Rosalie Hamilton

Rosalie Hamilton

Email I sent June 24, 2011:

Sent only to my small group of dear friends who share my spiritual quest –

First, a quick review of the significant points of my Bridge:  In 1989 Flag certified me as Clear, based on a Clearing session with L. Ron Hubbard a long, long time ago.  I then trained through Level 4.  In July 1999 I had done Solo I and Solo I Certainty, and had arranged the money and time to get through OT III in Los Angeles in six months.  Instead, my Clear status was cancelled.  ASHO told me that at the time of my session with LRH he “was not Clear” and that he had “found out more about Clear after that time.”  It took several days for me to get over my grief and my outrage at the insult to LRH, but, eventually, I saw that I had no other choice.  During the next six months, my time and money were eaten up doing the entire lower Bridge under protest.  When I left, I had not yet “re-achieved” Clear, and my personality had changed drastically.

From July 1999 until June 2011 I experienced chronic depression and financial and 2-D difficulties.  In 2002 I moved to Clearwater and in my nine years there had three different short auditing cycles, in which Flag did not “crack my case” nor alleviate my crippling depression.  My auditors were either students, despite my having paid professional rates, or they and also the examiners were wooden and appeared to be scared stiff that they might do something wrong, acting as though they were being watched every minute.

I somewhat out-created my own dismal situation, managing to disconnect myself from a detrimental 2-D relationship and recovering financially, but it has been quite an ordeal spiritually, physically and emotionally to do it against invalidation, overrun, rejected F/Ns, and denial of gains – very, very painful.  I was never “myself.”

About two years ago I got the knowingness that I was either not going to make it, or not be allowed to make it, but hung in there because there was no other option and in desperation and fear that I would go into my next lifetime in this sad state of affairs, and continued to flow money to Flag for future auditing.

I also did more training, e.g., PTS-SP for the second time and about 2/3 of the Basics, finishing the fabulous PDC tapes in April of this year, shortly before moving away from Clearwater in May.

During these 12 years, my observations began to accumulate into “What’s wrong with this picture?”

  • Most of the OT 7’s I saw look like ‘death warmed over.’  Nearly all of them are experiencing serious financial difficulties, and some (an inordinate number) have engaged in 2-D or business irregularities, and/or are sick or injured.
  • Nearly every one of my close friends has been stuck around Clear for ten or more years, also defying statistical probability.
  • The announcements of newly discovered Tech did not jibe with what our beloved LRH said – that he had given us all that we needed to achieve spiritual freedom.  The guy I know from our wondrous Tech and whom I had the privilege of meeting would not have left us with incomplete or inaccurate data.  What one is then forced to conclude is that the Tech is being altered and the competence and caring for us by our hero being disrespected.
  • I observed (and experienced) that the members of the Scientology community in the Clearwater area have no life whatsoever – again, not what Ron said Scientology is for.  Instead of Scientology being used to enhance people’s lives, if we were not receiving auditing, we were training or volunteering, or working around the clock to pay for the other three.  We had no other life.
  • When the stories of enslavement, deprivation, and torture came out in the St. Petersburg Times, I defended our leadership, writing it off as Black PR and anomalies.  At some point, however, partly due to my observation of the integrity of various whistle-blowers, I was forced to conclude that where there is that much smoke, there has to be some fire.
  • Twice I was hit up for donations in Ethics cycles, where I of course felt I had no option but to donate, whether it aligned with my FP or not.
  • On a related note, often I donated or bought a product I didn’t need or already owned in order to help various staff members who were being forced to sell products and services, because I saw and heard the desperation of the staff member.
  • In spite of the fact that it did not indicate to me in the least to re-do TR’s & Objectives, I started that co-audit course last year, along with everyone else.  The little bit of auditing I received before my twin had to get the preps from hell cycle (one year long), in order for me to audit her, was good but not essential.  I had already realized that the TR’s & Objectives reg-ing was a “group C.S.,” which by definition is not a C.S.  Recently, OT’s and people desiring to get on the OT levels started filling my course room, doing HQS, and I realized that that reg-ing was the second “group C.S.”  When I had the chance to go back onto TRs & Objectives, I didn’t.
  • At Events for the last few years, I noticed the continuous, bright, flashing lights; staccato/fast urgency speech delivery; etc., and could not ignore the similarity to implant station experiences.  The one-terminal nature of the pace is so rapid-fire as to discourage participation, even that of duplicating and examining what is being presented and determining agreement or not, cogniting, etc.
  • The strong admonitions not to look at increasing negative data about the church, despite our beloved LRH having said exactly the opposite – “Look, don’t listen.”
  • The inconsistency of requiring members to disconnect from family and friends who choose life outside the church, despite Ron having cancelled the disconnect policy in RJ 68 (and I think other places as well), and my having seen Tommy Davis, the head of OSA, declare in a CNN interview that there is no disconnect policy.

I don’t claim to understand what is going on.  All I can do, in my personal integrity, is to observe, keep my own counsel, and be brave enough to know what I know.  Something is terribly wrong.  I do not have the power to change it, so I have to distance myself from it.  To this date I have deliberately not gone online to read the researched data on what has happened to our church or the testimonies of others who have chosen to continue their path to spiritual freedom outside the current organized church.  Instead, I have observed for myself, compared what I saw to the Tech, and made my own decision. When I finally did so, it was with sad acceptance that my then current painful state was it for this lifetime.  Instead, however, joy of joys, I have now located highly trained followers of LRH who will help me on the path I enthusiastically entered in 1984 and was knocked off in 1999, then continuously deterred from until now.

I am so happy to share with you the news that this week my Clear status was verified and I resumed my OT Preps, before I start Solo-ing.  As I write this I have a big persistent F/N-smile on my face!

And to each of you, my friends, I wish you success and serenity on your personal path.

With much love,

Rosalie Hamilton

July 1, 2011 I emailed the following P.S. to the same friends:

I can’t say I’m pleased, but at least I now have a better understanding  As I indicated in my earlier email, I made my decision to disconnect from the current church organization based solely on my own personal observations and experiences.  Just this week I have gone online and read  data that explains the reasons for and source of the outnesses I saw for myself, and, unfortunately, my experiences and my many feelings of “What’s wrong with this picture” all make sense now.  Many of the people who have left the church during the last 20+ years are highly trained Sea Org and other org staff who know the Tech, so they recognized that it has been and is being altered, and have made public exactly how that is.

It appears that the Scientologists dedicated to keeping the Tech pure as LRH gave it to us consider themselves “Independents.”  Ron trained auditors to then go home and independently audit people, and that is what they are doing, all over the country.

As I am not in a position to put in the needed Ethics on the outnesses in the church, my objective is simply to avail myself and others of the Tech Ron left us, unadulterated.  My postulate is that the evil that results in people being denied gains and otherwise being deprived of freedom and happiness will burn itself out and the church will again be faithful to LRH.

With much love,

Rosalie Hamilton

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  1. Impartial English Girl

    What a lovely post. Hope you have a very long and happy future, Rosalie. xx

  2. Yvonne Schick

    Dear Rosalie,
    I have tears of joy. Thank you for this beautifully written announcement. You and I have barely met, but you are very special to dear friends of mine. It warms my heart that you are now free and that the barrier to the goals you have for yourself and others is now lifted. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Much love, Yvonne

  3. Rosalie, this has happened to a lot of people including me. In the church if you are OK there is something wrong with you, and if you are not OK, you alright because probably services can help that are not needed and wanted in either case. Isn’t it good to just break the taboo and let that organization know (even though it is composed of ignorant illiterates) that what are they are offering is not really what is needed and wanted? I like hearing people’s stories, because sometimes I know some of the people.

  4. Yvonne Schick

    PS. You look mega-happy. Aren’t you a Texan? We do love to boast.

  5. Another one steps back from the insanity. Puts distance between herself and what caused her depression and lo and behold … finds a multitude of happy smiling people on the other side, welcoming her.

    Fabulous write up. May you continue to be happy and may you help others in finding their own way forward.

    Congratulations on your Clear status verification and resuming up the bridge.


  6. George M. White

    Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck on your new journey.
    Much loving-kindness,
    George Michael White

  7. Summer Wind

    Congratulations Rose! (hands clapping)
    I’m so sorry to hear what happened to you. I left in 1999 after doing the PDC course too! So glad I did that, that data is used in my life every day like breathing. I wish you all the best in your now sane journey and I’m so happy that you have found terminals who will validate your truth! 🙂

  8. Rosalie, what lovely, lovely emails. Thank you for sharing those here.

    I appreciate so much that you looked at what you could see, didn’t listen to others, and kept your own counsel in making the decision about leaving the church. That demonstrates such high integrity on your part.

    Also, hearty congratulations re your recent auditing wins and successes in life. May they continue!

    Just Me

  9. Brian Culkin

    “My postulate is that the evil that results in people being denied gains and otherwise being deprived of freedom and happiness will burn itself out and the church will again be faithful to LRH.”

    -Roaslie Hamilton

    I personally experienced and observed that at Flag too many times to count. As I look back at my time there, I am amazed with how many people have gone into complete agreement with “being denied gains” and “deprived of happiness.”

    Isn’t this suppose to be fun?

  10. Rosalie,

    You have friends here. Stay as long as you like, feel free to speak up whenever you want to and say whatever you wish. The boys and girls here know what a comm cycle is and how to use it. I hope you stay for a very long time!


  11. Sapere Aude

    Thank you for the wonderful expression of what you found to be true. Welcome to the world of the Independent Scientologist. Here, you are allowed to be you, allowed to have your wins, allowed to build upon your understandings in the study of LRH materials and most importantly you are allowed to look, listen and make up your mind. When others make up “your mind” for you then isn’t that the opposite of moving on up to higher states of beingness and awareness as postulated by Ron.

    You picture looked radiant and you are again winning in life. Splurge on those wins! Continue on this journey with your integrity intact.

  12. Rosalie, What beautifully written e-mails. Thank you for sharing your wins and welcome to the Independents. Love

  13. Theo Sismanides

    Dear Rosalie, thank you for coming out and communicating your observations which since unanswered became objections and doubts. Same happened here long ago, more than 10 years now… and may i tell you as i have said it here many times that I was persecuted for insisting on the application of HCOBs on translations, namely the Translations Series, which is NOT applied, when I was the Translation Unit Dir in EU. So, I think your observations and mine as well as many others’ now coincide and we are not all blind. Thanks for your decision to come out in the open. If ALL, i repeat ALL Scientologists acted like YOU, we wouldn’t have this. It is actually Applying KSW, so you ARE putting Ethics IN.

  14. Freedom Fighter


    Thank you for this incredible write-up, thank you for being willing to state what you’ve observed, and thank you for being true to LRH. I remember meeting you in LA when you were at ASHO and you struck me, at that time, as someone with high personal integrity. It comes as no surprise to me that you are now on the outside of what has become the opposite of what LRH intended.

    It’s true what you say; there are many highly-tech-trained people who have left the church over the last 20-30 years. The amazing thing is how many of them were trained directly by LRH! Many of these individuals saw things going off the rails when Miscavage took over and were crucified when they tried to speak out.

    At St. Hill, alone, at least 38 out of 50 of the staff members of the last
    Org that LRH personally ran himself in St. Hill, England have been declared by DM and kicked out of Scientology forever (you can see the list of these staff members on Steve’s blog here (
    st-hill.html). Now, I’m no math wiz, but even I know that this far exceeds the 2 1/2 percent that LRH stated were suppressive in the population.

    What are the odds that such a high concentration of SPs landed at St. Hill all at the same time? What are the odds that so many people hand-picked by LRH himself turned out to be suppressive? Seriously? To think this could be the case would be no different, IMO, from thinking LRH was an idiot.

    It boggles the mind.

  15. Freedom Fighter

    Fixed formatting of the link above:

  16. Luis Garcia


    Welcome home! Your write-up is just wonderful. Well done on keeping your integrity and observing the many outpoints in the madhouse the “church” has become. You are finally free. Free to be whatever you wish, free to communicate without fear of reprisal, free to have the Tech and move up the Bridge… free to be free.

    Congratulations on your Clear status. How dare these piss-ants invalidate LRH’s work and his case? POB’s game has been exposed and people are gradiently not listening to him anymore. And per his own definition of power, he is shrinking and shriveling. You just took away some more of the “power” flow to him. Good for you!

    Nice to have you with us.


  17. Welcome Rosalie. 🙂

  18. I am glad you are out and I am intrested in how you would define depression as you mentioned it was very real to you.


  19. You are mistaken by becoming independent I would say you are exactly in the position to put the needed Ethics in in the church.

    “As I am not in a position to put in the needed Ethics on the outnesses in the church, my objective is simply to avail myself and others of the Tech Ron left us, unadulterated. My postulate is that the evil that results in people being denied gains and otherwise being deprived of freedom and happiness will burn itself out and the church will again be faithful to LRH.”

  20. As former sister-in-laws, who kept each other & divorced the boys, YES, she is a Texan to the bone. After 35 years in Dallas, she moved to CW — and now she is back. It was just way to much fun in CW to stay as you can tell from her write-up.

  21. Tom Gallagher


    Thank you for your beautiful introduction. Ray sings the song of my soul much better than I could put in writing.

  22. Rosalie,
    Very well done on your observations. Especially this one: “I had already realized that the TR’s & Objectives reg-ing was a “group C.S.,” which by definition is not a C.S. d”

    I find it hard to believe that friends of mind who are tech trained are still buying POB’s crap. They can’t even see this simple fact.

    Your write up gives me hope that one day they will follow your example and see the truth for what it is.

    Ron Minor

  23. My darling Rosalie,
    You know how much this pleases me. When I announced, it was YOU that I was so concerned that I might lose. But you stayed in comm with a few requests you had from me, but I had a big FAT postulate that you would come around.

    It wasn’t but a few weeks that you called on a Sunday morning and jabbered like crazy all the outpoints that you were seeing, how you had other friends in CW that saw it and were leaving…. Blah, blah…. And I knew all I needed to do was to continue to communicate and grant you beingness and you’d do it.

    Because, you my dear, as you know we have been together for many years and I was NOT about to lose you, because it was you that got me into Scn in the first place and now I was going to get you out. Whoo hoo! Now it is true happy dance time – mission accomplished!

    It thrills my heart to write this to you, as it only tips the iceberg as to how much I love you.

    Well done and welcome to this unbelievable sunshine. Each day will get better and better. You will find true friends here, unlike anything you have ever experienced. Much, much love to you, Kay

  24. Kathy Braceland

    Wow. Welcome Rosalie!

  25. WOW! Kay, I can feel your joy and enthusiasm all the way across the country. I can just see you swinging around in that Texas Two-Step. Well done on never deserting a friend in need.

    Welcome to the world of independent beings who are united in a commom purpose, Rosalie.

  26. Vic & Vicki K.

    Greetings Rosalie,

    We are pleased to read here of your recent evacuation from the Bridge to Oblivion™ that PoB has built.

    The fact you already have friends here is a testament to the quality of your friendships.

    We wish you all the best in your continued journey on the Road to Freedom.

    Vic & Vicki Krohn

  27. Dear Rosalie, I’m happy for you. Now that you are repairing the damage and restoring your spiritual and mental health, I urge you to get involved in your community and experience life. Do this without guilt or regret. Forcing people to have no other life than training, auditing, volunteering, or working to pay for all of that is just another application of Miscavige’s disconnection policy. It is designed to isolate and control people. Work to develop strong community ties, both Scientology and non-Scientology. Expect bumps along the way and appreciate these as part of living. Best wishes to you on your journey. Have fun!

  28. Usually I can stay cool and relatively un-emotional reading un-clearing experiences like yours. I thought I had overcome all my past experiences regarding clear or not clear. But this statement LRH being not Clear had quite an effect on my universe.

  29. Rosalie,
    Well, those mails were as CLEAR an observation as I’ve ever witnessed.

    Well done!! Now, on to OT I,II,III and beyond. Get trained. It’s at least 50% of your Bridge. Apply it to others and be cause over all that life is. Enjoy myriad viewpoints of dimension, create, splurge.


  30. Rosalie —

    You stated: “In 1989 Flag certified me as Clear, based on a Clearing session with L. Ron Hubbard a long, long time ago.”

    It sounds to me like there’s not much out on that auditor or that session or that state or that certification.

    Hallelujah and welcome! L, H

  31. Watching Eyes

    As former sister-in-laws, who kept each other & divorced the boys….
    Kay, that stuck me as so funny. Cracked me up.

  32. Rosalie, Welcome. You look outstanding!!!!! What a ride you just came off of. You know when you mentioned the purchasing of books, etc you already had because of the drama that was put forward, I realized I used to see a lot of that. It actually puts the one doing the purchasing into an enabler position. It works so it is continued and continued. I am so happy you are free and wish you the best for your future.

  33. Watching Eyes

    Congratulations on finding the door. Love your recent wins. Your picture: happy!

    A note to anyone still “in”:
    If you get nothing else from Rosalie’s post, I hope you’ll realize that you can NOT get standard tech inside Miscavige’s group. Impossible. Remember “what’s true for you”? When your org tells you to do something that doesn’t indicate, DON’T DO IT. Like the old anti-drug campaign, “just say no”. They’ll pressure you etc. but nobody will hold a gun to your head. YOU have to agree to do whatever it is they’re ordering. Don’t agree.
    Afraid of losing your friends? How much comfort will they be when you’re sick and broke? You’ll be tossed to the curb like rotten fish. Look at the people it’s already happened to. Think about it.

  34. Congratulations!

    How fortunate you were to have been audited by Ron. What an experience that must have been.

  35. Rosalie, your persistence tells me that you are a survivor. Well done on getting back your Clear status. My God the nerve of someone invalidating another being like this. Reminds me of DMs representative John Allender. I’m sorry, I got carried away.

    Welcome to this group of misfits. We will get the Church straightened out with all of us working to make it so.

    Keep on keeping on.

    ML Tom

  36. Congratulations on leaving the C of $. Many people have left now and have experienced a similar resurgence as to yours. I left a couple of years ago and have never been better.

    You have a lot of friends here.

  37. Rosalie,
    Well done on your confront, persistence and ability to break free of the trap that is radical Scientology. I wish you a bright future.

  38. Bravo Rosalie…. Enjoy your freedom!

  39. Rosalie, I am glad to see you didn’t give up despite the suppression. As Brian said above, this IS supposed to be fun. I look forward to seeing you win and encourage you to join the Texas Independents page on Facebook if you like.

  40. Very nice. I hope you have a happy life and accomplish your dreams.

  41. Very well done Rosalie. I am so sorry that your state of Clear was so wrongly and horribly taken from you. None of us want to believe that the group we are engaging in could possibly be negative or harmful, but when it becomes unbearable and the truth comes out we find ourselves seeking our individuality again. We naturally become independent of this group. I am glad that all is going well for you now.

  42. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Rosalie,
    That was a great analysis. Thanks for your courage and honor.
    Welcome to the Indies!

  43. Alex Braverman

    Congratulations on your new found freedom!
    When I look at your picture I see one very smart and happy being that understands the truth, in her heart and in her soul.

  44. Rosalie
    Like you I observed those same outnesses and came to my own conclusions before I decided to go online (and communicate with the ‘bad guys’) in my quest for truth.
    May you continue to follow what’s true for you and move on up to even greater happiness.
    Very well done. You have earned your freedom.

  45. Rosalie,
    Thanks very much for sharing your unique story, very happy it has a great ending and new beginning! Welcome to the Indies!

  46. Rosalie,
    Girl, you touched my heart.

    Sad story when all you wanted was the promised Bridge. Now the wait’s over and you can have all of it you want.

    Don’t worry, your “in” friends will join you soon, and your “out” friends are here for you already.

  47. Welcome Rosalie-What a great and honest write-up!!! We are getting the cream of the crop here!
    I hate the way Ron is invaled and evaled by BOZOs-that really infuriated me.

  48. So – let me get this straight – based on a Clearing session with L. Ron Hubbard no less you’re Clear. DM’s lieutenants at ASHO know best and you’re not? Or have I misunderstood something? In any case, the presumption of gross Out Tech at all levels is now so self-evident that it’s a wonder Flag has any PCs left at all. Well done on inhaling the pure clear air of freedom!

  49. Glad to see you here and winning, Rosalie!

  50. keepontruckin

    Welcome out, Rosalie, and thank you for your report.

    Your post today made me realize yet another case of “what you resist you become.” The C of S has been reduced to handling cases much the same as is done in the field of psychiatry. A person goes in to get some problem handled, is given a psych drug to alleviate the symptom(s), has one or more side effects and, rather than addressing the actual cause of the problem, prescribes another drug and on it goes. The C of S does the same thing. Rather than actually C/Sing the case and getting to the real situation (like simply removing the eval and inval), the PC is C/Sed for yet another unusual solution, which of course adds to the inval and eval already present, and on it goes. A perfect set up for more “squirrel-cage auditing” from the infamous Church of DeMonology.

  51. “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” Anonymous.

  52. Bill Holly.

    Very well done, Rosalie. My breakthrough point was the promo CD on which Miscavige claims “there’s a whole tech of publishing books” while plugging for very expensive hardbacks. If he has the “whole tech of publishing books” then why do paperbacks outsell hardbacks by 10 to 1, if not more? Obviously M. is bullshitting. I then realised, too, that this “Golden Age of Technology” did not start in the 90’s, but in May 1950. In other words, this scam is an out and out huge inval of LRH. I got very angry with a “terminal” (one of many) who phoned me about doing “my basics”. I told them what I thought of the push for basics and golden age of tech, that they were being sucked in. Fortunately the SO never got a chance to inval my state of Clear, so I was spared that.
    I very much share your love and admiration of LRH.
    Welcome home, again.

  53. Congratulations for having the integrity to remain true to yourself. Welcome to the free world, and may you flourish and prosper from here on out. 😀

  54. Watchful Navigator

    Nice write-up Rosalie. Thanks for sharing that with us.
    You gave it every reasonable chance to straighten itself out, but it just was not possible inside the suppressive environment that has been created.

    I am floored at the extent LRH has been flaunted and his Bridge altered and is being destroyed. It’s blatant enough to un-declare Clears, re-do Grades without carefully consulting pc interest, etc. It’s bad enough to throw OTs who are reaching for their next steps they’ve anxiously worked for, for years, onto the TRs & Objectives… but wait a minute…

    “Preps” for Objectives???

    Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous.

    But there it goes. One day in the not-too-distant future if this is allowed to spiral down any further, we’re going to have big rocks hauled in to FLB for that famous C/S for psychotics: “Look at a Rock” and you’ll be invoiced for the C/Sing, the preps, the hotel accommodations, the A-J check (to make sure you aren’t “open-minded”) and the Sec Check (to make sure you are not a “plant” or any other form of life that could detect such grossly obvious alterations of LRH tech).

  55. barney rubble

    Very interesting story with a happy ending. I think you’re the first to actually decide to leave without researching the internet (at least publicly). And your comment about 2009 St. Pete Times article with the whistle blowers “where there is smoke there is fire” is so true, that was my conclusion as well. Congratulations on finally getting the Clear status acknowledged. And no, you will not have to go to ethics and donate anymore!

  56. Yvonne Schick

    Everyone should have the pleasure I do to hang with Kay. She keeps me in stitches.

  57. Seeking4know

    WOW! That is fantastic! Great job my friend!!! You almost had me in tears 🙂

  58. I don’t think Rosalie is mistaken at all. The Church is guilty of crimes against humanity like massive fraud, brain washing and group mayhem, not to speak of destroying the only Tech man has ever had to go free and slaughtering those that reached for it in the process. The church is way beyond the point of getting ethics in and thus we enter the realm of justice. Rosalie, thanks for sending those powerful emails to your friends and for publishing them here despite the danger and thus contribute to the justice process. I wish you an exhilarating ride back up and beyond; VWD on you and your auditor!

  59. Howdy Rosalie,

    I could completely identify with so many things that you said; I had a lot of similar experiences, including the depression, mostly over the disconnection of my son, but also the loss of my +30 year friends, and the many financial sacrifices and loss of time (with my son and family) sacrifices, made over the years. I am glad that Kay had such a strong postulate for you to become an Indie, Thanks Kay! Rosalie, welcome to the group that loves LRH tech pure and unadulterated, as you said, and here’s my very best wishes for that smile to continue to get brighter, if that’s possible. Another Texas Indie, YEE HAW!

    Catherine von Ach

  60. Congratulations Rosalie,
    You have so very many good times ahead.
    Luxuriate and enjoy the true freedom one gets
    after departure and all the new friends and genuine
    Blue Skies and Bright Blessings !

  61. Dear Rosalie,

    Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt post of the letter you wrote to friends. Count me as one of them please. I got what you said and totally agree with it. My experience and observations parallel yours and it took quite a while for me to realize that I could do nothing with in the organization to fix it because the mechanism LRH put in place to self fix was destroyed by David Misgavige. He destroyed all the checks and balances such as Qual at the highest level whose purpose is to fix the products and fix the machine that produces the flat ball bearings. Now the flat ball bearings continue to clumpity clump out of the machine and the machine whines and groans and smokes.

  62. Rosalie,
    Wow! Thanks for sharing (and yout too Kay, for being a stable terminal).
    Isn’t it amazing, once the ITSA line truly goes IN, in a safe space, how fast the lies can blow! On the other hand, look at how hard Corporate Miscavology works to make sure the Itsa line NEVER goes in……tells you something, doesn’t it. Welcome to the Independants, where honesty will get yo

  63. Michael Fairman

    Welcome Rosalie.
    I echo all the wonderful responses made here about your write-up – heart- felt, perceptive and true. Let me add that you DO have “the power to change it”. Your understanding and your actions ARE changing it. and I wish you a life that flourishes in every possible way. And please consider me a friend among the many you will find here.

  64. will get you more case gain than any amount of money spent in a looney bin, er…Idle Org.

  65. Yay!! Well, done, Rosalie!
    Welcome to Freedom to Rise to Greater Heights.
    Brilliant write-up, thank you.

  66. What a great story. It gives me hope that a lot more people will be coming out. It is sad that so much desperation has to occur first, but wonderful that it’s all getting cleaned up once people get out.

  67. Scott Campbell

    Way to go, Rosalie!

    I admire your persistence and loyalty. And I am glad that you have reconnected with your true group and are once again walking the path toward spiritual salvation.

    Excellent write up and observations too. I too have noted many of the same outpoints as you during my time in the C of S.

    L, Scott

  68. Scott Campbell

    Hi Cat!

    Gimme a call. What happened to your phone?


  69. I think CD’s point was that Rosalie is mistaken if she thinks she isn’t in a position to put ethics in on the church.
    By withdrawing her allegiance and stating the fact publicly to both sides she IS putting ethics in.
    And I wholeheartedly agree.
    Right CD?

  70. IEG expresses what I’d like to say so well. All the best, Rosalie. I hope your friends are able to look too.

  71. Your win is a win for all of us Rosalie. The true test of a thetan! An inspiration for us all! Thank YOU!

    “The greater the obstacle , the more glory in overcoming it”. Moliere

  72. Congratulations on recovering your viewpoint of life and regaining your freedom to create again. Are you in any way related to Mark and Lisa Hamilton who left the SO earlier this year? Wishing you all the success you can imagine and more…

  73. This post by Rosalie just made my day, and then Bluebonnet went and said that. I cannot stop laughing. What a release.

  74. Rosalie, your beauty in and out shines out. Thank you very much for giving out your wonderful emails here. Also puts the hope factor back in that “even in Clearwater” enlightenment can occur!

  75. Please read it back and try to duplicate my intention.

  76. WOW is all I can say. Your strength & honesty touched me. Well done and welcome.

  77. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Yvonne,
    Why not boast if you are getting products? Well done to all the Texans!!

  78. Tony DePhillips

    Good job for helping your friend Kay!!

  79. Congratulations Rosalie! Loved your communications of truth.

  80. like we are telepathic or something sam 😉

  81. Welcome Rosalie and Congrats! I’m soaking up some of that Texas theta power over here – it keeps growing and growing! Love it!

  82. WN,
    LOL! $50,000 to “Look at a rock.” Probably not so far-fetched, given the other things that have gone on!

    I’ve always thought that the “Golden Age of Tech” was a terrible Tech Degrade. It insinuates that the tech that was around when LRH was on the lines is “old, not used anymore.” I never understood, after so many check outs and word clearings of KSW, how anyone could get away with saying that and not be challenged!

    Best wishes to Rosalie who does look vibrant!


  83. P.S. With regards to:

    “My auditors were either students, despite my having paid professional rates, or they and also the examiners were wooden and appeared to be scared stiff that they might do something wrong, acting as though they were being watched every minute.

    They probably were being watched via video camera. But it is illegal to do this in most states. Secretly record people. Highly illegal in California where some criminal gave the orders to secretly video tape Tom Cruise’s auditing sessions.

  84. Rosalie,

    Now that’s *Personal Integrity* 🙂

    Welcome to the shinny side of Scientology!

    Glad you got the efforts from the minions of the Dark Side cleaned up.

    I think hell’s too good for the ASHO terminal who made the following eval:

    “ASHO told me that at the time of my session with LRH he “was not Clear” and that he had “found out more about Clear after that time.” ”

    I won’t comment what a suppressively stooooopid tech degrade and downgrade that is!

    Only play a appropiate tune for all ya guys and gals over there at ASHO:

  85. Hello Rosalie and welcome . Congratulations on your state of Clear. I appreciate that you shared your story . Your integrity is commendable.

  86. All of my sessions were video taped at Flag.
    Once my auditor told me that we were going to do a repair on my OT V session as the C/S had spotted something while ‘reviewing the video of the session’
    It freaked me out. It was the first time I had ever heard of such a thing and yet the auditor was completely nonchalant about it.
    All the exams are recorded as well as what the needle is doing.
    I know this because I got an R-factor in session that the tape of my exam had been reviewed and we were going to continue end ruds as review of my exam tape had revealed that there was ‘something wrong with my F/N’
    Spent the rest of that session self-listing on what a ‘something wrong with my F/N’ was
    Big brother is watching your sessions or SQUIRRELS!!!

  87. Hi Rosalie,
    VWD and best wishes for your journey up the Bridge.
    One thing for sure, we sure have gotten the mass of what it’s like when an SP gets to be charge. It’s truly an inspiration when one rises above them.

  88. PS
    The next time I went in session I looked up and found the hidden camera trained on the room. I also saw a bunch of wires connected to the E-Meter leading down underneath the table – I’m guessing there was some sort of E-Meter to E-Meter system running too – like the ones set up in the SHSBC courseroom for the supervisors to look in on the students.
    Am I right Davey?
    I know the guy who ‘installed all the electronic security (spying) systems’ at Flag. He was Flag public paid to do the job. He also helped install the security systems for Tom Cruises house. He told me all about it. He hid in the basement once when Tom Cruise and David Miscavige came to ‘inspect’ the building and overheard their conversation. He told me all about that too.
    I’ll have to look him up and give him a call. Bet he could tell me exactly how all of the stuff at Flag was rigged up.
    Small world innit?
    Know who I’m talking about Davey?

  89. Guess who’s payroll he was on while he was fixing up Tom Cruise’s house? And guess who else was there on the same payroll…

  90. So very happy for you Rosalie! And I’m sure being away from Clearwater and back in the “Independent” state of Texas is quite a relief.
    I have experienced most of the things you mention in your write up. Out of my six closest friends, five have been stuck in the “Am I Clear or not?” mode for YEARS. One has had 3 CCRDs, the last one “Verified by RTC” and then was told recently that she’s not Clear after all. I don’t personally know anyone who is currently auditing on OT VII who is NOT having major financial problems.
    It is very good that you have stood up and voiced your opinions. I think that Clearwater and L.A. are ripe for a wave of new Independents. It’s only going to take a few more people for the tipping point. I heard this past week that two OT VIIIs have been “deadfiled” for voicing concerns. Sounds like a couple new Indies in the works. And a very well known OT has mentioned to a mutual friend that he is “done” with the church. So these are interesting times indeed.
    Welcome to this group and big congrats on your auditing wins!

  91. I bet there is an order to alert the COB every time any kind of information about Tom Cruise goes out.
    Go on then Janet and Phil.
    Off you trot to send up your DR.
    Might as well do something useful eh?

  92. +3 CD !!

  93. Rosalie,
    A) Congratulations on restoring your State of Clear !! Θ 🙂
    B) Many thanks to the auditor who helped with the restoration.
    C) Very nice and well written communication. Your testimony and observations speak volumes. Welcome to the Independents and MUCH success in your future!

  94. The fact that you were being recorded without your knowledge is a crime. It doesn’t matter if you found out later. This is the new “normal” for the Church. “La De Da De Da….. we are doing things highly illegal. We are above the law…. If anyone reports us we will declare them…. Their eternity depends on me….. ” Keep hallucinating! The fact that they are not allowed to know anything outside of Church property or read or have any outside communication as part of the culture, makes the head of the Church responsible for their ignorance since he demands it as part of their staff obligations.

  95. Further, the fact that every staff member has not been informed of David Miscavige’s misdeeds, that Scientology is available outside of the Church, of all the out P.R. against the religion on media, and of honest inner and outer conditions with regards to their interests is also highly illegal. ANY false report overt covert or by illusion to any Scientologist from Int Managment COB and Board of Directors is highly illegal. DM wanted to be a Corporation? There are Corporate laws.

  96. And the fact that he has violated most of them can be easily proven in court with questions to people even trained to lie.

  97. Rosalie,

    Very well done on persisting and your CLEAR status AND for finding the people who outside of the COS are using standard Tech and helping others who find their integrity and remove themselves from the COS. You are among friends who truly appreciate spiritual freedom, the way Ron intended it. I invite you to check out as it helps to truly see so many outnesses and for you to find relief by viewing the outpoints.

    All my love to you and your spiritual journey. Welcome to independence and to really having your integrity in.

    From an independent scientologist!

  98. Welcome and congrats, Rosalie. Your story is so similar to mine, it’s a little scary! Glad to hear you are doing well!

  99. Joe Pendleton

    One thing I’m struck by with Rosalie’s story is how so much of this was essentially just such a complete waste ot time and money (and a destructive waste at that). Geez! There are SO many other things to do in life that give so much more pleasure and spiritual reward as well. Hell, spend your money on a trip to Italy as I did. Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice……’ll feel more uptone, believe me. There’s books, music, sports, sex, good conversation…..and a world to discover out there that is fun and interesting. If you want to have more realizations and cognitions or case gain, read Ron’s early books. They’re full of wisdom. And if you do decide you want auditing, see Marty or Ingrid Smith, good people who care. All this track restim/3D-7D dramatizations in the COS is a waste of your precious time (respects to Bob Dylan on that comment).

  100. Tory Christman

    Ditto re Congratulations, Rosalie! I loved your communications of truth.
    This is *such* an exciting new adventure you are on…and you’ll see, it’s filled with delicious things you’ll SO much enjoy!!! Good job 🙂 🙂

  101. Kay, experiences such as this are one of the true miracles of this blog. There is a way some people can tell who their true friends are and who they are not. There are 2 people I know that helped me through the crisis the “well meaning Church of Scientology” caused. I use them at all times as an example of what a true friend is. Each time I meet someone or speak to someone that is no longer in the church and/or speaking out about it, I silently ask “If YOU had known what was happening with me and this church what would you have really done about it?”. The answers I get tell me who my friends really are and who they really are not. It is easy to see you and Rosalie are truly friends. I like that so much I can’t get the affinity to come through the keyboard. Very well done. Rest assured I don’t count many people as friends.

  102. Cindy Pinsonnault

    You’re just so smart! And I agree. Every person who leaves the church and makes it known rings the bell and tells DM and other SPs that we know what they’re doing. It shines the light of truth on DM and his minions and their crimes. It is putting ethics in.

  103. SaveTheTech

    Welcome Rosalie,

    I had many similar experiences as you. You said:

    “It took several days for me to get over my grief and my outrage at the insult to LRH, but, eventually, I saw that I had no other choice.”

    So many of us have suffered the same fate. But, now it is good to be free. To have a choice is freedom.

    You are with many, many friends. And, what a beautiful photo too.

  104. Cindy Pinsonnault

    (For those keeping track, that’s another Texan, y’all.)

    My dear friend, Rosalie.

    First, before we get to your announcement, I want to thank you. You were the only one of my cos friends who did not disconnect from me when I left the church, and that has meant a great deal to me.

    Second, I know that while your ARC with me and with Kay never wavered, you took the responsibility to look for yourself and come to your own decision about the cos without allowing anyone or anything to influence you. That is admirable and appreciated.

    And finally, welcome. I love you. I’m so glad you’re here.

  105. The fact that they have to police auditing in this manner is also evidence that they don’t think they are properly training auditors.

  106. It could have used a dash or a semicolon or something. I’ll let the professional grammar police decide. I’m only a volunteer hall monitor.

  107. Congratulations on your being so OT as to leave the church that suppressed you for so long. Like you I left because of the outnesses and the total lack of caring for those who were “declared” or were just related. We left and didn’t even look at the the internet sites for at least five years. You don’t need the CO$ to tell you your OT, or Clear It’s something you come to the realization of.

  108. Joe-You do have a way with words.

  109. How admirable Rosalie to have not disconnected-you are a true friend.

  110. Rosy….you look like a Rosy to me.
    Any well trained actor who has experienced an auditing release will tell you its impossible to fake (acting) a big persistent F/N-smile on ones face.
    IMHO you are guilty of a big persistent F/N-smile.
    High 5 to you and your write up…and of course your big persistent F/N-smile.

  111. Rosalie,
    Beautiful and Welcome! I look forward to meeting you! Love, Laura

  112. And Rosalie, another thing you helped me to realize even better than somebody else. David Miscavige is not the kind of person anyone wants as an employee or as an employer! I understand that you worked very hard in Clearwater to make it go right, and that you were concerned about the desperateness of the staff and over gave of your time and money to that end beyond your normal means. Now that is important, because selling going Clear and OT is not the same thing as selling dimes and vases and there should be no reason why an on policy church should have desperate staff. There should an abundance of money. I trust members of the church. I used to I think. There is no reason to any more.

  113. Welcome to Indie land where LRH is respected and loved and welcome back to Texas.


  114. Tomm Gallagher

    From COB, the real one………….

  115. Great letters, Rosalie!

    When I read that your clear status was cancelled because “Ron was not clear” I literally blurted out “What????” That is insane.

    Another one struck me: Your twin was put on a years worth of preps before he/she could do TRs and Objectives?????? Un….believable.

    I am a last lifer – attested to clear in the early 80s, went clear on “What to Audit” circa 1952. I can just see these idiots telling me that “Ron was not clear in ’52, so you can’t be either.” Morons.

    You look beautiful! Good to have you!

  116. Tomm Gallagher


  117. Rosalie, Thank you for being TRUE! LRH would’ve bear hugged you for your convictions and awareness.

    Love and ARC,

  118. Welcome Rosalie and congratulations on your Clear state!
    You are going to have a wonderful time as you move on up the OT Levels finally! May you flourish and prosper!
    You have friends here. True friends. Feel free to communicate when you wish on whatever you wish!

  119. Hi Lisa,
    Welcome and very very well done. What a relief, eh? Your write-up communicated succintly and beautifully. It will resonate with others who are “just about to reveal themselves”!
    I had the good furtune to meet Kay at the Independent’s 4th of July shindig. What treasures you both are.
    Love, Linda McCarthy

  120. Richard Reed

    Congratulations! You figured out DM’s secret moneymaker;
    The only place and time you were not clear was when you were under the control of the “‘church of miscalculation”‘ – and were being manipulated for HI$ benefit… and are now able to clearly see and hear all of the lies that DM has been slurring out of the side of his mouth.

    “Did you hear about the one that LRH attested to being clear; and that the COB invalidated her?”

    She figured it out on her own,
    That’s empowerment.

  121. By publicly stating your decision to both sides you put ethics in on yourself, not on the Church. Ethics pertain to moral choices and actions to be made by the individual in his relationship with others. Exposing crimes come after failure of ethics and is called justice; actions taken by the group. That is the realm we unfortunately have to operate in regarding the church. In 1998 I thought I could get ethics in on Flag and RTC and I tried through the internal system of KR’s but I had to conclude that it wasn’t gonna happen. I think most of us have made that conclusion at one point or another otherwise we’d still be writing KR’s.

  122. Rosalie,
    Sooooo good to have you in this new group.
    I admire your path of true PERSONAL integrity and making your decision to leave ONLY based on that data. You obviously have suffered enough to see what is wrong in the Co$. Awesome to hear you are ready for the OT levels that they would not let you have.

  123. I see your intention which I agree with, but I wanted to differentiate between ethics and justice as that has been so thoroughly messed up by Davey that it even contaminates non Scientologists.

  124. yeah, Sam’s telephonic.

  125. scilonschools

    Marty et al, this is a rather long but important offering for the buffet table in your tent. You may feel it unsuitable for general consumption, if so please ensure it is passed to those who you feel may benefit from it including Mike, Mosey and Christie if poss.
    These are strange times and sometimes big measures must be taken.

    Provenance or ‘The Day the Universe Changed’

    The evolution and splitting of the Church of Scientology into CoM (Radical Scientology) vs Indies (Real Scientology?) has made me review observations/data and form My own conclusions as to the Intent and roles of LRH and the CoS.
    These are my own views, not intended to offend any parties involved and are for discussion and input to either develop or be invalidated.

    When confronted by ‘The valley of Death’ it is far to easy to stay in one’s comfort zone and miss/dismiss ESSENTIAL data that could be life saving. Confronting evil can be distasteful but it is quite possible!

    Who was LRH and what were his objectives? (Indies please read from e) upwards!!)

    a) Was he inept at understanding human nature? (and so left the CoS vulnerable to Radicalisation)
    b) Was he an ‘insane madman’? (He left an amazing legacy if that was all he was!)
    c) Was he Pure Good? (even the Indies accept there were aspects of LRH that are best ‘dismissed’)
    d) Was he pure Evil? (the CoS created ‘Good’ people such as the Indies, I don’t buy that one myself though that is what I felt in the past)
    e) Was he an incredibly bright but unconventional teacher trying to prepare mankind for the biggest battle in human history?

    LRH always stated that Scientology was created from his own life experiences and observations refined into Dianetics, what was the ‘Trigger Effect’ of creation.
    It appears that LRH’s shift from ‘pulp’ science fiction to life philosophy occurred shortly after his association with Aleister Crowley disciple Jack Parson’s (including his Scientific, Political & Bohemian crowd) culminating in the ‘Babalon Workings’.

    Understanding motivation leads to understanding.
    It is necessary to understand where Jack Parsons et al (including his mentor, Aleister Crowley) were coming from to decode LRH’s motivations,

    Aleister Crowley was from a God fearing but highly controlling, Plymouth Bretheren family.
    He was a rebel and decided to find ‘God’ his own way and became involved with ‘Golden Dawn’ (whose symbol is virtually identical to the Scientology cross symbol), a secret organisation whose roots went back to the Elizabethan John Dee and beyond.

    In the late 19th century AC decided to Train his Guardian Angel (equates to spiritual being or Thetan) to ‘Operate’ by fighting Demons he summoned up. This is well covered in the BBC documentary “Aleister Crowley -The Other Lochness Monster” link to part 1 below.(essential viewing)

    The next big event occurred in 1904 when AC visited Egypt with his new bride, this is well covered in Wikipedia.

    The organisation that resulted (OTO) carried on growing worldwide but particularly in the USA where Jack Parsons led the local branch and that is where LRH and he became connected.

    The association of LRH and Parsons culminated in the Babalon Workings, again covered in Wikipedia, I will not go into it here but understanding it’s intent and LRH’s role in it is essential to understanding the Scientology “Trigger Effect”

    It is my view that LRH created Scientology to fight True Evil, In Standard Tech he wrote a manual of human nature Good and Evil, a sort of instruction book for that fight.
    Whether it was his initial intention for the Church to split we may never know, but split it has.
    Demons have been invoked in the form of the CoM(RCS) and soldiers to fight those demons have reacted to fight for the preservation/restoration of Good.
    It is this battle of training your Guardian Angel/Thetan to conquer Evil that is the path to enlightenment, as Aleister Crowley and others attempted and failed LRH has left the legacy to prevail.
    In closing I think LRH was ‘Brilliant’ and possibly the greatest ‘Con Man’ of all times, he managed to con even Devil himself in gaining his assistance in the distribution of the Remedy!!

  126. I see so you are saying people that declare their Independence are part of a justice action?

    And you mean exposing scientology crimes I imagine because certain crimes against the law should always be exposed.

  127. point wel taken

    ethics: the study of the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by the individual in his relationship with others. Ethics is a personal thing. It is the actions the person takes on himself. See also morals.

    morals: a code of good conduct laid down out of the experience of the race to serve as a uniform yardstick for the conduct of individuals and groups. Morals are actually laws.

  128. scilonschools

    This one will take a while to moderate!
    Look in your heart Marty, let it fly!
    (Your Heart and this comment!)
    You Guys are amazing!

  129. Ahhh. I get it 🙂
    You’re both right!
    Ha ha!

  130. Martin,
    I’ll give it to you even straighter:
    Little Davey is worried about the past clears and natural clears coming back. That’s why he intentionally invalidates them. He knows they are dangerous to his survival because their loyalty to LRH cannot be shaken.

  131. Wow, Sue, your words were a revelation for me: “Forcing people to have no other life than training, auditing, volunteering, or working to pay for all of that is just another application of Miscavige’s disconnection policy. It is designed to isolate and control people.”

    David Miscavige’s Disconnection Policy disconnects Scientologists from the society! How is Scientology ever going to “clear the planet” if we are not in comm with it’s peoples? Because I wanted to be a top FSM, and because I made it a policy, early on, NOT to disconnect from society, I had a hard time understanding those who isolated themselves and centered their entire world and life, only around Scientology communication lines. I did not really look at it as part of DM’s control mechanism known as DISCONNECTION.

    Thanks Sue, for your astute observation. Also, the idea that it is DM’s Disconnection Policy, NOT LRH’s. It is a true point of sanity to spot the true source of something. LRH always stayed in communication with the world, and always encouraged disseminating to the individuals in society. I believe there are several references on the idea of: having a higher knowledge, one has a responsibility to share that knowledge. How would or could this sharing of knowlege occur, if one is disconnected from the society at large?

    This is another example of the fine lines of differentiation that can occur with this group. It is truly amazing how subtle and covert DM’s ADULTERATED ideas of LRH’s philosophy have clouded and obscured the REAL technology that was LRH’s. Sue, you have rehabilitated my desire to get the real tech known in the society, and I am going to file my papers THIS WEEK for my dissemination group! Time for the procrastination to be over!

    Lots of love and ARC,
    Catherine von Ach

  132. Bluebonnet, Great anonymous quote! Thanks. Looks like somebody duplicated data in Science of Survival, written by LRH. He describes the effect of low-toned individuals in one’s environment! Love it!

  133. @CD: “I see so you are saying people that declare their Independence are part of a justice action?”

    I can only speak for myself. But for me in this time and place, my answer is definitely yes. By declaring Independance I was freeing myself from the church and also sending a message to it that enough is enough and I’m removing my support – a justice action.

    Moving slightly OT, there’s a paragraph in HCOPL “Suppressive Acts” that the church seems to have forgotten about – the very last one. It reads

    “Nothing in this chapter shall ever under any circumstances justify any violation of the laws of the land or intentional legal wrongs. Any such offense shall subject the offender to penalties prescribed by law as well as to ethics and justice actions.”

    That’s a very exact statement, I’m sure LRH put it there because he meant it and it was supposed to be obeyed. “For the greater good…” just does not apply when it means committing a illegal act. Someone should remind DM.


  134. justice: the action of the group against the individual when he has failed to get his own ethics in. (HCOB 15 Nov 72 II)
    Definition taken from the tech dictionary.

  135. Declaring independence is an ethics action done for oneself by oneself but could include justice at the same time. However, the purpose of ethics is for the individual to improve his relation with others and well executed bring about great changes.

    Reverse Dave consistently “slams in ethics” or forces people to “put their ethics in” which really has nothing to do with ethics and not even justice. It’s enforced domination in the name of ethics. Ethics can’t be enforced; they’re done voluntarily and self determined by the individual (you don’t voluntarily buy books of which you already have 3 sets). Increased self determinism is the basic goal all Scientology aims for.

    It’s much better to make someone see that he has to take responsibility for his crimes (ethics) but if he continuous to harm others, justice is called for. Justice enters when the person can’t handle himself despite all warnings. These would include comm. ev’s, denial of service, exposing evidence of crimes, police, law suits, etc.

    It’s up to the individual to determine which gradient to use and should be judged against the severity of the crimes. Skipping gradients is a hallmark of Reversed Technology Corporation invented by Mr. Intellect himself, so ethics gets skipped as well as justice like fact finding, comm. ev and recourse. It goes straight into enforced treat and punishment “you either listen and comply or we’ll disconnect your family, friends and income”, the opposite of self determinism and freedom.

  136. Freetothink

    Wow Rosalie, your write up reads like a breath of fresh air.

    This gives me hope that despite the apparencies, people that are still in might be thinking for themselves but just haven’t quite spoken out yet. It’s definitely quite a process. Lets keep making it known that independant Scientology is alive & well.


  137. “Let me give you the definition of ethics: it is good to maintain life and to further life. It is bad to damage and destroy life. And this ethic, profound and universal, has the significance of a religion. It is religion.”

    – Albert Schweitzer

  138. I am sorry for the typo, I meant to say “I do NOT trust members of the church. I used to think I did. There is no reason to any more.”

  139. Rosalie your emails were unmistakably “Clear”! I thank you for posting them and wish you the best on your journey up the bridge!

    Like you, Flora Purim knew Scientology in the earlier days when it was the LRH ‘brand’, no the phony schlock being pushed by DM at the implant station that has replaced Flag.
    “Those who have ears to hear, let them hear”:

  140. Lotus Miyamoto

    “The out-tech my ex-husband and I endured at Flag included (but was not limited to): Robotic TRs, enforced ethics handlings, enforced items, refused items, running an OT on squirrel FPRD processes (neglecting to handle the OT case correctly), evaluation, forced auditing over exterior, forced auditing over tiredness, being audited after 10pm or before 8am, frequent (often weekly) changes of auditors, overrun, suppressive refusal to call valid F/Ns, suppressive reasonableness on out 2D, Gang bang regging, enforced repairs that were not needed, invalidation of the state of clear, invalidation of the state of OT, enforcement of NED after OT III, 3rd party (from the CHAPLAIN), Auditing a PC over a PTS condition, Auditing a PC (on the OT levels) with PT crimes, Marriage Counseling over a continuing out 2D situation, telling the PC what his overts are, refusing to accept valid overts, waiting for the meter to play Dixie, enforced interpretations of words (in session), evaluation that you haven’t made it (after attesting), evaluation that ‘there’s something wrong with your F/N’, end of endless rudiments ‘sessions’, end of endless FPRD sessions, executive C/Sing, enforced (incorrect) conditions handlings, being regged heavily after session by my auditor, being regged heavily after session by the board I/C, being regged heavily after session by the D of P, Reg visits by my auditor to my house, waiting at the examiner, MAAs falling asleep mid ethics interviews, auditors falling asleep mid session, DTS in tears daily if I didn’t help make their hours quota (guilting me into session), being told that all beings are always exterior (as an excuse to take me in session while still exterior), examiners and auditors staring at the e-meter (causing dirty needles), lengthy enforced and un-necessary sec checking at our own expense while not under ethics or justice actions…I could go on.”

    Wow Rosalie!!!
    I am shocked and appalled that someone as theta and lovely as you was treated this way and even more shocked to now see that I am not the only one so much has happened to and who went through massive depression after being told “LRH made no Clears”. Something you said really opened my eyes and boy! do I have a story to tell too. My story will be forthcoming as soon as I can get it written and will include my real name. I have not posted it on the net as yet but now find it neccessary to do so.

    Miscavige is going down. There are folks who have become ill or even died because of his squirreled version of the tech. I for one got multiple organ failure during the Dianetics portion of the infamous “advance program” and have files and files of medical documents to prove it. Not to mention mental damages as well, having become suicidal at one point.

    I once again recommend that all of Miscabitches staff, whats left that is, leave immediately before they get a condition they have utterly failed to assign to him. Is he worth going to prison for? NO! He is NOT! There is a lot of help outside the SO for you. Do not fear. Act now!

    And Mr. Miscavige, make no mistake about it. I feel no mercy for you anymore. You are an SP, a real 21/2 percenter.

    I would have left all of this alone and had mercy on your soul until I discovered recently just how many lovely spirits have been damaged by you.

    Your only choice is to come to your senses and tell the truth and take responsibility for your crimes immediately while it still can be done privately. The phrase “Beg for mercy and forgiveness.” comes to mind.

    And a note for Tommy Davis: Dont say I didnt warn you. I hope you blow along with your mom Anne Archer before her career gets ruined by Miscabitch just like Tom Cruises has. Super Star to Laughing Stock Weirdo. This is his path.

    Love and Compassion to you Rosalie and thank you for your eye-opening writeup.

    Lotus Miyamoto

  141. “Scientology…is not a religion.” – L. Ron Hubbard, CREATION OF HUMAN ABILITY, 1954, p. 251

  142. CD:

    The full quote is: “Scientology has opened the gates to a better World. It is not a psychotherapy nor a religion. It is a body of knowledge which, when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual.”

    But then, here is a different quote from the same book: “Scientology has accomplished the goal of religion expressed in all Man’s written history, the freeing of the soul by wisdom. It is a far more intellectual religion than that known to the West as late as 1950. If we, without therapy, simply taught our truths we would bring civilization to a barbaric West.”

    That’s the problem with pulling out selected sentences rather than a study of the whole context.

    I only note this because this has become a topic of discussion following Janet Reitman’s book. She has a very narrow view of this based on Helen O’Brien’s correspondence which I do not believe gives the full picture. In fact, when Janet was asked this question at her book reading her in Tampa she gave a better, more complete response. As she said to me afterwards, she continues to learn more every day about the subject.

  143. The two qoutes contradict and I see Auditing as a form of Theraphy.

    Fundamentals of Thought, L. Ron Hubbard, 1956, Bridge Publishing, 1983 edition, p. 7.

    “Scientology is a branch of psychology which treats of [sic] human

  144. Lotus, here’s a song in that spirit. Miscabitch isn’t pushing drugs as such, but he is just as surely a Pusher of destructive practices and making a lot of money at it.

    This song was made famous by the band Steppenwolf, but Nina’s version is good too:

  145. one of those who see

    Rosalie! Late to the party here. But wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful write up. I am a past life clear and refuse to report in to the invalidation station! You are a light of hope for me as I am under the radar for now because of family. I am so happy for you that you are now continuing up the bridge and doing well! VVWD on your integrity and on being true to your own goals!

  146. Thank you for your clarification though.

    personally I go by the “undercuts” theory and seperate fronm that the way Irv Lande (Horowitz) had put it.

    When the “Psychologyschool” got taxed to death Scientology went religion.

    I actually understand that move.

    And if you consider it to be your religion so be it

    “Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and moral values.[1] Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the origin of life or the universe. They tend to derive morality, ethics, religious laws or a preferred lifestyle from their ideas about the cosmos and human nature.”

  147. Rosalie Hamilton

    Thank you very much for the outpouring of acknowledgement and admiration. When one makes this decision, especially if he or she is single (or worse, partnered up but in disagreement!), it is easy to feel really alone, as though they are leaving all that is familiar, for the unknown. You have really helped me overcome that feeling, and I appreciate it.

    I have been informed by a true friend that I’ve been Declared, as one “friend” was generous (…) to give Flag not only my emails but also the names and numbers of all of my friends. They are, one by one, being summoned to Flag and told to disconnect from me or be ineligible for further services.

    I also want to say proudly that the wonderful Marty Rathbun is my auditor, supported by the lovely, brave, and nurturing Mosey. In my announcement email to my friends I didn’t say so because I did not want them to be distracted and then possibly not read to the end.

    Again, thank you. I feel completely welcomed and supported.

    Rosalie Hamilton

  148. Rosalie Hamilton

    Cat Daddy, prior to my Clear cancellation I had always been up on life, with super-high physical and emotional energy and a positive attitude. I was in Interest and even Enthusiasm most of the time. Afterwards, I found it difficult to get up in the morning and go to work, which I had always loved. Not much in life seemed worth doing. Life became very effort-y. Daily I had to soldier through a feeling of hopelessness coupled with pangs of desperation about getting up the Bridge, which made it harder to work and make money for the Bridge, thus a cruel circle. A good summary of what I mean by depression might be a continuing, artificially induced state of low Tone, which was unnatural to me.


  149. Lotus Miyamoto

    Groovy Valkov:))))))))

  150. Rosalie I was struck by this part of your post:

    “They are, one by one, being summoned to Flag and told to disconnect from me or be ineligible for further services.”

    I know it can’t be pleasant for you, but….

    I couldn’t help but think, “Good! Flag continues to paint itself into a corner and drive people away!”

    Eventually your real friends will all quit the Church too, and be out here with you.

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  152. Thank you so much for this.

    Although I may not have not been hit as hard, up close and personal, as you or some others have, this is what I have been talking about. For me, this is a heartfelt appeal for a reality check. It is because of these kinds of incidents — and because of the danger of “Black Dianetics — that I wrote several posts on the CoS when I began a blog in 2010. I am forwarding this on my blog, along with a reference to PDC TAPE 20 “FORMATIVE STATE OF SCIENTOLOGY, DEFINITON OF LOGIC” from Ziba Feulner’s post at

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