Miscavige’s Jonestown Cult Escalates

David Miscavige’s Jonestownsian Cult has escalated its export of the Hole (Miscavige’s torture chamber at the Scientology International Headquarters in Hemet, California) to the sleepy litle town of Ingleside on the Bay, Texas.

They performed a “Scientology” Sunday Service on my property line on Sunday afternoon.  Spontaneously, five neighbors went and gave them a taste of their own medicine.   I had to restrain Ralph S Gomez (being a reflection of Miscavige’s cowardice that Gomez has become) from getting physical with a seventy-year-old neighbor.   The neighbors asked a simple question, “what is your doctrine, if you are a church?”   None of them (including OT “8” Ed Bryan) could or would answer them.   So, when they returned this afternoon Mosey decided to educate the cult members on their own doctrine.   As you will see they weren’t too interested.  As you will also see, Miscavige’s answer to the matter escalating into our neighbors becoming active on their own accords and consciences, was to escalate temperatures by flying in perhaps the most violent and confrontational cult member he could find, one John Allendar.

The Cult’s response was to point their mini cam mounted on their golf cart into my neighbors house – something I have admonished them not to do time and time again.    Miscavige just can’t get it through his racist, mysogenist, fascist mind that people in the United States of America possess certain rights, and that, in the words of Scientology Founder L Ron Hubbard,  “no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”

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  1. Impartial English Girl

    Oh, I wish I was surprised at this. But I’m not. Instead, I’m just saddened.

    Keep going Mr. and Mrs. Rathbun. You have right on your side.

    With our love,

    IEG & Jazz-dog xx

  2. “No agency less than God.”


    Wouldn’t Ron then mean that an agency considering itself God (or better) HAS the power to set aside those rights? I can think of a short list of people involved in all this, who may have that very consideration. And decades of practice at it, too.

  3. Don't want to say

    Unfortunately, Mr. B, you’ve just clued in the “production company” on a button they can push. It particularly bothers you when they point cameras at your neighbors, so they’ll do it all the more.

  4. Marty, I have to hand it to you, that was just classic from you and Mosey.

    “automatons…..read up kids!”

    Compared to their ridiculous “on a boat” video this is comedy gold. It’s like something out of a Monty Python movie.

    In fact, consider how much money, thought and effort went into “On a boat”, and then consider the 5 minutes it took you to print out the creed, and make them look like muppets.

  5. I knew John and Linda Allendar when we were staff at Stevens Creek Mission many years ago. He used to smile and was happy. It seems the DM Bridge to PTS has not helped him.

    You are showing restraint Marty but I see they are enjoying pushing buttons. I am with you in spirit and can bring a body if needed and some beer and hot dogs too.


  6. Bat shit crazy. DM is making big mistakes so whatever you do Marty, don’t interrupt him!

  7. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Rickie. I guess I ought to just climb under and rock and let them have their way with people. Won’t happen – in fact, the fact that I won’t is what this is all about. You can easily discern that if you spend an hour or so perusing this blog.

  8. Sara Finning

    Maybe you could just do a silent mime?

  9. Andrew Moore

    They have nothing better to do than this? And what is this? On what planet would this be considered an effective “handling?”

    Can you imagine the Catholic Church sending out a goon squad to protest Anne Rice? This isn’t Jonestownian so much as it’s a notch or two above Westboro Baptist Church behavior. That’s some positioning.

  10. M&M,
    VWD in your actions! Educating the neighbors on the true religious data is really the correct thing to do as the SQBs are just black PRing Scientology and driving any potential public interested in the subject away.

    Amazing what the PoB’s next action was, despite the prior ones being totally insane and ineffective, not to mention resulting in horrible PR with the world! Reminds me of escalations of wars which were impossible to win!
    The Creed you gave them is: http://contenderministries.org/scientology/creed.php for those not familiar with it.

    It is definitely and very obviously not David Miscavige’s nor his PR arm – John Allender and his Squirrel Busters beliefs as they continually violate these points of the Scientology Creed as stated by LRH:
    -That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance;
    -That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives;
    -That all men have inalienable rights to their sanity;
    -That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments;
    -That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;

    And we of the Church believe that the laws of God forbid man:
    -To destroy the sanity of another;
    -To destroy or enslave another’s soul;

    By their actions – the PoB RTC and his PR Arm the Squirrel busters are violating their own religious “beliefs” in exporting DM’s Hole to Texas!

    To destroy his own kind.
    To destroy the sanity of another.
    To destroy or enslave another’s soul.
    To destroy or reduce the survival of one’s companions or one’s group.”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    Joanne Wheaton – if you want your grandchildren to have Scientology then your wrong-targeting ‘documentary’ is going to be pretty ineffective. The best thing to do if you want Scientology to survive is get your ethics in. You’re not moving up the Bridge or doing well in life and haven’t been for a long time (otherwise you wouldn’t be signing up for these self-abasement driven shinanigans in the hopes that one day you will finally make it up the Bridge).
    Ethics is survival Joanne. Not punishment drive. That goes both for what you are doing and what is being done to you right now.
    Ed and John – You’re already too far gone for me to waste my breath giving you a speech about your insanity and it would most-likely just send you into glee.
    Ralph… Are you kidding me? You’re just in it for the money. You don’t even believe in what you’re doing! Slime-sucking bottom feeding scum. You may have to move to another town when all your mates find out you’ve spent the last 6 months being DM’s bitch.
    Joanne. Don’t walk. RUN! (Marty can get you right into session).

  12. I’ve met Marty’s neighbors. I’d be more concerned for the safety of the “production company” than anything else. They’re tough Texans through and through.

  13. Anyone like Gomez who would threaten a senior citizen like that deserves what is coming to him. That is utterly pathetic, but, not altogether surprizing given that way deep inside, Gomez knows he is doing wrong and is inviting justice in on him.

    I predict that this matter will become one of the hugest self-inflicted PR reverse torpedo strikes that DM has set in motion.

  14. Oh, that Joanne Wheaton is a sad excuse for a human being. I guess they think their little rehearsed back and forth is really clever and “impinging.”

    And their cameras taped to their AssBusters Cart is also very impressive.

    Is it possible that these supposedly sentient beings have a clue what they look like? Or the effects they are creating on the world around them?

    Has their abaility to “think for themselves” ™ been so destroyed that they have lost to the ability not only to think but also to observe.

    One thing they HAVE learned apparently is how not to be embarrassed and ashamed by the most outrageously stupid activities they engage in.

    I guess Ralph must be being paid well enough that he doesnt care if he ever gets another job…

    The only thing I can equate this to is that woman “PR” who went on TV to “defend” the Bagwhan Shree Rajneesh wearing a gun! Or Baghdad Bob. Utterly unaware of what everyone in the world saw and thought and ONLY concerned about what the Bagwhan and Hussein respectively thought (because being in disfavor with the dictator isnt a good thing for your life expectancy).

    It just gets more scary and pathetic (thanks Placi… perfect description) as every day goes by…

  15. Well Ingleside on the Bay is a very tolerant town, because where I live in Michigan, strangers hanging around a residential neighborhood with cameras would be run out of town by the police, or taken to jail. The “documentary” shore story wouldn’t fly at all.

    But then again, it’s you, Marty, who is really making the documentary here….

  16. That Bagwhan lady was named Shiela, and she became famous for using the phrase “tough titties”. She would have fit right in at OSA.

  17. heh DM…..tuff titties………….!

  18. one of those who see

    Well I guess it isn’t surprising that John and Joanne ignore the Creed of the Church of Scientology as written by LRH.

    Boy, I don’t know the law, but cameras pointed at one’s private residence without permission is harassment to me!

  19. Mosey is my hero. 🙂

  20. Michael Fairman

    Curiouser and curiouser, sadder and sadder and hurtling down into the lower reaches of a pathetic insanity. There is only one inevitable outcome of this dwindling spiral — the beingness of a pebble. These incompetent, half dead, ding-a-lings, better start waking up soon, or they will find themselves part and parcel of someone’s paved driveway

  21. Good point, Marty.

    Unfortunately, the Kool Aid wipes out independent thought. ANYONE should be able to figure out what they’re doing is wrong, but they’ve been fed so much bullshit that they are operating on a whole ‘nother level of Crazy.

  22. mrinder, agreed about Joanne Wheaton being a sad excuse for a human being.Not far behind are the rest of the bottom feeding scum. As for John A., this one is a complete sad excuse for even a bottom feeder.

  23. I do take comfort in one thing, though: They are stuck waiting around in a street. You are living your life. They are not trapping you, they are trapping themselves.

    I cannot imagine it is any fun for them to be far from home, waiting around and pointing their cameras at…nothing. I’m sure they enjoy when you go and confront them, or when their neighbors confront them. It breaks up their day.

    But really, can you imagine a more banal existence?

    I see the weather forecast for your neck of the woods is going to be in the mid-90’s. Personally, it brings a smile to my face to think about them sweating in their baby blue fail shirts while you are nice and cool in your house.

  24. Tony DePhillips

    Great job M&M.
    I think it would have been powerful if you or Mosey would have read out loud the creed to them. It would be a great visual seeing you school them in their own religion and see them obviously ignoring their own “beliefs”.
    What you did though was bound to penetrate if they are not SP’s which is probably not the case. If these bots do this kind of stuff I feel they have SP tendancies if not all out anti social personalities.

  25. David, perhaps John smiled and was happy…but behind ones back he sneered, whined and lied a lot. He is a bully and has always been one.

  26. Joanne says she has to pay the bill for her grandchildren in that same whining tone that Marty wrote about a few posts ago. She says Marty is trying to squash her religion and her freedom of religion and that of her children and grandchildren.
    Really? One guy is going to destroy the future of a reported billion dollar church with a world wide fellowship and the religious freedom for members for three generations from his home in Ingleside Texas?
    How much kookier is this going to get?

  27. As an outsider,an EDUCATED outsider, I cannot fathom a reasonable human being would find this incredibly pathetic and moronic behavior as helpful or intelligent in any way. However,I didn’t factor their brainwashed desire to please Miscabitch or their probable fear of him.

    They waste an immense amount of time on ill designed “videos” and hideous matching apparel and magnets. Considering most of their orgs are empty with exclusion to slave labor staff,a reasonable person would find better use of the funds used towards the stalking,monitoring and boat floating rap star dreams.

  28. Please forgive me Marty and Mosey-because I know what you are going through is very difficult, but this post got me line charging-maybe I’m going into glee. At least one of those numskulls said thank you. Both of you are handling this so well-its an honor to know you!

  29. Mosey,

    I love your common sense attitude. Of course, you’re right! Those guys just need to follow their creed and basic teachings and everything would just sort out. Simple!


    That all men of whatever race, color or creed were created with equal rights but blacks are somewhat strange, not to mention gays.

    That all men have inalienable rights to my own religious practices and their performance if they regularly pay up.

    That all men have alienable rights to their own lives.

    That all men have inalienable rights to their sanitation.

    That all men have inalienable rights to their own defense as long as I attack from behind.

    That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support my organizations, churches and governments.

    That all men have inalienable rights to think gleely, to talk gleely, to write freely my own opinions and to counter the opinions of Rathbun.

    That all men have inalienable rights to the creation of my own kind.

    That the souls of men do not have the rights of men.

    That the study of the Mind and the healing of mentally caused ills should not be religion or condoned in nonreligious fields.

    And that no agency less than Me has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.


    That Man is basically bad.

    That he is seeking to Survive the RPF.

    That his survival depends upon myself and upon my fellows and my attainment of brotherhood with the Universe.


    To destroy anybody, even Tom.

    To destroy the sanity of another.

    To destroy or enslave another’s soul, even Tom’s.

    To destroy or reduce the survival of my companions, my group with special regard to close gay collegues and blacks.


    That spirits, esoecially fine whiskey, can be saved for evening rants.

    And that the spirits alone may save or heal the body.

  31. Watching Eyes

    I remember Joanne “Wheaton” from back in the 90’s but at the time she went by the name of Joanne Yared. She was married to Richard Yared. Odd that she’d drop that last name and revert to Wheaton.

  32. Wow Mark and Monique, doing a bit of body-routing there 😉

  33. It’s going to get as Kooky as DMs mind can go – he’s cracking up!
    He’s trying to convince the remaining Koolaide Drinkers and potential defectors that Marty is all that exists of an Independent movement.
    Marty is a big mind-controlling SP squirrel huh Davey?
    The criminal mind…

  34. For me this isn’t all that bad. When I was a kid I always loved when the circus came to town. I enjoyed every day of it, and I was sad when they left.

    Not only has the circus come to town in Ingleside on the Bay, Texas, they seem to have moved in permanently. Every day is a carnival!

    As long as nobody gets hurt, it really is enjoyable watching from YouTube. Every day the Miscavige cult gets more and more “as-ised.” It really is funny. But, I know it’s not much fun for Marty and Monique.

    in my opinion the church of Scientology is bankrupt, both financially and spiritually. David Miscavige sell all the church assets, and escape to Bulgravia and bribe the police. Then, Ingleside on the Bay could be the next Mecca for Scientology?

  35. We are witnessing a 3rd dynamic auditing program, being run in a Texan village. Every session brings about visible progress. The Tone Arm is moving, obviously. The program is extensive and will not be completed during this week – but after completion Co$ will not be the same anymore.

    Let’s give a good hand to the top-notch tech team, M & M !

  36. Crashingupwards

    Mike, Baghdad Bob was at least likable, and he also knew he was full of shit. I recall him laughing afteer some statling “news”. These golf cart mosquitoes are cold fish. On a daily basis their product is to try to bother people. What a dogs life they are living. Reporting back to their masters on their latest “win” or “product”. I will predict this sideshow wraps up soon, one way or another. However it wraps up, its been a huge disaster on the PR front and many others. Evidence that radical scientology takes itself far too seriously. And that leads to a fall.

  37. Well done to Mosey for being polite and letting the woman get our her comm instead of cussing her out and slamming the door in her face, which I have to admit, would probably be my actions after enduring the constant harassment. I hate the rote “yea, I got it” and “I understand”. Oh really? Then what the **** are you still standing there pretending to be concerned!
    If you really get it, you’d high tail it home. She didn’t even get it when Mosey was questioning her comment and feeding it back to her:
    Mosey: “oh, everybody is lying?” … (referring to all the people that come to Marty’s).
    The Bot didn’t get that her own comm was being questioned and responded with : “that is a generality.” LOL…It was the Bots generality!

    They are so ignorant in that they think that because the works of LRH are copyrighted that one can not use them without permission. The Church likes to push this idea but it is false. It is only true that one cannot duplicate them and publish them without permission if they don’t hold the copyright. I can do what ever I want with books etc that I buy and use the data –correctly or incorrectly. Just like the purif stuff. The orgs want you to think that if you buy and apply CBCM and run it on yourself or others, that you are “in trouble”. Again, no.

    What is scary is that DM/RTC hold the copyrights and therefore has the right to change whatever he sees fit under the copyright. He can add or subtract data. I just took a class where we went over this and that made me even more disgusted that he has that legal power!

    I want to tell these tiny little thetans that the TECH IS MADE TO USE AND TO APPLY TO OTHERS and doing so does not violate the law.

    Secondly, if she is so “concerned” about getting out proper tech then why doesn’t she start auditing people for a living or FSMing big time.
    Chances are she is trying to gain points by doing the heroic mission of “stopping the enemy sp”. How lame that this mission makes her feel that she is doing something worthwhile for the church and human kind. What garbage. She could do more good working in a soup kitchen or picking up trash in her neighborhood.

    The assumption and the forwarding lie is that the tech being performed in the “Shack” is off and of course the Church tech is in all the time at 100%. LOL!

    She and the others should wear the hat of the ARCX auditor if they wanted to be productive and effective. Does anyone remember this post ? It is on the Org board and once upon a time my Org use to have it posted. The job was to go out to someone’s home or get the person to come in and get off thier upsets in a session. IT WAS NOT A SEC CHECK OR O/W PULLING SESSION, BUT A REAL SESSION TO CLEAN UP ONE’S UPSETS WITH TRAINING AND AUDITING. It required being a class 4 auditor, not a OSA BOT.

    Go see the last Harry Potter movie. The relationship between the way the evil magicians take over the school and council of magic is so much like DM. Hopefully, DM will end up like Valdimir…a whimpering little being quivering on the ground.

  38. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    I wonder how they’d react to this perspective on their condition:

    “Hi, I’d like to thank you all for being here today and affirming just how much I am at cause over Corporate Scientology and you personally.

    Just by thinking what I do, and saying it to the press and on the Internet, I have caused your lives to be interrupted, forced you to travel thousands of miles, to rent a house, cars, a paddle boat, cameras and stuff and this golf cart. You have to keep watching me, and you’re forced to follow my every move.

    If I wanted to, I could send you all back home like this *snap* just by changing my mind and saying a few different things. You’d be on the next flight home, and you could resume your lives.

    Too bad that’s not going to happen. So I guess you’ll be stuck here as long as you allow me to be completely at cause over you. Well, that’s your decision. Have a nice day!”

  39. Robert Earle

    First regarding the continued presence and activity of these lost souls with the golf cart, including he or those who put them up to this. It seems that it continually eludes those just mentioned that there is a letter(PL) written to all staff from the Founder of Scientology (LRH) entitled “First Policy” which at first glance would seem to be an entirely unnecessary rule to make for staff of Scientology Organizations. I say this as it should be as normal an operating basis as could be, given the overall philosophy and technology of Scientology. You can’t practice Scientology and not follow this policy.This rule is so inherent in the subject that even if you never heard of the rule but properly understood and used the subject you would automatically be following the rule as it is inseparable from applying Scientology.
    I would venture to guess that all individuals who are successfull in life regardless of contact with Scientology follow this rule.
    Yet this group with the golf cart as well as he or those who sent them here regardless of the disclaimers of who has sent them here and monitors their operation , clearly has no connection with the above rule.
    Should the individual who currently controls the CofS adopt this rule which could be done by simply using the basic subject of Scientology then there would be no need for the golf cart crew or any similar crew to be present in IOB. Additionally had he been doing this it is unlikely that this blog would even have come into being.
    There is no evidence that he is or will use this rule or the basic principles of Scientology. .In fact it appears to me that the efforts to discredit and harass not only Marty but any and all others similarly is a misrepresentation of Scientology. .

  40. Those people lounging around in a golf cart down there (that are about two or three days away from some Texas buckshot I would think), need to get their priorities straight. While they lurk around Marty’s place, Scientology loses it’s religious status in Hungary: Scientology will no longer be a “church” in Hungary.

    Look at what this “recognized religion” in the U.S. is doing in Marty’s driveway and backyard. No wonder right?

    A new bill regulating the operation of churches has been passed by the Hungarian Parliament. According to this law, Scientology will no longer be recognized as a religion in Hungary and it will lose this status on 1 Jan 2012. They can apply for recognition, but it has to be authorized by a 2/3 majority vote in the Hungarian Parliament. Due to the current power structure, it has zero chance of happening.

    According to Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén, “As long as I and KDNP (Hungarian Christian Democratic Party) are in the Parliament, Scientology won’t be recognized as a religion.”


    No wonder right? Look at the social intercourse these people are up to in Marty’s driveway and on his front porch. Church’s get tax exemption because of benefit they put into a community. Look at this social intercourse. These people are a complete liability to the neighborhood!
    “Lose Hungary, gain a block in Ingleside” is this week’s mantra. That group is like the white flag of surrender coming down from Int.

  41. Rory Medford

    The circus continues…

    When do the clowns show up?

  42. I know I keep repeating myself, but those people are just pure-dee-out jackasses.

    And now, because no one else will talk to them, they’ve resorted to interviewing each other on the street in heatstroke season.

    Oh, they’re top-drawer, all right. The cream of the crop.


  43. Scott Campbell

    Good Idea M&M.

    Keep up the good work and keep enlightening them.

    Uh, on second thought maybe you should go back and find their ruins. Seems like they aren’t up to “need of change” yet!

  44. Laura Ann ~

    Tommy Davis said to the world that Marty and Mike were for holding the organization back, and since they’ve left, it has soared, having gotten rid of the problem.

    Marty and Mike have been gone from the Church for YEARS and YEARS and have had zero to do with the following locations ~~


    Birmingham (2nd largest city in UK after London) totally collapsed and in the RED, begging City council discretionary rate relief, which was refused


    Amsterdam Org collapsing.
    I don’t read Dutch, and the googlebot mangles it some, but it appears that 70 or so Dutch Scngsts have “left” and are demanding return of monies for services and IAS dono’s.


    This thread is in English, and gives more detail in a less dramatic fashion:

    Scientology will no longer be a church in Hungary
    A new bill regulating the operation of churches has been passed by the Hungarian Parliament. According to this law, Scientology will no longer be recognized as a religion in Hungary and it will lose this status on 1 Jan 2012. They can apply for recognition, but it has to be authorized by a 2/3 majority vote in the Hungarian Parliament. Due to the current power structure, it has zero chance of happening.

    According to Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén “as long as I and KDNP (Hungarian Christian Democratic Party) are in the Parliament, Scientology won’t be recognized as a religion” (http://index.hu/belfold/2011/07/15/s…mpolgar_lehet/)

  45. To Allender, I just don’t get the point of your actions. To pretend that Marty and Mosey are not there as though your were in the midst some kind of communications drill? To attack neighbors who dislike your unwanted intrusion into their lives? All this does in disperse misunderstanding about Scientology out into the community. It looks weird and is weird. Way to go on making Scientology look weirder and weirder to an entire region and beyond.

    Mosey, I hope you had fun with this. They are really weird and it doesn’t make any sense. You just have to laugh at the idiocy of it all.

  46. Yep I caught that too! Sounded like a perfectly normal and spontaneous “Thank You!” He’ll probably have to do an ‘Ethics’ program now, for that lapse into actual communication.I hope he doesn’t end up in whatever the public equivalent of The Hole is…..

  47. Priceless — “because no one else will talk to them …”

    Soon – John will be talking to himself via a mirror. Just like the mirror-man of old Alvarado Street in the early 70’s.


  48. This was on Aussie TV today. First is Nick Xenophon and second is Scn OSA Virginia Stewart.

  49. Send them over here!
    The local OSA here only sends 1.1 “nice” people to me.
    I remember back around 1985 they sent a couple of people to “bring me into present time” about the “Church”.
    I told them that I knew about the spies and that we had spies too and that I had been given details of their mission orders.
    The little squirt demanded to know how I got them and his nose started bleeding.
    They are sad creatures.
    The Austrian Police are usually nice friendly people. But faced with the Squirrel Busters some severe reality adjustments would be happening very quickly in the local jail.

  50. Two thumbs up.

  51. one of those who see

    I hung in there in decorum as i am at work until “that he is seeking to survive the RPF” That’s it, lost it. LOL Then the spirits part at the end is an absolute riot!!

  52. JM,

    That was my though too. Now they are pretending to be filming themselves talking to eachother……..?? Beyond lame.

  53. Tony Dephillips

    OTDT once quoted Woody Allen or whoever first said ” I wouldn’t want to be part of any group who would have me as a member.” Funny line.
    I would say: : “I wouldn’t want as a friend anyone who would tolerate such insanity from a “church”.

  54. The enraged, foaming-at-the-mouth “McDictator of Hemet” does not have a clue. If he thinks that a golf cart full of Marauding Morons of Miscavige is in any way scary or frightening he needs to think again. When I first saw the golf cart approaching in Marty’s video I thought it was full of senior citizens out for a morning ride.

    When I saw it was the Marauding Morons of Miscavige I concluded that are so low on funds that they cannot afford a rental car.

    The squirrel busters need to realize that they cannot look bad ass in a golf cart or a paddle boats. They merely look stupid.

    If Allender, Bryan, and Wheaton are DM products, then the Cult really did collapse many years ago — and these three are just going down with the ship because they don’t know how to swim.

    What is not stupid or pointless inside of Fail Cult International these days? COB has even been reduced to hiring non-Scientology actors to play the role of Scientologists:


  55. odie wilson


    I believe the positioning survey is finished.


    As an image I would choose one of those new multi-money MEST buidings, the glitzier the better.

    Now THAT communicates.

  56. George White

    Very,very funny.
    Much loving-kindness,

  57. martyrathbun09

    He was already busted from Golf Cart duty tonight. Only Gomez, Thing, and Uncle Fester got to play tonight in their three instances of stalking. They grounded him for two days last time he got into a comm cycle with us and stumbled badly on my offer to help him. He has a conscience still – a little, bitty glimmer. But, you can bet they’ll have him SRA’d and out snapping and snarling tomorrow.

  58. +1000 Helmuth.

  59. Dirk Niblick

    Hello Marty,
    Though I am not a Scientologist I am a sociologist of sorts, so I am an avid reader of your blog. Scientology has always fascinated me and I am interested to see what happens in this situation. I wish you guys the best. You deserve the right to practice your faith freely (and to share it freely with others, without requiring them to shell out hundreds of thousands to learn anything), and you obviously deserve to do all this without ridiculous harassment.

    From an outsider’s perspective I would offer this: I really enjoyed the first video you posted today. It quietly, peacefully, and yet openly points out just how absurd this behavior is. It does it with a smile, and it uses the principles of Scientology (your creed) to make that happen. I thought that was damn impressive and I think it’s an effective strategy. You’ll note the old guy in that first video who actually acknowledged you guys handing him the piece of paper. That was pretty cool, even if it was something tiny.

    I can completely understand why you guys would get frustrated and want to blow your top at robot idiots who have nothing better to do with their time than travel hundreds of miles for the sake of harassing someone. I just think you guys seem to deal with it best when you throw their (ostensible) beliefs right back at them, take it all with a smile, and defuse it all. I think this is why a lot of people on the internet seem impressed by your wife’s actions. She seems to do a darn good job of dealing with things that way.

    All the best to you, and don’t feed the trolls! Shut them down with a smile and the right peaceful comeback (like your creed). They are sad little people who have lost touch with reality… it’s the best way to make them look completely absurd. Maybe the best way to wake them up, too. That’s just my take, I guess. I’m not an expert and I don’t know best, but I do wish you well.

  60. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Oracle,
    Wasn’t Hungary touted as a country that had implemented all the LRH admin tech into their government a while back at one of those ghastly events the cult puts on?
    I guess that didn’t work out too well eh?

  61. Tony DePhillips

    That’s true it IS god awful hot there right now isn’t it?? LOL!!
    Thank God for small pleasures.

  62. George — Pleasure to meet you tonight!

  63. I prefere people walking out on their own to goverments deciding what is a religion and what is not.

  64. Tony — I wouldnt join a club that would have me as a member is a classic from Groucho Marx.

  65. “No pressure, no diamonds.”
    Thomas Carlyle

  66. Barney Rubble

    I like your style…. Thanks.

  67. JM — You are way cool…

  68. Seeing your videos of these robots reminded me of the Russians I worked with back in 1980. It was on a Soviet cruise ship in the caribbean. They were could only go on land in groups of three. Of course one was an informer on the others. When they were together they acted like everything non-Soviet was bad. They bragged on the superiority of Soviet goods and services, but one on one they were very curious about my life and told me how lucky I was to have freedom. Can you ever talk to the kool-aid drinkers alone? Are they afraid of you? Are they afraid of each other? Are they isolated from regular society? What will make them Wake up? You guys seem like such a safe place. Keep it up!

  69. They ARE the clowns….

  70. As a brief intro, until I started following blogs after reading the Tom Cruise Bio, I knew little of Scientology, but I have acquired a fascination with waiting for the fall of the abusive devil at the top. Someone should start acquiring enough signatures against these sickos to get mega attention at the national level–the FBI may be working on it, but not nearly fast enough. I know you have a fairly large readership, but not large enough to force the issue at this point. I’ll bet you’d get thousands of signatures with this readership doing the collection. How these zombies that follow this undersized madman weenie go along with this (and how they all get away with their twisted evil stuff) just astounds me. I know they are brainwashed, but don’t they realize even under the influence how sick and crazy their behavior is??? I just die laughing at those silly looking jerks in their “rub a dub dub” tub and that stupid looking golf cart they’re all crammed into while “documenting” your every move. Oh, and the cameras mounted to their heads some time back. And Squirrel Busters Shirts! It’s not funny for you and the neighbors, but for those of us who are watching, it’s hysterically funny to watch these simpletons following you around. Your documentation is superb! You could do a silent movie starring the Scio Stooges and it’d be among the great comedies of all time.

    By the way, Mosie is really great. She is just as cute and classy at the same time as she can be. I love her. Hang in there. This too shall pass and you’ll have some invaluable crazy-funny, historical footage.

  71. I knew Ed Bryan. He was the guy that said “Thank You” for the creed Mosey handed him. I also knew his wife Claudia. They were good people way back when…. I can’t believe what he has become. It’s so sad and pathetic.

    Ed, do you think this is what LRH would have you do? Read that Creed and read it well. You are off your rocker, buddy.

  72. Laura,

    POB is just warming up!

    Dont worry, it WILL get kookier. He is going to keep being right and keep on proving to everyone how right he is. In his twisted and very reactive mind he is “getting TA” so he will keep going and stretch this to the limit — way beyond what anyone can comprehend… Dont be surprised if in the next few days he has MORE of these OTAsses show up with a second golf-cart and maybe Minervabozo riding a moped. He IS going to be right goddammit. He has been telling people that this will “break” Marty and if it hasnt happened yet it can only be for two reasons: 1. Not ENOUGH people/pressure and/or 2. Not LONG enough.

    He IS insane.

  73. Tony DePhillips

    Interesting clip.
    The OSA lady makes the argument that we are part of a hate group and that is the justification for other Scientologists disconnecting from us.
    I assume that the cults definition of a hate group is ” a person who says anything publicly critical about dm or his organization”. That would mean that ANYONE who speaks out about his abuses is part of a “hate group”. Pretty convenient definition.
    I would say that dm’s cult is a hate group. They have no religious tolerance for others applying Scientology outside of their web.

  74. one of those who see

    I have a theory. Maybe a couple of writers from Saturday Night Live have infiltrated Int Management. And they’re not in the Hole…yet. Then the actions of these “Scientologists” make sense. I mean, you can picture the writers in a brainstorm session. writer 1: “Yeah, bright blue t – shirts with squirrels on them and cameras on their heads!” Writer 2: Perfect. That’s hilarious!! Writer 1: And they can watch Marty’s house from different weird places… where?? um. Writer 2: Paddle boats and golf carts! Writer 1: Yeah! And they stay in the same funny shirts all the time and they’re like crowded into these little modes of transportation LOL. Oh, this is good stuff. Wish we could air it on the show.

    Bravo to M & M who continue to act with dignity amongst the clowns.

  75. I keep expecting to hear the theme song for Gilligan’s Island. Some people got lost in a storm.

  76. Hey Marty. The last time I heard of you, you were still in Scientology. I am happy for you. Your story here about Sunday visits from crazed Scientologists attempting to upset you and your neighbors is long time coming. The Scientologists have been doing this to me since 2003! Texas I guess is way down south so it must longer for the wind to get there, or some such thing. I was actually in my pajamas one Sunday morning when my house was descended upon by OSA volunteers. You had to be there. I still wonder if it’s my mental image pictures or somebody else’s of the event. But this house is not that old. I documented it on my web site. And the man that came to my house, was, you got it, just like the one that comes to your house OT VIII! Can you believe it? I did not want to promote my site to you very much, as I know you are devout believer in L. Ron Hubbard’s tech and there is some upper level references made on my site so people unfamiliar with Scientology can get a glimpse of the real world. I will post a link here to the page about the time I was in my pajamas and the goon squad showed up:


    It’s out of this world Marty. I called the cops. I filed a complaint. And it is only the goodness of my heart that stopped me from them explain themselves to the Judge downtown with an attorney. I am following your act a bit. Be good.

  77. one of those who see

    Great comment Dirk!

  78. Buttons? Fuck buttons. Life is filled with buttons that get pushed. To fully live is to embrace buttons, to flourish and prosper from the challenge.

    Buttons are useful for personal expansion and understanding.

    Science of Survival could have included a section on how one responds to “buttons.” What does one do with another’s buttons?

  79. martyrathbun09

    Buttons? We don’t need no stinking buttons.

  80. Ziba Feulner

    Marty and Mosey,
    Next time you should offer them coffee and some of those famously delicious pancakes I have heard of – that my increase the tone from fear to at least 1,1 on their side 😉

  81. Marty,

    Hiss, slobber. We is only trying to keep you safe! Hisss, slobber. Soooo safe. The world is (hisssss, slobber) sooooo dangerous. Sooo very, very dangerous. Hisss, slobber. We is only trying to help you not get hurt. We is so important (hisss, slobber) to your survival. We love you so much.

    We have this very, very safe place for you to live. Better than under rocks. Nothing can get to you. You will be protected for eternity. Hiss, slobber.

    We is only trying to (hisss, slobber) help.

  82. Haha WH,
    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face on recalling the mirror-man.
    More than once I would be talking to someone outside the Org when all of a sudden, we’d hear someone shouting loudly. Then we’d look up and mirror-man would go whizzing by on his scooter giving all hell to some phantom demon he was in some sort of great verbal contest with. I’m trying to remember if he’d hold the mirror in one hand while driving the scooter or if he just shouted at the rear-view mirror ? Didn’t he also wear goofy old aviators headgear as well? LOL

    He could also be seen quite often up at the nearby Denny’s sitting at the counter with a mirror on a stand propped up in front of him….giving hell to his imaginary tormentor, albeit more subdued at the insistence of the management and patrons. LOL

    You’re right WH, it’s not much of a stretch to link Allender et al to raving nutters in the environment.

  83. Mosey — I think you should take a pitcher of KoolAid out with you and offer them some… Just make sure it has the big smiley KoolAd face on the pitcher….

  84. Funny, I was initially going to use that exact same paraphrase from The Treasure of Sierra Madre but opted for another approach. “Buttons? We don’t need no stinking buttons.” Funny you picked it up.

    Buttons make good driveway material.

  85. Hi Monique – I like your style. It is very practical and very effective. There is something special about a “God-fearing woman”. She is worth more than all the rubies in the world as she is the jewel. I am sure if King Solomon had known you he would not need his 700 wifes and 300 concubines.

  86. Dirk Niblick

    One more comment, sorry-
    I was thinking today… how can these people keep coming back day in and day out to this little Texas town to do this junk. How could they be controlled that way? Are they really that evil themselves, or are they just manipulated to the extreme?

    I stumbled upon this link while having a different unrelated discussion with friends online. It’s about how people in relationships control each other, but I imagine it matches perfectly with how the Church of Scientology (and groups like it) controls followers.


    Fascinating take by a random person online.

    Here’s what they said. If you want to control people in a horrible way…
    – Keep your followers too busy to think for themselves.
    – Keep your followers exhausted. Always tired and drained, never refreshed.
    – Keep them emotionally involved.
    – Reward them intermittently, from time to time, bit by bit, with prizes and “wins.”
    – Keep the crises rolling. Psychs, Anonymous, “religious bigotry,” always a crisis to fix now now now.
    – “Things will be better when…” when we have an ideal org, when we have an SP building, when every library has a set of books…
    – Keep real rewards distant. “Someday, when we get OT X and the planet is cleared…”
    – Establish one small semi-occasional success. The occasional good deed or successful event.
    – Chop up their time. Go here. No, do that course. No, that’s all wrong, do this one. Stop, do this instead. Do that. Fly to this city. Fly to that one. Nope, you haven’t donated enough.
    – Enmesh your success with theirs. “We are all in this together, saving the planet, and you can’t let us down.” “You did it and we did it together.” “We failed, and that means you let us down by not donating enough.”
    – Keep everything on the edge. “We almost have enough money, we are almost to the SP building opening…” almost, almost, almost…

    I am not an L. Ron Hubbard expert but I imagine he probably has some writings explaining these same sorts of things and how toxic they are, no?

  87. I was sitting in a restaurant in Texas and a group came in wearing “Squirrel Buster” tees, and I overheard this conversation:

    “Did you see what that fucking Rathbun was trying to pull?”

    “‘Creed?’ Creed was a fucking rock band.”

    “A fucking Christian Rock band at that.”

    “The son of a bitch has gone so looney he’s trying to confuse Christianity with Scientology.”

    “No wonder C-O-B is trying so hard to handle that bastard. We have to keep Scientology pure or it’ll get altered beyond recognition. The shit head is a fucking virus to all theta in the universe.”

    “A fucking rock band! What will that stupid son of a bitch come up with next? Where the hell does he get this shit?”

    “It’s a good thing C-O-B is here to make things go right. Did you read the latest Bulletin that states anyone overweight is obviously withholding funds from the church? Reg’s are now authorized to search pantries for anyone hoarding.”

    “Greedy pieces of shit. Imagine someone who would rather feed his body than go Clear and OT.”

    “Overt sucking scum.”

    “We get rid of Rathbun, then we’ll go back to weeding out the other riff-raff.”

    “After we’ve picked their bones.”

    “Talk about the ultimate Objective Process!”

    Boisterous laughter all around.

  88. martyrathbun09


  89. Pipi Doodle

    Why is the Church of Scientology wasting tremendous time and energy on trying to stop one “SP”? Why don’t they just follow LRH’s advice and Flourish and Prosper? Oh wait…… I forgot. They don’t apply LRH any more! Just how many PR series are they violating with their Comedy of the Absurd?

  90. Jon Allender starring in Automaton Productions as “Boy!”
    Love it Marty.
    Fuck these crazy assholes!

  91. Freetothink

    What a bunch of BS! I met with 2 MAAs months before we came out of Marty’s blog. We had already officially resigned but had sent our resignation to only the HCO’s of the Orgs we were part of (Seattle, AOLA, ASHO & FLAG). Our resignation had not been made public at the time. They were very clear that unless I came to my senses & recant my resignation, my only terminal would be IJC. None of my friends would be able to talk to me if they wanted to continue participating in the activities of the Church (training, processing, attending events, …). I told them “so you’re going to force them to disconnect from me” they said “no, it’s going to be their choice”. So basically they would be face with “choosing” between their Bridge or be in communication with me it’s. The no disconnection policy is BS!. I was not a part of a hate group & I had not even told my friends that I had resigned.

    It’s insane! Especially if I respect my friends’ choice to be part of the Church and don’t try to convince them otherwise. I asked them how someone stops being part of the Church if they choose to play another game. Their answer was showing me a reference like “you can’t be half-in or half-out”. If you’re in we treat you like you’re in if you’re out we treat you like you’re out. I said many people have left the Church a long time ago but are not subject to this because they did not resign. They admitted that my way of doing it was more honest but came with consequences. My response was that for years I defended the Church not being a cult, but now I’m confronted with the fact that it has lots of the characteristics of a cult, especially since you can’t leave it without being considered “evil” even if you have no other “crime” than leaving. They had no comments.

    I’m sure that there are many examples of people being forced to disconnect that haven’t been part of a hate group as they say. This will be very easy to prove.


  92. Hello All;

    Does anyone here know if the antics of these Squirrel Busters are known by the rank file Scino? I’m curious just how far the ripple has reached.

  93. It’d be great if Anderson Cooper would run a little blurb with video of the Ass-Kissers on Marty’s front porch. Or maybe a compilation of several, including the recent Anna-bot getting schooled by Mosey.

  94. Tony DePhillips

    “Buttons? Fuck buttons.”

  95. “Hopefully, DM will end up like Valdimir…a whimpering little being quivering on the ground.”

    Well, DM already has a great advantage here, as he is already much closer to the ground already!

  96. They’ve already got their own clown car and everything!

  97. No. Not unless they found it on the internet themselves, which I’m sure many do.

  98. Mike Hobson

    Wow, what a completely disingenuous and deceptive bullshit response from Virginia Steward.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  99. That was a false report. The L.R.H. admin tech is nowhere in the Hungarian Government. The average pay in Hungary is 250.00 U.S. per month and the prices are the same if not higher than the U.S.. There are people that have not driven their car in years because they cannot afford gas. To go OT they have to go to Saint Hill. Who could afford Scientology anyway? The Church has run a covert “can’t have” on them and they in turn, have done it to their public. Hungary had the highest suicide rate of any nation on a yearly basis for over 200 years. They came out from under communist Russia only recently. They took contract killing from Germany during WWll when the Germans couldn’t stomach it anymore.
    Over 450,000 Jews were killed in Hungary.

    Religion was outlawed for decades under communist rule. If you are over 40 you can’t find work there. It is a dismal situation. Still, the country is smaller than L.A.. The people are intelligent and competent. Against the backdrop of all the outpoints, the strong are standing and intelligent and competent. Failure is not an option in Hungary. People would rather die. The superstars at Flag at a recent event were all from Hungary. They recruit them left right and center for a piece of Tampa Florida. Nobody at Int is Hungarian, they could care less. They don’t understand the culture or history and wouldn’t be allowed to read a book about it anyway. Whoever is running Hungary from Int hasn’t even the resource to read about the country on Wikipedia.


    On a light note, Houdini and Tony Curtis were Hungarian.

    The language is the hardest to learn on the planet, still unknown with evidence the source, not Latin based or based on any other language.

  100. Oh my gosh! Mirror man! 🙂
    That was a time of real training, when Exhilda was C/Sing…every cram order, C/S instruction or comm was referenced with the exact HCOB, page and paragragh.
    Today…you can not even ask for the LRH reference for some of the actions in the Church without someone insinuating you are “counter intention” or disaffected for asking.
    So different from then to now…and not what I signed up for. These current actions of the Church are an embarrassment.

  101. These morons wants to be ADMIRED.

  102. LMFAO!
    Soooo funny, a good OTDT substitute.

  103. scilonschools

    You have to smile, all the time ,effort and money that DM/SQB productions goes through to intimidate and ‘confront’ Marty & Mosey et al, and when they have a perfect opportunity as Marty & Mosey gentley approach them, they act like they are in another ‘state’.
    Surely if they wanted to ignore Marty & Mosey they could do it from the comfort of their own homes or one of DM’s empty ideal morges!

    Is it my imagination or does John Allender look like he has aged 5 years in 4 months? How does he stay so pale spending so much time standing out in the LA & Texas sun ??

  104. plainoldthetan


  105. Theo Sismanides


    Marty, good…. “Read Up Kids You Might Learn Something”

    And I would say also that the Church of Scientology, all the them cool aid drinkers out on the cart they look like coming out of a Mickey Mouse cartoon.

    “Live Life Kids You Might Learn Something”

  106. Theo Sismanides

    Now on a more serious note Marty I think you have the right to get them out of the neighborhood. This is such a harassment and those people have no right filming and videoing the neighbors or you. It’s been so many days that they have been doing that now and it gets all of your attention Marty…. get the police and get them out of there. Enough with them… tone level is 2.0 and below… they need to do something good and productive…

  107. Even in the still picture her eyes are scary! Unmitigated, laid-back hostility.

  108. scilonschools

    Another ‘off thread’ comment but bear with it, it will converge and far sooner than some may think!!!

    News of the World Phone Hacking Whistle Blower ‘Found Dead’

  109. LRH does have some wisdom concerning these matters but the link you posted is incredible!

  110. Thanks, Lise. I hadn’t seen that. Virginia can lie with the best of them. Kerri-Anne should have asked her which hate group her dad had joined that caused Virginia to disconnect from him. RIP.

  111. markthehungarian

    The chance that Hungary would really have implemented Scientology at a government level is zero. Whoever said that was lying.

    CoS has a very bad reputation here. By-and-large, most residents in Budapest have heard of it (judging by people/strangers I have spoken with, and in my job I speak with a LOT of different people), and the overwhelming response is somewhere between weird, unhealthy, dangerous, and cult.

    Like in the US, CoS has done what it can to attract celebrities to the fold, by Hungarian celebs have little to no drawing power here, so it hasn’t worked out. As in other countries, the CoS is trying to dazzle with its MEST, and recently moved buildings from an awfully ugly building by Blaha Lujza Ter, a square home to vagrants, homeless people and prostitutes. Their new location puts them behind Andrassy ut (beautiful avenue) in a glossy new office space, but as far as MEST goes, it’s little more than a clean new office building.

    Budapest has beautiful buildings all over, and the CoS has tried IMO to position itself in a building that is new, clean, efficient, etc., to reflect the image they want to sell. However, it’s nowhere near as nice as many buildings nearby.

    There is a Cafe opposite which is quite popular with writers and actors (many theatres nearby), and I’ve popped in there on several occasions to have a quick latte. While there, I’ve kept an eye on the building’s front door (and peered in through the ground floor windows) to see what is happening. Over the last 5 visits, I’ve seen precisely 1 woman leave and 1 man enter. Usually the 2 rooms I can peek in are empty. Only once have I seen people inside, and then there were only 3 people in a room, sitting on chairs and training. Hardly straight-up-and-vertical growth from the world’s fastest growing religion.

    The CoS is dead here. And Hungary is not a good place for the CoS because with average salaries being what they are (~$300 a month, or less), there is no money to be made here of members.

    Finally, I had a boss here who was a CoS member here. Besides being super-unpleasant to work for, he spent his days trying to recruit myself and my colleagues into the CoS. He was fired after 2 months on the job for being unproductive and unbearable. All he did in those 2 months was underline to the other 450 people in the company that those who enter the CoS leave their souls at the door.

    During his time, he managed to recruit not 1 person to the CoS. Not 1.

  112. It’s an interesting phenomenon when you run across someone who is still alive, like the security guard in the Seattle Ideal org video


    “A being is as alive as he can communicate”. I’m not sure if thats an exact quote, but it’s pretty close

    What does it mean that a non-Scientologist security guard is more alive than the Scientologists inside? I thought Scientology was supposed to make people more alive and free?

  113. Hell of a productive day for the Busters. They are supposedly on a mission to harass. But they get politely educated by Mosey. And then they have to sit silently in that little dinky golf cart while Marty towers over them like a giant and refers to Allender as “boy”. Bad ass Busters. Yeah, sure.

  114. Hmm. The interviewer doesnt understand the data enough to get actual answers to her questions.

  115. It’s an interesting similarity. Both probably share a deep fear of losing something. Church members fear losing their hope for spiritual freedom. The Russians probably feared losing physical freedom and/or their life.

  116. Karen,
    Thanks for researching this and posting this info.

  117. “lapse into actual communication”. Bang on. Frigging funny too..

  118. We are witnessing more than that. We are witnessing the convulsions / final death throes of a once great organisation.

  119. “why doesn’t she start auditing people for a living or FSMing big time”

    Does anybody outside of Indies field audit or FSM any more?I don’t know about other areas but in the UK FSMing effectively ceased a long time ago. The only “FSMs” around the EG area (Sheila Bulger, Pavan Fraser, Lorraine Bulger) only leech off current public or those dropped off lines. I doubt they have brought in half a dozen brand new public between them. It was one of the many “waking up” points for me – I had to confront the fact that I simply did not want to bring anyone I actually liked into DM’s cult. Would I want others to have similar experience to mine? Fuck, no. Compared to the early 80s when I brought dozens of people in, into the sometimes chaotic but always interesting and friendly London Org.

  120. Very true. Your link does not work for me, but found him saying the exact same thing here from two days ago: http://www.hirtv.hu/belfold/?article_hid=388168

    As of Jan 2012, Scientology is no longer recognized as a religion in Hungary, folks.

    Mind you, they do have some PIs and OSA working on it but these people in Parliament are out of reach for them. They can not reverse this new law.

    Hungary had a big boom in the early 90s. Since then it’s been all going downhill. OTs are being declared and public leaving in droves.

  121. Yes it was, I remember that one well. Hungary was expanding well in the 90s, possibly beyond, until GAT, GAK, SO recruiters and the IAS got its claws into the country. Budapest Org is a shadow of what it was. Miskolc Mission is struggling – it used to be buzzing. Now there is as much contempt for Scientology as elsewhere in the EU. There has been a lot of negative press there. (I’m quite well informed as my wife is Hungarian and reads the online news in Hungarian).

  122. “People who leave – that’s fine – people do it all the time”…oh-oh. A lapse into truth. I sense an RPF assignement in the offing.

  123. Could Graeme Wilson, Janet, Cathy, Phil or indeed anyone from OSA UK explain what Hate Group my 9 year old daughter has joined that means her best buddy Molly had to disconnect from her? She still cries herself to sleep sometimes at not being able to see her.

  124. Lronanonymous

    Christ, what a bunch of freaks-.- Also, lots of respect for you wife Marthy!
    I just saw the video in which she stands up to some Miscavige loving **** that came to your house.

  125. Rope. Lots of rope.

  126. GREAT specifics, Marie-Joe, about how the Church officials in Seattle gave you no choice but disconnection from your friends. As you say, it’s all B.S.

  127. Yes, Tony, pretty convenient definition: A hate group is any person who speaks out about David Miscavige’s abuses.

    Therefore, Church representatives might also consider other hate groups to include 1960s freedom riders, signers of the Declaration of Independence, and anyone who exercises their (U.S.) first amendment rights.


  128. Dirk, you’re so right.

  129. Expelled4Life

    The cognition I had some time ago is that most policies written by Ron on why you declare someone have to do with damaging Scientology. The problem is that independents are not trying to damage Scientology. They are trying to apply Scientology and blow the whistle on the current management of the Church that is running the subject into the ground. Those in charge and those who are carrying out their orders are the ones damaging Scientology.

  130. martyrathbun09

    Miscavige long ago sold out to the Murdoch crowd. Can’t you see the parallels? Details in upcoming book.

  131. TheWidowDenk

    Fascinating clip! It looks like a new positioning is being used. Following Dr. Denk’s memorial service in November, 2004, I was escorted off post and out of Author Services. Then I was contacted by the IAS reg, Howard Becker, and encouraged to take out a home equity loan as “COB has a really big situation.” Where’s the “hate group?”

  132. martyrathbun09

    It is true “COB has a really big situation.” However, money is not the answer – as we are seeing.

  133. Tony DePhillips

    Or people who wanted justice from the abuses of pedophile priests.

  134. scilonschools

    Not for a moment implying a sympathy between Rupert (and probably James) Murdoch and the Church of Scientology!
    In fact up to a year or so ago I would say they reported on the Church in less than favourable terms.
    Nor would I suggest any connection between the death of Sean Hoare and the Murdochs, in fact it was the discovery and release of a file held with their solicitors at the time by James Murdoch that has lead to their current position.
    Historically they used the services of Southern Investigations Ltd, run by Jonathan Rees whose partner Daniel Morgan had an unfortunate accident with an axe in 1987 leading to his death!
    The activities of Southern investigation ltd (who have close connections with Police and beyond!) services may be bought into the light over this enquiry.
    That is the link.

  135. Martin wrote: “The only ‘FSMs’ around … only leech off current public or those dropped off lines.”

    Martin, I think this has become pretty universal since the early-mid 90s. While there were the straggling exceptions perhaps through 1995, I’d guess that 99% of FSMing over the last 20 years has been inward toward the existing public. With the ramp up of “Bridge re-do’s”, IAS and “Ideal Orgs”, it became more and more like a criminal ponzi scheme … where most of the FSM’ing not only didn’t create new members but eventually wasn’t even for a service — it was either to repair the CoM’s f’-ups or beg for money/donos (no exchange).

    I think the big unspoken cognition that most Scientologists have had was exactly the one you state: “there is no way I would want to subject anyone I care about to the crush reg’ing and S.O. insanity that the CoM doles out on a daily basis”.

  136. LOL, that was awesome Helmuth. And so true!

  137. This sounds like the same thing that happened in Russia. Didn’t a Russian University have a library named after LRH at one point (1990s)? Now, 15 years later, LRH’s books are “banned as extremist”.

    Nice job, CoM! Sure sounds like you’re maintaining friendly relations with the environment. Not.

  138. Just for the record (and so everyone understands the significance in the U.S.), Rupert Murdoch owns “News Corp” which owns:

    – Fox News
    – Wall Street Journal
    – Star magazine
    – The New York Post
    – DirectTV (satellite service)

    … and yes, that’s just in the USA. Murdoch’s also a heavily entrenched media mogul in:

    Britain (Murdoch owns News of the World, The Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times, Sky Television [now BSkyB]);

    Australia (Murdoch owns Sunday Times, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, music label “Festival Records”);

    Asia (Murdoch owns Star TV [similar to DirecTV in the USA]).

    I’m familiar with the Greta van Susteren (Scientologist) connection at Fox News. I’m guessing that there’s a similar connection with former Australian media mogul James Packer (friend of Tom Cruise, and apparently former Scientologist or at least former CoM member).

    I’ll be curious to learn about any other Scientology and Murdoch connections.

  139. Go Mosey!!!! OMG that’s Ana Stillo I used to work with her. She got busted down the ranks and worked for me in HEM if my memory is correct.

  140. Brent Cordone and Bruce Wiseman have both appeared on FOX – Cordone as a consultant and Wiseman promoted his book on FOX and Friends. There is definitely a relationship. FOX would have done some sort of investigation into the background of both and known that they were Scientologists before they were contracted and brought on. You should watch the FOX coverage of the News of the World scandal by FOX media. They have it painted that it is a victim of hacking and not the other way around. (Sound familiar?) Scientology’s alignment with conservative politics confounds me. The Church of Scientology – San Diego’s endorsement of Measure 8 in California is just a reflection of its political leanings.

  141. lol And what he doesn’t own brings accurate news about the CO$

  142. Great link. Reminds me of:(I lolled at 39 and 42 is whitty)

    Certain characteristics appear with stunning regularity among narcissists. Since narcissism is on a continuum, some will have more than others.

    CHARACTERISTICS of the NARCISSIST and others with Personality Disorders

    These apply to males and females.

    1. Self-centered. His needs are paramount.
    2. No remorse for mistakes or misdeeds.
    3. Unreliable, undependable.
    4. Does not care about the consequences of his actions.
    5. Projects faults on to others. High
    blaming behavior; never his fault.
    6. Little if any conscience.
    . 7. Insensitive to needs and feelings of others.
    8. Has a good front (persona) to impress and exploit others.
    9. Low stress tolerance. Easy to anger and rage.
    10. People are to be manipulated for his needs.
    11. Rationalizes easily. Twists conversation to his gain at other’s expense. If trapped, keeps
    talking, changes the subject or gets angry.
    12. Pathological lying.
    13. Tremendous need to control situations, conversations, others.
    14. No real values. Mostly situational.
    15. Often perceived as caring and understanding and uses this to manipulate.
    16. Angry, mercurial, moods.
    17. Uses sex to control
    18. Does not share ideas, feelings, emotions.
    19. Conversation controller. Must have the first and last word.
    20. Is very slow to forgive others. Hangs onto resentment.
    21. Secret life. Hides money, friends, activities.
    22. Likes annoying others. Likes to create chaos and disrupt for no reason.
    23. Moody – switches from nice guy to anger without much provocation.
    24. Repeatedly fails to honor financial obligations.
    25. Seldom expresses appreciation.
    26. Grandiose. Convinced he knows more than others and is correct in all he does.
    27. Lacks ability to see how he comes across to others. Defensive when confronted with his behavior. Never his fault.
    28. Can get emotional, tearful. This is about show or frustration rather than sorrow.
    29. He breaks woman’s spirits to keep them dependent.
    30. Needs threats, intimidations to keep others close to him.
    31. Sabotages partner. Wants her to be happy only through him and to have few or no outside interests and acquaintances.
    32. Highly contradictory.
    33. Convincing. Must convince people to side with him.
    34. Hides his real self. Always “on”
    35. Kind only if he’s getting from you what he wants.
    36. He has to be right. He has to win. He has to look good.
    37. He announces, not discusses. He tells, not asks.
    38. Does not discuss openly, has a hidden agenda.
    39. Controls money of others but spends freely on himself.
    40. Unilateral condition of, “I’m OK and justified so I don’t need to hear your position or ideas”
    41. Always feels misunderstood.
    42. You feel miserable with this person. He drains you.
    43. Does not listen because he does not care.
    44. His feelings are discussed, not the partners.
    45. Is not interested in problem-solving..
    46. Very good at reading people, so he can manipulate them. Sometimes called gaslighting.

  143. Master of War

    One of DM’s purposes is to bullbait us into taking physical action – a push, a shove, touching the property of his agents, or any other illegal act.

    That is a win for DM, allowing him to post videos of our (supposed) violent natures, at worse, or, at best (for him), to file criminal complaints (even if minor), then publicize that.

  144. martyrathbun09

    Post videos where? On his You Tube Channel that no one watches? His 28 anti Marty blogs to that nobody visits? Or Scientologyorg.com, number 61,000 website in the US? You are now viewing number 26,000. Take a chill pill bro.

  145. Sue wrote: “…have it painted that it is a victim of hacking…”

    LOL. That’s funny … I haven’t kept up with all the Fox News boys/girls as I used to. These days, I usually get the main bullet points from Jon Stewart and Anderson Cooper. 🙂 But I always laughed at how slanted Fox and Friends were, and could never stomach a whole hour with Glenn Beck. Bill O’Reilly was almost tolerable, at least when he was pretending to be “independent”. But these days, it seems to be an all-out GOP fest with not even a pretense of being balanced, letalone fair.

  146. Yes we are defeated. Let’s all go home. Wait allready there.

    you must live on another planet

  147. Bill O’Reilly loves to hate my country

  148. Didn’t you know that “the enviroment” ia a suppressive hate-group ?

  149. Tory Christman

    Buttons? LOL>>>>I’ve said forever:
    The “Church” of $cientology could literally burn to the GROUND
    and Davey boy would have rigged a sign that would pop up:
    “WE WON”
    These people are idiots. Do whatever you have to do to safeguard your home and your neighbors, and FUCK THEM.
    And if you haven’t already, please call the cops AND
    the media; This IS intentional harassment.
    OSA? Thanks for proving, day after day, why we ALL speak out. Happily your demonstrations are proving why and more and MOAR people are leaping OUT each day! Come on kids, (to those still “in”): As I said yesterday: There is NO prize for staying. There are *tons* of wins and gains on leaving. As one person said a few days ago, who just left:
    “I can say, do, read, view ANYTHING *I* Want”. That’s a HUGE win, you all “in” have given up. Take back your lives. To all here: KEEP up the great work. 🙂 TLC

  150. Tory Christman

    Well said, Michael, and sadly—quite true! “The beingness of a pebble”. Imagine *that*. I once went and made a video to show someone who had never been “in” all of the buildings, the older buildings where Scientology started, here in LA. I got to 811 Beacon Street (where I lived for awhile, with many other Scios) and I literally burst out crying.

    He sat quietly as I explained: “We had SUCH high hopes back then. Things were SO much fun. People were joining daily—Scientology was a very good thing back then. And now? So many dead, so many tortured, so much hatred and the same “church” is now a dumping grounds. Those still “in” have long ago forgotten why they ever joined. The supposed “OT’s” “in” have totally lost it ALL.” These people in this video, these very sick, literally quite possibly mentally ill inmates, look totally insane. They ACT totally insane. They speak totally insane. If it looks like a duck…….

    Love to you, Michael, and all here 🙂 Tory Christman
    aka: Magoo! Burbank, CA
    (818) 588-3044 ((If anyone “in” needs to talk with someone, please give me a call. I don’t bite: only meooow occasionally)) :).

  151. I miss Tommy Davis and his amazing and stupid footbullets. I guess somebody decided to retire him. He sure was entertaining though. Allender is too much of a robot. Congrats to Mosey. Ana was on the RPF with me in 1989, she had already been in the RPF for years! I can’t imagine he hypocrisy of her talking about “standard”. She is a product of the system, she doesn’t have an original thought left in her head.

  152. ok, I’ve been watching your videos and I’m totally on your side but I think you have to completely IGNORE them and not fuel their fire. It’s what’s giving them momentum every time you go out and challenge them. Blank them, make like they aren’t there! Like naughty Bullies they’ll get bored and leave. dont answer the door, dont do anything. Keep up a dialogue with your neighbors to keep them on your side but ignore these skidmarks. Dont rise to the bait!

  153. Hey Marty, you should get a bigger dog/s!!!

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