A Travesty in Texas



Since Miscavige’s madness continues unabated despite growing exposure, I can only imagine his “rationale” goes something like this: “I don’t care how crazy the public thinks we look, I want them to think we are totally nuts,  I want them to think we will destroy ourselves if we have to in order to destroy anyone who defies me. I want everyone afraid of me again.”

Sorry Charlie, by the time this absurdity reaches international audiences – precisely where this train appears to be headed under your guidance – the entire world will consider you to be what you have become, a travesty*.

*travesty:  a debased, distorted, or grossly inferior imitation.

– Webster Dictionary


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  1. Marty, these nutcakes are wacked. This promo they are passing out as far as I know it is illegal to put on peoples property or in or on mailboxes, anyway it is here.

  2. Marty:

    It is not just a travesty in Texas. DM has it all worked out, in his mind, that if he is not succesful at proving himself a nut this time around, there is always his next life, for which he is filtering HUGE sums of cash out of the church and putting away so that he can come back and be everybody’s favorite again.

    If that is not a demented use of one’s OT abilities, then tell me about it! {LOL}

    Marty, next time around honey, I am going Catholic! 🙂

  3. Mark Fisher

    Marty your representation of what DM is thinking and saying is spot on!

    He would rather take the ship down than jump off.

    Good thing there are many lifeboats out here with the Independents.

  4. This is the most exciting Theatre of the Absurd happening in the country these days! It has all the classical elements of a Greek tragedy (heartache, disconnection and ruined lives) and a Roman farce (ridiculously unbelievable goon squad antics) rolled into one.

    As this story picks up momentum, I predict that all the many mainstream media outlets who’ve been scared shitless lo these many years to go up against CofM are gonna start piling on and piling on like great white sharks in a feeding frenzy!

    Best of all, the coming perfect storm of negative press means that the various divisions of local, state and federal government are FINALLY gonna have to hitch up their belts and actually do something–like, arrest some people, for starters–about the repeated and ongoing crimes committed by DM & Co!

    Big Love,

    John in Austin

  5. Hey COB,

    Internet stands for International Network.

    International means the entire planet.

    Take the money and run, little man.

  6. Barney Rubble

    Keep bringing it on Marty. You are doing the correct action.

  7. .Thanks for the posting.Thankyou for what your doing
    to contiune to expose the madness.

  8. Where canIget a JohnAllender bobblehead?

  9. Marty and Mosey,

    You guys pulled off another great feat in this interview, getting in much more sunshine to disinfect the untruths, insanity and downright evil in your face of the Mighty Miscavige Midget! This Dear Loser’s reverse tech specialist role now, is very clearly to prevent sessions and standard LRH Tech delivery from happening.

    For example, these ass clowns were doing their thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE-fIbBizEc&feature=player_embedded
    while I was at Casablanca.

    However, in spite of these distractions, we were able to get our NOTs sessions after some repair of Reverse Miscavige Destructo Tech; each session being really blow out with incredible wins, handling quite a bit of that which kept one shackled and giving much more space and freedom as a being! I am still quite blown out & flying high; adjusting to what seems to be my new life and expanded space as a being, due to the incredible delivery of priceless LRH Tech in a totally safe space! Can’t thank you enough – M&M!

  10. scilonschools

    Since DM is into ‘End of Times’ , maybe it is some other ‘Revelation’ that he fears!!
    “But the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who had performed the miraculous signs on his behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped his image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.”


  11. Tony DePhillips

    I think it is his serv fac that he is up against.
    He has to be right and you have to be wrong.
    When he is forced to leave you alone, it will break him. Because then the world will see that you out smarted him and he will freak.
    He is an insane freak, trying to “save the world”. The world needs to be saved from this SP having any kind of power to do the sick shit that he does.
    The fact that the government does nothing is pathetic.
    Maybe they will when it becomes “popular” to do so. Which looks to me is sooner rather than later.

  12. scilonschools

    Looks to me like someone is trying to “Fairgame” the “Village Voice”

    (Village Voice loses advertisers over Twitter row with Ashton Kutcher)

    Good ole UK media (The Dailey Mail) ! Funny how they never cover anti CoM stories (Including Jan Eastgate) and yet Anonymous and now Village Voice are targets!

  13. mark mckinstry

    The tipping point is approaching rapidly.

    Maybe DM wants to speed his exodus to South America before too much scrutiny comes his way.. and his finance lines get clamped down on.

    As there is no effective dissemination of the subject occurring presently, he has created a vacuum.

    As per “Simon Bolivar” the game will very shortly be “getting him”. Time to bribe the guards in Bulgravia and make his escape.

  14. told u few days ago….. Just few more months for them….. in every part of the world story’s appear in news,blogs etc…
    big hello from sunny Croatia. – today 38 c!!!!

  15. SaveTheTech

    I can’t get this link to work:


    and I can’t find a link to the video at Kiiitv, but I can see the synopsis of the report at Kiiitv

  16. I love the people of Ingleside On The Bay and out through the surrounding towns and Corpus Christi! What great people! Makes me proud to be Texan even if I am a West Texas girl, now. Love to you all, Laura Ann

  17. Aylesbury Wolf

    david miscavige, if you read this, what part of “The game is over and I lost” don’t you get?

    Do us all a favour and bugger off and let Marty and Mike et al get on with the job of resurrecting LRH’s Scientology and letting its application benefit Mankind as LRH intened it to do.

  18. Brian Culkin

    Think of how many good intentioned Scientologists still in the organization have never seen these “squirrel busters” on paddle boats. Imagine how betrayed these people would feel, thinking they are part of the “most ethical group on the Planet.”

    Its amazing. Its scary. Its heartbreaking.

    There is so much good in the books Scientology. Spiritual, organizational, philosophical brilliance.

    What a travesty to have the application in such a destructive way.

    It does seem like the end is nigh for the church. For the lurkers, a quote:

    “In the End, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” -Martin Luther King

  19. martyrathbun09

    Anybody else having a problem with it? May need to download latest version of flash player.

  20. And Hubris!

    “…extreme haughtiness, pride or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power.”

  21. In these few days, I keep seeing this ad link by Google on this blog:
    “David Miscavige — Helping To Make Human Rights A Fact!”
    This is a total waste of parishioners’ donations for patching up personal images. It won’t work unless he clarifies and ceases human rights violations first.

  22. Hi Marty;

    I am on a phone and I couldn’t get the video until I switched to the ‘full site’ that appears at the top if the kinked page. Then the video was accessible. .

  23. Very soon, those still inside the bubble will be shocked! Shocked, I say!

    Even for those souls who cannot look and cannot see what we do, eventually reality will come crashing in with such volume and clarity that even they will get it.


  24. Mike Hobson

    @Bryan: as a Cisco Networking Academy student, I’m going to have to correct this False Definition.

    “internet” is shortened from “internetwork” meaning simply a set of interconnected networks (accomplished using devices known as routers to move data packets between them).

    The “Internet” (capitalized) refers to the particular world-wide internetwork which we are all currently using to view this blog, browse the World Wide Web, exchange electronic mail, etc.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  25. Music and celebratory fireworks to me:

    each session being really blow out with incredible wins, handling quite a bit of that which kept one shackled and giving much more space and freedom as a being! I am still quite blown out & flying high; adjusting to what seems to be my new life and expanded space as a being, due to the incredible delivery of priceless LRH Tech in a totally safe space!

    That’s what I am talking about! Thanks for sharing, Sinar! Thanks M&M for delivering (helping to deliver) on the promises!

    Bruce Pratt

  26. Sinar,

    Wonderful to see you again. And you sure were blown out and flying high! In all the years I have known you, I dont think I remember you being in such good shape. No suppression plus standard tech really does work miracles!


  27. Sapere Aude

    It at first didn’t work for me either. I found worldnow.com had to be java script enabled, at least temporarily. It is probably the other website involved in hosting the video. Only after enabling this did it play for me. I already had the latest flash player but I have browser settings to not allow a shift to unknown sites and this blocked until I went down the list of sites it was attempting to access. No-Script in Firefox prevents any other site from running java script except the site you are on without your permission. If you set the permission for temporary when you leave that site it is shut off again. I do not travel the internet without it.

  28. Sapere Aude

    My response is down the page at 2:32 pm.

  29. Sapere Aude

    This response is to Marty, of 12:51 pm above which I accidently posted as a standalone comment here. This is an answer to his question about anybody having trouble viewing the video.

  30. Sinar, yippee!! I am so happy you are still “quite blown out and flying high”
    Well done!

  31. Mike Hobson

    Squirrel Busters Productions spammed the comments on the above article with identical copies of the same nasty propaganda letter. I’m sure that is going to go over real well.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  32. You learn something new everyday! 🙂
    Hopefully COB got my point, nonetheless.

  33. Tony DePhillips

    Hardee har har honey, I mean Larry.

  34. Group postulate:
    DM in an orange prison suit, DM in an orange prison suit, DM in an orange prison suit……

    In my universe, it’s already DONE!

  35. Sinar, I would like to second what you said above. Marty is the best auditor I ever had and I can’t thank him enough. We handled something that had been persisting for over twenty years. Its now gone and my space is clean. You know you really handled something when your TA floats. And Mosey, good God I love that women. She took very good care of the boys. Love

  36. enccas — Yes, it has become a permanent feature of this blog.

    Like everything else, the reaction of Mighty Midget Mouse and his minions tells you what is impinging.

    One of their big flaps is that a search for Miscavige or Scientology comes up with all sorts of “entheta”. Dear Loser pops a vein and screams out some orders and so you see the knee-jerk reaction.

    David Miscavige has never soiled his hand made John Lobb shoes to do anything to make human rights a fact (ignoring for a moment that he imprisons people and abuses them personally). It’s the same ploy he uses with the Idle Orgs and the Scientology public — take credit where credit isnt due. He tells the KA guzzlers he “personally” does everything, from writing checksheets and typesetting books to laying the imported marble in the lobby of the newest Idle Org. So, now he is trying the same ploy on the internet: announcing that HE brings human rights to the world.

    What’s impinging on him? Just look at what they are doing in response.

    It’s a total CAUSE and EFFECT relationship.

    We are cause, Mighty Midget Mouse is effect. End of story.

  37. Tom Gallagher

    This little rutting baboon reminds me of some reality show gone horribly awry. It seems he’s dramatizing a merging of The Jerry Springer Show and a sinister and macabre version of Looney Tunes.

    All kidding aside, I hope the appropriate law and legal authorities intervene ASAP before he goes full-blown ‘Rev. Jim Jones’ in a bunker He’s a coward and he’ll take the cowardly way out as articulated in Science of Survival on his trip down his dwindling spiral.

    Intervention needs to occur so he doesn’t take anyone else with him.

    David Miscavige is such a loser………….

  38. HCO PL 5 April 65 Issue I HANDLING THE SUPPRESSIVE PERSON THE BASIS OF INSANITY pg 990 OEC Vol I. I suggest all read or reread this HCO PL in its entirety.

    “The suppressive person (whom we’ve called a Merchant of Fear or Chaos Merchant and which we can now call the suppressive person) can’t stand the idea of Scientology. If people became better, the suppressive person would have lost. The suppressive person answers this by attacking covertly or overtly Scientology. This thing is, he thinks, his mortal enemy since it undoes his (or her) “good work” in putting people down where they should be.

    “There are three “operations” such a case seeks to engage upon regarding Scientology: (a) to disperse it, (b) to try to crush it and (c) to pretend it didn’t exist.” …

    “The second (b) is done by covert or overt means. Covertly, a suppressive person leaves the org door locked, loses the E-Meters, runs up fantastic bills, and energetically and unseen seeks to pull out the plug and get Scientology poured down the drain. We poor fools consider all this just “human error” or “stupidity”. ….

    “The suppressive person is hard to spot because of the dispersal factor mentioned above. One looks at them and has his attention dispersed by their “everybody is bad.” …

    “The only reason the insane were hard to understand is that they are handling situations which no longers exist. The situation probably existed at one time. They think they have to hold their own, with overts against a nonexistent enemy to solve a nonexistent problem.

    “Because their overts are continuous they have withholds.

    “Since such a person has withholds, he or she can’t communicate freely to as-is the block on the track that keeps them in some yesterday. Hence, a “no-gain case”.

    Sound familiar?

    LRH said in the RPF issues that the true test of an RPFer is “Can he or she make another better, not get better himself, but make another better.” This is how we judged if someone completed the RPF. The brilliance of this is that if one could not make another better, one did not want others to get better.

    Therefore I challenge DM to get case gain and having accomplished that, make another better with auditing. And without attacking any pcs in session. I want to see wins coming from him making ten (10) pcs better with him auditing them. If he has time to drink scotch and watch movies, he has time to audit. This is a standing challenge. Marty can do it.

    ML Tom

  39. “It seems he’s dramatizing a merging of The Jerry Springer Show and a sinister and macabre version of Looney Tunes.”

    Yep, he belongs on the cover of Mad Magazine. Alfred E. Newman stand aside.

  40. Sarge, I am so very happy for you. You are a kind and gentle soul and your wins make me win!!!

    Love Carol

  41. DM, you are such a loser! Get over yourself, dude. When all is said and done, and these times become mere pages in a history book, you will be remembered as nothing more than a nasty little man, a a bully, and a mediocre wannabe-tyrant who butchered the first ever Scientology organisation. Wooo! Big win, numbnuts. And all because you wanted to prove just how “big” you really were. Aww.

    And to the chumps DM has teabagged into doing his freakish bidding, instead of blue t-shirts why not go the whole hog and don gimp suits. A far more honest approach, I think you’ll agree.

    — Mike

  42. Yes, word is spreading, as we knew it would. I’m starting to look at this as a good thing that DM is doing. It’s a perfect real example of his insanity in action. Marty, I know it’s a pain right now, but it will end eventually. Hang in there.

  43. Sociopaths have a history of bringing the whole show down with them when the gig is up. (Jim Jones, Hitler, etc, etc)

    Miscavige can hire all the Canal Observation Boats (COBs) in Texas and it won’t change a damn thing.

  44. Shining Star

    Marty I thought is was a great story to expose the insanity of that cult. Anyone can see right though what the church is doing and they are so delusiounal if they think they’re fooling anyone. You are doing such an incredible job keeping the truth in public view. The church is fooling no one. Love to you and Mosey always…

  45. Can anyone think of the name of a reference where LRH is talking about experts, or different ways that something is true or not? He talks about someonething saying that it’s true because they are an “expert” or authority. Or that it’s true because the person who said it wasnt true is discredited pesonally, by bringing up an allegation from his past etc. I think he gives other examples. Basically stuff that society accepts as proof of truth, but it’s illogical. I think it might be in the PR series. I only have Vol0 and I thought I could maybe find it online, or maybe someone has the text.

  46. Perhaps Allender and DM can co-audit those special processes that LRH designed that effectively rip a suppressive valence to pieces?
    One needs to be a very well trained class VII to do them, but hey, both DM and Allender seem to think they are hot shit technically. I say, give them the commands and let them have at it.

    Once they are free from their respective/mutual suppressive valence, they can start their 2,000 to 3,000 year amends cycle and then, if they show actual ethics change and case gain, apply for membership in one of our many theta groups. Per policy, though, none of us are required to accept them.

    Best of luck to both of them. (of course, I’m not holding my breath)

  47. Hey DM and John Allender,
    You both should sign up on autoship for DEPENDS…your gonna need them!!!

    Way to Go!!! Geat job on exposing the CofM’s criminal acts. “Justice is really coming now!”

  48. Sara Finning

    Who writes this crap? What does an ‘unlawful lifestyle’ even mean?

  49. Sara,

    Translation: “Unlawful lifestyle” means living life outside the control of Dear Loser, no longer bowing down to his almighty beingness and brilliance. It means being normal, which in the lingua of the KoolAid guzzlers is totally abnormal and “criminal.” Marty is a “criminal” in the lingo of the KA guzzlers and therefore he is living an “unlawful lifestyle.”

    Doesnt have anything to do with breaking actul laws. Not like Ralph Gopher who is stalking and harassing… That would be MY idea of someone leading an “unlawful lifestyle” — especially as that is ALL he seems to do.


  50. Bryan U. I like it!!!!! done in my universe!

  51. How to handle Black Propaganda, Rumors and Whispering Campaigns?

  52. Mike Hobson

    Marty & Mike:

    I just posted a rebuttal of sorts to the Squirrel Busters directing the readership to the SP Times article series to get your side of the story.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  53. I understand it was 41 pages (I believe it was the Freedumb mag) !!! Has anyone ever in their life gotten pamphlets and promo in their mail warning them about a neighbor??!

  54. Les-Only 2000-3000 years?

  55. Mike-I feel like such a rebel leading my unlawful lifestyle- I’m BAD,I’m BAD

  56. Jethro Bodine

    The news reporter incorrectly identified the “Squirrel Busters” as documentary film makers. Yeah right, all they are is private investigators, OSA bots, and OT Asses. They are there to harass and stalk Marty and his visitors. This is what your donations buy. If the “Squirrel Busters” are film makers, then I’m a double naught spy.

  57. FYI
    Cult PI goon Ralph Gomez posted a Letter to the people of Ingleside on this Kiii News 3 web blog that carried the news story
    heres the screenshot of the diatribe Ralph posted on the Kiii web site
    the image of the Letter was copied and posted on wwp

  58. What can one say but, DM……….Moving Down a Little Lower .

    I also want to thank Sinar for sharing his NOTS win. I love reading such wins.

  59. Chris, sounds a wee bit like HCO PL 7 May 1970R, Data Series 6R, DATA SYSTEMS.

    Click to access MGMT_SERIES_1970-74.pdf

  60. Please post on the link above about the true intentions of SB and the rest of OSA. Let the truth be known as they are spinning the site quite a bit right now,

  61. SCN_Ethics

    Yes! And with a LARGE, ANGRY, and NEEDY cellmate!

  62. I’d like to see which laws Ralph believes are being violated by Marty’s present lifestyle.

  63. As if the PR for DM could get any worse:

    New book review:

    “With Hubbard in seclusion, David Miscavige took over the organization, becoming Stalin to Hubbard’s Lenin and St. Paul to his Jesus. He executed a “brutal purge,” Ms. Reitman writes, eliminating potential opponents, including Mary Sue Hubbard, the founder’s third wife. According to the author, Mr. Miscavige beat subordinates and forced senior executives to play a violent game of musical chairs, with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” playing on a loop.”


    So which one of you law abiding on source in tech squirrel busters is going to assign Mr. Miscavige a condition of treason for his part in this out PR?

  64. Some more articles, this from Kim Christensen an LA Times Pulitzer Prize winner who earllier reported on the Church. (Reported in Chicago Tribune — sister paper to LA Times, likely will be in LA Times on weekendI would guess).


    This is his para about Dear Loser:

    Sometimes called “the pope of Scientology,” Miscavige in the book lives up to previous reports depicting him as a small but intimidating leader, an occasionally unhinged little tyrant alleged to have frequently whomped his top execs. He is said to live much higher on the hog than anyone else, including the elite “Sea Org” members posted to Scientology’s international headquarters near Hemet. Even his beagles, Jelly and Safi, who wore “tiny blue sweaters with commander’s bars,” fare better than people who have signed billion-year contracts with the church: “Miscavige was known to make his staffers salute the dogs, who held ranks higher than those of many people on the base.”

  65. Here’s another one. Slate magazine interview with Janet Reitman:


  66. Worked for me (I had downloaded the flash player update a couple weeks ago though).

  67. scilonschools

    Just something to assist the bruised ego of a little sad soldier!

    (Alas DM it is just a cartoon!)

  68. What stands out for me again and again is the completely opposite sides of life that dm has chosen from where Marty stands.

    dm has people locked, trapped and terrified – unable to flee into freedom. Unable to even see that they are slaves. Marty welcomes people into his home, gives succor to the wounded and lifts them up using the technology he knows.

    To quote from the dhammapada (chapter 16 Pleasure)– this reminds me of Marty (honestly, it’s not hyperbole. Juxtaposed to dm mandates, how Marty embraces others and life is quite startling)

    (could be talking about Marty)
    “He is pure, and sees.
    He speaks the truth, and lives it.
    He does his own work.
    So he is admired and loved.

    With a determined mind and
    undesiring heart
    He longs for freedom.
    He is called uddhamsoto –
    “He who goes upstream.”

    When a traveler at last comes home
    From a far journey,
    With what gladness
    His family and his friends receive him!”

    For me these past few weeks have been rather amazing. The church has managed to find me after 18 years being gone, several moves and always with an unlisted number. When I offered the SO member of 32 years a place in my home if she were to ever leave, she screamed at me with such venom and noise that I was frankly dumbfounded. While I kept reminding her that her rules weren’t mine, she kept called my actions suppressive.

    And yet — check out the anti-Marty blogs and read the incredible cruelty, lies, 1/2 truths and just plain poisonous words towards some very stellar people that I am happy to call my friends.

    Any day.


    A short definition: “The personal experience of this wind comes as a feeling of being completely and powerfully in the present. The horse aspect is that, in spite of the power of this great wind, you also feel stability. You are never swayed by the confusion of life…excitement or depression. You can ride on the energy of your life. So windhorse includes…practicality and discrimination, a natural sense of skill. This quality is like the four legs of a horse, which make it stable and balanced… you are not riding an ordinary horse, you are riding windhorse.”

  69. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Hehehe, We don’t get that link in Australia. So it’s *he* who restores human rights? Oh good, just like old Adoph was the “friend of the Jew”. The more he pushes *his* name as the the source for all Scientology’s actions, the faster the CofS dupes will see that he’s usurping Hubbard’s legacy and the faster those out of the loop will equate the name of David Miscavige with the insanity and violence coming from corporate Scientology. Soon that name will surpass that of Jim Jones in the race of infamous lunatic cult leaders. Can’t wait.

  70. Saluting the dogs! I had not heard that before. Reminds me of Caligula and his horse. The similarities are intriguing. Destroyed his family, construction projects for himself, started out somewhat OK but then lost it, waste of public funds, distrustful, demanded that he be worshiped, made his horse part of the government as I recall, etc.


  71. Nice posting WH,

    I’ve said it time and time again, what the C of $ excells at in the present, is the making of enemies. This is what OSA is blind to. The wonderful technology that LRH left behind is being used in a black way to turn this wonderful organization into the Church of Hate. No current organization on this planet practices hate and corruption more than C of S. Hate, Hate and more hate. And this much hate from an organization that is supposed to practice empathy and succor.

    ML Tom

  72. Yvonne Schick

    Thank you for sharing this. It is very touching. This is the kind of person I want to be. I came to Scn seeking the fellowship of able and caring men and women. Now I have that.
    ml, Yvonne

  73. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    I saw on the comments that the Squirrel Busters left a phone number and claimed they were well supported, so I called from Australia to tell them personally they had their heads where the sun doesn’t shine. Seems like they were so popular that they needed to change their number.

  74. Yvonne,

    You are that kind of person. Remember, I know you from many years ago 🙂

    And you’ve only become kinder.


  75. Cowboy Poet

    A windhorse…well, that’s cool. I learn something every day.

    God and a good rider/trainer can still make one of those in the physical form and they are truely magnificent to be one with.
    See ya at the roping arena in the morning!

    Marty and Mosey–Your slots have still not been filled so get yer butts over here.

  76. SaveTheTech

    Interesting interview. I have also read about 1/2 of her book…

    Janet does not spend too much time on the biggest out-point in Co$ which is, besides out-tech, the whole IAS vulture culture. It could be said that the Co$ is really a front group for the IAS.

    Also, it could be said that the Co$ is just a feeder group for Independent Scientologists!

  77. Awesome 3 – page interview! Janet is such a perceptive thorough reporter.

  78. Tom —

    It’s remarkable isn’t it how dm creates such horrific effects. And just keeps doing them over and over.

    He actively makes enemies because people refuse to be treated in a free country as if they were slaves. People who have never been interested in scientology are now interested in this TRAVESTY of a religion.

    People become fascinated by this type of horror show. It’s going to become talk show fodder.

    We must be careful NOT to fall into hate ourselves. We can be angry and should be. Anger doesn’t have to fall down to hate.

    I think we are doing a good job myself at staying above hate.

    I found myself slipping last week and promptly got sick. Am working my way back up a little higher 🙂


  79. Too F%$*&^G funny!

  80. Cowboy Poet

    Naw, they just connected the dots and figured you might call so they cut the telephone cords and got the Hell outta there!
    I hope all is well.

  81. WH,

    Beautiful post! Thank you!

  82. Another Layer

    Jack UK,
    Thanks for the great link – I had no idea that the MS was available online.
    While not an answer to Chris’s question, I found this LRH reference that would seem to apply to Miscavige’s incredible accuracy with footbullets (and his equally incredible inability to understand/apply LRH tech and policy):
    Data Series 8
    An observer has to be sane to sanely observe.”

  83. And the sleaze goes on. There appear to be some outright lies and reversals of reality stated in that letter…. Expelled? Like I thought Marty left of his own volition, and it was DM and the CoS that tried desperately to get him to come back, as they do with most members who “blow”….. ?

  84. Sinar and Sarge,

    Me three re M&M and the tech!

    You both SHINE!

  85. Nice – showing the second face of the 2-faced “church” of scientology !

  86. He reminds me of this:

  87. Watch out Ingrid, the pamphlet on you will say, “She is self-admittedly BAD!” I am already laughing just thinking about it. Ewwww, she’s BAD!

  88. Now you’ve done it, Kevin! This just in – COB loses it, plans to blow up Australia!

  89. Thanks David, nice blogspot.

  90. Another Layer, no worries! And love that ref! :o)

    I actually found the uber fancy pdfs a while back (as on the Mgmnt Series CD). You may need a BitTorrent to find (and download) it. The file to look for, if I recall, is titled MGMT VOLS.pdf)

    Happy hunting! :o)

  91. one of those who see

    Windhorse, absolutely beautiful. Agreed that poem is very appropriate regarding Marty.
    Just directed another Scientologist toward the Indie movement and this blog and others. One of her familiy members has really had a nightmare with the Church. Another horrible story.
    Told her about the theta on this blog. Your post here is a wonderful example.

  92. Greetings Valkov,

    Not sure about the bobblehead, but someone just created
    “Squirrel Busters is a Hate Group”

  93. Indy Scios discussing tha Intrawebs, swwwwweeet.

  94. Is that a Rupert Murdoch Bussiness ?

  95. Brian,
    Those you refer to still within the cocoon will be taking the brunt of this foolishness of David Miscavige. They’re sheltered now but as this progresses and gets more and more attention by media directed to DM’s nonsensical ‘fair game’ tactics against Independent Scientologists, they will inevitably notice the fallout – public staying away in droves, LRH, Scientology, public, students, staff thrown under any bus that drives by by DM in the death throes and violence of his demise.

    The Int level of management is gone, anything that remains so sickened by the cancer that is DM’s every suppressive action that it is just a low scale mockery of that suppression and that inversion is covered in the data on degraded states of being.

    He’s sabotaged the OT Levels so bad that it is virtually impossible within that organization to actually attain OT. He’s cancelled – yes cancelled – knowingness as an ability of an OT as manifested in blowing by inspection on NOTs. This is in direct, complete and categorical opposition to L. Ron Hubbard on the exact subject.

    He’s butchered training so bad, there are few to no auditors made and those that are are daily being twisted to deliver reversed processing under the guise of Scientology.

    He’s converted LRH’s emmisary, the Commodore’s Messenger Org, into his own attack dog and even long time Messengers are so out of valence as to be DMO – Dave’s Minion’s.

    It is true – the church as I knew it is dead. It is heartbreaking certainly. I cry as I write these words. I also know that the tears are the manifestation of a ridge, an effort to stop that which has occurred and that effort is a key point of where my own ability to do something about hangs up.

    What this SP does not get is that LRH gave the keys to new life, to a new way to live free from the need to ‘stop’ and hence the building of the first little mass that is the dam that eventually leads to solidity and entrapment.

    There is the body of work, there are beings who will deliver it with the humanity and care that it thrives with. There is tomorrow and a already a new group forming as witnessed by this past weekend in Texas and throughout this world.

    The travesty that is the ‘church’ under David Miscavige has no survival potential remaining. The life has ebbed and left it. It is withdrawn and with out beingness granted it, the MEST is nothing.

    Life creates anew.

  96. Tony DePhillips

    I got it Bryan!

  97. Tony DePhillips


  98. You can help Marty and the rest of us bring it on by coming out!

  99. Scott Campbell

    Nice challenge Tom. I don’t foresee any volunteers risking their necks however…

    Walk point in NVA territory in Vietnam? No problem.

    Get audited by David Miscavige? Are you crazy!?!!!

  100. Les,
    If they’ll sit still long enough to do the processes.

    LRH gave the remedy for anything DM can try and pull with reversing Dianetics and Scientology. You have it and among many wonderful beings apply it.

    That unmocks the suppression.

    We’ve won in the long run as long as we continue to to apply it.

    As for Dave, well, maybe one or another of us might reach a hand…maybe not.

  101. Being there and communicating.

  102. Scott Campbell


  103. Lana, or… Larry,

    I just read over a bunch of your old posts. Most strange. One might say there are a lot of outpoints. I find a number or your statements are inconsistent and sometimes confusing. Your sentence structure sometimes obfuscates the reasons your are writing. Not to criticize your grammar here, but the way you write often clouds what you have to say, and I am not sure if that is on purpose or by lack of education. I wonder – who are you really and why do you post since it not typical of people who write here?

    With what I have said above, with the slip of your signature as “Larry” recently, and with your frequent use of familiarities such as “honey” and “sweetheart” when you don’t seem to really be close to people here, well, it seems rather troll-ish. I think it would be nice for you to introduce yourself a bit more completely – even if you wish to stay anonymous and under the radar. It would make you more credible if you would at least state something definitive about your experience as a public or staff member, your training, case level, when you were on lines, and especially your reasons and purposes for posting. Otherwise, what you say just seems to be dev-T (or a good laugh – LOL).

  104. Tony DePhillips


  105. Tony DePhillips


  106. Tony DePhillips


  107. Ingrid maybe you are BAD and need a spanking, but you have an awesome blog over there at Oasis for Personal Freedom!

    There’s bad, Bad, and then there’s BAD! Remember this one?

  108. Hey CD,
    I’m a Cisco Networking Academy Instructor (retired)!
    And an OTV, former OSA DSA and #71 on the Indie 500 List, LOL…
    Really glad you’re here CD.

  109. Barney Rubble


    Working a plan to do so, patience brother. See my email.

  110. Hey Jim,
    Was so so good to finally meet you in person.

    Well, I already put my foot in my mouth (spiritually speaking) and told my C/S that if he has the guts to C/S it, I have the guts to audit it.

    I mean, really, what’s the worst that could happen?

    How could anyone possibly make “that” case any worse? Except by beefing it up with mutual out-ruds, of course.

    C’mon Dave and John, step right up, everything you need is right here, right now, ready for the magic words, “this is the session.”

  111. Indys can haz internets

  112. Scott, no, you miss what will happen. He is going to do recall lists on 10 Hollywood actors. COB Asst will hire them and she’ll tell them to follow scripts. The success stories are already written and are only a little different from one another. The ten Hollywood actors will be “raw meat”. Sherman already wrote their scripts for in session and scripts for when they go to the examiner. The exams will be video’d. At the next IAS Event DM will show his “raw meat pcs” and their video’d wins at the next IAS event and show that he not only can lead but he is a greater auditor then even LRH was. And the craziest thing of all is that DM will believe that he pulled this off.

    ML Tom

  113. Scott, seems he won’t even audit solo!

  114. Another Layer

    Many thanks, Jack UK. Found it!

  115. David Miscavige, the Angelyne of the Internet.

  116. For quite awhile I have been in awe of you, and your posts.

    As I am sure there have been, and are, many others.

    You inspire,

  117. Yeah, that would do it.

  118. Well a quick search on Google for Daily Mail and Scientology suggests that is not really the case. 🙂

  119. Yes, Yvonne is an irresistible force.
    And she is well imbedded with dear friends.
    I’m grateful she is one of mine.

  120. “All your internets are belong to us!!!”

    For those that don’t get it, that’s a geek joke. 😉

  121. Oh, and BTW, you will not find a better man than Ken Schick. Period.
    I know my guys, and he is down-to-earth, and out-the-top.
    Seriously. Eff with him at your own risk.

  122. Spot on

    First, my hat is off to Mary, Mike, Mosey, Karen, and all those being subjected to DM’s harassment. Your TR-0 Bullbait skills are to be admired.

    The info about the falling internal support for DM shows that the correct action is to get the data to those inside who are the Pillars of Support. We know that per LRH, DM has no power, only the power that others flow to him,

    Without their support, he is over.

    Attacking the Pillars of Support of a tyrant results in the OPPOSITE result from what a freedom fighter wants.

    In Yugoslavia, Otpor was making good process in eroding the tyrant Milosevic’s support. Then, the USA BOMBED Yugoslavia. The citizens, poice, and army took this as an attack on their country and rallied in support of Milsovic

    The attack on the country set the freedom movement back, reversing the progress toward bringing down Milosvic.

    The correct party to attack was Milosevic, not Yugoslavia.

    If a person is “in” most times they consider the church their church. If you attack most peoples’ churches, they are going to defend their church. Strongly, in many cases.

    The correct party to attack is David Miscvige, not the “church” or koolaide drinkers, or DM bots, or Corporate Scientology, unless we want to strengthen DM, by driving people back to him.

    Yes, of course, it is an overt acts for those inside to support DM. And, we can have all kinds of emotions about those who support the tyrant. But, we know that attacking people for their overts just makes them justify their behavior and to SHOW THAT THE OVERT IS NOT WRONG BY DOING IT AGAIN.

    In Yugoslavia, Otpor was careful not to op-term the police or the army, EVEN THOUGH THOSE PILLARS OF SUPPORT WERE MURDERING OTPOR MEMBERS.

    And, not being op termed, the Pillars of Support came round, and then Milosvic was gone.

    This is OT, Pan Determinism Tech.

    The actual, real world stats show that attacking the country and the tyrant’s Pillars of Support is non-OT, REVERSE TECH, and results in going backwards.

    The correct target is David Miscavige.

    (And, as many have pointed out, delivering the Tech, as Marty, Jim, Karen, etc are doing, or at least receiving it ,)


  123. Scott Campbell


    Yeah, David Miscavige can’t stand David Miscavige either.

  124. Gotcha Bozz. This video could be redone with a mashup of Event videos and loops of DM endlessly perseverating about it…….

  125. Hi Tony!

    This is my impression of COB briefing some of the Int Base staff:

  126. Scott Campbell

    I can see it all now…


  127. Tom,
    Do you know where COB Asst is?

  128. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Valkov,
    Pretty funny and probably accurate.
    You are a smart and funny guy. I have read lots of your posts and think highly of you.
    It would be great if you could come out as an Indy and join us at parties. I think you would really enjoy it.

  129. Thank you , I am glad you are here too Vic
    #71 on the Indy list Wow is that the new clear 😉

    Intresting is it is it not, to be Able to use your skills for Evil or for Good

  130. You’re very welcome C! Part of the win is that I was privileged in directly serving LRH at the time he discovered NOTs and Solo; observed the changes he went through doing those levels and of course wanted them for myself 33 year ago.

    In the 17 years in the SO I was ready and wanting badly to get this (my next level), however it was totally impossible to get it under Dear Loser’s reign, no matter how upstat one was! Quite a few highly trained and experienced auditors were toasted, never to audit again or moved elsewhere so auditing of Int Staff just did not happen with the exception of sec checks and FPRD. I’m sure many of fellow staff at the Int Base can confirm this.

    I knew when I left the Bridge was totally smashed by the Midget Micro Manager & had to go elsewhere to move on higher! The Bridge is very much alive and well due to the most valuable people on the planet – the Indy auditors!

  131. martyrathbun09


  132. David,
    Amy covers it in one of her interviews, I have seen those beagles running around with their “Captain” bars out ranking the WDC members with their “Commander” gold bars. Perhaps Dear Loser forgot that LRH busted him for Joking and Degrading as cameraboy in late 1978 to work on the decks!

  133. Thank You Windhorse. And your posts put me in mind of this song. Marty and the Indies may often feel like a small axe but it is a sharp axe, and we all know who has dug the pit into which he himself is about to fall…..

    Why boasteth thyself, oh evil men,
    Playing smart and not being clever?
    I say you’re working iniquity to achieve vanity, yeah,
    But the goodness of JAH JAH endureth forever.

    If you are the big tree,
    We are the small axe.
    Sharpened to cut you down,
    Ready to cut you down.

    These are the words of my master.
    Keep on telling me
    No weak heart shall prosper,
    Oh, no they can’t.

    And whosoever diggeth a pit, Lord,
    Shall fall in it, shall fall in it.
    Whosoever diggeth a pit shall bury in it,
    Shall bury in it.

    If you are the big tree,
    We are the small axe
    Sharpened to cut you down,
    Ready to cut you down.

    And whosoever diggeth a pit shall fall in it, fall in it.
    Whosoever diggeth a pit shall bury in it, shall bury in it.

    If you have a big tree,
    We have a small axe
    Ready to cut you down,
    Sharpened to cut you down.

    If you are the big tree,
    we are the small axe
    Ready to cut you down,
    Sharpened to cut you down.

  134. This is straight out of the Study Tapes.

  135. scilonschools

    Not sure what your search covered.
    No mention of the Jan Eastgate trials, however on June 16, the day she was in court , they had this bizzare story of on Anonymous (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2004092/John-Travoltas-Scientology-centre-vandalised-weeks-opened.html)
    Maybe you feel the expose they ran on the 8 July 2011 “Spotlight on Scientology” (

    Is a hard hitting investgative report into the CoM in step with the rest of the worlds media!! (I think not!)

    This sudden support of the Cult and attack of it’s detractors (Anonymous , Jason B , Village Voice ,etc) is a relatively new but very REAL phenomina!!!

  136. Oh noez , Indies can haz Internet skilzz, Miscavige is doomed


  137. Thanks Tony! Yeah, I’m sorry I missed it this year. There’s really nothing much to keep me from ‘coming out’ as I’m not really ‘in’, but I have been too mired in various situations of my own making to get anywhere this year. “Theta creates problems for it’s own solution”, I guess. Sometimes theta overdoes it, though.

    I really was born a Valkov, and given the first name of Ilya by my parents, but I have lived under a different, English name for many years. There’s one small issue in my mind about announcing it, which I expect to resolve shortly. Beyond that, I feel I am really Valkov, not that other name… That’s why I post under it.

    Thanks again, to you and to Marty and all of you for being there and communicating!
    It’s done me a world of good over the past 2 years. But I am worried – where the hell is OTDT?

  138. Commander’s bars on his cussing dogs? Saluting the dogs?

    Everyone has their reasons for staying in the SO for as long as they were there. I respect everyone who put in any SO time. But, I swear to God, I would be on the first train home if any asshole tried to make me salute his dog. This is probably why I was comm-eved as often as I was.

  139. You could say that – I feel that the real graduation is to graduate into being independent. You cannot be a Scientologist and be rote about the subject. Reference is “Styles of Auditing” and many others.

  140. You know, I may be mixing that up. I remember that from Student Hat now. I’m reading all the Data Series right now and it’s good stuff.

  141. wow…..
    only thing what i am trying to explain to u – is that it is ok that u are trying to put “down” church menagment,but BIGGER problem is there are no new scientologist.
    Everything is tearing apart…. people find those lectures on net,and lots ,lots of them find it silly. it is different when u pay for something,but it is big difference when it is for FREE…. when it is for free people start to doubt,and there go ….there is the end of it…..
    i can only read that “church” scientologist – start to come on your “indie” side – which i think is great,but i don’t find that someone New come ,and want to start……
    wish u ,to find a way to make it “closer” to common people….
    (i have read 70% of LRH books and listen 55-60% audio lectures ,maybe 20 video lectures).
    i dont say that scientology is wrong,but i think that explanation of it is not good.
    maybe for start – stop saying it is tool for …… say it is something u MAY use ….
    anyway ,i appreciate your stand and your believes….
    big hello from Croatia.

  142. GetTheConcept

    What? You mean, that’s not the real Barney Rubble?

  143. Well, just because a Scn-related article doesn’t slag off Miscavige/CoS doesn’t mean the entire paper is now “supportive” (it’s a fluffy description of some Scientology-lite; not really even specific to the CoS). The article on Village Voice was pretty objective imho. Maybe I’m missing something.

  144. WindWalker


    I acknowledge your loss. I have felt it also.
    It is a sad thing to see something that you have come to love to the very core of your being, being turned into something ugly and harmful.

    But as you say, “life creates anew.”

    The Theta is withdrawing from the entheta and is taking with it “experience”.
    I think that what we are doing with that experience is highly commendable. It is Theta redirected in the assault against the entheta that one finds in one’s area. It is the way a Thetan creates the Dynamics in a fashion that expresses his own belief in his own honor, and his pursuit of optimum survival across the Dynamics.

    Perhaps a little poetic interlude here;

    Quo Vadis

    Who goes there?

    or one who’s never thought;

    a SEEKER,
    Or one who’s never sought;

    a FIGHTER;
    or one who’s never fought?

    Quo vadis?

    Eric S

  145. WindWalker

    Yes, and he won’t have to worry about any of the PCs F’ing up on the FN either. He can just edit in his handy dandy, home-made electronic, three swing FN, whenever he F’ing feels like it. And there you have it, master “auditor” and “film maker”, in one fell swoop.

    He is quite capable of getting through a session with a VWD. He simply has to alter the tech to match whatever squirrelly abomination of “auditing” he comes up with. And, of course, if that doesn’t work, he can simply LIE. We know he is capable of that. (although he has proven he isn’t even very good at that, really. He doesn’t have the intelligence for it.)

    Eric S

  146. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Valkov,
    Don’t know where OTDT is. Maybe he went PTS? I hope not.

  147. scilonschools

    This interesting , I would suggest you are missing alot. Trying to impose unsubstantiated views is not the way of ARC, try to see entire pictures!

  148. scilonschools

    All the articles on the CoS are totally in line with current DM propganda, all the articles obout critics are massively distorted black pr, a simple vandalism (which probably has nothing to do with Anonymous anyway) has been turned around into a terror hate campaign.
    “‘Anonymous has claimed responsibility and is currently under investigation for its attacks on Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Sony’s PlayStation Network, the Church of Scientology, the Spanish government and national police, as well as for crashing the Australian government’s websites in response to Australia’s attempts to curb the spread of child pornography on the internet.’
    He claimed the attacks against the Church of Scientology have included anthrax threats, bomb threats, plus threats to kill, cause arson and kidnap.
    The spokesman added: ‘These crimes, among others, are currently part of an open hate crimes investigation by the United States Department of Justice.’

    Balanced reporting?

  149. Have you talked to them about it?

  150. gern gaschoen

    >Good thing there are many lifeboats out here with the Independents.

    While it is true, you must remember they are lifeboats, and not battleships.

    We need a battleship.

  151. Not so — you dont need a battleship when the ship had already struck the iceberg and is taking on water (and the Captain of the ship is firing off torpedos into his own engine room…)

  152. scilonschools

    I am not sure which them you mean, but i suspect the answer is yes if you mean UK media in discussion

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