Miscavige Reform

Miscavige Reform. An oxymoron?

Please review this post of mine from 21 October, 2009 – approximately 9 months into the Reformation:


In that post I outlined the “reforms” that Miscavige was hustling into place in order to escape the heat we put on him.  I noted at the end of that post that one would be a fool to fall for such public relations moves on Miscavige’s part. He always feigns reform when his crimes come under the spotlight. It was all calculated tactics, organized crime SOP since the dawn of such groups.

And history proves once again that we can predict this criminal Miscavige like sunrise and sunset.  For example, Miscavige tried to counter claims of harassment by Private Eyes for several months while being investigated by CNN and BBC and a host of others.  The second the outside lenses are off him it is business as usual – examples given:



And now this.  Remember the buy offs of potential Independents by drastic reduction of Freeloader debts?   Hell, Tommy Two Tone and the Sutter/Pouw mission were telling people coast to coast – “we had it all wrong, there was lost tech on F/L debts, Ron says you owe nothing (as long as you continue to worship Botox Dave Miscavige)” .   Well, even that hush money strategy has been shelved – and the bait and switch is on like never before.

The evidence is in this “Church” of Scientology email message below:

Hi, I want to let you know important data that I just got from
uplines. This is not to make you worried or a gimmick etc. I found out that this pilot project in ILO on freeloaders does not exist anymore. Also an issue on FL billings is being worked on and will come out soon, which changes the way how FL’s get billed and the amount of any bill will very likely increase.
I urge you though to find a solution and you are done and can get back on lines. You don’t want to wait and pay more afterwards. For example, the earlier issue on freeloader bills told to pay all courses at full price. That was quite different. Now let’s see what will be done. In addition we have a regular 25% credit and that ends at 30 June! Look this over and find a way. You can also go over with me. I am interested to see how we can complete your debt right away,ML, Marcel Org Collections Officer FSO
Tel (001) 727 467 5302
Fax (001) 727 467 5301
E-Mail: marcel.h@fso.org

Bait and switch is essence in the Radical Corporate “church.”


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  1. 25% INCREASE????? Botox Boy must be getting hard up for money. Now that’s good news, grin.

  2. This looks like “we found new lost tech, buy now”. Isn’t this a standard operating basis? I feel bad for people who really can’t see this.

  3. Azul_Celeste

    Marcel has not done his KTL, either. He is probably wary to sign a receipt committing to pay full price for course and books and get only the course, which he won’t attend because he has to meet selling quotas.

  4. Don’t fall for the “discount” people. IJC offered to turn my $250,000 “freeloader” debt into $20,000 (including my very own set of basic books and tapes) if I would just pony up the money TODAY! (6 months ago)

    It’s all about the money. Tech be damned, will that be check or credit card?


  5. Just more incentive to not go back to the RCS. More incentive for those on the sides to step forward with information.

    If a person wants to go up the bridge, wasting money on a “Freeloader’s Bill” is counter-productive. Much more sane to find an Independent Scientology auditor and put the money to good use.

    The freeloader bills aren’t collectible anyway. More smoke and mirrors.

    I wonder if a person can demand reimbursement of funds paid toward illegal freeloader’s bills.

    I know the church doesn’t have a leg to stand on, so maybe footbullets just aren’t relevant to these fools. No legs; no feet.

    By the way, those calling from the church these days claim to never have heard of you. I get so confused with all the contradictory information. You don’t exist, but they’re spending tens of thousands documenting you. Have I gone mad?

    Jeez, how’s a boy to enjoy a popsicle if it melts before he can get it to his mouth?

  6. Your first comment about incentives—he’s short on good sense, isn’t he?
    Thank God!

    Jeez, how’s a boy to enjoy a popsicle if it melts before he can get it to his mouth?

    Just find something you can admire about the wrapper/packaging. That’s the Davey Dreamsicle. You’ve got repackaged Basics, a re-wrapped Gradation Chart–whatever suits your fancy.
    Open it up, nothin there. It was all in your mind.

  7. Marty,

    I knew Marcel (guy who wrote the email) very well. His STAT is GI from “collections”. F/L bills is one of his main lines of income. He gets tremendous pressure to get his stats up. This email is a sales gimmick. LRH said (can’t give you the exact reference) never to promote a price increase as it unstabilizes the public. This is a kind of veiled threat to pay now….or else….you’ll pay more later. A gimmick to get the GI in the door now. Simple. Nothing more. The good news is…who cares…..My F/L debt was supposedly cancelled form this special project. No one told me why. I assumed they “came to their senses”, saw I had made the Church between $ 150-200 Million dollars in the 15 years I was a reg, and figured maybe I wasn’t freeloading all that time. It didn’t really matter to me as I couldn’t come up with any valid reason to pay it anyway. How can anyone, except someone who really fits the definition of a “freeloader” (like joined, got services, left and produced nothing in the meantime) actually have a debt to an organization where they worked their guts out, day in and day out, got treated OK when stats were up (sometimes this was true), got treated like a common criminal when their stats were down (with no regard for their basic overall production level), worked for next to nothing in terms of pay and put up with a Nazi/Stalinesque environment most of the time….how can this person have a bill to pay? Excuse me? A bill is where you pay for a service that’s been rendered. You mean I have to pay for having been abused and treated like a sub-human slave?

    I’d love to see everything LRH actually wrote on this subject. I know he didn’t intend for the current implementation of it to ever exist. LRH was big on the subject of exchange, so why would he institute a policy that flies in the teeth of a whole body of data. Answer: He wouldn’t. Miscavige didn’t invent the current F/L debt handlings, but he sure didn’t try to fix them either. Another nail in his coffin. ‘nuf said.

    Hy Levy

  8. Barney Rubble

    Having been a freeloader for more than a decade. I have had my share of emails from Marcel and others. I also was offered the “bait” a few years ago and did not fall for it. LRH wrote the Freeloader PL in 1972, the SO was 5 years old at the time. For people who dedicated their lives for years and years, just refuse, refuse. I haven’t checked my emails yet, but if I get the same Marcel email from FSO, I will simply say you are not getting a penny out of me ever. To other similar people out there-refuse, refuse. You can save your house, your IRA and still get gains away from DM Bot land.

  9. “……This is not to make you worried or a gimmick etc……”

    That sentence says volumes.

  10. Of course in David Miscavige’s world, there is No Case Gain so nothing changes. The travesty and completely off-LRH-policy handling of ‘freeloader’ debts that he practices is no exception.

    This guy can’t change, no matter what PR nonsense he puts out or has his mouthpieces put forth.

    For info, the off-LRH-policy ‘freeloader’ debt practiced by Davey has been found to be illegal. Yep, there’s case precedent on this here goofus number. As well, since DM argued to the Supreme Court of the United States that ‘exchange’ was a ‘core doctrine’ of the Church of Scientology, then how on earth could a false ‘freeloader’ debt be part of that practice? It isn’t and what it REALLY is is Mail Fraud on DM’s part – a requisite act to RICO charges on P.O.B. hisself.

    It’s comin’ Dave, it’s there taking up that last little bit of space and there you are – in a very, very small corner.

  11. Tony DePhillips

    Actually the comm form this cult person about the F/L debts sounds like mumbo jumbo double speak. Can’t they just say clearly what they mean? It’s like mud cabbage double talk.

  12. Bozz,
    Some years back David Miscavige ordered that I pay $354,000 or so as a ‘freeloader’ debt. This was be adjusted according to my contributions, so said the Comm Ev that Warren McShane did, and DM approved.

    Turned out my contributions were some 5-10 MILLION dollars. Hmmmm, what to do by Dave to get me to pay…hmmmmm.

    So he suggests, ‘damages’ to the tune of $40,000. Well that seemed odd, ‘damages’ when I’d contributed well over 5X what I received. So I looks up the LRH policy on it:”No damages or costs may be borne by or ordered by a Committee of Evidence in cases involving potential trouble sources or suppressive persons or groups.” PL 23 Dec 65 SUPPRESSIVE ACTS.

    It’s a free-for-all of whatever David Miscavige capriciously decides and he routinely decides whatever will do the most harm to the most dynamics. He’s one of the few truly suppressive cases there are.

  13. Don’t pay a thin dime until they credit you for all of the hours of free or underpaid labor (at the same pay that DM is receiving).

  14. Cured Robot

    I know an Indie where that $20,000 would buy you 14-16 intensives! Now that’s exchange and bridge progress!

  15. A “Freeloader debt” is like an abusive husband telling his estranged spouse that he’ll take her back if only she’ll pay off his bass boat.

    And then he will forgive her, and there won’t be any more beatings in the future.


  16. Marty,

    The idiocy continues.

    I guess they didnt read the California Appeals Court decision in Laura Dieckman’s case… Why is that no surprise when OSA is so busy keeping track of their paddleboating pinhead OTassbusters and Freedumb reporters.

    For those who may not have heard about this — it is a significant decision. In VERY simplistic terms, Laura filed a case similar to the Headleys. It was dismissed on statute of limitations grounds (she waited too long to file her claim). The appeals court ruled in her favor, saying the statute of limitations didnt apply because the church had incorrectly convinced her that she could not sue because: 1) she signed useless, one-sided release/waivers and 2) because they convinced her she owed them money by insisting she pay a “freeloader” bill. So, these fools continue to extend the statute of limitations for anyone who may ever want to bring a claim against them because they keep sending out stupid demands for payment.

    Just another indicator that the chaos internally is rampant. Think of the scenes from the Poseidon Adventure movie.

  17. Not one thin dime! lol

  18. Mike,
    You know he is also following a old doctrine he adopted: “Didn’t I tell you if you keep doing that you’ll go blind?” “Ya, well I’m just going to do this until I need glasses” type thing.

    I can see him sitting at his desk doing the number crunch with a calculator and a glass of scotch late at night with his fav assistant under the desk. He figures he can rake in another five million before the feds step in and put a stop to it. Because in the last year he learned that he can get juniors to take the heat for his missteps he will blame juniors for any repercussions. Fines will get levied ($10,000), OSA will pay them and he will have a tidy profit of $4,990,000.

    Any month you make just under $5,000,000 is a good month. And this is how crims think.

    ML Tom

  19. Doc Holiday

    Why do people even concern themselves with the “Freeloader” nonsense? Just laugh at them and say – “no thanks”. I know that this is easier said than done for a lot of people but I get the idea that the people on this site aren’t holding their breath for any COS “deals”. Of course this is just one indies opinion.

  20. If the church can put so much thought into promoting Free loaders Bills giving a direct line /and email for this. Its another indictaor how sad its got
    I never paid a dime to the church and I also told them they wouldn’t see a dime, My lawyer for 12years gave the same answer nearly each time
    and in the end they gave up.I served my time over the 23 years or more
    that I was a Staff Member / Sea org / In the end the Justcie cheif contacted My daugthers father currently at flag / and asked him to speak to my daugther for seeing if I would return and wave all .The answer was said by my lawyer .We do not communcate to such an organization at this time or in the future end of story.

  21. Yeah… What does the ‘etc’ bit mean exactly? 😉

  22. I agree….skip the cult bill, go directly to the independent LRH auditor and collect some tech.

    I remember when I quit one of the WISE businesses I was working for because I was being paid near minimum wage for an exec status 2 level trained post, and was threatened with a “freeloader bill”. “Yea? Come and collect it”, was my reply. They knew they didnt have a leg to stand on. Nothing occurred. They knew they got their money out of me by paying me fast food wages, and just wanted to extort more to keep up the payments on their BMW’s.

    I can only imagine what it is like to be an ex SO and be in that position. The arbitrary tech that flows from DM and his for profit corporate church is just mind boggling.

  23. Here you go Tony – I edited it into plain speak for you:
    ‘Hi, I want to let you know a direct order I got from David Miscavige.
    This is extortion and blackmail.
    We had to rework the references and where we can’t find an LRH reference to fit our agenda, David Miscavige will write a new one and make it sound like it’s based on LRH somehow (if that doesn’t work he will just take out anyone who disagrees with him).
    Pay up (the full amount demanded) immediately or we will be charging interest on your ‘debt’.
    You can also go over with me how this is really a decision to pay up or be denied your spiritual freedom for all eternity.
    I need you to give me the money right away because DM keeps screwing up and we’re running out of money to cover his ass.
    As much ARC as I can muster the strength to mock up,
    Marcel Org Collections Officer FSO
    Tel (001) 727 467 5302
    Fax (001) 727 467 5301
    E-Mail: marcel.h@fso.org

  24. Hy,
    There are only a few LRH refs on this subject. They are in the original Vol 3 OEC. They start with the definition of freeloader and with that understood then it’s perfectly clear who is and isn’t one. You aren’t. Fact is, precious few have been since the inception of the first PL.

    There is a policy called VIOLATION OF STAFF COVENANT, issued in 1980 as I recall, which David Miscavige cancelled in the spring of 92. This policy covers the fact that for each year of service in an org or Sea Org org, 20% of the ‘bill’ that one may accrue for service is cancelled as it is balanced with production and exchange. At the end of 5 years – no bill. If one chose to leave staff in a Class IV org, no bill at all, and from the S.O. a flat $2500 for a ‘contract break fee’ sort of deal.

    LRH approved this policy. That fact has been attested by Janis Grady as she was there as a Messenger when that fact was RECORDED on tape. DM knows this. He cancelled the policy anyway.

  25. Kathy Braceland

    So Marcel says: “Also an issue on FL billings is being worked on and will come out soon, which changes the way how FL’s get billed and the amount of any bill will very likely increase.”

    Gee, he just admitted that the church is NOT operating on standard LRH tech. It’s being made up by somebody else.

    If LRH’s freeloader policy were actually applied, there would only be a handful of real freeloader bills. A freeloader is one who joined staff for the purpose of receiving free training and auditing and then left. I personally don’t know any freeloaders. But I do know a hell of a lot of good staff that worked their asses off for years, hardly progressed on the bridge and were labelled as freeloaders and saddled with a huge debt. There’s a whole bunch of you here on this blog. It’s a lie and off policy — standard LRH policy I mean.

  26. Firebreathing Frog

    This email really sound confusing.
    25 years after LRH went, we still trying to find the right reference about Freeloaders?
    Pay now because what we are charging you may not be per LRH policy and you can make a good deal!
    We may find some references, that say you have to pay all course at full price like before.
    In short we were not on policy before, we are still not applying standard tech, but that’s not our fault, we just didn’t find the right policy yet.
    But you’ve got to pay now, why it is still cheap and off policy.

  27. Rotten carrot is rotten

  28. And they are not legally viable anyway. Not worth the paper it’s written on.

  29. I love it that just under your post there’s an ad by google going:

    Helping to make human rights a fact!

    His insecurities can be felt through the interwebs when he has to start his own youtube channel in order to try and bring about better PR for his own little tush. How much money from the IAS goes to pay for those ads I wonder.

  30. Sara Finning

    Interesting, and quite unusual to set aside limitation criteria. Mike, if you have a link, I’ll read it at crap o’clock. Ah the joys of a newborn….

  31. Kathy,

    You’re right. Thanks! l, laura

  32. Hi Marty;

    “On May 4, 2010, John Bentley, 47, and Israel Cardoza, 40, both of San Antonio, were filming Rathbun outside his home while he was meeting with two other defectors from the church. Rathbun called the sheriff’s office. Deputy Steven Loving questioned the two men, and they identified themselves as “documentary filmmakers for the Church of Scientology,” according to Loving’s report.

    Wieland, the church spokeswoman, confirmed the men were working for a church attorney to get footage for a documentary for Freedom Magazine. The documentary was aimed at discrediting BBC journalist John Sweeney, who made reports critical of the church. Rathbun was one of Sweeney’s sources.”

    There we have it, in their own words, CofS sponsored all the way.

  33. Mark Fisher

    Can anybody say: “Buy Now!!”

    I don’t think any money will be going your way.

  34. I would like to send DM a bill for all the caviar, palaces and free slave labor – he gets to sleep until noon! He does fit the definition of Freeloader. How many millions would that be?

  35. Soon courses on pay-Tech will be set up for every-one. Cost-Estimation to come soon + 15 % Dear Leader admiration donation tax

  36. Great translation of the gimmicky, etc. “buy now” mumbo-jumbo cult speak, Sam!

  37. Reverse flow Get your “donations”back from the Freeloader Church.

  38. COB = Clearer of Bank-accounts

  39. Kathy, well stated!

  40. Mike,

    Very good point, perhaps the “cash sources” are drying up and as the PoB has nuked his management, there is no rhyme or reason to all these unusual demands of cash.

    Could it be that the entire Cult of the Chairman is going crazy for cash as the video posted in yesterday’s blog suggests?

  41. Cowboy Poet

    Ah! The wrapper! The packaging! It’s all about the packaging!

    All this time I thought it was about the popsicle. But, hey, popsicles don’t really last, do they?

    But I can wall paper my bedroom with the packaging.

    We want something really permanent, the more mass the better.

  42. Tony DePhillips

    That is understandable. Thanks Sam. 🙂

  43. Can you see standing in front of a judge saying, “Well, sir, most of this debt was because they wouldn’t let me go. I got no benefit from these hundreds of hours of confessionals–all they were doing was trying to find dirt on me to divulge if I ever made trouble for them.

    “It’s sort of like a car salesman keeping you in the showroom for two or three months, forcing you to stay because you haven’t bought the car, then charging you an hourly rate for his service. Kind of nuts.

    “These idiots are trying to charge me $200 an hour for what really amounts to kidnapping. Last time I checked, kidnappers didn’t earn an hourly rate–but I’m not as learned as the Scientology lawyers. Maybe they think kidnappers are due legal compensation for their labors–especially if they force the victim to sign a contract.

    “And what about those executives they have imprisoned out in Hemet, California? Are they still running up a free loader bill by being enslaved? Maybe Mr. McShane can explain that to me, since I’m at a complete loss over the difference between religious obligation and slavery.

    “And while Mr. McShane is at it, what about his daughter? How much does one really owe one’s church?

    Just wondering, sir.”

  44. Tom Gallagher

    Cat, How about COB= Chairsatan on Botox

  45. Theo Sismanides

    hahaha, Bozz… that says it all! hahaha! talking about a discount here…. lol!

  46. lol. etc. = ripoff, bait and switch, extortion, slave labor treatment, blackmail. But, just in case you were wondering or it was feeling like that, don’t worry, it’s not. 😉

  47. Cowboy Poet

    Idle Morgues?

  48. Yes Cat Daddy, here’s the letter:
    Dear…. This is not to worry you or a gimmick, etc. but the pilot project of being Mr. Nice Guy about getting the money back does not exist anymore. These policies on refusing to give back parishioners’ money are being changed by the courts and an issue will come out soon. You don’t want to wait to pay more afterwards. I urge you to find a way to pay me back before penalties and interest start doubling the amounts. You can send me the money at… Much Love, …..

  49. Cowboy Poet


  50. Can someone please help me?

    I am trying to find a graph of international stats going back to before DM took over. I remember seeing a graph like that on this site or its predecessor where it even pointed out the mission holder fiasco and other events to show what was causing the drops. I can’t find the blog post anymore. I need it to show someone who is still in the church because otherwise all outpoints are disregarded because they think the church actually delivers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  51. Sara, I understand! ROFL on your phrase, “Crap O’clock.”
    I used to read “Dr. Spock,” during the wee hours sitting up with the “baby who cried the instant you put her down.” Then I came to this one line that said, “Some babies have to cry themselves to sleep.” My jaw dropped, I put her into the bassinet, she cried for a bit, and cried herself to sleep! Ah, the bliss! Love ya, Lynne

  52. Now that there is an option, an alternative, I don’t think freeloader bills will be able to be collected. The fact that the policy is mercurial in nature and, by far, most staff who are leaving are not by definition “freeloaders,” it is unenforceable. There are other policies in CofS that produce more harm than good, such as not allowing people to join staff at an org or mission, if they leave the Sea Org. I remember young, bright adults being recruited to the Sea Org and then returning after a short period wanting to work in the local org or mission and finding out that they are prohibited. The CofS must feel that it has plenty of people to waste and waste it does. They wasted me.

  53. Cowboy Poet

    Sure has all the earmarks of it, doesn’t it?
    It’s one of the manifestations of such a “leader’ before the ship goes down. They grab what they can just before standing upon a child’s head to get into a life boat.

  54. He does meet the definition. The IRS should really look into this.

  55. Another point, this is such bad control to give one order, then a cross-order, then a “forget it” then “Oh, no, we want it after all, and more.” This is such bad control, even if it were not completely bogus in the first place. This is a church reeling like a drunk ready to fall into the gutter.

  56. What would be the balance if the total number of hours worked at minimum wage with the correct amount of overtime minus the amount of PERSONAL Enhacment (not post trainting, “I’m not auditing you auditing” or other enforced and charged for services) I’m guessing the church would owe Ex-staff quite a tidy sum.

  57. It’s hard not to read the headlines and just be aghast at the crimes continually being committed by dm and his minions.

    Millions being pilfered and stolen from those still involved in his corporate scam. Minds being closed to REAL help for humanity.

    Those minds and those millions could be being used to build new lives for 1) prostituted children (cnn.com over story) 2) homeless 3) veterans suffering from PTSD, handicaps etc 4) 4 million slaughtered dogs per year
    5) war torn countries 6) children dying every minute from starvation in sub-sahara africa.

    BUT NO. The money continues to flow INTO dms coffers. He continues to spend money only to intimidate and harass.

    It makes me weep.


  58. LRH never said that the able were NOT supposed to help those less able.

    But somehow it’s become only a photo-op to help those who are suffering from natural disasters. God forbid that a dmologist start a center for abused children or abandoned children. No doubt, these victims “pulled it in”

    Doesn’t it just make you screaming mad!! Does me.

    Made me decide that instead of being a bystander in the ills of the world, I would chose ONE cause that I believe I can affectively create some rather large and helpful affects and go for it.

    BUT — affects don’t have to be HUGE. Just being friendly and kind to a stranger has a ripple effect.

    Many people on this board have chosen what for them is the best thing they could do — start an academy, audit in the field, write a book.

    I’m very proud to call this my community.


  59. Perfect unveiling of true meaning of that email from the… Pay As You Go cult…

  60. Let me think… Case Gain vs. Alter-is’d books. Hmmm…

    I’m gonna have to go with A: Case Gain! Oh, wait… I’m an SP. Dang it!
    Shucks. Which way to the Indy R.P.F.?? 😉

  61. I like that letter!

  62. Where is Tommy Davis by the way? And where is Monique Yingling – maybe she learned that every time she shows her face I protest her cult. I heard she cried when she first witnessed DM’s violence, but quickly got over it when she got her paycheck.

  63. Nicely done Sam 🙂

  64. The Friends of LRH site has some good stat comparisons but it seems to be down at the moment (?)

  65. JIM

    I have an issue here; “Violation Of Staff Covenant” dated 11 June 1981.
    It is probably the one you are referring to. It is similar to what you have stated, but when you get down to it, it is somewhat more complicated. (it is 5 1/2 pages of legal sized paper). It is issued under BDCSC and is authored by Lyman Spurlock.

    I also have a 14 feb 1991 SPD (Scientology Policy Directive, good for one year only, unless reissued) called “Freeloader Billings”. In it one is charged full price, with no deductions. (the issue is somewhat more detailed, but that is the essence.) “signed” by “Gross Income Executive International”, authored by AVC Int, for CSI There is no person’s name given as the writer of the SPD )

    I can give more specifics if wanted.

    Eric S

  66. Miscavige the lunatic “Pope” of Hemet has the following new stats~~

    0) Amount of Enemies made.
    1) Amount of new enemies made in the next 7 days.
    1a) Amount of THUGGERY reg cycles done to extort funds for IAS SCAM.
    1b) Amount of money extorted for”Super Power Building”.
    1c) Amount of money extorted for “Ideal Orgs”.
    1c) Amount of money extorted for “Library Donations”.
    1d) Amount of money extorted in “Freeloader Bills” from battered Sea Org members after 60 hour weeks for pennies as in slave labor.
    2) Amount of parishioner funds used for Private investigators to do dirty tricks on old and new enemies.
    3) “Lines of printed hatred” in Ditigial media
    4) Amount of world media exposing use of Confessional folder data used on “Church” hate websites
    5) Amount of times genitalia is explicitly used on “Church” hate pages.
    6) Amount of times lurid body excrement type words are used on a
    “Church” hate sites
    7) # of successful ways to destroy the Church’s PR by world wide backlash
    at the thuggery.
    8) # of lies on “Making a documentary” ploy.

  67. Google search


    and this article chosen almost at random:


    Career Development
    Career development is the ongoing acquisition or refinement of skills and knowledge, including job mastery and professional development, coupled with career planning activities. Job mastery skills are those that are necessary to successfully perform one’s job. Professional development skills are the skills and knowledge that go beyond the scope of the employee’s job description, although they may indirectly improve job performance.

  68. Cowboy,

    Is “Idle” enough? Idle implies lack of motion. Let’s take it to the absolute limit. Let’s create an effect that can’t be affected. Let’s bring about the statistical climax only COB can bring about: absolute lack of motion.

    If a static is without motion, if a static is the ultimate zero, the quintessential cipher, then we in RSC must bring about absolute zero. The only absolute is what COB says, because COB IS SCIENTOLOGY.

    So, the end purpose of “idle” is absolute zero, an absolute absence of motion.

    And, I won’t even go into the implications of morgue, because that just got taken care of in one tremendous development that has been idling in the wings waiting for enough individuals to have completed the most strenuous program of spiritual development man has ever known: GAT.

    Talk about approaching absolute zero. We were rapidly approaching absolutely no grads until some little twit had to break that, but he’s in ethics for false attestation right now.

    How do I know it’s a false attest? Because no one could possibly do it but COB–and he ain’t done it formally.

  69. The Freeloader Debt Scam illustrates how the Cult of Scientology can be understood as monetizing the Tech into a maximum number of income streams.

    Because the Cult of Scientology is what I term “Violent Insanity pretending to be Religion,” it has of course exerted maximum brutality and demands for production upon its members in order to ensure that its multiple income streams deliver the highest possible profit.

    Former MAA Gold Base John Peeler said it very succinctly: “Scientology is essentially a spy and mind-control network set up to extract the most money it can from it’s members as well as to enforce the maximum amount of production out of each individual, at minimal or no cost to the organization. It’s as simple as that.” – John Peeler

    This new emphasis on Freeloader bills tells me that the Cult’s other income streams have slowed. Thus, Miscavige and his craven inner circle have gone “dumpster diving” for cash into a legally-unenforceable area that will only generate highly negative PR on the internet.

    David Miscavige does not seem to care much about his PR these days. Thus, he seeks to collect Mafioso-style Freeloader debt in order to pay for his Paddleboat Flotilla, PI Brigade, Squirrel Buster Productions, hate pages on former members, and the other disastrously failed misadventures designed to keep him in power.

    The Karmic Vortex continues to dismantle CoS in its present form. There is no escape from Karma for David Miscavige and those around him that enable his terrorism and criminality.


  70. Jimbo,

    I remember the policy quite well because it pretty much cancelled any FLB I had when I illegally transferred to AOLA.

    As far as I remember the policy was ordered by the Ol’man personally “assisted by” IJC and approved by the Board of Directors.

    Another policy that was illegally nullified by RTC since it was never actually *canceled* per the PLs ‘Policy, Source of’ or ‘Seniority of Orders’.

    The reason Miscavige or anyone else is able to get away with this shit is because most staff and public are either unaware of actual policy or they have an *altered importance* that orders are senior to policy.

    Since they are either too busy “studying” the “basics” or are getting no hatting or training at all.

    Or do I repeat myself?

    This is the *basic* of why the most suppressive “seniors” don’t allow their staff to get hatted product and purpose cleared on their posts and “cancel” or more accurately nullify courses like the HDSEC and the Elementary Data Series Evaluators Course.

    Or why they’d “lose” DeOp Tech and why they’d lean toward “Product” (mostly overt products and false “stats”) officering while omitting Esto and Org Officer Tech and why the most “hatting” that staff get these days is their “senior” continually chanting ‘The Supreme Test of a Thetan’.

    On the subject of “reform” the fact is that there is no actual reform and in fact is more *deform* and perversion like anything else that is called a “reform” or an “improvement” over there at the Government Approved and Tax Exempt *Squirrel Group*.

  71. I just looked at the C of S “Human Rights” video and then their website. I must say that the video kicked ass. It was very good. Their website was also well done. A lot of caring people did a lot of wonderful work.

    However, if the Church of Scientology ever practiced what it preached, we could be getting somewhere. Here are some of the “Human Rights” the C of S believe in:

    12. The right to privacy. (flunk. IAS regges show up at your door at any hour of the night and even show up at your work place. Also, if IAS thinks you have more money than you say you have you gonna get a sec check)
    16. Marriage and a family. (not so. flunk. How many marriages have been busted up by the C of S? Hundreds if not thousands. This is not a human right in the C of S’s eyes.)
    18. Freedom of thought. (I don’t have any mus on this. I don’t even need to say anything on this. If you were a pre-OT at FSO and had a negative thought about DM, see how free you would be then to think, especially after 200 hours of sec checking)
    19. Freedom of expression. (now this is starting to get ridiculous)
    20. The right to public assembly. (DM likes this one because he can use all the actors he wants in his public assembly.)
    29. Responsibility. (I have no MUs on this.)
    30. No one can take away your human rights. (Except DM and OSA. This is where the C of S “Human Rights” bullshit takes a turn from some sort of a macabre reality to super-decieptive, hypocritical insanity). How in the blue fuck can the C of S figure they are a champion of human rights when there is NO OTHER ORGANIZATION ON THIS PLANET THAT VIOLATES HUMAN RIGHTS MORE THAN THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY?? Not even the LAPD comes close. The Republic of China “Volunteers” have more rights.

    WHY, WHY, WHY can’t OSA see this? WHY?

    ML Tom

  72. Synthia

    “……This is not to make you worried or a gimmick etc……”

    One thing I have found to be true, is that , when a person introduces a communication with a sentence or topic with phrases like: “not to make you worried” but… Or ” I don’t want to scare you”.. BUT, Or “I don’t want to hurt your feelings”.. BUT… Etc. they are ALWAYS followed by a comm intended to cause the very thing that was denied. Or like an OSA troll saying…” I am not OSA” . or “I’m not a troll”. Why would one ever even think of that, unless one really was?

    The entire communication is introduced with a lie.

    Eric S

  73. Mr Fancy

    But of course he hasn’t agreed to change the obnoxious and suppressive behavior that got the sensible girl to leave in the first place.

    You know… “all for one….ME!, and you will take whatever I dish out or demand without further complaint.

    Eric S

  74. Sara,

    Sorry — I dont have it to hand, but will get it from Laura again and email you. It’s an “Unpublished” decision.


  75. Karen#1, you forgot to add these Miscavige Stats:

    1. Number of International Spokesmen and Executives busted to the Hole. This stat is straight up and vertical!

    2. Number of International Spokesmen and Executives that have blown and spoken out publicly. This stat is in Affluence!

    3. Number of former high ranking executives that have written books exposing Miscavige’s abuse. This stat is through the roof!

    4. Number of PI’s employed by OSA. This stat is booming! In fact, COB is set to get a major award from the Association of Sleazy Cult PI’s (ACSPI) for keeping so many of its members very lucratively employed in a bad economy.


  76. Yep. From my experience on the reg lines, I believe that it’s the reg’s way of trying to justify their own behavior. They all know something isn’t right and if you are not prepared to walk the hell out of there, the only thing left to do is lie. It’s really that simple — and sad.

  77. Hi anonsparrow.

    Hope things are going to your liking in your universe. If I remember correctly the “issues” brought against you have been defused or decided in your favor.

    Thank you for what you do to help stop the insanity that IS David Miscavige.

    Eric S

  78. David Lingenfelter


    Sutter offered to reduce Mercy and mine from $240,000 to $1,000 last year when he was in Texas worried over Marty. The CoS has yet to receve and will not receive another $1 from me. How they got to the initial figure I don’t know. Must have charged me for the atmosphere at Int.


  79. Tom Gallagher

    My take on this email concerning freeloaders is simple: Gross income has flat-lined and the Psychopathic Gnome has reached a new all-time high on getting all lathered up while seeking a solution. (How’s Mr. Applebox going to pay for his next Botox treatment?)

    Welcome to POB terminal madness. Puts the Ugh in ugly.

  80. Hi Jeff,

    I’ve been studying CoS stats for years.

    A good site is Kisti’s Truth About Scientology though its not current.

    Here’s a sample:


    As someone has already mentioned the Friends of LRH is a good website for training stats.

    As you know Jeff your Dianetics campaign pretty much counteracted any adverse effects the Franchise Fiasco may have had.

    Also the Dianetic Seminars were bypassing the whole Mission Network as well so NPI, NBS and Div VI stats in general were looking pretty good for a while at least. At least long enough to con the Ol’man and a lot of Scientologists like myself that the New Management knew how to manage per RJ 38 till the roof caved in in the late ’80’s when the Son of Sam took over as “COB”.

    Even so International Training stats remained level meaning they didn’t crash until the release of GAT which totally crashed them meaning they flat lined after 96 and have pretty much remained on life support ever since.

    On the other hand auditing stats have fluctuated with every announcement of the “newest and latest”.

    (Seems untrained PCs and Students are easier to con than auditors)

    Right now their auditing “completions” are quite high in comparison to what they were in the Late 90’s which were dismal at best and nothing compared to comps in the 70’s and 80’s because now they are running Quickie Grades meaning despite the comps their WDAHs probably suck.

    I say probably because now they’ve changed the stat from WDAHs to just Auditing Hours which can include talking to a friend about Scientology.

    (You think I’m kidding, right?


    When I was still with I Betray this is one of the “stats” they had us report and were included in overall “Auditing Hours” along with Volunteer Minister Hours (that is hours some VM spent consulting) believe it or not.)

    So if you want an accurate picture you’re going to have to weed though a lot of false stats like the above and GAT “completions” who were actually trained auditors prior to doing their GAT training.

    Hope this helps Jeff.



  81. Eric,
    I do recall that Lyman was charged with the task of modifying the FL scene and that his solution was approved by LRH. No surprise that the cancellation of that by PoB would be fronted by an IMEC person such as GIEI.

  82. David Lingenfelter

    Karen # 1,

    Very nice!

    I’d like to add a penalty –
    -1,000 for each auditor made


  83. David:

    LOL — “Must have charged me for the atmosphere at Int.” 🙂

    If that were the case, they would be paying you!

    Remember Tulls Dairy that POB would vein-pop about — “It smells like shit here and there are flies everywhere.” Now that I think about it, maybe the smell and flies was following HIM around?

  84. David Lingenfelter

    Another use for Gold, DM’s personal promotion Org, Oh and the Int Base janitors.

  85. keepontruckin

    I’d like somebody to address the point that when one leaves the SO, he/she automatically becomes a Degraded Being. That is, until that person joins the SO again. Where did that one come from?

  86. Joe Pendleton

    The “freeloader debt” is the biggest scam in the history of Scientology. You work LOOOOONG hours for virtually NO pay and produce like heck for the church and then you get BILLED for tons of money that you now OWE!!!!!!!! Once you agree to this insanity, this bizarro like look at the world, the ivory soap has already been applied to your grey matter, friends. With no base for new public in, you will see ever increasing creativity applied to the question of how to seperate folks from the stuff in their wallets. Hey, I think it’s great. Keep ARCXing people, COS. That’s the ticket to the eventual end phenomena of the church.

  87. Yvonne Schick

    If we click that ad, does Marty receive income from DM’s org?

  88. FF,
    It is absolutely confusing.

    It is because the Dear Loser, Vulture Emperor, Pope on a Box has created the entire Tech, Ethics & Admin of the Cult of Miscaviology totally so, in his own image (confused and insane).

    On this matter, he simply cancelled the LRH approved issue as regards Freeloaders 10 years later after he usurped the top position, thus creating this confusion in the subject of FL and empowering his directly run Sutter/Pouw projects arbitrarily to reduce and cancel on his whim. Never mind the current legality of the matter – there are many legal flunkies who can claim ministerial exemption and the like.

    Perhaps also, there are lots and increasingly so much more Ex SO and Ex staff leaving and have left in the current implosion, which makes FL collections much more lucrative as a cash source as the “usual” from selling training and auditing and delivering the Bridge is shrinking, a la idle orgs!

    It seems now that this action, among his other actions and strategies like violent “ethics/justice”, vindictive fairgame harassment complete with paddle-boat going PIs, the hole, Idle Org, Superpower, Basics, GAT, GAK, incessant re-do’s, Celeb BFF, ad nauseum are coming back and biting him in the derriere!

  89. martyrathbun09


  90. K#1,

    Good points, but he hasn’t shown any stats for years now to anyone!

    It’s all secret and only posted in his IAS paid $70Million RTC office building, in the conference room OIC.

  91. Jim,
    My freeloader debt was over $160,000 USD originally in 2005. The Aussie dollar back then was only 60 cents to the US greenback — so I had to come up with just under $300,000 AUD to pay it off. The average yearly income in Australia is $60,000 per annum. So you can guess how long that would have taken to pay off. The list of services I was to pay for included management training, post hatting and Exec Series 28 (40) FPRD.
    I appealed to have the debt reduced, based on 17 yrs of service and innumerous products. This was rejected.
    Then, when I declared Independence and they were trying to muzzle me back under control, my entire freeloader debt was reduced to $5000 USD. They gave me no listing of what this was paying for. It was a reduction to 3% of the original sum. It was, in fact, just an effort to get me to pay something and call it quits. I did not pay a cent. I owe them nothing. Absolutely nothing. And why would I want to get back on lines with the squirrel cage anyway?
    So…. it seems now my debt is about to increase again. Failed project — try another tack. Maybe, by increasing the original $160,000 USD by a 25% ($200,000 USD) they can run a campaign that shows I am out-exchange or criminal or something.
    God DM is weird. He is just plain wacky. He pendulum swings back and forth as much as a rockslamming needle on a dial.

  92. Ha Ha!! Mike — that really indicates!!
    Yes — finally we have a why for the smell and the flies!!
    AND it opens a door to a handling!

  93. @bobo: what exactly are you quoting from, please ?

    Link please!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  94. Freeloader? What a scam! Definition of a Freeloader:

    Noun: A person who takes advantage of others’ generosity without giving anything in return.

    This describes the Church Beggars (I don’t call them registrars because they do not register anyone for anything).

  95. Jeff,

    I tried Googling for “site:markrathbun.wordpress.com graph” and got a pretty long list of posts with or about graphs relating to various aspects of scientology.

    Maybe the link to the post you’re looking for is in there. Or, maybe there are some other graphs in there that would be useful to you?

  96. Friends of LRH still seems to be down. Foul play?

  97. Sites need to be mirrored on various servers.

  98. keepontruckin

    The Bank!

    Eric S

  99. Furthermore, for your info, if the Church breeched it’s contract with you, written verbal or implied (didn’t deliver what it promised such as 2 1/2 hours a day of study etc,, with held info about the RPF when you joined, or with held anything else,) they are legally obligated to still deliver these things to you for every day you worked there. So, for every day you were on staff and they did not deliver to you 2 1/2 hours of training in their academy, they still owe you.

    Sec Checks are for the Church’s benefit and if you were ordered to get them, that is the Church’s burden financially. I am on the verge of asking them to return the money I gave them to pay off my “freeloader” debt as I realize they had no legal right to ever ask me for that money. They owed me six years of academy training when I left. The only auditing I received were some sec checks I was ordered to get for their benefit, not mine.

    If you did staff training you were ordered to do for their benefit, they also need to absorb that cost.

    I can’t believe I was made to feel obligated to pay off a “freeloader” debt in order to be able to SPEND MORE in the Church for service! I have not spent another penny in the Church since I paid that “debt”.

    If you consider the enormous debt that place has that is hidden, because they have not delivered what was promised to people, you would find the place is insolvent.

  100. Say that, yes. Also, whenever a comm line comes in, take the opportunity to promote this website. Lay out your observations. The more we offer up the truth, the more it’s going to have the chance to impinge.

  101. AK to AS , home in …home in….

  102. Thanks, this is helpful. Also, good points about how the stats have been messed with.

  103. I saw that PL too 🙂

  104. Maybe the hard-core OSA are people who are enjoying what they are doing?

    For theta traps to exist, someone has to design and build them.


    freeloader church is freeloading

  106. Freeloader: Noun. Someone or Something that wants something for nothing.

    EXAMPLE: church of Scientology

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