Ron Ubaghs on The Not So Ideal Org

After eleven years out of the church, my son brought me back into the Seattle org in 2003. I had several amazing years to follow. But by the Summer of 2007, I began to see things going wrong. Fewer people in the courseroom, more pressure to donate to more things, all events ending in fundraising, students trying to avoid regging on their way to course, apparently “awesome” cycles such as completeing The Basics (adding months or years to Auditor training), repeated false promises about the opening date of the new Ideal Org, high-pressure recruiting sessions to join staff with “ethics” overtones, and more.

Well, it all finally came to a head this Spring. I had said to myself I would give
the new Ideal Org roughly half a year or so to begin displaying what had been so heavily promised. After about eight long months, I could see things weren’t getting any better. In fact, it was just the opposite. Early on, I had asked about a few outpoints I’d observed:

Is there a place to store my course materials? Is there a refrigerator to keep my lunch in? Is there a place to sit and eat? Is there a place for food-service during events? The answers were all “no”. Each person I asked had some temporary solution, but no one ever said “No, but that is something we will be correcting.”

Eight months after the grand opening, I was ready to deliver M-1 to my twin. Upon requesting a space in which to store my student materials (including my meter), I was told “No, you’re supposed to bring them in with you each day”. I communicated that I often had to park literally blocks away from the org due to the extremely insufficiant parking allotted for the new facilities (mostly being used by staff), and often in the rain (it being Seattle). I’m also 74 years old, with a bum knee. The org, being located amongst a few rather steep hills didn’t help things either. I was informed there might be a place in one of the storerooms on the fifth floor, near the Purif area, where I might store all my materials. I was invited to head up there and check it out.

Oftentimes the two or three, or maybe even four of us in the Public Theory Courseroom on the second floor, wouldn’t have a Supervisor, and a note would be posted at the entrance, telling us to head up to the Academy on the fourth floor for the afternoon. This was actually okay with me, as it meant I would actually be allowed to interact with other students once again, giving star rate checkouts, running drills, word-clearing, etc. But the Sups in the Academy seemed to have different ideas from one another about how the HDA course I was on should be run, and a lot of time was wasted figuring things out there. I’m sorry to report that they never did figure out whether I needed to be supervised while giving Book One sessions as part of the course, or if I could independently audit “walk-ins” down at the Testing Center, a mile and a half away.

Adding insult to injury, an SO member sat me down and personally guaranteed
that he could get me completed on the course by the time of the next event that coming weekend. Seeing as how I still had a lot of auditing steps to accomplish, and very little available course time between that time and said event, I’m saddened to say that this individual was apparently more than ready and willing to quickie me through to get the stat. NOT what I signed up for!

All the while, I watched with my own eyes, as the org literally became emptier and emptier, most courserooms not even being used, other than for off-purpose reasons like acting as temporary daycare. I distinctly observed the individuals I’d known for years becoming less friendly or amiable. Not at all what had been promised for the new org. Staff and SO alike, people I knew and had spoken with in spirited conversation on a regular basis, were visibly going down tone. Losing their native enthusiasm. Now mocking-up “ARC” rather than living it. The 800lb gorilla was in the org. The place was dead.

Just then, my own son, Bryan, was “declared”, mainly for expressing too much counter-intention to all the above and perhaps daring to question upper management and “command intention”, not to mention associating with others who had done the same. Bryan had not received a comm ev. He had never been sent his own goldenrod. He had not been given a chance to defend himself after twenty years of dedication and standing up for LRH and Scientology.

When I was finally pulled into “ethics”, the team there attempted to brief me on the disconnection policy. I simply said there was absolutely no way that that could possibly work for my family. I would not be disconnecting from my own son!

Ron and Bryan Ubaghs in the 70's

Thus, I was informed I would be declared PTS and would no longer be eligible for services. I told them “Good! I really need a long break from this place”. And out the door I went.

I really love and miss many of the wonderful people I have worked with over
the past eight years at the Seattle org. But, lately I had found it increasingly difficult to simply have an open, friendly conversation without touching on something that is so obvious and yet seems only to cause unintended “enturbulation”. When I think of the following LRH writing, I can only hope that many more people will eventually look and see what is really happening.


That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write
freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the
opinions of others…

And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these
rights, overtly or covertly.

-The Creed of the Church of Scientology, 1954

It seems that somebody has been playing God, and that thinking and talking freely now only gets you a trip to the Ethics officer.  How sad!


Ron Ubaghs

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  1. Read ’em and weep.
    Disconnection is alive and well in the cult of Scientology and being used to blackmail parishioners into staying on the Koolaide even if it tears up families in the process.
    What lengths would not be resorted to to protect your racket Davey?
    Ron, thank you for speaking up and standing by your son. I suspect your PTS status with the cult has now been upgraded to ‘whispering campaign SP declare’.

  2. Ron:

    Welcome! And thankyou for a poignant view inside one of Miscavige’s “Ideal” Orgs. If that’s ideal, then no wonder so many people are walking away.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting your son. He spoke of you with great admiration, and I see why. If you are half the man the son you raised is, you are one helluva guy!

  3. Bert Schippers

    Hi Ron!

    Great write-up! Thank you for communicating your observations and feelings. The house of cards must fall soon.

  4. You have said it all so well, Ron Ubaghs! Beautiful!


  6. Atlanta Org still hasn’t been finished. The last time I was there for services it was reg cycle after reg cycle and there were less than 20 people in the academy at any one time. That was two years ago. I might pop into Tampa org to see how they are doing and give you an update next time I go there.

  7. Ron, thank you for the inside report.
    Most depressing.

    There was only one thing you did not report on.
    The hidden shame of most Scientology orgs.

    Did students still have to bring their own toilet paper?

  8. Welcome Friend. VWD with your son.

  9. Congratulations Ron. Welcome to the free world.

  10. Welcome Ron. It is wonderful to see you here, openly communicating.
    I think you will like it here…it is a far cry from Miscavige’s “We’d rather have you dead than capable” Reverse Scientology scene…

  11. Ron,
    Thank you for sharing your story. Your love for your fellows shows. You will find many new friends out here who are also interested in helping. Here’s to the future!

  12. Tony Dephillips

    Congratulations Ron!!
    You are a good friend and very smart guy. I loved your words.
    Bryan is lucky to have a Mom and Dad the likes of you and Sally.
    Onward and upward!

  13. “Thus, I was informed I would be declared PTS and would no longer be eligible for services. I told them “Good! I really need a long break from this place”. And out the door I went.”

    Don’t mess with seniors….Welcome Ron

  14. Outstanding, Ron.

    Welcome to liberty hall: you can spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard!
    ( It is neither consequence nor responsibility free, however. 😉 )

    Damn glad to make your virtual acquaintance.

    Awesome name, by the way!

    Bruce Pratt

  15. Scott Campbell

    Congratulations Ron. Welcome to a new adventure and welcome back to your true group.

    I can tell from your thoughtful write-up that you are kind-hearted and considerate soul. It obviously took a lot to make you decide to leave the group that you’ve dedicated your life to.

    Never fear though, friend. The subject of Scientology shall still serve you well in your new journey with the old friends who’ve stayed the course.


  16. No place to stow your meter and materials, Ron.

    Whose idea of an “ideal org” is this?

    Oh wait a minute, never mind, rhetorical question….

    Though I’m sure anyone who asks it is probably labeled “disaffected” and/or secretly “declared” like your son.

    Having never been in an “Ideal Org” myself.

    Most of the orgs I’d been in have been noisy and full of Students and PCs definitely not like those empty mausoleums they picture in International Mis-management and Freedumb mag with all that square footage and no people.

    Thanks for the insight Ron.

    Good article.

  17. Ron,
    Thanks for taking a stand, and communicating your views. You and your son are good people. Happy to know you. 🙂

  18. Ziba Feulner

    Ron, thank you for your integrity and strength; may others watch and learn!

  19. Welcome Ron and many more years of Freedom and Happiness!!!
    :). Lori

  20. Michael Fairman

    Ron, you are among friends. You may not be able to store your lunch, books and meter here, but there’s infinite space for your thoughts and ideas. And tampabayjack is right on the money. “Don’t mess with seniors.” Welcome to Freedom.

  21. Off the fence.

    What would the COS do if any other religion made its members disconnect
    from their families if they chose another religion or just decided it wasn’t for them. That’s right, they’d make a human rights issue out of it.
    Can you say hypocrite? Disconnection had its place and time; this ain’t it.
    Listen to R.J. 68, what would Ron do? Not everyone who decides to leave staff or go off course is an SP!
    How bout just a little pan determinism, huh?

  22. Expelled 4 Life

    Everything that is wrong with the current C of S is contained in your write up. Sad, very sad.

  23. Congratulations, Ron!

    Good for you for choosing your family over those who would try to blackmail you. You have a sense of integrity that many are sadly lacking.

  24. Ron,
    Thanks for update on idle orgs and a very warm welcome to you to the Indys, where command intention, Tech & Policy is straight LRH! You might find that friends here are much more uptone.

    If I may be so bold -perhaps the PTS label is correctly included within the Idle Org, to all of those still in – as the SP is at the top of the Corporation & the 800lbs gorilla, not your family. The increasingly going downtone within seems to be an indicator and sure reflects that,

  25. Zhongjianren

    Please forgive the off topic reply:

    Janet Charltons Hollywood


    “We applaud The Village Voice for their continuous reporting on Scientology defections. Musician Placido Domingo Jr (son of the opera singer) was a member of Scientology for 20 years until the church tried to make him “disconnect” from his ex-wife and three daughters. (That means cut all ties with them.) His wife had left the church and was considered and “enemy.” When outraged Domingo refused to disconnect, the church persuaded members to “de-friend” him on Facebook, and published a blog detailing personal information he had confided to the church about his life – including infidelity. Domingo said of his experience: “If I can get other people not to fall into this trap, I’d be doing them a favor.””

  26. Ron Ubaghs,
    Well done on being forthright and coming into the light!
    I read your post with great interest as I formerly lived in Seattle and was married to an executive at the org. You are a man of great integrity and if you would like to be friends…you’re in! Most admirable on standing with your son AND observing what you truly did observe. Great post and my best thoughts for your future!

  27. Tom Gallagher


    Thank you for your considerate and thoughtful introduction. You have clearly articulated the fact that the cult of P.O.B. is coming apart faster than a $20 suit.

    Oh well, life and tech is better out here anyway. Enjoy!

  28. Thank you! Your brave step is encouraging to me and to so many others I’m sure!

  29. Welcome Ron, thanks for standing up and speaking out. Thanks for standing by your Son. What you did was something the robots could not have.

    To those who have left their families behind and justified it with this madness I truly feel for what you have missed and are continuing to miss..

  30. Ron you just described the Tampa Org. Looks like the old pilot program of Tampa Org is being duplicated perfectly. I am sorry you were affected by this but am so glad you and your son are out. Welcome to the independent world of Scientology. May I suggest you add your name if you are so inclined to the indie 500 list over at

  31. mark mckinstry

    Welcome Ron.

    You can obviously spot outpoints and establish relative importance.

    Happy to have you as part of our group. Let’s keep that purpose to audit on track.. without the arbitraries and blocks you’ve had to deal with.

    It appears that the Idle Orgs will soon be complete mausoleums as they are caving in from within, as DM completes his destruction of theta replaced by shiny MEST.

    Well done to your son for speaking up.. and for your support of him.

  32. Well done, dad!
    I know this whole scene at the org pretty much sucked for you the last few years. I got you in and so I felt responsible for getting you to two-way-comm with me about your ACTUAL feelings without putting you at risk with the church, until such time as we both knew that you were ready to leave. I guess you’d call that Pan-Determinism.

    In a way, Tony DePillips (who you know well and definitely consider a friend), kind of did the same for me a year and a half ago when I didn’t quite know I could really begin to say what I felt.

    Lots of people (well, those who are still there, anyway), I’m sure, feel the loss of your consistent presence in the courseroom, always eager as hell to help anyone out with any drill DM could come up with. It never ceases to amaze me how people can toss one of their own under the bus before they’ll even freakin’ LOOK for themselves. I’m sure you’re feeling the same way, as this is all quite new and sudden for you.

    But, as you’ll read from these comments, these folks here are REAL Scientologists. Marty has put together a platform for true ethics and justice.

    I know you love the tech and still want to be an auditor. I’d guess some of the NW folks you know can assist with that.

    Love Bryan

  33. Welcome, Ron. Glad to meet somebody who has enough integrity not to disconnect from their own son.

  34. Ron,

    I welcome you to Scientology, the version LRH wanted you to have. Here, for the most part, you can express your self without being hammered by people who wont take the time to fully understand your position, and learn about your experiences, before they cast you in a bad light. Here, for the most part, you will be granted beingness.

    I have no doubts that you will be an awesome addition to our ranks.

    All the best..


  35. Rocio Garcia

    Welcome to this group and thank you for stand up for your family.

  36. Mr. Ubaghs,what a sad story indeed.
    Glad you and your son are out. I hope you get to audit in the Indie field.

  37. Robert Earle

    Welcome Ron and thank you for your observations. It’s sure ok with us if you just set up shop at home and you won’t need to lug your materials back and forth. Your PCs will also find it a far more relaxed enviornment to enjoy their gains in.
    Your observations bring to mind what is called “First Policy”
    “The first policy of a Scientology org laid down on about 8 or 10 March 1950, is: MAINTAIN FRIENDLY RELATIONS WITH THE ENVIONMENT AND THE PUBLIC” —LRH
    Clearly this “Ideal Org” is lacking in this area.
    It is also abundantly clear that this policy is in use by Marty. Thus his community supports him. both the “indies” as well as Ingleside.
    Additionally it should be noted that the discription you give shows a lack of manners.
    This is applicable both to the local org which you refer to as well as most of the postings on this site. And before you scream at me for calling this blog full of bad manners, may I clarify that I refer to the events reported on this blog as exemplifying bad manners by DM or his associates.
    In the pl “MANNERS” the following exists.
    “Throughout all races, “bad manners” are condemned.”
    “Those with “bad manners” are rejected”
    “Asserting one’s own importance is about as acceptable as a dead cat at a wedding”
    With the above we have “CORPORATE SCIENTOLOGY IMPLOSION” or the observatons of Ron in the Seatle org- shrinking attendence..
    Also in the same pl are some points to observe which are seen on this site in plenty. Just look at the last few days posts.
    “A person’s importance is made evident to him by showing him respect, or by just assuring him he is visible and acceptable.”
    “To know their name and their connections also establishes importance.”
    “People have value and are important. Big or small they are important. If you know that , you are half way home with good manners.”
    One more point on manners. Tom M mentioned the other day that DM does not want to be called DM or David or Dave or anything else but COB but IMO it would be a PR violation to use COB as how can one be the COB with no board.(The missing ingredient R) so maybe we should just call him Chairman. or do you prefer MR “Applebox”.

  38. Summer Wind

    Ron, I understand your predicament completely.
    This disconnection thing is so overblown and is NOT what LRH intended.
    It’s become a cult by the very definition and you and all the rest of us know it’s true. You are a real man by standing with your family. 🙂

  39. Greetings and welcome Ron,
    Thanks very much for the glimpse into how it is in an “Ideal Org” that the local Scientologists were driven to fund ~~ only to find that they have to RENT it back from the Church !

    Super cool on no disconnection to your son. You set a good example.

  40. Hi Ron!.

    That new HDA is the worst piece of crap I have ever seen. People were trying to get through it in Phoenix and we couldnt even figure out what you are supposed to do on the damn thing.
    The GAT-style drills are so bad they were making grown men cry.
    It was a completely bizarre and unworkable course. I don’t imagine many people have graduated from it and are actually able to audit.

  41. one of those who see

    Hi Ron! Welcome! wonderful write up. I hope you will continue with your Scientology goals in the Independent Field. You are a man of strength, honor and integrity. Your son is a very lucky man indeed.

  42. I ran across this the other day. Somebody compared two Tommy Davis clips and it’s quite interesting. It’s no wonder he’s disappeared.

  43. Cured Robot

    so many posts were hitting in sucession i missed yours…vwd man…such a good thing turned bad..take heart though in that you can still get that and much more.. you are a brave soul..very sad about seattle…all that ideal org money..what a waste of free beings.. god speed to you..

  44. Ron, glad to meet you. A year or more ago Bryan told me about you and what a great guy you are but also what you were going through on your M-1. Welcome to the world of free Scientology. There are some excellent groups in your area that I am sure you know about. Getting service there will be like night and day. Welcome! (And note to Bryan: hey, great job!)

  45. Mike , I posted this yesterday a bit inappropriately being off topic but today it is right on the money!

    I think I found the WHY for all the ideal Orgs. DM has been watching old movies while sipping whiskey and got fixated on Kevin Kostner!

  46. Hi Ron! Welcome-You are now with real human beings where the obvious is obvious. God would never have an idle org, especially one where you can’t even have your lunch, quickie your course and DISCONNECT from your own son !

  47. Wonderful exposure and demonstration of integrity, Ron.

    Mat and I wish you the best.

  48. Sapere Aude

    Ron U,
    Welcome to the land of the free and home of the brave. Here you can be yourself, study LRH, know what is true for you is what is true for you. No disconnection or altered PTS tech to be used or applied. The current org’s will find, just as LRH discussed in RJ 1968, that disconnection doesn’t work. To attempt to break up families will be found to be very costly to the organization. The Independent field grows again and the “official” field just lost another capable being.

  49. Cindy Pinsonnault


    Thank you for the inside look at the idle org. I’m beginning to think the single, true goal of these gilded temples is to “look pretty.” Shiny MEST. Can’t have people in them, using them, storing their materials in them — well now, that would just be awful! 🙂

    Also, I very much respect you for refusing to let the cult try to diminish your integrity and love for your son.

    It’s much nicer out here in the sunshine. You’ll like it. Welcome.

    Cindy P

  50. Back when there was no toilet paper the orgs were a lot more fun than now. Nowadays, there’s all the right “stuff” (beautiful furniture, impressive decor, and toilet paper) but it’s paid for by reged donations, not by honestly earned dollars for exchanged product.

  51. I certainly wouldn’t have been happy back in the old days if I’d had to carry all the books and meters and dictionaries and course packs and auditing materials to course from my car each time. And of course many times I took the bus–there’s a great way to walk home from the bus stop at 11:00 p.m. loaded down with boxes of stuff. You start to ask yourself, “What were they thinking?” and then you go, “Oh, yes, no one was thinking, they were all on automatic yessir, yessir, you are GOD sir!” LOL

  52. Tony DePhillips

    You’re a good man and a good son Bryan.

  53. It occurred to my husband and me recently that if anyone still in the church said some slanderous thing to us that was purportedly from our pc folders, the answer should be, “Look at what you just said! You just said the Church of Scientology is a cult, because only a cult persecutes people who decide to leave.”

  54. Ron, thanks for the info on the current scene and writing it so we can duplicate the situation. It is dismal indeed.

    Take a break with us and feel the freedom. You’re gonna love it.

    ML Tom

  55. Zhongjianren

    Again, apology for off-topic reply.

    The Telegraph (UK)
    Placido Domingo’s son criticises Scientologists after leaving church

  56. I love this. Simple observations, clear conclusions, decisive action. We need more of this in today’s world.

  57. Defender of Theta


    Shows what happens when (amongst other things), the making of auditors is not the primary focus of any org.

    THETA begets theta

    Auditors free theta. And, the making of auditors frees theta.

  58. Thank you for sharing your story. Yes standing up and protecting your rights
    Well Done .

  59. I hope this may be of assistance:

    § 241. Conspiracy against rights
    If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any inhabitant of any State, Territory, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same…they shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results, they shall be subject to imprisonment for any term of years or for life.

  60. Hi Ron and thank you for sharing your story. It just confirms, once again, that idle orgs are idle and real Scientology orgs are dead.
    No place for a student learning to audit to place their materials and meter? Wow! I mean after all — meters and material may be considered unsightly and just kludge or dev-t!
    You stand — for your belief and your rights. Well done and welcome!

  61. Have you seen this website? Probably friends of yours. Perhaps you should join them.
    Loved what you had to say. Welcome out from the insanity!

  62. Ron, welcome aboard.

    DM’s perversion of the SP/PTS tech is collapsing the group he purports to wish to expand. Well done on keeping your integrity in and not succumbing to the pressure to disconnect from your son.


  63. Simon Bolivar

    Staff from the idle org of Rome, Italy, run away because have no money for food and accomodation. Maybe this is going to be next step for the idle orgs, motel for ruined scientologist.
    Anyway, it’s a pity to see such experience and will to help wasted. Welcome in the indi field Ron, beautful name 🙂

  64. This post may be out of place in the current subject, however I couldn’t help smiling when I saw the following post in another forum:

    From: youtalkilisten@…
    Subject: [ifachat] Taking aps for Course Supervisors
    Date: Sunday, 10 July, 2011, 17:42

    Hi Gang,

    Is there anyone out there who might be interested in course supervising?

    Temporary or permanent, part time or full time–we are accepting all applications, whether you are already trained or not.

    It’s beautiful in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We are creating a theta “Independent Scientologist” community here.

    Please email me privately with all your questions, and for an application. youtalkilisten@…

    Feel free to pass this email to anyone you think might be interested.

    Anita Warren
    Life Enhancement Center of Cd’A
    phone (208) 762-7824
    cell phone (818) 730-0366

    It is sooo clear that Scientology CAN and WILL survive and flourish in a suppression- free environment. And every time that imbecile midget attacks , the Independent Movement gets bigger and bigger!
    Arriba y Adelante amigos y amigas.


  65. To my father (and my brother),

    As you know, I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, you’ll be independent thinkers who are now free to express your thoughts and follow your own path toward happiness. On the other hand, to quote R.E.M., you’re losing your religion.

    That is a huge life change and no one has it easy. Ask billions of Catholics who have determined that their god is dead and have embraced atheism. There is anger, loss, confusion.

    So it’s good to know this group exists, and is interested in focusing on the positive aspects of L. Ron’s teachings. If only other religions would do that.

    Love you!


  66. Firebreathing Frog

    Well done sir,
    I am sure you can find many people in need of drilling, and you will be able to help them to audit better than in the Church.

  67. plainoldthetan

    Ron, my heart drooped as I read your tale of woe. Barriers, nothing but barriers! And in an Ideal Org, at that!

    If it’s a Miscavige Ideal Org, I can only surmise that when you got your R-Factor from the MAA, he opened the other door in the MAA office, which opened directly into the snowy and slushy parking lot, so your exit wouldn’t be noticed by observant parishioners.

    Now, that’s approved space plans!

  68. Good show Mr. Ubaghs!

  69. marty – funny…..

    big hello from Croatia.

  70. Leaving the church is quite character building. Though some families are split up by the church, it is unconscionable for the church to meddle as they do. Fortunately, in your case, it was a futile effort on their part.

    Your son is lucky to have you and you to have him. The rest of our inculcated friends, still left within the confines of “church”, need only learn to say “no!” (as you did) to realize the organization only feigns dominion over individuals. In the end it is simply smoke and mirrors displayed by thieving cowards.

  71. Welcome Ron. Everyday your experience is repeated somewhere around the world. But sometimes people say “no” to this pressure to close their eyes, close their hearts and just drink the Kool Aid (disconnect) and “all will be well.”

    Today, more and more people are saying “no” to this than ever before. After nearly 2 years reading this blog I can tell you the common denominator I see of the people here: they are observant and they have a big heart…. they care for their fellow man like Ron did…

    So, welcome Ron, you are among friends that care..

  72. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Ron and welcome. Thank you for Keeping Scientology Working!

  73. Well done for coming out, Ron!
    Welcome to ‘What would LRH do?’ world.

    You’ve described beautifully the off-policy, out-tech and out-ethics of a DM’s hidden data line org. Yup, squirrel scientology!
    And worst of all, where you won’t find their ARC equates to any understanding. For me, that was the crushing blow.

    Your final words to them, “Good! I really need a long break from this place” is so telling. I wonder how many of the remaining staff and public feel the same way.

    Love, Rich

  74. Welcome Ron! You are definitely making your voice count!

  75. Very nice.

    Bruce Pratt

  76. do what u must….
    finaly help ….

  77. Welcome Ron and thanks for posting and being counted. When a Scientologist has no other option than walk out and away from the organization, for the sake of the integrity of his family, then the organization has gone insane and out of communication with the rest of the dynamics.

    My next few points is on topic and for those lurking here.

    In the recorded talk “Attitude and Conduct of Scientology” Ron talks about fellow Scientologists as “people with good intentions” and that to say or indicate otherwise is the basic lie. (He also advises how all Scientologists should be treated, and NEVER banished or expelled, it only creates the worst kind of enemy)

    In RJ68 LRH mentions the cancellation of disconnection bringing “relief to families”. HCOB 15 November 1968 CANCELS Disconnection.

    This HCOB was ordered canceled by David Miscavige. If Scientologists are lurking here, I highly recommend you fulfill your obligation as good Scientolgists and look into this for yourself. Don’t believe what others are telling you, LOOK and THINK for yourself. The breadcrumbs will lead you to the data you need to actually do Doubt. The church does not want you gathering breadcrumbs, rather they would FORCE a conclusion on you, “or else”.

    That’s NOT Scientology.

  78. Simon Bolivar

    Isn’t it so nice to see Dad and Son riunited, a beautiful feeling of love on all dinamycs. Glad for you Bryan and Ron

  79. Bryan,
    “Well done, dad!”
    Gees, ya got me all misty-eyed with that one.

    Having raised three and about half way with the last one I can tell you that little things said like that are so welcome to a parent’s ears.
    Blessed are the ties that bind the family. You and your father are fortunate and rich men!

    Nice to meet you.
    Thank you so much for the report on one of the Ideal Morgues. I wondered and many times assumed that was the case so I read with great interest. How you wrote beautifully portrayed your intent as a student as well as the surroundings/situation.
    People just want a better life for themselves and others. The knowledge you sought was the glue that kept you putting up with all the horseshit.
    (I’m somewhat of an expert on horseshit!)

    Welcome to the world of “free range” Scientology. It’s a healthier diet—you’ll live longer!!

  80. Mr Applebox!!!!!!!!

  81. “Just then, my own son, Bryan, was “declared”, mainly for expressing too much counter-intention to all the above and perhaps daring to question upper management and “command intention”, not to mention associating with others who had done the same.”

    The thing about putting in “ethics” when you’re an SP is that by removing all counter-intention and other-intention to you, you have to eventually remove all the good intentions. And the thing implodes. Since most people operate on good intentions. And what makes an SP is the bad intentions he harbors towards others.

    “Good” being defined as that which brings about the greatest survival, that which brings the most pleasure and sense of well-being.

  82. Hi Ron – a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for not compromising your integrity.

  83. Watching Eyes

    Good going Ron. Another spike in Shorty’s black heart.

    While reading your great post I realized that Mr COB “Shorty” Miscagive is getting exactly what he wants with the Ideal orgs:
    1. Money for him to spend on whatever he desires.
    2. Few staff
    3. Very few public
    4. Morale in the toilet for all remaining.
    Obviously this is what he wants. Shorty KNOWS that what he’s doing will produce the results he’s getting. There can be no other explanation. And one by one those remaining will realize this and leave. New public coming in the door? Forget about it. Shorty knows that too. Think about it, OSA; you’re being played for total fools. Take the goods and get out.

  84. Congratulations! It’s terrific to see another Ubaghs sweet mug “publicly denouncing” the crimes and abuses of the scientology Cult. Way to stick it to ’em, Ron. This, along with not disconnecting on order, are a couple of the many things the beast takes way too seriously about itself. Talk about an immature organization and leadership! Kind of fun to see them have no better responses than get all huffy, stick up their noses, go off in a huff and chatter to all the rest of the “kids” about how someone is no longer their BFF. Everything we needed to know about dealing with that kind of childish behavior we learned in grade school. Don’t play, just walk away.

  85. Making grown men cry…LOL!!

    I shouldn’t laugh but when the baffoonery gets so thick you can cut with a knife, one has few other options if he’s to keep his sanity.

  86. I just read the HCOB PTs’ness and Disconnection again in a new unit of time. This is the FIRST LINE “Perhaps the most fundamental right of any being is the right to communicate. Without this right all other rights deteriorate” LRH
    Then later “The Term Disconnection is defined as a SELF DETERMINED decision made by an individual that he is not going to be connected to another. It is a severing of the communication line”.
    Then “We cannot afford the to deny Scientologists that basic freedom that is granted everyone else: the right to choose whom one wishes to communicate with or not communicate with.”

  87. Ron,

    Thanks for expressing your personal integrity quite clearly in this matter. The devotion between you and Bryan has been on display here for the last year, as Bryan has described the potential disconnection scene you two were facing. He made it clear he didn’t want to disrupt your life and respected your rights and abilities to make your own decisions. It’s so good to hear that you will now be leaving the Seattle “Ideal Org.”

    It was also lovely to see your daughter offer her best wishes about your decision. I agree with her that change may be difficult, but if the change was truly necessary it will soon lead to a better life. I am wishing all your family will continue to find more camraderie and peace in your new community than in the old one.

    Just Me

  88. can someone explain me difference between scientologie (1938) and LRH scientology!?
    cause it looks like that is root for LRHs Dianetics and after that…. u know what…
    please ,help me….
    Big hello from Croatia.

  89. scilonschools

    Great Insights Ron!
    Always nice to see another arrival at Marty’s bulging tent!, Great conversation and company but remember to wear you OFF repellant just incase the odd Mozzi gets through the screens!
    When family bonds out weigh ‘church’ bonds i always smile, blood is and always should be ‘thicker than water’.

  90. Welcome, Ron! What a nice (de)briefing on Seattle Org. I find it amazing there’s not enough parking, no places to store lunch and study materials, and no supervisor. These are huge omitteds. Fortunately, you could see and communicate these and, furthermore, not get deflected off track with the “handling of your son.” Really good job! L, H

  91. I read a cartoon once where a door-to-door salesman selling encylopedias and the man of the house leaning out the door of the house saying “With all that technology you have to sell door to door?”

    I feel the same way about the orgs right now. With all the technology available to them they have to reg donos?

    During hurricane Katrina we opened the Biloxi mission in order to help reconstruct the ravaged Gulf Coast. We drove public down on it by promoting and delivering seminars to the public on things that mattered like how to rebuild during chaos (confusion and the stable datum), how to choose a contractor and how to communicate or how to help others. You know, Scientology. The same with orgs in the ’70’s. We promoted and delivered what the public in our community needed. In short we exchanged with the community.

    When we moved out of downtown to the ‘burbs the community of downtown petitioned to keep us there. we were good for business.

    Now there are BBQs and Karioki parties and “Star War Parties” to get public to the org in order to get more donations. Delivery of Scientology doesn’t matter anymore. In this day and age the sour economy must be impinging on the orgs. But we had our economic slumps in the 70’s/80’s as well and we used these economic slumps to our advantage promoting that learning to be an excellent auditor can and will help you survive at your optimum – which is the truth. We swelled during the slumps delivering tech and even admin training in the academy.

    Exchange level 1 is the order of the day in the C of S – rip-off exchange.

    ML Tom

  92. Rory Medford

    a mass exodus is occurring as we speak

    why would anyone in their RIGHT mind want to be a part of DM’s nightmare and insanity

    Leave, LEAVE NOW and once again become yourself

    the hell with toeing the line

    NO MORE DISCONNECTIONS in the name of DM and corporate SCN

    also, hold on to your wallets they will take ALL of your money, heart and soul if you let them

    Run, run for the hills

  93. Mother of Grendel

    This email was sent to the Pasadena OT Committee this morning … send your 13 year old kids to Twin cities to help with their “Ideal Org.” I

    Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The insanity here speaks for itself.

    Dear OTCers

    We’ve had an urgent request from the Files Mission in Twin Cities, asking for people to come and help them get their files DONE before the end of August – when their Grand Opening will happen! This is the first Ideal Org in the Midwest and is a very big deal.

    Major Target # 3 of our new OT Ambassador Program says that once we are Ideal, we need to help other orgs in our Continent go Ideal – and this is the perfect opportunity to do so!

    Twin Cities has a CF twice as big as ours, roughly. They’ve been working on it for years and very intensely the last few months. You all remember the drill…cookies and commendations and lots of hard work and FUN!! You will again be part of History in the Making!!

    What we would like to do is send a bunch of people from Pasadena to lend them a hand.

    If you can’t go yourself, how about your spouse or your kid or your nephew or your friend? Are your kids out of school for the summer? Children as young as 13 have gone and done very well. This can be a real learning experience for them.

    You will be put up, feed, transported, etc!! It will be VERY FUN.

    Wouldn’t you like to go?! Let me know!! Twin Cities will open late next month – so you gotta go soon!!

    You can go and show them how to do it PASADENA STYLE!!


  94. Ron, lovely details of the real scene — and this is indicative of all the Idle orgs, as I have seen it with my own eyes in Dallas and have friends in Las Vegas and Buffalo NY.

    Right before I announced my divorce from the church, I visited Dallas and since I had been a former staff member, I asked the hard Q’s –How many BIS (bodies in the shop) are there for Div 6? BIS in the academy? What was the gross GI last week? I’d love to see the OIC board and see how other areas are doing. Of course, all the while observing the Academy and the Div 6 courseroom empty as I was given the tour.

    There was an upcoming event with a signup board and when you took away the staff there wasn’t anyone left (as they has marked the staff with a green marker). Later, the report I got was there were 10 people there and 3 of them were children. Way to go!

    DM, How are you justifying those stats? Straight up & vertical?
    DM, ya think the Dallas org viable? cause it opened back in the fall 2009.

    Ron, I loved your report as it clearly showed the situation through the eyes of a student trying to get through a course. OMG, what craziness! At this point, they’d need to be paying the students to come to deal with such crap and then to have no space to store your materials or place to eat. Ideal in what regard? Gimme a break. And where is their Ideal Parking Lot?

    So happy to see you have arrived in the sunshine. Each day will be better and better and we Indies are some fine specimens. Can’t wait to meet you. If ever in Austin, Texas, holler. We’re making a great Indie group here, one by one. love, Kay

  95. scilonschools

    Off Thread Post

    Just a quick off thread post,
    Tomorrow (wednesday) I have to go to court in Worthing Sussex UK on a Harrassment charge from my dear Black Dianetasist brother, it is the first hearing of what should be a no case trial, a few texts asking him to reconnect with his mother, sister and brother, however it is Sussex UK, it is Family courts, and it is CoM so it is the ‘Wild West’
    Just letting all know if i dissappear from coms for a while, and additionally, though they are not making big of it at the moment, it may become an issue that i just ‘HATE’ Scientologists and have a life long vendetta against them, if some Indies on this blog who have got to know my posts over the last couple of years have a view on my view of scientologists (REAL & CoM) it may help as the caser develops.

  96. Thanks, Chris. I hadn’t seen that one. That makes it crystal clear that Tommy lied. And so did Yingling.

  97. Hi girlweena, I’m not going to jump on you for expressing mixed feelings. Because, you know, that’s perfectly understandable. But I will celebrate the fact that you, your Dad and brother are free to think differently and still love and communicate with each other. So, welcome to the board.

  98. Ron, I’m so pleased for you that you’re free now to express yourself. And although I have wanted the CoS itself to decline (so that its hold on people would weaken), it still evokes a little sadness to know that so many people are disheartened within the CoS. I hope it moves them to question and to take the steps you have taken.
    all the best.

  99. Don’t worry Daughter, they are simply following their religion, which has already left the building. The Church is not the Religion.

  100. He’s lying. He was told what lies to say. And he was, no doubt, coached and drilled the lie to make it sound more believable.

    Some “church”.

  101. Your dad and your brother did something that many do not have the guts to do, and that is stand up to Corporate Scientology. It’s beautiful that you support them. Yours is a family that Corporate Scientology could not break up!

  102. Let ME get this straight. You will be expelled if you ask for your money back. Seriously folks. How can ANYONE after hearing that statement ever stay with a -church-hahaha- that practices that. I mean it’s asinine it’s childish it’s sophomoric it is simply unbelievable. Hey Church, my kid was hurt and I need money to make my house payment or pay a dr bill. Declared, you can’t talk to any of us anymore, ever. Are you fucking kidding me, that shows that church is simply after one thing and it isn’t clearing the planet or making people better, fuck you Co$

  103. Hello Ron! It was a pleasure meeting you when we were in Seattle earlier this year. It is enlightening to hear the story of a family that refused to be torn about by Corporate Scientology.

    It’s interesting that “Ideal Orgs” don’t include adequate parking, a place for students to eat their lunch, or a place to store materials. Instead they find it more ideal to make a man in his 70’s walk blocks uphill lugging his materials. Considering the problems that Seattle staff have had with parking tickets over the years, I would have thought parking would be a priority.

    Welcome, and congratulations on standing up and keeping your family together.

  104. well said Carol. There are so many stories where familes are torn apart in the name of this cultish religion (corp.) My father had no problems leaving me for dead because his religion told him that if he did not he would never go up their bridge. in twenty years there is no sign of that disconnection stopping. Proof that the robots will destroy their entire family structure to chase the carrot that is dangled in front of them by the CORP structure of Scientology.

    I only with I had a father like you Ron who’s first reaction is personel integrety and following what is true for you. Well done I can tell you first hand that your son is one lucky guy and I KNOW that he could not be more proud to have a father such as you. Much love to you and your family.

  105. Welcome Ron. From your write up it’s obvious you’re a sweet man with loads of integrity!

    I’m not surprised to hear this account of the Seattle Org. I have recently had THREE first hand accounts from people connected to the Pasadena Org that it is barely limping along. There are routinely no more than 2-3 people in the courseroom (Div 6 and Academy being combined, for lack of a full time Sup), the “Tech Sec” who is not really trained is wearing so many hats, he doesn’t really have time to do his actual post, and the org is struggling to keep up with its bills. This is after being “Ideal” for a year now. The field raised over $20 MILLION dollars–that’s real, hard earned cash that could have gone for Bridge or even for one’s nest egg–and for what? For the stats to be the same as they were in the “old” Pasadena org? What a waste.

    But, back to the good news… one more free thinking, free range (LOVE that CP!) Indie has come forward to swell the ranks. You’re a good man Ron! You are setting a good example.

  106. This Ron, is simply the reason I will sit back here in OKC and watch this church fail and fall apart and I’ll be sitting here with some popcorn and pepsi. I’ve heard many stories, but yours gave me goosebumps. It was heartbreaking and inspiring. Thank you for being a moralist and for being you’re own man who keeps his own counsel. I looknforward to more people thinking like you do and then maybe this scum bag church will disappear like the fart in the wind it is.

  107. Turns. Shoots. Fake. Dunk. ……and THAT’S the game Bob!

  108. Kathy Braceland

    Hi Ron. Nice exit! I’m glad you’re here with us.

  109. Tom Gallagher


    I goes to show: Garbage in; garbage out. Another stellar example of Li’l Mr. I-have-a-better-idea-than-the-Founder merely doing what he does best, i.e., stopping Scientology. Ugh……….

  110. martyrathbun09

    Read them and think.

  111. Thanks Wendi!

    You, being a non-Scientologist and also my older sister, have been more than patient throughout all of this. Never making us wrong but always being concerned about just how much money and debt we were creating, while at the same time hearing our frustrations about the current scene in the church.

    If only those inside the church could be as compassionate as yourself!

    Your little bro-

  112. On second thought, no need for Ideal Parking lots — there isn’t anyone around that has a need to park their vehicle. 🙂


    I want to thank you all for the awesome support! My dad is going to be coming over in the next little while to read all these great comments, as he isn’t much of a computer/internet guy. Old school, I guess (no offense, dad).

    He will be even more certain he’s done the right thing once he sees the support here.

    When I sat him down a couple weeks ago and hatted him up on what Marty is doing with this site, he got a very quick reality that not only is this the place for real, trained Scientologists to communicate, it is basically his responsibility to do so.

    Proud son!

  114. Tony DePhillips

    “The GAT-style drills are so bad they were making grown men cry.”

    Good one Chris!!

  115. Good point, Rob. I’ll show my dad the list and I’m certain he’ll join.

  116. Hey Ron – great announcement!

    I find it really hard to believe that there is no food service or student storage in Mr. David Miscavige’s “Ideal Org.” This is really funny to me, because it epitomizes the roteness of the current batch of “Scientologists.”

    There are two paths you can take when you do your courses: 1. Learn everything by rote and be able to spout back things on demand like a gumball machine. and 2. Learn the material and think with it.

    The reliance on “Find your word!” and “What do the materials state?” and no comm-lag answers and definitions of words can produce in someone an effort to memorize rather than learn. This is “glibness” in spades, straight out of the Student Hat and the study tapes. And here we are.

    To take some guidelines Ron may or may not have put together for what may or may not be an “Ideal Org” physically, and then take them as a cussing blueprint is glibness and roteness that goes to the next level. What is it? “An Ideal Org MUST be 30,000(ish) square feet, MUST have a public area of X size, MUST have an academy of X size, MUST have a sauna of X size”. I am actually VERY surprised there are doors on the place. There is no mention of student storage, and yet it is a requirement. ASHO on Temple had it, for crying out loud! There is no mention of a student break room with refrigerator?

    And yet, we have the extreme arrogance of “We are following LRH’s design. HOW DARE YOU QUESTION US!”

    And yet, we have SO much money wasted. And NO products.

    Really, the only game left here is to be there when the house of cards falls apart.

    Thanks, Ron, for this – and thanks to you and your son for your courage.

  117. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    DM’s crowing over opening gaudy Ideal Orgs, that turn out to be shells devoid of any real activity, always reminds me of the shopkeeper in Monty Python’s Dead Parrot routine.

    Owner: No no he’s not dead, he’s, he’s restin’! Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn’it, ay? Beautiful plumage!
    Mr. Praline: The plumage don’t enter into it. It’s stone dead.

  118. Dan,

    You were a big asset for me when I was pretty freshly out. I’m returning the favor by helping my dad and probably many others in the not-too-distant future, as I’m sure things are dire here in Seattle. Hell, I drive by the org all the time and the lobby is DEAD.

    Anyway, you and your beautiful new bride have a wonderful life you’ve set up in Sweden and I’m very happy for you!!! Sorry I missed your call when you were in Seattle, darn it.

    But, feel free to call anytime. (Seattle hours, that is). Or, there’s always email.

    🙂 Bryan

  119. Tony DePhillips

    “With all that technology you have to sell door to door?”
    Great point Tom!!

  120. Tony DePhillips


  121. Hi Ron. Congratulations for leaving the Cult. I am so glad that you stood by your son, and the integrity of your family.

  122. “Twin Cities has a CF twice as big as ours, roughly. They’ve been working on it for years and very intensely the last few months”

    What were they doing in all those years with a CF that isn’t in PT ?????
    Never seen a company that has been working for years on their CF. It’s the fastest way to go broke to not have a CF in PT. My experience is that by those parties lots of wrong filing is done.
    A real well hatted Cf in charge and modern technology would be better.
    🙂 🙂

  123. Ron… thank you for posting here. And thank you for staying TRUE to your own integrity. Lastly, thank you for not disconnecting from your son and family. It’s a sad state of affairs that one can actually SAY such a thing, but … here we are.

    All the best to you and yours!

  124. Hello Ron,
    Well done on maintaining your personal integrity and your family – a persons two greatest assets.

  125. Here’s a little film about survival and the power of family.
    The Bear – Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud

  126. Quite cogent, Grasshopper. Heart-wrenching upon reflection.

    Really, the only game left here is to be there when the house of cards falls apart.

    Perhaps not the only one, but there sure will be a whole lotta grateful folk for those playing that game, which is still LRH’s game. That reptile on or in an applebox, DM, took one playing field away. He doesn’t get this one, and he doesn’t get to keep the one he stole.

    Bruce Pratt

  127. He’s passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! He’s expired and gone to meet his maker! He’s a stiff! Bereft of life, he rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed him to the perch he’d be pushing up the daisies! His metabolic processes are now history! He’s off the twig! He’s kicked the bucket, he’s shuffled off his mortal coil, rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!

  128. Hi RJ,

    You made me think back to Austin, early 70’s. The Org had to rent another building to house all the weekend students. It was common to have 50 or more Academy students on the weekend. It was really fun!

  129. Yes read , freezone has a link up somewhere.

  130. keepontruckin

    Ron, Thank you for this inside look at an “Ideal Org”. This made my blood boil, which kinda surprised me as, from day one, I have not supported this whole have-before-you-can-do program. But, to hear that an ideal org was built without the students needs in mind clearly shows there was never any real intention behind it for the expansion of Scientology. It, like all his other programs, was/is just another moneymaking scheme and puff piece for DM. Aaaaarrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
    Time to walk the plank, Davey.

    And, with regard to Mother of Grendel’s post, what’s up with CF anyway? Why are CF’s never fully handled? This has been going on for decades!

  131. Rory — That is an understatement!

    I heard from someone in LA that the majority of the EC and AC of ASHO have recently routed out of the SO and so too the HAS and Qual Sec AOLA. They just can’t take the insanity any longer.

    And even more incredible — there are now staff posted in “Ideal” orgs that arrange moonlighting jobs for the staff (I know for a fact that at least one of these people is an SO Member in one of the Class V “Ideal” orgs)!! Part of LRH ED 339R (which Pope on a Box has stuffed in a drawer and treats as “old”) was that orgs are supposed to be VIABLE — and that means a decent wage AND staff able to go up the Bridge. Guess the POB solution to that is to get them moonlighting! How POB sells his shit to the sheeple is something that amazes me still. They actually buy it! SHows you what you can accomplish when people believe you hold their eternity in your hands — Popes/priests have been controlling people for centuries this way. But its still like watching a train wreck playing out before your very eyes.

  132. Hi Ron, Good for you. You are now free to pursue your religion with others freely pursuing theirs as well. Truly liberating.

    “Now mocking-up “ARC” rather than living it”

    A profound observation. This succinctly states an unfortunate condition within the community especially with staff.

    As a staff member;

    Not being able to make their post stats- failed purposes
    Not making their artificial DM stats- heavy ethics and suppression making them PTS
    Not helping people get up the bridge, because the bridge has been destroyed- failed purposes whole track
    Not helping people because the foregoing drives them away in droves (DMs stat)

    This is all very distressing and naturally drives in ones anchor points and drives them down tone. These are all stops and add up to insanity.

    Good work Mr Miscavige.

    Thanks for the Seattle “Ideal Org” update. Another hidden datum revealed, i.e. another failed Org. I keep looking for these updates in Scientology News but fail to find anything informative. (sarcasm)

    Welcome to the Independent Field where real Scientology is practiced daily.

  133. Dorthe Mai, a Danish Scientologist, was Declared for just that in 2005. A copy of her Declare can be found at

    “You should upgrade your idea of what an SP is. Man, meet one sometime! A real one! A real monster. ..Well, in all the time we’ve been around here we only had one SP that I know of. One real SP that was on staff. ..And I don’t know of another single SP that we’ve ever had on staff. Isn’t that interesting. You see all these SP orders and so on. ..Don’t throw it around carelessly, because this is a very exaggerated condition, SP.” — LRH, ‘About Rhodesia’ lecture, 19 July 1966, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.

  134. Can I please remind everybody that disconnection and PTS etc. weren’t invented by Miscavige. They were invented by one L Ron Hubbard. Why do you all keep ignoring the fact that all these inhumane things were invented by the old man himself?

    The irony of quoting LRH saying, “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter” is wonderful. Many people learned first hand the punishment for thinking freely under Ron’s rule.

  135. A CF twice as big as Pasadena? I suppose it is possible because they have been around since the early 70’s. I was at the Twin Cities org until late 2009 and if they got 120 people to an International event it was a huge success.

    There are several hard working, wonderful individuals in the Twin Cities busting their butts in a misguided effort to save mankind. There are more who are disaffected to varied degrees. Many who want to see if this Ideal Org really does pan out. They are hoping it really is the solution to their problems. I’ve spoken with people who have said point blank that if things don’t change once the org opens they will be leaving.

    They are being told that the out-tech, and mishandlings that have upset them for years are because they do not have an “Ideal Org”. They are being told that the bad seeds in the Twin Cities were gotten rid of and things are being done correctly now as they “go Ideal”. Many soldier on with a forced smile and faked enthusiasm for the Ideal Org project, but in reality their fear and anxiety is palpable, and only spoken of outside the org with trusted friends.

    When the Twin Cities org opens and goes the route of Seattle, Pasadena, Buffalo, Tampa and others, the mid-west exodus will begin in earnest. The local opinion leaders will realize their suspicions were correct and it wasn’t the solution after all. They have heard about other Ideal Orgs not doing well. There is much fear about being able to keep up with the maintenance bills that such a large building will generate in Minnesota. Heating and air conditioning bills being as high as they are here.

    This same cycle is being repeated in Seattle, Vegas and other places, where staff are leaving and public are waking up to the scam. For every one person who posts or speaks out, I would estimate there are easily 20 who feel the same way but don’t want to speak out just yet. I can name 20 in my own area.

    The pressure being put on public in the Twin Cities to pay, join staff, give to the IAS etc is cooking up a stew of discontent that is about to boil over.

  136. I’m in stitches!

    Ahhh….good ol’ Monty Python.

    Speaking of being in stitches, where’s OTDT been lately???

  137. “How would you like to be pulled and hauled and ordered about and restrained from doing whatever you wanted to do? You’d resent it.”

    “You’re well and you enjoy life when you aren’t owned. ..You couldn’t enjoy life if you were shepherded and owned. You’d revolt. And if your revolt was quenched, you turn into a subversive.”

    “A man is as sane and safe as he is self-determined.”

    LRH, from Child Dianetics, 1951.

    Welcome, Ron! 🙂

  138. Michael,

    Thanks for the link, I had not seen it – no wonder RCS “goldenrod” is kept confidential and totally sekrit as they are a total joke and was the laugh of the day for me.

    Kudos to those putting up the site and willing to share their personal info in order to get the truth out.

    “The Church attempted to put their ethics in by starting a whispering campaign to malign their reputations.” is one of the lines in the Declare. That is not part of and doesn’t even come close to the LRH Policy ETHICS REVIEW and valid ethics gradients. Wow, what Policy or Tech is Seattle operating from? It is definitely not LRH! It is for certain that the EO and the LRH Comm who’s supposed to be the Issue Authority do not know LRH Ethics & Justice Policy and Data series!

    This issue is a total embarrassment to those still supporting the Seattle RCS (radical corporate scientology) and Idle Org!

  139. plainoldthetan

    CFs aren’t the only neglected aspect of orgs. Pc folder particles can be originated in varied parts of the org, and their rapid and timely filing is essential for proper care of cases. Especially staff cases.

    I remember getting the pc folder of an ASHO staff member who had gotten very sick and I had it FESd and wrote a program from it.

    Two years later, the folder crossed my desk again, so I looked to see what came up on the session I’d ordered.

    I couldn’t find it immediately.

    There was two inches of “unfiled pc particles” in the folder. And when the particles were put in the folder, they were just dumped in in one big stack. They weren’t chronological. And the folder summary hadn’t been filled in.

    So I did all the work. Took about three hours.

    But when it was done, what had originally happened was that there was a very flubbed out-tech false data stripping the day before the pc/staff member got sick.

    But it wasn’t in the folder when it arrived at my desk originally.

    So all I could order at the time was a blind repair. On the wrong thing.

    It’s horrible.

    LRH says in HCO PL 20 July 1970 CASES AND MORALE OF STAFF that THE CASES OF STAFF MEMBERS REUIRE ATTENTION AND CASE GAIN. And this is said in the middle of a bulletin that attributes non-viability of an org to the NEGLECT OF STAFF CASES.

    I have a report that a staff member in the Dallas “Ideal” Org has gone 18 months without a PTS situation being addressed. Yet they claim they want to go Saint Hill Size. Ain’t gonna happen.

    For Want of a Nail
    For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
    For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
    For want of a horse the rider was lost.
    For want of a rider the battle was lost.
    For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
    And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

  140. scilonschools

    Hi. Ouch! Sounds like a bit of a mess for you to deal with. I suspect hat you are up to it though.

    As far as you “hating” Scientologists”… Well, I am a little disappointed that you have never revealed that side of your character here, that I can remember. I always thought that you basically supported us “independents”. ( a little satire there methinks?)

    I would think that it would be pretty simple to pull any of a large number of your posts on this blog to demonstrate your communications regarding US Scientologists. One would be wise to clarify just which particular “Scientologists” you apparently take exception to, and why. And also to clarify if you “hate” anybody for “being” a Scientologist at all. (i doubt it personally). “Hate” is not likely even the right term for your feelings. I might be so bold as to suggest that, except for perhaps one or two exceptions, you don’t “hate” anybody, Scientologist or otherwise.

    My guess is, like many of us Scientologists and others here, that what you actually “take exception to” ( I’m not using the term “hate” here any more as it does not apply) are any beings or organizations who deliberately harm others. who lie and defraud people, who engage in human rights violations, and who attack beings of goodwill.

    In this we are aligned, and you have my support.

    Eric S, A Scientologist

  141. Godspeed Ron. I admire your integrity on standing up for what’s real and right.

    Appararently, the COB/RTC (ROT) policies that Ideal MEST is more valuable than beings are well-applied in Seattle.

    It’s all about fascistic fashion-style, and (pale and thin) veneers of success, backed by corrupt ARC and Ponzi fundraising, in TODAY’S CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY!

  142. Hi Laura Ann,

    Austin sounds like it was a very cool place back in the ’70’s.

  143. Hi Ron,
    Wow, I hear you. Your experience is almost a carbon copy of what I came to see in my Org in the 90’s. Stick with LRH, it’s the only road. The lies and deciet so common within any Org run with DMs visions must eventually be observed and experienced individually for change to occur. Well done sticking with your integrity – those still in simply aren’t Scientologists, never will be no matter what they say. A Scientologist is a tough, uncompromising SOB to robots, stand your ground with ’em and kick a bit of robot butt.
    Trust me on one thing, the reverse flow on those pushing the false Bridge of DM is going to be an awfully hard pill for them to swallow when push comes to shove, it’s going to be messy, have your box of kleenex at the ready.

  144. Thick baffoonery. That sums it up. Thats pretty much what they do in the Church now. Thickness of baffoonery is straight up and vertical.

  145. There was a guy at my org on a Student Hat re-tread or something. For some reason he had to do the GAT Patter drill I think it’s called “Full barriers to study”. It’ the longest one of the two long ones on GAT Student Hat. The one that takes people a couple course periods or longer to pass sometimes.
    He’s in his 40’s, grey hair, beard, a little grizzled, owns his own company and works really hard. He’s over in the corner sobbing on this drill.
    Every once in a while the sup comes over “SAY IT TONE 40 TO THE WALL!” ……. “GET YOUR TR 0 IN!”

    I did the same thing at Flag. I didn’t “sob”, but I was in grief and lower.

    The EP of GAT patter drills is “THANK GOD I”M DONE WITH IT!”

    I wish I knew years ago how squirrelly and out-tech these GAT drills were.
    I would have given me the courage to said what I was thinking.

  146. What you posted is actually not true, Lex.

    Disconnection type actions are age-old; as in excommunication, shunning, etc. it’s been a common human practice throughout history.

    LRH did not “invent” PTSness, he observed that a person could be in a PTS condition and he discovered the causes of the condition. He then looked for remedies for it.

    For disconnection, Ron did try it, but found it didn’t work as a solution, and canceled it shortly, as you can hear for yourself by listening to RJ 68. David Miscavige resurrected the practice and incidentally suppressed RJ68, so that most current church scientologists probably haven’t heard of it, much less have heard it for themselves.

  147. Transparent

    Ron Ubagh’s post resonates the simplicity of the deteriorating scene within Scientology, written sincerely and without an edge. My new blog will hopefully lend a voice to the movement.

  148. Off the fence.

    Yea the CF’s. Radio Shack does a better job. In Scientology somehow they think that organizing all these people’s names who want nothing to do with them and then sending them tons junk mail is going to increase business. I wish they would lose my name. I’m tired of having a continually clogged mail box. Too much reach COS!! Remember the laws of reach and withdraw? Promo is one thing but clogging up mailboxes is another.
    Please try to differentiate. One draws, the other repels.

  149. Further data about Pasadena Org is that they have no kitchen or even a food staging area for putting on events. In a building that is over 50,000 square feet and largely empty most of the time, this is a huge omission. The org has numerous events and the public and OTC members are utilized to cook the food at home and then bring it to the org. When I asked why one of the empty, never-been-used courserooms near the tiny coffee bar couldn’t be used for a kitchen or staging area, a staff member told me that would never be allowed as it would “unmock” the existing spaces that the Int Landlord had approved!

  150. Lex, Disconnection is a self-determined action, per LRH policy (HCOB PTSNESS AND DISCONNECTION), and not supposed to be something that is ordered. For example, a women is abused by her husband – beaten, demeaned, controlled, threatened with physical harm, etc. The woman is offered safe sanctuary, legal help, offers of help from friends and family, to get away from the abusive relationship, if only to save her life. But, as you probably have heard, abused women often stay in the abusive relationship or return to it after a short time. It is well-known in the Justice system that the woman has to make a self-determined decision to move away and cut off contact and even court-orders will have little effect until this happens. When the person decides that a relationship is harmful and decides on their own to end the relationship, then they have every right to do so. It’s the orders of disconnection is a perversion and alteration of this policy.

  151. keepontruckin

    What were they thinking?! Oh wait, they weren’t!

  152. Or has a vehicle, for that matter, if they mortgaged their financial future to the CofM.

  153. Ron,
    your post was really incredible! You kept your position in space and that’s power. You told them a very simple phrase “I will not disconnect”.
    This is something they can’t handle.
    A straight NO as an answer.
    And as far as Ideal Morgue are concerned – they are the same everywhere: EMPTY.
    Congratulation from Italy!

    Claudio & Renata

  154. martyrathbun09

    I received a media inquiry about this staff swapping ponzi. Can you share the email you received with me – at Thanks

  155. Ron, I understand your point and quoting: “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others…” But if you read the ethics book, LRH basically says (in my words, short way) you can’t be critical (as that only shows you have overts). So the only way in Scientology is agree, agree, agree with what’s going on. In other words he said just the opposite of what he said in the credo. So it was LRH playing God in the first place and things went awfully wrong from there on.

  156. Chris,

    I clearly recall doing long patter drills to the wall and thinking it was a blatant violation of study tech. Straight memorization and all that. The girl next to me broke down, hard core. She got into a fight with the sup and eventually got routed to ethics, I believe.

    Ahhhh…..the Golden Age of Train Wreck!

  157. OD,

    I don’t think LRH contradicted himself. I take “critical” as saying something like “That ethics officer is one hound of a woman. She looks like my neighbor’s dog.” I don’t think LRH would’ve thought of honest observation of outpoints at an Idle Org as “critical” or as suggesting that one had overts. But, under DM, that’s exactly what is being forced upon one and all. Agree, agree agree!

  158. scilonschools

    Thank You!

  159. Accept no shoddy substitutes! Way to go Sinar. ROFLMAO.

    Bruce Pratt

  160. Off the fence.

    There’s a difference between being critical, and observing and commenting upon an outness. And yes, in session, P.C. critical? Handle accordingly. (no verbal tech here). So there is a handle for those who are “critical” and then there is commenting or communicating about things that could be changed or improved. The key is to differentiate, and obnose what is occurring. Of course there are degrees involved here too. If you’ve been treated unfairly for so long, overzealous corrupt ethics actions, enforced disconnection etc. even on some to the point of violence, then personally speaking, I might even become critical enough to punch someone in the nose. You have to be able to differentiate. Critical because of overt-motivators, or critical because your neighborhood shrink is practicing electro convulsive shock. There’s a difference.

  161. This is not true. HCOB 21 Jan 60 (and the tech dictionary): “most criticism is justification of having done an overt. There are rightnesses and wrongnesses in conduct and society and life at large, but random, carping 1.1 criticism when not borne out in fact is only an effort to reduce the size of the target of the overt.”

    And if you ever had a withhold missed on you, or if you missed a withhold on another, you can see this VERY clearly.

    So, it ain’t LRH that took the above and turned it into “no one is allowed to think.”

  162. OD- Ron doesn’t say all criticism means you have overts -My god Ron had his own criticisms-Read HCOB 21 Jan.1906 “Justifications” In it he atates “This does not say that all things are right and that no criticism anywhere is ever merited” So there are rightnesses and wrongnesses in conduct and society and life at large, but random, carping, covert criticism when not borne out in fact is only an effort to reduce he size of the target of the overt so that one can live(he hopes) with the overt.”
    Ron has said alot of things-he gave us the study tech to UNDERSTAND what he said.

  163. Yeah, I never got the purpose of it. Maybe if you run into a barrier in your studies you can replay the tape recording in your head until you hear a useful datum? Or better yet- you could just carry around the HCOB.
    Or, hey, even better, why not study it and get a full conceptual understanding so you can apply the data without memorization. I hear thats how they did it back in LRH’s day.

  164. Chris,

    The entire Int Base had to go through this “Study Certainty Course” when GAT came out in the ’90s which was horrible, I agree due to the patter drills. Had this thought/protest that these drills were totally the opposite of the LRH study tech of not memorizing stuff! This was the 4th version and worst of St Hat I did, the first one in ’76 on reel to reel tapes.

  165. crying etc during these drills was always justified with “That’s good, you’re moving TA on your case.”…I should be Clear with all that case movement.

  166. Yvonne Schick

    Ron, Excellent announcement. Very touching. I loved getting your inside scoop on the Seattle org and its condition. Enjoy your new life. You have earned it with your integrity. ML, Yvonne

  167. The feeder lines to the bridge are closed as despite the glitz and glamour NEW people are not “buying Miscavige’s’ brand”. Orgs are empty with church PR at all time lows.

    What is left is a weary, ever dwindling number, of faithful parishioners burned out by the financial tread-mill of Miscavige. They pay for “re do’s” of auditing and training and are pressured for straight donations… IAS, books, new buildings etc. Their reward is NO BRIDGE, empty orgs and having to watch a subject they believe in be dragged through the mud due to the actions of their leader.

    I believe Miscavige’s scheme is financially kept afloat by just a few thousand people. With few new public coming in each defection of an existing parishioners brings his empire that much closer to collapse.

  168. +1 Ingrid!

  169. Tony, I’m a little embarrassed to say that I saw that cartoon in Playboy Magazine. However, I only read Playboy for the articles 😉

    ML Tom

  170. Ron,
    Welcome, new Free-Range Scientologist! ( I guess you can tell I like that :free-range” designation, too)
    That was a fine right to the heart of it write-up you did there.

    So here’s a song to celebrate your new status!

  171. M & M, what with the exodis in PAC (ASHO and AOLA) and in the orgs, what if the implosion goes a lot faster than we think it is? I mean what if it all implodes next week?

    ML Tom

  172. Strained criticism is specifically what LRH said to look out for. A great example of this (and a real easy one) can be found in the DM edition of Freedom Mag, attacking “Kingpin”, “Adultress”, etc. Minerva’s site is another goodie. There’s a desperation to it. It’s all just a wee bit too much. That’s when you know what lies beneath. 😉

  173. Geeze Bryan, Ron and Wendi…can I please join your family?
    I’m a little old (59) but I’m a good kid.

    You folks are the walking, talking embodiment of ARC.

    Thanks for the post, Ron. The communication has been well received in our house.


  174. Bang on Ingrid!

  175. Hi Mike,
    They have to get the staff moonlighting so they can have some cash and be regged for IAS donations. All the public are broke or gone…don’t ya know.


  176. Yes. ‘Minerva’ (aka Miscavige front) is definitely ‘strained’

  177. Floating Needle

    Thanks for the post… it can only help more people to wake up and realize what is REALLY going on instead of believing in something that is no longer there.

    Your friend,


  178. Exactly +1

  179. Lex
    Your ‘criticism’ sounds a bit ‘strained’ 😀

  180. Brilliant!

  181. Very well done on getting him out and salvaging your relationship Bryan.
    Your relationship will get better and better now the suppression is gone as it has been for all of my family members.
    If anyone argues the validity of the very rare cases in which disconnection is warranted (used correctly and in a situation where the suppressive is truly dangerous and will not ‘handle’) then here is the unadulterated version of proper application; disconnecting from Miscavige’s church and it’s vile methods of control enables beings to flourish and prosper across their dynamics.
    Bryan and Ron – flourish and prosper together.

  182. Valkov, it may be true that disconnection is age-old. So are other acts which I regard as immoral, and it doesn’t excuse them. But Disconnection as defined in Scientology was penned by LRH, there is no squirming away from this fact.

    As for disconnection being cancelled — no, it was banned from PR lines, but the act continued, as you can easily see if you look on the internet for the stories of many disconnected people, right through the 60s and 70s and onwards. I can’t post the actual URL here for fear of the post being censored, but please wake up. When exactly do you claim Miscavige (who is no saint) ‘resurrected’ disconnection? It never stopped. Go and do some research if you want to find out more.

    LRH wrote a “Suppressive Acts PL” in 1964. Can you point me at the PL or similar that cancelled that? Maybe I missed it. But I believe there is no such thing. There is a certainly a PR line about cancelling disconnection that LRH used e.g. during New Zealand enquiries with ‘wogs’, but no PL cancelling it.

    As for PTS, it is correct for me to say that LRH invented the concept, rather than discovered it, since discovering requires actual evidence that is scientifically meaningful to be taken seriously, and there is none I know of for PTS (or anything else LRH wrote. Remember, cigarettes cure cancer! LRH said so!). Do you believe everything just because it is printed in a book? Even if LRH wrote it?

  183. Hi Sam,

    I wanted to say how upset I am at what you and Placido are experiencing. I hope Placido continues to speak out about this ridiculous excuse for a church. He operates on the aesthetic wavelength. Must really piss off DM.

    Take care,

  184. plainoldthetan

    OD: Sounds like you may be suffering under the “everybody knows” that all criticism means overts. Certainly if you butt heads with a uniformed indoctrinated billion-year robot it does.

    But natter/critical is technically only a *symptom* of missed withholds. And LRH says in HCO PL ETHICS, REVIEW that a person can note something nonoptimum and keep it to himself, or mention it to another, or write it up.

    Also, LRH says in HCOB 2-Nov-1968 R CASE SUPERVISOR, CLASS VIII, THE BASIC PROCESSES: “In the OT sections, pre-OTs often have plain withholds that have no overt connected with them, so WITHHOLDS is always okay to use especially “in the last session” or “in auditing”.”

    Also, if you look at the definition of CRITICISM in the tech dictionary, that “random, carping 1.1 criticism when not borne out in fact is only an effort to reduce the size of the target of the overt.” (HCOB 21 Jan 60, Justification)

    The “not borne out in fact” part of the sentence is important.

    And, there’s always a MISSED WITHHOLD OF NOTHING, in which case, a person will start dramatizing the same phenomena as a missed withhold of something. So he’ll get cricial and defensive and explain a lot, even though he has NOTHING to explain.

  185. Well, care to engage in some sort of criticism of my criticism then? ‘strained’ doesn’t count.

  186. Hi Bryan
    Thank you for your kind words.
    The truth is that we have each other and the support of all of our families.
    Placi has received nothing but validation, respect, friendship and love in response to his public departure from the church and is very happy with his decision.
    When friends and family members all stand together there isn’t a darned thing the Cult of Miscavige can do about it.
    We are more amused at the idiocies and shocked at the speed in which DM is currently able to fashion a noose for himself.

  187. Lynne,

    It was a lot more fun when the emphasis was on tech and not MEST, but it was not fun to try to end cycle on a number two and find no paper. Once, I brought a roll of paper to the org and hid it behind some books in the qual library.

    If anyone who is still “in” is at ASHO these days, and finds it, please see that it is put to good use.

  188. The end is near Tom.
    Time to finish it up so we can start a new game 😀

  189. plainoldthetan

    Jack, it takes some cojones to read a basic book that Miscavige didn’t re-release after hours of personal labor. What are you thinking?

  190. plainoldthetan

    And don’t forget what LRH said on 5412c30 (Something Can Be Done About It)

    “Now, this tells you, then, that there’s better ways to communicate than some ways. But even entheta is better than no communication at all. We’d rather have an erroneous report than none. There are better ways to communicate.”

    “But we found out that if we as an organization started to rap the knuckes of every auditor who was trying to communicate sincerely on the subject of Scientology, that we might as well go out back and cut our own heads off with the ax. And we found that out. We’re guided by that practice and principle.”

    This begs the question “Who’s committing the overt?”

  191. From the Paul Haggis New Yorker interview:

    (page 15)
    Tommy Davis sent me some policy statements that Hubbard had made about disconnection in 1965. “Anyone who rejects Scientology also rejects, knowingly or unknowingly, the protection and benefits of Scientology and the companionship of Scientologists,” Hubbard writes. In “Introduction to Scientology Ethics,” Hubbard defined disconnection as “a self-determined decision made by an individual that he is not going to be connected to another.”

    To the best of my knowledge, Tommy has been missing in action since this interview and I think it may something to do with this quote:

    At the meeting, Davis and I also discussed Hubbard’s war record. His voice filling with emotion, he said that, if it was true that Hubbard had not been injured, then “the injuries that he handled by the use of Dianetics procedures were never handled, because they were injuries that never existed; therefore, Dianetics is based on a lie; therefore, Scientology is based on a lie.” He concluded, “The fact of the matter is that Mr. Hubbard was a war hero.”

    Read more

    Ron Ubaghs, Good for you for standing your ground. A man like you always has friends. I hope you too, come to find by and by, when the red carpet is meant to roll out for you it will do so no matter where you stand. I have a feeling the force is with you.


  192. Mike,

    Wow, Pac seems to be imploding.

    But, no worries mate, the POB (or POS) is fully single-handing it all, micro managing the Squirrel busters, Freedumb and Minervozo the clown. That ought to turn his dive boat and paddle-boat around!

  193. SaveTheTech

    Don, you are very correct…

    You said: “I believe Miscavige’s scheme is financially kept afloat by just a few thousand people.”

    If you have not already seen this, here is yesterday’s Phoenix Org’s sales pitch on money being the “end all of everything” and the biggest thing in their life, but with no mention of selling auditing or training in exchange for the money..

    It’s a short video, but makes your point in present time.

  194. Oracle:

    According to some media who tried to call his Tommy’s cell phone recently, it no longer has a message from Tommy and it doesnt ring, just goes straight to a computer recording telling you to leave a message.

    But the good news is that on the Scientology News website (apparently last updated in May) Jessica Feschbach is listed right there alongside Tommy as one of the international spokespersons for the church. So, if Tommy can’t come out to play, I am sure Jessica will be doing the media…

    They do also list Linda Simmons Hight, though she tells the media her name is Linda Weiland — spose they havent gotten around to updating the site since she got married some years ago??. She is sort of low on the totem pole, I guess they figure she can be wasted “Linda, tell them the squirrelbusters have nothing to do with the church…” and then when that blows up its no big loss.

    Heber Jentzsch is nowhere to be found. He has disappeared from the Church websites about as efficiently as I have!

  195. Great share! You know that one is gonna come down soon.

    It’s a f@*king telethon! That’s probably what the TV studio is needed for – going global!

  196. STT,

    Well, that takes the cake.

    It’s embarrassing on so many levels. And though those two women make absolute fools of themselves, you have to feel a little sorry for them. I am sure they are being told they need to raise $5 million to buy a building and then another $5 million to renovate it and they havent seen $5,000 in one week in living memory. I dont know who “DeeDee” is, but she is so out of valence and in false enthusiasm it makes me want to gag.

    But, the real sickness is this.

    THIS is what Pope on a Box is promoting, pushing and demanding. THIS is what he envisions the ideal scene for Scientology is. Believe me, this sort of nuttiness, and the squirrelbusters and the Facebook Police and every other piece of insanity would not be occurring if it did not have his blessing. He micromanages everything. Believe it or not, he probably tells all sorts of people how great all this stuff is.

    And for the final insanity, any OT who lives in CLearwater must be a member of the CW OT Committee in order to have clearance to audit on OT 7. And even that requires payment — yes, you have to PAY to participate in the CW OT Committee!!

    I guess its not really a surprise, you have to pay for endless sec checks too. And for numerous copies of the same books. And, and and…

  197. Pitiful. That wild eyed look – “glee of insanity”.

  198. I’ll tell you what Mike, there actions appear desperate. It wouldn’t suprise me to find out they are in far worse shape than we knoiw.

  199. Lotus Miyamoto

    Tommy missing in action? What a surprise! Who’s next?

  200. Mike ~~

    J,Swift posted this on another blog, but I thought you might get a laugh.
    The servant shall eat beans and rice and sleep under the desk and be thrown overboard into the pond of feces, after which they shall write a success story.
    The Book of San Jacinto 2:15-20:
    “And when the disciples were standing in muster, the Overseer read aloud crimes of masturbation obtained from the confessional papyri so that the Onanists in their midst would be ashamed of their acts of self-pollution.
    “And it came to pass that the Overseer was caught with heathen porn in an act of self-pollution and was sent to the prison camp and beaten and his wages reduced to one penny per day.
    “Yea, all were beaten in the camp daily save for the mad dictator who lived in a castle and smoked cigarettes and drank rivers of scotch as it pleased his soul. Verily, he sent away his wife into captivity and then had carnal knowledge of his assistant with no penalty. And he took great pleasure in his bed of tanning and his golden columns.

    “He was the Lunatic Antichrist of Hemet.

    “And when he grew angry he grabbed rods of copper that went down into the Earth after which he beat people because the voices in his head commanded him to do so.”

  201. Hmmm…you suggest we do some research on this yet you appear ignorant of a key point. According to Robert Vaughn Young, DM ordered Disconnection be reimplemented. But if it was still in use following a supposedly phoney “cancellation” as you seem to suspect, why would DM need to reimplement anything? Why a “new” policy? There would be no point. If LRH cancelled Disconnection to avoid bad PR,

  202. Tony DePhillips

    I hate to admit it Chris, but I did cry once doing the GAT drills on the Solo Nots Certainty course. It was a simulator drill on L4BRB and I was under a lot of stress to get done and get back to work. I got through the whole drill after several times “flunking” and then after I made it through without meter or procedural errors , the coach flunked me because she thought my TR 0 was out. It probably was, but I walked out of there crying like a little girl. Now THAT was “fun” training. That coupled with paying thousands for confessionals was enought to crack me.

  203. Don — I don’t doubt that for a minute. Every indicator is there. Mad, frantic actions generating horrendous ill-will and bad press all over the world. Empty orgs with starving staff who cannot be paid and have “Moonlighting ICs” to find them work. Staff leaving PAC SO Orgs in droves. Tommy fallen into the same hole as Heber and Shelly. Astonishingly inept efforts to raise money — not for auditing and training — but begging people to hand it over for Ideal Orgs and IAS. Superpower, the answer to “planetary clearing” (if you misquote the LRH advice regarding it being delivered to staff) being withheld from the public for years so more money can be collected for the overfunded, unopened building. Even Tom Cruise, the greatest disseminator in the history of Scientology, is silent these days. It’s a bad scene alright. And Pope on a Box continues to do what he always does — issuing hundreds of pages of incomprehensible orders to “handle” everything as the tornado of destruction churns around him….

    Be glad we are no longer living the nightmare….

  204. Tony DePhillips

    You don’t know what you’re missing…

  205. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Sam,
    Placido’s father is a famous opera singer right? What does he think about all this nutiness?

  206. Tony DePhillips

    WOW…THAT LOOKS REAL FUN!!! I want to get into that false ENTHUSIASM TOO!!!! GEE!! MONEY!! Please DONATE SO WE CAN GO WILD!!! Hip hip hurray!!!

  207. OK Lex, since you want more than the Valkov’s Digest version, here ya go:

    A couple of years ago Jim Logan did a detailed chronological study of all the materials he could find on Disconnection. This was published on Scientology-cult. com and is available as a PDF. I suggest you download and print it off and study it in detail. He has all the references there.

    How David Miscavige changed LRH Policy regarding “disconnection”
    by Jim Logan

    Beyond that, download and listen to RJ 68. And beyond that, you will have to do your own research; however there are a ton of detailed, well-referenced articles on that Scientology-cult site, that are just as first-hand as the sources you refer to. There are a lot of them.

    I believe you’ll find RJ 68 here:

    So you have the opportunity to really use a multiple viewpoint system for yourself, rather than taking the word of, (and uncritically accepting the interpretations of) just a few people, and decide for yourself what you think the truth is, vis-a-vis LRH, David Miscavige, and disconnection.

    The point is to gather as many actual first-hand viewpoints as possible, and then form your own judgement. You’re part of the jury; there are a lot of witnesses. it’s time consuming to hear them all out, but that’s the only honest way you might come to a just decision.

    In any case, regardless of what LRH might have said or done, we will do things our own way. That’s what independence is all about.
    Goodluck and godspeed.

  208. Save the Tech-Wow, DeeDee and Susan are really out of valence- Their stated exchange for the money is to go crazy- in fact, they say it several times- If you give money , we will go crazy. Then when some money comes in they “go crazy” Some exchange!

  209. Scilonschools,

    Hope all goes well, friend.

  210. They can’t go crazy. They are already there and apparently have been for some time. 🙂

    Now if we could pay to see them “go sane”, now that could be a game.

    Bruce Pratt

  211. Lex, I see there is more to your post, so I’ll briefly take up PTS.
    I’ll preface with this: I’ve had a life-long interest in things psychological, and I worked in clinical settings in psychiatry for nearly 13 years. During that time I read extensively in the psychological, psychoanalytic and human potentials literature. In fact, even the earliest psychoanalysts like Freud were aware of, and commented on, the connection many of their patients had to a person that was somehow keeping them ‘sick’ or unable to function as well as it seemed they ought to be able to do.

    Has any of this ever been “scientifically” proven? No, of course not. However it is an accepted ‘fact’ in therapeutic circles, that such “pts” type relationships are quite real.

    Many generations of therapists of various schools have observed the existence of destructive relationships, relationships that were detrimental to the well-being of the clients they were trying to help – drug-pushing ‘friends’ or co-workers, enablers of alcoholism, abusive husbands, wives, or bosses, etc etc. SP/PTS by any other name.

    To talk about “scientific proof” of these things is a red herring, pure and simple. It is accepted, observed fact, extensively described in the therapeutic literature of the past 50+ years.

    You are sounding like you are on an Alonzo-like ‘critic’s mission’ here; if so I can tell you you are wasting your time and all that will happen is your posts of that nature won’t be posted, except as an occasional troll-bone for us to chew on. We have all the critic’s sites available to us; we can visit them and read what’s there anytime. That’s not what this blog is for.

    However if you are sincerely interested in gathering more information, I have already posted some links for you in my previous post to you.


  212. Strained counts very much, because you are just a strain of doctrinaire critic.
    It sounds ‘strained’ because it is a ‘canned’ viewpoint ‘strained’ through the sieve of the ‘critics of scientology’.

    Sam, I think Marty has thrown us a troll-bone to chew on.

  213. Perhaps Chairman Mao… I mean Chairman Misc?

  214. That’s a great disconnection story. That you didn’t. Awesome!

  215. one of those who see

    Even though I watched this video with my own eyes, I don’t believe it. I obviously need to get my confront up because seriously, this is so off the wall, degrading and embarrassing. Scientology contains the truth about life, the road to increased freedom, ability and joy. This video represents a complexity. The church has become a complexity. All we ever needed to do was tell people that the subject has arrived and deliver. Simple. And that is what is happening in the Indie Field. And more and more people are jumping off the crazy train.

  216. Zdravo koki.

    Here are two differences: 1.written about 14 years apart, and 2. written by two different authors! 🙂 he he he he

  217. one of those who see

  218. It’s like watching a SHAM-WOW commercial.

  219. Contrast that, with this: one night about a year and a half ago, the Foundation Sup at Battle Creek org mentioned to me that he had zero students in his courseroom that Friday night….
    I suspect he’s blown from the CoS, because I haven’t heard from him since….

  220. Yes – I got that video in my email inbox today. Unfreaking believable. “Give us money so we can go crazy!” Umm. Right. By the way, isn’t Seattle the birthplace of Scientology? or DC? or, for that matter, Wichita. Where is the Wichita Idle Org?

    It shows you how eroded things are when you get a room full of people who are supposed to Scientologists doing this shit instead of disseminating, auditing, and training. That team in that room is team enough to bring in the dough they “need” if they would only deliver Scientology, per policy.

    Speaking of Ideal Org hoopla – here is this email I got from AO the other day:


    My name is [xxx] and I work in the Pacifica Bridge (PAC) Recruitment Office. I wanted to let you all know that right now is the most exciting time in PAC history! This is why:

    By the end of 2011, this base is going IDEAL! It’s not just an Ideal Org or Mission, but this whole entire Base is going Ideal. That means that the American St. Hill Organization will be Ideal. The Advanced Organization of Los Angeles will be Ideal. There won’t be a place here that isn’t Ideal. With this transformation, EVERYTHING will be restored to the way LRH intends it and we will enter a new era of Scientology expansion for this area of the world!

    Part of this expansion requires that we add to our roster of trained, processed, and competent Sea Org members. We need people who want to get the job done and will see to it that this goal of going Ideal becomes reality!

    Below is a short Sea Org questionnaire that I’d like you to fill out – qualified or not. I can’t wait to hear from each of you. Your responses are appreciated.

    Much Love,

    “There won’t be a place here that isn’t ideal.” Classic!

    I remember when Pacifica was still in renos. The place painted blue because it was LRH’s favorite color. The high-contrast graphics in the hall ways and walls. LA Org moved in when I was there. This was 1977. I lived in Lebanon Hall. There was an incredible amount of optimism, because we finally could make something the scale we needed. The optimism was there even after the raid. This was not ideal?

    All the orgs were made over, that fancy high-contast paint job painted over. LA Org, ASHO D, and AOLA redone. My first test walking into AO was to see if the bathroom was clean. It was! It was a miracle. I did my OT III there, and it was fine. That was not ideal?

    Oh, but now, they are doing it again, because it is not ideal.

    Here’s a clue: It ain’t the buildings that aren’t ideal, people.

  221. Thats my org. I’ve known those people for many years. They say they are 99.5% done with fundraising for the new huge building (except for renos).

  222. So true, Bruce. The irony of that is delicious!

  223. By the way, the subject of the email was “Vital message for all Scientologists” Everything is a vital message. Everything is vastly urgent! Everything is a breakthrough! So many years of the boy crying wolf.

  224. Crazy long ago, Blondie.
    About 20 years ago one of those girls took a new person I’d brought in who had just finished an intro course and was then trying to convince this lady to borrow on her credit card so that SHE (the friggin reg!!!) could buy some auditing for herself.
    If that don’t make ya puke in a bucket, nothin will.

  225. Mother of Grendel

    And speaking of “Ideal Orgs,” more on what’s happening in LA (from a recent broadly circulated – not just to OT Asses – email):

    “We announced last Friday evening that there will be a THIRD MV VIDEO (that was originally not going to be shown to the general public). The date and venue have changed:

    The Creating a New Civilization Seminar will be on Sunday, the 31st of July at 1:30pm and will go to 6pm. The new venue is the Universal Hilton. Doors open at 1pm and the event starts at 1:30.

    This event has everything to do with you as an inhabitant of Los Angeles and the future, first Ideal City on the planet. This is the behind-the-scenes briefing of the view from the top of the org board down on how our Ideal Orgs are creating a new civilization and how we are going to achieve the goal of, not only the first Ideal City but the first Ideal Continent.

    This briefing was videoed on the Freewinds at Maiden Voyage just weeks ago and was originally not going to be released to those who weren’t aboard MV.

    But, it is that important, particularly to Los Angeles, and now you will have a one-time opportunity to get this data!

    See you there!”

  226. Mother of Grendel

    How mortifying, how embarrassing, how pathetic. It’s so bad its almost a parody of Co$ fundraising…except PoB never laughs at raising money. Just one more way that PoB is turning the Co$ into an utter and complete laughing stock. Moral altitude – ha! Religious gravitas – ha! Ethical upper hand – ha ha ha! No – just one, big, fat joke – too bad the players don’t know it yet.

  227. 😦 That’s torture!

  228. 🙂 Me too????

  229. scilonschools

    I am pleased that my pet UK paper “The Daily Mail” has covered the Domigo’s story and anuther regarding JT Jett chariety! (Sudden change of heart?)
    This is so out of step with their “Spotlight on Scientology” article it set me looking closer..
    The “Spotlight on Scientology” carries no date or attributed journalist, you cannot ‘Comment’ against it, and it comes up under a google search of Scientology + Daily Mail as if it were published the day before on a rolling basis. It is not a ‘Normal’ article.
    If it were paid advertising it would not filter as ‘news’
    This leads me to believe it may be as a result of Legal Action, part of a settlement to the CoM?
    If this is the case it is disgusting that a court would insist on a paper producing a misleading article as valid news!! Any ideas on this one anyone?

  230. Freetothink

    Hi girlweena, I’ve heard lots of good things about you. I hope we have a chance to meet soon. When I first came out I felt like I was loosing my religion but I rapidly realize that I had been loosing my religion more while inside the Church. I finally saw that the emperor was naked. Since leaving my religion took a whole different dimension for me.

    Thanks for all the support you give your Brother & your Dad.


  231. Freetothink

    I’ve come to realized that the CoM is a specialist in enforcing & inhibiting ARC in anyway they can. Persisting in calling & writing to people that want nothing to do with them is just another case of enforced communication. – Marie-Joe

  232. Luis Garcia


    Welcome home! My hat is off to you. And Bryan, well done on taking responsibility for your dad!

  233. Freetothink

    My Ubaghs, I can’t get enough of that smile! I’m so glad to have you amongst us. You & Brian are such gentle souls. I love you both & Sally too.

    Thanks for taking a stand! Marie-Joe

  234. “…father is a famous opera singer, right?”

    Understatement. 🙂
    In his day he was the Elvis Presley of opera. He still has a voice that can rock the foundations.
    Leonore, a fan

    (I look forward to the product of the son and wish him the best).

  235. Theo Sismanides

    Mike thanks for this data. It’s good to know what is going on! There are a lot of sacrifices, too many now… the Emperor… wants blood to be shed…

  236. Sorry to steel this spot Sam, but I got ta say
    “Thus, I was informed I would be declared PTS and would no longer be eligible for services. I told them “Good! I really need a long break from this place”. And out the door I went.”

    I’m going to chip this quote in stone and make into a Fountain. I give you my word.

  237. Tony,
    He supports his son fully 🙂

  238. Somehow this got out of place.

  239. Tony, you should come to all the fundraising events then. You’ll love it. Theres one every week.

  240. Hehe, you’re right. I’m sorry. I guess I should watch The Basics DVD again (for the umpteenth time) as clearly I didn’t “get it”. 😉

  241. Freetothink

    Sorry, my comment should say “Mr. Ubaghs” not “My Ubaghs” 🙂

  242. Wiki for a summary,_Wissenschaft_von_der_Beschaffenheit_und_der_Tauglichkeit_des_Wissens
    Nordenholz highlights the problem of isolating knowledge as “a particular appearance of the world.” He asks:

    “What is Knowing? What IS Knowledge? What can we know, what must we know about Knowledge/Knowing, to do justice to and to justify the world? The question is thus nothing less than self-knowing, determination of the nature of self, and also of self-realization and self-understanding of Knowledge/Knowing. Is this possible? If possible, how can the systemization of Knowledge/Knowing itself be accomplished? How can a Science of Knowledge/Knowing be produced?”

    After establishing a number of definitions, he concludes that

    “the world is nothing but knowledge, merely an extraction from knowing….Only out of the equally valued mutual operation of Knowledge/Knowing as shaper & creator, and world as created & shaped, is it possible to arrive at the true science of the world….Out of this circumstance comes the right of Scientologie to treat the world as belonging to its counterpart, as an appendage of the consciousness.”

  243. theystolemychurch

    Yes, It could be in an agreement between the paper and the church. It could also be an advertisement and incorrectly indexed as “news”. Or the PR was really good and got them to print the press release just as it was sent as an “article” when it was really just a placed release (ad in this case)… Just because it is indexed as “news” does not mean it is or even that a reporter wrote it.

  244. Mike,

    Hubbard said anything you depend on you become the effect of.

    If Tommy was depending on that war record P.R. to believe in Dianetics and Scientology , he must have had a severe reality adjustment:

    “Davis included a photograph of medals that Hubbard supposedly won. Two of the medals in the photograph weren’t even created until after Hubbard left active service.”

    It is obvious since you have left Mike, the P.R. for the Church has taken a most serious nose dive.

    The practice of “P.R.” now, is what you see paddling around on that paddle boat behind Marty’s house. We know what gross out P.R. this would have been thirty years ago. Those people would have been expelled from the Church for this madness.

    DM would have been expelled for this madness if Hubbard was still on the lines. He would NEVER be doing this kind of stuff if Hubbard had a view to watch. This is clear evidence of his obvious disregard for anything truly connected with a duty to carry on the torch. He has done more disservice to Hubbard and the Church than any other Scientologist on the planet. The Mary Sue legal flap was a dust particle in the wind compared to the monumental hurricane of ill will generated by that man and his personal closet of bodies he is running.

    I suspect Tom Cruise is long gone as well since he discovered his sessions were secretly taped. That is another with hold I suspect DM is sitting on as I write.

    Read more

  245. Vicki Palmer

    Hi Ron,
    I wanted to welcome you to the outside! The air is much fresher out here. Proud to have you on Team Seattle.

  246. All you have to do is resign from the church and get repayments of unused funds and you’ll be taken off the lists. Worked for me, in fact I spoke to an Org staff member last week and found out I’m on a do not call list. (No surprise as I’m super secret declared). Some days my mailbox is actually empty. That hadn’t happened for decades.


  247. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!!! Solid gold statement here GH!!

  248. Doc "Smith"

    Ron, Welcome. No need to worry about our friends in the church, I’m sure we’ll see them soon. I left only in march 2010 and already you’re out too. We’ll do anything we can to wake up and spring others. Our group keeps growing with high ARC members, while theirs is of course shrinking as they reject ARC for $.

  249. “Mans Game Bitch” – ron you effing rock!!!

  250. Pingback: WHERE’S WALDO?

  251. Hi Ron,
    I came across your blog and story quite by accident, while doing a search on the internet. I have never met you, but salute your truth and courage to stand up and expose the thievery and LIES being perpetuated by the “spiritual” mercenaries in the COS.

    While I was public online at the Seattle org in the 90’s, I had the pleasure of being friends with your son, Bryan. In fact, i think we may have twinned on a few lower bridge courses such as pro TRs or M-1. I know at the time he was launching a new artistic career. I haven’t talked to him for a long time…I hope he has become very successful at that venture. Please give my regards to him…if he still remembers me.

    I started drifting away from the iron fist of the COS in the early 2000’s when a friend of mine who had already gotten out begin referring me to public records on the internet regarding the REAL nature and circumstances of LRH’s life. I was shocked to discover that his life was NOTHING like how it was portrayed by the COS.

    What started with the life events of LRH eventually turned into a complete unravel of the JOB they had done on my head during the previous 10 years. I’ve never dealt with an organization so filthy self-centered, duplicitous, dishonest and power hungry. I watched time and time again as SO and org staff put the SCREWS to numerous public, pushing them into giving more money or buying more services that many of these people obviously couldn’t afford. I watched many of my friends DESTROYED financially because of the COS.

    I watched people pressured to mortgage their houses, businesses ,max out credit cards and retirements, stock portfolios etc, all for the grand and noble cause of an Idle Org. I feel sorry for people like the Stoners who got SCREWED financially only to help David Miscavage build up a real estate portfolio. Or NICE people, like the Sorensons who hocked their home and business…and now have nothing to show for it.

    I made my final break with the Seattle Org and the church when I REFUSED to roll over and buy The Basics or contribute a cent to the Idle Org. Of course they pulled every play they could out of their book trying to paint me as a horrible person for not giving them my money.

    All I can say, is life is GREAT once you escape a vampire cult like the COS…it may take a little while, but you will discover other spiritual paths, disciplines and ideologies that serve you MUCH better in your life than the comic book story of an evil galactical overlord who was imprisoned in a mountain, blah, blah, blah…along with ALL the other LIES they claimed as “secret” life information. I also feel SORRY for the poor people who worked all the way up the “bridge” only to encounter the BULLSHIT of the upper levels.

    Anyway…I hope your eyes are open now and I wish you much luck on your continued journey. It’s good to see so much response here from so many people. Makes me wonder how many people posting and commenting here under screen names are some of the people I knew back in my Seattle days. Its also good to see people here with NO fear of using their real names…Tony DePhillips always was a no BS kinda guy…its GOOD to see that he still is…

    BEST to you and yours!

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