The Joker/Degrader Camera Boy

As Sinar Parman has several times noted, Danny Sherman (who is supposed to be writing the L Ron Hubbard biography, but instead has acted as DM’s personal public relations hack full time for twenty years) has carefully omitted from David Miscavige’s puff biographies an interesting bit of history. 

L Ron Hubbard personally busted Miscavige from his Camera Boy post for making Joker and Degrader videos with Golden Era Production equipment.  Well, as Miscavige likes to say about others, Miscavige has gone back to native state.

First, one of the only two Maiden Voyage 2011 events that Miscavige spoke at this year on the Freewinds was largely consumed by Miscavige Joking and Degrading about the Joker and Degrader events local orgs are carrying out across the world. Those events of course are designed to push public out of valence and overwhelmed to the point they tap out their 401ks or 2nd mortgage their homes for a Idle Org status.  We’ve posted about some of them – talent contests, out of valence hysteria whippings up in pirate garb, Top Gun garb, etc.   One might have thought Miscavige would rein in such activity with the exposure it has gotten here. No, it turns out he was the author of it in the first place, and spends the better part of an entire event aboard the Freewinds joking and degrading about it…and giggling (a giggle horrifyingly similar to that of Jim Jones just prior to the Jonestown massacre).

Similarly, after being exposed on the front pages of the Corpus Christi Caller Times, the San Antonio Express News, and the Houston Chronicle for making absolute fools of themselves in masking their overt harassment of Mosey and me as a “documentary” production activity, Miscavige’s answer was to publish his work for the Squirrel Buster Productions.  Here it is, promoting their assininity for the world to see (of course the world wouldn’t see it unless someone like me – who has a substantial readership linked it). 

Please note that the star of the video with the white hair and black jacket dancing on the sailboat is an “OT VIII” – the highest level of spiritual attainment in Corporate Scientology.  One Ed Bryan, who stalked me in Los Angeles, and is now in my hometown stalking me up to 23 times in one day.


(in the event they replace the lead video, the video I refer to is titled “on a boat” 1:43)

I guarantee you – and I guarantee Mike Rinder will confirm it – that David Miscavige personally edited this video.  Just like he did the Tom Cruise travesty that went viral on the internet and probably more than any other factor ruined his career.   What Corporate Scientologist’s fees buy:  twenty thousand per day to track Marty and make fools of themselves and enemies of the public,  millions upon millions of dollars for state of the art video editing equipment so that the j and d camera boy can continue to do what L Ron Hubbard busted him so that he could not continue to do.

Again, I refer to Sinar Parman and his corroborated observations:  David Miscavige was visibly happy (and happened to be joking and degrading too) the day when L Ron Hubbard died.  Here (and in C/S Series 100 JOKERS AND DEGRADERS) you can see why such joy spread over  the face of the camera boy on that day that was so sad for the rest of us.

UPDATE 6:33 July 13:  New York Village Voice coverage:

209 responses to “The Joker/Degrader Camera Boy

  1. OK, I know I’m just a simple girl from West Texas but, I don’t get it? I watched the you-tube video and I don’t get it? Could someone explain it to me? Please!

  2. top of the vale


  3. martyrathbun09

    First, mimicry – as I’ve noted it is the most effective way to communicate to a 1.1. They have no creativity of their own so they can only mimic. In this case a very low-scale mimicry of Tiziano’s work (which is anything but j and d). Second, I see them saying “we don’t care what asses the world sees us as”, we are as proud as pimps, blinged up and high on cocaine.

  4. I’m confused. You mean David M. intentionally created that BS tripe of a video? Or someone here did, to make others think DM did? And if DM DID do this video, it’s intended purpose was to do… what? Smear you, Marty? Make you look like an SP?

    The only thing suppressive about that video is… I think I lost some brain cells. They died, I’m pretty sure. Drinking Bacardi 151 would have been more productive than watching that video.

    SERIOUSLY??? David “camera boy” Miscavage THOUGHT THAT CRAP UP??? And really thought it would be anti-You and pro-Him?

    I think that video is living proof that he has totally lost it, has no brain function, and I’ll bet with a two dollar attorney and a bus pass, you could even get DM commited for this!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

  5. WTF?! Is THIS is an example of the “documentary” that they are producing?
    Now, this is just … really immature. It isn’t really even remotely funny. It is almost like they are making fun of themselves, but failed. Is this what they were trying to do?

    You should show this to your City Council and have Squirrel Busters Productions explain themselves and try to act like adults.

  6. Ouch! Ouch! Make it stop, Marty! My head is hurting!!!
    Quick! I need a locational… STAT! ROLFMAO!!!

    Oh my goodness. I never knew “stupid” could be painful.
    Laura, grab Mike… time to go for a walk!

  7. Camera Operator Boy, I am asking you, once again, right here, right now, produce just one, JUST ONE PC who is now spinning or is clammering to come back to the Church because of bad auditing from Marty. Then and only then can you claim he is a squirrel.

    I know why you make these video’s. It is because you are AFFRAID. Affraid of people winning in session. That must drive you berzerk.

    Thank you Sinar for your recollections. They were quite stunning.

  8. Is Danny Sherman related to Lauren Sherman? I know Lauren as a “koolaid drinkin” type of Scientologist. Seem that fanaticism runs in the family.

  9. This is another example of how SICK these people are. When it all comes down which will be soon we will then watch just how much more disjointed they all become. If anyone viewing this even thinks this is a church they are in for the shock of their life.

  10. I’m really looking forward to the remake of the confessional auditing film.
    I can see it now…starring Tom Cruise as the “perfect” sec checker.

    The auditor takes a prior read and when the pc doesn’t cough up a withhold, the auditor flies across the desk, spectacularly clearing the meter and worksheets, slaps the crap out of the pc…and sails back into his auditor chair. Then with perfect steely eyed TRs and zero ARC he demands the pc give up the withhold. At this point, tears in her eyes, she confesses to having had a negative thought about the size of DMs feet and the demeaning innuendo that alludes to.

    The auditor beams…thinking to himself…”ah ha, I knew it.” He grins smugly and commences to pull the rest of the withhold that wasn’t there to begin with.

    Can’t wait for the trailers at the next auditor’s day event.

  11. theystolemychurch

    Only two messages from that video for me were: Not one of them can dance and I see STUPID people …..

  12. Wow Marty, can you say “mixed message,” “illogical” and a dozen other similar adjectives?

    I would imagine their own videos and the squirrel buster channel itself is almost complete documentation of harrasment and slander against you, mosey, mike and christie, Robert, et all. I am sure you have already forwarded to discredit “Squirrel Buster Productions” as a ledgitimate documentary outfit or reporters or anything that has even a shred of ledgitimacy. Radio harrasment and degridation ads on the 4th weekend publically paid for by a “journalistic” group doing a serious documentary? Really? They can’t really be that stupid, can they?

  13. Vintage POB Marty.

    I am sure he thinks this is the coolest thing and outdoes the 99 Problems video that Tiziano did. Just like he thought the Tom Cruise video was the coolest thing ever and rubbed it in Gary Wiese’s face for years that he had personally edited that video and Wiese was incompetent. I’m sure he doesnt know or care what effect it had when the world saw it — in his mind, it was a masterpiece. And that is exactly what is happening with this video and all the other footbullets these idiots keep diring at themselves. If “COB” thinks its cool, then its damned well cool and screw what the rest of the world thinks. They are all “peanut thetans” (a favorite expression of his for everyone other than him and Tom) and their opinions dont matter.

    As for Ed Bryan — this guy (along with his wife Claudia) used to be part of the “in-crowd” sitting near the front of the events at MV. I guess he has fallen on hard times and is trying to get back into POB’s good books. Weirdly enough, this will probably get him there!!

    I can imagine him and Allender and Joanne Wheaton sitting around with nothing to do all day except drive their golf cart up and down the street and hope to catch a glimpse of you (sort of like some strange voyeurs) and then J&Ders that they are, dreaming up their newest activity (radio ads for Livingstone, “On a Boat”, funny T-shirts, paddleboats or whatever), laughing uproariously about it, sending it up for OK, high fiving when they hear back that their newest plan has been “cleared” and then going into total glee as they execute their newest masterplan. I am sure they are sitting around all day sending their “rushes” out to LA urgently (to the church that has nothing to do with them) and they are downloaded into the edit bay in order to turn out masterpieces like this.

    And this is what Scientology has come to.

    In the very appropriate words of Placi the other day: “Scary and Pathetic.”

  14. I don’t even know what to say…when the vid first started I thought it was something Marty had put up, then slowly it dawned on me that it was the CO$ and that they are using this to promote their activities! Are you KIDDING me?!?!? It is pitiful, really really pitiful.

  15. My votes: Juvenile and Amateurish.

  16. Watching Eyes

    The video is a joke. The lyrics to the song “I’m On A Boat” are nothing short of obscene. For a “religious” group to promote this is mind blowing.
    Here are a few lines of the lyrics:
    “I’m on a boat, I’m on a boat
    Everybody look at me
    ‘Cause I’m sailing on a boat
    I’m on a boat, I’m on a boat
    Take a good hard look
    At the motherfucking boat

    I wonder if the recording “artists” (I use that term very loosely) gave their permission for a cult to use their song. The “artists” who made the recording are called The Lonely Island featuring TPain. Maybe Tony Ortega would do us all a favor and ask them if they gave their permission.

    IRS, are you paying attention? THIS is what you’re allowing to have tax exempt status. For God’s sake, do something!

  17. “And this is what Scientology has come to.” Sad.

    ML Tom

  18. I think what this says is they can be dip-shit lunatics and do whatever they please (no matter how much it violates civil rights or anything civil) because they think they’re “indestructible” and above the law. We’ll see how well that works out for them in the end.

  19. Ann, that picture is hilarious!!!


  20. Bert Schippers

    Ummm….all I can think of to say after watching that video is: WTF?

  21. crashingupwards

    Mike, so much for clearing the plant, right. The hole they have dug for scientology keeps getting deeper as they keep on digging. They cannot change course or correct the mistakes they have made. They can only joke about it. The goal to “get Marty” or “get Mike” is not leadership. Its tunnell vision. That which is going to remove them from power they will not see comming. But it is comming. MEST cannot and will not protect them.

  22. Tony DePhillips

    The video was very lame. I have to agree with Laura Ann that it is hard to see the point. What I did see is that these lunatic cultists are chasing a guy around and calling him a squirrel. What ever that means. And who is this peice of junk supposed to be seen by? Not non-Scientologists, they would just think Scn is a goofy cult. Indy’s?, they are not going to buy into this junk. Kool aide drinkers?…No they are not allowed to watch the internet.
    Maybe it is for the fence sitters? If a fence sitter had ANY brains this would prove conclusively that mud cabbage is a nut job.

  23. I’m not getting what they (he) is trying to get across, if anything.

    It reminds me of the type of stuff criminals find funny.

    The Church/Miscavige is getting stranger by the day, apparently slipping into psychosis because these videos don’t even make any sense. Do they make sense to him? He would have to be completely and utterly out of contact with any reality other than his own to allow these videos to be made, much less have a hand in it.

  24. Tony Ortega must be in journalist’s heaven right now – the Mighty Midget just keeps on giving him great copy day after day after day 🙂

    I can imagine him posting something, looking at the staff and smiling “Seriously, this is so awesome, you can’t make stuff like this up!”

  25. I can only asume they are only for the persons being attacked. If you are in the video it is for you alone. “The Notice” video was for Marty for example.
    Also, maybe a little bit for other indys to “scare” them?

  26. Chris:

    This is a 3 point rainbow, all net: “He would have to be completely and utterly out of contact with any reality other than his own to allow these videos to be made, much less have a hand in it.”

    And compounding it is that the ONLY people that communicate with tell him how wonderful/correct/brilliant/inspiring/amazing/intelligent he is (they have learned that to do otherwise is a one way ticket to the Hole — or if you are a public to intensives of sec checking under the steely gaze of “RTC”). He is in a coccoon of his own making, surrounded by KoolAid guzzling sycophants.

    POB will pronounce this video a success and everyone will clap and cheer and tell him how amazing it was.

    If it then creates yet another PR disaster, he will a) claim that the media/critics/martians are all just SPs or b) find someone to blame who “non-complied” with his explicit orders and allowed this to be seen by the media and then shoot that person from guns and try to deep six the video (“the SPs ruined it now”).

    Don’t be surprised if they try to get rid of this one now like they did the article on Placi and various others.

  27. Off the fence.

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars of parishioners $ for that?
    You’d think the squirrel busters purpose is to show the world how stupid and insane they really are. That’s obviously the effect of these videos. Not a shred of obnosis in sight. Well, at least they’re making Marty look good. It’s so embarrassing to be a Scientologist these days. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  28. Tom Gallagher

    I’ll say it again, Mr. Applebox, aka POB, is in terminal, stage 4 madness. In fact I can hear him chuckling to himself:

  29. WTF… and they call that a Church ughhh!!!! I call it SICK!!!
    My son recently texted me that he will not be around me unless I get back in good standing with the Church. Go back into that nightmare…I’ll pass.
    I hope my son wakes up after being ordered to watch this “On the Boat Video” these Squirrel Busters are PATHETIC!!!

  30. Jethro Bodine

    OTAs making asses of themselves, what is new? This is what Radical Scientology delivers for hundreds of thousands in enforced donations.

    The funny thing is that the original idea of the “On a Boat” video is a skit that Saturday Night Live did a few years ago. THAT skit was funny; the edited video that the “Squirrel Busters” put out is just a cheap, amatuer rip off of it. To think that church donations were used to fund that kind of J and D crap makes my skin crawl. The “Squirrel Busters” are nuttier than the “squirrels”.

  31. Andrew Moore

    Who could the target audience of this video possibly be?

  32. Marty,
    This total J&D of this original rap song by T Pain is atrocious! KoS hasn’t changed his sick puppy humor and will still be NCG!

  33. WHATTTTTT! This is produced by the church. Are you kidding me! I really don’t get it. This is the most immature diabolical garbage that I have ever seen. There is no way I am ever going back to them if this is the level that they have sunk to.

  34. His lordship, Pope on a Box maybe??

    Or perhaps its Claudia Bryan — just dying to see Ed have his 15 minutes of fame on the internet?

    Or Ralph Gomez hoping to put together a good portfolio for future jobs (he isnt too bright….)

  35. EXSO — welcome to eternity outside the Vulture Culture…

  36. Well, they say imitation is the best form of flattery, so Tiz should take a bow……but. My God, I get the same vibe off of this vid that I got sitting through Battlefield Earth (the movie). What childish, self-indulgent, artless and concieted amateur broght THIS into existence?

    The same one that altered LRH books, squirreled the tech, and kills people with inval, eval and degrade. David Miscavige.
    Obviously we, as Independents have much different priorities in the hear and now, but I can envision a future that contains a David Miscavige Holocaust Museum….so that future generations Never Forget.

    I gotta go wash my eyeballs now….

  37. As mentioned yesterday when I spotted this:

    1. Speechless for about 3-5mins
    2. Realised there are more Juxstaposes in this video than you can shake a stick at.
    3. Not viral enough for folks to bother to push it at this point as not enough paddleboat paddling footage.( as noted last month 3mins-3mins45secs would be best).

    When there is more of that please please give your blessings for a 1mill views edition. The We stand tall video didn’t take much work.

    Just another fail as usual.

    Hugs to all and to the Co$ please keep up the great work.

  38. As a “star” in the PoS PoB video flipping burgers- photo ripped off from Facebook where someone posted it there- I’m very happy that my good products went to appreciative and well deserving Indys at 4th of July, Celebrating freedom from RCS and not to the Dear Loser!

  39. Robert Earle

    Man I was sure hoping that “Applebox” was going to get this show turned around and real expansion taking place with his breakthrough SB video now I guess we have to wait til Grant gets his Nat Geo show over so he can do the turnaround thing. And then get his big medal and all. The Idle orgs are all primed and ready to spring into action. this has just got to be the the year the public just flood into the orgs just as the future stats show. Probably a good time to do some scuba diving since it’s always got the stats up before. I think we can now get going on those Sthll size orgs again. This time we move all staff to the one which will win and just rotate through the orgs one at a time.

  40. Mark Fisher

    +1 Mike. I don’t get it either. Don’t get what type of effect they are trying to create except to look like idiots and harrassers. I listened to the radio ads and I found them offensive to Texans living in the Livingston area with the way the people talked on them.

    I guess they lost all semblance of PR when Mike Rinder left and now even their lying via Tommy Davis is gone since he has disappeared.

  41. Scott Campbell

    Miscavige, a true SP, normally operates between Covert Hostility and Blame on the Tone Scale. This J&D is how his “sense of humor” manifests (with vicious intent).

    From C/S Series 100:

    It is an old principle that people who do not understand something occasionally make fun of it.

    A recent investigation however into the backgrounds and case condition of a small handful of people who were joking about their posts and those around them showed a somewhat more sinister scene.

    Each of these persons fell into one or more of the following categories:

    1. Were rock slammers. (Some List 1.)

    2. Were institutional type cases.

    3. Were “NCG” (meaning no case gain) (the only cause of which is continuous present time overts).

    4. Were severely PTS (Potential Trouble Source) (connected to rock slammers).”

  42. Cured Robot

    Ok, so you are on a boat, we can see that, what is the big deal? YOU’RE ON A BOAT, start of locational…..

  43. David Lingenfelter

    That is a funny video! Completey nonsensical. It got made, QC’d and posted. That is funny and sad at the same time.

    Jim Logan – what was that book that LRH put on the Cine checksheet that covered items like direction of motion and camera angles, etc.? DM and helpers need a cram.

    Well Done DM. You are brillant in showing your incredible talents to all. Thank you.

  44. Cured Robot

    As the song says “Drinking Santana champagne”, maybe the peddle pushers would be having more fun had they followed the lyrics to their song, ROTFLMAO!!!!

  45. Would the last one out of their respective “IDEAL ORG” please turn off the lights.

  46. Pandemic?

  47. It boogles the mind …


  48. They do know the world is watching, right?

  49. Gee, Robert Earle … from David Miscavige’s POV, that’s not a half-bad program. Perhaps Cardone could even create a new Data Evaluator’s checksheet, starting with: First, buy a very expensive suit.

  50. SaveTheTech

    There is no one “in” charge. DM’s computations are running on automatic because no one “is home” (Glee of insanity). He already left this earthly existence along with Jimmy Jones and David Koresh. He is just waiting for the end… and, that is why the Church is dead. He knows it. We know it.

  51. Michael Fairman

    They ripped off the T Paine video. They ripped off Marty’s video of themselves. Then with a few shots of their own — the idiot Bryan and his friend jiggling their out-of-shape blue-shirted torsos, and a shot of Marty photographing them — they present this “Squirrel Buster Zone” production.
    This from what calls itself “The Church of Scientology”?
    Whoever it was that put this amateurish, nonsensical, meaningless piece of tripe together, must have his head located somewhere between the anus and duodenum.

  52. YouTube will often cancel a user’s account if they violate music copyright when they post a video. The joker and degrader might find that his account gets deleted.

  53. Sinar,

    You ARE a STAR! ml, Laura

  54. I really wonder what the good citizens of Ingleside on the Bay would think after viewing the SQB documentary product, especially their attitude of ‘ “we don’t care what asses the world sees us as”, we are as proud as pimps, blinged up and high on cocaine.’

  55. From a Third party perspective, trying to make everyone involved, incl. the Indies to appear crazy, and suggest the surveillance was only done in “silly fun”, shave off the seriousness of their stalkings, and thus create public “disinterest” in the Church’s monitoring activities, resulting in marginalizing all the Harassment.

    It could also be seen as backtracking from their P.I./ activities, and they might be in progress of folding their tent. And as usual, always throwing a Bone at this blog to chew on.

    The video is crazy and that’s all there is to it. There is nothing to go figure-figure on – it’s insane.

    The best way to make a Blog/Forum look crazy is to get them to feed on crazy topics.

  56. Seeking4know

    Wow how sad. Making that poor oatee 8 dance around like a clown when obviously he is senile and a bit spun in. DM please leave before you create more damage.

  57. Exactly, Michael.
    Compare this absurd fiasco to the brilliant and effective Dianetics video which aired many years ago. The quality of the communication and intent of the communication of YOUR video made me proud to be say I was a Dianetic auditor.
    This ridiculous display makes me ashamed to have ever been associated with this cult.

    Fact: You have class.
    Fact: They have none.
    Fact: Your intention was to help.
    Fact: Their intention is to destroy

    Data analysis complete. Why and Who are too obvious.

  58. Theo Sismanides

    It’s obvious from the selection of the song (thanks Sinar for posting the original song and video) that I AM ON A BOAT (while YOU AREN’T) is the main thing here.

    However those specific guys are NOT on that BOAT either and in any case let’s say they are, THE BOAT IS SINKING GUYS…

    No smart man, no decent man would anymore get on that boat. And if some do the moment they realize where the boat head towards they are off…..

    So, apart from the disgusting attempts to minimize Marty on this video because apparently “he is not on a boat” this whole thing is just stolen from that video clip and there is nothing, nothing creative… In the beginning I went like hmmmm, what a tune… rappers.. wow…. so very funny… but then when Sinar posted the original song and video I was so disappointed:

    another mimicry, another GOLDEN STOLEN PRODUCTIONS…

    Get a LIFE guys, NOT A BOAT….

    Get off the BOAT and see REAL LIFE SUCKERS… because you ain’t seen real life on DAT BOAT… YOU HAVE BECOME A CULT… alienated from the WOrld… More and MORE decent PEOPLE LEAVE YA BOAT…


    S – H – I – T !!!!

    can do one little thing to affect the world… you have A BOAT but HAVE NO FACE IN DA WORLD…


    Just one man has done so much damage to you and now we are many…. so you are shitless now… you make songs, you make videos of him… you make sites… you are shitless of him….


    YEAAAA, WE GET ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE IN THE END… and you just WOK WOK WOK under Dear Leader… hahahaha…..

    So, my response to YA BOAT Is this…





  59. Thanks Laura! I stand corrected, it’s not from FB but from another blog:

  60. + 2

  61. I guess when you have 4 or 5 people squished into a little, low lying paddle boat, out in the 105 degree sun, on a totally worthless and presumably very boring stakeout, while away from your friends and family, in a town where most everyone there finds you annoying and wants you to leave, yeah — you might want to make fun of someone who is actually on a boat. LMAO

  62. Off the fence.

    Speaking of jokers and degraders, how many scientologists does it take to change a light bulb?
    10, 1 to change the bulb, and 9 to handle the routing form.

  63. Zhongjianren

    Village Voice
    Scientology’s Spy Program: Anatomy of a Covert Operation (UPDATED)

    Frank Oliver’s OSA Spy Documents

    Click to access frank-oliver-6-4-meg.pdf


  64. ‘What Your Donations Buy”…

  65. Yeah Mike, and let’s not forget Miscavige’s other all-time micro-managed disaster of a feature film flop: Battlefield Earth, voted as one of the 10 worst films of all time and each Psychlo has a codpiece the size of a 5-gallon bucket from Home Depot. “On a Boat” has no logical message. Marty’s right — it’s sheer mimicry and a massive, massive, massive foot bullet for a CHURCH? This video isn’t fit to be created by 3rd grader, much less one of the “Greatest Religious Leaders of the 21st Century.” It’s the worst, most disturbing “PR” in history. Miscavige is actually mocking his own side.


  67. To: COB
    From: Tag Line Project Committee I/C

    Dear Leader,

    Dearest Sir, we at Tiny Tot productions just got done watching your wonderful, “I’m On A Boat” mock-u-music video. Might I say, sir, that the entire room was in stitches. As in, every single one of us, sir. Zero counter-intention, out-ethics cock-suckers among us, sir. LOL! We LOVED it, sir!

    Now uhm……sir……there did seem to be some confusion, sir…about…..uhm…..who the video was meant to debase, sir. Please forgive my humble ignorance, sir, for asking the fully-admitted, idiotic question the entire crew at Tiny Tot Productions has for you sir……….said question being, which part of the video, sir, was uhm…..supposed to be…..uhm……funny….sir?

    Uhm…..we’ve come up with a few tag lines to support the new and brilliant Tiny Tot Productions brand you have so brilliantly come up with, sir. And here are those suggestions, if you would be so generous as to take a bit of your valuable time to read, sir.

    1. Tiny Tot Productions: Decimating the aesthetic band in every conceivable way.
    2. Tiny Tot Productions: Enforcing humor….and you WILL laugh!
    3. Tiny Tot Productions: Stalking people and upsetting communities since 1983.
    4. Tiny Tot Productions: Half the man Jim Jones used to be. (As in, literally…half…..sir. You know. Half? The whole size thing, sir? Half? Get it….sir?)
    5. Tiny Tot Productions: The joke’s on us.
    6. Tiny Tot Productions: Reaching new lows in today’s world of web-related humor. (That one was my own, sir. Hopefully you like that one, sir).
    7. Tiny Tot Productions: Nobody stalks like we stalk.
    8. Tiny Tot Productions: Our P.I.’s do the best drive-by’s.
    9. Tiny Tot Productions: Head and shoulders below the rest.
    10. Tiny Tot Productions: Just plain whacked-out.
    11. Tiny Tot Productions: New OT’s gone wild. (you know, sir….sort of like your current favorite DVD collection. The one you recently ordered up at Int. Girls Gone Wild? Sir?)
    12. Tiny Tot Productions: More widely-seen than United Artists.

    And there you have it, sir. Please let the tag line committee know what you think, whenever you can lower your greatness to give us a bit of your most valuable time, sir.

    Jon Allender
    Tiny Tot Productions Tag Line Committee.
    8. Tiny Tot Productions:

  68. Master of War

    You are engaged in what we called in the military “psychological warfare.”

    Only, as Scientologists, we have better tech with which to conduct such warfare. Per LRH’s PR Tech, you position the opponent against that which the audience really likes and for that which the audiance hates.

    You pick a main theme that is hot – something that galvanizes your audience against your target. Then, you push, push, push that theme,

    You don’t Q&A and get drawn off into sub-skirmishes, on things like “asserting that the church should not have tax exempt status” or attacking “corporate Scientology.” Those are unproductive lines of attack – in fact, they are harmful to you – because they.attack things your audience LIKES, and therefore they position YOU as the bad guy..

    Marty has identified a devastating incident, that suggests a HOT theme.

    Marty wrote: “David Miscavige was visibly happy (and happened to be joking and degrading too) the day when L Ron Hubbard died.”

    If we want Scientologists to cease supporting DM, Marty’s observation is suggesting we would position DM as


    And, then we would push, push,push that theme.

    What do you think?

    Master of War

    P.S. We position ourselves as what we are, the opposite of DM: “Friends of LRH” (a brilliant URL). and “KSW Specialists, dedicated to Standard Tech.”

  69. Just as physical deformities exist, so do mental ones.
    The mental dysfunctionality of the “Pope” dramatizing his looney-tunes videos in spite of the abhorrence, the distaste, the unbelievability of what this does to the “Church” image.
    I think this is continuing to play out because he is getting praised from within.
    As Mike Rinder said ~~
    text the ONLY people that communicate with tell him how wonderful/correct/brilliant/inspiring/amazing/intelligent he is
    The “Church’s “malicious tabloid hate web sites, (and especially on Marty) using vulgar language, explicit and repeated words to private parts and feces portray unconstrained psychosis.
    Watching it all go down in some ways is grotesque.

  70. Robert! You crack me up!

  71. Tripe indeed, and a sick leader who is surpose to representing the church of Scientolog. Its insane,and DM IS INSANE.DISGUSTING !!!!!!

  72. I had a co worker that suddenly one day told us that flies are after him and they always prick him. We thought he would make a joke. Next days day after day the same story. We told him that a normal fly has no spine. But he felt chased by them. No good argument could cure that. Cause he had too much drinks his life and now the brain had a damage. I think that DMs problem is more complex. He is a J+D, plus he had been playing around with upper level stuff which ruined his last sanity that he might have had and on top of it he is a heavy drinker. You cannot talk such a person into sanity. Only thing that helps is discipline.
    I wanted to go OT but had one point in my life that made me feel I should not go up to OT. I had not been willing to set an example of high ethics standards. I had my wishes that did not conform with a „priests“ life or a highly ethical life. Now it looks like that some OTs do not care. Making fools out of themselfs or worse going criminal.

  73. markthehungarian

    The videos leave me speechless. Just when you think the Co$ can’t go any lower, they go WAY lower. Unbelievable.

    And to echo sentiments in previous comments, just who is the video meant for? It can’t be for Indies, who will just laugh at the pathetic message (and everything) of the vids. It can’t be for those in (surely). So it must only be for Marty.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. The angry dwarf is trying to get a rise out of you and is resorting to more and desperate measures. And of course it’s not working. It can’t work. But he doesn’t realize this so he’s going to keep doing similar shit.

    To DM, keep it up! You’re doing a great job of shining a light on the insanity that is the CoS. And posting it on Youtube? Epic decision! Rocking! So the whole world can see your insanity! Fantastic!

    The CoS is dead. DM is just flogging the dead horse for all he’s worth, and there’s hardly any meat left on the carcass.

    The video is shocking, but the decision making behind it (and the totally shit “mind of a 10 year old” editing) is far more disturbing.

  74. Master of War

    I understand the frustration and the impulse to create some effect on the entity we might feel is suppressing us.

    In war, it’s important to:

    Chose battles you can win (the brilliance of General Gap)


    Not to get diverted from the real target, the thing that if you take out, will result in victory (LRH gives an example, criticizing Bolivar for getting diverted into the laying of seige).

    David Miscavige and his abuses are what I understand to be the target.

    Neither the Situation nor the Why are that “the church has tax exemption.”

    AND, the chances of the church’s tax exemption being revoked are about zero. Intelligence (gathering info) is a key part of military planning. If we do our homework, we would find out that tax exemption revocation NEVER HAPPENS once a religion is established and of a certain size.

    From reading I found that in fact the Congress passed laws giving the IRS other weapons (“intermediate sanctions”), on purpose, so it does not have to use revocation.

    Lastly, even if tax exemption was revoked, the church would still have sufficient resources for DM to use,to vigorously continue the war, with little degradation of his war fighting ability. The thing to do is to:

    Remove DM from the church’s resources.


    To try to remove the church’s resources, so he does not have them to use,

    Why? Because you will never, in your lifetime, achieve the goal of getting rid of the church’s material resources.

    Sea Org Reserves are, what? A billion plus?
    IAS spends little of what it raises, so what does it have? Another billion plus?

    Flag’s GI is down, but, even so, what does it take to run it a week? A reported $50K? So, they are still clearing, what? $50 million a year?

    How much does the church have in real estate? Another billion or more?

    Revocation of tax exemption did not stop Scientologists from donating for the twenty years or more that the exemption was revoked.

    But, even if every person stopped giving ANYTHING to the church, DM would have resources for several lifetimes.

    In war, you have to pick battles that you can win, and that if you win, will mean something. Fighting battles you can’t win, or that if you win are pointless, wastes your troops and materiel.

    The goal is to dis-empower DM, by removing him from control of the sources, not by trying to get rid of the resources.

    Master of War

  75. Camera Boy can clearly be seen smirking at the mention of LRH’s passing here at 0.30 in.

    Check out his body language in this clip from the memorial event 1986.

    The phony mournfulness is quite cringing. Still, Broeker has a good gag later in the clip… “when you do OT X, you’ll know…”

  76. I’m on a (sinking) boat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How true !

  77. HOLY MOLY!!

  78. Expelled4Life

    Oh my. I actually felt sorry for these people…I’m over it now…a true ship of fools.

  79. I find this video unusually disturbing. The way the Cult of Miscavige reduces OT VIII’s into imbeciles is diabolical. Here are a few more shining examples of what is in store for anyone at the top of Miscavige’s Bridge:

    Simply start walking now and don’t look back.

  80. Scilonschools

    Really a perfect “Emperor’s New Clothes” metaphor!!
    We all love reference to “Apocolypse Now” for the spirraling CoM, but when you think of the story/film, the further up the river they go the more bizzare whacky insane and ” Scary & Pathetic” it gets, I feel we are approaching the ‘Head of the River’ and the twisted reality wilkl reach all new levels!!!
    Out of Court until Oct 6 2011, what a bizzare waste of UK tax payers money ( 25K per day magistrates court) to support Fruitcake Black Dianetics and Fair Game!!

  81. The Cult is in shambles. They are calling people who left many years ago (more than 10 years ago) as I, and begging them to go back because they found LRH tapes, and there is a briefing about it. They stated that “whatever was the reason you left, I understand it.”
    -“You need to see the video explaining it.”
    I told them I was not interested in see no video about them, and I left because they were not using standard tech, the books had changed 5 or 6 times, and LRH was dead aldready. Where was the AVC unit all this time when they published garbage and we had to buy it again, and again. They having be practicing now Miscavology, and I do not want anything to do with that. Also the registration cycles were awful, the Ideal Orgs, Super Power, etc.. were only to take money from people. Not a word denying it.
    To try to get back public that left a long time ago shows how desperate they are.

  82. scilonschools

    Private Marty/Mike

    Just for info, UK Harrassment law (1997) is a clear concise piece of legislation, including definitions when harrassment has not occured and description of harrassing behavior.
    The UK police work off a 83 page handbook on the subject, created by one of our last governments quangos and NOT a legal document, this is entirely different legislation, excluding all exemtions and effectively excluding counterclaims!!
    Alive and free (for now) full hearing set for Oct 6&7, another 50k of UK tax payers money!!
    So funny, i had 6 different court officials come up to me prior to intial hearing saying i should be using their ‘duty’ solicitor and enquiring why i was pleading not guilty!
    I think the mafgistrate didn’t know what to do with Me!!

  83. that video is so 1.1 and it shows.its put out there to show their flock that they dont care and are cool about all the negative media they are getting.
    its a flunk cos they look like try hards….social media is there to inform and to educate which the indies do well.but miscavige is using social media to attack and harass…!the chairman of the board is trying to “out do” martys
    “organic” social media and he fails..heh DM the indies are organic…!

  84. Sadly the paddleboat has been retired.
    The squirrel busters realized it was out PR (and causing untold hilarity) so their new mode of transportation is….. a golf cart!
    DM’s song is staledated. Anyone know a golf cart song?
    I’m on a golf cart… la la la… I’m on a golf cart….

  85. Stupid video by stupid people.

  86. “David Miscavige was visibly happy (and happened to be joking and degrading too) the day when L Ron Hubbard died.”

    That is one of the most sickening things I can imagine. And I can totally see him doing that.

  87. martyrathbun09

    MoW, thanks -but we are not at “war”; nor are we an entity that “positions” itself. We are individuals helping other individuals from a common malady.

  88. By the way ‘Joanne Wheaton doing a documentary’ – Thanks for answering my questions during the attempted ambush of me from the golf cart.
    You failed to get yours answered though – FLUNK for Q & A!

  89. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

    Here’s the new lyrics:

    I’m on a golf cart
    So what’s it to you?
    I’m on a mutha f**kin’ golf cart
    What you gonna do?

    I’m on a golf cart
    Wanna go for a ride?
    And when you see me comin’
    Ya don’t gotta hide

    Cause I’m goin’ in slow mo
    Doc-u-mentin’ for “Castro”
    Got a camera on my head
    To give me some cred

    I’m on a golf cart
    Do you hear what I say?
    I’m actin’ like an ass
    Cause master likes it that way

    Yeah, I’m on a golf cart 😉

  90. Tom Gallagher

    Sam- You asked for a paddleboat song. Sorry I couldn’t come up with one specifically, however, I did locate the theme song for the OTasses. It also doubles as a recruitment song for the OTasses to sacrifice their children on the altar of Mr. Applebox.

  91. Rory Medford

    DM and his gang has reached the pinnacle of stupidity!!!

    They have a few marbles loose upstaits< i yhonk u guys are making them crazzzzyyy!! LOL

  92. MOW
    I don’t think it is possible to rally true individuals into a co-ordinated strategy or get wide agreement on one persons opinion on how they should operate. OSA runs it’s robots on orders and co-ordinated programs but we are free to act on our own determinism and handle the situation in any way we feel appropriate. I personally am not interested in overall strategy or tactics or in ‘The Art of War’ type stuff. What we are doing works and the suppression is lifting. It doesn’t need to get any more complex than that.
    I personally operate on two things in whatever way I see fit:
    The Code of a Scientologist and The Code of a Sea Org Member; Both of which at some point I swore to abide by and will continue to do so.
    PS – I don’t like being told what to do! 😀

  93. GetTheConcept

    I’m pretty sure that this has been brought up before, in different ways, but in all these videos and Freedom mag articles and anti-“squirrel” publications, they are all presented under an assumption that they are already opinion leaders and that people already agree with them. They don’t attempt to start from the majority of potential readers’ viewpoints and then establish agreement as to what they are saying before they say it. They assume that everybody already agrees with them, before coming up with the idea of what they are going to publish, and then come up with their material based on that incorrectly assumed viewpoint.

    In order for anyone to watch this video and think, “Yea, they are so right about how bad of a guy Marty (or anyone) is,” the person watching would already have to have a biased viewpoint on how bad of a person Marty is, because the video does nothing to make that point.

  94. Sam and Bozz,

    You guys are funny as hell! I’m still laughing!

  95. Thanks for posting these. I haven’t watched these since getting out.

    The main thing that struck me was blatent lying from both of these guys.

    DM doesn’t correct Kopple when he says that RTC “manages Dn and Scn”. See the Saving Scientology site for the truth of that.

    At 1.11 on the vid he says “Scn is 25 X larger today than it was in 1980.”

    Really? In 1980 there were around 100,000 cf files at ASHO. So now there should be 2.5 million, right? A blatent lie.

    Right after that, DM has the audacity to state that, “…would like to take up a few of the falsehoods.”

    At 4:07 he says, “I can get you 100,000 scientologists who will say unbelievably positive things about thier church.” Really? Bring them on big Dave.

    David Miscavige is the King of False Reports…glowing but false PR.

    The Broeker vid was fascinating, not just because of his bullshit, but because I had forgotten that he held up that OT X carrot. Probably a big reason why many good people are still clinging to the cult. They actually believe that the senior tech terminal in RTC, a failed class IV, is going to magically assemble the OT X materials and bless them with immortality.

    Following is a big part of the secret to full OT:

    Thus we see that failure to discover Truth brings about stupidity.
    Thus we see that the discovery of Truth would bring about an
    As-is-ness by actual experiment.
    Thus we see that an ultimate truth would have no time, place,
    form or event.
    Thus, then, we perceive that we can achieve a persistence only
    when we mask a truth.
    Lying is an alteration of time, place, event, or form.
    Lying becomes Alter-is-ness, becomes Stupidity.
    (The blackness of cases is an accumulation of the case’s own or
    another’s lies.)
    Anything which persists must avoid As-is-ness. Thus, anything,
    to persist, must contain a lie.

    The boat video is amble evidence of the stupidity in the cult.
    Lying is DMs stock-in-trade.
    The blackness of cases can be seen on thier faces.

    If you really think you are going to go OT X in that cult, with all those lies, well, my friend, as they say in Texas, “y’all have gotten stupid.”

    If you really want your immortality back, just confront the truth.

  96. Tony, now, not only Marty’s neighbor, but the rest of Texas and the USA are wondering “why all this fuss over a rodent infestation? Is it a serious problem we should be concerned about too? Maybe they are rabid or have other diseases we should be concerned about?”

    ML Tom

  97. martyrathbun09

    Les, fabulous post my man.

  98. martyrathbun09

    Nice Find Bozz.

  99. Nope. Sapere Aude! They’re messing with the code again! Help! LOL

  100. This is getting increasingly bizarre. Are they trying to mimic anonymous?:

    The anon video is somewhat entertaining, at least.

  101. Love it!

  102. Oh dear. I will never look at Koolaide quite the same way again.

  103. Sapere Aude

    “Thinking creates thoughts and thoughts externiorize as the acts, objects and events which have made and changed the world in which we live, to be what it is.

    Tongues and hands were the tools that built up every civilization that ever existed.

    Tongues and hands were the tools which tore down and destroyed every civilization that was ever created.

    Tongues and hands are the tools that are now building up the civilization that is rising. And this civilization will likewise be destroyed unless the thinking and the thoughts which guide the tongues and hands will be for democracy as self-government.” H.W. Percival, 1951.

    There are many LRH references to this same concept but some wish to see the idea presented in a different way. This is the true statement of what is occuring here. It is not a war of “us vs them” it is a continued statement in a variety of ways of a concept of freedom to think and act as we see to be correct for us. Optimal living of life according to our own Independent conceptual understanding. Freedom to be an Independent being and act as one. This includes our freedom to use our “tongue”s and words to bring about new understandings.

  104. The only conclusion I can reach is that the people who created these videos are secretly pulling for you, Marty.

    I used to worry about the odds you faced. Now, I only worry about the people under the thumb of this lunatic.

  105. Mother of Grendel

    PoB will just promote the stat of views to the SQB website and watches of the video… ignoring the fact that most of the views are Indies who have to see for themselves that this really is a PoB Production!

  106. They found LRH tapes……We found new LRH despatches…When I hear this I am getting the idea Micavige is sitting of a five yards high pile of confused papers and tapes everything mixed up. Brilliant order. Every month he picks up annother despatch or tape and tell everybody a new
    Golden age of…………The same crap I heard a few weeks ago regarding the GAT 2 (coming soon). Professional at work. Too shameful to laugh about.

  107. Really good point, GTC.

  108. Soldiers, even Generals don´t care about PR while acting on the battlefield.

  109. Les,
    As ghastly as that seems, it’s not too far off Dave Tech (c). Maybe even the Ideal Scene that he’ll have in his next major production of Tech Films. Dave the Producer…springtime for Davey and Nutvilleland…

  110. Steve,
    Yes, even P.O.B. isn’t free of the barbs of P.O.B.

    POB, Pope on a Box (a full apple box).

  111. MofW,
    Good points.

  112. Ok… Hey Camera Boy!
    I know you took the idea of this song from the comment i made on Marty’s post:
    thetalibre | June 28, 2011 at 2:09 am
    I am glad to give you some tolls so you get down the drain faster!
    But, i say, FLUNK for this crap video. You should have made it in your palace whit Golden Era Production equipment!
    I guess 1.1 is the right tone scale to get you produce some sort of valuable product…right?
    BTW, we all know that you want to take the church down so you can play Monopoly as you please…So make sure that you know i am helping you here. You just need the last nail on your coffin and i have it right here!
    That being said, i am providing you this video, but this time… take your time, make sure to introduce some pictures of you on your grounding rod, drinking Scotch, slapping SO etc… and please don’t put pictures the world do not want to see! (head between your legs)
    This is a dead end for you, we know it!…hope you will use it properly!
    Good luck

  113. Hubby and I were talking this morning, he was saying that there’s no better term for DM than, “Bat Shit Crazy.” When he said this, the first picture that popped into my mind was Hitler destroying Germany with his war on the world. The analogy made me realize that the perfect “positioning” for DM is, “The Hitler of Scientology.” He is destroying the church with his war on the world outside his borders.
    I think the perfect counterpoint to the video presented by the “Busters” would be a video interspersing pictures of DM talking at an event, and Hitler rousing the Germans. I’d love to see anons picketing with pictures of the two side by side. LOL

  114. Most likely it’s so they can tell the Koolaide drinkers that ‘Anonymous did it’ when they get busted. Sad thing is that many Koolaide drinkers buy it.
    The obvious evidence that it’s actually OSA is the completely childish amateur production – Anonymous videos are far more professional.

  115. AO and HR
    I’m not on-board with bashing Kirstie Alley or calling her ‘fat’.
    Not cool 😦
    She may be drinking the Koolaide but I’ve never witnessed her to intentionally hurt another.
    You should know I witnessed Kirstie hand out a full Liability formula around at Flag once. No airs and graces. No ‘I’m better than everyone else’ attitude. She was sweet and humble and very sincere. It took guts to do that.
    In full respect of your rights to voice your opinions I tender an insight into her character for your reconsideration.

  116. Haven’t seen Kirstie on the circuit for a while now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s quietly out. She’s smart enough to figure it out.

  117. Yeah, “UK cases different”, remember! (That is an actual HCOB by the way). We don’t do being controlled here!

  118. This was definitely witnessed by the few of us brought up to the Whispering winds ranch in Creston to handle the additional need for security, anticipated PR & media as well as maintenance of the ranch. At the time, I had been working as a Gofer for Pat Broeker & Dear Loser off the Int base for a couple of years.

    Most of the few that were at Creston are out now, having been busted by PoB to Estates Gold or the RPF at the Int base after usurping the top dog position from Broeker in that era.

    There were two people joking (and degrading) and being very visibly happy – Dear Loser and Pat Broeker – much more uptone than their usual levels perhaps and as if some kind of a major goal or win of theirs was achieved. Can’t remember which one of the two mentioned not to be sad or hang dog about the scene of LRH leaving as that was “case on post”. Annie was very visibly crying and Sarge put in lower conditions by Broeker for “setting himself up as an authority” as he seemed to be the one with knowledge on ranch set up and operations. It was very disgusting and confusing at the time, a very major change in life I chose of providing service to LRH. It was something I had done at the time for the past 8 years (two years directly and 6 indirectly with him off the lines).

  119. It took me 3 takes of this post to duplicate the actions and come to some sort of understanding of the source and the why of the video. My conclusion is that DM in his early years on TRs took Alice in Wonderland seriously. My head certainly feels like it has a tight band around it, how about yours Mary Ann?
    Can’t wait for the seguel.

  120. Thank you Marty. This has been a long time coming blow down for me. When I found myself at a desk at the Flag Command Bureau my first big reality adjustment was that the two WDC terminals and another Exec there being hallmark jokers and degraders. Totally 1.1.

    Maybe that is too general? One man from South Africa bragging that in South Africa you could kill a black man with your car and not even get a ticket from the police. Hardy Har Har right?

    How about a WDC terminal making jokes about a high donating public woman who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars saying everything moved on her but her face (I guess she had had a face lift) after she had given him all of that money.

    They were working people to get money in from every bureau while calling the drug addicts at the Narconons DB’s and calling Chilloco a “fucking abortion” while asking public for hundreds of thousands in donations for Chilloco (which by the way, none of the donations ever made their way to Chilloco). They themselves were regging the Narconons for all of their savings and bankrupting them while taking money from the public to help them, which they never forwarded the donations anywhere except straight into the CofS bank accounts. Oh hardy har har right?

    Smooth criminals. Pimps. Fraud. Embezzlement. That was the order of the day.

    I made it off the streets of New York to find myself at the top of the heap in the CofS surrounded by what? The street people I had worked so hard to rise above. Smooth criminals. Pimps. The same place I started from!

    Was I tripping? Oh yeah. Because they were WORSE. They were 1.1. The people on the streets owned what they were. The mafia in New York own what they are. The Pimps advertise what they are every time they step out on the street. These “low life” that the Sea Org that a wall up to protect themselves from, they let you know and you can see it coming from a block away.

    I had to ask myself, “This is all criminal. Am I willing to risk going to jail for the C of S if anyone ever comes in here and does an investigation?”

    This is how I was tripping. What a mind fuck! What a royal mind fuck!

    And the answer was, NO. NO I am not going to sit up here at the Flag Command Bureau and become part of a criminal enterprise!

    Once it became very clear who and what was there and what the real deal was I was gone like Houdini.

    I turned my back on it ALL.

    What do I find next courtesy of a very high ranking public figure in Scientology?

    He takes me down to a spa in Hollywood and he says, “You’ve got to see this”. What does he show me? Mr. Starkey floating in a whirlpool in the middle of the day soaking up the view (men).

    You are right Marty. They are jokers and degraders and more, jokers and degraded.

    For everything that has been printed on the net, it is 50 times worse than you could know.

    Just think of DM secretly video taping Tom Cruise in session. That is straight up TREASON. They were all in treason or worse. There wasn’t one person at the Flag Command Bureau that could not have been put in prison and found guilty of criminal conspiracy or contributing to it.

    WHO are the MASTERS OF INDUSTRY in Scientology? Right up there at Int and the Flag Command Bureau.

    WHAT does Hubbard say about the Masters of Industry? He says they are all a bunch of pirates and bums. And he does not say “except for Scientology inc”.

    That was the datum I clung to to make sense out of what I found up there.

    And I don’t mean to suggest it is only in the Corp. Church. Maybe it is everywhere.

    But it is. And Marty has got a witness. Me. It’s true.

    Through my mercy about it all, I am not a witness for the prosecution.

    But I would go there in an instant if they were paddling around my back yard.

  121. I am sorry to hear that. Perhaps a great reply would be “I am in good standing with LRH and Scientology.” and link to the video above.

  122. Thanks!

    … I have my moments. 😉

  123. Marty, if u donate…. they can go crazy for u…..
    Mike also…..

  124. The video is actually hilarious! It is a perfect foot-nuke.

    First: The video was a direct reaction to the “99 Problems” video – once again, Indy’s are in control, Mr. David Miscavige knee-jerks.

    Second: The actual “I’m on a Boat” video itself is a parody done by Saturday Night Live kids. I mean, they could have done the same video using Kip Adotta’s “Wet Dream” ( So, we have these guys parodying themselves, but you can just tell they are not in on the joke! Priceless.

    Third: This video blows a hole in any argument that theirs was a legitimate mission.

    Fourth: The intro scene from the paddle boat, below the decks of the sailboats in the marina – they are not “in a boat” they are in a dingy!

    Fifth: How much did they spend on renting the boat for the video?

    I mean… add this to their other insane videos, and the video from Phoenix, and there is only one conclusion:

    This is the church purposely self-destructing. Not that I care too much for Mr. David Miscavige, but OSA people, if you have any love for this idiot at all, pick up his toys, and put him on the RPF. An intervention is needed (or, using DM’s own words, an “SRA”).

  125. You may be running into this issue, Sam:

    WordPress will only embed URLs matching an internal whitelist. This is for security purposes.


  126. It is my opinion that these OT 8″s need to have their service facsimiles handled. If they believe that this is enhancing their survival and that of Scientology they missed the boat a long long time ago. Their involvement in this fiasco saddens me. DM sure has a hold on them.

  127. barney rubble

    “David Miscavige as visibly happy (and happened to be joking and degrading) the day L Ron Hubbard died.” Utterly disgusting, there you go right their KA Drinkers.

  128. That George guy in Britain is amazing. WHAT an example! “You’re stuck in an incident.”

    This whole crap of saying things like that is just… ineffective. It shows – it PROVES – that the current church members are NOT actually practicing Scientology.

    I think I mentioned that I worked the Hollywood test center back in ’77 for a while. The people you meet on Hollywood boulevard! But, you communicate. You talk to people. You be the human being you are.

    Again, I have to say to all members of the CofS: REGARDLESS of how you feel about Marty, Mike, or anyone else, completely independent of anything any Independent or ex-Scientologist is doing – take them out of the equation entirely. LOOK at what the CHURCH and their representatives ARE DOING.

    1. This whole “Squirrel Buster Productions” thing. Whether DM is editing the thing or not it is condoned by the church. If it were not, these guys would be pulled into ethics. EVEN IF YOU REFUSE TO BELIEVE THE CHURCH IS FUNDING THEM, the church approves of it.

    It is OFF POLICY.

    2. Look at videos showing “handlings” done of protesters. OFF POLICY.

    3. Look at the evidence of actual disconnections. OFF POLICY.

    4. Look at the jailing of Danny Montalvo – a sea org kid who just wanted to route out. OFF POLICY.

    5. Look at the LIES celebrities tell the media. Feigning astonishment at anything that sounds like OT data. Acting hurt. Lying about THINGS YOU KNOW. Ron never said to LIE to the media. Only to not cooperate. Big difference.

    6. Look at the empty “Ideal Orgs.” These were supposed to springboard a new era of expansion. Pasadena has been open for a year. How’s it looking? SF and Buffalo have been open for eight years. Where is our clear Buffalo? Where is our clear SF? Regardless of ANYTHING – are there any real stats? Are these orgs booming? Is YOUR org booming? Did they deliver what was promised? Or is the whole “Ideal Org” strategy a distraction. We all know it is OFF POLICY. Not only OFF POLICY, but a FAILED STRATEGY.

    7. Look at your own bridge status. Where are you on the bridge? How long have you been there? I have friends who have been in for thirty years who are NOT trained and NOT OT. I have others who have been grinding on OT for years and years. Some are off because they can’t keep up with the 6 month checks. Why? Why have you avoided being on course? Getting in the chair? Why?

    The church is doing videos like the above. It’s product is showtime. That’s all.

  129. There is one thing I do not understand……..
    He makes videos, he sends PIs, sends OTAs, sends affidavits, sends lawyers, sends sends sends ……
    Captain Miscavige….. if you lead ….
    def. “show (someone) the way to a destination by preceding or accompanying them.”



  130. Amazing! Anonymous created the video two years before Debbie Miscabbage and did a far better job. As Debbie continues to lose, it appears as though he is going into the valence of his enemy.

  131. Wow, they totally did tried to copy anonymous!

  132. Right on! The one example Da Mini Pope (does that make him a Popette?) cannot set is demonstrated competence. He can yell, scream, holler all sorts of off color utterances at others how he is the only one; but he cannot, he dare not, demonstrate anything other than how to restimulate the hell out of folks. And, uh, Davie, it ain’t workin’ so well in Texas (other parts too). The only epic, large scale attribute you have is your FAILURES.

    Bruce Pratt

  133. Well that makes things a lot clearer (not) LOL

  134. That the best you’ve got little troll?

  135. That’s lamer than the video (quite a feat)

  136. GOT THAT CD! 😀

  137. I don’t think so. Her “Organic Liason” business is staffed with Scientologists. They seemed to take issue with Mark Bunker and other critics from attending their open house.

  138. I thought that was 10, one to hold the light bulb, 9 to rotate the universe around it…. 🙂

  139. Michael Fairman

    Forgive me, Oracle, but paddling around Marty’s backyard IS paddling around your backyard. They are paddling around all our backyards.

  140. Good idea Grasshopper and
    Thank you!!

  141. I agree, Sam. Let’s hope!

  142. There is one very simple easy way to cave in a PC or staff member and make them dependent on you. It is to make them wrong for an overt.
    We all commit overts in situations which we fail to fully understand.
    When a peron is continually commiting overts in an area then the way to handle it is to find out what problem the overts solve and the intention connected with that and then get the prior confusion and get its beginning and clear up their misunderstoods in that area.

  143. GAT 2 ?!!! WTF!!!!

    You cannot be serious! What are you talking about? There’s NO WAY! That could never fly! This all gets more and more unbelievable. Even the most enthusiastic Kool Aid guzzlers will not swallow that!

    If this is not a joke, please tell us what you know.

  144. Scientologists do it ’til it’s flat.

  145. Interesting… ,,I spoke to someone who knows about tax excemptions and religiouns., ..and so on. I was told this as an example: When the Catholic Church had to pay out huge sums to the victims of abuse the church was not able to pay those moneys out of donations made by the congregation, but had to sell off real estate or other assets as a corporation in order to satisfy the judgments.
    Given that the the public in Scientology is asked to make donations, is there something that can be used and planned to deplete at least some of those illgotten funds that were then used to by buildings?
    Another suggestion made was to try and find out if DM is using any church funds/donations himself privately, how , if any are those donations for his own personal use misappropreated. Did he buy real estate for himself in his name….., which would of course also be illegal.
    Just a thought. I do not know if this idea has been visited already?

  146. Yes, MoW. That sounds good.
    So, to disempower DM one has to hit his weakest point.
    From the data I see on the net his weakest points are Inurement and tax evasion. Beating people up is bad but the tax authorities aren’t interested.
    “Inurement” is an extremely important word to understand. If anyone doesn’t have a full concepeptaul understand of the word then please look it up and use it in sentences until you do.
    DM can be simply removed for inurement especially as his buddy Tom Cruise appears to be tied in.
    The resources need to be available for the democratic board that takes over.
    DM and his underlings are taking attention from the crime of Inurement with attacks on Marty etc.
    DM is living it up at Church members expense and that is a crime. It is Inurement.
    In my opinionthat Inurement is the crime that will get him out of his position when fully exposed.

  147. I think this shows more of a lack of training, than a lack of auditing. You can be OT and still act like a doofus (as evidenced by the video).

  148. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Sinar!

  149. You are so right!

  150. Pathetic and so unprofessionally done! God, you’d think with all that money they could step up the quality. If this is all they got you’re in good shape Marty and Mosey! When you look in the viral dictionary for the word Cur Dog this video will pop up! Haaahaaahaaa! 🙂

  151. Claudio, (Hi again by the way) You know those FIFTEEN BARS on DM’s uniform? He took over the Church at 21 years old. Who do you think awarded him those bars HMMMM?

    Who do you think he sent down to some shop on Hollywood Boulevard to buy all of that metal for him to pin on his jacket?

    Like I can’t add. He’s tripping too. He is really tripping.

  152. Tom Gallagher

    Marty & Mike,

    Do you notice that good people don’t want to comment on this thread because, perhaps, they harbor a fear that they, themselves, are Jokers and Degraders given the degree of criticism of applebox?

    He does deserve it though. Look what he destroyed……………………

  153. Tom — Havent really noticed any shortage of commenters…

  154. Michael,

    With the greatest of respect, and I do get that point you made and I understand the truth in that.

    They go to Marty’s because:

    A) He is emotionally stable.
    B) He has incredible TR’s.
    C) He can hold a position in space.
    D) He continues to be his sane self, against the back drop of the bullbaiting.

    They do not come to my house, for obvious other reasons only them and I would know about.

    The energy they are putting onto Marty is a RESPONSE.

    “The function of a civil resistance is to provoke response and we will continue to provoke until they respond or change the law. They are not in control; we are. ” – Ghandi

  155. martyrathbun09

    Claudio, you have very concisely reduced matters to their essence. Instead, he has that sattelite, parasite being Bryan yelling “coward” at me from his golf cart. A golf cart driven incidentally by a woman (Joanne Wheaton) on the verge of a full-blown Type III psychotic break. Mark my words. See my SP Times interview video where I describe bringing Lisa McPherson to Miscavige’s deputy’s attention 2-3 months before her psychotic break. I know psychos – worked for one for 22 years.

  156. martyrathbun09

    Oracle, thanks for the great post – very succintly and accurately described the scene with RCS management.

  157. Just seen the financial returns for Birmingham Org in the UK for 2008 and 2009. Like other orgs around the world, Birmingham is in free fall, a sad shadow of its former self. It’s lost all local credibility. The public are staying away in droves. Its lost staff and most of the rest now moonlight because it can’t pay them. It can’t pay its way, can’t even get out a monthly magazine per unalterable LRH policy.

    For Miscavige to spend large quantities of time and money harassing Indies and making weird J & D videos while Radical Scientology crumbles evokes images of Nero self indulgently playing the fiddle while Rome burned to the ground. Only in this case, Radical Scientology’s Nero is self indulgently playing the fool (joker and degrader) not the fiddle.

  158. Wait, what?

    The original Lonely Island “I’m On A Boat” is amazing and hilarious. To get it, you really have to have seen a few rap videos of the last five or ten years. Preferably with boats in them. It’s not for everybody, including the language, but it’s a fantastic parody.

    But this doesn’t make any sense. Marty was not, at any point in this video, on a boat. The “Squirrel Busters” were on a boat. So, logically, aren’t they making fun of/J&Ding themselves? The only thing I can figure is that they’re trying to make themselves look sympathetic by attempting to display what they miscalculate to be a sense of humor. But still…what?

  159. plainoldthetan

    Marty: The SBs are obviously trying to bull bait you.

    Does that make Miscavige the Master Baiter?

  160. oooooohhhhh! I’m soooooo scared! 🙂

  161. Oh. Lemme try this translation: WordPress will embed videos from folks or sources they know about and approve.

    You picked one not on their list. And since we’re now in an out list situation (of course, it’s not a standard list), all bets are off and kinds and intensities of upset are possible. 🙂


  162. My daughter told me a silly joke this morning …thought about it again when i saw the post today – (a paddle boat full of Pete’s is what i thought to myself)

    “Pete and Repete are floating in a boat – Pete jumps out …who’s left ? Repete. …Pete and Repete are floating on a boat -Pete jumps out …who’s left ? Repete …..

  163. Dunno how sane I am, but I’ll double down.

  164. Tom Gallagher

    I just want to be fair to the failed idiot.

  165. Sapere Aude

    How’s this Sam?

    The video to post per how I did it must be from youtube. I took what you had and viewed it on youtube and then posted the full URL.

  166. bulletproof

    The 5Cs of Cinematography. DM was ordered by LRH to M9 the entire book. Didn’t seem to do much good….

  167. David Lingenfelter


    I missed what POB means –

    Near the end of your message you described the submission lines the SQB are using and I think you have it exactly correct. Ahhh Gold. What have you come to? More like corroded iron than Gold. An SP will do that ya know. How about a new name – the obvious would be Out Tech Productions, or perhaps Bitter End productions. Soon to be fully buried like the rest of Int.

    I don’t understand how the staff can compromise themselves to this extent. They are operating so faaaaaar from the LRH directives for Gold.


  168. Globetrotter

    All of the Anon followers (which seems to be all there is) of their channel probably feel entertained…

    If anyone was wondering if it was really possible that the “official church” has gone totally insane, this should remove all remaining doubt.

  169. Globetrotter

    Have to add: the thought that comes to mind is “with friends like this, who needs enemies?” This applies to the church scene on so many levels…

  170. Sapere Aude


    This is what worked for me to get the video to post and play – as an example on the above.

    The address as follows did NOT show video on the blog — wwwDOTyoutubeDOTcomm/watch?v=7v9rwfgjq70&feature=player_embedded.

    The same address URL with the ending of “watch?v=7v9rwfgjq70&feature=relmfu” did post video for all to see.

    The only time I find “&feature=player_embedded” is linking to youtube from somewhere else. If you find the video on youtube it seems to end in “&feature= relmfu” or something else after the = sign (not always relmfu). Just copy that full URL (nothing stated embedded) and post into the blog and presto, instant video on demand.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  171. Yvonne Schick

    Sam, Thank you for saying this. ml, Yvonne

  172. Hey, I’ll toss you for the right to call DM either Hitler or Nero. Both of those work for me, in painting a picture of what he’s like. LOL And I maintain that sometimes ya gotta J&D on SPs to relieve the pressure, huh?

  173. I know psychos – worked for one for 22 years.

    Dare I say it: Flunk for comm lag!

    Bruce Pratt

  174. MoW
    Ahhh, thou dost speak sooth – a song to my ear.
    Correct target, relevant facts.


  175. With the multi million dollar resources of Golden Era Studios that is the best they could do?
    It looks like it was hastily patched together using freebie software.
    Perhaps that is a way DM could claim irresponsibitlity?

  176. Yes, under the “Great Leader” Orgs are booming and expansion is occurring ~~ look at all the increased Real Estate !

    Birmingham Org can’t pay their bills, is in the red and begging the Birmingham City Council for “discretionary relief” which was refused.

  177. Yes, actually, Nero is a great analogy. If it is true that he is editing these things (and I trust Marty and Mike on this one, since they know the man more than they want to, I am guessing), then he is reverting back to a stuck incident – the time LRH busted him for J&D videos. So, mid-life crisis time – hey, he’s the boss now and can do what he wants. Instead of what he should be doing.

    So, we have abandoning his hat. Hoppy-horsing on this video thing. Violations of even their own SP policies (only terminal is the Int Justice Chief? That’s ain’t this crew, and it ain’t Tommy Davis or the other schmoes that have been harassing Marty, Mike, Michael, Tiziano, et al.).

    There is nothing constructive or positive at ALL about the entire collection of “Squirrel Buster” videos. They are not humorous – they are strained. They are the product of a warped mind. They are the product of a mind that sees the world in a totally different way than you or I do.

    It is not like they have a difference of opinion from me. I mean, the Church could make a clean case against Marty, and it could be an interesting discussion and process to iron it out. But, that church, the rational church, is not the one dealing with Marty, et al. No, this is just distasteful. Disgusting. Not something I would support if Jesus or the Pope or the Buddha did it, let alone members of the “Church of Scientology.”

    Look at the difference between the discourse here on Marty’s blog and other independent blogs and the actions of Mr. David Miscavige and his supporters. In the independent blogs and world, the discussion is rational. There are correct LRH references cited. There is an understanding of the issues at hand – LRH disproved of splintering, of criticizing upper management, etc., in policy. The dilema is – we have a regime protected by these policies, while they themselves violate tech and admin and ethics across the board. We know this dilema and we discuss it rationally.

    On DM’s world, we have goombas “in a boat” and threatening behavior, and extortion of money from parishioners. We have rote thinking – and worse, being rote about the wrong things.

    As you progress up the bridge, you should be more rational, and possess more love (ARC) for your fellow beings, and a higher IQ. The proof that Scientology is gone from the “Church” is in the actions of these people.

    But, back to the point – I think DM is close to full overt madness, especially if he is truly editing these things. Fiddling with knobs while the church manifests its dead-ness more and more.

  178. Haydn,

    I saw those financial returns too.

    This is the REAL world of Scientology orgs that is covered up with hype and bs by POB.

    Average total income of 6000 per week (probably includes their Idle Org fundraising) and staff pay “and travel” of 1000 per week. IF they have 20 staff they are earniing 50 a week. If they have 20 staff they are a mere shadow of the org they were when you and Lucy were there. IF they havemore staff, they are earning less than 50 per week and the numbers are sure to dwindle.

    THIS is the “massive” “Straight up and vertical” expansion — “Scientology has expanded more in the last 5 years than in its entire history.” And if anyone thinks this is an isolated example all they need to is walk into whatever the closest org to them is (or read the account of Ron Ubagh and numerous others who have reported the REAL scene in these dismal, failing orgs).

    This is the result of the systematid dismantling and destruction of church management by POB.

    It is the result of squirreling the tech.

    It is the result of turning Corporate Scientology into a Vulture Culture where the ONLY purpose is not to move people up the Bridge but to suck every last penny out of them before casting them aside to rot.

    This IS reality.

  179. 😀

  180. Golden Age of Tech 2

    Howard, Golden Age of Technology a la David Miscavige has been in the pipeline for some years. Part of GAT2 was pumping the sales of the new new Emeter which will make the Quantum redundant.
    read more

    Miscavige does not embarrass you or me with GAT.
    He embarrasses himself.
    GAT 2 is guaranteed to create a greater Exodus.

  181. Wow, what an eye opener!

    This org is falling apart … I expect the vast majority of all orgs are in a similar position.

    I noticed one line … ‘Film Lease payments’ ….

    Nahhh – couldn’t be.

  182. Mr. Cruise, you must be very PROUD of your best friend’s ability to produce videos at a high level.

  183. Claudio,
    You’ve nailed this POB. He’s incompetent. He can’t DO anything. Can’t play baseball, piano, chuck a line and wait for a trout to eat the piece of cheese, get a product on any line. I’ve never seen this guy actually accomplish anything of value.

    He can’t confront Marty. I’ll see pigs fly before this fruit confronts any of us, on his own. POB, you’re a chicken shit. that’s the uniform you should be wearing.

  184. Marty

    Here is my unsolicited “eval”

    Eval re: the Squirrel Zone video


    The “video” doesn’t even point out who the “guy with the camera” (Marty) is.
    It does not show, in any way, what he is “filming” or where he is.
    It does not differentiate him specifically from any of the other “actors”, other than that he is on land, but even that is vague as a differentiation point.
    It does not show any purpose or message other than some people are on a boat.
    It uses Marty’s own video footage as part of their “shoot” . (apparently they didn’t have the funds, or foresight, or the intelligence to film that segment themselves.)
    There is no “story line”.
    It is disjointed.
    There is no “message” other than perhaps that some people are being happy, or celebrating, being on a boat.
    It does not hold one’s interest.
    It is not entertaining or informative.
    It is poorly edited.


    It is colorful.
    There is action.

    Overall evaluation:

    Unless the purpose was to show some colorful, action (as in a music video perhaps, where the video, in some cases, is simply visual background for the music) it is a failed production. Since it is communicating nothing recognizable or “duplicatible”, it certainly would not qualify as a “documentary”.

    NOBODY is going to call the “producers”, “editors,” camera crew, or writers up in order to employ them. It is a waste of time and manpower in its production and in its viewing.

    Since I have no idea what in hell the “producer” of this video had in mind as an “ideal scene”, for this video, or for the use of video itself, I cannot identify the “biggest departure”, but overall, that apparent lack of a purpose, or an Ideal Scene, is itself perhaps, the biggest outpoint.

    The “Why”:

    Lack of having a clear purpose , or of having a clear understanding of the purpose of videoing, or of making “documentary” videos, ( or of having some other abberated purpose) leading to a waste of time, money, and manpower, and an “overt product”.

    The “Who”:

    The Producer/editor.

    The Solution:

    “Product clear”,and “post purpose clear” the Producer/editor. Should it be found that the Producer/editor is incapable of grasping the essentials of his post, replace him with someone who can.

    Eric S

  185. Jim — what does one of them chickenshit uniforms look like?

  186. One number I remember well from when I did my levels back in ’76 was the GI at ASHO day. This was easy to do, because they rang a bell for each thousand $ in the door. They consistently made a GI of $20,000 to $25,000 per week. This is over $1 Million per year. All services income.

    This pre 10% per month, when the BC was something like $1600, and I got my levels for $250 per level, or $1250 for Levels 0-4.

    Compare that to Birmingham’s numbers in relative present time – 176,000 pounds, far, far less than $1 Million.

    I don’t know New York or FCDC’s income stats back then, but they were comparable to ASHO, I am sure, as the activity levels were so high – lots of people on course, lots in the HGC.

    It is so ironic that Scientology is so expensive that only the rich can afford it (if done DM-style), and yet the real stat, GI, has tanked for years – because it is so damn expensive (and because they are no longer delivering Scientology).

  187. Mike

    But….. Isn’t that the one he is wearing? All “brass”, no balls!

    Eric S

  188. Howard. I did not attend the briefings given in the Orgs. I have been asking some friends. Because they signed bonds, they just mentioned the subject is: How to come trough the grades faster. RTC found “new”
    LRH despatches………………..*lool
    Thats all I know.

  189. When I was the FBO of a Class V org in the US, we had to pay 8% weekly of all the money paid for training to Gold for film lease payments. This allegedly compensated Gold for the production of all tech and Div 6 intro films. The staff considered it a penalty to be “taxed” on selling training, as this meant that much less money for the staff pay sum, promotion, weekly bills, etc. Though of course no one ever said those things out loud! Gasp!

  190. “The obvious evidence that it’s actually OSA is the completely childish amateur production – Anonymous videos are far more professional.”

    Thx Sam some elements of the anon videos aren’t too friendly but some are good.

    The more the SQBs do this the more public and others will realise how pathetic they are. But ssh we don’t want the content to stop.

  191. I Don’t know how this law doesn’t apply!!!

  192. David Miscavige is a COWARD using OT VIII’s as his human sheilds. While he parades around in $5000 suits, he is LOW CLASS. I remember the first time I saw him- I thought there was something deeply deeply wrong with him. Something sinister and evil lurking beneath his forced smile. These videos just continue to bring it on home to me. Ewwwww!

  193. Why hello there Anon 🙂

  194. I worked in the Hollywood film industry for 20 years and I have never seen anything so bad plus.stupid. If I were an active CO$ I’d be ashamed to say I was a member a group who would put out such garbage.

  195. I’m speechless. Such madness.

  196. WOW…

    The smart thing for a dedicated organization to do would be to ignore its attackers and continue to succeed. The job is to clear the planet. I wonder what the job of the CoS is today?? It truly is a CULT (Can’t Understand Logical Thinking).

  197. Pingback: David Miscavige – Investigator’s Guide to the Criminal History « Watchful Navigator

  198. Im sure this is old news, but I clicked through to watch this video today, and they’ve taken all their videos down, bar one that plugs their Whois site about Marty. Not that they’re scared. At all. That’s nonsense.

    I really wanted to see them on a boat!

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