You All Are Special

Mosey and I are on the road this week.   As per usual, we are being followed by a phallanx of Corporate Scientology spooks.   Also per usual they are playing extremely creepy, cold war era terrorist games.  The game they’ve been playing with me for the past year and one half is to closely surveil us to determine who it is we are helping at any given time.  They then cull folders, pc and ethics, take the most sensational “dirt” they can find, embellish the living daylights out of it, then spread it – by both internet anonymous publication and intel agent rumor mongering – to put the most hurt possible on those who we are helping.

The intent is crystal clear. It is extortion and terrorism designed to send a message – if you connect with Marty we will make it hurt.

It occurred to me on this particular trip – where Miscavige’s level of sleaze and evil has hit a new low – that in the past year and one half, not one single person who has come to us for help and/or friendship has allowed their affinity to be alloyed by such tactics.   Mosey and I were talking this over this morning.  We recognized the character of our friends and the Indies who have come to us for service are extraordinary.   A special breed of folks who don’t waver under threat, who become stronger under the stress of Corporate Scientology terrorism, and who despite every invitation not to,  keep their eyes on the mountain and continue to move on up a little higher.  We are humbled and want to express our gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of you.  You know who you are.  Collectively, you all are breaking the back of an organized  crime racket that until now has managed to rule by intimidation, threat, and the most heinous type of violation of trust.

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  1. Big, Big Love to you and Mosey.

  2. A more “New Aeon” way to say what I think you want to convey, would have been “You are all stars”… 🙂

  3. Right back at cha!!!!

  4. And you and Mosey are very special to each of us

    Love you

  5. Marty,

    Wonderful observation.

    My take is that the people who seek you out, those who want to be part of the renaissance of Scientology, are REAL Scientologists. And because of that, they CAN think for themselves, and the Code of Honor has real meaning, it isnt just a catchphrase.

    The people I have met in the last couple of years, many of whom frequent this blog, are the sort of people I want to associate with. They are decent and care about others. They are honest. They have a sense of humor and a spirit of play. They are the REAL Scientologists of this world and because of this more and more like-minded people will gravitate to this blog to join in.

    Thanks to you and Mosey for what you do, your strength and integrity, your care for others, your grace and your application of What Is Greatness. Nobody could ask for better friends, and that engenders a reciprocal in everyone who knows you.

  6. Oh and one more thing …

    After the video from Bob about Riverside – I decided to try to find the admin scale and plans and programs PLs cause I have a big project I’m taking on having to do with meditation and the veteran community and needed some structure.

    SOOOOO — I guess you might say I’m actually a scientology buddhist 🙂

    Thanks Marty, Mosey, Mike and the others for constantly showing me what scientology really is … it’s nice to feel that part of my life coming back to me and how lucky the world is to have this wisdom being kept alive for the benefit of all sentient beings.


  7. Marty and Mosey,
    I will do a special Pali chant at devotions this evening for the both of you seeking the devas to assist in protecting you from Mr. Miscavige.
    Much loving-kindness,

  8. Once one does a real Doubt Formula, what can the c of m do? Cut your comm? Make wrong indications? Run squirrel processes on you? Hold your children hostage? Blackmail you? Destroy your church?

    That’s what happens IN the c of m.

    Thank you for publishing the truth so it is possible to:
    1. Inform oneself honestly of the actual intentions and activities of that other group, project or organization…

  9. WH — labels dont do you justice. I dont think there is anyone who reads your comments on this blog that doesnt see you as an extremely intelligent, compassionate and graceful person. You display qualities that make me rethink my positions and fixed ideas. Buddhist scientologist, scientology buddhist — maybe seeker of enlightenment is more accurate? And isnt that what every great thinker in history has set as the example for all to follow? Seek wisdom and enlightenment. You know it when you find it, no matter what its labeled!

  10. Mike — I’m humbled

    Thank you


  11. scilonschools

    Thank you Mosey and Marty for your endurance.
    ” maybe seeker of enlightenment is more accurate? And isnt that what every great thinker in history has set as the example for all to follow? Seek wisdom and enlightenment. You know it when you find it, no matter what its labeled!”

    AMEN to that Mr Rinder!!!

  12. For Marty– something to brighten your day:

  13. There still are some things that money cannot buy. ARC. Friends. A sense of self-worth. The satisfaction of a job well done.

    Rock on. I am hoping to see you soon.

  14. Marty and Mosey, you two are very special to David and I. Have a wonderful and productive week! Miss you both. Huge hugs to you both.

  15. Enjoy yourselves! I’m proud to have a friend and be a friend in you both.

  16. plus, plus, plus

  17. Given the level of sleaze (and incompetence) that the Church of Scientology thugs have heaped on you over the last year, I salute your courage and the courage of those that have come to you. I doubt I could hold up for long under the pressure you’ve experienced.

    But morbid curiosity (the kind that makes you look at a bad accident on the freeway) makes me ask: when you said “where Miscavige’s level of sleaze and evil has hit a new low,” could you share more details about exactly how DM and his Looney-Tunes band of followers have outdone themselves on the freak show behavior? Have the Squirrel Busters started wearing two head-mounted cameras to capture you in 3-D? I’m not trying to make light of what you and others are going through, quite the opposite; I’m interested in a “temperature check” to see if they’ve reached a new level of desperation. And well-documented details of increasingly desperate idiocy could sway more on the inside to blow. Thanks.

  18. I concur. I don’t know how a full doubt formula could have been done, with complete certainty, without the constant stream of truth from this blog.

    No more hung up at doubt. No more false data. No longer PTS to a cult. No longer compelled to condone out-ethics, out-tech, immoral actions of a group which has betrayed its founder and blackend the soul of its origin.

    Free to create newly with self-determinism and much more wisdom than I’d ever believed possible.

    Thanks Marty and Mosey and Mike and Christie and every brave being who decided to LOOK.

  19. I just love every single one of you on this blog, even the osa freaks. I don’t know how it works out to be this way. f*k I’m starting to cry… something good is happening and it is not small. you are all heroes.

  20. Marty and Mosey – enjoy your road trip .Good friends are like stars.You don’t always see them but you always know they are there. I am very glad to know you. Thanks for all you do.


    “Our nation’s Bill of Rights guarantees not only that the government cannot establish an official religion, but also guarantees citizens’ rights to practice the religion of their choosing or no religion at all.”

    E pluribus unum.

  22. Wow, M & M! I salute you. Be careful out there!

  23. +1
    Even if you’ve left, you still have no clue until you get the full story of what’s happened.
    Thanks ALL of you for everything you do and say to reveal the truth. Every single piece of truth blows away lies, big and small.

  24. Marty,

    I know you are a humble man because when I called you a hero in person, you shrugged it off, letting me know that that isn’t really how you want to be viewed. Propitiation completely aside, I still stubbornly assert that I was correct in my assessment, but I feel you.

    What I want to say is thank you for the ack you’ve given us here. And thanks to all who continue to post here.

    The church has posted some pretty terrible things about some pretty great people on the web. And the fact that we are still here, still communicating, still expanding, is a testament to the strength that getting back into one’s own valence can bring as well as a testament to courage.

    You have helped many good folks find some sanity and some truth along their search for “what the hell has happened to my church?”

    So, thank you for that.


  25. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson


    I’ll join in on the big big love!

    I’m traveling too, where I goes, the Radical Church don’t knows! Ha!

    One thing I can bet on is we will enjoy ourselves with those were traveling to see.

    A side note, I really enjoy the exposure to new fashion while I people watch!

    I’m meeting with some high profile people during my trip. Should be interesting and fun.

    Peace out!

    — Jackson

  26. top of the vale

    Break out the tissues I’ve got tears of joy over that! Incredible demonstration of certainty and ability. I also find that in Marty and Mosey sinking 30 footers every day!

  27. Brian, that was awesome!

  28. M&M,
    Had so much fun with you guys and will definitely be back! I miss you,Chiquita and the cat. I am still winning from my auditing with you,Marty. Thank you!

  29. You have my full support.

  30. But I think Mosey is better looking….

  31. Thank you marty, you and mosey are special too and thanks for your willingness to bring us on up a little higher.

  32. You set an example for us all and I consider you both a source of inspiration. You have no idea how many times you have given me the strength to pull through, forward and upward by the example you set. Be safe, have fun.

  33. Yvonne Schick

    I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks. It isn’t grief. I am so very inspired by the leadership Marty and Mosey are willing to provide and by the level of personal integrity and honor exemplified by those who post here and call themselves Independents.

    I’ve been away on some personal travel of my own and tending to some family matters. I am always with you in spirit.

    My love to all of you, Yvonne

  34. In 1982, when there was the big exodus and Mayo started his center I wasn’t sure if joining the freezone would be the best thing as I once met David Mayo and had my considerations about him.
    When Marty started his blog I was a supporter from the beginning on, but nevertheless had my reservations and wanted to look at him face to face and look into his eyes.
    This was my main purpose to got to Casa Blanca. I did it and knew he is honest and means what he writes . A side effect of the visit was that my case was handled for the 1st time after 30 years of questions marks.

    So it’s us to thank you. I trust you !
    Enjoy your trip !

  35. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Marty.
    My take on it is that I am going to do what I want to do. I am not going to cave in to the cult no matter how they might try to smear me. I am cause over the cult, not the other way around.
    I hope you and Mosey have a nice weekend.

  36. Martin Padfield

    No idea what a Pali chant is, but it sounds great! Can I have one? Maria and I attend a CofE Church weekly and have found a wonderful, loving and compassionate community right on our doorstep that just 2 short years ago I would have baulked at for fear of being accused of being “dilettente” or “mixing practices”. But the new friends we have there are religious in the real sense. Little Church in the vale it may be, but it consists of genuine, caring and grateful people. No hard-sell to be seen!

    It’s 2 years almost to the day after, with pounding heart and sweaty palms I pressed the “send” button to have my Declaration of Independence posted on the blog.

    This also reminded me – as ever-wise Windhorse and Mike R noted above – what the true, actual heritage of Scientology is; a search towards enlightenment, better understanding, love and respect for self and others – and THAT is definitely a by-product, if not the VFP, of this blog as far as I’m concerned. I could drone on and on (and probably will) about the fantastic wins I’ve had in the last 2 years, the beautiful friendships formed, the revitalisation of goals, the increased quality – and quantity! – of my family, the wisdom gained from unexpected quarters etc etc but I rather just echo the sentiments of Mike; I can’t say it any better than this: “Thanks to you and Mosey for what you do, your strength and integrity, your care for others, your grace and your application of What Is Greatness. Nobody could ask for better friends, and that engenders a reciprocal in everyone who knows you.”

  37. Tom Gallagher

    You know, there’s nothing like a good old Friday lovefest. Thanks you all.

  38. Some good words there Mike.

    More vids please Marty:)

  39. one of those who see

    Tears in my eyes once again. It is so beautiful here at your place Marty. Your post today, Mike Rinder’s reply to Windhorse and all the aesthetic, intelligent and articulate beings who frequent here-this is the real deal. This is Scientology. Here it is free. Here’s to all previous gains coming into full bloom out here in freedom and all the gains to come.

  40. Michael Fairman

    Marty and Mosey
    Know that wherever you are there is phalanx of theta accompanying you.
    The goodness of purpose that you both created with this blog will ultimately disintegrate those who want to destroy.
    Thank you for your acknowledgement. Yes, we are special, but you know what, my good friends, you are extra-extra special.

  41. Komra

    As individuals we have exteriorized as Theta from this particular “chaos of the soul” in which we were embroiled.
    Many have then de-PTSd to the point of being unassailable as beings. Now we have formed a highly communicative community of “searchers for freedom, truth and wisdom” who honestly care about their fellow beings.

    It is a thing of beauty to be sure.

    Eric S

  42. Yes, LDW, the usual doubt formula in the church is, “Advise yourself only of our viewpoint on things, you must NOT look at any other possible data, then choose to continue within our viewpoint only.” LOL

  43. M&M rock on and peace out. Your blog entries, even though they cover a heap of CO$ and DM insanity helps to blow tons of charge, resurrects hope, rekindles pleasure moments, reconnects friends and most of all ultimately helps us all Move On UP to a higher place. Thanks seems like to simple of a word, but please accept my personal THANKS for being who you both are.

  44. This will sound self-centered, but while reading this I realized how lucky I am that you’re taking the heat so I can get on with it in relative obscurity. There are many making their way up the bridge outside the church who may feel similar gratitude.

  45. +1 df

  46. Excellent observation Lynne. It’s not self-centered, it is recognition of reality. I know for certain that Marty gains great satisfaction from the fact that the attention on him allows others to freely Move on Up a Little Higher. I am happy to see you acknowledging whatr some in the past have been unwilling to recognize.

  47. Tony,
    You are a One Man Revolution! 😉
    And wise, too.

  48. It is incredibly uplifting to see that Scientology lives, despite the efforts of Mr. David Miscavige and those that support him willingly or otherwise.

    You guys have been bearing the brunt of the heat to levels that cross the line of sanity. You have my support and respect.

    I know one thing: Despite what anyone in the church may think, Ron would be very proud of you and what you are doing.

  49. top of the vale

    I was just glancing at Freedom’s recent inspiration of its reality(fantasy) regarding Marty, Mike and Tom D. ABSOLUTELY CHILDISH!!!! And this is supposed to be the ‘white paper’ of an international religion. This is so infantile that its authors cannot even see the absurdity of what they are producing. THE OVERT DOTH SPEAK LOUDLY IN ACCUSATION – LRH. This kind of communication is all to typical of individuals who have a lot to hide and we have seen all too much evidence of this going on every day 24/7 with the Co$.
    The fact that the dwarf and his minions are willing to waste millions of public’s hard earned donations to attack what they cannot/will not confront only tells the world that the Co$ has become a sham.
    The only place where one can find Standard LRH is in the Independent Field. Joining it ranks will be/has been the ultimate pleasure moment for many.

  50. Wonderfully written Mike and I very much agree with that viewpoint. Marty & Mosey, plus you as well with a number of others have made a stand, drawn the proverbial line in the sand. It takes self awareness and a heap of guts to do that and an intention to win or die in the pursuit of of freedom. Such integrity acts as a nucleus and inspiration for others. History will prove us right.

  51. Dear Marty and Mosey,

    You have friends! They stay with you on their own determinism.

    DM – he has slaves! The stay with him because of fear and suppression. No free person would take the abuses and swallow the lies.

    A being is only as valuable as he can help others. And you have helped many, many people – a lot.

    Thank you so much for everything!


  52. There is nothing to fear but the fear itself.
    And I’m going to prove a point here:
    Miscavige and his goons have attempted to make my alleged drug use their central issue of attack on me.
    Shortly after I left the church I spent my birthday in Amsterdam and smoked pot while I was there. This information was immediately posted on the OSA website courtesy of ‘Minerva’. My ex-husband later admitted to me that OSA had gotten the information from him while he was working in the capacity of a spy for them. The OSA website also made sure to note the fact that this was an old habit I had reverted to (information gleaned from my PC folders that I had spent a year in Amsterdam during my early 20’s and while there had of course smoked pot – as one does living in Amsterdam).
    When I left Flag I was alone and emotionally devastated. During the following 2 years OSA attempted to destroy my life by cutting me off from all of my old friends and trying to tear apart what was left of my family after Flag had finished up the hatchet job on my marriage. During this time I began to learn about the betrayal of LRH and Scientology at the hands of Miscavige. The stress was unbearable. I had lost my faith in the tech after two years of squirrel auditing at Flag and was unsure if I would ever find relief from the spiritual pain and loss I was in.
    Over the past year OSA have made continuous un-substantiated claims about my drug use (and exaggerated any such use to epic proportions). I have had pickets outside my house disseminating a ‘drug free Keston’ in order to cave me in and push my buttons. There have been photographs published showing me walking through East Grinstead smoking a cigarette claiming to prove that I am a drug addict. When I last went to visit Marty, OSA attempted to slur Marty by claiming that he was condoning drug use by auditing me and doing so while I was taking drugs. I actually did not receive auditing from Marty but instead, told him about my inability to trust in the tech again and was given help to handle this. The claims from OSA have not been based on any FACTs in the matter so far. Until now….
    So this is for you ‘Minerva’:
    Over the past year I have on a number of occasions smoked a joint or sat with a bottle of wine to numb the pain and get me through the darkest moments. Instinctively I knew that I needed to find a way to learn to trust in the tech and that drugs were not a solution but I wasn’t ready to go back in session yet and I had lost any faith that the tech would actually work.
    A couple of days ago I wrote to Marty freely confessing that I had reverted to drugs after leaving the church but that I had now managed to knock this ‘solution’ off and come through my own period of decompression to the point where I was willing to once again return to the Bridge and have faith that I COULD handle any spiritual pain with the tech and was ready to move on up a little higher.
    So now OSA. You have a confession. In writing. What would LRH do with such information? Demand that the black PR machine immediately get into production and disseminate the ‘evidence’ that Sam is a scum bag to the world at large?
    Or would he do what Marty did? Acknowledge that I have gotten my own PERSONAL ethics in for MY OWN survival and offer immediate love, help, support and assistance in getting me though what I need to get through?
    You see. I’m not afraid.
    I’m not afraid because I trust Marty. I trust Independent Scientologists. And I don’t give a rats ass what you say about me. In fact I am happy to provide you with the ammunition to attack me further if it will get even one other person to also cease to be afraid of your terror tactics. You cannot hurt me. You cannot hurt anyone else. You are dealing merely in restimulation (rather than easing and erasing) as is the wont of a dyed-in-the wool SP.
    I will be watching the OSA blog closely. Make my day Minerva (and DM). Prove to me that you are so far removed from LRH and Scientology that you will continue to attempt to restimulate and manipulate beings in order to control them.
    I will read it. And smile. And ask of those who write it, read it, condone it or forward it the same question your minions like so piously to ask of us:
    “Is that what LRH would do?”
    Marty and Mosey. Thank YOU for being there. Without you I may never have found my way back. And that unsolvable problem I wrote to you about the other day… well it’s already starting to handle 🙂 That’s the power of theta. If it hasn’t fully resolved over the next week or two I’ll make an appointment to come and get in session. Because thanks to you and thanks to real friends and real Scientologists my faith in the tech has been fully restored and I know it will all be OK.

  53. I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog and all the old and new friends I’ve met. I have way more actual terminals now than I did when i was in, because there is real comm going on. The cult members are a “world out of comm.”–among them I felt lonely.
    I came out last March and entered the unique world of the Ms-Marty, Mike and Mosey-of course the rest of the alphabet keeps developing!

  54. Lynne-I am another grateful self-centered one.

  55. Scott Campbell


    The feeling’s mutual.

    Have some fun while you’re out and about.

    L, Scott

  56. Hi Davey,
    Nobody can be trusted, right? They’re all trying to suppress you and they will betray anyone at first opportunity, right? How come that after 18 months of arduous trying, pimping, bribing and threatening, you could find nobody, NOBODY, to betray M&M? How is it possible that in a world where everybody is 1.1, nobody turns on M&M, no matter how much $$$$ you throw at it? It can’t be that they have a halo protecting them, walking unscathed through the hell you thought you created for them. It can’t be that they’re theta, collecting more theta, that’s a fairytale nobody believes. It can’t be that they’re clean of overts and thus don’t pull motivaters, no matter how many you try to give them. It can’t be that they only associate with social personalities, those don’t exist anyhow.

    It can’t be that people who leave you and go to M&M think that their integrity is 1000x more worth than your $$$ and threats. It can’t be that they understand that ARC is the way up and MEST is the rabbit hole. It can’t be that they all understand that the very time they give up their integrity they go down and the only way back is to reinstate it.

    Nah, your out ethics suppressive minions just didn’t try hard enough to stop the out ethics suppressives that are backed by out ethics media and out ethics politics.

  57. Speaking as an outsider, it is amazing to see people making personal sacrifices to seek out the most reliable means for their spiritual development, having recognised the deceptive facades of “official authenticity” for what they are.

    The spirit of the community that has formed in light of this is quite palpable in its genuineness, openness, and concern for the welfare of others.

    In metta,

  58. Phew! Glad I’m not the only one crying 🙂

  59. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, Mosey, & Mike,

    THANK YOU ! Firstly, for LEADING THE TEAM, especially via YOUR ” POWERHOUSE ” BLOG. ( M O U A L H )

    However we may feel, about this certifiable creature from hell, this thoroughly VILE specimen ; ” HOMO – MAD -CABBAGE, ” whose current fixated depravity, includes the almost human like screams to :” MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL, ” The fact remains, THIS IS STILL “JUST A GAME ” to IT !!!!

    Fortunately, it is VERY obvious that you are, not only thoroughly acquainted with the mechanisms of games, but endowed with the “street wise” skills to ;- ” PLAY A WINNING GAME ” that is;-


    We, the Indies,are PROUD and RESOLUTE in being part of YOUR team, supporting you in ever increasing numbers, to cut this creature’s hitherto tenuous stranglehold on the freedom of thousands of decent people,who have been lured into it’s hypnotic web of lies,deceit and mind-control TRAPS !

    Communication HERE, alone, converts ENTHETA TO THETA !

    Finally,we the Scientologists of Earth demand that this H-M-C slither down from it’s POB lair and make way for an ARC/KRC endowed HUMAN BEING to become a “WORTHY” LEADER.

    All things shall pass. So back Marty,Mosey,Mike and ALL. .

  60. Marty,
    The best part of all of this is the renaissance of USE of real Scientology.

    It will all come out all right. The idea of the positive application of truths discharges the negative alterations. This is happening and more and more realize they are Ultimate Truth and an Ultimate Solution.

    G’bye Dave. I’m on the road this weekend too.

  61. LOL can’t – stop – crying 🙂

  62. Li'll bit of stuff

    reply (…I concur…)

    Isn’t that EXACTLY what LRH tried to teach us ?

  63. Thanks, Brian – I saw this yesterday, and it is very, very, very cool.

  64. Li'll bit of stuff

    reply —(chaos of the soul..}


    Sweetly, succinctly, stated. ARC, Li’ll bit

  65. Marty – blasts the entheta and false data/evil purposes where he finds them with theta and what do you know – the truth is all that is left for all of us to see. He as-ises.
    Mosey – stands firmly along side of Marty and flows him truth, love and honesty and gives him super-human strength.
    Rinder – pours more light on the truth for us and for the rest of the world to see.
    Logan – behind the scenes, analyzing the mess that DM made of the tech and returning us to the truth.
    Sam – the steadfast guardian of the UK and protector of us all. When you have Sam on your side, you win any fight.
    Karen – lie blaster. Karen hoses down any and all lies with her brand of disinfectant. She has a bullshit detector that shines a brilliant 5 billion megawatt truth beacon on and dissolves bullshit right before our eyes.

    I could go on and the rest of the steadfast posters who also love the tech and love Scientology are there, doing what they can to return Scientology to where it is supposed to be.

    God I love this group.

    ML Tom

  66. Doubt is a lower condition, isn’t it? Imagine a Church that forces you into a lower condition without your having done anything other than be there. The church – actually people at the direction of Mr. David Miscavige – starts to change from under you. Tech is squirreled. Materials are altered in the name of “saving the tech.” All checksheets are cancelled and replaced with rote-push-button drilling. Finance policies are thrown out the window, and lying to you, the media, and to each other becomes the norm. And YOU are in a lower condition?

    I was never in “doubt” about Scientology. I know what works. At worst, I was non-E with the church for a while as I am off-lines. But if someone or some group betrays YOU, YOU are not in doubt as to THEM, THEY are in TREASON to you – “Betrayal after Trust.” DM is in the lower condition. HE is the one hitting people (Mayhem), pushing false stats (another automatic Treason condition – False Reports), and squirreling Scientology (High crime – Treason, yet again!).

    All who follow him are betraying our trust, and betraying Scientology. The formula they need to apply is “Find out that you are.” In this case, find out THAT you are a Scientologist.

    If you are applying Scientology in your life, getting results and case gain, then you are not in the lower condition, are you?

  67. OK, let’s look at this situation. Marty and Mosey are asked by various people to help them. These people used to be members of the CofM but for whatever reason thought otherwise of continuing their participation. Maybe because of out tech on their cases, arbitraries blocking their progress up the Bridge, maybe the crush regging for Idle Orgs or to become Patron Bankruptius, maybe because the whole atmosphere has become oppressive…could be for a host of reasons. Maybe they noticed that such things are serious violations of LRH HCOBs and LRH Policy. So they decide to no longer be members to and to seek help from Marty and Mosey. Now the CoM culls their files and launches ad hominem attacks with the clear intent to damage these people, and to try and prevent them from getting the help that they have decided they need. Can you imagine if any other group in the world operated in this way. They would be shunned wholesale. Who in their right mind would want to be a member? The whole viewpoint is: the customer is always wrong, bad and criminal and the institution and its leader is always right, infallible, wonderful – when the evidence indicates quote otherwise.
    One might think that at some point at least the higher level staff remaining in CoM might get an inkling that something is wrong with this picture. At the very least they might realize it is not a successful operating basis.
    This has truly become a sick and sad state of affairs.

  68. Carcha,
    Thanks for the link, interesting responses to some of the petitions.

  69. I agree Tom, very appropriate song!

    M&M – you’re the best and are exemplary Indies. If we were in the old country you would be Royalty! Keep safe and here is a different version of “Happy Trails”!

  70. martyrathbun09

    Me too.

  71. windhorse

    Can we talk back lines? E-mail me at:

    Eric S

  72. Yes, I know. Freedom Magazine has to be one of the most effective tools to liberate people from the church that I have ever seen. No one who is up-tone and winning can look at that rag and be happy with it. No one who understands any of LRH’s tech and look at that stuff and not be disturbed.

    Actually, if you know the tech, you can look at all the communications re Marty and the independents and the ex-SO staff, and see that it is exactly missed-withhold phenomena. We “almost found out” that they are squirreling. We know it. They know it. What DM is scared shitless about is that the parishioners are gonna know it. DM is in a state of “Do my people know? Or not? DO THEY KNOW? or.. well maybe not. Let’s open a new Ideal Org! We’re EXPANDING! Damn that Marty. That F-head. That c***. Does he know? Really? No, he can’t.”

    Think about it.

  73. Wow, Sam-Even though we have not met in the corporeal sense, I consider you to be one of my great new friends and I love your forthrightness, honesty and just plain spunk. Believe me, you have a great future. The one who doesn’t is dm and of course, Minerva.

  74. Tony DePhillips

    You too Laura.
    You speak softly and carry a big stick. 🙂

  75. You are an auditor.
    No auditor I have ever met is self-centered.
    Who has David Miscavige audited recently I wonder?

  76. Sam — You are one of a kind! So happy to know you and your beautiful family, you bring joy to the world. You are irrepressible. We love you.

  77. Sam,
    You give me strength. I love you!

  78. one of those who see

    Sam, you’re one of the good ones and we love you. You are courageous and honorable. YOU deserve to go free.
    The real crimes committed daily are from DM and those implementing his orders. I have one friend with a son who is hopefully recovering from how he was treated by the church. I have another friend who’s family is being destroyed because of enforced disconnection. Another person I know finally got the $$ together to go to Flag and was denied service. And I recently went to a funeral of a friend who was on her OT levels, I believe VII.
    This is just a few in my small circle. And I have more stories!! And everyone probably has stories like this.
    You are a total asset to the Independent Movement. Thanks for all you do.

  79. Sometimes I feel that the best approach to spirituality is to be like a bee – flying carefree from flower to flower and savouring the nectars found within each.

    On the other hand, when we find a method that works for us, there is every good reason to continue with that until the desired results are produced.

    I know Buddhists who attend Christian churches primarily for the purpose of social enrichment – the importance of which is sometimes overlooked – and yet they are also confident in their own practice.

    It can be a delicate balance, but I think that as long as we are not creating more confusion or modifying working systems to a detriment, then approaching other religious traditions with an open attitude can serve to bring about a greater understanding of spirituality on physical, social and mental levels.

  80. Tom,

    Isn’t it actually like 1950 all over again. Only better?

  81. Oh Davey, I forgot to explain. You know the contagion of aberration; you’ll find most criminals in that area where most entheta is most active, let’s say 20 years of active scientology perversion:

    Corollary, you’ll find the most ethical people where most theta is most active, needless to say, I’m Dutch:

  82. +1 xoxoxoxo

  83. +1 — and DAMN — how did you get that double dorje (vajra) as your

    I’m going to get a windhorse – yup I am. Nothing like a smidge of spiritual bling to make my day 🙂

  84. “And I don’t give a rats ass what you say about me.”

    I don’t give a big rat’s ass what they say about you either….I like you!

  85. I may have said this before but I will again for the record and hoping especially that OSA, etc. take note.

    I was on the ship to do OT VIII in the fall of 2009. It came up that I was “aware” of the Anderson Cooper-CNN broadcasts with Marty and Mike. The MAA insisted I read the Freedom Mag with their rebuttal of the Truth Rundown series. I wish I had had the courage to speak my mind at that point because I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was an unjustified attack misusing confessional and ethics conditions content. It made my skin crawl. It may have been the key thing that prompted me to start looking for the truth of the matter after I returned.

    All this to say I agree, Freedom Mag is likely creating a lot of doubt for church regulars.

  86. Marty, you are special…and not surprisingly, so is Mosey! You gave me back my certainty about being a Scientologist. Before the SP times and your blog, I thought I was in doubt about my involvement in Scientology until I saw the differentiation between the tech and the church.

    Once viewing this correctly, I knew I was never in doubt about the tech.
    With that knowingness all the shame I felt about failing as a Scientologist blew and as a being, I no longer had to be in hiding.

  87. What a woman! Love how you just put it out there. You have lots of real friends because you are so real yourself. May you experience all the happiness you desire. ml, Yvonne

  88. This blog is “home” is so many ways to me – it has provided tons of data and viewpoints and theta and an opportunity to get completely unbrainwashed. Thank you Marty for creating it and thank you Mosey for being part of it. Thank you all who read and blog here for making the world a better place today, tomorrow and on and on….

    Have a great trip!

  89. You nailed, it Tom. I love this group, too!

  90. Dear Sam,

    This is courage. To admit your own foibles and stand unashamed.

    There is nothing more painful than to lose your faith and the trust in what you believe in.

    It leaves a person GROUNDLESS. No ground to stand on.

    This is terrifying and can lead to severe depression or even suicide.


    Actually – it’s a GREAT place to be because AS you put things back together for yourself, you will do so on YOUR terms. Not on false terms.

    I recommend not re-building a ground as you once knew it but instead a fresh open look at the scientology from LRH you love. Take each policy and examine it freshly with new eyes.

    Marty is a wonderful mentor. You’ve chosen wisely.

    And watch out, Sam

    Magic will be happening at every turn. Even when the clouds come, knowing the sun is ALWAYS behind the clouds will mean you will never again let the clouds guide your actions.

    They are just part of life but they are transient. Unlike the sun, which is ALWAYS there.

    Hugs to you. You are my hero.


  91. Sam – you are awesome.

  92. +1

    Sam, you have been a rock (in the good sense) to this blog! I have always admired your strength, probably even at times when you thought there was none, your posts gave them to me. You have a lot more friends than you ever realized! 🙂

  93. Hello!

    Welcome to the blog!

  94. Perfectly stated and duplicated in my universe!

  95. Martin, Actually, I don’t think there could be any conflict between being a Scientologist and a practicing member of any religion. My interpretation of the auditor’s code clause that mentions mixing practices refers to other mental practices such as psychoanalysis. It might be interesting to become a member of every religion under the sun AND remain a Scientologist. There might be some where there is a conflict but I don’t know of one, including Wiccan.

  96. Ingrid — I have met the inimitable, indomitable Sam in the corporeal sense and her spiritual beauty is mirrored in the corporeal. 🙂 This is just more evidence that considerations take rank over mechanics. Whatever path Sam traveled here, I am extremely privileged to have crossed that path. Aye, there’s a Sheila, in the quintessential SOS Ch 18 sense!


    Something about that power of choice, eh, Jim.

  98. All I can do is (mis)quote Rick (my keyboard is suffering from excessive lacrimation) :
    “Here’s looking at y’all, kids.”
    “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


  99. Ingrid,

    You’re right. 🙂

  100. Well Sam, any Russian can tell you, crying is good and British stiff upper lip is for the birds!

    It is said Jesus wept often. However, if this video of these British guys singing this song all dressed up like that, on stage and in public doesn’t bring up a smile through your tears, I don’t know what will!

  101. Dan —
    The faiths which recognize the 10 Commandments may have issues.
    The First Commandment. Thou shalt have no other gods.

    Oh, yeah. DM’s cult is not Scientology. My bad.

  102. martyrathbun09

    For you Sam:

  103. Sam – never mind the stuff about men of steel – there is something so special about a woman of steel- like you. You are awesome.

  104. Sam,

    Shortly after I left the church, (for good reason) I too had my world turned upside down. You are not alone on this one.

  105. Marty and Mike
    You guys are keeping the “light on”, making sure Scientology is still here. I think all of us out here share the same goal and hopes that we will recover from Miscavige’s alterations of LRH’s technology and come out the other end with KSW instead of spiritual enslavement, better known as Koolaide drinking Robots. Anyway, we are with you guys.. much more than 100%… and I am sure you know that.

  106. ♥♥♥Sam ♥♥♥
    You are a wonderful human being, much loved in this community !
    You are also a Harry Potter Witch !
    wink wink

  107. Sam, I have always loved your stories and admire your integrity to call a spade a spade. I, too, have committed some actions that, when in the Church, even tho I had applied the ethics condition to stop the activity and put my own ethics in, I would never have wanted to reveal because I knew that it would be used against me. Yet, I have often thought that I would , in a heartbeat, not hesitate to “confess” to an auditor, like Marty or Ingrid, that I know would give me the proper ack…which is that I have addressed and handled it, so, move on! …which is what LRH would say. That is not something one can find in the current Church, I believe.
    Thank you for being there. And to Marty, Mosey, Mike R. and all these other wonderful real Scientologists.

  108. vajracutter

    You are here. You have contributed to the “genuineness, openness, and concern for the welfare of others”.

    I do not consider you so much as an “outsider”.

    Eric S

  109. I came home to Los Angeles after a week with Marty and Mosey feeling I had experienced some REAL Scientology and REAL Scientologists.
    I can unequivocally state that Marty’s auditing was the best ever.
    Thank you for creating a scene where we have our own 3rd dynamic and for this vibrant blog which has become so much part of our lives.

  110. Sam, you made my day with your honesty! Truth and the power within you will set ya free, baby!

  111. Perfect!

  112. I just want to add here, Sam, that posting your comm as you did shows more courage and strength than I have seen from anyone “in” the Church for a lonnnng time. You are a special soul.

  113. Martin,
    Great post. Returned just now from our Vihara(Buddhist temple) and we had a wonderful service with a great group of monks and people.
    The chanting was awesome this evening.
    A Pali Chant in Theravada Buddhism is done to assist someone who needs help or protection such as Marty and Mosey. Pali is the ancient language of the Buddha which he spoke and is the grandfather of Sanscrit.
    The chanting is first for loving-kindness to all beings. Then, it is followed by a salutation to the triple gem – The Buddha, the teaching of the Buddha and the community of monks. The chanting forms a spiritual bond.
    The devas are divine beings who are located in various heavens. They cannot render physical assistance but they are not pleased with someone like Mr. Miscavige who causes harm. They can cause dreams which do lead to some interesting results. The chanting was intense this evening;
    The devas have been aroused and are aware of the conceit of Mr. Miscavige.
    I have respect for the teaching of LRH especially old style auditing.
    However, I sought refure in th Buddha over ten years ago so it is my primary religion at present.
    May all beings be well and happy!

  114. vajracutter,
    One of the monks at our temple was invited to speak to a Christian community next week. He agreed to allow the Christians to speak to us as an exchange. This is great. We are looking forward to it.
    May all beings be well and happy!

  115. Martin-I have a PC who is a Christian and she loves Scientology( she had never been in the RCS)-she belonged to a church where the pastor wouldn’t let her advance in the church because of her involvement in Scientology. She was outraged. People don’t like it when you get in the way of their religious beliefs. She left that church and found another one. I have never gotten in the way of her religious beliefs, so in this case Scientology is the tolerant one.

  116. Martin,
    slight typo at the end. It should read “I sought refuge in the Buddha”.
    In Buddhism, seeking refuge in the Buddha is when you see the truth of his teaching. It is that simple. It is a formal ceremony with monks and precepts. We are given a Pali name which we can use.

  117. one of those who see

    sent you an email!

  118. Doubt Formula, Step 8. Suffer on up through the Conditions in the new group if one has changed sides, or the Conditions of the group one has remained in if ones doubt in it has lowered one’s status.

  119. mark mckinstry

    Sam… you inspire all of us. You are what the subject is all about – confront, truth, communication.

    You’re the antithesis of “sheeple”. That’s why we all love you.

    Great to see you in the UK.

    Keep on….


  120. Or “You all are stars”, pronounced, of course, “y’all”.

  121. So sorry to hear the insanity continues. Incompetence and corruption are rampant in the Office of the Impostor. The Miscavology Organization (the Scientology trademark hijackers) runs a bizarre (and sinking) ship…that has very little to do with Scientology beyond the facade and bait of “help.”

    The most telling thing about the corruption and literal insanity (mental illness) behind the corporate pretend-church operations is the lack of conscience and awareness of inappropriate behavior. How obvious can it get?

  122. Not only are you all Special, you’re also all Beautiful!

    I love the passion, the compassion and the spunk of this entire Tribe…it’s very inspiring!

    Big Love,

    John in Austin

  123. Sam,

    You have my deepest admiration. It takes a big being to do what you’ve done here.


  124. For you, M&M.

    Much love.

  125. Sam, cheers you uncontainable, self-reliant, honorable soul You! I really go that, and all your tears and laughter of joy and relief.

    Marty and Mosey you walk the walk.

    David MIscavige popeship is too busy with buffoonery and Celebrity Shamantology operations al la video below to bother with applying the Auditors Code and living by the creed of their purported beliefs.

  126. Indeed it is a Renaissance. MRinder put it so perfectly, I add my voice to the large chorus:
    “Thanks to you and Mosey for what you do, your strength and integrity, your care for others, your grace and your application of What Is Greatness. Nobody could ask for better friends, and that engenders a reciprocal in everyone who knows you.”

  127. Thank you Marty.
    I find it very interesting how despite POBs continuing intention as covered by your comment “The intent is crystal clear. It is extortion and terrorism designed to send a message – if you connect with Marty we will make it hurt” , the comments evident today on the blog tell how completely false that is. On the contrary it is abundantly clear that to connect with Marty is to connect with Theta and to enjoy the fruits of having more freeTheta. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to benifit from this blog as well as contribute to it.

  128. …not hyperbole…Google “Scientology South Park”

  129. Tony DePhillips

    Plus one!! You’re a good egg Sam. 🙂

  130. Tony DePhillips

  131. Marty,

    During my final stages of routing out of The Sea Org in Clearwater four years ago, I was scraping off the O block exterior walls (home for us RPFers) day in, day out, thinking…. what happened to that dedication. Here I am, routing out after 20 years and on a ‘scrape those walls’- assignment. It was a very odd combination of mixed feelings and confused questions and had no one to talk to – talking to anyone is forbidden in the RPF and when you’re in the RPFs RPF you just have you. Now even the fellow RPFers condemn you – save 2 or 3 who did try to talk to me. But their talk was about changing my mind and staying. Staying wasn’t an option, I needed to understand what is the real reason for sayonara my friends, my group and the once burning purpose. I had seen spiritual rape of fellow staff; humiliation in front of the group by a senior executive, spouses sent to work in different continents, disconnection in full use, veteran staff who had worked with LRH had been routed off or RPFed, and the reasons for my questionning and disagreements went on like this. I had done my share of actions I regret.

    But – what about the technology? Since reading Book One 20 years ago I knew I had found what I’d looked for – and felt I had been found by the author. I know what I’ve gained with application of Dianetics and Scientology, seen other’s win and grow when using it… so am I still a Scientologist, now that I’m leaving? Well, I did not care what I was or am called, I know that with this tech I had been able to look, as-is and move up as a spiritual person.

    After two years being out, Steve Hall and yourself started blogging away, giving data,data, data, and my confusion started to clear. Now I had answers and started thinking straight once again about my involvement and experience with the organized church. I understood my bent on leaving. Then Mike Rinder started talking…..if by that time I had any doubt about my actions now it was all clear. It’s a matter of trust.

    Taking the heat and pressure from DM and OSA so that most can go on normal lives, jeez I understand that, but they should realize about now it does them no favours. They are only catering to DMs suppressive whims while he is barking off his orders thinking he is winning. He is not a Scientologist so why is he in the helm of that church? I’ve looked at his space, listened to him enough to have made up my own mind about him.

    As I’ve made up about you. I thank you and Mosey for continuing to deliver and free beings and speaking out. You are an inspiration to me and to so many others I know. This blog is awesome, your visitors I consider friends and I have learned so much here.

    It will all come out OK in the end – and if it’s not ok, it’s not the end!!! Love, Kirsi

  132. Hi Marty, I have to thank you once again for keeping this island of sanity here.

    My husband and I left the RCS almost 2 years ago after a Reg cycle from hell. Towards the end of that cycle I went into grief. Everyone just sat there an looked at me. Why did I go into grief? Was it because of the 6 previous hours of eval, inval, non-duplication or out ARC in general? Or the demand that we fork over another $100,000 “or else”? No. It was because when I really looked into the eyes of those three twenty-something SO members who were perpetrating this act of extortion, I realized with full certainty that my Church was dead. I realized that this was the culmination to date of everything that we had been not-ising for the last three or four years.These three kids had the audacity to order us to watch the section of the COB event where he said we should donate to Ideal Orgs AND the IAS, and “if it wasn’t fun then we weren’t doing it right.” This was “proof” to them that what they were doing was “on policy.” I sat there and looked at them and wondered if they even KNEW who LRH was. And then I went into grief. We had each spent at least 36 years and over a million dollars between the two of us, and now my Church was being run by Hitler Youth. That is exactly what we both felt. Of course, this was only the last of many previous out realty communications happening at Flag and on the Ship.

    Without this blog and every one of you, it would have been so much harder to get our stable datums back and to get our bearings again. I thank you all for that.

    I’m sorry I’m not able to come out in the open for now, and for that, I feel more like a person without a country. I can’t be fully part of the Independents, yet I am in no way affiliated with the RCS at all. (I’ve been told by a friend that we’re now “deadfiled”) When I look at all of my employees, most of whom have family members still in the SO, I can’t stand the thought that they would have to leave their livelihoods just for the self indulgence of my being able to state my position. These are good, innocent beings who love their jobs. And not a one of them is doing anything on the bridge. I think they all instinctively know to stay away, yet none of them wants to lose what little family they have. So we have this tacit, unspoken agreement to carry on with life for now, and let the RCS die it’s own slow death. I believe there are thousands of us doing this same withdrawal of support.

    At this point my husband and I are completely done with the Church, and have moved on. Like other OTVIIIs who blog here, I am looking into Buddhism. The one thing that attracts me to it most is compassion, the thing that I think is MOST missing from the Church of Miscavige. I’m finding that having ARC and compassion for my fellow man again has made me happier than I have been in a long time. And it’s been a long road back after all those years of being conditioned otherwise. All those years of looking at others from the eyes of the current Church as “wogs” and “downstats”… I am so surprised how pervasive that viewpoint is. I am ashamed to have contributed in ANY way to that. But this is a new day…

    So thanks again to all of you. Really, truly, I feel you guys are my group whether you allow me in or not. (In fact I actually know a couple of you.) I just wanted to say how much this blog has helped, and I know that it will continue to help others make their way out of this current scene. Here’s to making it right again up the road…

  133. Sam, seriously, you are one sweet, awesome being. You truly are one of a kind and you have my admiration as well.

  134. +1 Perfect!!!
    Sam, I admire you and love you for who you are.

  135. Who is the Lombar Hisst ?

    My appreciation for your courage Sam, thank you !!!

  136. Who changed sides? Not me.

  137. Freedum is like Davey a great exodus push. You decompressed quickly!

  138. Sam, you are so wonderful, what an incredibly honest and open comm from you. Again! I trust you, consider you a friend and wish you a great success in your journey. Yes – it will all be OK!!!

  139. +++ DITTO! +++
    Thanks to M & M and M & C and all of you and your:
    information added
    hard work
    confront …….
    and your Love for the Tech and LRH.

    *** Hooray! ***

  140. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Please use another handle so we don’t confuse you with the sparkle dolphin an the dolphin jump who post here regularly. Thanks.

  141. Sam, you have such huge ovaries! I already loved you before reading your message above. But now, I’m even more in awe of you. You’re completely wonderful — you always have been, and you always will be. Nothing can or ever will change that. 🙂

  142. Marty and Mosey,

    Lately, I’ve commented here less frequently. But that does not mean my affinity for you or this community has been alloyed in any way. To you both and to all my other friends here — those I’ve met in person and those I’ve know only virtually at this blog — you are so very valuable to me. Thank you for being here — whether you’re commenting every day or not. As we know, many of us are now emailing and talking via phone often.

    David Miscavige — your only value to me, by virtue your nasty behavior, comes from having introduced to me to all these wonderful people. So please accept my sincere thanks for being such an enormous asshole.


  143. Well Sam, Smoking at odd times to fight the extreme stress , purposely applied by the Multi Billion dollar ‘Church’, to Break/Destroy you and your Children’s lives ouch, could be alot worse you could have openly mixed with Church critics as well!!!!
    Simply unforgiveable

  144. Andrew Robertson

    What a brave post, Sam! You have a remarkable ability to confront a situation without fear of rejection or opprobrium. You state the facts clearly and guilelessly, soaring high above the malicious and spiteful attacks you’ve endured.


  145. Thank you ALL so much for the out-pouring of love and understanding.
    You’re making me cry again! 🙂
    And YOU are the ones who have proven my point (and Marty’s).
    Whatever personal pain or attacks we have had to endure to arrive here we have found our way home and forged a bond of theta that cannot be broken.
    It didn’t require any courage to write this communication. Because I trust and love each and every one of you and I know I am not alone anymore.
    “On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth.” — L. Ron Hubbard

  146. JM — you always make me laugh!!

    Love you

  147. Yvonne,
    I remember that. You called me from the ship. Samantha (MAA) wanted you to handle me by having me read the Freedom Mag. I said I would and that was that. I tried. Not because I wanted to but, because I told you I would. I read about 1 paragraph and got an instant headache. I never read it. I never told you because, I just wanted you through and off that ship. I wish I had had the courage to warn you. Sorry, my friend.

  148. TroubleShooter

    Can I get an Om-en! Yes, Grasshopper I duplicate you utterly. I NEVER left the Scientology religion I found. It morphed into the syndicate that it is today while my shoulder was to the wheel to implement my purpose; to work with other like-wise individuals to get on to and provide to others a road out of ignorance and suppression and back toward dignity, compassion and power to be, do and have ones’ own and others creations.

    I had an EP once on an action I received that what Scientology was in fact was the merging of Buddhism and science. It was an EP so you get the picture of how much truth for me that realization was. I am true to myself and so am true to the Scientology path toward this purpose which I found in the work LRH provided. What I LEFT was the cob’s version of that path that he’s attempted to usurp. It’s not the same path I was on, it’s an obfuscating harmonic of it that has pleasure and pain connectors that have trapped people we’ve known, helped, loved and growled about.

    We’ll meet Grasshopper and I look forward to it.

  149. TroubleShooter

    That’s it for muster!

    “…A survey of all of this demonstrated that at any one time on
    Earth there were not more than about ten thousand people of a
    caliber that was sufficient to do a little steering or leading…”

    PDC lecture 61
    (track 13 para 3)

    You Marty and EVERYONE here who knows they are here to pursue something greater than they’ve discovered most people ever contemplate – you are the caliber of people I thought I’d found in the church. cob happened to be the player that precipitated further separation of the wheat from the chaff. That’s how I see it.

    My admiration for you all has become my lighthouse.

  150. Impartial English Girl

    A lovely post. But we’re all here, quite literally, because of YOU, Mr. and Mrs. R. (and Chiquita)!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    IEG xx

  151. Grasshopper,

    Interesting how Doubt is such a low condition, but members of the RCS sometimes have to come WAY up usually to reach it.

  152. JM, I LOL’d when I read your last sentence. But you are totally right — the enormous asshole has created his own worst nightmare. An ever increasing number of like minded, intelligent, uncontrollable people who can indeed think for themselves, who are now connected and refuse to be intimidated. It really sucks to be Dave.

  153. Magnolia,

    Wonderful comment.

    In two sentences you distilled a great deal of truth:

    “We had each spent at least 36 years and over a million dollars between the two of us, and now my Church was being run by Hitler Youth

    The one thing that attracts me to it most is compassion, the thing that I think is MOST missing from the Church of Miscavige.”

    I am sure you speak for a great many of the people who call this blog “home” and for many more who would be here if they had the courage to ignore the dictates of the Hitler Youth and look and think for themselves.

  154. Betty White said, “Why do people say, ‘grow some balls.” Balls are weak and sensitive. If you really want to get tough, grow a vagina! Those things take a pounding!

  155. Kirsi,

    You make a good point about the importance of Mike stepping up and speaking out. I remember the times before Mike and even though Marty, Steve, Jeff, Amy, Matt, Tom, etc. were speaking out there were many who just still couldn’t believe the truth. It really did sound too unbelievable!

    When Mike did come out, all of that blew and then Karen speaking out was the creme de la creme. This really has been an evolution of incredible beings taking back Scientology and I see the blogs as a way to allow anyone out there who who has guts enough to do something about it an opportunity to destim, reconnect and launch off.

    I think we are all brave warriors coming together and some of us spoke in larger voices or have taken on more arrows than others and some like Marty and Mike are so impervious to the enemy that our admiration is uncontrollable. So yes, we are all special but we do still like our heroes and I think they help us to stretch our own cabilities when we rub elbows with them. Isn’t that really what makes life a bit exciting?

  156. Martin Padfield

    Dan, I totally agree – there really isn’t any conflict. And Anglican Christianity is obviously very liberal compared to many other Christian sects and branches. Personally I don’t believe for a second that Jesus literally rose in bodily form, from the tomb and wafted off to heaven; nor would any of my fellow parishioners expect or demand such literal acceptance…My point, made in my usual clumsy way, was simply that the radical totalitarian version of Scientology had already deeply pervaded all levels by the time I left, and the contempt and disdain poured upon anyone who also professed to be Christian, especially an “old-timer” ex-Sea Org such as myself would be palpable. I remember being in the ethics office a few years back and listening in on an interview with a public where Maud was trying to “handle” some public’s other belief system. The concept was “what are you wasting your Sunday mornings doing that for? You could be on course!”

  157. Martin Padfield

    Thanks George for such a comprehensive reply! You’ll have to reference the “Buddhism for Dummies” or equivalent for me to understand the basics; anything more highbrow and I will just lapse into uncontrollable glee or savage sarcasm (a particular forte).

  158. Martin Padfield

    As indeed it should be – thanks Ingrid.

  159. One of my favorite philosophies are the mystics of Islam: Sufi

    AND one of my favorite Sufis is Rumi.

    This caught my eye:

    ‎”If you have subdued your egoism,
    you no longer have to make excuses:
    nobody in the world remains your enemy.”
    – Rumi

    Interesting to contemplate. Does this mean IF I could subdue my ego dm would not be my enemy?

    But would I still be his?

    Fun stuff to work with, isn’t it?

    Hope you are all having a great day. The weather is finally gorgeous after 10″ of snow last Sunday. Yikes.


  160. Alrighty!
    Square your shoulders back and put that sucker into cruise control.
    Kick your shoes off, put your feet up on the dash, and plug in Willie Nelson’s On The Road Again!
    Good fortune and traveling on the by-ways, hi-ways and fly-ways of America!

  161. Martin Padfield

    Thanks Yvonne – yes, that 2009 Freedom is a great tool for the Indie scene and I only hope OSA is still using it get the ignorant to wake up. Pages 46 – 52 make for particularly interesting reading; a full admission that wild and bizarre abuses were taking place routinely at the Int base, all under the stewardship of none other than David Miscavige. Yet DM is “beloved my millions” (page 48). Yingling knows all about it though – “I was there, I know these guys…it’s just a story that never happened”. The whole thrust of about 30 pages of this dross though, is that DM was desperate to give an interview to “set the record straight”. Yingling: “You will see him, yes”. Dave, we’re waiting. I’m sure the SP Times invitation is still open.

  162. Marty, Mosey, Mike and everybody who comments on this blog, I am humbled by you all. It is not just the people who asked Marty for help, it is all of us. All of us would like to ask Marty for help or help Marty but logistics get in the way so we do what we can. Just looking through the comments now I was struck by the intelligence, levels of ARC and competence of all of us. Here is the true spirit and accomplishments of Scientology!

  163. Dear Marty & Mosey,
    we consider you very much friends, and we do not give a damn if somebody wants to cut across this theta line.
    Thanks to your courage and work we have been able to surface from the valley of death –
    This for us is what counts.
    And in the long run we will be here and ….

    “The master of the slaves dies – they alway died in this universe and they alway will – LRH PDC “

  164. Indie-saurus-rex

    Thanks for the props Marty! The value I place in your blog and the posts of its readers is immense. Definitely a stable datum. It just feels like there’s been so much growth in readership and comment-postings that it is really too bad that the WordPress format doesn’t allow for a branching-out into a full-fledged forum. Some great sub-conversations go on and they really deserve a continuing thread, rather than getting relegated to the virtual dustbin after they’re off the main page.

    I know there are other forum sites around the net but they don’t necessarily have the fantastic group of people we have here!

  165. I believe that my dedication to LRH will see me through what ever Radical Scientology, under the dictatorship of POB, has to throw at my family and friends.

  166. Sam, Don’t worry. Sane people see David Miscavige’s slurs for what they are. I particularly enjoy a nice bottle of wine with a friend after a hard day. Does that make me an alcoholic? I don’t think so. Being from California, marijuana is just not that big of a deal anymore, anymore than a few beers at the ball game. This doesn’t define you. David Miscavige is behind the times and is trapped within the isolation he has created for himself. He has lost touch with the community – the community within CofS, and outside CofS. You are a danger to him, because you are out here, living life, making friends and helping create a community of like-minded people, and experiencing freedom.

    Some day I’d really like to meet you and others on this blog.

  167. Sam, you are awesome! Love ya

  168. Marty and Mosey —

    You state with good reason:

    “The intent is crystal clear. It is extortion and terrorism designed to send a message – if you connect with Marty we will make it hurt.”

    I know we operate on a far higher level. In fact, from the (not-enforcable) Code of Honor by LRH:

    “11. Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.”

    Thank you for helping us to end cycle on the regrets of yesterday, live life in the present and make a better tomorrow! Rachel

  169. top of the vale

    “This country has nothing to fear from the crooked man who fails. We put him in jail. It is the crooked man who succeeds who is a threat to this country.” Teddy Roosevelt
    Memphis, TN, October 25, 1905
    Marty’s Crew is making everyone more aware of this every day by just doing what LRH would do.

  170. Wonderful Sammy,

    You’re a shining example of Truth and Trust.

  171. Sam,
    Have a kleenex….:-)
    You are really something, Gator Woman. Hat’s off to you.
    Suggest you don’t cry on your keyboard though, it’s rough on the circuitry. Maybe not as bad as coffee, still…
    I admire you.
    L, Eileen

  172. M&M
    This blog, among hundreds of others, is why I continue to follow and support you both, and the other Indies who post here. Attending the 2011 Independent Scientologists Celebration was a major highlight for me. It was extremely taxing for me to attend, but it was a major turning point in my life to see so many free, happy, confident, able and winning Scientologists. I had dedicated my life to helping LRH produce such products; for some years I was able to do that successfully. When it became more work to protect and defend those I was attempting to help, a fight to get them Standard Tech inside a cob edifice, a losing battle to protect and defend myself, it was time to leave those who were no longer my group.
    It took me a few years before finding my group again. I am not always able to actively participate, but I am always with you all. To me, the future is very bright and I can see the improved scene where LRH’s Tech will be “kept free”, just as he intended.
    Thank you Marty and Mosey for all that you do to create the present scene of increasing choices for standard delivery and that bright future I see.
    Love, Eileen

  173. Kirsi;

    You said; “and felt I had been found by the author.” That was an incredible statement. I love it.

    ML Tom

  174. Magnolia, you sound so much like my husband and me, years in, dollars donated, and with employees who would have to make the choice. But in our case, my daughter crossed the gap and that was it, speak up or lose her. We spoke up and lost the four employees, which included my son and his wife. But it was their choice, and we no longer had to live under the cloak of unreality.
    I only say all this so you will know that I understand where you are coming from, and I totally agree that you have to play it the best way you see fit.
    But you are not alone. There are many in our Seattle group who can’t publicly depart and we certainly don’t “out” them. I hope you’ll find some people in your area with like minds–whether they’re Bhuddists or Indies. You have my love. Lynne

  175. Yvonne, I have to laugh at how the “out-points” that they try to shove at us as truth are the very things that make us start looking for the real truth. This is their downfall in the long run. Love, Lynne

  176. RE: Corporate Scientology Office of Special Affairs OSA goons & David Miscavige puppets, both mercenary & zealot :

    The game they’ve been playing with me for the past year and one half is to closely surveil us to determine who it is we are helping at any given time. They then cull folders, pc and ethics, take the most sensational “dirt” they can find, embellish the living daylights out of it, then spread it – by both internet anonymous publication and intel agent rumor mongering – to put the most hurt possible on those who we are helping.

    Is there any lower more base and criminal activity in a society than that of Corporate Scientology? Pretending to be a spiritual activity of soul-bearing confessional when behind the scenes — as documented by thousands, on camera, on tape, in writing, in action, at dumpsters trash diving — their racket comes to light; exposed.

    Corporate Scientology gets people to pay thousands$ and million$ of dollar$ and Euro$ with the ruse of offering ‘sacrosanct’ counseling. In REALITY, the public is confiding in a narcissistic psycho “ecclesiastical leader” their most painful moments in life which he uses as a custom blackmail coercion cue sheet. What an operation! By very definition unholy.

    Rather than the achievement of the purported end-result, i.e., as-isness, liberation, truth, recognition of nature and character and ability, the Organization pretending to be a church is doing the exact opposite, or trying to, i.e., sticking people in the mud.

    Little if anything is more heinous. It is the diametric opposite of the Creed of Scientology. It is an admission to use the tools of Scientology, that Marty Rathbun and others here utilize to achieve genuine relief and evolution of the spirit and life conditions.

    Even when the OSA operatives bungle the so-called facts they cull from confessional folders and ethics folders to whisper and twist or publish in fake blogs or four color brochures, the act ranks with the greatest possible travesty against the human spirit. Betrayal of trust. Use of knowledge that can free to enslave.

    Aside from the documented corporate Scientology “Church” illegal acts of harassment, trampling human rights with malice, stalking, distrubing the peace, abuse of law enforcement, lying, intentional slander and calumny — local and international law aside, from the sheer universal spiritual violation, it is a crime of magnitude.

    I have heard the hate in the zealots voices — masked as self-righteous, even to themselves, they delude themselves.

    Corporate Scientology (just like Al Qaeda and radical terrorist operations) are operating under the biggest religious nonsensical computation to make self right and others wrong. And the underlying insanity with which they justify their crimes and violations of actual Scientology to themselves —> Violate the practice and beliefs to save them.

    Zealotry in a nutshell. In other words: insane.

  177. Sam, I just read your writeup and I LOVE you! While I was reading it I had the thought, “This is the way a Doubt Formula should read–from the heart, making the decision in one’s own way, not by the orders from some book or MAA.”
    When they go through my folders they will find my solace, instead of drugs or alcohol, has always been CHOCOLATE! LOL, what will they do with that?

  178. Sam, In fact your writeup raised my affinity so much that I turned around and hugged my husband so he benefited too. LOL again.

  179. Clarification of sentence above re: the “Church” bullying, Auditor Code violations, twisted & arbitrary ‘ethics”, intimidation, coercion blackmail: —>

    It is an admission OF FAILURE by the supposed “Church” to use the tools of Scientology, tools that Marty Rathbun and others here utilize WITH SPECTACULAR RESULTS to achieve genuine relief and evolution of the spirit and life conditions.

  180. Hey, Eileen, nice post. My husband has suggested me to you on FB. Hope you will visit the NW group sometime when you’re in Seattle.

  181. That’s a good point Lucy. Having a steadfast purpose helps blow off the other stuff as “distractions,” which is what they are attempting to do.

  182. Good point Mike, Scientology gathered the seekers, and then spit out the wild ones! LOL

  183. Tony
    Listened to this 3x yesterday…LOL.
    One of my all time favs…great lyrics and music.
    Very apropos here… 🙂

  184. Martin Padfield

    Wow, Magnolia that’s a hell of a powerful post with much truth and honesty. I have no doubt at all the fine people in this community are already fully accepting you here just as you are and whatever your personal circumstances. I for one would love to chat with you one day. Good luck.

  185. Can’t publicly depart… nice formulation. Offering up your integrity to yourself (observing but not telling) and letting your loved ones down by not informing them nor setting the right exemple for them, out of fear for losing them. The fear for that loss is the very reason you lost them. The only way to get them back is by going up the conditions and not hoovering below doubt. The very reason you lost them in the first place was by going down the conditions and allowing them to do the same. In the end they will only upbraid you for not informing them and not fighting back and allowing a rotten conditon to persist, hoping it will all go away by the sheer personality of Marty or the magic of Mike’s speech or any other cause but yours.

  186. +1
    Dolphin Play
    You have succintly stated what I slowly came to recognize ~~ that for the last 20 years I had been supporting a criminal entity.
    The Church I had joined, morphed into something unrecognizable.

  187. Eileen,
    Very nice comment. You said: “I can see the improved scene where LRH’s Tech will be “kept free”, just as he intended.” I can see the same!

  188. Another Layer

    + about a gazillion!

  189. Tony Dephillips

    You would only be in doubt if you had gone past taking on the color of the enemy (liability) and then actually went into doubt.
    I could see how some could have stayed in the condition of Danger and working on the step of Handle the situation and any danger in it. The hard part would be knowing WHAT the dangerous situation was while still inside the cocoon of ignorance.

  190. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Eileen.
    Yeah, Van is cool.

  191. Magnolia,
    As you learn about Buddhism, don’t give up on Scientology. Just emphasize Buddhist compassion as you apply LRH’s auditing tech, and you’ll have it all. Bob Mongiello is right. We just need to do real Scientology, as though COS didn’t even exist. Real Scientology includes compassion.

    LRH once said that using the methods of the mest universe can be very successful in conquering it, “but then what you have is, God help you, the mest universe.” DM has won a lot of mest by going over to the dark side. But he is suffering, and cannot stop suffering. Meanwhile, we have all the theta. The joy we once knew in Scientology before DM came on the scene is right there for us to have again. All we have to do it put our attention on our theta, and get busy DOING SCIENTOLOGY!

    As for Buddhism, the best branch of Buddhism is Scientology. It’s the branch Gotama would be practicing today. So, by all means reintroduce compassion into your life, and encourage others to do the same. If Buddhist symbols and culture help you do that, use them. I do. But for your practice, DO SCIENTOLOGY!

  192. one of those who see


  193. Tony Dephillips

    I personally think it’s a mistake to not say publicly what you think.
    If your employees leave you for being honest with yourself that would be their mistake.

  194. Thank you both, I’m glad to be here.

  195. Your humble servant

    You know we all admire you!

  196. Actually I put together the dorje avatar in photoshop just for a bit of fun.

    You can attach images under View Complete Profile –> My Account –> Manage My Gravatars.

  197. I would just like to add my voice of gratitude to the many. Your SP Times article was an eye opening event in my life. Your revelations confirmed my suspicion that things just weren’t adding up and it was more than an Out-Point that could be corrected with a report.
    That article gave me the certainty I needed to begin my reentry to the real world. And it is good to be out. It isn’t over for me yet, but I have crossed the Rubicon. Thank you

  198. Yup awesome vid¬!

    Always used to love the “Swish” when playing.

  199. k,
    You are a wise being. I am thankful you are with us.

  200. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Valkov, luv the viewpoint!! Seems though that the “Stiff upper lip” does have some spinoffs.Surely, Sam appreciates her countrymen’s DRY BRITISH HUMOUR. I believe this trait is a HILARIOUSLY FUNNY way to OUTFLOW hurt and pain

    Those “RAZOR WITTED POMS” sure have a gift to share!!! Laughter still is some of the BEST MEDICINE.

    Sam, I really duplicate and understand what you have been sharing with us and yes, isn’t it wonderful,(uh-oh,another tear
    tear-jerker !!) having a TRULY compassionate group, to just BE THERE FOR YOU ? Well,we are ALL IN EACH OTHERS CORNER !! and so we SHALL REMAIN. F- U miss CABBAGE!

    What doesn’t kill us makes us STRONGER! Luv, Li’ll bit.

  201. Li'll bit of stuff


    A belated V W D to you, for your re-COG-nition, and to Dolphin Play for his observations. In a climate of outright DOMINATION,
    FEAR AND PERSECUTION become the mind-numbing REALITY

    This ALIEN from HELL-(atrobus), (or wherever!!} is nothing more than a two bit WANNABE , that, in spite of it’s resembling a human being, is actually just MEST., a ‘reptilian’ creature,
    totally DEVOID of ‘human’ qualities ie, compassion,empathy, humility,understanding,etc.

    This creature, a deformed , severely aberrated mutation, identified as “HOMO – MAD – CABBAGE” is utterly dependent
    upon it’s compulsions to “dramatize” it’s insatiable appetites, including, but not limited to :- Acquisition of Buildings, Movie Stars,Slaves and personal workforce ( DMbots ),TM’s and Copyrights,Teams of ‘Dirt-Diggers,’ Crooked lawyers and on and on and on.

    Sorry, had to include the ‘Fortress’ (INT), as well as the “obscene” quantity of “GOLD” !!! GOLD BASE , GOLDEN AGE OF TECH.,GOLDEN RODS,? GOLDEN PILLARS, etc., GOLD MERITORIUS (DUPES,) (sorry for you guys!! but we GENUINELY DUPLICATE & UNDERDSTAND) URGH ! ..Excuse me while I break away to puke !!!

    Double sorry, This all got too much !!

    ( Before we get our TITANIUM (not gold!) teeth into YOU !)

    Li’ll bit of (TITANIUM } stuff.

  202. Kirsi,

    You are right. Where would we be if the people who were there weren’t brave enough to speak up and give us the puzzles pieces we needed to make sense of this mess. I don’t even want to think about it. 🙂

  203. What a nice comment, overall10. I felt exactly the same way when I watched Marty’s and Amy’s St. Pete Times videos. Those videos changed my life in a jaw-dropping way. Thanks again to Marty, Amy, the other witnesses who spoke out on video, and all the folks at St. Pete Times. 🙂


  204. Magnolia,

    I love you no matter what you do or decide. I can tell that you have put a lot of thought into your decision because you are a good caring person. You have to do what is right for you.

    But, I have to say that I don’t believe stating your position is self indulgent. The other day there was an LRH video here in which he said,
    “A suppressive person isn’t critical. A suppressive person is a person who denies the rights of others.”

    You have a right to state your position. You have a right to disagree. Your employees have a right to keep their jobs and keep their family members. If you are all denying your own rights in order to keep a suppressive group happy you have lost, IMO and so have the people who are being damaged on a daily basis. People who are not OT8 and therefore can’t see, who are, whether they know it or not, counting on people like you who can see and do something about it to speak up.

    Just think what would happen if those thousands you talk about would stand up and say no more! I’m not picking on anyone but, I feel as an OT8 myself, you or any other OT could never be happy simply sitting in the shadows. I don’t talk about this but, I lost a son, who is in the SO. It has been very tough because, I love him very much and it has effected other family. But, I wouldn’t change 1 thing I’ve done because, I believe I did the right thing. Not just for me but, for him, too.

  205. Windhorse,
    I believe when you subscribe it notifies you of new “posts”. In order to get notification of new comments you need to check the “notify me of new comments” button under the comment box, when you submit a comment to each specific post. Love Mosey

  206. I share your gratitude JM!

  207. + 1 Laura Ann

  208. Yvonne Schick

    I survived!!! You more than made amends when you pointed me to Marty’s blog and the others. I’ll appreciate that forever. ml, Yvonne

  209. Hi Mosey,

    Thank goodness you are administrating this blog 🙂 — yes you are right!!

    Mystery solved by the lovely Mrs of the house.


  210. Yvonne Schick

    Very well said, Laura.

  211. Yvonne Schick


  212. Your humble servant


    That was a wonderful, valuable story, thank you. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that. You and your husband donated over a million dollars and yet you were treated like that was nothing and you were dirt and you “owed” more. Incredible. I well understand the grief that you experienced. Yes, you are right. This is a new day.

  213. Tony DePhillips


  214. Mike, thanks so much for the duplication.

  215. Lynne, I SO appreciate your understanding…and the fact that you don’t out the people in your group who are at whatever part of the “ending affiliation with the Radical Church” cycle. It also shows how much compassion your group has. That’s real Scientology to me.

  216. Martin, I would love to chat with you as well. Thanks for your kind comments and for all your previous astute observations on this blog.

  217. Kassapa, You are indeed a VERY wise being. No worries, I have not abandoned my belief in the tech, when done exactly as LRH intended, and with compassion. It is still the most efficient and effective way out of the trap that I have come across. And as far as Buddhism, (and believe me I have only dipped my little toe in so far), I realized that what I am most missing is being part of a spiritual group—a gathering of like minded individuals, using theta and spiritual wisdom to raise conditions in the world around us. The thing that Scientology SHOULD be, but lost over the last couple of decades, to the point of being almost unrecognizable as a religion.

    There is certainly a sense of community here, on this blog. I can’t overstate how much this blog and all the multiple viewpoints have meant to me. But we’re not a cohesive group yet. There’s a certain amount of intolerance (which is to be expected in any group, of course) and my own lack of full disclosure of my scene of course keeps me as an outsider to some degree. It’s fine, it’s the choice I have made. I’m just saying it would be nice to be a part of a group again without having to defend a position. Not saying I will find that out in the world but I’m giving it a shot. I’ve been recently in comm with a Theravada monk and our discourse back and forth on the Self/No self concept has been quite interesting. Not sure how it’s going to turn out, but it’s been a fun process getting his viewpoints, and sharing mine. (And someday I would love to get what the Buddhist’s view of this subject is from your perspective.) Thanks for taking the time to answer my post.

  218. Laura Ann, thanks so much for responding. Please know that I am with you 1000% on the idea that everyone should stand up and be counted. If we did this in unison…what an impact this would make.

    I realized that without giving all the particulars of my current scene, I open the door to looking like a completely self-centered and irresponsible person. No wonder some of the comments! At least let me say that there are multiple partners in my company. If it were mine alone, I wouldn’t be posting as Magnolia and we would have been eating BarBQue together on the 4th. :-> But my partners have emphatically agreed NOT to put our company and a very large group of employees at risk. Were we to lose as many staff as I know we WOULD lose, it would be devastating to the company. So I have to respect my partners (besides the fact that I am outvoted anyway.)

    And just so you know I was willing to take the hit. I was willing to start over. But then, I thought of the staff and the effect this would have on them. Many have been with the company for 10 years or more. We ARE their group, and we have built a family. Many of our staff have parents and siblings in the SO. I can tell you that they have a HUGE button on not having a family unit to speak of. They are lucky if they get to see a Mom or Dad once or twice a year. So, for me to force them to decide to leave the group that has become their family just doesn’t sit well. And of course my partners would agree.

    We can argue all day long about whether or not this is correct. Whether or not the Church should be allowed to create this effect (of course it shouldn’t!). But it is what it is at this particular moment. And if some of us have to chose the Ghandi method for now, for our particular scene then that’s what we can do. One thing we HAVE created in the company is a safe zone where these beings can feel free to NOT participate in the current church. So that is something.

    I’m sorry to hear about your son. And I admire every one of you who has stood up. Hope you’ll all allow me a little more time and space.

  219. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Magnolia.
    I realize your response wasn’t to me but I wantedto to bring up a couple more points.
    Maybe there are employees who would love to break free pf the cult. Maybe they think if they said what they thought you would fire them. Maybe some of your employees think you and your partners are bots. Maybe they would love
    ove it if you and your partners stepped up??

    The other thing is your practically outing yourself to OSA as it

  220. Tony DePhillips

    Sorry hard to type on a phone.

    You are already practically outing yourself to OSA as it is. In fact they probably already know you are “dissaffected” and will be working on your employees very soon. My experience is that OSA will soon force you and your partners into making your move. How many companies exist in the world of the cult that fits your description?? Not many I would guess. I always feel that doing it on your own terms is better than being forced into the move by the cult.
    Anywho…I know you are a good person, just wanted to share my opinions.
    Obviously you can take them or leave them….

  221. Hope Amsterdam was fine and wine and a joint are still good when not in spiritual pain


  222. Magnolia,

    It’s interesting that you say you’ve been having discourse with a Theravada monk re self/no-self, and would like to get my perspective on that subject. Proper understanding of no-self was the subject of an extensive discussion on this blog on October 27, under the article, “Scientology’s New International Spokesperson.” George White, a Scientologist who became a Theravadin, made a comment regarding no-self, which I answered. This stimulated a long discussion in which several knowledgable Buddhist Scientologists participated.

    I just looked to see if you’d posted on that day and found that you hadn’t, so perhaps you missed that discussion altogether. If so, check it out. It may just hit the spot for you.

    Re our loss of the spiritual community we had in Scientology 30 years ago, I, too, grieve for it. The Buddhist vow begins with, “I take refuge in the Buddha (the source of the tech), the Dharma (the tech), and the Sangha (the brotherhood). Spiritual progress requires all three. In Scientology, that means (1) LRH is Source, (2) standard tech is the way, and (3) we need to get organized to help ourselves, each other, and the people we care about.

    COS is no longer the Sangha. I call it CONS — the Church of Not Scientology, or the Church of the Nazi Substitute. Take your pick. Either way, pun intended.

    We must rebuild the Sangha. Steve Hall started that 3 years ago with his Scientology-Cult blog, which was a break from the earlier natter boards. Then Marty joined in 2 years ago, and his blog has become the closest thing to a Sangha that we’ve had in a long time. Here and there people like Jim Logan and Les & Anita Warren have been getting training going again. Dan Koon has helped with his Independent checksheets. Slowly but surely others have gathered around the purpose and gotten active at some level. And now Bob Mongiello has raised the banner for a renewed Sangha in a big, big way, by revealing the simple actions he used to make the Riverside Mission of the 70’s the most successful Scientology org or mission in history. We are on the verge of the rebirth of our brotherhood.

    In my last post I said DO SCIENTOLOGY. For those who have gone all the way up the processing side of the Bridge to OT 8 (and gotten any CONS out-tech repaired), doing Scientology now means GETTING TRAINED. For those already trained, doing Scientology means DELIVERING IT! If you’re involved in auditing existing Independent Scientologists, that’s great, and please continue, because there are so many of us that still need to be cleaned up. But ultimately “delivering Scientology” means bringing in new people and making them into auditors.

    It is so, so easy to start delivering Scientology. You can do it right from your own home. If you’re trained, just start auditing people for free. Then circulate their success stories to everyone you know, and before too long you’ll have paying pcs. (Thanks to Anita Warren for this proven successful action.)

    Even better, start training people to be co-auditors. To get started, follow the Riverside Mission’s successful action. Just invite a bunch of people to your house for a talk on how better communication skills can improve their lives. Or, talk to them 1-on-1. Either way, tell them about ARC, the Tone Scale, ARC Breaks, the Comm Formula, etc. Just talk from your heart about what you know. Keep it simple.

    Don’t worry about CONS terrible PR. If someone you talk to brings it up, just explain how you and most Scientologist are not part of the official Church, and that you deliver the philosophy and technology without the cult bullshit. Most people accept this very readily.

    Then offer them the Comm Course for free, suped by you. Deliver it exactly per TRs Re-Modernized, not the new CONS HAS Course, which omits bullbaiting and differentiation between comments and originations! Give your students the real thing! Make sure they get blown out like we all did decades ago. Then circulate their success stories to everyone you know, and before long you’ll have paying students.

    Do these things right out of your own home evenings and/or weekends, even if you can only devote a few hourse per week to it. CONS won’t know what you’re doing, and if enough Independent Scientologists across the country get active in this way, there will be nothing CONS can do about it anyway.

    Don’t worry about what to do after the Comm Course. Bob Mongiello and others will make a complete Div 6 sequence of courses available in the near future.

    Grassroots co-auditing is the way to rebuild the Sangha. The reason COS became CONS and destroyed the Sangha we once had was that it tried to train teenage admin-trackers to be executives in control of grown-up tech-trained OTs. These kids had no idea what Scientology really is on the tech side. They were at the bottom of the Bridge as pcs, and for the most part stayed there. Under the pressure of the Sea Org environment, they keyed in and just dramatized the ancient totalitarian implant on which all cults in history have been based, whether religious, political, or commercial. That implant is the opposite of a Sangha. Like a cancer, its cult grew inside the body of the Scientology organization, expelling more and more theta, until that body became all cancer, well on its way to death.

    To put our theta back together as a true Sangha, we only need to avoid the admin-first mistake that destroyed COS and transformed it into CONS. The way to do that is by pushing co-auditing, with students paying for courseroom access weekly or monthly rather than all up front for some big training package. Make it easy for people to learn to co-audit, and they’ll do it!

    LRH found that in general auditors disseminate a great deal more than pcs do. So, by pushing co-auditing, a lot more dissemination will occur automatically without the need for tons of expensive mail promo, high-pressure reg’s and MAA’s, or top-heavy admin. Expansion will be natural and smooth.

    If someone wants to be an exec, tell him to become an interned Grad 5 auditor and go Clear first. Make sure that as your group/mission/org grows, admin staff remain subservient to tech staff, and you’ll be OK.

    It’s time for us all to stop being fish hemmed in by shadows on the floor of Lake Tanganyika. The shadows are just shadows. Swim out freely! The Sangha will return as soon as we put it there.

  223. Yes, he’s the Psychlo Terl, imprisoned in his vault full of GOLD in Fort Knox.

  224. Tony, I appreciate your comm, and you are probably right, OSA will probably track me down. It’s extremely good to look at that, and I actually had a rather large cognition when I stepped back to take a look…

    First, two of my partners aren’t Scientologists (they have never been antagonistic, and in fact are an extremely theta couple). The other partner (a Scientologist) is still interested in going up the bridge, as it turns out. She and I stopped talking amongst ourselves about anything to do with the Church many months ago when I told her about some of what I know. She got with the other two and explained to them what excommunication was and what effect this would have on the company if this was to happen to me. She explained that most of our Scientologist employees (we have many non-Scientologists too) would probably want to leave and the effect this would have. Of course they were scared by all of this and we ended off with a mutual agreement that basically, I would suppress my comms and keep my mouth shut. And so I have honored that agreement. And I do understand their viewpoint (especially the non-scios). I have chosen to not put my disagreements with the church on the lines of our employees or my partners, out of respect for their family connections and the good of the group. Maybe this was a right decision, maybe not. But it has kept the upset off the lines and allowed everyone to just do their jobs. I’m of the mind that each person has to WANT to look on their own, or not. The data is certainly there on the internet.

    BUT (and this is a big but) I realized from looking this over that to this degree I am out of ARC with this group. I am out of agreement with my partners. And this has been going on for a couple of years. I am of a different mind and were my opinions known to the Scientologists in this group it would give them a huge problem. And my other partners too. And yet I know what I know. This reeks just a tad of PTSness, no?

    And when I looked at the fact that my actions can create such an effect on this group just by my having my own opinions, one of my first thoughts was that I could actually resign (I know… isn’t that what thetans do when confronting their overts?) But here’s the thing…. the MOMENT it occurred to me that I could remove myself, it was as if a TON of bricks lifted. I felt instantly relieved, and on further inspection, I have been having such little joy doing what I am doing for a while now (duh). So, in the end what’s the worst that can happen? In the end the company could survive with or without me–and in fact the greatest good would be for me to live and work amongst like minded individuals.

    This is huge. I feel like I just had an awesome session, and at the same time I can’t believe I never spotted what an effect this has been creating in my universe. I may have just set something awesome in motion. And worse case, I can always go (albeit with my tail between my legs) back to work for my husband. Not such a bad prospect either. 🙂 So…in the end, I really appreciate your getting me to look at this Tony. Seriously, you just helped me shift something in a big way. So, THANK YOU.

  225. Magnolia

    My God girl, that was beautifully done.

    Eric S

  226. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Magnolia.
    I wish you all the best.

  227. This is a rarity but I find myself in disagreement with the idea of the necessity of a very public statement in the application of doubt when one leaves the Cos to become independent.

    First, nowhere does it state that you must do this as loudly as possibly.

    Secondly, I find it inappropriate for others to determine what some ones condition is or isn’t in this regard and how they should go about it.

    Thirdly, if doing it very publically damages the livelihood of others not a part of the decision, this can not be considered beneficial to ones dynamics but could be quite destructive.

    Additionally leaving the CoS and becoming independent is not changing sides in my opinion. Quite the contrary. Where is the CoS’s Statement of Doubt concerning leaving the Tech and Policy of LRH for the Tech and policy of Miscavige. Where is the Doubt formula from every SO and IAS member carrying DM’s torch instead of LRH’s.

    THEY CHANGED SIDES.The Cos Changed sides and left Scientology and Scientologists.

    It seems to me, as one recognizes the out Tech, Off Policy, insane and inhumane actions, forwarded by DM’s regime in DISTORTED Scientology, one has recognized that this is NOT SCIENTOLOGY but some suppressive dramatization.

    Deciding to continue to practice Scientology with Scientologists does not fit the definition of Doubt.

    Why would a public declaration be necessary when one has NOT CHANGES SIDES?

    Understandably, there is a personal choice and personal perspective here. This is mine.

    There are many who have made very public statements and this is not an admonishment of those, but simply the forwarding of an alternate point of view.

    I personally benefited greatly from many of the write ups of individuals and their experiences and greatly appreciate them. They are of great benefit to those still wondering and looking for answers. But that was their choice, their personal desire and possibly their condition, consideration or handling they determined to be necessary or simply desired to do. This is fine. This does not translate to every other person as their condition, consideration and handling, if a handling is even necessary. It is a matter of personal perspective and choice of what is appropriate for that individual and is the only way to apply ethics.

    This is different than speaking out against abuses. I am specifically referring to the application of Ethics conditions.

    Good luck on your trip Marty and Mosey. May the dodging of PI’s be on your side.

  228. You are wonderful, Sam. ❤

  229. Tony DePhillips

    I didn’t say she should do it as some “doubt” formula. I think she should do it because it is the right thing to do. If a person feels a certain way and has certain opinions then they should be able to say them to whoever they want.
    I am not determining for her what she should do. That is your dub-in. I gave her my opinion. She can do what she wants.
    If by stating her opinons “she damages the livelihoods of others” then that is pretty weird. And if you think that it is ok to not say what you think so as to protect others then I think you are kind of an effect.
    Your whole premis seems to be that this would be some sort of a doubt announcement. What it is,is a person standing up for what they believe in and having the guts to say it to whomever they wish and not being afraid of what the cult will do.

    I say, don’t be afraid of the cult and live your life the way you want and say the things that you want and if people can’t handle it then that’s tough shit.

  230. I’m with you Tony.

  231. Hi Tony,

    I’m responding to you here. First let me say I was not specifically referring you your posts in my response although I can see it appears that I was.

    “I didn’t say she should do it as some “doubt” formula”

    I should have taken more time it seems in drafting my comments. I wasn’t actually referring to your post and you did not mention Doubt. It has been suggested in the past that one leaving the Church do a doubt formula and my comments were directed at that idea. I can see I stepped on your toes here. Not my intention.

    “If a person feels a certain way and has certain opinions then they should be able to say them to whoever they want.”

    Certainly they should be allowed to say them, but concourse amongst individuals dictates that with some things maybe one shouldn’t is my point. Considering the repercussions to others and their dynamics should enter in to ones decision making.

    “If by stating her opinons “she damages the livelihoods of others” then that is pretty weird.”

    I agree it is pretty weird and is what can happen when the church practices its brand of suppression as we have all seen. Maybe I didn’t state that well. Her being sensitive to that and that entering into her decision making seems reasonable to me.

    “And if you think that it is ok to not say what you think so as to protect others then I think you are kind of an effect.”

    Two rules for happy living provides a model by which to evaluate our actions and words. When honestly applied it is a cause viewpoint. We naturally wrestle with this because of our understanding of what the church has become and in telling others about it. This does not mean we don’t tell others about it but it is best received when these two rules are applied in that telling.

    “What it is,is a person standing up for what they believe in and having the guts to say it to whomever they wish and not being afraid of what the cult will do.”

    I agree with this when it is only the individual “standing up” that is impacted by their actions and statements. When others enter into the situation by virtue on ones actions a greater consideration is necessitated. If ones actions and statements puts others at risk then due consideration should be given them. The church will do what it will do. If by ones actions you put others at risk without their consent then I believe this must be carefully considered. None of us has the right to enforce our reality on others. I’m am not saying you suggested this, just sayin.

    “I say, don’t be afraid of the cult and live your life the way you want and say the things that you want and if people can’t handle it then that’s tough shit.”

    Not being afraid of the Church and living your life the way you want is each of our natural rights. I agree whole heartedly. Entering some understanding of the church’s capabilities to harm and destroy is not succumbing to fear but a recognition of their ability and want. Recognition of this is prudent in determining one actions. How this can impact others is also prudent. If those others are unwilling participants, then it seems to me some soul searching in in order on that point.

    I appreciate all of the views presented on this blog. Some I agree with others not as is the case with everyone. Please accept my appologies for any percieved toe stepping in my posts.

  232. Let me add. I do endorse the making of public statements in case anyone reading thinks I do not. I do endorse exposing the wrongs and the publishing of each individuals story that casts light on monster that the Cos has become.

  233. I have noticed that many on this blog and others say they have “disagreements” with CO$.
    “Disagreement” IMHO is too light a word. It would be like saying Ihave disagreements with Hitler’s Final Solution.
    How about “disgusted”, or “outraged”, or “Mad As Hell and I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore”. OR how about saying that what the Church is doing is wrong and I can’t stand with them anymore.
    But “disagree”? Aren’t there LRH Disagreement Checks that imply you have overts or withholds or something non-survival if you have disagreements with LRH or COS? I’m just saying…

  234. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks Ann.
    I understand what you said here.
    Absolutes are unobtainable in all things.
    If someone held a gun to my head and said “if you tell me auditing is good I

  235. Tony Dephillips

    Damn phone typing..
    If someone held a gun to my head and said he would shoot me if I said I liked auditing, I wouldn’t.
    But knowing of the situation Magnolia described I didn’t agree that being quiet was the right solution. You seemed to think it was and I think tha wrong.
    Really hard to type on my phone so I’ll end here for now.

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