seeing you.

  290. LOL !
    Thanks a million !
    A great post indeed.
    Appreciate it immensely.
    My CD coming out in October by the way.

  291. yep, am glad I found myself also !

  292. I feel (not think) that if one has watched the Movie “Lawrence of Arabia” that one gets the original meaning of the word wog

  293. *must…not…go…to sleep*

  294. “But Domingo clashed with the cult leaders. Following the request to unfriend him on Facebook, which was taken up by 120 people, it is claimed that the the group published a blog with personal information about him. It included details about his life Domingo and that he’d revealed during Scientology ‘auditing’ sessions that he’d been unfaithful to his wife.”

    A total betrayal of trust.

  295. crashingupwards

    Placido, yours is among the first familes that the church is causing by its actions to be “re-united”. Many more to follow. The pendulum is swinging and carrying many to freedom with their loved ones waiting. You paid a high price. You all did. Others will benefit. And I hope you and family find a new reality together, wherever that may lead.

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